The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 13, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1924
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWELVE THE HUTCHTNSON NEWS. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1924 OUR BOARDING HOUSE BEGIN HERE TODAY I i..uj;i.i.~ t- riii,I '.l.i ,.iiKh t hi- in ;* rt in I lie vni \y < \ ••- liidi.' -iti 'I*.- )].«>! u! !).•• sun i .M .in D|' ri..u<T Ai ii n. his J^m« l.shin.l |,.-irir, Kt;( "i'cr Mt<- 'h-.i'i Jil.'il). jii--h>l hi hiiti.I, if M..i-..!rn linl- v, f..i ni.-t BU r. I r I nf n->t \\ iU\ Nil \ . livil TllM.'t, I l.l > 1 ] i 1 ' H !IU|i'-, .Sliilljs iiy ih" liirhl :*uit''li. Then Nnm'\ . hri In .iih.'i, ('/; ilh- i\> 7i f. I.'yivi ' >.Miii''l, rilrn.l of l-n.i.'v; Mi-.s Maul.'. Jt.iyimrs *lilrr, iiiiii i.ihi'i.-t, Hin i tin- ninju. Luni-'i K;iviior, f<'H nf ['•f>ut;t;i^ fi.'t> iu.»r I 'V fliM limn-liip.. .•••iv^s in . );itui III* r i\)u I'P « stntr-. Ntns-. Tnin. r foii- f"-,S'-s l't at I '-in pi tnir t'i liciyoli P11U4;- '.if iinviM-f (tut of r> VI-JIJ ;, . jV-nninj*- iull U'[M . H ^Ir-I.r,.!,,) ill JUdJ Ills ii^istatit, V.Vt.x, :»r t; rullM to \\\\\\ t)it» e;i.«.> fill «.f tin- ] binds of [ ',-lrrtiM. I ml.l.ins \Vi>,. f Us* < irvUli- Kent tlnti an (i!i;--!tlfr MISI»-.-K-II nf l!:.- m:if'l"r of 'hi- pi 111 1 M an •tV'Tshnt' (iinnW ''(( the tit-or ut I ho tun pom. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY Mm! rt';itly a. I 'lnv?" "Il'.-i a sort of a iii-Kiiiivf* clew, I liitvc mailt.' iih.-st ran'lul -..-arch and I liav-f fmniii in ihf lioii-i' no rub- Itffs ilia! t nit IM - iiiiiM.' in Mi Hint II int." "SuppuMtic I ilitl it — alul lliti.' w t« ay m\ ? ub)>!T.-' "WIM'IV tliii yuii ill VIVA ' ihein?' "U'!iy- -whv - I ddti'! inimv —" "All ri^ht—wiu'if would you . hno^e to Uimv t In in ?" "In tli*- nihbir-b ran. 1 stij)pos t «." Mul \\r <n\ !<>uk"il MI li[;ink thai Zizi ; i iinvli-icil. However. 1 ilo not I li In It . sin 1 will even In* urrt'MttMl. S<\ lis I saiil, wait 'J I hcSur before you j ntnkft iMiblie ihla rather bowfUii'rfnfc j story of your own guilt. W'c liuv jU'tty well proved thrtL the *hol was firt'il at fivu mlnntoK before seven. You then on the bridge with Miss Kay, Now when you see, your sister in Mich dtro dan* Kr»r that you feel noeeHsary to tako over her pullt, anil claim it toi* yourself, U will be time enough to make, your ronfeasfcin. Hut for heaven's sake it bolstered up Into shape so that at* least PobhiiiR will believe 'Will you let me know, Mr, j Wise, if or when you see waiters 1 ( tendinK toward my sister that ! .she Is in danger?'" j "In order that, you may make your own fake confession?*' ' Kent nodded, "I'll promise this—Mr, Kent. I'll promise to tell you first of all, when I have learned the identity of the ren) criminal. And I will toll you within the 24 hours.' "1 know what tills tluit Kent' men,' zi/i .said, as they walked away Into the Rardetis. "Ho has no spirit of humor." "My word. Zizl! Do you call this / DO LE-f WE VlARIA UPMOOR-fEA A BrT MR6, 6ARVJEV'.' ReflRE'D PROM W\Q AFTER GETYIUQ H\& &MARB OF VIILL'^-*'VJUA-Y vftV! VOEAR licrCvAlKlG BO-f WUl-fE COLUAR& VjO*J EVERV PAV rf A "SVlAME VlouJ SO M e LET MOtJfeV «SO ~lb"f.iElR HEA'DS'?-^ I WAS -JUcrf-TELLlMG MV PlOkN -"WAT \F WE EVER TALL llJTO MOlJEV VT VJoO i f "TUR >J US.'-*' A. FOOR PARTV LlfJB PVlOKlE VJILL "aflLL BE GOOD evJoiJGrt w? OS, 1 9AVS ! - SES y -I ASREE V A JITU UER -TUERe!-"MAvJV A PISH VlEklT WHILE SUE ViAD WER EAR GLUED Old-TvU -r FOUR f PARTV PMOlJEy? SUE KrtOVJG | VJUV SAV,-*' ' SUE CAlJ EVfEkl TELL VoO Mou) MAIN M0RT6ASES -TvlER6 VJERE OfJ OUCLE -T OM'S CABI U!., IX TllK FAINTKST IIAItil t!llALl. TOl'CH (IK ToXKsS s-HK SAI1>. Vol' —IK —IK— IP-" "KKAR NOT .<niil(!<l at his utti-r luck of lngenul- un occasion for au exliibltlon of a tv HtMise of humor?" "Not precisely, but I mean lie roulilii't even see how funny lie was. barf-'ainlng with you to let him know when the psychological mo- i meiit. arrived for hlni tn commit In yuii nii-an. e^ai-tly'. 1 '' 1 perjury to save hiB sister.' 1 un, from i-iiiiuie unlll af-[ ••y ni i r Enclish Is nearly as in- Kii-K llinl H.iiiuhiH llaynor , vo | V e,| a » his ulaus! Now. Zizl. "Now. as KI the time, onci* more." Winn ,-ahl. "What do you know of the lime from your own observu- Hun i'ecunliiij: tliai inoiiient of tlio , Tillie?" '•What "1 111' • • • vim i. MI li-iii slm:. dill vim |i»>l< ai your: u wall li •.'" "Nil- I ioi! I ren:' 1 !!!!!' ; ••Y.M I think you testified that v.i i sioml nil liie tiiid^i- wiili .Mi^b ; !--;i- at f-.v .1! ii'.'lo.'l,. ' (In. yet-, I did. She said it was j -'•'.<-n. and s'ue IIHII-I hurry houu'. ' us her uioilii-:- would lie exiiecting j Ioi-. So .-li,- ui-nl home, and 1 i-iuue ut» th*- hill to this- lioiise." ' "(teaching liere to find Uaynoi shot and the other? standing about ' in eonsternntion?' - ! "Yes." "Oh. Mr. Kent, you are forgetiiiic your story ot shooting him your-i self!" Zizi cried this out. t Kent illii not Hiuile—he looked j troubled and said earnestly "ltut j you t"ll me Mr. Wise tliiu m> <-is- 1 ter -will not lie arrested if she is j innocent." j "I did not say aiTOHteds.u'd • "I Cured My Rupture • volved an his plans I the will business must be looked into next—and settled before we can aiiiise the beautiful widow." "Don't. I'enny." THdn't she shoot her husband?' "No—a thousand times no!" "Who did. then?" "You know well enough. Penny Wise! Hut as to that will, we've not to vet H out of Friend Lionel somehow." "Not an easy job." "No. Why don't you threaten him with the law?' 1 "He's not the sort ot chap who frightens easily—" ".Not by mere -words—I know. Hut. I say. Penny—I've an idea, of course, you won't ngree to it—and yet—if you should—I'm sure—I'm positive it would succeed—oh. Penii\-. mayn't 1?" "Well, since you state your plan Mi clearly, I can't help agreeing (hat it is a capital suggestion!" "Oh, 1 forgot I haven't told you the plan yet. And. by the way, Pen, did you notice a most important Item -when you gazed on that pic- learn that Lionel llaynor la more ior less of a spiritualist—or, rather, j that he believes in spirits and is l mortally afraid ot them. Now, I'll ' give him a manifestation that it it I doesn't persuade lilm to give up i that will, at least will prove that : he has suppressed or destroyed it." i "It might be a good thing," Wise ' said, meditatively. "I know your i powers in that direction. Ziz—I I mean In carrying out a scheme of that sort, and I Bay, go ahead: But do It now." "Y,es, tonight. And I don't want any help." "Late, 1 suppose." "Yes; well after midnight." And that's how It happened that very late Niat night, about half-past two. a Bllm little figure stood In front ot a mirror and draped Itself with a multitude ot gauzy gray draperies that floated and .waved at a breath or a motlou. Zlzi's head and shoulders as well as her tiny body were covered with the misty veils and the cowl-shaped hood came well over her forehead. Her make-up box had turned her face chalky white, her lips were pale, but her eyes were not. only ringed with black shadows, hut a liny touch of phosphorus on her eyebrows gave an unearthly glow- that was suggestive of the Infernal. Unseen, the gray figure glided along the hall and paused at the door ot Lionel Itaynor's room. Listening a moment, Zizi heard no sound save the regular breathing as of a sound sleeper, and softly turning the knob she entered the door and closed it behind her. Reaching the bedside, Zizl, so In tent on her work that she felt almost a real ghost, leaned over and lightly touched the sleeper on the arm. When he awoke suddenly, and sat bolt upright, tne ghost was in the middle of the room, and -with slowly waving arms coming toward him. Now Raynor was afraid ot ghosts—he vowed his unbelief In them, but he always knew that It he ever saw one he should bo frightened out of his wits. Anil he was. He turned cold all over ,a chill perspiration broke out on him, and, although he tried to scream, ho found himself unable to utter a sound. Zizi had done her work well. A more frightful ghost, even a more evident one. would have roused Itaynor's suspicion of trickery, but never dreaming of such a thing in this house, and, moreover, Impressed by the typo of apparition— which he had always held was the real- thing—he at once accepted the wraith-like fignro as supernatural. Even when the eyes turned on him, and he saw merely two small blurs of flickering light—Zizl was too much ot an artist to overdo the phosphorus—it seemed that at last a true ghost had appeared to him, and Lionel Raynor gave way to paroxysms of,fear. He writhed', he mumbled, he clutched at the hedclothes, and the watchful Zizi saw that there was danger of the man's going into convulsions. In the faintest of tones she said: "Fear not—fear not—no harm shall touch you—if—if—if—" (Continued In Our Next lisue.) Reduce Your Fat Without Dieting Years ago the formula for fat reduction was "diet"—"exercise." Today it is "IVkfi Mnrmola Prescription Tablets." Krtcnds tell friends—these friends tell others. They oat substantial foof?, live, as they like and still reduce steadily and easily without go- InR through long sieves ot tlrowoine pxi'reise and starvation diet. 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