Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 17, 1942 · Page 7
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 7

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1942
Page 7
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•\il5K" •m " THE MORNING AVALANCHE - ' • ' • . • •' Lubbock,, Texqs, Tuesday, February 17, 1942 4343 For The Avalanche-Journal OFHeei HOME BEAUTY - TREATMENTS "by the yard" • SAIL CLOTH, 50 Jrtchss w|d«, pr*shrunk, fast celerj ... in beautiful matching stripes and florals . . . attractively colorful for slip covers and drapes to complement , . . yard from 89e to 1.29 • MlRADOR-DAMASK, SO inches wide, also in matching stripes and florals for matching drapes with slip covers . . . preshrunk, fast colors, yard. . . .1.29 and 1.69 • GABARDINE DRAPERY FABRICS in matching stripes and flords . , . preshrunk and fast colors ... 36 inches wide . . , /ovefy patterns and colors, yd. . 89e • NEW SPRING CRETONNES in light, airy, colorful pot- tern;,-fjst colors, 36 Inches wfde yd 69e to 89e • HOME SPUN DRAPERY FABRICS in gay colorful plaids and stripes . . . not only nice for drapes draw curtains but perfect for bed spreads and pottery table cloths, 50 inches wide, yard 98e to 1.29 8 SILK DRAPERY FAILLES in florals and matching stripes for combining slip covers and drapes, 50 inches wide . . . the yard 1.49 « RAYON DAMASK in rose, blue, green, white, gold and wine ... 50 inches wids ... the yard 89c to 1.79 8 GLAZED CHINTZ in permanent finish in pastel flora's arid stripes . . , eo'orful, attractive, refreshing . . . 30 inches wide . . . the yard 59c to 89e • PASTEL NINON in soft shades of pink, blue,.:green and eggshell ... all 50 Inches wide, yard '. . 89c K; lynee new sport shfrt The "WHIPSTITCH" FOR BOYS A smart new spcrt shirt for REAL BOYS . . . with the fancy whip- soddle-stitch on cuff collars end poc- ; kets . . . tailored of a fin«: heavy grade of durable poplin ... in several new spring shades . . . short sleeve style. Other New Sport Shirts for Boys $7 '10 S2 [50 H£*^*' ^:-^ : -r %~/ Japanese Subs Said Raiding In Indian Ocean Navy Operations Will Increase PRESIDENT OF A REPUBLIC TOKYO (From Japanese Broadcasts), Iteb. 16. (U.PJ—Navy Minister Admiral Sh'gelaro Shimaua told the Japanese parliament today in' a report on the fall of Singapore that Japanese submarines already were in the Indian ocean and that Japanese naval operations there now would be increased. Similarly forecasting broadened operations now that Singapore has been knocked out, Co!. Hideo Ohjra, chief of the army press section, said in a broadcast "Japan is in a position to control the fate of India and Australia." Reporting first to Emperor Hirohito and then to the Diet, Japan's military leaders said that 60,000 British and imperail troops had laid down their arms in unconditional surrender at Singapore, and that the Japanese navy had taken over the big fleet bases and such British ships as remained there. Transports Hit What ships remained were no 1 specified, but imperial headquar ters claimed earlier that 32 trans ports attempting to remove thi_ British were damaged or forcet aground and that the 5,200-ton British cruiser Arethusa, a ligh cruiser, an auxiliary cruiser, a submarine and two gunboats were among vessels believed sunk. Word of the fall of the British stronghold at 10 p. m. Sunday (9 a. m. EWT Sunday) brought out the biggest headlines of the war in Tokyo newspapers and touched off great street celebrations. Formal observance of the victory will be Wednesday when the main body of Japanese troops is expected to make its triumphal entry into Singapore city. Still Under Arm« Domei said 1,000 British troops were permitted to remain under arms temporarily as an auxiliary police force. The rest, the news agency said, would be taken at once to prison camps. Domei said the 60,000 troops reported captured included 15,000 British troops, fortress guards and volunteers, 13,000 Australians, and the rest Indians and native troops. The British first asked for terms at 2:30 p. m. Sunday, Domei reported. It said Lieut. Gen. A. E. Percival, the British commander, agreed to the unconditional surrender demanded by Lieut. Gen. Tom o y u k i Yamashita, Japanese commander-in-chief, in a 49-minute meeting starting at 7 p. m. at a Ford Motor company plant just outside the city of Singapore. ElMson Child Buried In Meadow On Friday MEADOW, Feb. IB (Special)— Last rites for Etta Juanita Ellison, 8-year-old daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. E. Ellison of Meadow, were conducted Friday at First Baptist ch..rch here with Rev. R. L. Shannon officiating. The girl, who was born Oct. 12, 1933, at Ropesville, was a third grade student at Meadow. She became -ill several months ago and lost her eyesight as result of a tumor at the base of the brain. She underwent surgery at Galveston for removal of the tumor recently and died last Tuesday in Galveston. She is survived by her parents; three sisters, Hhoda Fay, Audia Alice and Joy Adaline, and four brothers, J. E., W. H., Ernest and Jackie. . Children of Meadow school attended the funeral in a group. Classmates were flower girls. HORIZONTAL I Pictured' .statesman, ti Opposed to borrow. 11 Son of Seth (Bib.). 15 Life guard <abbr.). 17 He is 'c'i a North American country. 18 Symbol for terbium. 19 Constellation. 21 Within. 22 Chinese measure. Answer to Previous Puzile (abbr,>. 35 Upon. 36 Diminish. 56 Egyptiaij 39 Niggard. goddess.- 23 Rootstbck ol a 40 Snaky fish 58 Territory In fern used, as a (pi.). Argentina, food by New 44 Card'game for 59 Variety of Zealand two persona. chalcedony. 46 Wind VERTICAL instrument. 2 Morindin dye, 4*7 Body part 3 Fiber knots. , 48 Type of cattle. 4 Cut open. 49 English money ^English of account. 50 Symbol for iridium. 10 High school (s.bbr.J. 11 Goblet. 14 Sojourn. 16 Gravel. 18 Impost. 20 Exist 23 Brazilian money of account. 25 Shoe part. 26 Against. 27 Sweet. 29 Farther in. 36 Calumniate. 37 Genus ol (abbr.). maples. 55 In good tai-te. 38 Child's game. Maoris. 24 Molasse*. 26 Dull, stupid fellow. 28 Surrender. 30 To walk. 31 Hair fillet 32 Egyptian river 33 Italian rivers 51 Cuckoo. 34 Powerful 52 And (Latin). explosive statesman. 6 Deep reds. 7 Mild of temper. 8 Tease. 54 Kitchen police 9 Folding bed. - 39 He heads tht government of — *• 41 Self. 42 Bira. 43 Breaks short. 45 Spring - rnedicine. 46 Parts of stoves. 51 Exclamation. 53 Philippine dyewood tree 55 Chinese (abbr.). 57 Transpose (abbrj. Tax Collections Are Excellent According to report at city hall M o n. d a y, tax payments to the city before penalties' went into effect Feb. 1 totaled more than 90 per cent of the tax roll. Thr.i final figure, which has not yet been reported, may run above 90 per cent. It will be the highest ratio svithin the memory of veteran city officials, they said. • ' Time Is Required The ':otal of the taxes listed on the 1941 roll is $323,057.52. Exact figures as to collections have not been reported, it was explained, because of the time required to give credits for the payments which reached the city hall in an avalanche of mail the last few days of the tax payment period. In comparison with other cities, the ratio of prompt tax payments in Lubbock invariably is among the highest in Texas, Not infrequently, it is the .highest. Emphasizing this record, officials pointed out, is the fad that when budgets for political divisions are prepared, they are on the basis of the estimate that 10 per cent of the assessed laxes will be uncol- lectable at any time. Lubbock has never failed to improve on that record very substantially. Delinquent laxes outstanding at Ihis time, amounting represent less than one-fourth of one per cent of the tax rolls on which they originally were listed. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 COTTONCLUB ONLY 9c~22c NOW SHOWING The Story of the RAF's Avenging Angels Lubbock's Army Flying School Is Just Like Small City; Water Treatment Job Is Open It's like a small city, an air field, and it's just as big a job to tr trrttit*. - £V>$ r,'^^^.^^. NEW A new Tom Boy Ladies Sport Saiior Dress ... celled the "Sailing Blues" . . . clever, comfortable, wearable style . . . button all way down the front . . . with white braiding ... nautical insignia on sleeve . . . sizes 12 to 18. .6.95 \ Navai Recruits Taking Examinations Today Physical examinations in Dallas were to be taken by 11 tentative naval recruits who left Sunday night and by five more who left Monday night, said J. E. Cai- loway, chief quartermaster and recruiting officer. Included among those leaving tonight is Elvin Elbert Crow, jr., of Sudan, ah aviation cadet. Also included is I. D. Brown, a Brownfield negro who wants to be mess attendant. Galloway said Brown was first mess attendant to be enlisted here since the office was opened July 8 last. Lavern Iry McCann of Levelland, seeks enlistment as a yeoman and Sam Reese, Farrar, as a motor mechanic, both rated men in the reserve.' Norman Douglas Carver of Tahoka, would be a non-rated, man in the reserve. ' Sunday night live rated men left and six non-rated men. They were: William Eugene Jaynes of 2413 Thirteenth street; Burl Jackson Jones of 1903 Ninth street, and William Samuel Bean, 2212 Fifteenth street, nil storekeepers; Lawrence Clarence Rogers, Plainview, electrician's mate and Harry Denneth Hammond, Plainview, storekeeper. • Non-rated men were, Wallace Eugene Gannaway, Tahoka; Francis Edward Moorehouse, Benjamin; Howard Warren Harris, Morton, Cloys Loyd Goodpasture, Levelland; Carl Wayne Webb. 2007 Tenth street, Lubbock and Marvin Ellis Solsbery, Tahoka. keep it going. A large staff of civil service utilities employes at the new Lubbock Army Flying School will vouch for that. Acting under the direction of First Lt. Vincent S. Alello, post utilities officer, the staff is charged with the complete operation, maintenance and repair of the brand- new field. Like a city administration, these workers are prepared to handle fire protection, central heating and power, water treatment and pumping, sewage disposal, refrigeration, roads, walks and drainage work, carpentry, electricity, heating and painting. But that isn't all. Men are still needed,' according to Lt. Alello, for certain positions —junior operations engineer for water treatment, for instance. Applications are now being received at the utilities office at the base 10 miles west of town. NIGHT ONLY; THURS. FEB. 19TH the music of America's NEW STAGE-SCREEN- RADIO Favorite! Meet Jan. the Czech . . . Nick, of Greece . . . Chris, of Norway . . . Joseph the Pole . . . Hans, of Holland . . . Jean of Belgium. They're The Avenging Eagles of the R.A.F. .. . "international 5 Squadron" .Ronald Reagan • Olympa Bradna Mickey Mouse & Comedy News COMING THURSDAY. "HOLD THAT GHOST" *T€D FIORITO •and his ORCHESTRA • featuring • "CAWDY" CANDIDO FRANK FLYNN * * * * * ADMISSION "ti nn Fcr pt «°n, A Dsposit Will Hold Table Restrration TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY WARNING! IT'S POWERFUL! NOW • ThruThurs. Monday—Over Fifly Kainteti- Note—cannot be "held over"—sc r>on f t Miss 111 PdLflCE Adm. 30c (Including Tax)' Th e Mo*f 5h Q cki tin Will CftGNEY TAKE IT WHEN RAFT = DISHES IT OUT? . oiiVe Ever Lived/ I The American Bible society, distributes 3,700,000 volumes of Scripture every year in the United States. MIDWAY FIRST TIME IN LUBBOCK 1800 BLOCK ON BROADWAY NOW! 9c ond 33c Until 6:00 P. M. The First NOWSHOW5NG!' "Thin Man" Picture In 2 Years! The Best One Ever! DWELL LOT frith Donna BATTT Donna Si.m KELSON . R BED • LEVENE Alan Henry Dicti* BAXTER • O'NEILI. • HALL —ALSO— "WAR CLOUDS IN THE PACIFIC" AND LATEST NEWS ITS HERE! World's IT BLAfT* THE LID OFF ALL HYGIENE Most Amazing AffractJon Several Faint [ SECRECIES f atEveru^how PERSON COX r he Fear/a*} Commentator CAGNEYRAFT EACH DAWK I DIE - --. JANE BRYAN GEORGE BANCROFT FEATURE NO. 2 ,• On the Screen at Last! Produced by the men who save you "GRAPES OF WRATH' PHONE 9532 with Charley Grapewin ''f t ''. : . md a 6fMl Cart V, '"\ —ADDED— SPECIAL "MACASSAR STRAITS" SHORT SUBJECT AND CARTOON SINUS INFECTION Dr. E. M. Whitacre Osleopathic Physician and Surgeon Dial 5S42 511 Myrick Bldg. AIRPLANE SERVICE We do all kinds of repair service on all types of Aircraft Our staff consists of 6 mechanics, and 10 Commercial pilots to teach you to fly. We have New and Used Airplanes for sale CLENTBREEDLOVE AERiAL SERVICE Govt Approved Advances School Municipal Airpoii, Dill 3-3560 LIND5EY NOWl 39c 'TIL 6 The Clowning Crowning Tops in Fun for '42! Kay Kyser "PLAYMATES" —with— John Barrymore. Binny Simms LAST DAY! 9c & 28c The Sensational "Saturday Evening Vost" Story Becomes The Most Remarkable Picture of The Year! "SWAMP WATER" Walter Brennan Walter Huston BROADWAY LAST DAY! 9c & 25c Realistic, Thrilling . . . TYRONE POWER : "A YANK IN THE R.A.F." —with— Betty Grable John Button LAST DAY! 9c & 22c Soft and beautiful in romance . . . But a fury against injusiice! "BELLE STARR" (in Technicolor) Randolph Scoit. Gene Tierney CACTUS LAST DAY! 9c k 22o • TWO FEATURES • . No. 1 : BUSTER CRABBE ' ; "BILLY THE KID WANTED" — No. 2 Also — Richard Arlen Andy Devine THE DANGEROUS GAME" TEXAN 9c 22c THRU THURSDAY NOW BIG DOUBLE FEATURE FHEDRIC MARCH —in— "THE EAGLE AND THE HAWK' —with— Jack Oakie Carole Lombard 'MUTINY !N THE ARTIC" —with— Richard Arlen Andy DevitiE ANNOUNCING GRANVIltE JOHNSON DRUG STORE 1947 ISlh Formerly Hotel Drug Co, Rtad The Want Ad»

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