The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 9, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1934
Page 3
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Compliments Bride-Elect Make This Model At Home Paris New* Daily Pattern Honoring; Miss Isabel Bridges, i Whose/marriage xo J. "W, Able*, j Jr.. 'tak»« place Monday evening,) Mr*. J. TV- Williams and Mrs. Carl j TIaley. entertained 'with a miscel- | liuneous shower at the latter's | home on. Clarksville street Sattir- j day evening. | The home "was beautifully dec- | orated with pink crepe myrtle and j titeV color scheme of pink and green -.was also carried out in the | refreshment plate, Two appropriate vocal numbers;, one by Mrs. Minor Beavis, and the other by Mrs. Perry Booth TV|«-e rendered: after which. Mlae Bridges was presented -with &f basket of lovely gifts. ..-Those present. besides the -hostesses - and. the honoree. were -Misses Donna Weaver. . Martha Bridges, Rosamond Morgan and. -3B£fJe Turner- Mmes. Charles Williams, Lewis "Williams, Marcelius Carpenter, Roy Bridges. Eddie Crowley. E. S. Crow ley. Perry Booth, Mirror Beavis. Riley Moore. Elton Macske. Fred Wemple. Jr.. -of Midland. J. W. Abies. Sr. of Blossom,^ Mrs. J. X. Love, Joe GiUespie, Bedford Booth and John X. Blouse, Sr. Paris Saddle Club Tea Sunday _ , T_ea, was served Sunday afternoon-At the Paris Saddle Clab by Mrs. Mitchell Raglaoad and Mrs. ] Jess* A. McGilL Among; the many i fflaembers asd. town people out dur- | i»5 the late afternoon and early *veninsr Miss Madse Van 2>yke and airs- Leslie- Bro-svn had as their gceest. Mrs. Robert Alexander off Sorority Celebrates I Anniversary '•" I Th* local chapter of the Delta | Beta- Sisroa sororirv is this Tveek | -celebrating: its anniversary; Sun-1 day iiisht an open house -was held , l «t the Gordon Country club by f the members for all their parents; j Monday evening at 7 o'clock. *, a j be ^iven ai the Gi-j s, after ^vhich a treasure i siaist -will be held. ' | The officers of the sorority are | Marsrery Jones. \ president, | FUlsom, vice-j>resi- • fiDEKETS A FROCK THAT CHARMS IJKE MAGIC Jones Dies Monday Madison S, Jones, 33-yeax-oldt ] DOGGY MOTIFS ARE EFFECTIVE ON UNENS, SAYS LAURA WHEELER PATTERK IS? 2 By. AKNE ADAMS son of Mr. and Mrs- Tom B.;Jone*» j died Monday "at Ft. Sam Houston. •. I . j where he had been stationed":sine* ; Th* way this little frock makes \ re-enlisting in the United States ; friends on sight is the next thins j army about six .months *so. i to roa«ic. Well, not really ... if ? The f ttosra! \HU be beid here at | you look at it carefully. Even tb« }-4 o'clock Tuesday afternooa - at 1 back ba» its own allure. Every j Emberson-Brown-Rjaden'- funeral I woman •who eeec', it; wants It. .and every one .who 'jrets it » delighted whether •sized.* twelve or thirty- Look at those sleeves . . . - home oh South Ivfaih street, con- f ducted by tb« Rev. Ji-Roby Ward, i of Inimanuel Baptist cfetirch. Tbe j body arrives at noon Tuesday '.• over- \ if you. wish. • to call them -»leeve«. i the Santa. Fe road. • Burial Trill be By any name they are cle\~er and i at Evergreen cemetery.^tsvo broili- channins . --. and the buttons, fol- i ers, Paul and Mark Jones, O- J. „ low a brand new road to chic. If {Smith. R. L, Lattimore. Jr.. John | these don't gret you. there-is always 1 Rushing and Spot Roach hems' i that • little insert in the front s^3 j pallbearers. * | the buttoned up back to do their j ^ e had served in both, the Ma.- j share. Good in Pattern IS \- 14 35 IS 20 30 32 34 3S and 3S. a °° Ut a year **°' he re ^^ea Size 16 takes 3 1-2'yards 33 inch fabric and 5-S yard contrasting. IJ_ I home, several months and listed later. His parents an* three structions 'included. S«nd FIFTEEN CEKTS (15c) iu coins-or stmmps {. coins • preferred ) for this Asne Adams pattern. Write plainly nain« address and style number. ~KE SURE TO STATE SISEL Th* - smartest warm weather fashions;.- .the .newest fabrics, and th<i Summer ' season's o?jtstan.diog accessories are illustrated and described in the.. NEW AK2CE ADAMS PATTERN. BOOK FOR. SUMMER, ORDER TOUR COPT OF T1US HELPFUL X\EW SUMMER BOOK. PRICE OF BOOK. FIFTEEN CENTS. BOOK AXD PATTERN TOGETHER. TTv"EXTT- FTVB.CEXTS- orders to The Paris Pattern Departrasnt. 243 17th Street. Xe-sr Tork Citr. Pairings Are Made For Culbertsoii Cup Pairings for'the Culbertson cup tournament of the Women's Golf association^ of -the Paris Golf club BOK K1A1BALL, JR. TO ENTER MEDICAL SCHOOL THIS FALL AXJSTIX.—Bok KimbaiJ Jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs. Bok Sirnball of ee1p<-T*w5 selected 00 f « 0 7 ap- to be admitted to the - class of the Medical ] gcbool of the University in Mr ?l ^ e ^T unsch byes; _ • | teml> b noe adniisiioa H. C. Haynes, bye: Mrs. Ti.. j Esell. corres- J ~" secretary: and Miss Mary j Alice Ayres, recording "secreiai-v*. j Claude _____ Raine? ' All • must be completed by { nigrht. of _ this week. HtTGO. Okla, — ^rr«, TT, C- I Visitor at Hugo Honored ry er»tsfr?aine«3 a. prcup cf i^irls ta j ROXXO*V PERSONAL honor of M55* <Sr«tchi?n Gardner; "* i^-pj rrw~«Ar ofTnlsaL guest in the Henry home- : AIM/ LOCA ^£efr*ahC!'5trts were served at «. | ' - ;. ' ' ..... * £onf*ctioEery after the., croup at- ; .KOXTON- — ., Misses IJiith ana tend*d the th*atre marii»ee. G«^t« ] Marguerits Locke are vtsiting Mr. I concerning persona- -r T,, ft , been . coaaple'-ed. Aa aptitude test Jtnurs-.aj - ^ given each candidate and sub| rcitted to Dr. George EL BetheL tdeaa 1 of the medica! hrancb at • Gaiveston. A conaraittes ranks the Sty<5er3 " s accor5 * n §' to tkeir pre- JJ medical gredes and their grades !:on the test, aiid fsnallr. letters of : reeommendarion fro^ the facaity attributes of Misses Parian Hayley. Jean ! and Mrs, Ira. Locke ITJ X»allas. Mary Attn Fardu- and | Mrs. W. I* Kobbins of Memphis. Helen .Henry- \ Tenn., is a. g-«»st of Mr. and Mrs. - \ Paul ilargmves. ^ 51r * * nd 5lrs - Tcm * upper At HufG Home \ HUGO. Okla. — Mr. and Mrs, s G, H, Elakeney entertained a group ! of frieoda at an inforsnal jrardeu -j sapper, su*sts bein^ Mr, and Mrs. { R, C. Xe'tvton. Mr. and Mrs, O. j »X-" Brxpwer. Miss Ernestine Brerr-r. i itr, ami Mrs. E. A. Burke. Mr. and I Mrs. I>. A. Stova.Jt. Miss Norms; SIOTH.H and Jitumie Carnpball of | j.r, T«xa«. .' I vjr.lted at JLsrsvis Ja.5i -week. Dorothy Lans-ford is in Greenvil!o visttins: Jier srandrnother. The R*v. Billy TVolfrum is her* from Sa.ns*r to conduct a revival meeting - at the Church of Christ- Miss rMiriarr. Fuqua. has returned from Grand Saline and was ho TO* by Miss Pay student are required. Touns Kimbaui fir.fshed Paris higa school in 1S3I and attended Paris Junior college for one year. For the last two years JJR has JSeen - a srudetJi ai Texas A^ and M. coilcg-e, : - D eatn Takes a Holidav." Fred" !>«•«• cy TVbitlo'vr "who re- j .nU>' underwent an operation at , ; the Sanitarium or Paris is lirs- i pro\"iRgr at her home her*. I Miss K*^^^ '-Blad-wrorih is visit- I CONFER DEGREES l in *' **--.**** . . i San Marcos. MASONIC LODGE TO Paris'lodse Xo. 2T A, -T, and A. 3ff-, will meet Wefinestda: at S -o'clock i» th^ Mauwtie to- confer tir* 3tTik»t«!r 3^C*soss 'de- ifree. gy«ciAl rausic by a trio i* plsr.ned for tb- occasion. At The Plaza picture, no'w* playinj: at tb« Grasses Theatre, is based upon one of tbe most unusual thernes ever portrayed in the tfteatr*. Tb« storj- of "Death. Takes a Holiday'' is buiS: on-the-idea, thai r^eatb, curious ,to discover what men bold so dear in life, to xmder- sts.ud- "w.fey paopae fear cim so. emersres from the shadows, takes on the feurnari form of a dasnins. romantic 3over, and lor three days aJI the human becomes the =:? • o lodges. Eases Headache In 3 Minutes A!K> DcvDralgxft, Tnnfrphr adho mod p«in»» toothmche, earache, paiodicml and other pttins doe tt> inocpmic causes. No narcotic*. lOc and 25c I Tferee» le&dias- men, as di I in physical type as in sctir-p tetn- j f Harding "in -Gallant I-ndy," h**j "r u * identity secret, and j ftrsr aftarring pictare for ?0th i ihe yo«n? women .present with I Century FJciures, the feature film I feis "beauty, ^Js wit and his tnys- | at The Plaza Theatre Tuesday and ] teriou* importance. » Wednesday. f With each of them'be seeks to j Each of the trio lays sie;e to i '2nd the real thrill of love, for her lieart sn his <?wn way, ^-ith j h* has been told that, of all nu- j thcJr efforts ra-nsrins *U the. way f man emotions,, love is the strong- f Ironn tempestuous weeing: ;o dc- ; c*t and dearest. But with each [ spairtng devotion. i successive sweetheart, he fails, to • Th% merits of ^x,'' 1 . *n the eyes ] find the thriU ae fxpectsi. until at of the public will i><^ a matter of i last* he captivates the heart of ffirunJne. ta«e. »lihough the 1 on* sir! and discovers the true ! authors of the st^rv have made i nie&ninsr of !!fo and love- Dread; Miss IlardiTjjr'a choice for her \ inp to revea.1 hi» real personality, their deveTopment of the ? h*; puts the fata! moment off un- PERSONALS IDee Locke wlvo underwent an operation last Tuesday at Si, Josepn's hospital is doing: well. Mrs. S. T. Began and dausrhter. Betty Jo. of- Quitaque areTisitins Mrs. T. L. Hoc-ver here. '" " Mrs. TT. I>. Ingram and srand-, daug^hter. I/ncile Ingram nave •returned from western Texas the--.-visited last -week At The Lamar one can be foond to defend him in court, for all -videcc» p»Cnt* t» I { f^se is too strange to b*" believ- » One of the greatest dramatic! a5>Ie i plays *a the history of the Amer- - j icaa theatre <i*m*s to Paris Tues- ! Antlers Youths Joitt [ day as '" The" "Wiicbin^ Hour" ] the Lauaar Theatre. In i Broken Bow CCC Camp | tb* cast are Sir Guy Standing. ! John Kalliday. Judith Allen and i Tom Brqwn, Gertrude Michael j and V.'jlliams Ftav.-ley. ! The film productlOii retains the ANTLERS. Okla— county lads accepted in tbe- CCC- camp at Broken Bow tbe past week are: Clarence Biilixtgs, C. Cordle T^apiax. --W.-~.I>. The Jam«« picture has one ol t ne j r&I1s G eo-~e stransest plots ever conceived. It Frankil - n Oliver. Chester tells the swry of ^an old • love. ham , Cfeeswr Fenwick aad Hftr . whicfc for years aas existed only bert K T . h b*en DOG MOTIFS PATTERN 658 1 and stren j mance. Included in. the exciting j I rroments of the picture are a mur- ] | der committed under a. strange I ' hypnotic spell and a thrilling I j courtroom vindication, usin^ a. : j defense as strange as'the crime : i itself- i I ; i Tom. Brown and Judith Allen ! I play the roles of the youns lovers j 1 tvhose romance is „tested when ' j Krown commits a crime. Under as \ j hypnotic spell at the time of the-4 \ act, he remembers department. Chafing itching Rash easily soothed by** olanci meoicaffeiOrtOf- Resinol mo.tifs,! 3-4x2. S~4 inches, reqttirenaents. and . suggestions for of. our favorite", do^s j transfer pattern of four motifs 3 —-are as cute on teacldtlis, totrels, {1-2 x S 1-2 indies, four bridge mo- bridge cloths and many other; lia- rifs 3 1-2x5 inches and.-foar-.jiapkin \ ens as they are, in. reality. These are done entirely, In single stitch. and so are quickly made. The small usin^ ^thero. on a. variety of linens- j flowers around them srive a touch.- Seu-d -10- cents in stamps or coin. ! of color in lazy-daisy stitch-The (coin "preferred). for this pattern.! motifs also are effective on kid- {to The. Paris, Xeivs . rseedlecraft ! dies' accessories. . j Dept., S2 Eisbib Avenue, Pattern 55S comes to you- -with;, a. I Tork, X. T. Virgill 1^. visited his Grant 171 day, . . Grant. of mother. Mrs. Myrtle; TVest Kaufman. Sun- i ' U. M. Norris of Blossom -A-ent "a major- bpera.ri<>n at] the Sanijarium of Paris, turned to Jiis home- bas re- i Miss Frank,ie McKinney, has been, at the Sanitarium ,: 'of I Paris for treatment. returi?ed to 1 her horne in Cooper Sunday. I Mrs. vT. C. Bryan -svith her in-1 fant sou. William. Harvey, born, j at the Sanitarium of Paris. Ijisj returned to her home at Spiro f OMa. •.:":;.'-" . - : .,, , BTiss Mary "Susan, Morris of _Xe^ Tork City who has been a. patient ar tns Sanitarium of Paris ^here" she underwent a, major oi>eratio75, Traa able to leave the Sanitarium.- Sunday. - Miss Rttthie Mae Carter of Sum- j ner routs 2, returned to iter home [ Monday morning: after having j been a patient at the iLaznar hos- f pital. ! Miss Jt,dna Satherise Kiu^s-; worthy -who under^'ent a njajor [ operation at the I^amar hospits-I f several days a^o returBed to her j horns In Grant, Okla^ Monday, r Forest Gorier and Roland ; Ma.nsks hav« returned- from a five I weeks" tour of tee Pacific coast = and • the Ivocky mountains. . Mrs, J". U. Conxvell. of 100 South j Ttventy-sixth street, -«-bo unSer- ^ went a. major operation at the • Lamar • hospjial Saturday morning. '. i--* reported to fee -doing: ,as -prell as , possible- Mr. and Sirs. B. 1^ Sandefur of Temple, vtsiied relatives here Sun-' ds.y. H. X. Sandefsr who has beer- vi=it.!!3s: in the -west the past t'.vo Tnonths accompanied tbe^ri here. ; Miss WlliriB. Tudor returned home iviih them. The Day's Dial All Hours Central Standard Time P. M. - - •• ^:00 CBS Three Knaves and a. Queen: XBC Leonard Keller's •orchestra.. , 5:30 CBS "Raffles. : the Amateur Cracksman"; XBC Bavarian band. • • • -,' ' 7:00 CBS, Rosa Ponselle:' XBC Sinclair Minstrels. 7:30 CBS French Casino orchestra : XBC House parry. S:00 CBS "Way ne Kind's -orchestra.: "XBC Contented program. . - • • • • S:39 CJ5S Sms^in 1 Sam: Denji-Tasse Revue, -Arah elm's • Orchestra. • :.Sr45 CBS Mary Eastman, Ev^n- Evans: XBC Democratic-Republican series. ^S: 00 CBS Fats Waller, sosgs: NBC Amos 'n* Andy. . Scl5 CBS Xews. followed by Glenu Qrar's orchestra: XBC <jene : and Glenn as "Jake and Lena." 3: SO CBS Gray's orchestra: XBC Jack Denny's orchestra. 3:45 CBS Enoch I^isht's or-, chestra. - :^.-i.O;_eO CBS I>eon Belasco's orchestra: XBC Phil Karris" orchestra- V ^0 -SO CBS R=g=rie Chiles" orchestra: " XBC . Koser 'tVolf* Kahn's orchesTra. II: 00 CBS Jack RiisselFs orchestra: XBC Clyde Ideas' orchestra, CBS STATIONS STATIONS WSAP. F^. IVortb WXPW, Clwc!r!»*tl UXXAli Sar; Asts=l .^T, WRIGHT DIES AT DEPORT Arranged for Monday Afternoon at Sesidertce Tberc ! DEPORT. — Mrs. J<>hn I TVrigbz. 72"years old, died of • • - - ! j heart, attack about 11 o'clock Sun- j i day ', morning'; at n.s~ home, two!' miles north of _ Deport. The. fun- j i eral -ivas . announced for 3:39 j; 1 o'clock Monday afi^moon at the |"i • residence, conducted by the Hev. f! i Avery, Rogers of the ' Baptist ! • 1 church hers and tie Rev. C- - S. i {TVilhite, Methodist pastor, burial ; | being: at tbe fa.m!ly cemetery, "here. ; 1 MrsC Wright is survived by ber \ \ husband and seven, children. Otto ; ' Wri&b'i of" TTinters. Tom of Em- \ \ berspa. _ .Obe of 'Detroit: - "Mrs- i i J«ICT Reeves of FTzlbrfgrRt: Henry * and Sill Wright" and Mrs. Birdie i Cross of J>er>ort- She also" leaves : several grandchildren, ! SPECIAL OFFER to introduce Kysnize (Lustaquik Finish) Enamel 30c—1^ Pint C*n Kyank« Enamel 15c—^Robbcnet Brmh 45c Val Both for JohnsotvBillingsley Co. PHONE 248—WE DELIVER BUSINESS TO MEET TUESDAY ^nd son. B. M. Jr.. leave today for 3. two t**eeks* tdp to- Chicago, After attending the Cent cry of Progress exposition they \v:M motor into Canada before return- iivg- home. last second his "THrath HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY SHOP Wave 91.25 Wave Set ISC I-Cr. Opcmtor Sooth is«h ft p Y" V™ .- »^«« HAMUri DIEft HERE HENSHAWS ICECREAM PT. . QT. 25' 11* f dramjt's plot. ] til" the . very I CUve Brook's type is symbolic,. "hoJJday." } of sincerity and »elf-*acrjfic«. | Supportiag March in ! Otto Kru^rr. the New York | Takes a. HoUcay." are star excmplines tenderness. I Kent Taylor. with a. quiet devotion and j [ a. firmness of wit! and character.! ; TulHo Cartainati, blends a. sen»« j : of humor n-ith bt* efforts to ••win] I Ann H*rdtng'* favor. He plays the; \ ro!c of a dashing; Italian Count. { Th» body of Mrs. Irca« Odoni j ar- ardent wooer who pursue* her \ O f Hattslln, who di«d at 10:30 I from hl» natl\-e counto* oack to! o'clock Saturday nt^ht a.* the San| Am*ric«. Mithely refusing to »6-1 ttftrluvn of Paris, was taken to | c*pt "No" for an answer and j Talco for burlaK. services bein^ I cheerfully and wittUy mcetins: j ^.eld Sunday- afternoon -at the ; each rebuff, j Baptist church by the Rev, M. M, j Each of these three characters ] Tate. | plays an important role in the lire; Mrjt, Odom. IS year* old. who = of the srf> Miss ilarding portrays ] wajl ; s ken ill Joty 4 while or. a j in th* story. | \i»it to her father. J. E. Fry at Oat i TaUco, h*d • Sanitarium been brought to tb<t» for treatment. K«r FORMER CfcARKSVILLE MAN TO VENEZCELA -r- Karve W. Murphy, forirserly of Clarks'.'ilic, scft here Sunday for Miair.a, Fla.. to take a plane to Port of Sp»:r, Trinidad, en route to Carspito F and Professional vril! have ity fort- ni^Iitly rneet;~5 Tuesday eveni23» at Brook Koliotv- on Laniar road, supper bejng served promptly at 5:30 o'clock. Miss VerJinda Tates Tvill have clp«i-ice oi A. recrcationsLl ^r MRS. W. S. THOIVL4S DIES US" DALLAS HCXS"EY GROVE.—Mrs. Te. ?, Thomas of Lubbock died in T>a.llss Monday rnornfrt^ at 5 o'clock, of had not been nouttced Monday at.noon. to be employed as store a neart attack snd tho body manas«r for the Standard Oi; fee brought' here for burial prob- irompany. He. xrss accompanied TO ; ably Tuesday, though funeral-arMlajn: by h;s wife sr»<i sister, Mrs. J. T- Glover, after hein? the jrue?: here of his parents, Mr, and Mrs. John Murphy. His wifo will rr- feer SOR j^. tn Daltes when sbe died, bad g^sne there- from Kor:cy Grove after a. A*i?:t "with various relatives. The fatnily for wsarsy years lived iti the Dial community. turn to their home in Ix?s Anije- 1??. Cal.. and join him in South America later. Mr, Murphy was employe^ for several years by the Shell Petro- lewnj company in the T^ake Mari- csbo district in Venezuela, before U>catin?r in California. A. D. STOCKTON OF COOPER DIES HERE A: Do— Stockton of Cooper. SS • years old. died, atout noon Suncsy " at the Sanitarium of Paxis ?rh.ere he had recently bad EJT operation. ; Tne bodj.- "was taken to "Cooper ' for burial, zhe funeral being an- J nounced for 1^- o'clock Tuesday ! mornins- at the Methodist cirarch. | His" "wife. lormerly !Miss* ~*Vatson | of Roxion and his mother. Mrs. M. ! J.-'Stockton,- survive. - ] 3!r. Stockton" had for several j years been connected ^ritii the- I First Xational bank at Coocer. ; "Gallant Lady" ANN HARDING ^— CUVE BROOK You "-ill cheer, it lustily You -A-ill remember it "fondly Summer T 1 I ¥ ¥ 1* I Monday 1 akes a Holiday Tuesday Moazday asd Tuesday Strmmer Prices THE WITCHING HOUR TT,ESJDAT .-*T ROX'TON ANNOUNCED Mr. and Mrs. I* M. Stel! an- aouncs the maniasro of their daughter Nannie tx>«. to B. M. Mrs. F, .D. Julian. S9 years o<d. . Gwley. son of Mr. and Mrs. TV. reported critically ill at her th home at Rc-xtor,. has been a I place on July I having taken in Hu?o. resident tbcre many years. the Rev, Oakes officsatinj:. I husband. G. T. Ou^m of HamHn, Ob**M«of ADLXRTKAqukfc ] ber father and several brother^ wit BOTH *ff*t aatf IffWc; you «* «ai mn< Mft Genuine Gloverized DRY CLEANING 5QC D LE RIKA DAIXAS. Tex., {fa —Leroy Rob '?K Trxa* checker title In a *tat- *v«rnmm*tit betinning htr* At tW price of ordinary Men** SwU aod Ladie* td and Exclusive New Features Give a New Meaning to Efficiency in the Crosley Shelvador ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR 9 Six Beautiful Models To Choose From Now On Display Ever>-thins: that could possibly be wished lor in ttleetric refrij^ration efficiency will b« found in the New- Crosley Shelvador. Ser»sa- tiopal v-aj^e^i Unmatched Conveniences! Out- sta-".dins: iKjauty: Ix>nsr. trouble-free service. The shelves in tc« door provide ample storage space for many articles of food, which increases the USAJ3I.K capacity of the refrigerator a-Lout 50 per cent, VCith the SheHador, food is rlsiht at the finder tips. Open the door and THKRE it is. instantly tune, effort and current. fmdable. Saves ^r Crcsisy—-appro\ ed by the Good Housekeeping Institute . . made under the highest standards of manufacturing precisiors, dercandins accuracy to ths ten-thousan<5Eh »>f an inch ... the Ion,; period of trouble-free service proven by thousands in actual use .. this i* vour rfcat Cro»i*" EI«efcric Kefriseratora are of the highest possible £ty .tr ;*r»* 5o'.v«est possible pric*. MAKE A HOUSE A

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