The News from Frederick, Maryland on August 31, 1967 · Page 36
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 36

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1967
Page 36
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Page IMI HIE N K \ \ S , Fiederk-k, M.irland Thnrxdaj. August 31, 1967 we care \ AP Stores Wiil Be Closed Monday, Labor Day BUY EXTRA FOR THE LONG WEEKEND TMsis Dedicated men and women. Eager teen-agers and experienced adult?. Newcomers and old-timers, full-timers and part-timers. Store clerks and managers, truck drivers, warehousemen and secretaries. Butchers and bakers and "Fish Stick" makers. They do a great job for you. They all work for AP. They are AP... and we're proud of them. This Labor Day, we have a message for all our employees: "We Care About You, Too." Traditional Favorites! "Super-Riqhf Meats! READY FOR THE PAN BROILERS OR FRY Split or Cut-Up Ib. LEG OR BREAST QUARTERED » 35c U.S.D.A. INSPECTED FOR WHOLESOMENESS SUPER-RIGHT FULLY COOKED (14-18 LBSJ SHANK PORTION (SOME SLICES REMOVED) Ib. HAMS BUTT PORTION (SOME SLICES REMOVED) Ib. WHOLE HAMS -*"- b 53' (Look For The Half Hams With Slices On Top) CROSS CUT ROAST TURKEYS ARM POT ROAST BONELESS ROLLED OVEN READY NO 10-15 LB TURKEYS ( 1 0 15 IBS ) PRICED HIGHER SUPER RIGHT Ib Ib 89c 39' 59 C CANNED BONELESS 3 Ib READY TO FAT can HAMS PORK LOIN £.49 sib JI.15 FRESH QUARTERED (9 II CHOPS) SUPER RIGHT I Ib SKINLESS ALL MEAT plq 57' 2 10 Ib can (b. Ib baq ·7.90 69° 99° Frankfurters London Broil Esskay Hams N. Y. Strip Steaks Hafnia Canned Hi Canned Hams Country Hams Boneless Turkey Roast Sliced Bacon ESSKAY I Ib pi's SUPER RIGHT S uer Label 2 4 RATH HONEY GLAZED V.RG.NIA FARMS o WHOL6 F ^ Ib ALLGOOD 6Sc » 99c Ib. 6f)c , I 8 9 2 .29 4.49 79c 89c |.39 SUPER RIGHT Plain Pickle or Ol "a Loaf SUPER ivISHT FRESH Ib can Ib can Lunch Meat Sausage Meat Roasting Chickens Goetze Dried Beef Sliced Cheese Imported Ham Bail Park Franks Midget Braunschweiger FROZEN EVISCERATED WHITE YELLOW OR PIMENTO SUPER RIGHT SLICED (5-15-oz pkj$) 12 01 om 10 pkq Ib 4 01 pkq CLIFF HOUSE SPICED CAP N JOHNS BREADED CAP N Ib I Ib pkg GOET7E OR 10 01 ESSKAY pkg 45c Luncheon Meat 89c Ocean Perch Fillets CAP N JOHNS 43c Flounder Portions C ^U°E HDNS 2 55c Fried Fish Fillets 69c Banquet Fried Chicken (.39 Excelsior Beef Burger 73c Jiffy Beef Burgers 35c Holiday Minit Steaks Assorted Salads d Ib an I Ib Dkg Ib pkq 14 01. ckg I Ib 9 ot ckq 89c 39c |.09 55e |.39 j.99 29c 2 c% 49C Ib pkg 12 01 pkq Ib CJp ANN PAGE BEANS IN TOMATO SAUCE ANN PAGE DRESSING C? SULTANA A P S OWN ALUMINUM 4 ,.ib CC cans ^Jl^ 89 45 2 |l/ 2 -qf. l-qt. 25^ rolls DILL PIGICLES TUNA FISH PRESERVES FRUIT ABES MAJESTIC FRESH PACK KOSHER DtF" BLUE LIGHT MEAT SOLID PACK ANN PAGE PEACH PINEAPPLE OP APRICOT ASP GRAPE ORANGE OR FRUIT PUNCH 3 3 3 tar 7 oi cans Ib. lar "2 ?«! ctns 43° 89° 89° ·J.OO COPYRIGHT© 1967, THE GREAT ATLANTIC . P/ClfIC TEA CO , INC. DOWN TO EARTH LOW You CAN WIN UP TO * PLAY A*P's NEW GAME! BONUS WIN ONE OR MORE PRIZES OF $1,000 · $500 · $100 · $50 · $20 · $16 * $5 · $1 NO PURCHASE REQUIRED * EARLY CASH WSNKiiS * YUKON CLUB CANNED A S S T D FLAVORS AP ORANGE OR GRAPE FRUIT 4 |-qt. 14-ox. cans ANN PAGE REG. / LL FLAVORS pkgs. x'jj $100 WINNER BeHy Toylor iff- *\ AP Apple Sauce Perk and Beans Candy Bars S £F Gum Lif^ Savers Cucumber Chip Peanut Butter Crepe Jelly S U L T A S A f ' A ' t $ T f FRESH / NN M N N 4 l.t, 65c Paper Plates WH^^NCH ,Vrc 83c Mi-C fruit Drinks *»-""" 3Ita ? 3£c Toilet Tissue ASS^COI 10 £ 63c AuP '^"Coffee 24 " n , 893 Potato Sticks c * c 3 i,v I- 00 Ka:ihr Cin^Mon Crisps eb ,°2'o 75c Margarine NunEr " ^ 6 ^ 1 . 0 0 l!?Mver Pork Beans ', q : 49c dexo VK ^M^OMIH^ 3 , J - 63c Vienna Sausage 3 a b I- 25 Korn Balls « AMS 2 S; 49c « 3 J? .'O"- ! ' 89c |.29 3 ,', et 39c 4 .: 89c 2 t 39e 45c Liquid Detergent AHOY 29c Sauce w 1 l f b - L Cantaloupes NONF FP M0" $1000 WINNER V. Mason $100 WINDER Joan McOill STARLIKE Filler Paper roi ys w?«pp«i 3M?h«°t s 69c STARLIKE Pencil Tablet N FTY LOOSE LEAF Fiiler Paper DIXOIM CREST YELLOW Pencils Back To School Supplies/ STARLIKE Composition Books GIANT FILLED Table! TUSH BUTTON ·-,;., 59c Binders S T A F L I K E :, v ?7 29c Typing Paper 39c S50 WINNER Anita J Nelson 10 xB pkq c ' 7 5 3 1/5 sheat pkg J.OO 69c Green Beans Tomatoes Hearts of Red Hadishes Green Onions Roasd Peanuts Spanish Salted Huts VINF R cnsc CH 5P 2 r 5 3 ^ 3 ' 3: n k T ! tX AP's Quali, FANCY (21-25 COUNT) JUMBO SHRIMP 1.29 Ib. MEDIUM SIZE (36-42 CT.) * 99c Fancy Swordfish Steaks Fancy Dressed Whiting Fancy Croakers Fresh Steakfish Crabmeat Cocktail 79c 3Se 23c 39c 39c 29c 29c 39c 39c 73c HONEYDEWS GRAPES NECTARINES RED PLUMS LETTUOE T IOMT O f l NONE PRICFD H I 3 H [ R ·JO C r D u CHER Ib 29 C A L ' F O R N I A NONE FRiC.D hi- it ICEBERG V Flayorlul 5 L b S O (PAK SULTANA--ALL VARIETIES 10 oi 35 Drink 9 oi 6 I R O S E Y F 9 It:*.*. APPLE BLACKBERRY I D 4 oz OQ r PICS OR COC6ANUT CUSTARD .Aq t3«* F R ^ S H MFD I M FLOUNDER L Strawberries \ ._.. ASP SLICED 2 10 oi pkqi 49c Green Peas Pota'; is Ag.P Cut Com Gree.i ? by Lit.ia Be?n3 Lib by Lemonade Fruit Drinks OR I HAS V, " k i OTS t i t e iti" A - V F K l / l t CUT I c I H OR C UT p xK OR W. HE IIP tOP A S r O R T t D 'pV, f I0c 5, : bb , 69c 6 til 95c 5 kqi 99C S " OI QQr v r » q - 93w . ' - ' r I · j"-i.*| - ' : Jane Parker Holiday :·. . .,4. -'f jfasty, MADE WITH BUHERMILK BREAD WH - 2 i:± 55 PIES APPLE 8 INCH Sot 38 Raisin Bread English Muffins Sticky Buns Spanish Bars Golden Loaf Cake Potato Chips Hot Dog Rolls PLAIN SMCIALI CIALI n I b £ O 1VI 1 I 01 pvq of i 14 01 ' q I I i .1 l ir OR SANDWICH is o Dlq ^' 3c ! ' ' if i 55c 23c 39c 39c 26c ICE CREAM MARVEL '/2-gfll ALL FLAVORS ctn. 59 IVJiLK * I' ( , K \ I ) L - \ ctn. Sliced Cheese Sharp Cheese Cream Cheese Cottage Cheese Met o si' whit« x f low or PlmT f 1 BFNCH CURTtJ CU'DPAC SYLVAN SEAL ASF 12 ci pkq 49c ". 79c 2l£ 23C 49C ib dtn I* ttlll *dv«rtl»m*ni ·fftetl" Ken-L-Ration Dog Food tf IS'/ 91 O «··· fftqu'^r cr liver f-ttnt Big Top Peanut Butter i it lot. i*r Plain or Iodized Sterling Salt 2 1 h - D o , bor»l A j a x All-Purpose Liquid Cleaner Mrs. Filbert's alad Dressing «n ':: 49 c Scot Towels KFCULAR 4% roll ^CC ROLL A »kJ 4T [···········i^-^^^"""*" 111 "***^ Pillsbi Pancak HUNGRY JvGIt tOr 4J ft, C T F A r k i Instant Pels Detergent 10e Mb J'A-«t OFF ***» SP4PFR1 »- . NFWSPAPFK!

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