Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 19, 1998 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1998
Page 7
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THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Mi — Friday. June 19, 1998 Help Wanted Pet* Article* for Sale Apartment*. Flat* SUBWAY: Now accepting caftan*. apprownelery 20 hour* pe< w**fc. Must be aveiiafce tv«- | rung*. weokanda. ' PARAMEDIC: Pan WfT>e for hospiUI emergency depart-1 mem Must have currant Stale of [ Michigan icenc* and certification | (treatment pUnr»r $. symptom MENTAL HEALTH POSITION fteyfield. Wwostnin *rea Commcrtfy Support Spec satis', to' innovative assertive community rreawnent t**m ikying Bayfiekl County. Wl»coo*m CXj'.MM snckxl* coordination of freetmenl and support* lor person* with »evere lid persi»t*ni menial Illness m EH.S and ACI.S Successful *p plKan, wtil assist medcii start kt providing emergency medic*! caro Send resu'Tw to F>«r»onnel Depjrtmertt, Gr»r*1 View Hospital. N'0561 Grand V*w Lane. Ironwood. Ml 4W3a. EOE, ucalion and monitoring, group ind individual p»ycholther«py, case memo**™** and deitvery cl varied community ba*»d supports InckxSng «kiM (reining and supported empJoymert). Masiefs in PsycMalrtc Nursing. Psychology or MSW preferred Bachelor's De- PART TIME CLERK/F»ed room gr»« In bertavoftal *ci«nces. p*ui personnel. Apply in. person »tj 1000 hour* po*t degre* e*p*<l- Mifliand Services. >1uri*y. Wis-j ence w*i pertonc with rrwna.1 t«- consin ask for Pat ne«* required. -— ~ AppScalion deadline « Jury fl at PART TIME Help w*nie<r i- *l(«l 4:30 p m Pleas* can Icy 0«tai!*d be 18 years,otd or oioer HjveVv X* description and aophcarxxi of 9000 driving record arxS r*i>*bie. fNK»"d cov»'- iert»r. resume, and Cat! 715 476-3664 or apply ml neme* and addn***, c4 ihrM ref- parson al M«rcer Lumbar. I erehs4»u. New Horizon! North, — | 511 1/2 West Mam Stree<. Ash- PLYWOOD QUALITY A*.*uf»nce inspectoral local mill wanted. Production *>p«ri*nc* re<jutred Duties include fabrication process, grading.. and teet sampling Must M re*a!Me rnd aole M communicate with Oih*r» Reply (o PSI-EWP. 2710 Wesl FiWi Ave. Eugene. OR 97402. 54t-484- 9212 i land, W1 54806. For furth»r ! mat»on caJ Unda al (715) !7171.tOE. fJ82- LABORERSf'CAflPENTEHS' Wanl»d. Pay comm»nsiif»t«» wwfi 906-932-40&5 LOOKING For »»p«rt«f>e*d Mw- y« YUlft o«n pow«r saw TO txrfurel sNiarer Caa nn«x pm 932-5228 Of &67-0029 500 I MECHANIC: NOW ACCEPTING lor a r»ifxx«tJt>K »x»i to train M a ffcxx rrv»cnar>«; In our Ian pacaa pfoduction d»- partmcm*. Dut)m woutt inckid* 3a»tynog macfiirM prob<«mt and rapait, box «3««mt)ly. claarMng and slock removal Applicant! muw nav« an «<c»s*m artrtixJ* and t^ay «or»Jr>g wnTi p*opi«. Eip«nanc< in mvchanical and •••etncal »ki#* '•••ry h«^tut Monday tfwu Thurviay 7 OO AM w 5 30 PM, p*u» 8 nount ov»rtim« on Fridays Good compensation packaga includat pay vaa»Hor., holiday pay and momriiy good al- t^ncvinca txjnut. App»y ir, p»f*wi at TrocKgrM. U»g Co. Inc. Hwy 51 Soutfi. Man*>wt»fi W»NK». Wl. NEEDED FO« TURTLE FVOWAGC AREA; Villa Supportive Care Services ft seeking an IndivkJual wtw pres«ntt a caring, empsthetic attitude to provide non- hands on care to Itve *4ct- •fty. Joto duties inc1od« general cleaning and P!eas« caS Sherry " RN at 1-800-627-7032 for further information. VSCS * an EOP. OPERATORS Dump Tr\x* Ortv»rVM«avy Equip- mort Op*r»»n» MuM hav* *ip*- rt«nca and COL. Appty m p*r*on: Oo««rtiMXl Motor*. Inc. tronwood. M»cf«J«n Ask tw Gary 932-1202 SEWING MACHINE Mechanic, compemtv* wage*, beneft peck- age. Send return* to Box C, D*»yGk>tM . GARAGE - RUMMAGE MOVING -ESTATE GUIDE BESSEMER Garage sa>*. Saturday. 8 30 to noon. Teen boy*. g.ifs and adu* ck*r«og Ch*>»n and »dii» books, lot* o< rr»ec*«e- neous 701 £, BESSEMER: Huge moving ***e. Saturday 20th. 900 to 3:OO Everything from Irtant do*wig to fumrture. 1M 8 toph*e Seraet. Shop in fcxJoo* comfcxt. BESS€M€R: Safcwilay. June 20, B 00 » 12 00 Dwm eel * a*. 1/2 pnce tale. XX M Meaal Turn r4o»* al OedR Unton. IRONWOOO: Garage sale. Saturday. 8:00 la 12:00. June 20. Ctoth**, (cftee?) speaker*, (man pc*up uWty rack, end Hannu r>oad. SPfllNCSTEAO. ESTATE SALE: Fr>dey and Saturday. June 19 t 20. 900-4:00. Numewo* houe«- now items. oM tarni mechinefy. Bee boi, and bee extractors, small wood cNpp*. oemer* rrix- «r, some tool*, new children'* book*, menv. merry macee'ene- ou* items. No eerly aale*. II aouth 10 112 Weet about 12 mttoe «e ferry Lata Woerf Follow IRON WOOD: Frtday and Saturday. June 19 a 20. 1000-4 00 211 Eeel Mlehljan Avenue Somelhing tor everybody, including sport* tr*<Sng cart», 10O"» W cnooee from! Ae»iat*nt Student Record* A RrgUtration Nortfiiaod CoB*g« s«ek* «n individual to M an ap- proximatt* 90% position in the Offica erf th« Registrar assisting in the matn«Q«<T!«>nt of registra- tkxi systems and s«rv\c- as. Th« Asstetaot Regn- traf helps cocrctinafs student rsglslfaiion, maintains student records, processes transfer siu- rtenl transcripts and de- valops publications for th* offics. This, pojution faqulres strong ci»stomer servica skitis arx! ability \o work wilh students, fiscufty. start, and others. Will assist in impfomenta- tten and deve!0om«nt of" computer and WEB-. based technology that will allow other remote accass to information. Qualifications: A Bachelor's degree minimum; excellent human relations skills; computer proficiency with experience working wilh integrated data bases preferred; excellent writing and pr&- tentatroo skills; detail-ori- •nted; able to work ef- factivety in commReas or rjroups and manag« rrxrl- bpla tasks; g»r>«ral un- dcrstandiog sod appreciation of academic culture. Candidates should s«nd a letter ot application, resume, and three references with telephone nurnfeara .and acWresses to Norttnand Coflego. Human R«s<xwc#s. 1411 Ellis Ave . Ashland. Wl 54806. E.O.E /A.A. Ap- pJicaiton dosing data is JUy 2, 199«. H.o.».f .•» Aoornvt: t»rrs DOOM: (Have Rib»» VeccinatioiM) Roil*, purebred black Lab. Opnth, brirxf« Con.a Angeta Uac.ii lab n-»« HeM, Husky mil, tan A wfirte, blue oye* Martiyn Lab m<«. bUck »' while pews. Srty, Lab r><». black U««, Span- wJ mn, imas. black w.*»tvt* markings Keeha. Rutrtever rr»K, rjj'a w.btdck markings. Star, Lao; H'jsky mix, bldck. white cnsii Se*»y. Husky/Lab, black wiln WM;» maxk 1 cfwst. Eddta. Lao.' Oalmaton mi», aa black. Rafftee, Huiky mit, %a.^ & papp*r. very shy U»fk, Collie Mix. black. white chesl. brown eyebrows. Uex, Hound m.'i, tuack 1 w+»t«. 2-3 mo _ EM», rruie D'ack Lab' mix Blaler, ma'« 5pani>?4 nxx. alt black w?;n wrvie bfaje. Tina, le- male Lai) miK biack w.'wtvtt* on cn«,<! Janice, frtrrj»!« t» Lab rfiix. CAU.H.O.P.E. 932-1 S11 OPEN DAILY TO PURUC • 7 30- Pareriis cvis« working, gun dig Love water, easy going to p4«ase R»laf»nc*». Konrveis, Tnren Laks*. Wt 7>5-S46-30<X) GERMAN WIREHAIR Pups Ircm qu,auty fiont^ivj stock. Dam p»r- Sonal hurtling companion, slvd NVHDA utlify prtl*. Calm ascosj- lions. AKC-OFA Referenc«s Keroeis. Tnree Lakes, 7l5-546-30-X> U.S. FLAGS ON SALE AT TXE DAILY GLOBE Cotton Rag* Nylon Flag* FlagKha $10.00 m.oo S 15.00 D,ULYGl£BI£ 906-932-2211 Housing Apartments. Flats V»J-A UANOfl Apartmente now tlaen one bedroom epert- l«al and wafer Included. Laundry feclllDee. Convenient location. a*cured building. Can Cheryl Monday-f rWaiy before 4:30 e( 715-M1-S2O4 IRONWOOD: Close to town. 1 bedroom and efficiency S'ovo and refrigerator, u*ties inchxled. lauodry available, No oeis Secu- nty d«rx>s^ and Ca* 932-2O30. Real Estate Houses for Sale Page 14 Land for Sale BESSEMER: It YEAR OLD Rancr-r home. excaSeof condition, 2* bedrooms, | 3/4 bains. Urge r»*«d garage SC«-&6:i-4?04 en S63-41W 16>80 MOBILE HOME. «xcoi!«nl condijion, 2 year* okj. IUBpUce, iandicaper} yard, but can be mcivea. O»d«r owrwr, must r»to- caie lo to IwaiJfi 906-932-^744 LAFIGE 2 BEDROOM apartment near dowr>town Ironwood Heat ?nck>d»d, garage F<n mcr» infor- mattoo car Katny flicfards Wan- j 1995 UBEHTY MOBIL Home •gement 90fi-9S2-S500_ _J 14,72 »,», a*t2 attached, insu- " . ' ! laiad porcn. 2 t>*oroom. w»!d-a- NOW RENTING Charming, fur- j cay front wtrxkrw, stove, rettigera- 6O acres. Kifntw.1 Twp. S27.COO 20 acres, Ktmbail Twp $9.500 Lot* for Sale m«h»d efllcinncy upartmer.u Startog ai J255 p*< rrxxitft, u!*- ties Included. Piease can Kainy j Rcnentt M»n»g«n->«Mi(. 9O6-432- j 5500 (rom 8.00-4:30. aitsf 4 30 j ptease catt 906-332-7262 i lor, batnfoom skyftgnl, lartje ovjil tub, exceilarrt corwiltori. 715-3JS- 0447 603 LAKE AVENUE. tron*ood. For va!« by own«f. Well maintained comtortafcle oidar home. 4 txxlrooms. wa* up an'c 2 car ga- r»g«. hardwood fkxxj, n«wef rro- charsca's. lanjs comer lot. 715- IRONWOOO Tumef Slr»«t. Block 4 Lots 1 * 2. J30000. Harri* Slr««*. Bkxk 6, LW 6, $20000. 906-8B4-4681 NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS fo< W*twoofl apartmants. i bedroom »p*rtjn«rrt. rerrt ii«s*d on '30% of sdjuited (ncofne. Bamef j '476-911Getter 500 Ires, elderly, disabled, handl- caped appticanls only Equal hog*«>3 opporturitty. Fo» rnors In- loimalion call Kalny Rlchirdi Management 906-932-55(X) Recreational Property BESSEMER: 117 W Se;!sr. Cus-. Kxn kilctcen, a.-i!Ofn bath, garnga. 3 borjrooms, corrwr to! Th* Real Store 9O6-032-54C6 ONE BEDROOM ApartmerH. lu»y . CaS 906-224-3811. i H.O.P.E.'S ADOPTTV1E PfTTS CATS: '• <3&rVd<h » dorne»f« sbort/long nair Autumn, Femate dsn. lornse : shell. Putf,, lemais dsh. black. ; Lynn, lomale. dsb. Waci. Tracy, ; male dih. black. Prince, male ! dsn. grey tiger stupe. Tommy, : male dsn black w/white paws. i Preeioue, lem«4» rtsh, b«»ck & ! wr»t« Mozart, mala, din Waefc/ i white Le«, male dsh grey X i wfa'.e, CAXL rl.O.P.E. 93S-15t1 • OPEN DAILY TO PUBLIC i 7 3C-lt 30am 4 4-6pm Merchandise Away i 1-3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS in : j Irorpwood. CVean, cto»e lo ?own ! j and cortege, Appliance*, security ; > depOW 9O6 932-5317 i j _ . _._j s l BEDROOM Apartments, rate* < I wart at $325 month/'1 year, long ; i and sJxMt lerm leases, iils*e» in- i ! eluded, stove and refrigerator.'; \ some furnishing* i ne«d«d. f*> 1 j pets. Credit check required i I Apartment* »r* fresh and cl«an! ! i Fcr a limited time onfytl Sign a t one year **-»»« and receive a 19* > ] color television or your 12IM \ \ morwi's rent free upon compieticn j | ol the leas* agreement. 90S- i | 932-1411 weekdays. 932-2577" i weekends. . ; SOOERMAN ANO SOUS Ap*1- m«rt». l arid 2 bedrooms, ctosn lo doTitoum Iromwoort. 715-561- i *641 j TWO 2 BEDROOM furnished! apanmenu at *c»rnc InrfiariheK) ! Mou-ltaai VT>35-J385 per montn i includes ill utilities 906-032- i 3664.• - i C»<AHMING ONE itory. 3 bed- rooiTi nom» ifi Iroowood To*n- if!*, atlacnod jarage Peacslu) ; setting on 5 acres t40'x. Can : 906.032-0212 __ ; FOR SALE BY OWNER 3* bed- | room, uuna, 2 hrepi3ces, serious ' ir»>»rtes onty. For mom informa- tvort ca« Kamy Richards Manage- i 906-932-5500 BIG WATER SECLUSION! Up to 15 acre!, eye/ 300' of.lrcrsUge. Lots start a! $49.500 GO Al* (of Bob. W»con*n Und Co 715344-6561 WAKE FREUD: 2 bedroom upper.! 1275.00 tor nxrt end depoelL Some pele OK. Calf 224-32*1 < WOODLAND COURT APARTMENTS: 2 Bedrooms, tsi lloor *partment. Contact Debbie at 561-2525. Monday-Friday. 8 304.30 . GIIE. Wl. N«a 2 bwtroom r«me i A 2 car gatege, c»rp«t»d M<n- utes Irom Gile Flowagn. Catl Automotive Accessories, Tires ft Parts HURLEY: Four bedroom, new siding. Installation, reasonably priced Ca« 715-56H314. CHEVY CAMEL Back heeds. camshaft, tte new 4 barrel Q-}«t carburetor erx) intake J400 00 or besl ofer. 932-0261 leave mes- Boats/Accessories 2 APARTMENT ROOMS for ren». ! lurr.isrierl $200.00 per month, ] -nctirded, (906} 229-5496. j Rooms for Rent 2 BEDROOM Apartment in Pence AH utttrhes mdod*d. $280 monthry No pew. Can 715-5615181 BESSEMER: Rooms lor rent, Wevi»ton, xschen. s«paraie entry. S35.00 weekly. SI40.00 p«r mor#i. 90C-667-0214 IHONWOOO: FrWey and Serhir- dey. 0:00 ta noon. Bicycles, sleeping bag, crafts, kerosene rwetaw, 3 Cokwnan-lanteme. mocti more §17 Celle mONWOOO: G*r»j» eete Let* ol mMceaeneoua iMm*. Pet cam- V. eta*. Saturday 9 00 lo 5 00 o< tfuMiatn and Dow- Oarnge t**. Setuf- dry. June 20. frOO 10 1 00 Lot* of Ud* GH.E: Rummage sa*e. Frtdey and Saiurday. 8 00 lo 2 00. Toys. baby and cnildran clothe* *nd rnisceflaneoua Hem*. 44 IRONWOOO: Oan»oe sale, Friday and Salurday. 8:00 to 2 00 Cloinis. video tapes. Hading cant*, dtonee, eome crafts U47 Norne Per* Koed. PRODUCTION Leader in Archery ; feaTTwr proc«*ting is now tak.-ttg i tor dependable. «n- i frvkjuais for our pro- i rJuctwrt departments Y»ar rcurvl i work, tul or part nm« posrSorw. ; Mpndey thru Thursday. 7 00 AM ! » 5:30 PM. ptue overtime. FTent- | He hour* pot»Ci« Good com- | peneeoort package Include* pa-d , vejcaBon. holiday pay end mor«h*y | good eneneiance bonus Starting ••eg* $fl 50A«xx. progre**rve in- creeeei tor motivated incjrvtduaii. Apply tn person et Tru*«gr« Mfg Co. kx . Hwy 51 South, Maortow- rth Water*. Wl The Aging Unt ol Iron County la accepting appfccaflon* for !tx» following potmon: Mercef Nul'itton /Silt Manager/ Ven drtver/TO hours a *r«ek Spnngctead Nutrition Site Manager/ 3 hour* a we«k Good opportunity tor ret round employment For Son and/or application puia&e can (715) S61-210S WANTED: S«w*f with good altitude and w»;iir>gn»»s and la ww-m Fu» time. D»y shift 6 00 AM ta 2 30 PM Apply at Modem Caws Company m B»s»emer Located m Peterson Mir>« I i 2 MEDIUM SIZED Dogs: ml« i breerts. trtertrjry. oood with kxrt, • housebroken. Looking lor good | rxxn** 715-561-3278 | 5 KITTENS. 2 »1 b*»ck. 3 black i and wrifts miied Some m*Je «rx) j female. They are sppronirraiety 7 ! w<^ks oM Pi<MV) cat! 715-561! 2464 , FEMALE HUSKY. 4 years old. I white, outside dog. encnllnni ! guard dog. Landlord s*«1 I can't ! ke*o her. please cau 906-932-j 9912 i _ : . FREE Adult dogs w good and i tov«ng horn*. S«e them « HOPE j Animal Shelter 906-932-151 t ! Open O*«V 700-M3O A 4^»- ! 6 00. in the IrxJustrtai Park | GIVE AWAY, One very good M siie roll-axiy bed frame 90S- 667-06O6 2 BEDROOM. Betsemer Ga- r»ge. appfcance*. leundry nacwn. vtew, secwtty drooeM. 9O6-932- S317 ___ 2 BEDROOM upstairs duplex apartment wlln appliances. V300 OO month M utiktiee incSud- ed Close 10 town end cofl»ge. security deposit and references' Catl 906-932-6073 Business Places to Rent Fuels 2 ROOM FUPNISHEO efficiency !. apaTmem. wnh laundry taoitte*. ! $225 per mrxRh, inckioec utume*. i 906-932-0510 or 932-2438 ! APARTMENT in Grfe, 1 bedroom, j ttovc.end r*4rigerelor included, i 1235 00 pluk evcurlrf d»po»u. < l«et and water included in rent i No p*ls 715 561-47*3 after S 00 I B£AUT1FUL 2 bedrocxn CorxSo-.! minium Slove. refrigerator and ; garage $35000 a morth Ca« i 715-561-2053 i OfFICE/T1ETAIL SPACE lof rent in the .Rooseven Pla/a rwxl !o Orthodontist's office 1000 s<joare looi. Available July 1. Good park- Ing, excellent ualflc. Cjit Jim 932-M79 ; | OmC£ SPACt. Ironwood. US ! 2. 750 eq ft ptu* »tor»g*. Oae j neat, w*««r and eir conditioning • Included. 2 yeer minimum | k***e. t<*30 per mooWi. Reply \ ta: DeMy Otobe, Sox X, tt< f. ' Mi Houses for Rent FIREWOOD, moilly maple, cut ant) detrverud 135 00 a ccrd Cal 715^93-5576. Wanted to Buy HURLEY: GARAGE SALE: »C3 hUpl« Stnet. Fnoay 6/19. Saturday &T20. 8:30-1200 Boy* 5-6. girts 8-10. unrtorrrw tma*. toys No earty sal«» IBOffWOOO: G*r»ge tahs. Saturday, June 20. 9:00 to 2 00 Van- ety ol Hems, toys lo antiques, reasoned* price*. TV) £**t O«k (Nome k>ca»on>. IRONWOOO 3 tam*y rage sale: Saturday. June 20 Irom 8 00 W 4 00. Washer, dryer. furniture goodt, baby .furniture. I of other qualrty dothing. a car and more IRONWOOO: Gar»ge vales. Salu/day June 20. from 8 00 to 4OO Fumrture, di*n**. lamp* and lol» 217 E. Oek WILL MIRE lor Riding liwn mower, by th« hour or contract Movnch's Cafe and Mole). fieW. 906-224-4781 PAYING TOP PRICES-OM Gotd, Diamonds, Pocket W«lch«s J fl Warrr-n lrorr<enod. IRONWOOO Ganije sal*. Satur- ! _ — | (jj y June jo goo to I 00 Lots i IRONWOOD: Garage sale. Satur- ] of (joodieV 2M W. MkhlgBn. | day, Jun« 2O » 00 lo noon Furrt-} : I turs. b*e*. toy*, chtktren lo adult | IRONWOOO' Two family sale. ; Financial Bids 212 N Hemlock ! ______ ...... ___________ j IRONWOOO Hugs incvxy njm- 1 mage sale. Friday and Saturday. ; clothing, boat Street. 8 00 to 6 00. Urxiu* items. 20* Wne Str*^. (1 otockj behind Huwalfu). i ....... - ...... | IRONWOOO HUGE MuftHirrety j rumm*3« sale. Friday. Saturday, i 7 OO-7??. Ram ex *r«ne Gkxhing. i ITXJSK: rr\3vte«. toys. houMooid. j icts of ntce things! 230 Soutti Curr? S«ree« ! IflOfJWOOO LAHGE I — „-• sale. Salurrtay. Jur,« 20, S 00717 701 H»din Av»m>e Furnt-! tura. toys, hsby 4 chilrjr*n'ti cloth«t A lots of misceiU'Wou* • item* : — —.-..-. . - ' •' i IRONWOOD: MulH-lamily rum-! sale AppMnces. books. W ; w***rs. cornmorte. dishes, j pots 4 p*ri*. bog iapp*r«. hous«- ' hold >nd Decorative ilems. No ' clolfi**! Trash S Treasures for j everyone! Saturday 8 OO-5 00. | J.>oe 2O. Surxiay 8 00-1 00. June ; 21 M12O1I Varu»wtve9Wf Hoed i Follow ngne. Saturday. June 20. 9 00 lo 1 00 No earty sale*. Pto**a 130 W. Temareck Street. IHONWOOO Yarcl Sal*. Jun* 20, 900 lo 77 LAe now nam« brarxj clcthai. aisorted sizes, lots of books, shoes, lap** and othnr rrtsceHanecus 1 mite off U.S. I on June* Hoed- N«rt lo Gog«tx: Coonry Fair Place your rummege or 9*r*9e • *t* et) end receive a FREE •tgnt Etre eigrt* eveMeMe tar purchee*. Ca4l O»«4«l»d. 8322211 _ • SAXON Friday and Saturday. 9 00 to 2 00 Clothe* kid* to arfuit SJ2e*. cardo gii^tr, snow scoop, lool*. and lots of murelUnoous Augev Street follow m« s<gns WAKEFIELD- Rummage sal* Sslurday. June 20. 8 30-777 KrVo Location, one Mock norm of Qo^etrfr fcte^jic^ Cjw f a<Ui- hr. Lois of *r*ou*». hand IOOH. power Irxils. household furnish- iog». sportir>g good*, trap*.-boat trailer, rvvv; ta«n mow»r. •nd ERWIN TOWNSHIP is accepting twl* on property is o>«cnb«d as touows E'5797 O»d County Road. Erwtn Township SuBmn bids la Township Supervisor Wrfiijrn Sullivan. E5445 VanBuskirk Road. Ironwood. Ml 41)938 by Monday. July 6. 1939 Minimum Diet is : $50000, j THE ONTONAGON Fairwly irv)«. ! penrt«nc« Agency Is accepting • b«3» lor snow removal lor lh«ir !a-. '; c*Ty at 730 S 7m Siriwt. On- 1 tnnason lor th» 98 90 SHason [ Conlact Krtst^i a! yO6«M-49rj> I kx <p«cif>c»l>on$ Sam's Salvage, !nc 932-4,140 Scrap Iron. Boss A Coop«' Aium-num A Aluminum Cam SMALL TO Mertrum »l<x.lnc diin 715-762-3358. Carmen Sle:ner. 407 2nd Avcn North. Park F»:!s. WANTED: ANTIQUE Molcrcy- c'fts. mo!or-scoo!ftrs, rrvni t;ii*'fts. b>cyci«i Compleie or pans Also iiwiorcycl* 9O6-667-061I WANTED COMPLETE Home lur- msfiinqs arx) EiUics Cafl 7!5- WANTED TO BUY, srruli rulural gas space rmaled or rjas lc<j Ciiil (9O6i 932- '.381 Articles for Sale Farm / Garde n Lumber * Building Materials STEEL BUILDINGS, never put up PuTX liquidation 40x29 »ai $«,2I2. w« v*4 tor $3.600. SOi'W $1 7.940 w«! l*« lor $9.770 Must *e« M«ch 1 8OO2O4-71M IRONWOOD: N10§4» Jun»l Road, 3 mils* north of fair- , orrxjrvj* Bartery op«rai«d )»«t). ' gciil bays. 10-speed*. u»m»s, [ lcry», booka Cr*ioveo-*<»j« doO- j ing. household, snolguns. nil*, j 1<J85 S-10 BUzw 4x4, rru*ce«a- j Saturday. » 00-2 OO___ | mONWOOO. Pcxcti Se*e, Satur- d*y. June 20. 8 4S W 1 OO G«s4. j J«jni. MliCellineou*. 132 S. ; Curry. ; IHONWOOO RUMMAGE SALE, j Saturtlay. 900-1 00. Lo<« o> »tufH | E5C74 ML ' mONWOOO SATURDAY. 300- I 00 Annual Sale Somemtog for r.-»ryone Chut* H mfl K1021* noed IRONWOOO Saturcley. Jur* 20. fi GO em. Oak co'f*e I»B:«. Oiiyced Good sttrft K oyxx) pnc- e* 1M IROrWOOO Saturday. June 20. a 30 lo I 00. Kris c»o*w* end m*te«*neou* 2M W. MANUFACTURER'S SURPLUS INVENTORY SALE Saturday, June 20th, 8:00 to 4:00. Dim«n«lonT*)C, 1700 Iron King Road, Ironwood. (First building in Irxlustriai ParV oM US 2.) Variety o( fuminK* ar<J loduttnaj panels, core*, moulding*, plclure trarrnno,*. OOVH I erxH IdeveJ lor home protects. • rts and craft*, wood worVlng ehofx*. contractor*, picture rrarrwr*. Livestock 5 YEAH OLD Arabian gr**n broke, hujh sinjn **port«oced r»»r $500 CO 715-561-2227. H 00 lo E 00 C.aX I Pets 10' by 25' ottice trailer, gas h«»1ar and KHI«; Cjfl lor d«U<i!s 906932-2287 2 Onon XTR 15' sub woolers. in VM'ed txims. SCO warts riarxikng, Mo |im< vw.irranly \2'jQ OO C<iH 932-02B5. Gn/zty bniir ru $2.5OOOO Call 715-385-9146 or 715-C.4.VJ336. COMPLETE STEREO S«il lor sale RaclK). CD. taofl and rt>cord Can .'* 1-2373 after 400 pm GAIN AMBITION anrt Lose weirjrtf Ci« 61fi'75l-6118 GARAGES tore rtewn atv) h»ul«><i avw4y. tvi;sh p«lei or AnyTT:ing elMf that rwwls to t* done CM o;3 GUITAR WITH AMP: Jeekion 'Dinky Haver**'. Eicellenl condition. Som* »cce**orlee. tTOO firm. K«-224-4g 11 : AKC SHfM T7U pupp 1 *" i *DI* $300 00 C«M erils p m '.61- 71S-332-5518 after 6 00 PIANO, Evorcn. ««cnii«ri| owl. fw Aiw irann rj:mpAC!c-« For rroi^ rnformaiiGn can 'J00''i12 1 467 BESSEMER: 103 Sellir Street i fu»y fvrmshed. 2 bedroom* »300 i per month 806-832-979 1 } BflENTLEY APARTMENTS fiow [ hat one bedroom lower level i apartments Icr tmmedtete occu- ! pancy Corrtact Debbie at -SOI- j 2525. Monday -Friday. 8 3O-4 30 !. ....... ~ : | CLEAN 2 BEDROOM lower du- i p*»«. fu* b*se.T*r^. deck. yard. ( garage. No pels $400 00 in- i cl'jclcs walor and heat 9O6-932- : 208fl '. I COZY 1 BEDROOM Apartment, j clo'se 10 downtown Ircinwood. | Hoal included Fo* nvj.-e Kiforma- | IKXI ca« KarnyJ^chards Manag*- j meni 906-932-55BO I DOWNTOWN IRONWOOD: 1 | bedroom apartm«nls. bngrit arx) 1 sunny $27500 lo S3OO.GO. in- cfiKjfrs walef and eieolrtc. i Call 715-501-2548. DOWNTOWN, nnw. bright, fur- i oiiher) efficiency, includes nit uV<i- \ lies, slatting at $275 00 906- I '• 932-2438 or 932-2101 J 1 FULLY FURNISHED CONDO- i ' MINIUMS. Condominiums come } complete -i«nTh ail furnishings In- [ ; eluded ara cooking and dining ; ulonslis. color cable television and lire<jUc«s On« hart m.-ln Irc-m ' Hurlw/ H«}ri School Can Haven i North Condominiums 715-561- ' 5626 ; : FURNISHED 1 BEDROOM Apart' merxt. KvaiUbi* immetftalsly, no : Wwse. utdilies included. $125 per • w«iek, $300 p«r month Powd«r- horn area 715-386-6721 : HURLEY, 3 room, st>cond lloor. pan:alry tum:sf>ed.. $225 monthly. ilopcsii Heal>wal«r No pels: : 715-561-2899 HURLEY: Furnished one room. elliciency apartment. $225 monthly plu« d»po«rl HeaVwater irv.U>d«cl No p«t» 71 5-561 -2899 IRONWOOO: 1 bedroom apart- rrwritj-. «ppharK«s mcludexl. $225 arxl $325 per month, plus security dopov) fio p«ij Handyman available MSHDA gpprov«rj Cor'.vwveit location near down Ir.wn 906-932-5832 days. 9:123113 *v»n»r«(3» arid wwakeoo* IROfiWOOO. 1 £JCD«OOM, fur- nti/md. irx-Jude* urAne*. $J5OOO plui wcumy C*« 906-575-3296 IRONWOOD 2 bedroom apart- meM, m (>j»t r*.jnb&mood a/vi caj 1 rxKJirxim apartment. lc.w>i Iroriwoxl Cel Cri.ji;» .iflet 6 00 p m £132-1425 3-4 BEDROOM HOUSE On Sun- ! set Road. Large yard, non- | smoker preferred, no pels. 906- ; 432-3968 between 9.00 2 00. el- : ler 4 OO 932-2038 j 3 BEDROOM HOME 32 S. ; Range Road Ironwood No fca- i rcge $000 00 a month ptui utik- > *e« and depcsil required 715-! 854-7952 Of 906-667-0065 ; AJ»AnTM£KTS « Morrwe • Com- mercl*! Spece evelleble. The Reel E*lat* Store. 90J-932- S40« BESSEMER: 1 1/2 story 912 Spur Street. $200 00 plus utilities : For sale or rent Ca* 906-663- ; 4M4. BESSEMER CLEAN 2 1/2 bed- j mom. 5ijr»fje. $250.00 plus ulik- I t»$. No pets References, dopos- t H 9O6-932-4»fi2 or leave m«s- ! sage , '. MON TEAL: CLEAN 2 bedroom home, energy eflicleni lurnaca. ; garage. qu-«( ruwjhoorhood arna ! ' $300 plus deposit 906-932-5108 IRONWOOO 2 and 3 bodroom | houses Claan. cioso la town and I 9O6-932-53I7 [ J.W.HUSS ff mconrontno REALTORS 932-4110 IT'S ALL HERE1I 3 bedrooms, 2 t/2 bams. 2 Itre- places end co2y family room. .Hardwood door* mrrxigtxxj!! S«e today" 55 Pennsylvania Ave.. GILE $32,900 H-242 VERY INVITINQI This 2 bedroom. 2 bath. nom« m located m a quiel and p«ac»- hjl netgfifcorhood 2» car ga- r»g«. screen house 28 Oth- GILE »47, 900 H-228 LOOKING FOR LOTS OF ROOM?? Here K nil & rooms, lar^e roomf. has lots of catxrwis, 2 ga- lages. morel 30 Oshkcsh Ave GIL6 $43,900 H-233 For More Real Eslale See Cable Channel 27 Vr« us al our wvbste www mtercormex com 14 FOOT LUND Fishing boat. 10'hp and 6-hp EwwxJet. Troll- Ing motor. 2 sect* Mercer 715470-3403 1975 CRESTLINER 155 «. Wait through wlndihleld, 70 hp Evinnjde. 2 hyifrauftc teats, cover, trofting motor, anchors, power ' tlrVutm plus enrei. $1,5OO^be*l o«er. 909-932-1891 Swvtce wtth a SmMe le wha4 yaw «HH gut wnen you piece your ed wt»» Penny. 1 977 Slarcralt 22*. tet up for Lake Superior, down riggers. rode, r*«it and much more. 715561-4994. 19 1 BAJA OMP V. 350 V&750 HP Merc cruiser IO. n«w laprwl-. stery, Urxtem trailer. In ttcmge since 1992. eircellenl condition. $4.995 00 Can 7 15-543-233C. SAIL DO AT WEST W<jN Pofter. 15' cabiri sloop, sleep* 2 Snore- liner trallei included. Eicellent condition. $300.00. 908-9329715. lotorcycles/ATVs 1986 Heritage Sofl tail. Hartey DavkJuon. AJ new for $12.500.00 Caa 715-561-4999 1991 YAMAHA FZH 6OO. *ice»- leol shape! $2.600.00. 715-561- I486 eftef 5 00 19*4 SUZUKI 4 wheel drive 4 wheeler. Cargo trailer tor ATV and doubly wtde trarfet. Al In •« c«a*nl conrMon C*« 832-SS48. package deal NICE COUNTRY Home. 18 U2 acres. 3 bodrooms, den, I 1/2 baths, sauna, woods, simam Cad lor appointment 9O6-932-5471 Campers IHONWOOD: 2 Ijodroom home ; qu«et neighbortwod »vrth yard »nc 1 Qar»Q« For more can Kjthy Rich aras Managemanl. 906-932- • 55OO IRONWOOO: 2 bedroom houve ' garage, appliances, nlca yard $3OO 00 plus utilities linmeoiala : occupancy. 906-932-5748. 932- i 3476 \ IRONWOOD 3 b«()room. super I insulated. 3 blocks from town. $300 00 monlhly p!u;; secunly i 906-9320044 ; IHONWOOD 4 bodiooms, n«w carpet and paim, Ef.'«;iont gas fur- nac* $295 plus ulilities. 715- . 561-2880 i Silver Properties 932-1200 ARCHITECTS HOME! Ironwood, Hording. 129.000 Uniquo fjrick 3 on bij*!l by IN? xJosMjn^r of t!io IVV trio- aler & GogoOic Country Club Fireplacit. bsjinnd ceding, tot's ol o«tr,iv One ol a kind! «P2046 GREAT STAR71 IW Tamarv ack ST SIS.500 3 BH well k«pt homo pricod so n't easy lo own. Sure bi.^15 rentirvj! Acpli.incps inciuctod tcxi! «P1980 PfltVACYI Ironwood Town- Sf.V. Lakn M S79.'X*0 20H on 35 iicros with poixl A stro«m Cosigner kitchen Garatja Tip tup conditionl •pjoa? W«'r« tflllnf. ire yoa? CttU a*l Check cut nu of our lislirv-js al www sMvBipropartioscom tRONWOOD Cloan and newly ' carpeted 2 b«lroom hc-us« n«ar i downtown Securty dfvosn No I pals !*32-5464 or 476-2024 IRONWOOD Laf<>e 3 bedroom. rumrxJeied house Ne pet*. Socu- rity. deposit References, Inase 906 932-4075 IRONWOOD Spacious two be- roonn, I 1/2 balh*. Includes washer, dryer, slove. refrvjeralcr $300 00 monlh No pets, 408 E*»l Ayer MARENISCO 2 bwjroom houte, 127500. firsi arxl last. $'5000 Oeposil Prater e<1uil llvinj. no put* Call illar 5 00 006-7672374 t99( STARCRAFT 28' special ed«xi S!fi wheel irafcK. Klch included J9.000 00 nagoliable Von/ nice 9066a3-4fll3 1994 Jayco camper, toade<3 tor $10.500.00 LA* new. Also a six pack 6 loot truck camper, wiffi ei- Iras $50000 715-561-4993 AIRSTBEAM TRAVEL TRAILER, i%9 Eicella 26'. loaded, a si op- lions. «xcr»ll«nl condition S<x» at D>g 6 RV Park. Lot «31, Murcsr. Wl Trucks Ac Hesry Equipment 1972 INTERNATIONAL. 60.000 milfl*., r«!iior<xl Must seel E«crt- tent corxilion $I.5OO 715-3396314 1064 S-10 V-6, aulomalic. 4- wheel drive. Runs good $1 500.00. Call 906-932-5948. 19B6 FORO 150 2 wheel drtv«. fi- bergr.iss topper. 100.000- m><<M. $220000 Can aflw 530 715476-3898 f j. } ropertiej, Ltd. 1966 TOYOTO pick-up. a,r conol- tiorufig Small camper top, run greal. $1.80000 May b« seen al 114 Wisconsin Ava. Montreal 1987 CHEVROLET S-10 Blazer Tahoe pacluifle. 35.000 rrul«s or rebuilt PDO maior Needs re vorji>, aeceni shape Can br driven aw.iy $r<0000 9O6-932 0157 after 4 00 pm o< teave m«s 19B« FOHD Brorco II, 4 nrw». w*« maniainod Mu*l s«e Ptwoe 906-932-3624 1968 TOYOTA 71S-561-3SXM Irxx*. 4«4 CaJ TREE STUDOCD LOTI 2 bodrooms down. 1st floor tvi!M. 1-2 btxlrooms up. t^Atn^ $30>00 400 JRONWOOD BOWDER COLLIE SOLO FltX »«>oW nvirhir;* We. $-fS3CO l./i.-j/s l.v/vx m lor COCKER SPANIEL Puppies •rwi parll-CQ!or quti*» 7t5 2l 33O8 FOR SALE 3 AKC . 4 mi $1.0000 YARDMAN rlijinj IjwnmoAKr N»«d» rnllBry run* goml . JIOO 00 l»m Ptyjrv* Of,:l-44UJ if you've rrctted »ny ol rn» previously publisher! issues ol The 0*:ly Glor>«. 4 «*V) »el<K;t),->n of n«ix»» put>li<khws during rtm UM ij iTio«h» it «v«i!.-ir>« 41 me ol- (<,« ol The IfofMnod Oerfy GWm 7 bnrjroom upper oii ci««n $3t"-0 OO »»d »atw !j«curity fc.-socni No po;s IRONWOOD LARGE Co/y I CxKlrcorn epanmerx. g*rao«. slw- rv>n is now »cci»plir>g ar>fJK:dl«)nr: f<ir summer rrK;otfVy reriials W»j offer <Vriu>e irn!ivv}i>al chnint^ and conoX» m a ouwl rulural selling R»l«5 surt al $315 00 p»r mc-filh. Sorry no pets References re- • quired Call 800-222-3 KM or Ml * Wt D'cAr.r 51* C. Clovertand Drive f If cxi wool. Ml 4M34 |LJ i (78S3) trs- for Sale 1334 F-1JO XLT 4x4. V 8. auto- rPianc. f»gh m4««, $a.rxX)00 o tws) offur Call 906 66 7-07 S4 19>4 FOflD F-150 4.4. «irlen<J«x cab. asking $t 2.9GO 00 Nlci Iruckl Lois fj eirtras musl se« (moving! Call 906-224- 1262 o 224-1252 440 C skijder, hood sJash«r, tr trac sheer CaU 715 561-3964 CLASSIC 1973 FJW, 4i4. lacton XO 4 rujt Oregon truck (906) 224-O87I 54850 00 Cludexl. $30000. 9CXS 912-5O64 cw- V32-6249 WAKEREID M>ciJ lum.t/i» Fi'sl math's , 1 biKlrcxyn, upp*(, , ofl s»*et parking r»n| free H«al Irt- nr»,>r.rh C»H 224- WAKEFIELO 2 b*<1room nxibtie home, compMery fumtwwd. Security d«poM, no pel* C»« 908- M7-O640 12 ACHES. Woortod. nn:« log wte, *ct*s» to UMHHIS, 7/ $12,&rXVb«sl offer 5526 Hwy 715 581- WAKF.FIELD 2 bedroom home. Large yarn, large living room Available imm»di4lit!y $250 00 plus ut.*m«« Cad 715 539-06:18 Smert »hopoere arwey* lurri to cL*»*m«d for unt>«*tab(« veKiee on *4lgritty weed tteme. lf>S3 CMC 3/4 ton Truck. 6 2 Die *e*, 2 wfwel drrve, topper. rv«n e«nau«, very oood overat corx* Hon. 20* miles per gallon II.MX100.90B 9H8-2397 Ool an ntre vehicle you no longer drtve? SeM H wWi cleeetfledl

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