The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 15, 1955 · Page 1
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 1

Sandusky, Ohio
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Thursday, December 15, 1955
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40 PAGES TODAY REGISTER H|5^TARUEWS Continued raw and cold through Friday vvifh a fpw snow fluffl#s alone (hr lake shore tonight and r,-irlv Friday. Low tonight 7, high Friday 20. Founded 1822. Vol. 133. No. 280. Inttrnaliofial Itvwt SArvie* SANDUSKY. OHIO, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1955 United Prf** Phons 6840 Pric* Pi¥« G«aM Japs Angry Over Loss Of UN Seat U.S. Regrets Action Forced By Russia; 16 Nations Okayed BULLETIN TJMTEI) NATIONS, N. Y., (INS)—Sixteen countries, In- rltidine Italy, Austria, Ireland and Spain, were formally welcomed and seated today alongrslde 60 other member states of the I'nitcd Nations General A.vsembly, TOKYO, Dec. 15 (INS) — Japanese governineiit leaders came under heavy fire today for having been loo optimistic about Japan's chances for admission to the United Nations this year. AnKry members of the Upper- ciiio.stioned «ovornnieiU ' leaders shar|)ly following new.'-' tliat. the Soviet Union had vetoed Japan while aeeepting 16 olher nations for menibersliip in the wo lid organization. Meanwhile in the UN the United Slates pressed the Soviet Union for a firm promise that it would aRreo to a United Na- tion.s seat for Japan next year, rolltical Lever But informed .sources helieved that Russia, in doing a turnabout on fli^e-maniUfrship question, Would \ry to use admi.ssion of .lapan as a political lever to gain admission of Outer Mongolia and po.ssibly Communist China. The Security Council uas to Note this afternoon on an American resolution recommending that Japan be elected to mem- bci-ship at the as.sembly's lllh; session in 1956". i The now members, recommended by the Security Council and elected by the assembly Wednesday night, were Jordan, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Austria, )>'inlai)d, Ceylon, Nepal, Libya, Cambodia, Laos and Spain, all backed by the West, and Soviet satellites Albania Hungary, Ro-j mania and Bulgaria. 1 Jap Socialist Party membersi e\en tlu-ealened to introduce a| no-confidence motion against! Foj-cign Minister Mamoru Shige-i mitsu. ' Shigcmitsu. responding to criti-| cal (luestioning in the Upper; House, said: "Russia has said| that it will not stand in the way of Japan's entry at. the next UN meeting and th(! U. S. and otherj lountries are considering reme-j dies to the situation. We must (Continued on Page 32—CoL 2.) ANGEL IN DISTRESS— Anything can crop up at a dre .is rehearsal, including an itchy foot. These youngsters in Atlanta, Ga., were rehearsing a Christmas carol for their school 's Christmas pageant when little chtruh Suzanne Welch, foreground, developed an itch. So what else could she do, but scratch it? Bitter Cold Knifes Path Across Nation By UNITED PRRESS A killer blizzard isolated towns in the Dakotas and was blamed for at least three deaths in the United States and Canada today. Nasser Warns Full War If Israeli Attack Again NATO Warns Dr. Red Menace 36 Is Greater J. D. Parker To Close Years On School Board Dulles Says New Cold War Front By Kremlin Shift PARIS, Dec. 15 (INS) — The Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty We have By W. S. BITTNER : ers for hiring, and T fllRTV-StX years ago when to the board Dr. James D. Parker became;'"g a good job. a member of the Sandusky board of education, there was no "fuss."; And he v\ants it that way when ho concludes his long, uninter-| ru|)led tenure of nine terms, when he sits at his last session of the board on Dec. 20. "I want no fuss when I leave." Jordan Told To Stay Out Baghdad Pact , . he .said today in looking back Organization said today the through the years. "1 came in with no fuss." However, the name of Parker is assured of being in the minutes of the school board for at least another four years. Dr. Lester G. Parker, one of two .sons who followed their fa-' ther's footsteps in the practice of medicine, takes over on Jan. 1 for a ran Tour yearTenfhTTrWKlch elected last month. The elder Dr. Parker, now 79,! Soviet military threat confronting the NATO powers was greater today than at: any previous time. The committee issued the warning in its annual report to the 1,'i-nalion Atlantic Pact Coun-^ cil meeting in Paris. : The committee pointed out that; in nuclear development the pos-' ue Exit Of Amwell Jarring British Laboriles D^..«—..,^ C .Zl ni The blizzard still threw most DrUSuUc £X!I UI P""'^*^ Canadian T« provinces. But zero temperatures and wind-driven snow ^ ^'ated near-blizzard conditions from the Dakotas through Minnesota to northern Wisconsin. Au accompanying massive cold 1 front was expected to grip the LONDON, Dec. 15 CUP)—The nation in a new cold wave from brusQue resignation from the; the Rockies to the Appalachians. British Labor Party by a Socialist member of the House of It had already knifed as far south as southern Texas and as far east as the Ohio River Valley. Cancellations At Postoffice Hold Edge Of 56,000 Total From Dec. 1 Through Dec. 1 ris fio 1,000: .595,000 Ke- liortcd jDuriug: 1954. Sandusky card and letter mailings lUrough cancellation machines are running nearly 5t>,()ft() jiliead of last year, Assistant Postmaster Arthur Larimer said today. I'roni Dec. 1 through Dec. 14, ciUicclhilioDS have totaled 651,000 against .5;)r),\00 for the same two weeks oi l!ir)4. Oh V,'l'(llles(ia^•, the cancellations vu'i'e 120,700, the third successive il.-iy the tol ;il has gone o\or the 100,001) n\ark. On the same date, I c. 14. the cancellations were 124,700. At the same time it was revealed the lemporar .N' work staff had iH'ca hiked to 22. nuikiiig a (Conliiiiii'd on Page :]2 —Col. 6.) Lords today dampened press andj,"" """" publlf siiUiusiasra o%.^,- U,« elec -^-.r/"" „ , J: , P"!", \n . u^ '"ext two da.vs which plcases Gailskell, 49, staunchly pro-; christmas-minded retaile..,, but American nghtwinger, succeed-: h i c h predicts discomfort, ed to the post vacated last weekj juhle and even death, as it by Clement F. Attlee by win-; did today in Ohio, ning a .smashing first ballot vie-; Wednesday the state had tory in the elections by Labor, cloudy skies and warmer tern- members of Parliament. He peratures, but a cold front moved polled 157 of 267 votes, easily: in during the liight, tumbling the outdistancing left winger Aneu-i mercury and spreading a 150- rin Bevan and middle roader^ rnile-wide band of snow across Herbert Morri.son. | "i" state. The cold air—and The one sour note amid the;colder to -ome, too, was moved ' over Ohio by winds from 18 to 25 miles an hour. The state highway department -se.s.sion of a bomb in the megaton! ^^^,.^,^.^1 ^^^^^^^ running for his million ton class is no longer; j^^,,^ ^p,.,^^ „f j„ health.; exclusively western. ; ^-^^^^ health better,! This was a reference to the recently exploded Soviet hydro-; gen bomb which had a power of more than one million tons of TNT. i The military leaders of the al-! and nothing to do, since he has also retired from medical practice. 'We Have Top Men" He believes there is no better liance also warned: ! school system in the state. "We 1. There was no indication of! have top men." any Soviet let-up in the further! He, however, did not discount development of militarj- capabili- that there were at time.s up- ties. , beavals in the Sandusky s.ystem. 2. There has been a great im- The policy of the board now Is provement in .Soviet air power, to hire the superintendent, mak- Russia now- has a long range; ing him solely resoonsible air force capable of reaching U.S. Notifies Syria Force Won't Help Mid'East Situation he is resp(m-| sessions and all our minutes arc for their do-j open." ! "Those factors ha\e made our never had closed school successful " At one time, board moinhcrs extended themsches into the realm of teacher hiring, rather than acting on the superintendent;s recommendation CAIRO, Dec. lo (INS) — The board cut to tive from the ' ^ ' days when there were 20 mem- Egyptian Premier Gamal bers and elected aciording to Abdel Na.'^ser threatened a wards, paws no salaries for board ^ ,, , . T % ' lull-scale war against Israel '•• Dr. Parker summed up his lodav in case of further I»: service to the community ^^i^'V ,-3^1 "gapi-ossion " this comment „ , . • Whatever I did. if it was! ^'^''t 'f ^^'^^^ any fur- worthwhile, I was glad to do Jt:!^->" aggression" by l.srael on Uie as a board member." ; and h y r 1 a n front.ers Dr. Parker believes the late!, J'-'^'-^l^t 'hrow the whole of Christ Strobel, also a veteran . ''l'']'"^ fl!'^""^'^ member of the board and after; ''^,^1'"'^ . . . , • 1 .V, ..i,i„ti. fi .i ^i Nasser issued his statement after whom the present a I let.c e d;,,^^ ^ j^^.^^, ^^^^^^ was named may have ^^^^'-'^\^y ,u ,n tvoops nor>v the nonheastern longer on the body. •Strobel may have passed 40, j,^.,,,.^^^ ^ ^^.^^^ ^.jj^j years," Dr. Parker said. U.ns .^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ wa.s^on the board when 1 went. ^^.^^ ^^^g^^ ' J ^, , 'of Syrian shelling of Israeli fishing Drs. WMlIiam and Charles.^,,,^,3 j,, „,g j,^,., Graefc also had long temircs,, imperialism serving their terms during the; ^gypt recently signed an agree- nient with Syria for a unified mili- DR. J. D. PARKER almost unanimous acclaim for his victory was struck by Lord Amwell. The 79-year-old lord announced: "I am , . . withdrawing my name from the party. reported roads slippery in an area bounded by Sandusky, Bueyrus, Marion, Mt. Gilead, Wooster and Elyria — and also •'any part of the NATO area." 3. The Soviet army still numbers 175 divisions with eqirip- ment brought up to date, an^ training and reorganization of ground forces carried out with eye to mobility and dispersion necessary in at nic warfare. 4. The number of troop.s in! the Soviet satellites and their! equipment has been increased, i 5. Soviet naval strength has Fremont grown with the addition of new cruisers, submarines and destroyers. for the schools' operation. The superintendent recommends teach- Church Leaders Elaled Over Plar To Share Food terms during the davs of ward representation. Graduate Of 1894 Dr. Parker's father was a storekeeper in the area of Bogarl. Dr. lary command. In Cairo Haj .Amin El Husseini, chairman of the Palestine Arab Parker attended a county school! [Hgher Committee and former near Bogart and graduated from|.\[ufti of Jeru.salem, cabled King Sandusky High school in 1894. | Hussein of Jordan and also the In those days, a student could.iordanian government to wara go directly from High school to;against "attempts by imperialism ; medical school. Dr. Parker at- WASHINGTON. Dec. 15 (UP)] tending Cleveland Homeopathic High Court Rules City Not Liable For Falling Tref Won't Pay Damag:es Because Weakened Tree at Edge of Street Hits Home During Windstorm. At the same council meeting. Secretai-y of State John Foster COLUMBUS, Dec. 15 (UP)-Dulles declared the Soviet Un-jThe Ohio supreme court has ruled that the City of Fremont doesn 't —Elated church leaders said to-i (Continued on Page 3'2 ion had opened a new front" in the Middle South Asia. Dulles described 1955 (Continued on Page 32 'cold war East and as a I Amwell, called the "Cockney; ^jpp^^^. j,^^ peer because of his working'^cArthur, McColinels- class background, added that if; ville and Woodsfield. Morri.son had been elected "li Morning lows were 12 in To- would never had done it." How^^do, 15 in Dayton, 18 in Co- cver, Amwell long has been almbus and C .cinnati, but a "rebel" in Labor ranks an his, surprising 20 in Clevelan. Cleve- abrupt departure appeared to; surprising 20 in Cleveland, Clcve- carry little political significance.! but it measurevi one inch in Co- More disturbing to LaborileJ himbus, Canton and and Voungs- circles was the surprising 70'^own votes polled by Bevan, leader of President Misser Gettysburg Fete- Slows Work Loas^ day America's ne\v "share our surplus" program will free food lor more than 10 million hungry families all over thej world. I They said relief food packages,! drawn from the vast U. S. store of surplus farm commodities, will: start moving abroad by Jan. 1.! Altogether, some 800 million pounds of wheat, four, corn meal, syrup, dried beans, rice,; T !!^lNot Convinced Rush Was Slaver Of Potts Girl 12 and its supporters" to induce Jordan to join the Baghdad Pact. CoL 7.) I Britain. Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran are members of the pact. El Husseini said that the same "imperialism is responsible for creation of the Jew ish state of Israel." Some observers have expressed belief that the Israel reprisal attack might have been aimed to test the effectiveness of that agreement, and also was an indirect warning Ic.\' streets claimed the life (Continued on Page 32—Col. 5.) Mercury Drops As Marriaqe Application Ralph W. Likes. 22, factory woikiT, Sandusk>, and Ruth A. Sclienk, 18, clerk, Huron. Rev. William Luchl to olticiatc. Vandalism Spurt Reported Here; Warning Results MARRIAGE LICENSES Woodford K. Ilutchins, 21, t.ixi (Irncr, .Norwulk, and JoaiHic .\larii' Hills, 20, teach- CI-, lU'iliii llci.jhl.s. Rev. William l.uclil lu otticiate. BIRTHS , t.OOl) .SA \L\KirA\ Mr. ami Mr.-. Hieh.ird I.iiKlslc'v, 425 Uotkwell-av, a son. PKOVIDF.Nt F Mr. ami .\hs. Joel Ed- waida, \ ickcry, a daughter. DEATHS Jo>epii J. S'Amulli, 1430 11.»\ es-av. the leflwing faction of the party and outspoken critic of thej United States. Bevan is an; avowed foe of Gaitskell's and at; one point sought to head off 'iis ,^Q/d FrOnt HlfS election by offering to throw his! voles to iSIorrison ClfV Eorlv TOCfaV Politicians expected the vote 1 ' / would encourage Bevan to op-j Sandusky today had fallen pose any attempt by Gaitskell;victim to a fast moving cold to swing party policy to the right, fi-ont from Michigan, and it ex- Thus, the long-standing feud be-'pioded the possibility of a rad- tween the two could lead to a ical warnuip before the week- damaging rift in the party. iend. ! !\ low of 12 was recorded at i8:15 a. m. Thursda\'. The rapid- 'ily of the drop was shown in a reading of 25 at 4 a. m., 16 at 6 a. ni. and the 12 reading just two hours later. The high of Thursday was not !anticipated much greater than 17 Radio Antennaes On Four Ve- degrees, with tonight 's low sev- hicles, Yard Glass Ornament en, and Friday's high about 20. Damaged, Police Report. i Weagly Awarded Honor Cifafion By Association Superintendent W. S. Weaglj- uf county schools had todaj been awarded an "Honor Citation" by the Ohio .Association 01 School Aciniinistrators. The citation was given him •'in recognition of 25 and more vcars of leadership and achieve- meiU and help for public ediua- ioii in Ohio as admini.strator." The school administrators as- ocialion is comprised of over ")()0 members, it was stated, and he citation was signed, among it hers, by J. P. McDowell, presi- Jcnt. that the City have to pay damages to an insurance company because of a "weakened" tree at the edge of a P . ^ ,,eity street fell on a resident's • ihome during a windstorm. The 'ace was located in front ofjm , a home on Jackson street owned! 1 OIll oiemdlTinnn by J. C. Smith. Shortly before the; —''^MA^IIXVAIHI windstorm, the city hired a con tractor to pave the street. In doing the work, the con-; tractor cut off some of the roots! iof the tree to insert curbing. I Later during high winds, the tree ! toppled over, damaging the Smith Dec. 15: home. ; The Standard Fire In.surance iCo. paid tho Smiths for the loss io Lebanon not to join the SjTian- LOS ANGELES. Dec. 15 <UP. ,.^,,^ti.„, p.,^,, —Detective George Gakowski dispatch from Tel Aviv said said today he had not yet de- Hiat Israeli and Egyptian forces , , ^ „ ^ ipCided whether to give a second,exchanged heavy machinegun fii-e dairy products and cottonseed 0 .1,, ^^j^^,^,. ^..^ ^^ Leei.oday along the Gaza Strip terri- )I«7 "^'•''y': Rush, 44. who confessed slayingj.ory near Beeri. I a girl in Cleveland three yeai-s An Israeli army spokesman said that the B^gyptian post first fired Ohio officer, who came on an Israeli patrol which returned here to question Rush, said the (Continued on Page 32—Col. 7.) suspect repeated substantially the same story he told I.os .\r\- geles police about the alleged slaying. Gakowski said he would in 67 countries. The government's decision to! rtpo release the surplus foods toj r^^^^ church agencies and other char -j itable organizations won prompt and widespread public support. Named Choinacm Red Cross Drive GETTYSBURG, PA,, (UP)—The town of Gettysburg will sing a Merry Christmasjb^t fiien brought suit against the salute to President Eisenhowericity for negligence, in the town square tonight, but 'Only Responsibility the President will miss his neigh-' The .Sandusky-co common pleas borsi' Yulctide greetings. • court ruled in favor of the cif; Because of his doctois' order.s but the court of appeals reversed to slow down for a while, Mr. the decision. Eisenhower is accepting no out-' However, the Ohio supreme siiie .social invitations for the rest of thi.s week. ! question Rush further before deciding the next step. Cleveland authorities said they! had no unsolved 1952 murder,' but had not solved the disap-; , , ,., f)earance of 12-year-old Beverly' The appomtment of Thomas W. p„^^ 13,^, Steinemann as chairman of the failed to identify a picture of; 1956 Red Cross campaign in San-j that girl as his alleged victim. ; dusky and Erie-co was announced! ai" "ot convinced either! Way," Gackowski reported to De-I (Continued on Page 32—Col. 7.)! the Ohio court has ruled that a city is free from liability in the absence „. ^ , • , of a specific law governing such Mr. Ersenhower also is keep-:;,,^,;^^.,^,^ .^e city's ing his work to a minimum. He; ,,p,.po„sjljilJty jjeep streets! planned brief conferences his staff today. with open and in repair oiilv to travel over is confined; dered them. R-S-N Employe To Donate 38th Pint Of Blood Here Four cases of vandalism were rei)orted to police today, according to .Acting Police Chief Victor .Adcock. Three of the acts were the damaging of radio antennas on parked automobiles and the fourth was the breaking ot a large glas* ornament in a vard (lisphiv at the home ot ,lesse L. .lohnsun. 125 E. Parisli-si. The three parlies reportinu il.tmage to their car anlennas Acre Clemon View, 9l9 W. Madi- ~oii-st: Elmer Kalbaugh, 907 W \dams-si. and Mrs. Frank \ol/; 134 Pcarl-st. .Adcock said that close investi- ition of the acts of vandalisu' ^ being made and that guiltv iKirties will be^prosecuted. T HE second gallon of blood in the current Red Cross and the 38th in an all-time objective of a personal goal, will be reached by a Sanduskv newspaiierman blood mobile unit is at the Klks' Home next \\eek. editon ' ~ of a 10 gallon peited to be reached campaign 10 gallon when the Arthur L. McCall, slate of The Regi.ster-Star-Neus. hopes; J'"i'it to give liis second gallon of blood at next Thursdav'.s visit McCall started Feb. 25. 1952 when the bloodmobilc returned lo Saiidusk.v after tlu- uutlucak of the Korean action Klevfii pints of biuud wcic U!Ven lo the Red Cn>>-- durmu World War 2 between March 27, 1943 and .May 12, UH.T Providence, Good SaiiK-.i .tan ana Mc- pj", morial HosiJilals uot 11 piiil> be- madi tvveen the end of World \\av 2 and the Korean action, Will Be 38th Pint •This pint," on Dec 22." will be the 38th for me quota, ex- by 1970. I Several other individuals,! should they donate at next Tlmr.sdavs appearance of the unit, are due lo the gallon mark. Elks -Are Sponsors Tiic Bloodmobile's appearance heie. from noon lo 6 p. m . is being sponsored hy the Elks Lodge The (juota is the usual today by Mrs. Gordon Millott, I0-, cal Red chapter chairman.; Steinemann, who is a life-long resident of Sandusk.v, will captain a team of approximately 125 volunteer workeis when the Red Cross holds its campaign for members and funds in March of 1956. i According to the new chairman, "the work of the bloodmu- bile and the other services ren- to the people of Erie-co have |)ul a heavy financial burden upon the local Red Cross. U IS hoped," Steinemann added, ••that the 1956 campaign will help considerably in maintaining and adding to these services." In the past Steinemann has been active in many phases of community activity. He as co-chairman of the .March of Dimes, sional chairman in previous Red Cross and Community Chest drives, was active in the mental healtii drive which paved the wav for the Erie-co Guidance Lafe News Flashes VANDERGRIFT. PA., (IP) — John Fallone, berserk, 17-vear- old boy, who killed three members of a family aiui wounded a furlh was captured toilav' aiier a gun battle m which the youth was wouiuleil. hEKLIN, (iNSt—-Rep. F.d Ed- mondsou, (D-Okla .i, (.Icluicraie- ly violated t h e Communisi' East Berlin 'regulauons" locfuv- served going sights<>ctng in the 1955 east sector in a raitio-ielcphone- has been a divi-!^.'l"'PP'^'^l ''^^ a bold replv 2 Sanduskians In Semi-Finals For Scholarship Six area students, including two from Sandusky today advanced to the semi-final round in scholarship competition held last October. The next examination will be administered at special testing centers Jan. 14, Listed from Sandusky are CharUvs Fenton. 1310 W. .Madison-st and John Clvarles Wagner. Ifi09 Campbell-st. both -Sandusky High school stidents. thhers advancing include Leslie Kay Roberts of Vermilion; Donald James King, Vermilion- on-lhe-l.ake; Jack Earl McQuate. Plvmouth, and Linda Diets of t;il)N(inhin'g. lltimately, at least 425 of the ri.OOO America-w itie participants will be awarded four-year college scholarships with a total value of over $2,500,000. according to the United Press. to the Soviet attempt to turn over the Red Berlin government to the Fast Germans. SHOPPING DAYS LEFT r— Htip Fi0ht Tl —^ NICOSIA. CVPKl S. ;'ach( (INS) — battled Center, and is the present chair- Students and leaclie.s man oi the American Legion^s ""^"'^ '"^'-'^ ' Bovs State. Hnt:.n,'s ar.v-t ot Commuiu-ii It '.K 'i'r^ Buckeye LOCAKNO, SWn/FKI AND. ll> ^ . l -'iuiiuT I'us.-ian. I'nmc DKN\ ILl.K. N. .1 . Dec. 15 UPi M„u^ler Otto Mr.iuii. 8:5. du-il - .Mis Fskil Danielson, Jr , has dprc todav. decided not 10 complain abou! , , . U.Buy Christmas S«olt«J Kric-co has been below quota ii. recent appearances. It is requested that appointments be made by prospective! McCall said donors, by calling Red Cros> today, 'two short of the halfway headquarters, 4764. Subs For Santa ( IIKISTMAS SHOPPINO HOIKS IN SANDUSKY STORES ;\lund<iy, Tueisday, Wednesday, ilNSi — .\diii. »nd Ibursdajr. 9:30 a. m. to 5:Stt told the N.i- P- n». her to get an aatouialic record- ,JO,K,1 Press Club this atlcrnoon triday and Saturday, t :3« mg of .sania Claus. ,,,1,, f^„„,^, a. m. to 9 p. m. Her husband said rather than wm be able to launch hii;h r-ier the calls to the right nuni-!spced aiomic torpedoes a^auisi ^ POSTOFFICE WINDOW HOUBS her he v^ould take over as Santa'enemy surface and undersea' Saturday, to 6 p. m.; Sunday, pinls, hut effort is beina scores of telephone calls from \V.\.SIII.N"C.TON, 10 fxcc that toial since, childi en dialing tluj wrong num- \[, A Burke • e n e m y Claus and talk to the children. Ivessels I noun to 5 p. m. Starting Friday, Stores Open Every Evening Until Christmas

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