The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 9, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
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Monday, July 9, 1934
Page 4
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•THK PARR NEWS, ff. The Paris Evening News MOJtX) PARIS. TEXAS July 10. 1S«» TEXAS OOMPAXY New York Day by Day BY O. O. MclNTYRE The Timid Soul •Ctte* *£ March, 1ST9. Daily Excsrt Saturday and SttAdsy V YORK, Jaly 9—Diary: Out to a. spread SUBSCRIPTION RATS* (Incltidin* Ssn<S*y»> By Mail, OEM Tear *s.oa; By Mail. Six Month* * J -*°: By Carrier Ifc Per W«* Mail. On* Month *<M wfctc* betec* « n. i= If 50C 4 it ck*r* it j» s.r«*e=n*^ us*t r«pcs>iic«.nco *U »*» t» correct t» our leading jeweler back home. And the park thought of "Coop ? * Coop** as a name for Ryley Cooper's penthouse. So joining nay wif* at a 57th street corner and to drop in on Maybelle Manning and Margaret Moore- Home and a letter from Andrew Freeman offering exchange of a North Cape cruise for a -weekly lecture on shipboard. One lecture and there' iwonld be the cry "Man over-f Aboard!" Talking io Harry! ^ o- MdUi*** T*"*-*^*. the magazine editor, | I about otir slavery on middle 1 1 west gazettes, but what fun we had- j j To Kitty and Messmore Kendall's at; {Dobbs Ferry* for a dinner to Gilbert and Dodo j *«ct tMe* • TThite, from Psris. and among other guests j I Mrs. Joseph Urban. Conde Nast and Maurice j • laseio. the archltesi. Nor did I know until to- j ; eight the Kendalls are the Kendalls so oft; I men-ioned in Arnold Bennett's journal. I te U or Proper Spending i Large estates on Long Island have what j \ they csll play-houses. They are barny con-1 y money is spent, > sanctions with the bar as the center atlrae- find fault with the long as spending gives employment, '• tion. Tables for ping-pong, bridge, tnah-jong course, a roulette wheel- The play-1 pays for itself in saving the wear and j carpets and furniture in the more ] the bill falls due. elaborate castles. For unless money is spent it does no one j n c-e capacity * V V ~7""~ I-~ M—'^la sucker is found to buv. He soon discovers a- ;t r»f me moaev tnev earn oy. . , - , . % .* -„ ~ - „„ ^s iwnite eleDhant. The -Dromoters were seihns tae i lat>or or services 01 so--e sort, ^e,e is no «d-j -^ al ^ &s bn ; ld _ u fo £ the j vantage m such people oeing- at wors. K-eason- j ^ _ >, able savins: and* investment is commendable, j &-" ic - { IITTT -rn f»T^-K*»?To T>onr>lp ^OT spending monev j .....,, . - j .mn 10 cn^-z. u^.e -. _ -t-- _ & . - ; Personal nomination tor the most Deanti-1 they have earned or tnat rsey nave lEneniect— ; ^ coiffnre £m actresse5 _ that of E dna | Sv^eiidlns 1 i" ror someicmg- taey Tram tnai jias __ =• I been made by somebody else—such criticism * at - j is wrong <md unfair. , Satton and Beekmaa Places, those fash-1 Too much spending of money ^e did not .; onable ,-^5 razored out of tough East Side]- i&ve—top much Blending abroad or ^—^^J^ js!ums T now "have a rival in what "is known as I was ifee idleness men gave the destroyed—on] gone. "And when tnat actual money is agam ^ Aehmed Abdullah, now that Louis Joseph i .pot. into circulation by spending, there wiii oej Vaace an{ j Vance Thompson hav e gone where! work again for idle people _and the^return 01 r &u good wr it e rs go, is~the only fictionist in! what we call good times will be at "hand. ^ [America at present to sport a'monocle. Sis-! Spending is commendable—urovided PRESS COMMENTS Otter ffmptjetB Hm T« to « * -. .'•,,• ^» ' | rate, all of th« candidates cone«4- Former State Senator Tom B. ijj a. speecii h«c»3i.t3y before tH« .District; W. C. T. U. Institute in Dallas took Congressman Joseph Weldon Bailey, Jr.. candidate for the United States Senate, to task, for declaring through the Xiewspaper: "That he does not want my vot* or that of my friends^ because, he says. \ve are dry ano fanatical." Continuing Air. Love says: This ejcplicit declaration of the faith that is in Mr. Bailey is commendable. He regards Prohibitionist* as fanatics, and \va know that he would spurn to accept the great office^ of United __ States Senator if he had been elect- i int^Uiseni. vote. You can*t alwmy* ed by the votes of faaatics. He j make your decision a* t* also argues tliat he ought 10 b« | you cast your vote for by th* elected because Atticus Webb isjdidate's platform. Thi* kind of that Allred will b* the man will have to beat if they get in th* second primary. Honey Grove $i*n*I-Citiac*: In three week* Tex** will b* going to the poll* to «* their official* for another two years. If you haven't lik*d Uk* deal you have had in the pmat two years, election day is th» tim* t* make the change. Start now ctudy- iog the various candidates &ad what th^y stand for. so »hat wto*a you vote, you may really cast am supporting his opponent and Atticus Webl> is a preacher." Cumby Rustier: thing it, old-fashioned. Nowadays. you nave'to study the man and 'UM crowd h« is lined up with- Pl*t~ Jornas don't mean a thing—so vot» past jrwform- The go\'ernor r s pardoning mill \ for character, for down at the Capitol continues to»aace and ability- grind away at regular intervals, j turning out convicts to prey upon' Soper (Okla.) Democrat: an innocent public. When we elect a new governor possibly the issuance of pardons -will cease or at least be radically reduced. There is a cr>- from »oin.* quarters that there are too many ln- novationt, being introduced inti> — — _ — ^ -, •» * u — i. \,—a. i-a. w •t+^-v-f -» A t.^— »^ actual money that circulated inen isas been -j^ ^^ T ^ ns j n ^ txoved—onjj the imaginary tnoaey has |- " d when that actual money is agam j^ ilrculatioB by ispending. there will be 5 - our government under ths N I>eal. It- is well to remember in th» Benison Herald: | connection that the foundation ol Deaison citizens have been ra- j this government was an insova~ ther inclined to discount the value i tion more radical in comparison t« of the tourist trade in the past, j types of government existing at but with the number of such | that time than anything that h*» transient visitors Increasing each } been proposed unc^r Th* New year, efforts should be road« to | DeaL them feel at home while in \ - — the city. For oae thing, Denison | Cooper Review: should make some effort to win | Q OI< J statistics, showing ths si- more tourists- ZNinison is located | most ur believable amou&t of bus- '' on the main arterial highway reach- * « ness ? OJSt by cities along Highway log from Canada to the Gulf, and j 24. undesignated and unmarked: by this is several miles shorter than j t j, e u. S-, are shown in a bulletin other highways- For instance, one 1 issued by the T^m*v Coanty traveling from St. Louis to San j Chamber of Commerce^ Cooper Antonio can save about TO miles j f or many y ear s has suffered in* by coming: by way of Denison. Tw^ { j oss o j nearly all tourist business great highways. Numbers S and j with ^^ routing of traffic alone 91. converge at Denison. As soon j the highly ballyhooed rout* as the Denison-B»lls read is com- 1 through Sulphur Springs and 3ft. pleted a motorist will have the ! pleasant. But at last th* irorn|. choice ol two excellent roads lead- ) se ems to be getting ready to turning southward. Why should I>eni- i A me *ting is slated next week te son not advertise the fact it is the j arFe ^e n . s . tfesi^uatioa of Ke- junctiun of these important high- 1 34, This would ImmedJately result ways, and that one coming this j ^ many tourist dollars fiadin'g way traverses th* shortest route j their way into the coffers -of otirr betweeu the South and North j reta li merchants. Ketail stor**^ Other cities advertise such advac- ,; cafes, hot-els, theatres, garages; tages and prorit by them. Why j ^n benefit and should aid in th* should uot DeniiQii push its claims? ', moTe * increase the yearly crop Being the Gate City of all North 1 of totirisis- TeT"«. It should certsdnly receive j _ its share of all travelers tvho i j>eport Tiraes: come Into the state. i Amos and Andy, radio artist*. 1 are to take a. vacation this sum- CHAPTER ONK COLLECTOR OF MEN That hour -when Miss Gertrude irty, she looked a i stem-lipped, puritan fifty-five: -- J (OkJa.) Xewsj: Th^re is nu susstitut* for ini- j aigv-t for eight years. This vrfll al»o !.uve and industry. If a youns [ ~ive their audience a muca-li**d:- | man doesn't possess both of these I ^ vacation. ss. hft will always,! . ,—. the sDender lias ice money or its eq Neces&orv Measure _. •* I A A. • j i-t^i — ~ii tJ jJ^^i* ^Jtii ^<,<^.: i J~J.~ ^j -^-i. • -^ <• **-**-» ^ a * ] elair L-ewis affects one only in playful mo-1 s - Ee prided herself upoii the fact 3uiva- ; rn.entS. but Abdullah's is worn with COnsiini- j rh£t size had "never evaded a. [niate dash and aplomb. On the other side. E_ jcuryi^puty -^-as seen J>y^ her i Phillips Oppenheitri is a consistent monoclist, l^^ ^"^l*^'*^^ ^^ ips as is Somerset Maugham. O. , "VVore a zsoziocie. { :.™v e iome recourse. som« innsr : e«i for her sraeiling salts. That al! Ughi tiiat would brighten the gray. J fair tiad close to upset the whole | (ievel way, upon wliich Miss Moore jscnool! i ^ ^ sewad ^^^ | would insist .that she walk- But he \ "sit do^ra dear." said Miss Prin- : ... • . ; feared she might &« of the ^ronp l s i e . Marsha settled. i Karmer^Tiile Tin>e«s: i who know nothing- of deeps and J iligs pyj^je sta red at her for a ; A n the other cki:cli<!&t«s •who muse skiTii saster>asce from j^ motnen t. j-ren rvOTnen sometimes I g-overne-r are taking pot-shots .at | A^TLHRS. Okia. — Funeral ser- i the surface- j had to stare at Marsha, who made Jimmy Alfred—but Jimmy is groins; vices for O- I>. Barton, SI,' w*r« i Funeral Held Sunday Mornirut Near Antler* Miss ^re had told him of her the dullest -writted soul thinlc of right down the taiddl« of the road I conducted Stjuday momtng *t D OING jusi what i'he News believed it do. because it needed TO be 3one and —as j .the right thing to do, the city conne: b*f0re"t!ie property otvners of Paris il ; srtion t-o issiie bonds in the sum of Katharine Hepburn, incidentally, since i unfortunate latitude among- "per- Is^eet scents; Its drapsringr, ener-j t j- lS I sons of rh« Xary" and the -ra.d- I -rating loveliness. rairaTs -arife and her flirtations; of t from must tell, or as a gesture she must j brother. Admiral iloore, and of the I Spain . . . its languor, hot passions, r i make near the particular apple cart -wbicb the gesture -should up&et. And. since ag-e iscreas-es flavor and boTicuet. Miss Gertrude, at a .... frost-bittes forty, -was as welccme ii reared in hotels and schools and | ^ ars 3Ta. though. "I shall have to j that Jimrn> has a. t-hance to witit children. Int*rrrient '»r&s made in j>ertin*nt issues of j o'clock from the family home, six He is wise'" re-1 ntiies northeast of Antlers. BJLrtOB r about T attack. S» -alii:gir;g arid died Saturday ations; 5 Ard while Miss Pringlw at j tertdlng: his ovm "aiistnesa exc!us~ \ o'clock from a. h*s child -a-ho had be«n | t j, e flower v-hlch -svas Marsha's face : ively. The idea i* srrowicg: In Texas; is survived by «t wife and several she has confessed she ^as the vie-1 public took no measure ,o stamp at ^,5,.^ i ner out, their collective fading: ' her approach suggested that she seve: as highly Occasionally when grentler souls r£er S : considered 3,Iiss Gertrude Moore. Hepbum '• they m-nrm-ured that perhaps, after VOUnsr lad~ i alL It -was no wonder that her r,iece ! Her foi:owiii C "is defmite and devoted! and ^-^^- Ioor * , was '> :' ifle fast ;" i ... , s, ,..,-,, j-- *. .-but these srentle son is nave wear: L mn ner sensible o-atloos is DOimd to t>e great-; ^^ ^ ir voices cancot , -*•!•• I I trate into the -wail of a heart that J has lost a. love. , ^ Charles Frohrasn, more than auv other j jiarsha Moore collected mer.. of ray untreated sewage into the open, ^ ^ theairica] Drcxiljeer , ^gs eonsclotss of the dis-j both single aad ostensibly «tich«d. svstet^. Besjdes ertensios the money Is te be usedj^_^ ^^ & ^ ^ to bnild needed disposal plauts on the north f.^^j^^V"^ and south sides of toe city and remove tse \ *• -«-^- jnee now beins: created by the discharge i ! who kne-w nohtiug: of that solace j |j ve •&-$*% j -nrhfch from a solidly planted j ^.j^ —- ; thought it levelly: hope- f I UTrnzoving- bome. but isrho knew i lessly . she and her N mother and; j everything- of petty and bold Intri- | father had Jaii^hed a.: the mention | ;Stie. j e ; Aunt Gertrude, but—one can't] ! "'Poor child:" thought the ro- I always lan^h at su ~h people, l;v!n« | j he sighed, Life, he fonrtfl, ^-'as fre- j $he heard . tbe n«•*•« stoically. : jquently too difficult! I Then sh-j rose: "I'll so pack my i | "I shaU enter feer :n the Church | th-ns^—" she ^id duUy. Miss Ir'rm- j I School here." said Miss Gertrude [ g ; e gg^- - ner v^ay. "A monient. 1 I Moore, "et again the Rector ei^h- j dear:" she said, and ringing for] | ed. H* consi5*r*d the Chvirch j Alice she v>ro-reo a sTnall .«ia,>> <•' j School to be one of the raost dis- I port. Marsha drank it and then she j ma! institutjcns he had ever been I wen: bark to h«-r rooni x^-hich she I so unfortuiTate as to see; ar.d he .had shared Vv-|:h "he roi?:arst;c s scspected that the breaktast por- • clar-beli-. Aunt Gertrude—I aup- } t * race -svi-hoat a run-off. At any the Antlers cemetery. TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS Solution of Ye«t*rd»y"« Puzzle IHIAIMI re was extr-eiseJy thin and that , lation of the laws of health and of the of the sr-at* of Tezas. Paris has been ^a Ia^breaker in ibis respect for too long a time £i- ready, anc '^niency has beer; sbo-wn because of tbe uripreceder.ted nnascial situation. &ut n •we refuse to abate tne ob^ectionaDte sue tm- rrs; an opDorttm- '-.Iled 033 asters of over-*xplcitation, "^lien be mined a ity 35 ouere-d for a reason ITIST ezpecr to oe csae^ as ctindry old maids of both sexes „ , . J-~~'' collect Spotfe. iling-. '^'edg'e-^aoc. nss-^et tor tne stage, ae tnaae inrormation du- ; Ca _ ton . Sevres or willow ^-ar-. Ar.d ficult TO secure and the plan paid tandsoniely. - - naT ; n ^ - ot them, she held them His ™?.rs r.e~'~?r became wisdO""Trom. '• against the ligrfat to see trouzh i thetn an-d then she set theirs -ipor —> -T r»t ' n» T „* c—.:.-,, ^.,,5^her Saelf to lanjrh a little ar.d 3aeate:;es: C^ar^es Da.e. or &mi^ -^ (mlrtfc ^ ^ w ^^ her ^^^ York- lives in z mid-*o?rn ? H _ s , H*re she packed. ir4«tho<3:ca!ly. ax i l5 | boiled rice mad* a dinner finish at | aarab ^jj € WCI>t for hcr . Aad as i least three Hnae» each veek. |.. fce packe <j 3he forecast, the iBeas- i | "I shall coiri« to see yonr niece." :• ure . of h< ,, ncw nfe ; j he promise/I as he rose. f "\" * """ ,_.._, , ., | i SSarsh* «fto, the day before, had ! . Is your « ant k!nd 1 Ctarab*i s « | {been summoned to the achooJ of- J aj5ice4 arter a dee *> »°- I I fice to be told that her mother and I "She rowans to be." Martha en- , j father no lossjer exited in any j E so fc£ can 'vratcr 1 trsitic troffi ^rii:cio^rs; , . Corey Fore is in Alaska, fisMng . . .Mary; 3!iss Gertrude ~*&s thirty, 3iiss Ger- I form that she could recosrnJze, was. } <*"««*: an^ i k ias the Rector grained the New York "i bearable a: m< to 27 Kot* of tJs* *caJ* •was p^t tJor- meni. !>e sni£i! compare of the fact thai the espen aad a tilled to vote "will do so, and that the vote instruct the crenel! to prepare and ice bonds so That the work say be dos as f the fact tnai t-e es pen inure is a necessity : &vfz ^ ^ her r lTSt p-^fr of z cigarette . . , Matt ad not a matter -f civic pride :t snon-d °-« ' Brtssh has chartered Rov Howard's yacht, sitborized. The Xe^? solves tne pe'Op;* en- ' most accomplished heckler I the tneater| z. p^raan -who "forgives tind«* d«- iay—" "And ytru say you are ^oir-c t*» give a, home to your ti'ecer* a«kfd the Rector, -srfco was pleasantly ro- red ax she folder her part;' iTiak«t h«r quite un- i **• GoW moments. ^VS!1 yoti !ook | -5^ ' X1;r ' - 1 on the cupb-oard shel^e«, Clara- J 5 to talk with Prickle. I belle? I sorr.etirr.C3 stick stuff up I She hadn't cried at an. The r.e^ws ; therc- | had made her fee! octy stupid, and 2^ 1^ ^he hs.d t>^en very 1^ for & . ps.c-. . —. -.--,- ^- ^...»^-« ...j ^^»^ . — — _-,,I considerable time. " ' t -r""ho"-". : '-" ^-on-V"bV "--a7kl'"-^<S •* 8 *' ^'** r * nft)t *" I ; *:T4Vi^Trik.* p »yi4«.ij~~i.*t. r#% >^ •** *itj r She had stra.ngre flashes of her | perfectly iragrSc for you'" moar.e<S ; mother, pink-lined parawol canted | Clarah*is«j. I over a shoulder an<2 In a riksha in ! C.«b-1Ie looked to brin 5 forth * \ £ ^^ g^ J •«• ^^f J icket of violet scented cigarettes- <_sz. K1tcJs*a »tov« 57. o^rns 1 Shanghai . . . Colonel Duveen h«td j (To Be Continued) ! js,;ways b*«n by her that season. fl««n». . . _ 2nc gtooc tratccing tne perioncgnce with a | KSsB Gertru<s « " rboa* **»*v:tj-" t spray or r.;t erxier iiis ar ; out. the rascal. . And then teetered Frwn the tiie* «/ 7 /te /^orw Merm- ing News thirteen years *ffo ne op? i ^ says tnat ^-^^^^ sne can s.njr no ior-srer. sne •wiia go and croon j -*rh.« c ' in the desprr,. She bas the ripht idea about J- . —. . ~ " i crooning,- lele. "I can do no less," responded ilis* Moore after which »he tight- eneil her lip* to look SiJe« ori«s or th« av«nyius fa.l<?». bat—rar.h*r her rn other, ol s« sixteen?" ««k«d th« I fc*ve never i | Marsha, ha-2 considered h!m "quite ; j a rotten ecrt of ca<5—'* j [jnto C!«IB»«* that ffhr heA<Jc«3, "Plain. I I fAZicy, and rotten ca<2s"; a.n<5 ev«n ?• I at tiiat hoar an<l at fourteen years. I [she felt ehe Knew men •s-*!! and ( that nothJriff mor* of them couM j b< »aJ<* to her. And too. throuarhoct th« loag. | { wakeful ni^ht and tfurJrsg the day, { had «*e-n her father; ta.Il, l*a.n, ) B* ts <f*Ut <5. DrlW! crap** tlve of bl«n:isite* 3X. Not «> o?fi •W. Exi*t 41. T*a tonic sky 5». CnrrteiHlty or *n;»jroa:«tis 5L CtMft Ki th* *or?a cf m •bio 64. Food Sou«s that Marsha not SATTTEBAY, JULY 9 1921 ____ .._. r -lurT" thought In the Professional Golfers* Association Rector with pun piety. He s*. ; <i jrets into real trouble, the Croquet Players of s w« « tragic affair:" America may be expected to call a sympathetic ! H<B *** *? i ** 3ejn * »< * izr * e « r * 'lanapon* "" - > mach about anything nor any- ; «. i "Don't *o caring; too tfe^aly!" h« 1 had wam^'J her again *nd a«min, -it *rr,juih*fi your h*art to norh- j of fcurnas*. for th* most part corrt- j fortai>i« a^i<5 happy a&d content f<s, TW-fiO on a !}TS£0 &"<J prooi Much to the chagrin Of the CilJcagO | *hi&** nMtMen voyage. JMI<! foua<5 s^hool-cbiidrec the unpaid teachers keep rigfit the way to Davy jon«* socker Health Hint Dr. Carriek. state health officer, raduded dis- ; strike stufcdmg yo^arsg girls froru wearxcg corsets. Thirty >fexk-an& were brought from D&l- by negroes who deir.aade^ $3.50 instead of. ori $1.75 « dax- for coffiraorj labor. . ,~ T 7~. . ,. '. -,. * . _ . , ' It s surpnsicfir cow msjav of tae nei^aDors;. T^"jkrt^-* JT* ^O%\ >r l T*rt T ^* % - Af OliS "QS ^* O ^ ft ^i ,» - " T*s*t* "i_ " " " " "" " *•"* ^ '; '* "T *^° ? "• ; tais vear n&ve staned uttle subsistence home-; m «n who ^oimty reported much damage to timber and •• j pro j^ ts in t h e ir b&ck vards.—Corsican* I th*. wom«n at frtiiT trees b\ the l-TKi&y storm. • ^r- " ^ Central Presbyterian Sunday school was j hs annual picnic vest of Paris when \ Strange that no Worken party in Europ* j hfr ^ r ^\o.'mo^o^7' ; h*« T*«n?ed. too. h *roic t h<ywr of how may b« the K< 1»«2 dreamed, young: thatjif* f iniyht b« "rather *;>!en4i<!.** an<S | •^hen he fotin<J that it coald no* h« ' that way, h* ha«J eho».cn lau«1it«r; ^ but looking on Marsha h* r«m*rr»- ! i>*r«d that **nk c*ntM rows. "Owe of th* t«R-c1}«r* i* horn* *n<! a« * ««ck tl»« w*?er "My d«»r. 4**r child:" «• M*r»ha «nt«r«d. Ma«hjt , . Frida storm struck it and soaked before they could get uzider cover J tro j T ^ Police visiier} a house occapiea by a ne- politics feaa adopted the sweatshirt,—D$* |G*rtru«:«; "«fc* IWL* t>«en at * «chooi in the «ortfc-«*«t part of town and in C -I Satisfactory golatiori of crime wilj com«] tit* Hector «4 h* And IM <JJ4 out -il> g»iloog of Ctooctaw be«r amdjwbeo there are more outlaws ireakt«g rock*I •rrtitttu ihc wouian. J.iiaa. breaking ict<> priBt.—Greeiiviile Baimcr.) M* tH* «x tuwi b*en *n<3 <joit* { properly, but *. mu»cl« at ih« cor- | »er of h*r lovely JJp* tw!t<*he<i a j trifle, | "J have a. m««**i:« from y<ror j attnL" M«*i Prjcjri* continued: MJ»« Frlnri* bop*4 th* *utst w«» a p«r- wvn of "clMtr»ct«r"; M*r»Mi w»* not «**y to <•*.! with aa4 m«« w*r« t*« attracted to h*r, Th* lAtln •r t*r i*««aao*, Mto r»Mtl« Today'* Amusements SADIE McKEE Crawford. Frpnd»ot AT THE PLAZA THIS MAN 15 MINE Trene Bann* fl«tph AT THE LAMAR DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY Fredrtc M«rcfi K*Hy« V« ATTHEGJIAND I «n<: war jeo« *4! Act'of re^es- S 42. Hosier »T:« .. ts. - *7. FstiJ» to •uJt ^r *bJ* 45. G«« a. Convict l»:ion of of 9. Ki»4 or flmh ». ST*rrow t»cif city «rre«t jutthcr 5Z Gr»y rock S? Ha 13. Oifof - **. plant sy 59. Tbat J»y «5 HTpUrl*: abbr. .82. Sf*rtt ST.

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