The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 2, 1948 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1948
Page 5
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Word ha been received her«' of the- death of Harrv Revnolds. of Glen Rock. N. J.. Wednesday afternoon. He was the husband of Mrs. Sarah G. Reynolds, formerly of Frederick, who before her marriage was Miss Sarah Gilbert, sis- of Harry C. Gilbert..of this city. Was a nephew of Mrs. William C- Oberiander. of Braddock Heights, ·where he frequently visited during the summers. Mr. Reynolds is sur- Deaths The Nation Today **. By JAMCS MAELOW 1 Washington. July. 2 {£»'--Kere is { an explanation erf what is hsppen- ing in Berlin where the Russians have shut off food supplies for 2.000.000 Germans. Since the . war the four great powers--United States. Britain. Russia and France--have had troops vived by "fail wife and one son. ! in G*TM»ny. and they run the -Funeral services will be held ]country. Saturday afternoon in Glen Rock, I Each Local Mentions. G«*4 Oitatrr Eat* Walkersville Firemen's Carnival JULY 5TH THRU 10TH Tasty, Clean and Wholesome The F*U«wui£ Feed Stores Will be closed Monday. July 5 RUSSELL R. GREEEN. FARMERS SUPPLY CO., SOUTHERN STATED FRED K. SERVICE, RAMSBURG FERTILIZER CO. Local Mentiotu F»r GirU! Ballerino Rayon Panties of Spun-Lo Run-Resist Rayon iSires 2 to 16) 50c Stock-up for Summer: KEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR Local Mentions Local Mention* !·« New*. Frederick. MdL Friday, July Z. 1941 Tie ~Frienny B" Restaurant Will be open July 4. 5 at 9 a. m. ] to T p. m. the four has its own zone j Special for July 4th: Half Fried I and each of the four has troops in i Chicken. 2 vegetables, rolls, butter. Bbm.JtweE.UBK - [Berlin. i drink. $1.45. Mrs. Rose Elizabeth Linjj. j The Russians run one part of the [ ---- ·widow of Ignatius Lingg. near : city and the others the rest f Zrnmitsburg; died at home Thurs- i Thes^ four wartime allies have-1 evening, of complications. · been unable to reach an agreement j SO years. 3 months and 4 : on setting up a single government! days. She had beea in "ill health j m Germany loc several years but death was o£ of ! . i Special! Monument Mills Woven Bed-Spreads Single and Double Sizes $4.93 KEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR Henlev. Emmitsburg; and had been j^ " ul -"£ ««»«-" troops a lifelong member of St. Anthony's | Around Berlin. j parish where she was a faithful 3 It all. four nations got out of; member of the Sodality. Surviv- J Germany tomorrow and the Ger- j ing are two foster-sons. Howard i mans had a government, of their \ . Tull and · John McGraw; two j own. it would be to the interest of brothers, John Henley. Chicago j the Russians to try somehow over · and Frank Henley. Waukegan. II!.;: a period of time to see that the i F*l:o a - number of nieces and ; new Germany eventually became ' nephews. The body w!H rest at | Communist. · the late residence where iriends: AU the ' coun t r !es between Ger- i may call after ., p m.. Saturday v atn(J Russia nm . are Commu . i Kequiem Mass will oe conducted . nist ctmtroUeL i at SL Anthony^ church Monday , ^ , eoamuuthxA Germanv i and. Son. funeral director. Look Special Bus WALKERSVILLE CARNIVAL Every Night Next Week See Large Advertisement Dance Saturday Night Cool Dance Pavilion BIG PIPE CREEK PARK Taneytown. Md. Musical Melodiers Dance. Band Yard and Office Closed MONDAY, JULY 5TH Frederick Brick Works . isary for any for Mrs. Fannie = Europe. · A.~ Dintcrman Burrier who died j g Tuesday, were conducted at t h e ; ^^ funeral h o m e in Walkersville, %lrk , Thursday. 10:30 a. m. Rev. Harry C. Kottler. officiated. Sen-ices were largely attended. Pallbearers were, Preston Fogle. Thomas .Gardner.; Clarence Eruchey. Howard Valentine.-Gilmore and Austin Hamilton. For Sale . 7-ft elec;ric Frigidairc. new: !L " Ot Eur °P e - : one 9-foot electric Frigidaire. new; . The future of Europe is bound i one Norgc electric range, like new: ;up with the future of Germany. | one b^rtcd ,; as range . aea rly new; }A prosperous Germany is neces-1 lvvo used electric washing ma- machine. one power washing usca lawn ?"*'.. as ," 0lcd- . H* C pr . oblem for j mower, one hand used lawn mower. fans, nearly new. " : 1946 Cros- agree. Interment was in Union Chapel has been how to set some single government for Ger- j j new . electric y upon which all four would i, ey scdan equipped w j t h radio: ! 1931 Ford coupe, nearly new: 1947 '-" Rototiller. nearlv new: also assort- this country, and 16 \\estern Euro-; ment of nou5e p aint pean nations, figures on helping j BERNIE Attention Mo«s« i The Shookstow a Ball Club Saturday night is guest night at j will hold a festival on Friday eve- the Home. Bring your guest and i ning, July 2nd. at the Shookstown join the crowd for a most enjoyable bal! field. There will be plenty of evening. Good- muric. good food ' music, cake walks, and amusement. I anr! a fine time. | Break I»nr Glaaa**? j Save the pieces. Lenses can be i duplicated from broken pieces, f F*M«u» EaterUiAcn j SECRETARY Every Nighl j Gigantic Fireworks Display Walkersville Firemen's Carnival { Monday Nixht. Juiy 5th at JULY 5th THRU 10th ' Walkersville Firemen's Carnival Bands. Hill Billies. Radio Stars ! Lengthy. Spectacular. Beautiful. Surprises Galore: Free Parking COME VERY EARLY If You Are Flanal** A Blessed Event For don't fail to s«e our fine selection'. At ColesviHc Heights near to of popular priced M a t e r n i t y : Silver Spring. Md.. 18' lots anrc- Dresses. J corded 1 , approx. 13 acres, dwelling S KLEIN i on the property, additional land if '50 North Market St. desired. Corner lot in Frederick: , Local Mentions Made~by Sure-Fit! Floral Cretonne Studio Couch Slipcovers 510.98 Daveno Covers $11.93 KEMPS--THIRD FLOOR Two to four hours. j Fixht and Kill Japanese Eyes Examined--Glasses fitted (Use Pratt's DDT Concentrate Spray · Complete Eyeglass Service ! Sold at ; MAAS OPTICIANS CARMACK S GROCERY i SITUATIONS WANTED POSITION WANTED AS WOWOJtC manager of dairy farm, in desirable location, house with modern conveniences, other buildings and equipment in good repair. Have exrraenced help. Shipping to Washington. High score, low bacteria. Graham «ttxt*nt Available Sept. or Jan. 1st Excellent I references exchanged. A. L. Reece. i Upperville. v a . LUST AND FOUND :42-A N Market Pfcon« 1931-W · dwelling and lots at Doubs- Will " price low with terms. S. T. H1CKMAN Notice If you have a leaky roof, metal. ; paper, shingles or slate; a leaky ', P. O. Box 341--Silver Spring. Md. silo, metal, wood, concrete or tile. 1 call ! K. C. SUMMERS «: CO. · Phone 276-J-: Jefferson. Md.' We Are Always In The Market j for calves, chickens, eggs. wool. etc.. i at the best market price. \V* give [ Transparent Apples ~3c bushel and up WEVERTON ORCHARDS Wevertoii. Md. Drive Out--Drive In Curb Service 11 a. PI. to 2 a. m Chicken In the Basket Jumbo Shrimp Ranchburgers T-Bones Eat and Relax in Your Car at THE SNACK BAR. Jet. V. S. Route 40 and 40-A Picwe Lunch Complete Take Out Service - Phone 1983-J-3 LOST -- PAIR Or CLASSES .AT Bright S pot. _ Wednesday noon. Jle- j LdSX~^~ REDDISH -B RO WN COLtSK pup. streak of -A-hi»c on back of i n«ck. 7 months old. name "Brownie."" · chiidre.ii ^ pet. Phone Union Bridge , **-M. Reward. 7-3d3t* For Sale | Yellow Transparent Apples ' FLANAGANS ORCHARD ', Phcne 168. Thurmont, Md i , Aluminum Roofioc It's tough, it La*ts. it's Economical Very low cc*t per xear of vervu-c Euler m parking" Jot" Monday "eve- Aluminum cannot rust or corrode : rs'"S- Liberal reward f returned tn ! Costs less tban 15c p«r t quar» ft. at : Sj. e ?. r *" EUSer. Woodsboro. Md. Phone SEARS FARM STORE 40 S Market Street 7-2d4t Office Will Be flosed Fron» July 5»h to -.'uiv !«'! DR. FRED B. KEHNE , GRAY COAT TAKEN BY MISTAKE J x- Brr.idock Height's dance June 18. , W":!J for owners tan coat. ; Phone Braddock Height 2O31. - 6-30d3t Definitions to Remember , "An accident is a sudden unex- correct weight and pay cash. We pectcd even'.." gather large amounts of produce a t ' Wise men carry insurance to ' your request. ! protect them against the. possibility 1 ! of financial loss arising from "ac- · cidents." Get vour next policv from ' j RALPH \V. BOYER ! ; Boyer Insurance Ajtcijcy : No. 1 North Court Street UNION BRIDGE PRODUCE CO. C. P. Sayler. Prop. Phone Union Bridge Store 19-M Res. 117-J For Sale--Late Plants Flat Dutch Cabbage. Tomatos. Celery. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Peppers H FRANK FOLAND. 304 College Avenue Phone 733 FOR SALE ^ j New 'AS ir.od«*I S-f!. Norjr re- . FOR SALE -- 10 WEEKS OLD NEW i frigerators. Tappan Bo!Uci gas liamp.-hire jnslle':,. Blood tested!. Apr-S.v -!~ JVeM South St 7-2d3l- FOR SALE -- SIX NEW COMB1SA- i !:on «5or:;2 and screen sash. 2 6rie i r--;ildng !ot* Also Eood used uplifts; , p:a:io. Apply 12O7 N. Market Si. FREDERICK WELDING CO. Patrick at Bent:- Street Phone 467 ! Flants For Sale CHESTER L. GROVE. j 103 E. 8th St. Phone Taper Hansinc CHARLES H BAKER Phone 15^9-J 906 Mottcr Avenue New Games--New Thrills Waikcrsville Firemen's Carnival JULV 5th THROUGH 10th Our Biggest Yet 2214 Live In Florida's } Fastest Growing City. ' Homes for Sale from $1.500.00 j Attention Bowlers , Loti from S200.00. Ideal climate; We will be closed month of July j year around. No state sales tax. ! Hillside Coal Company 4. 6. S and 12 inch cement block IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Phcne 39 Our Office and Yard Will be Cloj-ed July 3rd and 5th GEORGE S. RODOCK SON . i FOR SALE -- BABY CARBIACZ'lJf I pTieel condition, cheap. Apply i~ I Wc ! _So»Jih_S!. 7-:dit* ' FOR SALE--H~dOsE~SMALtTBARN~ J ^ acres of finest land, on hard . road. 4 miles north jt FredericSc. iust , off Route 15. Dan VVight or jour agent. . 7-2d6t FOR SALE-3 ACRES OF ALFALFA hay on ground. Phone 1383-W-ll. »« to refinish our alleys. We are dc- Homestead exemption allows vou , a K 0 sirous of keeping them up to reg- j a 55.000.00 home tax free. For fur- "oltahta« iob- ulation r Glass Wax window cleaning a dream; icns of other cleaning and Notice Reliable Cleaners. 37 E. Patrick will be closed from July 5 i l y 11. FOR SALE"-- TENT. H BY "16.~IN Keo'J ^jpc. Geo Eyler. Sir r». Mar- ulation perfection for your greater : ther information write to bowling enjoyment. Reopen August 1st. ARCADE BOWLING ALLEYS JOHN W. FAVORITE. R. 3. Box 658-B Fort Pierce. Florida. We Deliver North Market St. Phone 1478 FOSTER'S HARDWARE those sections of Germany which Cemetery. G. C. Barton, funeral j *he.Russ!ans oon t occupy. director. '! Tne Russians and their Com; munist-controlled neighbors not . "Fuaeral services for Amos B. L. | only want no part of the Marshall fie Used Car Kins o£ Maryland Battlctown. Frederick. Md. Phone 790 at-* 11 o'clock. Interment England and France agreed j ML! on a plan for setting up a Ger- j Olivet cemetery. M. R. Etchison j man government in their part of! and "Son. fanerai directors. | Germany. I · -Mr! Haller was a' veteran of I Closing Out: Sure-Fit Auto Scat Covers Washable Knitted Fabric · Reg. $3.99» $2.49 KEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR _ L. j 2o Convenient ; To pick up your order at Scolt: Key Liquor Store. Loading and un- ; loading permitted in this block. i Beer by the case i Cans and No-Return Bottles ~3 \V. Patrick St Phone 1946 | (Next to Bus Station* I Do You Know? We issue fishing license;-, have a complete line of hard to get fishmc tackle and your a^cnt (or that KOR pupp'cs A K. C. registration. S3T. e.K-h A p p l y Hy.\ard Wachtcr. 14O West Patrick St. Phone 851. 8 a. m. ·o j P m. 7-2d6t · SALE -- I Marry Crum. Phone 2531. Reliable Junk Company MAURICE SCLAR. Prop. Water St.. B O Ave. Phone--Office 966 Residence 4712-W Highest Cash Prices Paid For AH Kinds of Junk Used Pipe for Sale Custom Bal in XT GLEXELLEN FARMS. Ijamsville. Md. Phone New Market 2013 WalVccrwille. Md. T.2d3t i famous Evinrudr outboard motor FOR SALE--LAUNDRY STOVE WTTH ! and boats. Stop by" and ycc u. j DELPHEY'S SPORT STORE ! Everything for thc Fishermen World War I and was overseas That, in effect splits Germany in Card of Thanks wish to thank our friends and ; relatives for the kindness and j j two. from July 10. 1918 to June 1. 1919.; Those three countries' altitude sympathy shown during the illness as follows- and death of our brother Charles ; SEAVISON JONES , ! For Rent · ~ l " *o 32" rower Lawn Mowers | I Store room. 611 North Market 1 Jari Power Scythe Cuts Tall Grass. ; ' St. Immediate posiession. Phone '· Weeds Brush ' :S46-W. i Hand Lawn Mowers j · j Precision Grinding and Repairing ! Thrilling Rides 1 BAKER'S | Walkcrsville Firemen's. Carnival ; 252 West Patrick Street | Build Your Borne IN SPRING VALLEY 60ft. frontage lots $1.500 All improvements Moller Ave.. Opposite 13tb SL FOR KENT Watch Repairing . FOR RE7CT--3 ROOMS. HEAT FUR; n.tshed. 30-niini!e drive from Fredi erick lCTnedi»te possession. Write ; Frederick Ncws-Poit Box 203. j 7-2d_lf_ 1 FOR RENT -- 4-ROOM APT.":ND JULY 5th THRU 10th He - served with the 315th Field I on tn j s C3n be Hospital. 304th Sanitary Train in j Siace we can - t -g et together with | Jones: also for the beautiful floral i For . J .^* ="» f"TM «"» i the. -Avocourt sector. Meuse- | Russia on geit5 ^ , K ov-j tributes and use of cars. i Fcrr ' s ^^l:^1 ^" 1 *' M l rry Go ! TM honorTbly^Sr^rne S j ^"ndVu o TT TM* «* *"*" TM* ^^ ' ^^" ' 1919 a Wagoner. ; ^ ^,--,,-^ n(JW ^.^ ^^ Carefully Repaired and Adjusted . floor froiir - ^ r !y a ' r '' ath -, *·«*«- by Watchmaker with long : dr " or pcls Cal! Frcd *" rk 316 experience Jewelry and Clocks Repaired TYLER'S JEWELRY STORE i Place. hoi water jacket, fine to connect so hot water isnk. E. L. Baker. 223 E-_j?cycnth Street. 7-2d2t* FOR SALE-- iTH7~ESTATE ELECTRIC Move, excellent condition. 406 Car- roil Parkway. Phone 234S.__7-2ti3t* FOR SALE--!047 LASALLET-RAILES; 25 J:. lone, electric brakes, bottle RX*. sleeps four. Can be seen at Virginia Greater Show grounds, next to hall park. Fri. and Sat. Will seU for 52.130. Ajk for Madam Kay Harrison. 7-2d2t- FOR SALE -- NEW !3t8 DOOGZ heavy duty, two ton track, body : i-2d2t* : with dump. Furry's Sales He Service. ! FOR RENT -- 2 FURNISHED B~ED- ! L'nion Bridgc.JW. Tr. 2d «_ rooms. Phone 1635-J. 61! Park j FOR SALE--DACHSHUXD PUPPIES" 7-ld6l Xotice ·:Funeral services for Clarence w. jail rail shipment of food from^ their . ( J. Ohler. who died suddenly Mon-! zone into that part of Berlin con-! . Sm j lh1 ? , MllIT ^ ? oubs V1 " bc I day night in Taneytown, were held i trolled by the United States, Brit- ! rfosed a11 da " Jul ' = oit Thursdas' afternoon at 2 o'clock iain and .-France. ·with Rev. Glenn L. Stahl. assisted ! This by itself would not starve j Pallbearers - were David S m i t h, j non-Russian part.'of the city be- Trustees Sale Uncle Cal's Barn Dance EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Bernie's Arena in Frederick · Polar-Air Cooled Pavilion Home of the Paul Jones ·Admission 50c, Tax included Peter Pan Club Presents Notice The Frederick Beauty School Robert E. Lcc Hotel Bldg.. : FOR RENT -- LARGE j room for 2 or 3 KcnUcmcn. Board ; if desired. Apply 249 Washington St. j.FOR UENT^F^Ri«SiiED~RObM.~W. : , -- registration papers. Seven weeks old. both *cxc:«. Thomas Hylandi Route J. Netf Windsor. Phone 38-F-22. . T I. 2d *il r ; ld6 il i FARAT MACHINERY--NEW OR~USS0 . til not conduct night classes i College Terr»cc. Phone 1016 rakes. 14 tractor mowers, balers. Slf5 uor' 3 cotn- ! Clark Sheetcnhelm and his Orch , during thc months of July. Aug. i EVERY SATURDAY NITE : j Fhone -Buckeystown 43-F-ll i For Reservations i AVe Will Be Closed Monday. July 5th ARCTICAIRE. INC. ; bines. S6P3 ! FOR RENT - WELL~ESTABLfSHED : fo^al50"extra cultivators. restaurant on \V. Mam ' T h V r ^ 0nt ' A " ncjccss1 ! lr v mcludlns new soda fountain p ick . . Street. . crs and hinders. Free debverv *ny- xvhcrc Cockcy ram. J,rachlner\- Cen, cr Stevenson Road. Pikesvillc Md ' Apply . restaurant or phone Thurmont 32- . ofr Ro ,,. c j., 0 nc3r NW G-uOdSt , more City line. Phone Pikcsville 41o in Garbage and Ash Collection Notice | No collection of garbage, ashes i were not mentioned in the prev-1 out above, iously published death notice..were the Taneytown Fire Department for several years he served v^^. ^uu^. « P"»"^ } approximate!v two acres in blue f ±; 11J -J"'^"" 1 "' TM oecona Dlr eer. ve. surround the city ar.d | ^ sod ^ constitute two ad , | Do not put your wastes out on the sians previously had shut i d .- tiona , bui i din£r ,,-.... out bnild- strc! : t Sunday mght as they will! the Russ off any freight shipments into that"-. Digging Cesspools. Cellars. trenches, grading, wrecking, gen- 0 cral hauling, cleaning cesspools., "· l l o -R septic tanks." closets, mowing, plow- : Papernanginf WM. J. SHREVE i R - ______ ; FOR RENT -- FURNISHED ROOM ' 7-2d3i « r ) . T« 1-1 fc. T* Ai»* iireei L ^ erali ! ' Th^ food supply in' that part of | directors. ss ana SOHS - ditiorjal building sites, outbuild- -. , , ., . , ^. - , House, faces stale hfchwav. "ot be ejected Set out wastes on to store, schools and i ^j^^^^^l ing lots. AUGUSTUS TYERYAR Phone 1352 13 Winchester St. i ! Fruit Auction Friday. July 2. at 8 p. m. Come . . . - . . . * TOR RENT--A VERY ATTRACTIVE apt., desirable location. Poss. AUK. ! 1st. Ko children. Apply by letter to ! Frederick News-Post Box 2311. 6-28dlf SALE--K-6 MODEL 33 national truck Phone Middletown 2333. 7-ld3f ' FOR SALE -- SEVERAL CHfLp-S dresses and skirts, size 9 to 12. ; Somc sood a-, new. Also 2 men's suit.', 5ire 42 ^ 40. good *'* nr\v. Reason land get Vour produce for the week- FOR RENT -- FURNIStrED ROOM i for sale, too small. 213 Dill Ave. : : | . * K next to bath. Phone 1215-J. 316 . 7-ld2tr - i i i cowers -reportedly is enough to last | j for about 25 days. · . 1 Among The Sick Sir; Elmer L. Wharton. 243 East Second street, returned to his home this week from the Frederick Memorial Hospital where he had been a patient for several weeks. He is Setting alsntr satisfactorily. -.Bernard Clem, son of Mr. and -Mrs. ..Edward Clem, this city, has returned home from the Frederick Memorial- Hospital after~_ a tonsil and:; adenoid operation on Monday. He is_ getting along nicely. ^ Rev. C. O. Sullivan, who has been, undergoing hospital treatment in Baltimore, is expected to return Then what? to his home here this Closing Out: 36-Inch Dress L.inen Wrinkle Resisting ·Reg. S2.79 S1.98 yd. Brown. Copen. Maize. Aqua .KEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR OF FREDERICK. Free Attraclidns' Nightly ' Walkersville Firemen's Carnival JULY 5th THRU 10th Announcement! j T have been recalled to active' .It's probably part of the Russian j ! game to force the Germans--faced | ' with starvation if United States, j Britain an'd France continue to stay i in ^Berlin--to turn toward the Rus- j . sians for help and away from the j duty with the U. S. Air Force, and j three western, powers. j my orders call for leaving Frcder- ' In short, the effect might be to 1 ick Sunday night for Scott Field.! force the Germans to ask the west- · Illinois. - During my absence from ] crn powers to please get out. . -- - - - Dance Dance COOP'S LUNCH '' Door Prize · Friday Nile Music by Personality Boys Featuring Percy Johnson leijd- : 518 WEST SOUTH STREET J. Lease. Auctioneer. R. L- Kelly. Clerk Park Ave. · 6-2Cd6f i FOR SALE--1941 AND 1347~ r FOHTi ;ANDER AND EDGER. : 'convertible.?, fully equipped, wm trade-in. Phone WalkcrsviU* FOR RENT Plenty of sandpaper, varnishes and Notice i Public Sale ' ( I At my home. Rosemont. Bruns- I · wick, on Saturday afternoon. July 3. at 4 o'clock, the following: Accty- jlene torch. '37 Kclvinator in good shellac. C. F. Hartman. Ea-t Street. ' 2SB2. Frederick. Phone 1334 and 543. 5-24dU 7-ld3t» WANTED I Frederick my. business, known as i _. F. H. S- Alumni Ass'n. Inc. BANQUET 1 CANCELLED. by Alumni ·s as shown fay the very ' In order to give our employes a ' condition. "Westinghouse electric vacation, our plant will be closed . ran S«- · :ome Mason J ars - smal! the entire week of July 4th. Our chicken brooder, small and large office, however, will remain open watering pans porcelain top kitch- __ ,,,,.,,._,,.,, !to enable customers to call for fin-j cn . {abl . c f n d 3 c . ha . lrs - Also f . our address: Clarksburg . WANTED -- STOREROOM ON MAIN | FOR SALE--METAL STROLLER. 213 : E Bth St. 7-ld3f. FOR SALE -- MASSEY-HAR"RT"S | tractor mower, trailer type,. Good : condition. Earl R. Kepler. Middletown. Md. 7-1 d3t* Street in Frederick, hy reliable ; FOR SALE--BALED HAY TK FIELD. ladies. Reliable Heady :o Wear. Write Frcd'fc. Ncu-s-Post Box 112. 7-2d3f WANTED--SOMEON*E TO MAKE 20 acres of mixed hay and 15 acres of iadino clover on shares. C. M. Hill. Phone Gaithersbu Ko!b. Creasersfovrn, 7-1 d3f ' ! ished garments. JOHNSON'S CLEANERS ! Phone 1242 The Americas have aid they j Foster's Hardware. 323 N. Mar- j ' small number of tickets sold. won't get put The British say they j ket Street. ivill be managed by Mr. ; c A ,_...._..**. _rtT." " ^ f r.. . _ . _= · « « · _ _ i . . _ _ _ . - _ I ^^* ·**· be refunded at Y. M. won't either. iLinwood Mackenzie. But anyway, this move-by the I want to thank my many friends Russians Iras put pressure on her' and customers for their patronage wartime allies to reach some kind i since opening in Frederick, and ask I Dance will be as scheduled Adm. Sl.OO tax incl. Election of Officers Paper Hanging , WORK GUARANTEED j L. N Winpigler Phone 2334-R 641-W-l. ( P. O. ... . T-2d2t poster beds, one kitchen set. two i \VANTED -- WASHING $.- IRONING | wardrobes, garden and carpenter i tools and manv other things. | MRS. ANNA LUCAS I G. M. EAGLE. Auctioneer. Chas. P. M. Md^____ FOR SALE _ ONE AND ton Ford truck and body, one metal hoK feeder, one three bottom Case plow, two Masit? Chef cas ranges converted fnr Phil;as. one Sen-el saa nefrieerator converted - for -- ~ 5ne upright piano. Telephone Ajhton 2281. of agreement. ?«««·«» And . «rjck, has returned to her "'home Q--Which opera is based upon a i after undergoing a tonsillectomy at book fay Edna St'Vincent Millav? I Frederick Memorial Hospital. | A--"The King's Henchman."" bv ! . Local friends of Leslie C. Harne. j Deems Taylor, produced in 1927. ' j formerly of this city, ivho was | * - - * ' ' . \ severely burned about two weeks j Q--How can one distinguish be- ! ago while working on a power Itween a rabbit and a hare? j their continued friendship and during my new period of ! service with the Air Force. Sincerely. HESBIA C. FOSTER ie-near Wilmington. Del., Friday! A--Rabbits proper have short;2 Water St. received word that the former I ears, are short-legged, and cannot i 1 Fredericktonian is considered in a : maintain much speed for any great i critical'condition at Dela-.vare Hos-i distance. Hares are long-eared.' Landscape Service Digging. Cesspools. Cellars. Trenching. Grading. Sodding. "Wrecking. General Hauling WM. STEVENS. j Car Accessories I Spotlights Electric Gas Caps {Radios Radiator Cleaners. j Car Rugs Grille Guards ] For Lights Tail Pipe Extensions I Polish and Wax. Chrome Tire Rims. I Many other accessories for your : car at low prices. WEIL BROTHERS. INC.. Frederick Venetian Blinds Complete Reno»'ating Service Nc-.v Custom Made Blinds As Low as 50c Square FL Aluminum or Steel . For estimate without obligation call VENETIAN BLIND SERVICE Phone Frederick 2092 to do at home- Most call for and deliver. Phone iSTD-W. Apply 411 North Bentz St. 7z ] ? 3t ! ' FOTI SALE--MODEL L. CASE TRAC- WANTED -- TO RENT AT ONCE. 3 ! * or - C"Od condition, on rubber, or 4-room unfurnished apartment. ' c /T arIe v E - Swomlcy. Phone Walkers- Couple. 2 children. Ralph Roderick. : '"'He 3142. - 7-1 d3C . care Clme'5 Furniture Store. j FOR ^ALE--ASTER PLANTS. MIXED. ^I? 0 ^!.'!-- ' c °'ors. loc per do:. 234 E. 6th St. WANTED--GOOD USED CARS. WE I . _ - 7-1 d2f.- irill pay top dollar for your used i FOR SALE -- '43 JfEKCURT FOUB- car. or we will sell your car for you i door, radio, heater. low mileage, at your price for a 10% handling ; perfect. Take trade or sale. -Terms, charge Sell now while hish prices i McGec. Snack Bar. Rt- No. 40.- prevail Bring your car and title in : 6-30d3t* j today Th- Fredfrick Motor Co- 117 FOR SALE--WOODEN STLO I2'3t3D-. j West Patrick St. Phone 1032 j Sarnuc! H . Young. 305 N. CoijeSe. ·i--atr . Parfc.^aj-. 6-30d4f" - Tou Pay No More For The Best I For Rent i Large store room--Plate glass ; j show windows. Located downtown J | just two doors from Market Street. ' Announcement ! MEADOWS VAN SERVICE i f me location for mercantile busi- . We are pleased to announce that ( Phcne 677 Weekly trips to Baiti- for office 0CCU- ; \\-e have opened a used car display j more and W-ashington. OLD DISABLED DEAD ANIMALS i F OR~SALE -- A.K.C. REGISTERED Quickest sanitary removal If it s to ; Cocker Spaniel puppies Mrs Robert i - '»"* for tb « doctor, call Rees. Fred- ! So why not use the best. For the eric* 127 9 24 hour service We pay | i best in moving call | telephone char«=5 Always or, the ,ob ! FOR trahn *n ' pitsl. where only rnembers of his immediate family are permitted to -visit him. long-legged, arid are swift-footed j animals. - ! -- -- -- i Q--What part did the American ] COALTOWX THIRD ! fre 'S ilter .Robin Moor play in i Chicago. July-1 .VJV-Coallwvn. I TM«» War H? , . ,, oallyhooed colt from the Calumet! A ~ Ii ^"^ ' an A TMencan freight- bam, ran -a dismal third in the! e * tor Peaoed by a German subma- $22.130 Skokie Handicap at Arling- j rlne off Brazil m Ma ~- 1941 - ·'-'tori Park today, as Delmar Stable's · th . c ent !3i of A he 1 -' mtcd Stat Piet drove home to pav S50.60 for, ^"o 1 " 1 * 3 $2. i Piet was the -extreme outsider In · the field of five 3-year-olds, and i Special: Quilted Mattress Pad? Twin Size '39x76- 52.93 Full Size '54x76' S3.93 KEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR : of the Amoco Station. You are Look Special Bus WALKERS\aLLE CARNIVAL jtvery Night Next Week See Large Advertisement i ness or su ; pancy. I M. D. HARP AGENCY i Real Estate | invited to visit us for a demonslra- ; Pythian Castle BIdg. Phone 729 ; tion of our used cars : and trucks listed belo'.v. * THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO. "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" HELP WANTED Notice Dr. Lansdale will be out of town July 2. to July 6 inclusive. 8. ?. and 10 cu. ft. S13?-to S410.00-. W. .T. Lons. Electrical Appliances. Middle;o?.-n. Md. - 6-30d3t FOR SALE--OR TRADE. LATE SIOD- Announcin^ The Oneninjc COLE'S JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIRING 323 North Market 3t. iHELP WANTED--SINGLE MAN FOK c l moSorcvclr. Priced" verv r»ason- ! dair- and Rcncral farm -.vork. Good ably. Mast sell. H. KranU-J .Tr~ 7,It. ; wages. James H- Castle. McKaie. , Airj-. 6-30d3f · ' States into Paper ARTHUR D. LAMBERT. S East Church Street Phone 53-J Phone 1032 Fine Used Cars and Trucks 1943 Ford Super Deluxe Fordor Salvage Highest market prices for Waste i qualification? i WANTED -- ASSISTANT CREDIT manager. Ericrsctic. a m b i t o u s · phone I"i i voung man. Lon; cstabhshed firm. FOK SALE -- TTMBErt. STANDING. I53.000 ho?rd feet. Near Frederick Paper. Rags. Metals. Iron. Tires i Pos - ox ' 1 I Hides. Greases, etc. For Sale: 1 Beams. Angles. Chan HELP ^^_ V. York. Pa.. H. D. 6. Phone re WANTED -- S A L E S M A N. " dencc Liulcstovn. Pa. 163-7-T 6-30(35? · , Young man v.-ith car. High School graduate, willing to Icam salesr^an- JLOCai i his victory abnost caused the ma- i Gire Y our Old Glider a 'Xew Look' jority of the 14.258 patrons to; 6 PC- Glider Cushion Sets swoon. Coaitown. meanwhile ' Water-Repellent v/ent off as the 1-5 favorite. : 'Keg. S16.9S S14.9S W. M. Ingram's Carrara Marble '· 'Beg. S19.9S $16.93 finished second in the sprint, three i HEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR quarters of a length behind Pie'.! ,.ar,d 'three lengths in advance o f ' Close Outt --"~ " Lot ?»Ien's and Boys' Brown Sneakers by Hood Values to S3.25 S1.95 pair KEMP'S SHOE MEZZANINE Mammoth Parade V/aikcrsville. Md. JULY 9th. Frederick County's Firemen - In All Their Glory It's Bis: It's Worth Seeing! Better Come: Happy Johnnie The Ganir Walkers-Hie Firemen's Carnival WEDNESDAY XITE July 7th. Belter Come Eariy: Free Parking Mountain Theater Patrons Special bus leaves each Thursday and Saturday daring season from i Returns T final curtain. - Public Sale Saturday. July 2. 1943 at 1C.OO noon, at the Wcast hom.e in Mon- : rox-sa. South of New Market. '· Horfon electric \vasher. Thor | electric washer. Columbian coal I Betting was to win only on the race. .-Of thc $33.646 wagered, $55,964 -was- on Coaltown's nose. The only excuse that Coaitown had was that he was giving his rivals a big edge in the weights. The Calumet hoss carried 124 pounds whiJc Piet and Cararra Marble C3Cji lOcGu 113. Phsrr .Vion. \vno «·»» *»«s_*i\^*i *\t*. vci^.** ^vm\Ain_oo a*i\^ . . _ . ran fourth, had 114 pounds up. and i sympathy shown us following the clc 5 l " c ice oox. Ypostyle, the last piacer. toted 113. (return of the body of our son and ', : orner cupooard. kitcnen tables · · brother. Corp. G-orge W Ford for and cnalrs - antique mirrors, rock- ; P Local Mentions : re-interment in Mt Olivet Ccme- ers ' dinir! S TM° m tab1e s a "d chairs. ter-. Band Concerts i Walkersville Firemen's Camjval i . . JULY 5th THRU 10th · Card Of Thanks v ' rfi wish to thank our neighbors , 4 .. . friends for their kindness and r n g e *«"«"= s.ovcs. Monawk Mountain Theater Presents "EN CAX WAIT" thru Saturday :avcs. opposite Blue Ridge Bus Terminal at 8 p. m. dst». returns after performance Each Thursday and Saturday Rcservatior.s at Smoke Shop 52 North Market St. Phones 2323 and 1023 or Braddock Heights 392 i · 2 couches, buffett china closet, an- Office Chat On Inflation At 6:45 P. M. Over WFMD FRIDAY, JULY 2ND. By P. L. Romsburg 1946 Ford Deluxe Tudor 1941 Dodge Fordor 1941 Chevrolets (2.' Town Scdan 1940 Pontiac Tudor 1940 Pontiac Conv. Coupe 1939 Ford Coupe 1935 Chevrolet « 3 Tov.-n Sedans 1935 Ford Fordor 1946 Ford 2 Super Deluxe Tudor i ne'i iron. Reconditioned Pipe, etc I FREDERICK JUNK COMPANY. 310 Chapel Alley Phone 333 Frederick. Md Frank Gastley Sons local established concern. a£c. education. . Write Frederick N 2209. 6- FOK SALE -- FOtTH BURNEH NEW Perfection oi! range Phone *45-W. tN OVER 35. FOR ; mf^r. building rnaintcnancc neccs- · sities for industrial and farm trade, l TT. FOR SALE--BRAND NEW NAT7ON- ' R c f . gas stove. Sleeps 4. Sell. trad?. t-nr.s. See at Nation SUtirn. Rf. 40. McGee 6-25d6t-. 1347 tord. 1 ton stakr 1942 Ford. 2 ton stake 1940 Ford : i (on pickup 1939 Ford : i ton pickup 1932 Ford ! ^ tor. stake 1931 Ford '2 ton pickup These cars and trucks Visit our new Jot on South Court Street south of Amoco SJation for a demonstration. THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO. '·Your Friendly Ford Dealer" Phone 1092 ! HELP WANTED -- MILK TRUCK ?.-" driver, white, married man pre-er- s.var.s Hard-.rarc Co, Woodbine. 'Md. For Earlc-Picfter FREDERICK HOMES .INSULAT ING COMPANY NOTICES FOR SALE--K-ROO^T HOUSE. ELEC- tricir-.-. locsted in Monrovia. Md MOTHER AND FAMILY . H qiJ : £ofa .? nd . chair£ " w . . · stands, small OCSK. combination For Sale 1947 Estate Electric Stove, excel- i lent condition. 406 Carrol! Park- j way. Phone 2343. Look Special Bus WALKERSVILLE CARNIVAL Every Night Nest Week See Large Advertisement Complete Line Of Sprays and Dust For All Insect Pests DeMoisl Soaks Un Moisture Retards Mold and Mildew Checks damage from dampness 12 02. package 51.29 I COOK WANTED--WOMAN OR "AN -BUILDING LOT. 405 E. Patrick OT- call 643 ORDER NISI ON AUDIT NO. J63T2 EQUITY , lh» fim-it e-onrt for Frederick and wife for icvclv country hoTTiC. ' Counu- Sittins In Equity i Famil.* of 4 adultS. Nc-,r 'modern i FOR SALE--o-ROOT MODEKN BUN- M»-.. Term. 1348. i house for couple crnploycd. F. P. j saio-.v Also mansion h««5C in . In the matt-r of the Auditor's Re- ' Parish Taneytow-n. Md. Phone Taney- j L'r ~ - - . L'rbana. Mcrhl E. Gicsler. 6-26d6t* i port Sied the ~lst day. of July. 1343. ) town 105-R. Thomas O. Stuii2. widower vs. Baxter HELP WANTED -- SALESLADY. 25 ' _ fi-30d3t ; FOR SALE -- SO ACRE FARM KNOWN Roy Fisher clace. located om · - Binyo--Bingo--Binjo Every Saturday and Holiday ,, .. .JULY 3 AND 5 · Insect Repellent Lighting Ben-fit Braddock Heights Fire Co. ! Sizes 7 to ; ' For Real Boys! j Genuine Tcx'n Jeani Made in True Western Style: I Sanforized Blue Bcnim | Sizes 3 to 6s SI.98 Marvin Bedroom Coolers Portable--Adjustable Instant Installation Brings in cool night air Only 510.93 Late Bu* KEMPS--THIRD FLOOR . S2.10 i chest and desk, antique picture ; frames, bureaus, beds, washstands. ' 50'i DDT for Jap Beetles , pillows, blankets. 5 trunks, suit- ' Rotenone dust for Gardens ; cases, childs crib. 2 benches, garden ' Basic Copper dust for tomato blight ; tools, butchering kettle. 1-i ton Fly and Mosquito sprav- · stove.coal. jars, crocks. ; Bug Blaster . . . $1.98 · Lot glass and china ware, somc ' Endopest 79c | anlique. cooking utensils, cic. and All kinds of sprayers j j many ether items. Terms--Cash. I We have Preen--it cleans and j Special Price on Power Mowers ! WALLACE W. MOUNT. · waxes ' woodwork. Agent, j floors. Try it. Vornado Circulating Fans Electric Fans--all prices . Droncburg ct al. i to 33. Some scivine experience, i hard rosd. about four miles .frors ORDERED. That on the 17th day ] Permanent employment. Apply Man- ' Thurrnont. Good bsrn. BalSim^re of July. 5948, the Court will pro- . ager Singer Sew ing Machine 'Co . 72 i pc^rni' silo, lovely home tast furniture and See us before you buy. off on all Hand Mowers ··f-"i- i iiu-ji^. i i j i i , j u - - ou on rfii ridiia iiov,er5 Kmmert R. Bowlus, Auctioneer. C?H 1:3 UP--Phone 19--We deliver QUYNN'S HARDWARE STORE R. L, Kelly, Clsrk. _ j QUYNN'S HARDVrAHB STORE L Fhone 19 MEN: full "VRITE information how cced to act upon the Report ot thc j S. Market Street Auditor, filed as aforesaid in the above cause, to finally ratify and confirm the same, unless cause to the conlrary thereof bo shown before said day: provided a copy of this order be published in some newspaper published in Frederick County, at least seven days prior to said dav Dated 1st day of July. 1913. ELLIS C WACHTER. Clerk of the Circuit Court for Frederick County. William M. Storm. Solicitor. True Copy--Test- ELLIS C. WACHTER Clerk. dJi' 2-9 6-DOd-St IMMEDIATELY FOR to establish j _-----. seen ;o be appreciated. Call E. K. Glass. Thurmont 43-F-22 for aoooint- 6-26dSt profitable RawleiSh business in part I FOR SALE--5x12 TRUt-ft BED WITH of city of Frederick. You will be sur- i caftlr racks. Paul. E. Ganley. 115 prised at bic results others secure j Pennsylvania Avenue, phone 14.S3-J. to I ' 6-23dl2t No selling experience necessary . start. No capital required. Gojdcn op- i FOR SALE -- FRESH AND CLOSE portunity to build up solid business, j sprinjrins; heifers. C. Kavrnond Rawleigh's. Dept. MDF-42-143 Ches- i Crum. Phone Frederick 3052-.T-n. ter.. Pa. 6-28dx"-ld2t* j 6-22dlOt WANTED--EXPE'RIENCED COOK TO take' complete charge of kitchen. Full time, good ralflir. Apply Tic- FOR SALE _ REPAIRED Tok Restaurant, .A S. Market Str.-t. , or5 sr arters Blair's. 222 w Soul* 6-16d« st . Pll2nB 1316-M. -* FOR SALE -- GARWOOD DUMP hoist body. -Phone 39. 6-2Idtf: iNEWSPAFERr lEWSFAFERl

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