The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 25, 1975 · Page 5
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August 25, 1975

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
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Monday, August 25, 1975
Page 5
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Vorster will attend talks on Rhodesia By STANLEY UYS t ittl XHntftMiir enrmm CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - ,South African Prime Minister John Vorster will attend, the formal opening of the Rhodeslan constitutional talks at the Victoria Palls bridge this morning. An official announcement in Pretoria Sunday night said he will also meet the Zambian president, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, while he is there. Political circles here are convinced Vorster is going to the Victoria Palls to crack the whip over Rhodesian Premier Ian Smith. They see the visit by Vorster and Kaunda as an overt mow to force the Rhode- slan leader and the African Na tloriU WIMPHOTO (AP) full debate on Rhodesia's future and not to limit the meeting to a half-hour signing ceremony, as Smith said he would. Vorster said in Pretoria Sunday night he hopes to have "frank and fruitful" discussions on southern African affairs Kaunda. In the Zamblan ._ r of Lusaka, Kaunda said he took Monday's meeting with Vorster very seriously and hoped it would prove to be "fruitful" for southern Africa. V o r s t e r' s meeting with Kaunda will be the most dramatic encounter he has had with an African head of state since he launched his detente Policy South Africans see today's meeting as a test of how far Smith is prepared to go to buck Vorster's efforts to get Rhodesia's white-minority government to agree to a settlement with the nationalists. TOWN TO TRY 'HAND CHAIN' ROSEMONT, ILL. (AP) Residents of this village nestled next to O'Hare International Airport aim to show that a nationwide chain of hands bicentennial celebration can work. They plan a trial run human chain within their village Tuesday. The Idea Is an outgrowth from Chicago attorney Marvin J. Rosenblum's brainstorm. Rosenblum envisions millions of Americans, of all ages and walks of life linking hands from coast to coast for a moment in time next July 4, a symbolic "Great Wall of People" in testimony to the United States' 200th birthday. John Monahan, managing director of the O'Hare Trade and Exposition Center, which is owned by Rosemont, heard about Rosenblum's idea and suggested that the village run its own test. * Surrogate Bedroom Rosemont is a surrogate bedroom for thousands of persons who daily use the world's bus- lest airport west on Chicago's western edge; its beds in hotels -and motels-outnumber its 4,400 residents. Numerically, the villagers' effort will be small scale. In fact, Rosemont covers only about a two mile wide stretch. A spokesman for the village, Dennis Quirk, said "realistically, we're working on a two block area, about a quarter of a mile," for the test chain. "Maybe we'll get 350 people from the village, maybe a couple hundred more from the city (Chicago) and other suburbs." But be said any significant turnout should help continue interest in attempting to create the human chain next summer, though the event still has no official support or sanction. A First Rosenblum, who says he has received numerous telephone calls and letters from persons across the country and around the world, thinks the project can be undertaken successfully only if it is organized on county, local and state levels. Just lucb efforts as the Rosemont trial run. In fact, says Quirk, "Rosemont will be the first municipality in the country to get behind it with a demonstration, or practice run." Rosenblum says he has received numerous inquiries and expressions of support from organizations such as Scouts, Elks, Lions Clubs and American Legion and other veterans' groups. In addition, he said, there has been a positive response from others, including a highly successful commune that was instrumental in the success of the massive Woodstock rock music festival in 1969. All of which has Rosenblum smiling. "The response so far has been incredible," he said recently, Threatens to jump A man Identified as Donald Kennedy stretches out on ledge of five-story building In Boston while a priest, Rev. Francis Gilday and a firefighter stand on roof pleading with him to climb to the roof. After tkree toon, Kennedy w as grabbed and pulled to safety by fireman Walter McGinn and taken to Boston City Hosp ital for observation. Kennedy's accident story unsatisfactory: Kopechnes MARY JO KOPICHNI WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The parents of Mary Jo Ko- pechne indicate in an article published by New Times magazine that they are not satisfied with S e n a t o r Edward M. Kennedy's account of the auto accident that took their daughter's life. In what New Times describes as the first in terview granted by the Ko- pechnes to an American publication since the accident six years ago, they say they believe Mary Jo was sleeping in the back seat of Kennedy's car when it plunged off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island. Mrs. Kopechne is quoted further as saying she believes that Kennedy "was still confused" about the mishap when he made his first statements and that he was the victim of bad advice. "Got So Involved" "He had poor advice, right from the time it happened. I think he got so involved in this lousy advice and then couldn't back out and tell the truth. He got deeper and deeper and deeper into it," Gwen Kopechne is quoted as saying in the article published today. Mary Jo was a 28-year-old former campaign worker for Kennedy's brother, Robert, and attended a party on the small island adjoining Martha's Vineyard on the night of July 18, Kennedy's sworn statement says he was returning to his hotel and taking Mary Jo back to hers when he made a wrong turn and accidentally drove off the bridge. He said he managed to escape from the submerged car but was unable to rescue the girl. Met Through Sklndiver Gerald Kelley, editor of a Martha's Vineyard weekly called the Grapevine and author of the article, said the New Times interview was conducted in July. He said the Ko- pechnes at the time were visiting the island and met Kelley through John Farrar, the skindiver who pulled Mary Jo's body from the car. Interviewed Sunday night at their secluded Swiftwater, Pa., home, the Kopechnes expressed disappointed surprise when told of the article. "I'm really surprised at that PLAY BINGO M e>Mtey tfcr* teiwtey Noon to 6 FMI9AY KITES 7:9* !• DOWNTOWN BINGO PARLOR •If WALNUT Kelley," Joseph Kopechne told a reporter. He said he had talked with Kelley while at Martha's Vineyard but "wasn't aware" his conversation would be published. Kopechne said the magazine later contacted his lawyer about publication, "but we didn't expect anything like this." Neither Kopechne would comment on specific quotes from the article. "We're not going to get ourselves involved in anything else," Kopechne said. "If we'd seen you pulling up the driveway, we would have turned the lights out." According to the magazine, the Kopechnes said they believe that Mary Jo had gone to sleep in the rear seat of the car and "happened to be in the car when it took off." Kopechne also said, according to the magazine, that he and his wife declined to have an autopsy conducted because "we were made to believe that the autopsy was primarily to find out if my daughter was pregnant. "There were so many things happening. We 'were being hit from all sides," he is quoted as saying. . Mrs. Kopechne also is quoted as saying she believes that other persons besides herself and her husband should be interviewed about Chappaquiddick but that "nobody's been under any pressure at all to answer questions." RESIST ROCKY V-P CANDIDACY WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. (AP) — Thirteen Southern state Republican chairmen agreed this weekend that President Ford should drop Vice- president Nelson Rockefeller as his running mate in 1976. The unanimous agreement came during a meeting of party chairmen from southern and border states. Howard (Bo) Callaway, Mr. Ford's campaign manager, attended the meeting. "That's all we talked about, replacing Rockefeller," said Clarke Reed of Mississippi, head of the Southern Republican State Chairmen's Association. • "They feel Rockefeller on the ticket would hurt his (Mr. Ford's) re-election'chances. Age is a factor, but philosophy is the main thing." Louisiana GOP chairman Jim Boyce said the group would prefer "almost anybody" to Rockefeller. Former Treasury Secretary John Connally and Senator .Howard Baker (Rep., Tenn.) were mentioned as possibilities. North Carolina Gov. Jim Hoi- shouser, one of the first Southern elected officials to announce his support for Mr. Ford, said Rockefeller's age, 67, is the reason he opposes the former New York governor as vice-president. "We need to think in terms of 1980," said Holshouser, considered a moderate among Southern Republicans. Gandhi vows to restore democracy WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) -t India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has promised that democracy eventually will be restored In her country but declined to make any prediction as to when. "I can assure you that I do not want this to continue indefinitely," Gandhi said of the state of emergency declared June 28 to thwart a civil disobedience campaign called by the opposition to force her resignation. "For a country of India's vast size and great diversity, I think democracy is the only way to make it function," she added on NBC's program Meet the Press." The interview was conducted via satellite between Washington and New Delhi on Wednesday for broadcast Sunday. Vague Reply Asked if elections scheduled for February would be allowed, she replied, "I can't give a definite answer at this point because naturally much depends on how the situation is. We must be able to insure fair elections." Gandhi also was asked what she would do if India's supreme court declared invalid a constitutional amendment enacted by parliament granting her immunity from conviction of an election violation. Skirts Issues While declining a direct answer, Gandhi noted thai although "the Supreme Court does have the right to decide" the Issue, "the essence of par- iamentary democracy does make parliament supreme, In so far as all executive action is concerned." Gandhi was convicted June 12 of illegally using government officials to aid her 1971 campaign for parliament — a violation which carried a mandatory six-year ban on her holding elective office. Gandhi also defended her assumption of emergency powers, saying it was needed to counter "grave internal dan- And she rejected suggestions that her actions were designed to salvage her own political power and future. "I don't see any truth in that at all," she said. She also rejected a suggestion that the best way to publicly demonstrate the threat she says was posed by the persons arrested under her emergency powers would be to place them on trial. "Court cases go on for years and years and it is very difficult to prove anything," she said. Gandhi also appeared to acknowledge that many of the HOLD IT! DON'T buy that coat/ coat sot/ sno-sot/ (ackot or sno- mobllo iUlt—UNTIL—you see the Super Selection at HEAVEN TO 7, BOYS' WORLD * JUNIOR JUNCTIONI r, J ' Use layaway, Master-Charge or your HEAVEN TO 7 charge-plate. Shop NOW for best selection of quality, style & value in Trusted Brands anywhere! MtNiAlCINTt* AM* Hay M. at UrfaandaltAvt. (•<MMwt» Mirth «M*t*H*yM*N> •hen* 97*4911 Open 9-9Daily Saturday 9-6 Sunday 1-5 YOUNG TffNS 4 JUNIORS Fomoui Brandt You Know A Truil CLOTHM6 • fmimi • TOYS • SHOES • D«i Mointl Only Childrtn'i Dtpwtm«nt Stor* SIFTS WIR6PHOTO (AP) Men., tof.. 28, W8 • DES MOINC8 REGISTER / S Press hunt for drowning victim IPtCiftl Dlt£ftfcft to TM Rtffltff ROCK ISLAND, ILL. - Rock Island Arsenal authorities con. tinued Sunday to search for the body of a young man presumed drowned Saturday night In the Mississippi River near the go?. eminent bridge between Rock Island and Davenport. Authorities said an uniden. tified youth in his late teens or early twenties was apparently walking on the bridge span obstructing traffic when an Arse, nal patrol car approached him. Then the, man fell or jumped into the river. He failed to grab a safety line at the bridge and was swept downstream. Arsenal information officer Howard Stevenson said swiff currents prevented dragging operations from being effective Sunday, but that boat patrols on both sides of the water were being carried out. On TV India's prime minister Indira Gandhi says democracy eventually will be restored in her country, but declines to say when during her appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday. people arrested had not taken any action threatening her country. "What we have done in a large number of cases is preventive detention, because we had information that this might happen," she explained. Gandhi did not give a precise figure of the number of political detainees but she said that one estimate of 60,000 people in jail "is out of all proportion with the truth." Asked if she had any Information that the CIA or any other U.S. agency has attempted to undermine her government, Gandhi replied that "sometimes there are presences which you cannot prove." In answer to .another question, Gandhi said that the nearly two months of emergency rule has shocked the people of India into realizing "that they have certain obligations to themselves because this is not for us, for the government, it is for themselves. If the country doesn't develop or the students don't study, it is they who suffer, not the government." New USDA lab set for Lincoln LINCOLN, NEB. (AP) — A new U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA) laboratory is to be located in Lincoln, Representative Charles Thone (Rep., Neb.) said Sunday. The Meat and Poultry Inspection Division' lab will employ about 30 persons. They will be mostly professionals such as veterinarians, chemists and biologists, he said. ASK CORPORATE CRIME UNIT WASHINGTON,. D.C. (AP) Four members of Congress and consumer advocate Ralph Nader asked Sunday that a division on corporate crime be created within the Justice Department. In a Atty. Gen. Edward H. Levi they said: "As you are no doubt aware, an unprecedented wave of corporate Illegality has been sweeping the business community." They said that_the__8pecial prosecutor's office has prosecuted 18 individuals and 18 companies for violations of the campaign finance laws. They also said that the Securities and Exchange Commission has sued eight firms for failure to disclose existence of political slush funds at home and bribes abroad. The new division in the Justice Department should be given authority "to investigate and prosecute a wide range of business crimes, from mail fraud to regulatory offenses to the illegal distribution of political contributions or bribes, here or abroad, by corporate officers or their agents," the letter said. The letter was signed by Senator Lee Metcalf (Dem., Mont), Representatives Benjamin Rosenthal (Dem., N.Y.), Toby VIoffett (Dem., Conn.) and Thomas J. Downey (Dem., N.Y.), Nader, and Mark Green, a Nader associate. Ntwspaper offers Kennedy reward LANTANA, FLA. (AP) The weekly National Enquirer is offering a $100,000 reward for information and evidence leading to arrest and conviction of any conspirators in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The Enquirer said the offer stands through Sept. 1, 1976. FALL SEMESTER BEGINS SEPT. 2 Rejliter Sot,, Avgutt 30, 9t3O until noon, TIMS., September 2, 8:30*00 P.M. Science Bldg., For Information, Call 265-4232 MevT College 1200 Grandview Avenue Dts Moines. Iowa 50316 Tough new school slices. Stride Rite builds them right. So they really last. Lazy M Shoe Stores' trained professionals fit them right. So they really fit. Together, we give you the most for your money. Come in — let us prove it. FIT FOR A KID 2 STORES IN OIS MOINES Open Ivtnino.* 'til 9 M«rU Hay Mall 58th A Douglas Park Fair Center Euclid TOES ALSO IN: Ames Fort Dodge 2 32 Main 813 Central

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