The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 12, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Monday, January 12, 1948
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Register Clashed* Gel Results THE REGISTER THE DAILY REGISTER, IIARRISBURQ, ILL., MONDAY, JANUARY 12, NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 164 TRUMAN Spending Program I ... . TM--·--"· BUDGET Republicans Say About Town And Country Bf T15IOTHEUS T. June 1947 Started Out with Fatal Automobile Crash Ughtfoot. j eaM ld Gag. incK g was njured t p sons C n , h e c r a l h o f wo cars and one Iff hen Tonv Blackwell of Car- ° w ffis died June 9 of his Orders Probe Of St. Louis Food Industry Gov't Investigation To Deal Primarily With Milk Prices WASHINGTON, Jan. 12-- OLR) -Attorney General Tom C. Clark today ordered a federal grand jury investigation into the food industry in the metropolitan area of St. res re Blackuell was driving an · ,h,rh crashed nto a car ent GoSon Neighbors The " passenger in the Neigh- dm en girl was a bors car Louis. A Justice Department official The onh other violent UU«L» T Xe county during June was said the t investigation will be con cerned primarily with the production, distribution and high prices of milk. But it also will cover other phas- ,1, vioiPnt death i cs of the food industry in that area, other violent dcain i ^ department officia i said This investigation is part of the Justice Department general campaign started late last year to begin action under the anti-trust laws in cases where it could establish violations contributing to the high cost of living. To Appear Before Jury The Justice Department said Clark has authorized Ford Baecher, acting assistant attorney general, and three other department offi- when James Reed, when hit by a 45 near the Tn- o'n the 20th, 73 was killed cab on Route angle cafe f ^ e Other events of June in the order they occured' i audit showed the city had a cash balance of $10,704 when the new cit council assumed ot- nce . * Members of the Hamsburg-Ra- fl°n -Ulwuii ^»ui«iw«»»rf · . · - umed Mavor H. J. Raley named grand jury. Sannon Tayloi. George Robert- -- -«- ym and Carl Rude. County Judge Ralph Choisser named Frank L. Lokerse of Harnsburg Route 4 3 nd Vern Devillez of Raleigh town- chip Rude was named chairman 3t an organization meeting. I GUIS Embry was arrested in a local hotel for Henderson. Ky., 'tithorities \vho wanted him m an^ion with A S6,000 holdup^ The*~city council voted to buy 225 Magee-Hale parking meters Officers hunted for a stranger *ho tried to lure small girls into his automobile. Headquarters of the Saline Coun- A\ Soil Conservation district were (established in the Rose building. 1 Glenn Amberger was elected commander of George Hart post _ of the American Legion. 7% Asuney showed more than 800 local children attending Vacation Bible Schools here. Dr. L I Webb was re-elected chairman of the Salvation Army Board An Eldorado boy, Terry Long. 12, won the btatc marbles championship. T R Bosken of Madison, \Vis., began a strip mining operation on the Richard Yates farm in Cottage township. ? Announcement is made that the crtj will add seven extensions to we *ater mains. John VanderPluym, Herb Cumins. Bill Bob Brown' and Tom tans attended Boys State at ·Vingfield Halph Denmson was elected commander of the county American Legion organization. " were | cials to ap p e ar before the St. Louis . The others are all special first assistants in the anti-trust division --George B. Haddock, Walter D. Bridges Claims resident Truman's Stop-Russia Foreign Policy to Cost $12 Billion in Two Years Cites Fadors Forcing Gov't Spending Up Lucas Favorable To Defense and Foreign Aid Items By R. H. SHACKFORD WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.--(U.R)-- President Truman today put the cost of his stop-Russia foreign policy for the 1948 and 1949 fiscal years at $12,542,000,000. That is the amount he wants to spend for "international affairs and finance." Most of it is for the vast WASHINGTON, Jan. 12-- (U.E-- | foreign relief and recovery pro Republicans jumped on President gram s. Truman's $39,668,000,000 budget Mr. Truman said the huge spend, today, charging it was "extrava-. ing abroad is necessary to prevent gant" and beyond the means of i "extension of totalitarian rule." the nation to meet this year. | He asked Congress in his annual Chairman Styles Bridges of the budget message to appropriate an Senate Appropriations committee unprecedented peacetime total of lied off the attack on the budget more than $9,000,000,000 for for- estimate. The New Hampshire eign aid programs alone. These i Republican said President Truman appropriations would be spent in i had "played politics in an attempt the 1948, 1949 and 1950 fiscal to make the budget appear as an , years. Out of these proposed ap- economy measure. propriations, and money already Bridges said there "is no relief voted by Congress, the President offered'" for American taxpayers estimated the $12,542000000 ac! despite Mr. Truman's $40-a-head tually would be spent m fiscal tax reduction proposal of last 1948 and 1949. .week He said economy would 'not be found in the budget mes- ! sage. But Bridges said the $11,,000,000,000 proposed for national 'defense and "additional billions" 'for foreign aid are "realistic although staggering." Even this, however, he promised will be ''reviewed most carefully" before appropriations are approved. ; Other senatorial comment: j Sen. Joseph H. Ball., R. Minn.-!"Wc ought to be able to cut two \V\SHINGTON Jan 12--OLE)-POLICE SAY. Catapulted unhurt into or three billion dollars off that, } p res -j dent '-Truman today called on The $9,000,000,000 in requested new appropriations for Mr. Truman's global aid program included the $6,800,000,000 he is asking for the first 15 months of the four- year European recovery program. It includes also a sharply increased $1,250,000,000 for army relief in occupied countries, $750,000,000 for "other international aid programs for several countries, including China," $71,000,000 for the international refugee organization, and $132,000,000 for war damage and rehabilitation in the Philippines. These huge requests were in sharp contrast to Mr. Truman's budget message of only a year ago. Then he predicted that the time of large-scale foreign relief was "almost over." He asked for only a "modest relief program for a few countries"--$250,000,000. At that time he thought the Anglo- American zones of Germany would be self-sufficient in 1949. Increase Old Age Benefits, President Asks Crew Abandons Outgoing Army War Dead Ship NEW YORK, Jan. President Warns J Surplus Estimate , Must Apply on Debt By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 12--«1B)_ President Truman today.sent to a Republican Congress, which is sure to rip it apart, a .cold war budget for spending more than $39,668,000,000 in the fiscal year 1949. That is a- spending increase of $1,941,218,622 over theX. current fiscal year. But Mr. Truman called the new budget "even more realistic and hard-boiled than the budget of 1948." He cited the international emergency, rising prices and demands of public interest as factors forcing spending up. He asked for funds to start new programs which would run into billions of dollars annually in future years--a national health insurance plan, vastly broadened old-age and unemployment insurance coverage, and universal military training among others. Third Straight Surplus The President estimated 1949 fiscal year receipts at more than $44,475,000,000 and the surplus at upward of $4,800,000,000. And he said the current fiscal year will end June 30 with a surplus of $7,482,000.000 making a two-year surplus of more than $12,000,000,000. This is the third consecutive i surplus. TTP ' These fat surplus estimates were 12--w-x-i-- iccompanied by anti-inflation *«^rf » » *» -·- -- 1 -- _ - -- 4.*i\*\711.1JVaHJ\^\A **J **»»v» ***.*MW*V» Fire in the engineroom forced 4b . varn i ngs that they must go for re- National, men aboard the Army war dead ^ uct | on O f (NBA Telephotq) of contradictory statements of the Federal District Court for would · larms. kitchens -and stores. eastern Missouri in St. Louis, the Justice Department said. ' ~». · The four Justice Department officials-will work.- In ·co-operation: wlut~ Drake Watson, U. S. district attorney for eastern Missouri. The Justice Department campaign against high prices so far has reached into Chicago, Washington and Boston, in addition to todays action involving St. Louis. Committee Named To Start Drive for Memorial Stadium A ten-man executive committee was named yesterday afternoon to get the machinery started to obtain a Memorial Stadium at Taylor Field. This group will appoint all committees necessary td secure funds and build a concrete stadium on the high school football field ol It was decided at a meeting Memorial Stadium advocates . A woman pleaded guilty in poke magistrate court to a charge shoplifting and was fined after super sleuthing by two re- Uncle^Sam Has,/ At^edslrOne Happy Customer ' SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. 12 UL1!--(UEiAt least one of Uncle Sam's customers is satisfied with the service. V. Y. Dallmann, collector of internal revenue, said today he had received this letter: "Please accept the enclosed $2500 as a gift to the Treasury of the United States as a token payment for the services rendered by our government to me as a citizen for the year of 1947. "I have today been informed by one of your deputies that 1 owe no tax on the small income 1 had for the year. This is given of free will and no claim whatever will ever be made." Dallman did not disclose the satisticd citizen's name. ition-reportedv th'ep The : meh-^45 crewmen and one J5£« uT 'b. P^cal "P**"-, He --I tota-. -fl.^-'SSaSTVSfffi ·Y ! W Hcnr, C. B»°5X£^onWS^^^ Budget in Brief / 1 Sen. Henry J Ida.--"The proposed $2,000,000,-' cent. He also told Congress in his i JLUci "" i IHJ i** v^v^**^*^* «»*»*jw**j»---· --· j -- --- - - f -- _ _ ,, 000 increase in expenditures . . - ' budget .message that it should fig- threat to the general welfare ' ure on increasing present social is a of the nation that is no ex- security taxes. to their rescue.- Three Coast Guard spotter planes sped to'the position reported in the Connolly's SOS to search nailOIl . . . Uldt JJ uv c.v- sc-uii«..» «.**»!..*. _ ~~ .« ,, -,, . .. nnan for continuing the govern-, _ The President said he would give for the men adrift m the open mental waste that is reflected in Congress the details m a later · · · Meanwhile he sea since 4:51 A. M. EST. 'Coast Guard search and rescue In swollen navrolls and increased ad- special message. ««.»···'··--·» -- ^oaau «u«uu otai^. --.- ministrative expenditures . . - five asked for $116,000,000 to get these at Kindley Field, Bermuda, sent hundred thousand employes can i projects started in the coming fis-, two B-17's and a B-29 to spot Me- 1 "- · boats-for the rescue ships.- The _ _ -- ' · » _ · · * AI r» O ^f /·»»*»·»_ ,, ,,-n, 'be cut from the federal payrolls cal year. , boats-for the rescue snips.- Ane WASHINGTON. Jan 12--d-P)-- £ impairing the efficiency of i Here are the major features of C oast Guard said the S. S. Morn- polite but pretty clear terms. }he aowVnment." Mr. Truman's vastly-broadened so-1 son R. Waite of the U. S. Lines was i,-rl^l TT Ct3c«:r»n nnri Knwin \v. · _ . ,, j - ti-u:« c/.«4f _:_i ..._!(·,,,,« n l»n. »ittit»»fi h« caiH _«^««n^;^rt tn tho crpnp from a Harold E. Stassen and Edwin \ V . , Se » ate Demo cratic AVhip Scott c ial welfare plans, which he said Pauley were calling each other' Lucas I u_» I f any cut can! would provide greater protection i,-nrc inrinv in a long-distance ar-' · madc .« n the budget Vhich will, to the people "against the major Pauley's commodity ( affecj . the propcr functioning ' economic hazards of our society." proceeding to the scene from position about 10 miles away. liars today in a long-distance ar-' ^y ^"^ ^ e bl ,dg e t which will, to the people "igainst the major The s s Uoba, the S. S. Mer- gumcnt over Pauley's commoditv | not affect the propcr functioning ' economic hazards of our society.' curv - and th e 5. S. Josephone market speculation. of g overnrn cnt. I am for it. But i. Extend coverage of old age] Ly £ es a i so reported they were Their feud sizzled in the back-'j snall vigorously support the an d survivors insurance to all , sp ^ e ding to help ground as a Senate subcommittee j u erns dealing with national de- gainful workers," including agricul-. The sn | p was outbound, carrying continued its investigation of al- fense anti-inflation, the European tural and domestic employes, farm- J a cargo of emp ty caskets. defense ' Recommendations as to the amount The on i y passenger was an Army 'tian. who ___________ ,,, ___ ...... ____________ row to tell the subcommittee about f unt } s . j n view of what is happen- , 0 { increase are being prepared. 'his speculations. ' tail clerk-; Bankston Creek Coal Co. announced it will open a shipping ?ae south of worked out No. ·» nine near Pankcyville. A mass flight sponsored by the Chamber ol Commerce Bopped at ;l, c Muddy airport and » tnomsuus throng was on hand '« Erect the fliers. The Harr:burR Junior Police ;ct into operation with "M: as thiei. ' Alr P 3 anc-; sprayed pine forests at The Daily Register office that funds should be solicited through The HTHS graduating classes Committees within the classes will be named-to contact all the class members for funds to help build the stadium. Members of the executive committee are: Atty G cor ?e B - L C n' George Davenport, Curtis G Small, Harry Taylor, George Hensle. ur. Dick Skaggs. Orlic Brothers, R. D. Brown, Jr.. John Cummins and Harry Moore. , A committee of three was named by George Henslcy. who presided yesterday afternoon to nan* committees from all the classes to contact their The trio named was Harry Moore. Orlic Brothers and Dr. Skaggs. (Continued on Page Three) *· R. Dunn, 81, Dies Home of Son Taxpayers Jam RAIBAMIIA HflirA KGY6I1UG Ullliv . The Internal Revenue office in , killing by profiteering in food- the' City hall was jammed today stuffs by taxpayers wishing to make the i . . 'i n g j n other countries, this Con- 3. Make a greater share of an Pauley. who is a special assist- , gre ss must be realistic about bring- individual's income subject to the " up to O id age insurance tax of one per cent. At present, no more than $3.000 can be so taxed. The pro- ant to the Army secretary, and ing our national defense Graham were revealed to be spec- fighting strength." _ ulators as an aftermath of charge^ ~~ by Stassen. a Republican presidential aspirant, vhat administration "insiders" were making a C. income tax returns. Reaches White Heat | The Stassen-Paulcy exchange reached a white heat after Sta^- 2 P. IH. posed new- study. 4. Establish maximum is under a national system of health insurance, to be financed at the start by an additional payroll tax of one-half of one per cent of individual salaries up to $4.800 a year, effective Jan. 1. 1949. Whether the same rate will also be assessed against employers has not officer, Capt. Charles H. Collins, who was to be in -charge of bringing war dead back from Europe on the Connolly. Aboard were 4,500 caskets. Maj. Gen. Ewart G. Plant of the port of embarkation said the 7,176 ton Liberty ship was "fully certified" when she sailed from here last Thursday, bound for Antwerp. j ri h r i n SSSVreh A'. their final return .M«U»-II ^. TbcTc tune of $1,000.000 and hadn't £i) West South street Seriously yet ry of his opcrn- j]j s incc Thanksgiving was caused from complications jy acknowledged last night suiting from his advanced age that he" had made $932."'" '" '" ' ~ ~ · -·-- 1- -- ' earn- ' commodity trading during » ho due on sums earn- vv«iiniuui»,- i«uv... t , *««*..., ....,,---- l U I d K C U j»^ ^«.-i. ·/·-·· - --.. rt ^ n 4 C for nnblic assistance 10 American women uu»o»u"«"'« --· tax is not withheld are three years.. But contrary to ** , v;as born in Gallatm county. When fgnte for PUWK «^ A missionar . have been lo be estimated in ad- sen's assertions, he said, he had no v cr - young he moved to Hams. g al ^ a ^^ a i resources and needs killed by bandits northwest of i _ -^.%o:,, inmvnv ix inside information. burs, where the remainder of his to tnciinancwi iwviu ti,«v«i«r anH an alterant is under Two American Women Missionaries Killed in China NAN-KING, Jan. 12-01E--Two crants'Tor" public assistance "to American women nus 510 " 3 " 65 ana fate? and relate them more nearly- a Finnish missionary have been compensation coverage to employes of small businesses "and as many other groups as feasible." 6. Broaden the basis of federal 81. na- unn , . na- Hancock Begins Six-Year Term as City Court Judge jUfv L. M. Hancock today re-jlHng by _ SST3 S^lDarfd Bowcn, HTHS six-fear term as judge of the Har- $ tu d e nt. Suffers Broken riS S C ck y w?s U Sected city judge Leg in Auto Accident last Tuesday. . . Juanita Maddox. named clerk mem- of each state. Stassen Says Will Not Accept Vice XV14V'«A *^tf v»*»-^« v ^ _ Hankow, and an attempt is under way to evacuate 20 other Americans from the area, according to a message received by the o- S. Embassy in Nanking today. President Truman proposes, that during the 12 months , starting July 1 the federal government should: , Take in $44.4 billion, compared with $45.2 billion this year. Spend about S39.6 billion, comnared with $37.7 billion. Wind up with a $4.8 billion surplus on June 30,1949, compared with a» expected $7.5 billion surplus on June 36, 1948. Apply both those surpluses to the federal debt, instead of reducing total taxes. · Bring the debt down to $246 billion by the end of June, 1949. The debt is now $256.5 billion. Spend 11 billion on national defense, compared with. 10.7 billion during the current fiscal year. Spend $7 billion on int«r- national aid compared wilt $5.5 billion. - -_, offset by increasing corporation taxes by $3,200,000,000. The budget was a boom-tame program which foresaw no recession in the next 18 months. For the cold war, Mr. Truman asked Congress to spend a whop; ping $18,033,000,000 for nations, defense and international affairs and finance. 11 Billion National Defense That is 46 per cent of the total of proposed 1949 expenditures. It includes the European recovery program, aid to China and to several other nations. It does not include $660.000,000 sought for the atomic energy commission. Atomic energy spending is listed as a natural resource expenditure. All other expenditures proposed in the 1949 budget were estimated at approximately $21.600.000.000. Purely national defense accounted for approximately $11.000.000^ _. -- -- t * * *i ------.n nCf^trc snn . yy, Pn d i«te^»U-»r»l and lime lhc funcral which havc not Judge Hancock was to approve Atfy Tuttlc is the retiring judge. Blanche Bcas c »»« David Bowcn. Harnsburg Township high school student, is in Ihe Marion hospital suifcnng a broken leg sustained last niglu when his father's car which he driving, overturned on Koulc \\cM of Manon. T\\o Tom Wicdcmann and a lj.o ol Harrisburg. tI«^«MNJ^i mmm ·'·----»- -- ^7 - »^J «u3 The message, sent by Edward ;rcat grandchildren also survive. pose you. |t . ,,.. Can Pro\c Charges: Slasscn His body was taken Pauley had hurled a similar today from the "falsification" charge al Stass-en ral home to *f,«**"^-- ***·» ^^«»» «-" "· ---- « - ···· W«*- ** " ·"··«»"· -- -- -- _ . __ · «c will not compromise his politi- Covc nant, with headquarters in - miles Blancnc eca^j «»· /r, )j ac] : Jenkins, also 01 iiarri 1S clerk when Mrs. Maddox i Jack -'cn^^ ^ $]ighUy _ office. Reports said lhat Bowci takes office. Red Tape Holds Up Dividends to Ex-GIs On Service Insurance "ihat^Bowcn lost (Continued on Page Six) Fire Destroys Building in Marion Business District on lhc .lab and the car over- WASHINGTON, Jan Red tape is holding up of a dividend estimatedat $1,000.000,000 to $2,000,000.000 to cx-GFs who hold |lifc insurance, President Truman ] The dividend can't be paidI until work, the financial liabilities and the ·legal status of the fund arc determined. And no proivsion was made for il in the budget, the President said. j turned. Thieves Enter Cornick Oil Co. »«*· ··v»"»^» »v -- - - --· . where funeral services will be conducted Tuesday at 2 p. m. by tne Rev. Carl Downey. Interment will be in Sunset Lawn cemetery. Army Mobilizes Industry Units iln Reserve Corps lurnarc loom ucsirovcn a nuuniii^ WASHINGTON. -]an- »2-- - .-which housed nearly a block of The Army reported today. u nas ; V,,."I c;a ambitions by accepting vice- ch icago. Siangyang is _ . ·^1"";: , nrosidcntial billing on a GOP tic-j northwest o f Hankow, and is sit uated on the Han river in Hupen rcsidcrcc e ^residential billing -- kct with Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur 01 anyone else. . Stassen made his statement in an interview in which he also ARIOX, 111.. .Tan. 12--(U. 3 -)- \ n a furnace loom dcj»trocd a stores nnd apartironts on of the iw district here the ccke r.ow set up 65.rcsen:e *· re today, in American in(5«flr- e iinciw s , Authorities said the damage .organized rcscnc corns atnnaiion, would amount 1o at least $25,000. The blaze, which broke out about mcrcial and n rear door. plan. These units f arc made up ol turc could be -nved. firemen said. Adjoining buildings also were damaged, but not senously. All roi- dents of the apartments o\er the i-. escaped without injury. Ihc army. They arc Mich fields js laundry- work, en gineering, port construction and repair, fire flighting, power line n.aintenance, strategic intelligence, the incident. I than four hours. ncarhy o r a n c e r a r o a S the Wa^e for morH.erco, hospitals and «1II lli»V-a » · · * » · · -·- - ,_., u-itcratcd that he "can and will wove that Edwin \V. Pauley made Sl.000.000 as result of inside information about the gram market Miley a Candidate For Delegate to GOP National Convention Robert G. Milcy of Galatia today announced his candidacy for delegate to the Republican national nominating convention, at which a GOP candidate for President will be named. The conven- lion will be held in Philadelphia .... .._.. 24th district will elect iwo GOP delegales to the convention at the April primary. Two delegates to the Democratic convention also will be nominated at ithc same time. Province. The dead were identified as Esther Victoria Nordlung, Chicago: Martha Anderson, Minneapolis: and Dr. Alexis Berg of Finland, whose wife, Signe, is now in Helsinki. . . Nelson said an attempt was being made to evacuate 12 other Americans by air and C JP 1 a ^ Kingchow by boat on the \angtze river "if possible." Former Resident Dies at Royalton Mrs. Ted Brannock, RFD 2, Ha- risburg, has received word of tn death Friday of her aunt, Urs Louie Burbas, of Royalton. Mr- Burbas, formerly of HamsDur r lived on West Poplar street unti^ onlv a few years ago when sn' moved to Royalton to make he home \"ith a daughter, Mrs. Wan da Campbell. finance approximated s. 000 (£.· 000 of cold war expenditures. Mr. ruman included a.«U.woO,y|0 to -et going on universal military ·raining if and when Concrcss Aavs it The new air force ap- -arently gets the fattest slice of ·jiionai defense funds. ·\*v Budget Items . The fiscal year 1949 will begin next July 1 and end on June 30, '949. Here is a breakdown of key budget items comparing estimates for fiscal 1949 with today's revised estimates for current fiscal i»» which ends next June 3* _Revenue--1948, $45,210.386,44'. (Continued on Page Three) The Weather 3 p. m. 6 p. m. 9 p. m. 12 mid. f 1| ,1 il A r- Pi If I Southern Illinois -- Cloudy and much colder tonight ^ t h H g t snow in the southeast portion. Tuesday partly cloudy acd cower. Low tonight 15 to 25. High Toe*day 25 to 28. ^ LOCAL TEMPERATURE Monday 43 3a.m. 38 42 6 a. m. 3» 43 9a.m. . 4« 39 12 noon '42 · ' jjj.

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