The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 17, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1932
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DAILY HEWS. FREDERICK, MD, TUESDAY, MAY 17,1932. FIVE DEATHS ;, Among County Hiram L. MJBer. Le-jfis Miller. son of the late ; Washington. and Mar-Jia MSUer, dkd Women's Clubs ,, hi. »«»« evenmg ax, 5 o'clock. Heart: trouble was tbe cause of fate dealt. '· vfs * Mr. Miller. bis SOBS. K. M:l!er: two, DeerSe-ld. and! president, jour song Mrs. George M"******" asville; Mrs. John Machols, hostesses to the Harmony Grove Club at **Richfie£d.** the old home of the late Scott SchVcy, Friday, Jiss Ethel Tboznas, After Ui Ago." an Cre«d. reports oJ the SMALLER WHEAT CROP FOR STATtSEEN THIS SEASON OMISSION OF TANEY REFERENCE EIPLAINED 29 Per Cent Reduction Over ! Pratt Library Head Answers Year Ago Likely. A Maryland wheat crop o* about' Balunsore. May 16.---There 6.894.000 bushels agaa. New Windsor: Miss Martha Carr. Baltimore, and Mrs. Hamey Houek. near SykesvlUe. --Mr. and Mrs. Roy Franklin and children »pen*. Sunday afternoon with friends, near Taylprsville. --Mr. and Mrs. George Miller called on Mr and Mrs Frank Stitely. Ne* Windsor. Sunday Ujr. Medford. spent Sunday »t the home ·r, nothing personal, noth- o{ M , ^3 j^ j.^-^ j^n^j-. ae*- here Criticism. LOCAL MENTIONS Flue Watch Bepatrinx. Prices reasonable Work guaranteed 1 rr SAMUEL L TYLEK. 131 North Market Street CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK. *» * ref-. indicated by the ing according 'J Richard C. Ross, agricol- erer.oe- to Chief tural statistician £or the Maryland, Taney froai the h^! picsuie- K this pro- , map of Maryland being attribute- b.. .^ c;Hlrie j r vear's crop will the Enoch Pratt Library. Librarian Mr anJ Mrs be about 29 per cent. saialr than Joseph L. Wheeler said today ,, callers at the | Roger Bn»Se honM , o , Mr an(J Mr5 George Muier j were Mr. and Mrs Charks Ecker and Makinc. Place orders no« for wmd\» screens. becche«. Corner boxes, etc FREDERICK SPECIALTY. J!7 East Fourth Si. POTTS GRIFFIN. Orchard, Warner. Miss Cam-.- McNaUy. Mr ar-.d Mrs Clyde Warner and daugbier Catherine, this place. Dahlia BultK. Good var;«-;:e» at clveap pr:c*s. Blue K:c 4 ie Dahlia Gar-era;.. 106 ar.Q 10S ^ ^..^ t . phoac , S . M ·with further services in the Thunsont, p United Brethren church, conducted hv^- - · Rev. C. H. Corbeu. who will be assi.. *,, .__«,. 0 , by Rev. H. E. Krone. Wiihide and ;**"-« al » e . °t Creeger, f'jneral directors. fourth annual convention of the Miry- ; nd State Council of the Krrghts oi \ tavtwtioa was jna!l luncheons. An t^.^) y -20** than So per cent. Ex- Columbus at Haserstown yeswrd-y received from Mrs. j ^^^ jj p^ yeirs has shown. Besides the »ho has r-O Et of the County j*^ . a tour to MoK-:*V*£r Ystamln A. more than a hundred ·.^nes as potent as that :n ood Uver o:!. ijas been foiind :n r .he l:\er of hal'.but. LOCAL MENTIONS Clearance! g.,..^ s ..^-k Women's and coats and Suits at Nearly Half- - wu »^ it^.^ a-x-- ---*'perience in past years i Harry Davs. presicent of the County ) K_ wever . -hat conuition of wheat lib been adjusted. Mr. Wheeler said today [Federation, to jotn _ a tourto^Mom-] ^y. ^ ^ seflsOQ ^ .^ a very reii-j By means o: a special unprmt ~U Special Lite Prices c« suits o! clothes :r_ade to measure ??5 90 -J?. Altering, cleaning, pressing 510 00 and tltj 95 Values . ?169» Yal_« - SCS 00 Values · KEMP'S ' On '.he Square " » 595 9 95 0,1 years she had been an efScient care- | U ved in for about Drink More Milk. \ Miintam yciir youthful complexion b} , drm'ong thre* glides of milk e'-ery da\. ; Your cheap***, arid bes'. Jood. -Oc a gallon ___ CHARUS WERTHEIMER. '· THE CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK, MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 i SURPLUS $800,000.00 taker and companion in the home H. F. Mir^n and will be greatly aissec j Besides her parents she is survived by j two sisters and one brother: Mrs. Frank j Hoover. WakeSeld: Mrs. Russell Swy- | gars, Spr-ngSeld. O.: and Arthiir Haines. ; r., at hosae. i Funeral from the home of her parents : Tuesday at 2.30 p. m. in charge of her pastor." Rev. J. H. Hoch. Inter will be in Pipe Creek ce-necery club and mothers erf Harmony r the pro- vested sn 1931. The average of the ten i twenty years. He did his most unpor- years from 1921 to 1931 was 225.000 j tant work while living in Balumcre j bushels- Conduion of th^ crop is | and we had intended to mecuoa this about 85 per cent., or a little less than'. fact on a picture-map of Baltimore · the ten-year average of 87.7 per cent. . which is now being prepared. 1 Com BeeJ Hash Roast of Bee! CARROLL AND PATRICK STS. Opposite Pos: OfTice. ! In The City- DRUG STORES STAR FUEN1TURB 00. Ewy p, rcri you mail mast run the gauntlet of loss ! John W. Wnitmore. John Washington Whitmore. a re- will be about 20,000 acres bar- Mr. Wheeler added that while the, or jaraag«. bet-eer. your place and Sta ! vested this year. i library welcomed criticism of !Ls hav- ; y^^i 0 ; ietinat:on! Save yours*!! k»s. ) Equity Cases. j Condition" of hay and pasture crops. ing failed to lat the Chtef JusUce l '_ :Df Double and delays by securing a ' Catherir.* K. Sheehy vs. Edward W. ', is below average, due to the effects of | among ihe Frederick notables, he re- o arce i p M : Insurance Policy from us.! Sheehy. Bill of complainc for absolute i the weather during March and early ;Sented implications that the library Econoniical! Convenient! i divorce. Saaiuel A. Lewis, atsomey. i April Though ihese crops have been j was not aware of Taney's historical POTTS te GRIFFIN. j Jacob S. New, assignee of Eureka- '· slow in starting growth this spring.: importance. Maryland Assurance Corporation, as- i they are apparently in good shape and ; "There was absolutely nothing^ per- _ Crab Sonp Tomorrow. BARGAINS !S FVRN1TVRE SO s: gh'.:-v use:". :ef'!z«awrj. a:i j'.iej. H 00 10 J1200 100 !-.·- taje r-JI» -new) * J - S u: - , ^ ~,~ roosi. d:u.:-g 1002-.. bfC room and kitche:-. :urn:'.ure anil housrho.s eSocti of every k::il and drvcr:?:-.oa. new and »:i$hl!v u»e!. a: unheard o! prices Come :a a:id be coni.iu-ed '.hat yo-j can »»»: more th»n hall We ·*'.'.'· trade your cM !cr-::'.ure :n Your credit I* goxl here STAR FVRN1TVRE CO . SM :?* North liarlte: S'.reel. '.cic. Maryland. dres: George. St. Louis: J. C. Whitmore, absolute divorce. et«. Charles McC. | Keyrnar; Mrs. Gertrude Selby. Aanap- Mathias. aitomey. olis; also fifteen grandchildren. Guy K. Moiter, assignee of Sanr-ie: i Sykesville . . . I lumbus at Hagerstown yesterday was . Round and square dancing. Music by Fuaera! Tuesday at; the Dnion Bridge \ ·?. Newman, mortgagee of Harry C. ; brought to a close last n'ghi with a ; banquet. Among the speakers were At- ! Svkesville. May 17.--The Woman's ; tomey-General William P. Lane; Wil- ' sher's Orchestra. Public invited. Admission. Gents. 50c; Ladies, 25c. NOTICES. . , M E church z-- i o'clock. Rev. Everet-t i Stotiffer and Jane G. Stouffer. ha Guild of Si. Barnabas church met Mon- · liam G. Vard. of the State Conserra- ' W. Cu:p, pastor, officiating. Burial in Mountain View cemetery. The pallbearers: George H. Eyler. L- B. Pears. E. T. Devilbiss. O. W. Hess. Charles W and Robert; Miller. Abram Groff. Abram GroS died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles M. Tritsch, Western Pike, near Hagersto-sro, Saturday evening at 9.-50 o'clock, from complications, aged 7i years. He was a j . . . . . ^e, on petition. Foreclosure of mort- j day at the home of Mrs. Marion Bar- j tion Commission: Leo A. Ward. State gage. i ns. : deputy of the Knights of Colanibus. .AJber-c F. TJngiebower and Rosa Ung- i --prank MeUor. New York, formerly | ^^ Thomas W. Pangbom. of Hagers- lebower, his wife. vs. Goldle M. TJngle- j of j,^ ,-% ov e r the radio on Sun; town bower. -isidow, et al, George A, Pearre. j gg^ Jr.. and -Frank L. Stoner, surviving , ^Tisiees. Bill of complaint for sale of real esiaie. John S. Newman, Parsons Newman, attorneys. Marriage Licenses. Oliver V. Martin. 21. Washing-ion. D. charter member of the Jr. O. U. A.', C., and Jessie V. Cooke, 19, Silver M.. at Ftmkstown, and a. lifelong mem- : Spring. her of the Funksrown Lutheran church, j John R. Evans. 27, and Dorothea H. Surviving are one caughwr. Mrs. | Wrathali. 18. both of Washington. D. C. Tritsch: one sister. Mrs. Walsh Cling- John A. Welter, 36. Newport, Pa., and an. Frederick county, and three grand-' Mary Eelen Smith. 34. New BloomSeld, children. j p »- Funeral Tuesday afternoon at 2.30! Lioya N. Forsyth, 25. Clear Spring, o'clock at the Lutheran church. Funks- j a -° Evelyn A. Price, 23. Mason and town, by Rev. W. L. Remsburg. In-1 D ! XO=. 5a. termens in Punkstown cemetery. Earl E. Abrecht Ear! Edward Abreclit. son of the late Harold F. Coo'.ey. 25. Cornus. and I Nellie L. McDonougb. 20. Monrovia. Frank L. Gray. 49, colored, widower. and- Alice R. Tyler. 36. colored, wid- Mr. and Mrs. Niles Abrecht this city. °w. both of 408 All Saints street. Q G Lurav Va ^ Mrs. WoSeaberger. Stanley. Va.. are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weer. at present. --Mr. and NOTICE Or FIRST MEETING Of CREDITORS In the Dwtrlct Court of the Cnl'.eil Stales fo- tlie D'jtrsct or Maryland. In Bankruptcy. In the Matter of Minnie J. Oresg. Bankrupt. To the creditors ot Mtnaie J- Ore«. Bankrupt I Sotit-e ^ hereby glren tnat on tae ii.a Announcement. | i my 0 { Apr::. 1932. M:nn:e J. OreeK The following were winners of prizes " was »d'ad:ca:ed Bankrupt, and that the - - ·-- -· her creditors *iil oe Dance At Vlndobonm. Thursday Nigh' "~r 19. BRADtXXTK HEIGHTS. Music By The Nightengale*. Round Dance. You'll enjoy it. at the card party at St. John's Auditor- ; ^"..«=-. .. ^.^ .-- oace. Pythian Castle, ium. May 12th. Door prize won by Mrs | court street. Frederick City. Maryland, on meeting oi a*, my la* Mrs. James S. Grimes spent Sunday as guests of Mr. and Mrs Waller Glmpe!. Catonsvilie. --The Order of the Eastern Star of r t B. Mr. Ward was re-elected State deputy. The other officers elected were: | Chaplain, Rev. Peter J. O'CarroU. of j Baltimore: secretary. William P. Caldwell. cf-OverZea: treasurer. Charles N. Fisher, of Westminster: advocate. Ste- j Harrv Uicberger. 328 East Third street. : Saturday. May as. phen J. Manin. of Perryman. and war-; Table lamp won by Mrs. E2mo Jamison, j ^^"^yj?/ ^VttJir'^uS!?. den, John A. Marron. of Hager.:town; . 233 East Church St. ( ly^lai a Trustee or Trustees, examic- .11 our kind friends the Bankrupt and transact such other buil- sterest and help in I nesi « *** properly come before «a!d at 10 o'clock Charles M. MuUaney. of Mount Savage: i We wish to thank a: spent F. Glots, of Overiea. and, for their donations, int S. Bums, of Baltimore, were making our party a success, delegates to the national con.-., Sam's Creek died at Walter Reed Hospital. Wash-! Austin T. Bowie, 22, colored. Fred- he ^ flome 5ng:on, Moncav afternoon at 3 o'clock i erick - Bout* 2. and Nellie M. Weedon, j .-,,' after an iilness of eight: months, aged i 19 - colored, Hope Hill. 38 years. He is survived by his trufe.! T^^x^re J- George. 22. Shicksshinny. Mrs. Louise Abreca;: asls-^r." Mrs. K£ei', f" a " a3d ~ ez c - Deicriefc 20, Blooms- Stockman, anti the follo-s-inj brothers: i " OSC S'- ?a - " j Robert, Grayson, William. Clyde and! Samuel J. Gilman. 23. and Mary H. j Walter Abrecht. ail of this city. Longerbeam, 19. bo:h of Berryville. Va. | The funeral will take place from his c - -^'^ Smith. 26, and M. Christine ] home at Monrovia. Tirorsda- at 2 1 ^p^se. 22, both of Chartes Town, o'clock. Services a; the Brethren j'" ^ cnurch at Pleasant Hiii. Interment in j Pleasant Hill ceme-:ery. W. E. Fal-! cocer, funeral day afternoon with his wife at the Woman's hospital, Baltimore. --Mrs. R. W. Carter and Miss Shirley Ann Snyder are visiting the former's i daughters, Mrs. Harold Hayes. Mrs. M. | Snyder and Miss Carter in Washington I Sams Creek. May 17.--Mr. and Mrs. i .Us week. i Ralph Duvail and two children. New ' --Mrs. Harry Weer. Mrs. F. G- Grove. : wiridsor. spent Sunday afternoon at ! Mrs. WoSenberger spent Tuesday in j -^. e home of Mr. and Mrs. Ciyde Warn- Washington. --Mrs. Lester Phelps entertained the Plulatiica class on Monday night at j Bridge, spent- Sunday afternoon a Big Overall and Pajama Dance to be held at Willow Beach Park on Wednesday night. May 18. 1932. everybody welcome. Musi: by Dixie Sere- · meeting HOLDEN S. FELTON Referee In Bankruptcy 5-l7-d2V naders. Perfect Order. 4 * I for the raptcy j Hawly Property Sold. ; The Mrs. Dearest Kawly six room. i modem, sinzle. fltttractive. brick dweli- --Mr. and^ Mrs. John Greco. Union j ^ 907 x^ Market street has been sold to Mrs. Ella M. Mercer. Trans- Howard M. Nordmon, .lives near TaylorsviUe. --Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. 3. complete surprise to the bride-to- and Mrs. Waiter Fritz were: Mr. ar.d e color scheme was white and [ Mrs. Moses Homing. Mr. and Mrs. J^hn A carriage decorated in -the | Homing, Hagerstown: Mr. and Mrs. white and pink paper was pushed by j jes=e Baile, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Baile, Joanne Phelps into the room where ; Miss Miriam Baiie and B. TTtz, Han- made by P. Luther Rice. Agent. consult Rice when buy g real estate. NOTICE. Or FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS. In the District Court of the United States DLstrict of Ms.-r'.and. I" Bank- In the Matter or A'.gie P- Greys. Bankrupt. To the cred-.tors of Alg:e P. Ores?. Bankrupt. NoUce is hereby given that on th« llth day of April. 193:. Algle f - Greig seas adjudicates Bankrupt. *ad tliat the first meeting of hla cr office. JOSEPH D. BAKES. CAatrmon o/ Board. HOLMES D. BAKES, Pretident, Jons H. BAKER, Vift-Presidfnt. JOSEPH McDivir, Vice-President. WILLIAM G. ZiMiiERMAN. Cashier. SAMUEL G. DUVALL, Assistant Cashier. J. TBAVERS THOMAB, Assistant Caihier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH O. BAKEK. THOMAS H. HAIXEK, CHARLES H. COSLEY, M. JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBRILL, If., HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAKSR, JR., JOHN H- BAKER, ELIAS B. RAVSBI-KGH, ARCHIBALD E. FISHER, We are offering for rent for tie season the master dwelling with lawn and garden on the estate of M^s. Aubrey Pearre near lubertytown. this county. The house contains 12 rooms, a modern in detail and furnished. POTTS GRIFFIN. REALTORS 27 COURT STREET PHONE 600 MO AH £. CRAMER SON. .'-cj ^3^5* :o«:«! on -mi »t.'j: Jour sa-l« :fj c? .s:.i »r. S'.i'.e -np-oiri ».:!: ». »-X :.-. i» -jr aara SO'.H E CRAMER SOS. C O V R T STKEET. PREDEKICK. JiD ·PHONE SC» JOHN W.'.h refjrr.s fross »nS j - c r " . " JOHN S CLARY. *:: U-.'i O! tr.s-.-i=ce O Mlv.Bt'RN ?REE. S3'.:c::or. ·Phone 736 9 N Court St. MISCELLANEOUS. PIANO TUNNING AND RADIO REP AIRING a i--::a'.-.v V.b-r. C 'ilsier 'Phos« S13-W. 8 W«l 13 - .h llr«t- !-:-««: WANTED. [ W A N T E D --Et^CTRIC I and e:ectrle sto\e State dif.on. Address Box 1607 care REFRIGERATOR price und con- 5-lT-(13t ( WANTED--FURNISHED APT. OR HOCSE. ! * or S 700.T.5. pivible weekly w:t! t»o I bedroo.-ns »nd prrter prlvste bath. WIU J»T scod yrite l·Q^s«J·.^p. Wedsesdiy. Slate . pr-ce ani it us- of 'p!ior.e !s araUable. BM1 1 rcr« ird no children Three adu:'-s. Write ' o".c- Box 1709. care News-Pos:. S-17-dU* HELP WANTED. WOMEN OF PERSONALITY CAN ESTAB- Hsh tiiPir own b'j5!r.«s dcn;or.s:raar.s n»- ·ionallv LEOWII cosmetics is Frraenci Experience un'S!en'.:it Wr.'-c or applr. Theme Sons. 543 Lvxir.ctan ja'.lin-.ore e2t-S-l st rre t. Frederick City. Maryland, on Satur- Banana. Auction. At W. D. Stockman's Store in Jefferson. Md.. on Wednesday Night, May :8th at 8 o'clock. day. May 28. 1931. at 10 o'clock a. m . at vhlcti tsine and place the se!d creditor* . j may attend, prove their clsln-.s. appoint a ~ Trustee or Trustees, the Bunk- nipt and transact such other Business w may properly corse before said meeting HOLDEN S. FELTON. R«feree In Bankruptcy S-17-d2f Remptown | Cnarles Lester Abel, 22, and Eiza- j be;h Marie Webb, 21, both of Harpers Ferry, W. Va. Special Dance. MT. VIEW PARK. HYATTSTOWN. so-, Washington. ; -Mr. and Mrs. Walor Engel and Mr. Tuesday Nit*. May 17th. also a cake Remotown, Mav 17.--Mrs. Herbert ', ,, t _ , , Hudgins, of. Hampde,, V... is spend- ^ ^^^1*. Fout to StSrS.^^f ^ M ' ^h-^ ^- ^"^ --ty, SIO. --Miss Masine Browning risited Mr. ' ' """" ° and Its. Vemoa Shirey. Frederick, and j Eiso visited in Winchester. Va. i -- T-e Ladies' V - a - a ! 10 . . , d J D Gaugh to john T. c-^Ktc a-'a s-^a-»oe--v a-TM- case ' Jac:)b S social May 21 in the hall. "Games w-.!l | Pa |r'.l!: e! be piayed and other entertainment - Holt, countj", $10- . 53,400. Jr., assignee, -i^-ge ^- Jjenuis. jr., assignee, to Union Trust Company of Maryland. walk. Geats. 25c: Ladies, 25c. Regular Dance. P 'c C on-.p»re this six room dwelllnK on Park Ave . offered ORD2R NISI ON AUDIT NO. 12402 EQvjm" In the Circuit Court For Frederick County. Sitting in Equity. May Term. 193Z. Elajer IT. Heffuer. et a!. vs. Bertha A. Hlce. Wide*, et a'.. la the matter of the Auditor's Revised Keport nicer the 9th day of May. l -icr:d. That on the 24th day of May. niece of Mrs. C. H. Richmond, is inak- ; and Mrs. M. Engel entertained to dining her a visit. ! on Sunday Rev. Carlos Dunagan. --Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Shipley, near ; x»w Windsor; Miss Martha Carr. 3al- I lit Airy, were Suncay guests of Mr. tircore, an Mrs. Harvey Hoack, Sykes- j Li-ton's Hall. Yellow Springs. Taes-i kVporV of the Auditor. Rted as aforesaid in and Mrs. Henry C^rke. ; T iUe. ! day night. May :7ih. Bus leaves PL' ' ' " "' "' --Mr. ana Mrs. Norman Warfieic. | __ M - and Mrs. George Miller raited ' street com»- 8 p m. 25c round Howard county, had as therr guests ; at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank 1932. the Court " proceed to act upon the . $3.500 with any other property of " higher price. T»o thirds left la Pr real opportunity for the ·.VENTED --EXPERIESCED P A I N T E R S . coalpftr-.t :·· vccrX on h';h c'.35S -sort. Mobcr:-.'. 118 E. Pj-r'.ci S: 5-IE-d3f FOR BENT. ROOM HOtJSS. XO. 34S VT. Apply I. S. Sh'.pier. 14* 5-17-dif onlr ! MODEH.V S-ROOM HOUSE. 2« E. CHURCH ,uc^ S'-. A?p!v 346 E Th:rd St.. or call aSS-E. ,^ dSt-5-* pos City property. 17 acres on Highway sear Frederick. Ins »!'-h e'.ectrlci-.y. bath and gravitation | wa'.er system. A re*: opportunity .'or tourist , and filling station business. FARMS FOR SALE FOR RENT ~ I'.oor apt. App.y 431 o FOR RENT--MODERN 2-ROOM * ?AR Jmen: reisonab'.e Appt? 314 W._ Soo:.h_ St. Mrs. Aibert Buck. Baltimore. --Miss Lillian Schuitz. was ; Stiteiy. New Windsor, recent j --Mr. and Mrs. Allen E;ker and ' Ladies, I5c; Gents. 35c. guest of Miss Virginia Hobbs, Balti- ; family, Medford. spent Sunday at the ! BartonsvOe. Vednesday Night. May --* - Regular Dance. more. --^ilr. and Mrs. Robert Holman have been visiting friends here and have returned to their home in Baltimore. of Mr. near here. and Mrs. Ezra Miller. :sth. ' p M. 20c round trip. Sam's Creek. May 17.--Mr. and Mrs ' Gents, 35c. Bus leaves B. and O. Station 8 Ladies, 15c: ' 1 and | Moses Horning. Mr. and Mrs. John I --Mr. and Mrs. W. Balden Lowndes j Homing. Hagerstown. Mr. and Mrs. id family, Roland Park, hare o?er,ed j Jesse BaUe. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Baile ! Repeated By Special Reqnest. "THE STRANGE BEQUEST." spape; . least seven davs prior to said day. Dated 3th day of May. 1S32. ELI G HAUGH. Clerk of the Circuit Court lor Frederick County. £x^Iie N. Cobienlz, Solicitor. True Copy--Test: ELI G. KAGGH. Cierk. d niay 10-n CHICKS FOR BABT CHICKS.-- BARRED ROCKS, WHITE Rocis. Wyando'.tes, Reds, and Orphlr.gtons.JSOO: Jersey. Black Glanis. J1I.OO: FOP. RENT.-S-BOOM HOCSS. S23 NORTH Benn St. Ap-s'.f 431 N- Market street. - FOR REST-- I HOUSSS AND 2 GARAGS3 on Eist Pitrlck strse'.. App'.y 437 East t S-:4-d6t Patrick stree:. f ; county, S4.000. --The Aid Society met at the home a: summer home. "Gienelg Manor" j Miss Miriam Baile, and Burnet Utz, : JURY INDICTS Gfrt Charged With Trying To Kin i utterback and wile, county, $10. Alton j. Griinm and wife to Calvin C Fogle and wife, county. SIO. sheriff. t :_ county. --Mr. and Mrs. Walter Engel and i, Mr. and Mrs. Merton Engel entertained in ; 7- | at dinner Sunday, the Rev. Carlos Dun- ! called on i le rates. Any time. While wash-! deceased are desired to make 'Phone 692-J. ns PERSONALS Margaret Green wood, the IS^year- j old-mother, who has been 1-ocged in I jail at Westminster since April 29.1 charged a-.iemptli.-g to kill her 20- j daughter. Kathrya Elaine.' ilr - . . . the night of April 28. at the home . Third s:ree;. spent last wee-k with Mrs : on lae SIck ial ' --Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Chiles joined i Mr. and Mrs. J N. Childs. Mt. Wasn- i ingtoa. and enjoyed a motor trip to I Cambridge on Sunday. Mrs. Perry E. Lawson. ~^-f.! -- 5fcs - 3essie Barnes who has bee^ of her deliberately piemeditafed ma-ice , ^wson's parents, ilr. and Mrs. Harrj Melrose, -as indicted by -j.e C_rroll -·- Crum. Mt. Pleasant, county grand jury, ar.c charged th- same as before of "making an Mrs. --Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Weilme · and Mrs. D. W. Cauthom attended tie service at Ascension Pnace of Peace pjaae:: Wi^on. of Bal- ' ch;:rch - Walbrook. when David C. Wat- IN HTEMORIAM. .· --- i--i ^^^^.^^ In Memoriam. In memory of my dear children. Glenn O. Garber who departed this life one year aeo May 17th, 1931 and L _ l _ Garo?r Hunicher.. who departed 3_. 1918. Chnrch Street School Bazaar. FRIDAY NIGHT. MAY 20TH. Large and small cakes, candy, ice, creac:, cold soft drirUs. grab-bags and ; Sower and vegetable plants will be for ! sale. Everybody invited. I April. 1932. under =y hand this 18th day oi LOST.--A ROOT) FILIGREE BREAST PIN. j with a aiamor-d In center Regard :f re- j · " I MART J- 1 Executrix ! Lexts D Crawford. Agent. d a?r. 26-T:ar 3-10-17-24 turr.ed to Miss Grace W. Swsaney. or ·· Kelter Inn. Bradiock I«. S-I7n ron Speak's Bean' Shoppe. "^'.·* May Holmes, manager. Special this. ·"^ 350=th: Marcel or finger Wave a n d ; SharcpDO. El 00.' Wave, $4.00 ·pliose 567-J. 217 N. llarket St.. ' ORrER NISI ON SALES [ NO. 12482 EQUITY i »n ine Circa-.t Court fsr Frederick cooaty. j Sltllr.z In Ecuity. , Ma--n Tenn. 1333. ! _ 57 --PAIR EYEGLASSES. Wriiit GOLt ; Iranes. r.ear Reservoir Sanday. P.ewarcs , :f re-.-med to offlce a-. CoV,er.;i Ha:: ; Hood ' ^ _ Jt . : ^ ~ ^ ' I J^)O *VEV LOST --SET FROM CAMEO PIS. REWARD · j".. RENT --VODSEX S-ROOM KOCSS. ·:d" G-^~. "'Phone StS 5-!3-d6t "p-ryr -- HOCSE 15 TTEST SAINTS ST. : 7 Mar- E. -R-.=ctr==er. 3l3_Rc):«3 :: retcrsed '.3 412 Wrst ROOM APARTt-tSN i 5-17-dlt FOB SALE. with inters o: aforetnoug. jecor.d cour.t. 3 the indic"3ien: charges coTT^^ion assati.t. Richard Robirson. colored, near ed with being the accessor?- to :.-.; rturcer of Jc'hn L. Lynch, alias Bennie Lynch, eol-orec. On the r.ight of December 20 Harry Lynch and Bsnrr.e i p2 - "^^'e '-'-^7 aiter.ded a Cor.vea- Lynch. cous:r_;. ::i:ed each other. Rob- ' --^ °- Phcrtographers. They were or. fcson was present -^n occasion a-d ,'--- program at ;wo sessions, a=d made aided Harry L--ch. K' is alleged. ' addresses. The grand lurr ~zs adjo'jrr.ed sub- j Jed to tie f-urtl-^r call of the co-jrt ! " ev a -^ i?rs - Jhn DeChant. of 0 - -. Philadelphia, are receiving osegra:ula- :l-jns _tor. th-s birth of a so^ on Ma- · 33. Rev. Mr. DeCr-ani is a son of Rev. late Miss Wendel. of New TcrS. -rtj5 wi_. is oe^i^ contested. Mr. asd Mrs. David 3. EdmoTaton. , --lio have s;_d:os in Washington. D. C.. · and Frederick, hav^e retKim-ec to the~ , home in Washington from ner guests Sunday were Mrs. Hannin, | and M« Jean Wilson. Wheeling. W. i Va. Rev. Mr. Neligan. Randalistown. and Mrs. Ida Gorsuch. FUNERALS The petit yiry reported Monday trial of cases. ine ftirsral of Magpe Sprigg. colored, toot place from the late horns Sun' day afternoon at 1.30 o'clock, with services at Sicspson chapel, conducted by Rev. Rutherford R. Robinson. New Market. The pnllbearers: Frank Se- weli. Benjamin Thomas, Charles Byy-.e, Market Prices |Dr. and Mrs. S. DeChant. Kan- Horace Snowder.. Julian Ball. Will:ara Disney. Interment in Ne~ Market. W. S. Falconer, funeral director. Gra;r_. Wheat, bu Cam. bbl Live Stock and Produce. : over, ana ' Reformed i v'v--« S ras formerly pastor of otica charge, tha county. Miss De-Chant, of Hanover, a s^Mr. DeChant. will be in ] Frec' on Wednesday when sh-e will ' speajc at Kood College. In this -rea-- world of strife; You shall never be fors^tten. As Ions as God shall give ne life. Frien-ds 3:ay that I forget you. I Wr.-er th-ey see ~ sm:l-e: But little do they 5^:0-- the s-Drriw. ' Whi"h that smixi hid^s all the while The mxn and stars are =hir;~«. Up-.n two lonelv graves; I tried so hard to save. I lyred them. yes. no tongue can tell. How much I l^ved thsss and how well; Gid loved them too and He thought best. ~y taits them h-ome to be at rest. For Sale. Good Val_es In Csed 3--Dodge Sedans. 3--Dodge Coupes. :--IKdg« Roadster. 2--Sssei Ooacaes. :--CbeTTDl*t Coupe. I--Hudson Sedan. ;--^Pactard 7 passenger Sedan. 1--^Plymouth Sedaji. 1"- Ton Ford Trurk. Easy terms. STALEY MOTOR CO. Frederick. Me. J K-~.:r.e.. TSo--.-s~ Morgar. K:m- ! n-."l e^3 M'.ciia'l K.--.n-.-'. parsers trading CO-^T.---*»"~'sui-»" Bl-i'"° ' *--it-::X · B*BY CARRIAGE FOR SALS Ma^ti^d^'Asslmee cr"-.he Frar.S'.lr. Sav- j Eice'.t-s: con;:t;:n. 10 JtSersor. S: '-ede-cic -.ta-tjage» of Joba I 5-..-J3. CUE..?._ ' FOS RSST --5-HOOM :.:OD~?.S APAHi- -a' ?atr el s: Possess-os i=- Toots And Equipment ^r.SS Bask o: ^ _^_ ^^ f r^_-. ,. o-, , ?oa SAI£ _ N . Q ,,., Tj-j-s- TiHHD ST . 9- iV'tSe'JIa-.'jn- c: tiie Resort =: Sales -led ' room aaSem d^-er.-r.s. : _ _ o _ e _ c t ta* s«i ·.he IS-.h dav of Apr.:. 1"32 i Ordcrei. Thz'. or. -he 18^ day d May. :93I. the C^-rt x,:: proceed to »c; · -P03 Ihe Report o! Sate' o' Hea! Estate, re- pcrled ts sa:d Cojr. b- Fn^k 1- Sroner. i .·; as aTor»^?.i t-5 f.r.a.:T ratjl- ar.d CG-- p-;v.dffrd a cop-r of ThU c-i"r te n ,-o^r.c r.e'^^pap'r p-jb'.sr.-d 'r- Fred*»nck sa-S ar The repor' *tate« ise ar^c'jzt or xates lo ^e S?52 37"; Dafi :hl- 25-.h day of Apr.'.. 1S32 LI G HAUGH. e:- App'.y w -- Cu'.:cr 5-5-dU the blacksmith shop of the late E. C:sr»: c: Use C'-rcalt Co-jr; fsr I~ Seller. Bucksystown, for sale Shop 2.1EO for rent. Apply to EL D. Michael. 4 West Patrick St cos--.-. S' ar.d Storm. TTT;» C«py -- Tut: Et-I u. KAUGH. i »pr. 2* -ay 3-10-17 AMONG THE SICK i Oh. ··gammer Ronnd-Cp" At ScbooL MX. A. 3. OUmus. College Pars. Steers ...4-: to 52 c i Many children are expected to at- underwent a slight operation won't be long just watch ar.d wa:t. And meet me at the Golden Gate: · Well clasp glad har.-ds to part no rr.ore. Ar.i be with Jesus forever mere --SADLY MISSSD BY MO7K2K. For Sate. \ All kinds of second har.d Pipe frxn 1 t x 8 inches; I-Beams. and Angle Iron f^r Building purposes. : FREDERICK JUNS COMPANY. : PranS Gastley. Prop Thone. 3S3 OfSce -nd Warehsuse--Chapel Alley Between Third and Fourth Sts. Residence--215 E Third St. -- ^TTSACTTVS FTBST B-- e-.* T p»-- rrf ara IDS X Mar-it street. T t;-. 3 p:i:n- at FOR REST -- LARGS SIX ROOM APAST- ' rurc.t-r* anc* n~i;s*.30.G »ITecis o. eve... *. **. and drscr:p1.5n. r.e^ ar.d s-lsSt:? -seJ. HOMS. THOR- HTNT -- DATT^IGH App'.y I~oyi C C-'.'er SAis _trpaTGHT PIANO. FIXE COS- c- ".pp'r s ^wt 13th Street. . . . . . Heifers 3; to 5c. tend the all day " round-up" ; fnian Memorial Hospital B_:;:sxre, Cows Ic to 3c j or health conference to be aeld at the i today Bulls .._ 2c to 3c I Parkw.-jy School Thursday. Dr. Carrier- | Calves 3c to 5c i cr. of Hajerstown will be the Mr. C. Ralph Kline, agent of th-5 Lambs 6c to 6";C ' plivsiciar and Dr. R W 3aer and the Metropolitan Life Insurance Corr.par.y. Lambs (.Bucks) 3; to 5c i count;- health- cepartmeat Will ass^t, was operated upon at the Frederick --By the Employes of the Garber In Men riam. MR. GLSNX O. GARBSR Died one ye*r ajo today. May · Gone but not fort,ctter. BOBS c lo wlii project, City Hospital ana is ir Trflilnc. ' iag Lower Prices On Scratch Pads. Pencil Tablets (newsprint paper). Now 6 Cents a Ib. Bond and Boofe Paper Tablezs, NOTE 9 Cents a Ib. XHE ADMIXISTRATOSS' KOTICS Ts:s :s -.o sirs rio::e; :ha: *e -jbscri_er obtal-ei Iroro 'he Orphans" Go-jrt ot : Fred-rick Co-^ !n Marr'.a-d. letters or , ^draiz.^tratyr; en the estate of ! ,,__ ^--. · · THOMAS A CHAPi.INS. J R . ' FOR SU.E--COMPLETE STT LCUWIG :ate o' CO-^-:T. deceas- i dr-jm traps, r.sw Pr:c« reass::it'e Wr.te eJ A:! persons r.av.r.? -:»:--s asalr.s; ISe B OI s;_ S-T Market. Mfi S-t«-tfSf deceased are »ara-_ to exilS!-. the «3ie. ' _____ ---- the vo-jciers --I-.ereo:. ga'.3- a-^tsent!- , pos SALE.--SOY n*SS. GOOD QCA-ITT ."«»S to t.-.e s'-is^criwr. or. or Sefore the j Vlrpnla*. $125 b_*htt J G S:;Ter.s. ho-.e 182S-P-I2 Prei- 5-i:-dlOt P03 RSTST --i;03EHS S-ROOM KOCSS, SM Pa-k ave-.^e- Apri: 1- csrge 3 Sebne 5-a-dti . ! ;9'.h dav of NOT . 1S32. sexi. :hty may other- j creigerstovr.. x: " ' 0 " Ct FOR RTST -- KODE5N 5 ROO1! APART- 33-=t. t.:t- Tird. wS SoitS xrariet street. j AJ?:J L. C c--::er. S-l-dtt are d r d to G.v-- . -^r»d»r a-. - . e :-ed:a-.e paraeat. TOR SALE -TWO XSW SR1CS HOUSES. ; Apply Ezra Hmic*. Jr_ 100 E*« SeM=d '- th.s 19th day o: j modern -.3 every respect. O=e Cc'.orilai. | street __ J ' ''" r * GEORGE M. CHAPLINE. ROOM HOCSK ONSOPTH west

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