The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 17, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1932
Page 6
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SOL THE DAILY HEWS, FBEDEBICK, MD.. TTTESDAT. MAY 17,1932. ADAMSTOWN is WINNER ijjUSE TEAM COMES FROM BEHIND TO DOWN EVEREDY T» Win. ; _ ; LOO* *cv»ause of Dick- Demolay Alumni Slaughter Jr. · Do You Remember One Yemr Tod *-- Ar - Team Scores Fourth Consecutive Whitewash In American. errors IE the rtechee Sund» ^K,n a:t*rr.ocn to defeat the Mont«orner · O. U. A. M. Spceaball eotr-^s L-. the lauer town by » score i - j :.-.? lars-a-- .Saticr-al League of 8-6. Dtckersor. got a«'»y to a. three : TV Mu*e Tailoring Coo-.paar !*a-T. (..-VAC is h^iory. ia» lie S:. L-v.~ run leac m the *«* inr.jis. but the -f '.lie Inr-iiir-al c.'- -5.0:1 c-f '.he Cr.y U^-canc* of W.QOO :»«. Car-ima Is, but vas la hoc w»S«r tftrough ness ar.d errors by his nates Nc-i Whipp ; th* f^rth. a Trhich tr* TSLil- J rncris ;-f ".be Giant*. Villiam Braucher that. Vatlv Wtiaer. Roter-ion e.'-f M vt-ars in az^te-l'- has bee^ :Vpii'.-«i by SergiTr-'.-Major Mas Carey ih.-re shouSd be eiery rewor. to believe ·h* co-.e cf peace hovers ben^nly over BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS B/O.O urf Wfcit* S. C. Lcchuv*. Bar. '.Stilt and Bott Rox- Anemias. Ro9 and BUck Muwras. B«4i. Gotdea Wbite *nd bdicr-Lice* W»»n4oltes. SB per 1C*. Jtiwr Btark tiuBU, Ucht Brahma*. Buff Orpuaftons. vi per bttadfed- Assorted mi IK*. »« per 1» 1*» per cent, deliver; (0«rut«*4- I 10 «-werk-»M chick*. Turkey Poitlti. Me. Docklinc*. ~c rrrc Calaloz Pbooc Mt. Airy 1!« BECK'S HATCHEKY Dfpt. L.. Mt Air*. M*- NOW IN FIRST PLACE Swr Tort. Mar !«.--The continued to get. sensational ;::chag today. Ijefty Corner setting the Cleveland" Indians cowr. S-C for the t«-arr.i fourth consecutive shutout victory TiK' fe«r of th* Yankee rr.ounc staS ir. opposition run» ir. four who relieved him in the third ·*·» IT. , or* scored s-^en runs. s*:»*d .rp :ne j fine fc^m and se*. DlcSerson dou-n »--:!i · xa ·.«»'-. fc thus i-in^i« seven h:'J. o.-e ; j- n . Yean A*o Today-- A .--r.e br^g'.e :he res', of the gsiaie. Bob- ! a do-jb'j*. ar.d ·.« errors. *«r- =xuld- | ^3^ io.;-o»-ed uy R^ss S^ bles led '.o the do-mfaU of Rub'.e. Dick- jsl tagv.her for :h* mariers. Tr^ fleli- ' ~±~; a..^ CJiary Grlaun's s:r.g :n :h* crsor. hurler. P Scarff and HxJcroar. .ng or Fran* Gr^-n« and Bill Aal««tt ^d i^?;;r.g gave lae Cute a 4-io-2 L'nc . Bobb'e was a cen'er of I'J^-e boldtng *st contests '.led an Aasenrar. G record that has exisled for 26 K The virtory ca'.apjlted :r - c .D:; led the battle The score: Adazmtown R Shook. * P . Scarf f. Ib. Hiclir.isn. 3b 5 jigsms^, i*«s£i». * »-·*·" -.ed. and what '*as gjod order was restored , vr' over th* Braves at Bosv=. Bb ''^ .h e " c |.j b ty the appoir.«n«ai of bus:- i'nc. 2b -.^^; c « Tie score: R. K E York R. Whinp. rf Totaj Dlckenon 5 . 5 . 4 3 AB R H. O . 5 1 1 1 . . . 4 2 3 4 0 2 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 15 1 1 I 0 0 1 A E 0 G 0 2 1 1 iSni.'.h pitched the entire distance Everedy--Marer.dt. catcher: R. Ken- ! ·_-, Braves ar.-i held the Cubs storv- rjedy. aeeoni bas*: Hoesler. «rnt*rfte.c: 1;^^ from tne 5th to the 22d inning. «r*t bai#. E Kennecy. r^r.'.rVld; j Tfn Y e«r» Aro Today--The executive Harr-e. third bate and tnorLsto?; R.IO- ! ^ ^.^...^ Q , , M We5Vwa G^. A^,,;; dene*, leftfield. ^lonstop and third ,.. )n ^^.^^d ^ ·aves'.yfav.oRi ar.d :hat steel shaft ?olf club? ani Hr a*j*. Sharrer. pitchtr and c«r:it'-r!,".d.: field. Kirichman. shoris ral advantage to of them would be 50 8 8 27 6 4 AB. R. H. O. A. E :nlrd base; catcher; Derr ryjhtfleld; Cnunmitt. flrst base; K'.ine. r-'-Kiub* SB tcrlso::. 3b. tilcmycr. if. '. b. . ·. 2b. .. Boston. Mi' 1C- -- --'*e Applin; anc Char'a* Berry drove out iucce*--i'-e tic-- Sni bles in the tenth today t-o breatt Burc«---r'. a tie score and five the Chicago Wh.'.v Hiker, '.b The doubles *?re .1-1=? of! Ja~i R .:.··- Burst--"- ·' sell, who relic--"i Ei Durham i--. t::t The score: R. H E 4 5 5 3 P.ub. 1 ! 0 1 1 1 0 2 1 !« ! 0 o : 0 o 1 7 o o Jr. O. L'. A. M. Slanshtered. The DcMo.ay Alumni pliyed :i nrst i s*,xv in the Fraternal ciMsion of the' C:t;. Specdaili League Monday evonin? noub* in Baker Park, af massacring the J r . O. U. A. M.. 27-3. The WI:I:K---.J v:ored in c'.ir, titling b-it the f.rst ar.d reav-;i- : ed the peak of their rur.-maiing in the ji-:Uacii BEATEN AGAIN Before Cubs Suffer Setback F. A. C. Junior*. Tne Dc"bs Cubs suffered their '.:.inl Boston 3 6 4 Batteries: Lyons and Berry: Durham. Russe" Moore and Tat? ,. ir.ftxxi- May IS--Sam Gray iiria 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 !ct i the peak of their run-noiiing In the !;-:Uacii »f the s-aio:i Sunday altcr- 0 ° , fifth -A-th :;IIK.- ru:u Th-.- Ni^z boys ! noon v.kfn they fe!l before the "^ . . 3 0 0 0 3 0 .....,..., ;._.. c .-.;v;:anding stars. Kobb mall-j i-rick A, C. Juniors at Doabs. 13-12. -- -- -- ! ing a fine catch in addition to hammer- ' Both teams pounded the bal! hard. 3 :n» the ball hard Alb., ugh 'Aas the -.vr.h the Frederick boys settling Use 1s- ! losers' best hitter. · -ue a pair of runs in the e.;hth Acarastow-n 0 4 0 0 0 3 0 1 0--8; The lineups: and t«'o more in t'.-.e ninth. The lei- Dicfcerson 3 ! 1 0 0 0 0 0 1--6 ' Jr. O. C. A. M --L'jtz. Srst base; Nu:'.. ;ur.- of the sam^ wa- a c;.tc!i Summary. Tro base hits-- Hickman. j second bate. Hah::. ii:-.,r'-stop: Lancit. :,y Buddy Price :'.nd a home r;:r. by Three bxie hits--P. Scarff. Stolen ; third b.'.s?. S'A^nilr;.. p.tcher; S'.-'*art. ' 5r:.;ford. E- Shook, Hersjicrger. 2. Base [ catcher: Blumenauer, kffltt-lc!: A2-.KrX« 32 6 5 27 12 Scores by Inninir*. .-.^ The i:ore: St. Louis ... Washington R. H. E. Shipley, catcher: J M . Smith. 2b R Nusz. center- \ c. ! pitcher--By Ruble iR. .Whipp): by! DeMolay Altsmr.i- !Harw.ood i Burgee and Smith). \V:id j G. Nusz, shortstop: : piTh--Ruble H:U--Off Harwood. 4 1 fleid: Keefer. pitcher: Raaisbari:.: Carey. 3b. : in 2 1-3 Innlncs: off Whipp. 1 in 6 2-3 rishlSeM: Butcher. jef.fl»ld: Michael. ! \V. Sni^th. Batteries: Gray and FV?rrel.: ^.-j..,^ umpire--Cunn:ngham. Sror-i second base; P. Roderuck. third base: ] Basford. cf. AB. R. H. O . . . 5 3 3 2 5 1 ..... 4 1 5 1 5 0 A. E. 0 0 C Cro^der Berc. Spencer. 5 ! o i i e __ c Kcm flrs . Pb_ai^lphia. May If.--O:u big inning ii ·ahirh Detroit scored fi'-e runs ! oa four hi"-s. f*o walks and a T»ild pitch, helped tn* Ti;crs to defeat the ; Philadelphia Athletics. 6-4 P.ogell made a home run for Detroit. The score: R- K. E '- D:;rc . lt 6 8 1 ! Philadciphia 4 3 0 ; Games Today. Ba.V-e-.e--. Sorreli and Hayvorth: j 5.v.; ;:n ore at Toronto. Cain. Dc-51-.jr.s. Walberg and Cochran*. · j erM y City at Buffalo. , Ne-ATirk at Montreal. Reading at Rochester. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Rnultf. Toronto. 2: Baltimore. 1. Buffalo. 9: Jersey City. S. Oth»r games postponed, rain. CITY SPEEDBALL LEAGUE (Fraternal Division) Yesterday's Result*. | L. Delauler. rf 4 1 0 ' Tota^ : Frederick i Price, cf. ._ 6 0 i A. Mulhsar.. If-p 6 2 0 4 2 3 I 12 1 4 3 1 0 1 AB. R. H. O. A E. :i.-^-.iae Max Can-y as prefect of the P.atb'^sh Floik. * * * Spark Un't There. But while there jr.ay be pe^re in the . frc-r.t office. Brooklyn 15 seething *" ftn ' :evol'Jt:on Perhaps th.-re is too much ---ace to suit the rab:d F^itbush cus- 'onsor. At, any rate, the club has been ..o:----tentlv. if calmly, reclining dan: re-ousiv r.ear the National I/eague eel- j 1 The sparic has gone. There Is none ] ;;f i he fire to '^'-r. that marked ball clubs ; Rubble ms:-.aged. The most, colorful : ·am :P. b-iseball. if most erratic at ; times, has bten changed to aa orderly ; .\ESenibly of worknien who have been ; ^·ing abcut their chores this, season : ii-.h ?.li the enthusiasm o! army kitchen police- peeling t;:e.r bushel or two ot potatoes ar.d caihiig it a day. Ser«-ar.t-Major Carey '-vas a fine bal'. , player. He c:»me to the Brooklyn office . Tilth a j-ub--ta:-.ti:'.l knowledge of '.he · same. He ha* be--.-:i teaching '-** , charaes cliver ir.aneu-.ers that help to win ball narr.ei. Still the spark Is not there, and -he Brooklyn team seems cirriaip. to :;r.:- the se.iio:i near tSw b-Dttom of the Xatunai League without it. Fanny. But Fighters. i Thev play:-d b^'.! for Uncle Robbie. To be sure they kicked a few. The boy? . v ere very lunnv out, there at limes. ' Yet, under Robbie, teams that were far removed from championship caliber fought, their nay amazingly to the top of the league, won a couple of : "logical" leaders the scare PAYS FOB A Frigidaire No Down- Payment No Installation Charje- Potomac Edisoa Co. 26 W. Patrick St THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION THE GREATEST BARGAIN OF ALT. --INCOME Store Mark-Doxns occur everyday --BUJ Income opportunities su?h as offered today come as a rule only twice in a generation. Monthly Income Investments Not Stacks. Eon- 1 - or Insurance Write -- Wire -- Call or Phune for Particulars --No Obligation Direct Royalty Sales C o r p . 4 IV. CHCSCH STREET PIIOXE 1543 We Bay. Selt or Trade Securities I ORGANIZED IN 1828 Commercial and Savings Departments 3*/2% Interest Allowed on Savings Accounts * B t( if The BULOVA It's | EteMoisy Aiumnl. 27; Jr. O. C. A. M. 3. |Rlce. rf j I F j.-.mes. -ss-p 3 1 Game Today. DeMolay vs Y M. C. iKreh. ' Cincinnati. May 16.--Charles 'Redi . Lucas, mainstay of the Reds' pitching : slaS. hur;ed aia-'ttrfal ball today and ; his rcaj«s rallied '.o score six runs , in a hcc-,1: sixtn insiag to beat the Xowari I8 Giants. 6-2. , Buffalo - IV The score: R. H. E. j Montreal 18 ' Baltimore 15 ' Rochester 14 York 2 S 1 Cincinnati 6 8 1 Batteries: Fit^sinitr.ons. Giteor. ancx : Lucas and Msni?n. Pittsburgh. May 16.--Pushing over j eight runs in the ninth inning, the j Brooklyn Dodgers routed the Pittsburgh Standinr Of The Clutw. W. L. 8 11 12 12 11 13 22 18 Game Wednesday. Eag'.es vs. Dcrnolay Al. »Brook.', upper) : Crawford. 2b -T L. Bri:ch?y. Ib 5 J James. 3b _. 4 ! K*lkr. c ·» '. S!»w. p-U 4 4 0 5 1 2 1 3 10 Pet .69'J I .607 , .600 i .556 , Game Friday. Jr. O. U. A. M. vs. Dcllolay. iHaines. lo^-er). Standing Of The Cluhs. W. L. -2 0 , Toronto 12 j Jersey City 8 V. M. C. A DeMclay Alumni DeMolay 0 I Jr. O. V. A. M 0 Totals 46 15 -3 27 9 o j Score Bv Innings. iDoubs 2 3 1 1 0 3 1 1 0--12 | Frederick 1 0 P 3 0 7 0 2 2--15 j Summary Two base hits--Mulligan. = F. Jimcs. 2: Keller. Dav-s. M. Smiih. Pc -- \V Smith. -: Basford. Three base hits 1.000 ; _Houck. MulMiran. 2: Ric?. P. The new Brooklyn team might be --KOOC club as far as the Infantry Drill RcguUt.ons of baseball go. The players may learn in time all there is :o know sbou', the game from Scraeant-Major Carey. En: it still will be the most painful club to watch m the major leagues. Professor Carey has the wrong kind of a team upon which to apply his pe-tiliar ideas of leadership. He might be just as successful "-;th the Athletics four or fi'. e years. But even the Athletics were not as interesting a ball club as th? Dodgers have been unde: Necessary to refer to the Kave th- ' Financial Page to ascertain : of th-eir ihe value of your Life j Insurance Policy. j Us nine ncrer flaetnstes. It Is al- j «rayj north too Cents on the Dollar.-- j vitb guaranteed values printed rigbt in [ it. and increased b? Annaal Dividends, j A Life Insurance Pollej is ot all invest- i ments the most stable and secnre. j Additional Insurance has OCCD taken j t7 thousands of people this year as an ( extra anchor to windward. Possibly yon \ have thought of increasing your COT- erare- .66 .000 .000 WALKERSVILLE WINS I INDUSTRIAL DIVISION Of . The score. R- H. E. ; Defeats Vnion Bridge BT Score Brooklyn ............................. H 16 0 | 6 To -5. Pitisburea .......................... 4 * | Munjo and Ix?ez: = The Walkersvil!e baseball team won Spenrer. Brarce. Chscnori ana Gra-ce. | it« rirst game of the iCRSOri Sunday -- i afternoon from Union Bridge by a a. May 16. -- The Phillies and t srore of 6-5. Romsburg. Zimnierman. Yesterday's Ktsults. Muse Tailoring Co.. 13: E-.-eredy. 8. Game Today. F. I. S. vs. Hemlock Splinters. {Upper. Brooks. Cubs put or. a. sloppy exhibition of base- c Smnot: and Utz wielded the heavy war ball here t^rl-iy, the Br^ir^ winnin?. l i - clubs. \Va!kersv.lle will play the Fred-| 10. ; crick A. C. Juniors on the Potomac : The score: R- H. E -, Edison diamond Sunday afternoon at i Philadelphia :o 12 :; 2 o'clock. j 11 IS I ! WalkersTiHe AB. R. H. O. A. E. ! 0 1.00Q; Cr3tt j 0 rd. Hcnie run--Basford. Stc-icn! bases--Keller. F. J.imcs. Cra'.vforci. L. Bruchey. Carey. Sha-.x. J. i James. Double plays--Price to Carey to M. Smith. Base on balL'.--off Delauter. 1: off James. 1 , Struck out--By Mulli=an. l: by j Jamis. 6; by De'autcr. 10. KU | by pitcher--by Delauter t.Shaw. Keller. ' Bnichey. Crawford*. Winning pi'.chcr i--James. Hits--off Shaw. 6 in 2 mIr.ings: of! Mulligan. 5 in 4 innings. | off J9m«. 3 in 3 innincs. Umpire-^Redmond. Scorer--Shaw. Game Wednesday Ox Fibre vs. Muse Tailoring Co. (.Lower. EASY FOR MOUNTAINEERS Chicago and XSCCurdy: Smith. May. Tinnin; Malone snri Hartnett. ; M. Trou'., · · i Eaves, p. ! A. Crurr.. jClem. c ............... _... 4 '· Zimmerman, ss ......... 5 2b Ib A. Trout. ;f ......... G. Trout, rf \V. Crum. cf Ki-- ^bxirg 3b 0 2 2 1 : Game Thursday Hemlock Splinters -.5. Ox Fibre. Edelcn Returns To 1931 Form And Pitches Win. s, May 16.4 3 2 ; Game Friday 4 * ° j E\-eredy vs. F. I. S. iVpper. Krchi 1 returned to his 1931 7 1 0 ' 2 ; 1 : Standing Of The Clubs- 0 ! . .36 6 7 27 15 ·* ,; Muse Tailoring Cj 2 " : Hemlock Splinters 1 0 '· Ox Fibre BrJsS C: I edy 3 I'nion Bridge J. Kiss. *s . '. Ib. ,. T. K-ss. C. ... ctr. ;: Bfir.d. 2b. ... ' Sir.r.r-i: 3b. Behren-. cf. Fc«le. rf ... Btrelv r- AB R 3 1 4 0 3 5 1 5 0 _... 4 0 _ 5 l 3 0 ... . 3 0 H O A 0 0 S : F. I. s o 1.000 l.POO .500 .333 .000 2 2 0 NATIONAL LEAGUE « 1 ~ 0 0 0 f- 2 0 ' C;r.rir.r.2ti. S: Nsv Vcrk. 2. Ch:caj:r. !I: Phil.idelr-l-.-.a I " . 3r?ilyn. il: p-.:t*bur;:l:. I. O'.licr jsrr.c tv^ Total* . 34 5 7 27 13 3 Summary: T»o base hi'o--Rarn.- burs:. "t?. Thr-^ ca-i hits--\V. Crurn. Sscr.f:ce h.ts--I. cxses--A. Trout. Uti. J. Kiss. Stn;ck c--:t--By Eaies. 4: ry Birely. 4 -A.-r sn bolls--Off £.-.-.»;. 4; ,^f; Birel;-. 2 G«nrs Today. Brx--£lyr. at Pivifburs:.- Nc-s- Yc-r'i at C-n-ir.r.sti. Sof.c-r; 3.: S: LOII-JS. Ecci; Edeler. -rn tor the first - time tins season toc.v.' to hurl Mt. 9t- ! Mary's :a an easy 7-1 victor;.- over St. ' Vir.rcnt's College. Ecoler. -s-as never ir. dar.ser and penr.:tte! only t/,vo driven beyond the inf.eld. T::T iisr-^ri" Isr.s run oam? in the fiTtri cr. '.TO singles ar.-d a The Mountaineers jot; 3 run ir. thr i .^c.'or.d uir.:r.c on a fielder's chr:ce. "^o : p.i^sty; balls a J3;. They »'on '.lie I ;sr:ie in ihe Slth or. a *.;-.;: by Farrrll .-,n err-^r on Lync'.i. a t.rxle by Mul- l:.-arr. ar.! Banner's c.ruble. Thc r.cxt srome ~:il be Lebar.^r. i Valley liere Saturday. ML St. Mary's A3. R. H. O. A 2 i F.irrell. s? 4 2 ; 2 3 C- j Mulhrarn. cf 5 I : i 0 f iBrnnrr. If -. 3 .- 3 : 0 0 ·Where's The Fun? Tn? Br'jO"il"n '""^TDiiiHC;? i^ nci n7«2ci r -' no of i lie c-ors. of pccr?»c v. no cc »n re*" Ub3noii?!y patterned b.isebail. It is * Casey-at-the-bat; camrnur.ity. and r:g'.: now it hafii't any Casay. Eve;- the o! Da^zicr doesn't seam to fill the herj:.' role any more. The team is going :ha.ui;h :he motions of acacerr.ic b?se- . ball without t-he old ficht. that charact- . erirod :he Robins. Flatbush cicsen-cs a better fate. The old Brocklyn tcum had personality. It trc-iila arsu; v.-;:h bieachcrite? after a defeat. It, rnsce glaring bon- · cr?. but don't we all? It was a team full of the spirt- of old-fashioned baseball, even when it was losing. j Its imperfections and digressions were i delightful. There was. for instance, the i time Uncle Rcbbie went scurrying around trytn:: to borrow a pair of · ?'.asscs to stu~y a partial eclipse of the sun while Jumbo Elliott *.vas being s 1 -?!:- Lewis R. Dertzbaugh PHONE 788 . a.^ -up there.'' Humor!c,-s t"r.-le Robbie 'ii?-;d to eo to bee a~ 9 vc;,-vk and r.n- a few- of his boys frel- :okecl Jr-n-. tlifni on. Ke vcas not a s-r-.ct- cli.-.-:r;-:nar. -,n. b-:t the players learned :o for him because tney ;iis lino s-rnse ff httrr. --. That vras "·hat ntace tcr.i .» i-zan; v%?nli watch- THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO.! LOANS! PAY OFF * YOUR BILLS . . . Do not hesitate to see us if you need money. It's our business to lend it to you. Quick service. Strictly confidential, friendly and dignified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO S300 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N. COURT ST. (7Ir. 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Seep your I-.MC C^VT. ?.r.d c'-c.', -·- tit* ball ur.t.l you ha-.e aci^ired s. Prcs:den: C CTT_ K.c^i exrxct* a ?t-rfeit an3 rosters rr.tis: be ,--;r- itart. ;he season a'ar-ut :l~.e first T,~-i. .n June Teams r?- ;.-. the -;-r;:c-.:r-\- :»r. arc Yc.ur.; Men's Sr.?p. Fredt:;-k AMERICAN LEAGUE Macir Ijttlr Difference. Closes Home Season College Park. Me. V.ay 16.--Mc^-.« fail us* of all f-"re?t or.? t» its ·.-'.:'- ball nine c.;---.: :.- Ittrr.e scaror. liere tli.s .-:":, - ' t badly, jlarr-ming li.rr. fcr 14 h:us and a 6-3 victory over the Curr/oerlind Colts. Haaver g^: off tc a bad siart ·x.-.en Johr..=;oiT-. r.ioked him f--r -hree rarj in the first frame, hut ·i-.e-.t «·:- ".'C 'io'-T*! j"," 1 * i-^'-G ' - ^ ^.i"i- -v^-_ VcsScrfii? 's Kesclts. C.-i-sr- i B v t - r . 3 ?^ Game* Tor ay. Vu.s a:,v- Clr-.rland at Ns-n Y.^rk.'.: a: Pr.i ic»'.rhu Standing of th~ Clal«. \V I_i. ?*- Yuri i . . '. 7 6 By Ir.n D... K.-l. 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