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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, December 19, 1931
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Last Edition rraz WBATHXB FORBCA8T ·!· MARYLAND: Cloud? probably occasional rain to- Kight and Sunda?. Slightly warmer tonight. Colder in west portion Sunday afternoon, rresh soutlnrert wind*. VOL. LV.--HO. 56. (AT) KEA FBBDBBIGK. MD, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 19. 1931. * * TEN PAOE8 PRICE-TWO CENTS IEOPENS TONIGHT IT SEVEN O'CLOCK MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE OF 63 DEGREES REGISTERED The rparemarn temperature m Frederick until two o'vVocs this afternoon, was 53 degrees, taafcmg it one of the aarmest days of this dace on record here. fudges Urner And Willard Sign Order Authorizing Resumption Of Business. S3 In Washington. Washington, Dec. 19 ^AF.--A balnij breeze and a bright saa sent the saer- cury chmbing today to 63 degrees, one of the highest temperat«.ires ever recorded in the capital on December 19. CHILDREN T S A'D· Arm y' sFirstBirdmanIn command "LEGS" ETY TO HELP ' AT IEW DEPOSITS SUBJECT TO USUAL BANKING RULES l Men, Women And Children To Receive Cheer Through Organization's Efforts. FOOD AND TOYS TO BE \ ADMISSION TO THEATER! statement Made By E. H. Me- : Bride, Chairman Of Re-Or- ; ganization Committee. ; Clarence Wilson, Arrested Wednesday, Sentenced Today. IN PARTY FREED ! Annual Party Thursday--Boxes For 80 Families Being Packed. The Circuit Court for Frederick Coas, Chief Judge Hammond Urner and ! p, Associate Judge Arthur D. WiUard, this i up Approximately 400 men, women and children will receive Christmas cheer Clarence Wilson, raw-boned Vir- who had his copper still all set an abandoned school house in : through the Children's Aid Society of morning signed an order authorizing j Creagerstown district when Sheriff | Frederick county during the coming he Commercial Bank of Maryland to Crum and his deputies walked in on ; wee j- then local organizations win him Wednesday evening, received a ' sentence of three months in jail and SI50 fine from Justice Motter in Peoples Court this morning. esume business and authorizing the receiver. George W. Page, Bank Com- niSEJoner of Maryland, to deliver to the jc all of its property, and assets and co-operate with the Society in providing and distributing baskets among :he poor, it was- announced today. One hundred and thirty children from o s p i o d William M Kermit Music. Wilson's friend from : broken homes will be included in the Tennessee who with his wife and fain- · j O ^i number which also represents be- 3.^ , iiy had been making their home in the j tween 75 and 80 Frederick county fam- ' three-room «»·«·*· with WEson and his j r es. = t was stated. The Frederick High club, e Boy School. Ete Commissioner a, the hearing and rhe bank was represented by its conn- | ,el, Edgar H. McBrice. and the officers Karry Hall, a young man of near cisty, and the Warner Brothers' Tivoll was with Wilson and Music Theater. George X. Payette, manager. HELD FOR ROBBERY OF BRUNSWICK FLOUR MILL Harry Forrest Committed To Jail In Default Of Bond. H.rrv Forrest. 38 of Brunswick, was brousht to the Frederick jail Fri- diy r-.cntng by Deputy Sheriff'ft» W. C Snu'.t: u an ait acuou i WILLARD STATES RAIL EXECUTIVES' VIEWS TO Widow Depending Upon Friends i To Pay Expenses Of Gangs! ter's Funeral. FORTUNE HE WAS THOUGHT TO HAVE DOES NOT EXIST breaking ln:o and rcobiss the Da J. Arnold flour m-1! in Brunswick. The mil! his bfen :«ice robbed in '.he past two weeis. Forrest *as arrested Thursday Right by Deputy Sheriff Smith and Chief of · c l u r s 2 Says Statement Issued In New York Was Misconstrued By Public. sng a 100-pound sack of flour away , from the mill. He had gotten to the i _ - railroad track just jvist the platform. ; . , . , when the officers apprehended him. Attorney General Pushing In- The ^ m ^ g .^ R by Mr NEGOTIATIONS FOR WAGE CUT TO END PEACEFULLY vestigation Into Assassination Friday. hr- aiU .^ R by -ar.u K V. Fryc. sec rftary. »ho »?re returning from a · m«*f-ns atxnu 8 45. They drove by the Now I building by chance after a. blocked · ! railroad crossing had caused them to' take lhat route. ! Frye and Arnold notified the officers' who detected Forrest. Four or five other I sacks of fiour were piled near the mill 1 . Senate Committee Approves Moratorium--Farm Board Wheat For Feeding Poor. York. Dec. 19 (AP) --Jack Diamond died broke. His widow looked to his pals today j far funds to bury him. The word was ' around that the fortune Diamond was i presumed to have made in beer did The breakiiis-in this *e«k i no; exist. i The body of the gangster, unaccom- i par.ied by friends or pals, was brought · rin; effort was made i back to New York today by motor from , mil! safe. j Albany. »here he »as slam in his bed i early yesterday. ! The casket was brought to an ander- I taking estabiuhment on East 57th 1 street, a new neighborhood for Dla- i rr.orsd. { Two patrolmen were present and a j few reporters. One ot the last remarks ; by Diamond early Friday morning when Washington. Dec. 19 (AP). g at the White House a reassuring note in the railroad situation. Daniel . . . . j v. j i Wt'.lard. president of the Baltimore wd door, ready to be rcmoxed. they awd.! ohw .J^ {oday toforme1 p^ nt Hoover he had "every confidence" I th t negotiations for railroad wage «- « setUed peaceably. Thc railroad chief estimated that $200,000.000 wou'd be added to the c*r- Forrrat was (r.ven a preliminary \ -j ers - operating coffers by a. wage cut . hearing bctore Justice Howard Marvin agreement and that with the $100,and was sent to jail under $250 . ooo.OOO to be realized through the rail- was not i thought to ha\e had a connection with i that of two *coks »KO. when a bhmd- | duc , tc!SS - ,ou , d to force the bor.a. Brigadier Genera: Benjamin D. Foulois. who becomes" chief of the U S. Army ' hj left his wife and a paxty of friends Air Corps this moach. Sew the firs: and only plane the go\ernmerr, o-*T.ed when ' was: "I gotta go see a coupla my he joined the air division 'way back in 1908. The upper picture shows General newspaper pals." ' nd a number of directors were pres- ' when the officers arrived, was also · again will give a children's free Christ- Foutois (indicated by arrow) standing beside the crate-like plane ?.ith which he j What kind of a funeral nt. The back, which closed September Z8. will be open lor business at seven freed and his confiscated automobile · mas performance. The movie party, | broke records two decades ago. It is a far cry from the ami\'s sturdy, compact ' mond would have had not Dia- been D A I L Y ' WASHINGTON LETTER ordered restored. Hall did not testify. [ planned especially for children, will be but Wilson, responsibility i Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. 'cloclc this evening at the Frederick ! for the moonshine apparatus, said Hall , kiddies may attend free of charge. fflce. Edgar H. McBride, chairman of had just come by the house and stop- must bring with them a gift for he re-organization committee, stated it noon. Continuing, Mr. McBride said: "Deposits made on and after the reopening of the bank will be subject to ;heck or withdrawal according .to the ped a short while before the officers got there. Reno S. Harp represented HalL An but the poor, consisting of a toy, or food, clothing, etc., all of which, following the performance, will be collected by Boy figthing ships of today like the one sho\vr. below. In the center is the general. ; determined nor has the funeral date left, as he appeared when war-time chief of the American war birds in France, i been set. Thc decision remains and. at right, as he is today. with Alice Diamond--the widow--and · BY RODNEY DUTCHER NBA Service Writer. Washington, Dec. 19.--River snags, j the kind. , istial rules and regulations as new de- for business wsits are not covered by the deposit- The old school building, which is near | Scouts and delivered to Children's Aid Sociery headquarters, 119 Court street. An interesting program arranged by station, had been remodeled more for living quarters. a trapdoor led from the still room i Mr. Payette will last for about an hour surplus funds of the bank- This further eagchens the financial position and set-up of the bank and substantially in- ireases its liquidity and cash position. "The re-organization committee ;hroughout its work has received the steady co-operation and assistance s Banking Department of Maryland j ind much thought and effort have been ' . j of Christmas carols by the children, was not ^ opratiDa .j. hen i i et i by Charles A. Opel, Jr., with Win: j -*__ , *_.-____ »__ i f n n CVI--V^T- rvt-tr*ani«t Th» mmnfts Trill f the officers arrived, the Baachinery be-js:on organist. The movies will j Honor anti iron " " ** «« , - ing cold, and the men were charged include a comsdy, two "Mickr Mouse" j with possession of materials for the ! cartoons, a two-reel detective story and j manufacture of intoxicants, rather | a two reel story for juveniles. Over Hamuton alasher, woo oiea rs' agreement. i to the basement, where tea 50-gallon i and a half and will begin with singing "The plan of reorganization, includ- I barreig o { rnsHih -were scored. - ' " f f:hr«rinas carols bv the children. !d in the depositors' agreement, was ; ipproved by all but a small percent- ige of depositors, their response and ^-operation having been most encour- iging and gratifying. "The plan, also embraced the re- iuction of par vahie of stock a S20.00 per share and sale and ssuance of five thousand additional snares of capital stock of S20.00 par faiue lor S25SO per share, of which 120.00 per share goes to capitalization ind $5.00 a share to surplus, thus pro- riding $125,000.00 additional capical and urplus funds. The amendment to the barter to provide for this was adopted the stockholders at their meeting for. 16, 1931 and has been approved the Bank Commissioner and certi- Jed to by the Court as in conformity rith law. "Tae additional issue of 5,000 additional shares was fully subscribed and uH settlement for the same made and ite amount added to the capital and ATTAINED AMBITION BUT BALTIMORE GIRL BEATEN DEATH HALTED HER CAREER UNCONSCIOUS BY TWO MEN i i with his pals and their prompt- j euphony, oleomargarine, forest Insects i ness in "laylnp fc. on the line" to give · and diseases of wild animals were some { way credit corporation the situation would be made encouraging. He felt that the statement put out toy railroad executives last sight after their meeting iri New York had beea "misconstrued" by many newspapers. I Press dispatches seemed to wniard to have stressed the point that the rmll- ! roads had issued r. 30-days ultimatum 1 for a 15 p«r cent, wage decrease. He contended it was made to appear Coat this point was the most Important phase of the statement Issued. "Nothing 'of Willard said emphatically. ' Diamond i the boys have received." or Unusual Honor For Miss Slusher Badly Battered Body Found On The investigation into his death is being pushed personalty by Attorney General Bennett* who led the two un- sufficiently excited about in 1931 to memorialize Congress. About no memorials were plopped As he explained it. some labor leaders cuggrcted the formal serving of such notice. Willard said It would have not have beea Issued that way otherwise. "Our Idea," he said, "was ttat tb« into the two houses here immediately | negotiations should have been pursued Unknown To Her. Streets. with pleas- ! Baltimore. Dec. 19 tAP --Beaten when Miss Ruth ·"·-» unconsciousness by two men and h " '°° d * bnused b " ycks afftr ^ feU _ 16 . ycar . old successful efforts to convict Diamond ; and Ujere a , e plent . y of others. Twenty- ! without such notice since if the/ should for kidnapping. Marian Roberts, called - " j "Kiki." was understood to be in Boston. i Albany police said they T.-nnted to ques- , pd , o , Jte ^J^-^A ' tion her. She has long boo known - ^ i as the "girl friend" of than.- with.. manufacture. The - women and children were not arrested. State's Attorney Walter E. Sinn prosecuted the case. Wilson was sentenced to serve an additional month in jail if he doss not pay the fine. JAPAN TO SERVE CHINA WITH NEW ULTIMATUM the : 1.200 articles were presented by the j morning, was awarded the highest tri- . : cur . d l-.-in S across the ,, _ children last Christmas at the party, i bute 0 , ^ Westminster Choir School. · 22 block Portugal street !ate last night, and even more are expectec: this year. , ,, ,, . f ... -, aborate -j, e _ - - - - - - - - The tovs win be used for the chil-· I ' nac3 - *·· *· At - ne «- aooraie ?e dren cared for by the Aid Society, which Christmas closing exercises of tee also has been promised many toys re- ! school from which the noted West- cently collected by the Francis Scott . jj.^^,. choir is selected, it was an- i concert to which Albert Kowalsfci and Key Post. No. 11, The American Legion. Boxes for approximatt are being packed ! Aid Society headquarters Seek "Kfld" Roberts. Boston. Dec. 19 (AP) .--District At- mey John Delaney of Albany, N". V.. i . --rived here today in the quest for in- ' her head battered, both eyes discolored f orma tion from Marian "Kiki" Roberts. [ and her clothing aH but torn from her. ' . . . police reported today. Her screams broke in upon a radio nine came from Wisconsin alone. \ fail we could always put it out ·then." Massachusetts and Rhode Island ask- j of the j Wants Emergency Vote, Eighteenth amendment. New York for" Washington. Dec. 19 (AP).--Senafor I both a national constitutional conven- j Walcott. Republican, ot- Connecticut, j tion on the amendment and a popular i informed President Hoover today there i referendum. Wisconsin's legislature 1 would be a "desperate effort 1 ' to bring asks in six memorials for^ resubml»- 5ion, a constitutional convention on prohibition and 2.75 per cent, beer. friend of Jack "Legs'.- »««*£«-- I rTgu^on'of U q u7r on"£ BritUh £-' 15! ^.f^r^ °L^v rine ° f ! *mbia Pun. repeal or modification of the latter in Albany yesterday. ic? reconstruction corpora- vote in the senate before the Christmas holiday. The President has urged congressional leaders to act with dispatch on the half billion doilsr agency proposed by him, Tokyo, Dec. IS AP,_A dispatch to " " Miss Roberts came to Bostok from ' ** anKnfimenl arid modification of the I to distribute credit where needed. Yes. . . . -. . , . , Vol^tAar! art. f/ rvrmit ?i«*r anH llffht ft.,.r44*. ,« nev^A^toTI** ^tf^wl f-H» rt««u4 nf of the Volstead act to permit beer and light wines. * * * Montana, Arizona and Colorado asked i federal legislation or an international ! conference designed to stabilize ^ss.^ss^s^i Bx!^s^^^^:~-~" to be sent to Chinese authorities demanding withdrawal of Chinese troops ! and Legionnaires, some pieces having been altered after being soned Chinchow to a point within the great wall within a stipulated time. This Mukden report -was virtually confirmed in authoritative quarters here. practical for special cases. The Frederick High School ; ars lcal cjursc . phjsiciaiis said her skull ! came here. The police expressed ignor- ] l and ^ co _ eted honor of ^ - fractured. Her scalp bore i ance of her whereabouts. ' . - . _ ^ _ _ * _ t ! cated it win provide baskets for a num- i ber of fatnilies, and will plan to fill the ._ i coming members of the group, it was deep lacerations, her eyes were closed stated. I by bruises and her body bore contusions Announcement of Miss Slusher's hon- I apparently inflicted by a heavy shoe her about the at- because she remained .oday and was inco- ! t she had attained the height herent when able to talk at all. | and ambition. ! . j was on | Johnsville Women's Club. Wash- *rs i ?«%.« ^^^ *? a " J ± i r" £,, £ ' ° r Ta5 «*»«d here by Dr. and Mrs. Attempts to question Msfceis mlam tne next few aays to-, bereaved parents of the ^i «re fuule bee - i steaa of^preseiit^^cn^ner wi^tri-j ^..^^ gm wfao d;ed ~ thoul knoT _ , n 3 scmi . coma - od viai p s.mas r° ' ' _ , ' ; -- , line that she had attained the height herent when able to ; CONTINUOUS SESSIONS monetary value be fixed at j , _u t« i for gold. Illinois and Arizona ' ! urge cashing soldier bonus certificates. | Wisconsin. North Dakota and Iowa · want the St. Lawrence waterway speed- terday be especially cited the need of help by railroads. Approves Moratorium. Washington. Dec. 19 (AP).-- Tha Hoover moratorium was approved today; by the Senate Finance committee. I ed up. Wisconsin and Minnesota ask At? Oril X IT? X DD X Wf 1 _ ft '· Congress to prohibit use of olemargarlne Uf OI/FIAlij AftnAnumJ !by the army and navy and other gov- Woald Use Wheat For Jobless. Washington, Dec. 19 (AP).--The Senate agriculture committee today approved a measure authorizing the Farm Board to turn over some of its wheat for feeding the unemployed. Chairman McNary named a sub-corn- Leary, principal, i ** ^ . . J ^ -*^ ; of her fonoest nopes tion Before Recess. emment consumers. North Dakota dem ittee to draft details of the bin, i instructions to report this afternoon. - The committee wants to put the htO | To Obtain Moratorium Ratifica- j S^fJ^i^S marge^. °* ** " _ ~ ' Mississippi's legislature called for a ! through" before"the Christmas recess /va f f\fiiTm nn *jwl ff»*ri rfTWif.Vi a n r f ; * . . . , __ . . . . moratorium on seed, feed, drouth and ; whlch bcglns Tuesday night, other farm loans. and Nevada support lompUshment that will mean Frederick city and county and made possible by the co-operation ihe Bank Commissioner's office and ^ratifying support and loyalty of de- ] positors, stockholders, patrons snd . friends of the bank and the general j on a sound and stable } basis, operating on safe and conservative lines, the Commercial Bank looks i forward with assurance to a continua- lion of the confidence and support so fully manifested throughout the" work ' S rala of re-organization." SENATE APPROVES FUND Mrs. G. I. Whitman was hostess to Slasher i -v, e johnsville Women's Club on Tues- student choir at the . da _ eren;iie ._ r .. :t h Miss Helen Pearson, : (AP'). -- The j S realer P WasMngton. Dec, upon continuous . iquidation and bUl for federal Smoot's committee approved the mea- Bnckevstown Woman's c. Mrs. Clarer.ce Dich'. v.i". be hostess : ^^ ; organization. The amount was left to 1 Browningsville Woman's Club Meets. j hostess. A number of i ect. The president. ocemus. presided. The foEi ,, , _ _ was given: Song. "Hark! the j Members o: Herald Angels": Christmas Scripture ' Grange elected lesson. Mrs. Nicodemus; "Christ- ii Other Lands": Russia, Mrs. home of Mrs. MoSie G!aahn with thirty-eight members anc visitors present. The meet^ig was called to order by tne president, Mrs. Lola Kuig. After tae the fonowing officers ! ^fff ^ o * a , e M ^ at Its meeting Thursday night: Master, ' v d "^ J.^ \. the'schoo: during ^iliard C. Riddlemoser: overseer. Wii- : " no j.^.. aQ(J ^~.^^ e , aa( j a^pj-gc to be A E. McC-jssey; Germany, Mrs. J. W. lard Kolter; lecturer. Miss Margaret ' ^^^ a Tnpcr.oer of the" WestminBaZ: 5or^. "It Came Upon the Mid- Kolter: steward, Philip Coblentz: as- . ^, c jj O =- j^^f summer she went to night Clear": England, Mrs. R. M sistant steward. Maurice Ahalt: Ceres, ^assaaatta springs. Va.. and participat- HoUUnd. Mrs. Sterner Miss Ruth Keller: chaplain. S. T "'" ' ·o the club January 5. T-:-sd?.y =d in the music festival held there un- Shar-kle: song, "O Little Town of Beth- Shafer. ST.: treasurer. J. Vernon Co- ^_ the Q^-ectioa o ; members oi the Ishern"; Mexico. Mrs. C. H. Lamar: blentz: secretary. Miss Nora M. Wise: v^estmmsier cho^-. She was deeply in- meeting Mrs. Moli;e Glacaiil. Bergman, arid Olive G1ach.Il gave a denjosstration of differer.t case icings. After adjournment delicious refreshments were served by the hostess. The next meeting win be held in January ·with Mrs. Lola King. ^arh--" American Cistom. "The Community Flora, Miss Grace aoifcer: gate-keeper. :ersste i a musical career and her Christmas Tree," Mrs. C. E. Main: song. _ Edwin Boyer: Pomona. Mrs. Henry orie arr.Ditisn was to be selected a mem- o Many At Carol Service. A large congregation atterjdecl the anntsa: Christmas carol service :n tie Evangelical Reformed cilTrcii Friday night under auspices of the Men's Bible Class. Richard S. Hargeit. president. The class was assisted by the Boyt" choir. Rev. Cnarles D. Shaffer presided. It was tie most largely attended of all the carol .services tiiat have been riven by the class. "Silent Xight, Holy Night," reading. Sheffier: lady assistant steward. Miss - oe "The Other Wise Man." and "The . Olive O. Shafer: members of the exec- ers 3oy That Tended the Sheep." were . utive committee. Edward F. Holter. gives by Miss GeaeTKve Thomas of i Mrs. Maurice D. Coblentz and Rev. Adarastowa. A "Cob-Web Party," fum- j Rev. Joan S. Adam. The new officers ished the recreation. The committee in , -s-ui be instan-ed on January 14. caarge was Mrs. D. T. McKlraey. Mrs. j · Dinjerman and Mrs. D. S. Ni-c- , Injured By FaH. rols. Refreshmenls were served. Tae ' Richard W. Frye. grave-digger at Ml. of professisnal sing- About two weeks ago. however, she was taken ill. an infection o. the face developed and on Wednesday mamirjg. with her parents at her bedside, she passed away in tne Itnaca Memorial Hospital. Trill send Christmas baskets to needy o: ihe communisy. Tne next g ~.ll be r?el3 on January 15, at tie horct of Mrs. T. C. Routson. TCI feature a leclcre by Miss · Pearson. Olivet cemetery, fell ·Wednesday eve- , ning --hile at nis -s-ori. stnkirjg his Advances Maintained. York. Dec. 19 CAP).--Tbe sweep- THE WEATHER TODAY --ell mainainea- in today's session o ;be stock market, despite a flurry of -- · · ' har.g-over Mquication in £ha:es in the Precip.-aticn for 24 hours ending at las; lew minutes. Railroad securities, both stocks anc bonds, -srere s^ept ap- ·a-arcl on top of yesterday's -ride advance by ~e"srs that Daniel Willard of the P. T. A. Mcelinc At Ml. Pleasant. The Dccerr.ber rceetms c-f the Mi. -,ead against the ground and suffering Pleasant Asax-.ati:n : a slight stroke of paralysis. He is con- was held in the to~!rn na-.. December . -.. Sned to his home. 325 West Patrick 17. with a rood attendance. After the ..,street. Mr. Frye, who is 78. has been business meeting the fo"jo".r.s pro- V Tor the last e.?hteen years a grave- gram was given- Song. · Hark the Hcr- c:rg-er at the cemetery, and has worked aid Angels Sing:" resd-r.g: consistently d-jring that time, having praver. Wiibert L. Smith; scng. · O Lit- l^st in all only twenty-two days dne to tie Town of Bcthlenon:" rec.tation, ouaic-e circumstances, an average of Donald Foele: sone. "Away in a 7-Ian- Another Bntchering:. A l2.r:e b-jtchenne -xas held at the home o: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weddle. Mountair.cale. on D"C"ir.bcr 15. when 3 .rtre no^s ^vere s anTMhtereci .r-5 340. 433. and 457 pounds, a total 1.245 pound.-. Nine car.3 of lard ·" rendered Those present: Jarr.c: McCorrr.ick. of Bruns' William F::'.t7. ^of CatoctlJi Furnace: '.:r End V.-$. Alonro Hewitt and son Willis, of M--.unta»ndalc: Mr. and Mrs Cyrus Favorte and daughter, Lorra.r.e. cf Thurmont: T.-.^mas Palmer. Clc-.-lsnd Hewitt. Jor.nnip K3-:"r--ar.. My-ntaindale, E?rle K'TI:" t,\ Tltumtont: Sherman 'Art-.'- Tern-,-. W^dd Jr. Mrj. Daisy ·«"rrjn ::.=·'·-: K.-.-.:Trrian. Miss e VT^dcle. C"t'r." Wcddlc Glenn. ^crcd, Harold, LJl^r. and Betty National profit trans- ins in the last 12 years. aftpnoon Mitchell told the committee he be", lieved the country would conclude that : fome further extension or revision of debt payments should be given. and asks that all public domain reserves and other U. S. land be turned over to her. She also asks a six-cent copper tariff, 525.000 for a wild life ex- S % * * LANE MAY STAY FOR WEEK IN SALISBURY Salisbury. Md., Dec. 19 (AP)--Attora- j ey General W. Preston Lane, Jr., settled j down in Salisbury today for a stay that may be as long as a week to continue _ . . , . . . . . . . 1 his investigation o f t h e lynching at Ca-iforp legislators inipiore an a- , wi v iams SUyer rf hia crease of power for a San Jose radio , ^^ empIoTer _ .^^-^ ^ DETERMINATION GROWS TO PASS $500,000,000 BILL Washington. Dec. 19 fAP).--De'.erm- ir.a':on is growing m O^nsress to push .'or quick decision on setting up the S500 000.000 reconstniction corporation. Representative Ramey of Elino^. the Democratic leader, and Representative Snell of New Yor5c. the Republican leader, asrreed today that the legislation xould be the first major matter before :r.e House In January. · The Democrats are co-operatin? us on th-s leeilat.on." Snell said. station, restoration to Goat island in San Francisco Bay of its aacisnt name i "Yerba Buena" -- "which is more en- ', phonxus and m keeping with the nom- | cnclature of histor.c landmarks in CaJ- ' iroraa." a 85.000.000 loan to the reclam- , ation fund, transfer of a naval oil re- ' serve to the Interior Department, : cnristening of the nava! dirigible ZRS5 i . -- to be stationed in California -- as tae · Palo Alto a name "typical of California and in harmony «n:n the base's lo- ; ca:i3n" and SIOCO.OOO for an immediate ; surrey of senous forest-infect con- Idaho wants 3ooc prevention from Snake River and removal of snags. tree.- and other debris to rnaie the Kootenai R.ver naviga-bls. Elinor proposes Mr. Lane, placed In charge of the state investigation by Governor Ritcnie, brought two Baltimore detectives and ins assistant. G. c Anderson, with Mm to aid in tte inquiry being conducted in conjunction with State 1 * AUooxgr Leiin C. BaCey. Mr. Bailey and Lane would make no statement in regard to any progress that might have been made. He said yesterday members of the Salisbury and Wicomico county police forces who saw the lynch mob in action would he questioned in an effort to iiienttiy Its leaders. 7 a. as. today--trace. Preci?;tatic.n, December 1.79 inch. to t!"_ ,,» a little more than one day a year. His ger;" recitation. Betty Sr.e^ter.lxlm; "' coniitxin tocay was reported as favor- etercife. "Things We War.::" rcc.ta- ^on. Helen Tucker: son?. "A Chr.'tma.-. ; Carol." school: Ca.".ncnr.e Anglcbergcr: exercise. Charlotte Rhod- Woman. 93. Falls Down Stairs. Normal December precipitation, 3.11 ' Baltimore and Ohio had assured Prest inches; actual. December. 1930, i inches. " This -ear's deficiency to December ; 1--2 17 inc'ces. Hig'a temperature last night--56. Low temperazure last night--43. 5 Sun sets today--4.50 p. m. ^x Sun rues tomorrow--7 26 a. m. i * Moon rises tomorrow--1.43 p. m. i iioou actc tgaiofioy--JU6 a. g^ ^ 3-M ident Hoover he was confident, of successful termination of the negotiations for a wage reduction. The close was ! Mrs. Amanda Haupt. 93, Middletown's prick anti Doris Karniltor.: ' eldest resident, narrowly escaped se- ' "The Christmas Star:" recita'iTr.. B^r- nous injury earlv Thursday morning. , r..ce Fogle:, "J^ry old S* Nich- w'nen she fell headlong down a flight olas." exercise. "Fanr.^ Boys:" rccita- sf stairs at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ' tior.. Dorothy RhocVnck: c.aiosue. wich narrow gains and '-osses ' ^^'^ c - Remsberg. near Middletown. i Pauline and Reese Eiddmger: ^xcrc-=e, Trading was active, ; with whom she had been making her. "Santa Glaus Mictcet Town." song. ~ ' ''lotr.e for a short time. Although she ' "Jingle Bells." by schcol: son?. "Silent ell the distance of seventeen steps N.ght." reading. Mrs. Freda Dodd: :he was but littJe the worse for her . 5o!o. Margaret reacins. j cables were $3.4:, an overaig'ct rise of experience, stiffenn? only several Mr? Marshall Grove; song ar.d j 3 cent*. ] brj«es and a slightly cut head. ! for the most part. : the turnover for tile .wo hour session i azgregratine some 1500.000 shares, j Sterling exchange rallied. Opening Batcherinc At Woodsboro. A .ar^c* c^'~?s r.n --aLS h^lc at the -*~.- l tT.e oi H^.r*.'e" S. B'X-r.c, W3dsooro. D-^ron'.iyr 15 ·'·Ivr. 'jj.- Sr.e hses were ::ic3 -'-:^.r,- 65S. 62:. S73 2.r.d 571 po-r.if a t-val rs. 2 4 2 5 prj-is and cres?«; 513 ard 473 w-rc f-f.S.. Tiio.'« proftT.t ~cre. Mr. and Mr?. Hir*iey S. B^-.r.o. Mr arid Mrs. Jacob Wctz^:. Mr -.-A Mr? J^.~n We'.;-. Mr ir.a Mr; W.l..- 5 -r. £;r. Mr ar.i Mr? M.l.'-r. Mrs I=a Youn;. Mre Harry 3£mc., 7.1-?^ Florence, Geo-=-p HutTzr.'.n, W.ll.arr. F;le. Karrj- rorc"a?. Mr. Stsub. G.!rr.ore Etzler, Her.rr Jarin, Chas Kja'.t. Msl-.m Shar.j:. Harry Fmripy- Marylazd su^ccsts a rjational military __ . . . . oar-i at Monooacv a n d "K53X; aaSed · i.iev a-precia^ tne nece^i^r for s-jca -_,,·- .-«-,,;_--,,_ -,-,- T ~wv-i · rr.-cmons- to wa£nincton aUG ^j^icoj^. * * * Montana urces 2. lOtjcar campaign :c destroy predatory wild anioials and ^Poress rabies ani tularernia aaioug iem. New Jersey wants Congress to builc a rbio cartal across-^tate from Lodge Heads Installed. At a meeting of the Meant St. Mary'* a So 000.000.000 prosperity loan and a ·. College and Seminary Council, Knights monument at Laclcde, Mo. to Pe--hing. ' o - Columbus, the folkrwisg officers ·were iratalled under the direction of Bern- Ecienrode, of SarEitsbtirg. dis- :--salation at this time. While we are ;;nerallv for it. we want to be sure the aieas-j-e is right before we pasr it. We ^,3Tit' Z - _O 0 ,3.Z*". *_/~OO*4i3tiCCl-.T » v ^Z*j ur.d'reo .v3-.e revision beca'^sc it is a bis bill with broad powers of discretion." H^r.tan 3av to the Dslaware River. ard tr.ct ceputy; Very Rev. Ph2i? J. Gallagher, rector of the semirary, chaplain: Frank R. Kennedy, grand knight; W. J. Chamberlain, chancellor; John L. Atkins, reeorcer: Joseph F. Hyan, Snan-cial secretary: Patrick J. Ptnaegaa, treasurer: Gerald E. Conahan, iectarer; Joseph OTJor^nell, adrocate: Jeremiah. South Dakota wants Uncle Sara to b-jy L-M--. warden: Join H. Flyros, taside Bctrhcrinfr at Braddock. Tl-.rce larri 1 hogs w:re butchered at t'-ie -.orr.e of Mr. and Mrs. George Croupe, BracdocK. on Thursday. Tr.ey ·o»llcd 1,048 povnds. w^ighin; each ceO, C50 and 218 pounds Those- pre?cr.t: Mr and Mrs. George B. Crease, Mr. and Mrs. Georjre F. Crouse. Mrs. Ora Wh.pp. Mrs. Ida Shaffer. Mrs. , Mary Hoffman. Misses Pearl Thomas, j Arelene Crouse, Dolores Croiise, Betty : fuard. and ix)^is M. Devarjey, and *ree a tell br.dee across the M_«*3'jrl to Nebraska. New Yark s: ,: e guard. Her. Joha ?. Co- *sr.:s federal l£r^"3'x» to aid treat- --.,_ jj-, ? alT -;cS p. Martin, and Psof. TT.ev of cripple children. Thomas J. Norr^ were naiced trastees. DAVIS CONSIDERING QUITTING PHILIPPINES Weather Outlook Nert Wee*. Weather octlook for the week beginning Monday in North and Middle Atlantic states: Rains or snows over central and north portions about Tnes- Washington, Dec. 19 CAP) --Dwight Jan« Whip? Mildred Crouse Messrs. F. Davis, after a conference with Presi- ; cay. Rain Thursday or Friday. Colder Barl Poole. Norman Crouse. George, cent Hoover and Secretary Hurley at at beginning of week. -Warmer Toes- Charts Crouse, Arthvr Tobery. tl-.e Wn.te House, indicated today that;day. colder Wednesday, much warmer -jriCrT ar.d Brarl.ev Barrlck, Beit;. B^rrlci Wai'.»- Whinp. JToland Whip?. Raymond lie was consider r.^ re^nine as Gov- Truirscay^or Friday. Much colder uel Crouse. , crsor-Geaeral of ihe Philippines. of week.

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