The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 18, 1931 · Page 16
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 16

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 16
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THE DAILY HEWS. TREDKRIGK. MB.. THURSDAY. DJSC0EBEB 17,1985. Fuelless Indians Face Blizzard Pleads Guilty Before Judge Willard To Possession Of Liquor. NORWOOD CONVICTED Of AUTO LAW VIOLATIONS * Decision Of Magistrate Upheld In Verdict Rendered By Jury. sr^'.v Sy * .'Jry of reck)esa dr:-^i; and also found guJty of oper- at:s£ an autoraooile without lights, in a tna. B»:or« ta* court. Judg* Arthur D W_larc on -_=e bench Thursdaj af- ·eroT Ga-r^on W Norwood was ·Snea S50 ar3 costs o= tse flrst charge arc $10 and costs oc tbe second, a 'M- ,:»: of $:i6^3 \ Tie case* were appeals from the JJociet of Magistrate A:ton Y. Bennett *aa tJve first case for reck:ess dn%ing Teas t«en _p before the Jury Five witnesses test Jed for Norwood and three for the state After a short de- Lberation the ;ary returned a verdict of gu^ty. The Jury. Mehrl f Moberly. Thorc- -a* J Cram, Pmlip E Grove. Justus B AtJLnson. C. Elmer Hull. Fred J Stun- kie. Albert L. W^e. Taykr A. Sparrier. S5n»r P Michael. William KL Barton. CUsde M Ec«r and Robert L. Tyler. . Judge Willard found Norwood guilty ft the charge of driving without lights ·at a tr.a! before the ooun Pleading guilty to » charge of tbe ^wesesska of laiuor, Howard Schade. this city, was s«atea«d by Judge Wil- jard to nine months in the House of Correction. Schade had been before the court oa niml'nr charges on previous occasions. * Pearl Green and Mary Shpwbridge. ftoth of Brun*wick, were released from jaU Thursday morning after having eonraleted Mnteneej of three months ·ach on a liquor charg*. The women ··ere arrested in tbe neighborhood of a dance haH hartng in their possession m nuKber of bottles of wh!«kr. They aatf« an eSort to conoe*! the liquor, ·when arrested, but wrre nnguccessful. THREE ARRESTED EOR She Objects Sheriff And Deputies Raid Still ! Near Graceham. ! mto OPERATORS JAILED ! i Surprising a tno of -moonshiners," , i mhi operating a big copper st.U in an j · abandonee! school house befaeen , Graceham awl M^ti/ers Station Wed- \ 'nesday e-.eElng. Sheriff Charles W j Cram and three deputes arrested 'he which contained about ten gallon* of mash. Other paraphernaua and in- gredienU for the manufacture of liquor ·aere fouoo. The old buUdin« i» located off the [main highway and evidently appealed to the men as a good place to set up their illicit business. Sheriff Crum 5tat«l that the surroundings indicated that they **** very recently located tnemselves. Persons observing tbe strangers became suspicious and noti- | fied the eneriff After obtaining a jclue to the locality of tbe operators the officers were not loeg 1 them. Opera Head S . , . ,, _. , Puol.cation of a biography of Jack operator, and destroyed we stai. The ; bwugw ip«*« from three men. ra=r-r.g in age from 23 to Mrj charn! ^, ^^ , aSx)TeK wldow of the famous author She '"** eon- ·ended mat «ne should have been consulted before the writer of the biography. Mrs Georgia Lonrs Bamiord, reproduced certain let'ers of London's More than 300 Indians, many of them ill. faced exposure to the bitter cold of the blizzard gripp-c r.or'h'Ae.-s'.rrn New Mexico and mrtheajurn Arizona when the coal supplv at the Ga.iado. Ariz. Presbyterian Ni 1 .ajo mission gave out. The upper picture shows a street in Gallup. N. M . where relief parties were organized, only to be blocked by the heavy snov drifts In the mountains The lower view shows Indians huddled about the little mission after they had escaped death in the blfizard only to find themsehes almost Isolated and uithou: fuel at Ganado They are holding mission sheep, which they had 'o batcher for !ood when supplies ran tow 30 ears, »ere landed in jail and wUl · be he'd for the act.on of the grand Jurv unless tney furnish bail j Sheriff Crum received * "tip" Wed- ; nesday morning that several men were j suspected of operating a sisU in the ' neighborhood of the Motter*s Station.! With deputies Foreman. Loy and Harris Ihe officers v-s-t-d the locality and ! , ecce vf ' Jsos - about 30 - x their attention was attracted to the' Xermlt Miisio. aoo-i: 30. Tersessee. old "Mud College * sr.oo! house, a | Music OT-oet! a Reo automobile. The orick building abar.don*d some time ' officers tovk possession of the car and SRO Led by Sheriff Crum, the officers broagit -t to th-s city entered the door aad found three men The operators, taken completely by apparently making ready for a brew j surprise, made so resistance and were A quantity of mash had been placed brought by the officers to Frederick In the still and everything was In j and lodged In jail. They had very lit- readiness for operatums to begin i t to say except to she their names Placed under arrest the men gave j and places of residence. It was evi- their names as Harry Hall and £ar- ! dent that they had just set up the stsli Culbertam Gcto Big bead. New Vork. Dec. 17.--ESy CulbertstHi and Ted Lightner rolled up a lead of ; 5 785 points on Sydney S. Lenz and ' Oswald Jaooby by w^jsirsg the first ':^^ rubbers tonight in the 150 rubber contract bridge marathon. The ! ruaber standing became Culbertson, 28; Lenz, 25. Points of rubber, 53: Cul_ bertson, 2.145; Lenz, 635 IJghtjjer 'and Culbenson bad good cards. Lignt- ner p^yed weU. The opposlUon suffered heavy penalties, once being I 000 on a strength pass of partner's double tor CulbertacQ. 1 ASK $75,000 RANSOM Husband Wiffiac T* pay CM Wife. City. Dec. 17.--Mis. Ki Qumlan Donnelly, millionaire gK ' rras'i.factarer, was is. the hands o£ kit j sappers tomgh:, threatened with bea blinded--vkile her frantic has I Paul Donaeily, and former Semfe | James A. Reed, of Missouri, aoojbt j effect her safe release by payment ' $75,000 ransom. At the end of 1930 Usere were 2,625.000 electric refrigerators !n operation in tae United States. The only woman opera unpressan :n the country Is Sirs. Wi2jaBJ C. j Hammer, above. ne«r!y elected rioe- j president and general manager of the i Philadelphia Grar.d Opera Company. | Only two other women fa operatic his- jtory have held .vmiiar positions. A guarantee that the dezcasded rai sozn would be paid was made pub! bj Keed. neighbor and attorney for tJ Doaaellys. The fiery and rdentln fonair senator warned that it "the :s a single *«ir of her head banned he would spend the neet of his-life, · necessary, to run down the fcdnappt ' and send them to the gallows. The it:rfrapag was revealed toda := notes irosi Mrs. DoaneUy. politic figure aca leadzng business woman Kansas City, who wrote her hasbaoi "If you refuse to pay. I win be blim ! ed and the negro w^l be killed," ! Mrs. Donnelly was abducted at « t HL yesterday while nding home wit . her negro chauSetir, George Blair. A bridge table manufacturer Is put :ag out 3 new product inth a moJstun proof top. ; AOT VETERANS li Carty's Gift Ideas G.O. P. BEGINS TO PUNISH ; CRITICAL CONGRESSMAN · i ^_ j McFadden To Be Deprived Of Postmaster Appointments. i== Supports$200,000,000 Measure To Make Payments. $41,000 BAIL FORFEITED ttre FaH To Appear At Uqnor Snaffling TrtmL Dec. IT--An nnsucceecfui Washington. Dec 17--Retaliatory ac- ·-jn against Rep McFadden for his (.Marges against President Hoo\er was begun today by his fclloa Pennsylvania Republicans. -- At the request of Sens Reed and D.-ils of that state. Postmaster General RESOLUTION IS ADOPTED B:cwn agrecd ;° d ^ rne ·"* «.,*,**«, mjUULIUllVll iu U.UVL «·"*- i auisressman of his privilege of naming postmasters in his district. In the House where McFadden asserted the President had "fold out to Ger,many" a mo\c was begun at the same j t jnc b} Rep. Darroa to compel Mc- 'Faddcn to pro\e his assertions or to be r»ad out of the party Darrow Is the Pennsylvania member of the powerful Republican steering committee. Under the new procedure the two senators will parcel out the postmaster A Sewing Cabinet § is always useful. Convenient ban- == £ die for carrying about. Washington, Dec 17--The Christ' mas spirit WRS evoked successfully In ' -he House today to obtain appro\al 1 of a $200 000 000 appropriation for .loans on xeterans' bonus certificates Chairman Byrns of the appropriations committee, explained that 1m- j mediate action was desired so that the Bureau could accommodate mice men. who wanted thc to ft' H A Magazine Carrier == is always useful. A large selection == to choose from. A very unusual sEE one at 1 $2.75 == = "TO THINK OF FCRXITCKE IS TO THTXK OF CARTT* , V =E of what agents said -was a llmior ring i b * v -*. had been operating for two yean.' under the 50 per cent, valua- on thi home L' in Canton. Pa. -- t tompriw;s a large num- -- ber of rural counties. , ^ C.C.CART\1 ESTABT.TSHED 1868 and going «peedi launches, each with three 400 horsepower engines, an automobile and a truck were Included in the property taken by the agents. Seventeen men were placed underfaond aggregating £140,000. When the cases were called today five failed to appear and their bond, totaling $41.000 was ordered for- for tbe men. all «t whom fare N«nr York and Brooklyn addresses sought without avail to aave tbe evidence procured nrhen the truck and automobile were seised suppressed. During the argument the Jury was excused. Judge W. Cal-rtn Chertnut ruled that the agents at the time the ve- fclcle* were stopped were In the possession of sufficient information to make their action proper. 500.000 veterans holding bonus certificates, exhausting the bureau's reserve Thl» does not taclude $75.000.000 loaned by private banks to \etcrans. The measure was the first passed bv tt»e Democratic House calling for money from thc Treasury It ako was the first presented by the neu Democratic chairman of the com- U to M PATRICK EAST FKEDEBICK- le was_ prepared to -is allegations and -given the opportunit} ~ I "11115 thing is above personalities." he == , added. · it aSecLs the welfare of the =S I couat ^ : ^lilllllilllllillllllllllllllililliillilllillllillliliiiililillllllllllllllllllllilliililillHHIii Tour Gain, our Loss. Imagine 34 price in December. The first time in our history. These eoats will not be displayed In our windows because of oar Christmaa trim. Coat Sale (Except Polo Coats) This one-half price Coat Sale is usually run the latter part of January, but due to existing; conditions we are cutting prices now. No need to wait any longer--buy your coat now! advertises pays bit Invest in it. STICKLER SOLUTION NAME TOE MEAN CUPPED *"s mast's VET HA^O, /w . WflS P/^ST TO SAY AMEN f T"J »ts«Js s 1 . Kea-.- '-erien are the orf »-!Bci; »ert rrKssj^s- 4ii art of e sane tots leBeii i At committee hearings Veteran Ad- 'mtnistrtttor Hlnes '-id thc f-'OO 000 000 should Zast until June 30 but he added, "·*» anticipate that -f present conditions are tna-ntoincd there wil! be a greater demand for loans . Cp to November 30 Hutcs slid ~- per cent, of thc \etenm-; n"eotiatci ' loans Of that number he said, 6. 'per cent, did not waste t:v ir monei 20 per cent, us^d It f - mrstiwnt purposes; 8 per cent for isitomobJcs · and 7 per cent rexxlvcd n^ benefit. j But Few Wasted Money. j "It i» rarprisirie to find thnt oriv 7 per cent are supposed to ha-.e xristed their money. Hints said "There ·was R feel'ng that a great desil o' it Tould be wasted ' Hmes teitiHed that the 50 per cer.t bonus law iras not rcspons'olc for thc Treas-ary deficit. 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