The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 4, 1970 · Page 11
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May 4, 1970

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 11

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1970
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Giant floral print highlights this hostess gown by Eddy George. The skirt opens in front to reveal matching pants. A print reminiscent of Spanishlile is George Nardiello's choice- for this KPAvn_and jstole Leo Narducci puts glamour in a gown with a daring plunging neckline in back. Sleeves are full. Black lace is teamed with white faille in a dinner gown by Morton Myles for~MaIeolm Clfitrles; By Malinda Wiesner (Th« Riglster'i Fashion Editor) ETTING gussied up n a gown doesn't necessarily mean you're going to a ball anymore. You might just as likely be donning the finery to stay at home.- The lady turned homebody is not a party poop- er by ^any means. The party is at her house and to be'"hostess with the mostest, she has to have a gown. The gown is called for Now You Can Get AM Dressed Up to Stay at Home! whether the occasion is a poolside or patio party or an elegant candlelight dinner inside. • Most popular with lowans are the poolside and patio gowns.. They set a comfy and casual mood so prevalent in summertime e n tertain- ing. •yWLL.FIND the cas- -*- ual gown- is often printed cotton with the favored motifs being giant flowers, big borders, peasant patterns. . If you've got a slim summertime figure, you'll like • the clinging knits that softly drape the body from head to toe. Style details to watch for are halter necklines, bra tops with long skirts, plunging neckline front or back—all of which let you catch a few rays of sun and show off a tan. Sorrje gowns turn out to be pantdresses at second glance. Take note of the billowing skirt split up the front to reveal a pair of pants or shorts and bare legs underneath. There is also the popular' culotte-s k i'r ted gown being readied for the party. ' . Go a step more formal and you have the dinner dress. Fabrics like lace, satin, organza and chiffon are what dress it up. , Designers endorse the casual but elegant look of a shirt and long skirt. The skirt can be slightly gathered or pleated all round. —The shirt—will have long full sleeves and wide cuffs. In between there is likely to be a jeweled belt. Dinner gowns can be more formal and double as ball gowns. Others take on .a more casual mood and do their entertaining both, indoors and out. * * * T HE STORY of heat- oriented beauty products and appliances is getting longer. Newest chapter is about the conditioner especially formulated to be used with instant hair setters. The instant hair setters are the beauty • appliances that heat the curlers before you roll your hair. As soon as you have rolled your last curl, the. first to be rolled is set and/eady for comb out. The new heat activated conditioner is a "protein spray." You'are instructed to section your hair and spray the mist on each part as you roll up hair on the heated rollers. In the three to ten minutes it takes, you are said to have a long-lasting style with added body and shine. . * * * TTNTIL RECENTLY U. there were two ways to get rid of unwanted hair on underarms and -legs- a razor and a fle other has an offensive odor to some. Now there is a third possibility that seemingly has done away with the drawbacks. It is a rose-scented cream imported from AMY England. You smooth it on with fingers or a tiny spatula that with- it. Wait about four minutes and rinse off in cold or tepid water. It is $5 for a 3.5 ounce tube. By Jack Tipp'f atory. One scrapes and the Monday, May 4, 1970 Pago II "And I always.thought setters were s'posed to b« good BIRD dogs!" Teens: Think How Yoiir Voice Sounds rpEENS KNOW that first JL impressions are important and that-goad" grooming and a pleasant personality help make those impressions good, and often lasting. But many young persons forget that part of the total first impression picture is a pleasant voice. A pretty face and a pleasinfline of conversation, if accompanied by a grating voice, will often leave you standing on the sidelines. The May issue of Seventeen magazine offers some suggestions for improving your voice: * SLOW DOWN! Speed-demon chatter is a common problem — you want to say. so many things in the least amount 6( time. The result is a verbal shorthand of dropped syllables and slurred words as you pour out a barrage of jumbled thoughts ("Whajasayr). To change: Read into X tape recorder at a snail-paced rate. Play it back, listen and prepare yourself for a surprise — what you hear may be your proper speed. NASALITY occurs"* when certain sounds resonate through your nose. Proper breathing will help support your voice and untense the throat. . Try this easy test to see if you sound nasal: Clamp your fingers gently on the bridge of your nose and say^words like singsong, mishmash, no- no. You will feel vibrations on .the sounds m, n and ng — they resonate through the nose. Now say the alphabet. Here, m and n should, be the ONLY letters that cause buzzing. If others do, you have a tendency toward nasality. MODULATE! the pitch and volume of your volcato 1m- Finds a Good Way to Hang Hangers* By Heloise Cruse Dear Heloise: Everyone has a favorite way of hanging hapgers on the clothesline. But I do think my method is just a little extra special: Cut half a dozen lengths of ...sturdy twjttA inches long. Then form each piece into a loop, and, holding the cut ends • together, form a simple knot. tielofae Lay the looped twine over your clothesline and" dip the k n o 11 e d end through the looped end. Draw taut with the loop at the top and the knotted end down. A hanger can be slipped through this twine and the weight of the hanger and the garment will hold the twine snugly around the hanger hook. This prevents the hanger from slipping out and there is so much give in this lopped length that it will turn with the wind but not allow the hanger to work out. There is no need to remove the loops either, for they do -not rust Q£ interfere with your regular clothes hanging. —Yoqr Tan It St§ys Fresh Dear Heloise: I wonder how many times -you have inspected the jar of horseradish in your refrigerator and noticed that it has become discolored and you had no alternative but to toss it out. In most homes horseradish is not used too often and as a result there is waste. Pve discovered that it is very easy to keep it fresh for long periods by standing the bottle or jar upside down. -Harriet Grunert prove,your sound. If it's too hjgh-pitched,._ it's . generally because of tension. Relax. Talking too loud may be from trying to outshout your friends or the city sounds around you. Don't. Do seek a different pitch level and speech tempo. And If you're whlspery from shyness, force yourself to speak up, try to SOUND authoritative — amazingly, you'll soon feel the same way, Your eyes talk, too — let them express emotion and reinforce what you're saying. Look at the other person when you speak. Keep your hands still. To hear how you sound, try this suggestion from speech consultant Maxeta VJHI_ Hesse: Stand in an open corner of a largq room - with no draperies, rugs or heavily upholstered furniture around to absorb sound. Face the corner, cup your hands behind your ears and talk*. Sound will bounce off the wall and the playback will be amazingly true; that's how you sound to others. CONCENTRATE ON T?E CONTENT of what you say. .Rid yourself of static (like, ummm, you know). Avoid the hackneyed words you use too often, and use words for sound as well as sense. MUMBUNG is caused by lazy use of speaking apparatus. Open your mouth; pronounce key letters: p, b, t, d, final g. Learn to speak with your mouth open to improve both nasality and mumbling. Noted voice expert Dorothy Sarnoff has a quick trick to give you the feeling of openmouthed speech. Place a cork between your front teeth and recite the lyrics to your favorite song (don't drop' the cork.) they won't be understandable, but as you prac- iice speaking this, way you v.-yi get the message that ao open, rounded mouth is necessary for the best sound projection. Sears 2'Speed Electric Scissors g97 100% PRINTED CQTTON DUCK Regular $1.29 Yd. 97 e Yd. Printed cotton duck comes in a smashing variety of boldly colored patterns. Great for sportswear, home decoratiog. Easy-care, crease resistant 45-in. wide. Sharp stainless steel blades adjust to cut light or heavy fabrics. Has built-in light, 10- ft. cord. 'Gift Boxed 3-Speed Electric Scissors 13 97 Regular $15.95 Lightweight and vibration free/Stainless steel bladei give a smooth, clean cut. B u i 1 t-in light . Gift Boxed Cordless Ekctric Scissors 19 95 Sears Low Price Enjoy cordless cutting. Plug it in »nd use it while it's recharging. Stainless vteel blades. Gift Boxed CHARGE IT on Sears Revolving Charge SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Svtujaction Gwranieed ~ w Year Honey Back Sears MEBLE HAY PLAZA tUftS, *QI9UCK ANA CO. Merl« B»y Rd. Phone 276-4011 Bes Moines, la. STOKE HOURS M<uv. .thru Fit 9:30 junu to 9:30 pan. Saturday 9:30 aan. to 6 p.m. Sunday 12:30 to 5:30

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