The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 14, 1955 · Page 28
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 28

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1955
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

THE SANDUSKY REGlSTER-STABMEWf TUB STORY: Capt, .lered Niiish, a n«w hand at whaling, ••llji toward thr South Atlantic vrlth i motley crew and hriital •fflcen. The fourth mate, .lamen BMhwIck, is aNo fror,. a merchantman and Naish Is instrnct- inir him in navi>ation. Natsh has a distaste for Williams BlaKeen, th« steward. * • • "AM BLAGEKN opened! the slops clipst in the pantry '•••<: order in the morning. "T,et's •ee le price list, steward," lie s id. ".\.ve, «ye, sir." Rtauecn said affably. "Go fetch it, Alfy." But th^ boy na.s .slow in com- inj? ick and (he men had bcmin' to file down from on deck, liieir! er-breakfast pninpinK andi swabbing done. \aish became I Impatient,. "Serve them," he toldj Blflgeen. ", keep a tall.v ot^ whal'.s .>;ol(l, I'll arrange tliej prices later." ! "Capt'in. sir." J^lageen said. I hi.^ elbou."; propped M ide on the; little waist-high shelf of the pantry half door. "You're under a hit of a misapprehension. When Capt'n Whiting left the ship, him and me made a dicker. bought the slops outright from him. They don't belong to you, air, or „to the slijp." "Serve the men," Naish said ^ ithout emphasis. "When Alfy comes back, have him call me. I <;haJI be in my cabin. He took out the crow's articles f .om among the rest of the ship's papers when he was in his cabin. Alfy, he suspected, wouldn't be back for some time, and these he should have read before. No more than eight of the men who BY ROBERT CARSf had signed the «i-tlcles, the males included, had been able to write their names. The rest had made marlts and besides the marks the Boston shipping commissioner had filled In the signatures. That was common practice. But the sums for which the men had agreed to work were incredibly si lall. Land.9- mcn, and nobody among the fo'csle lot had been signed on above such a rating., received one 2001 h of the potential cargo. But the price of oil had already been established In the articles at 60 cents a gallon, pretty much half of the price in the current market, A charge of 25 percent of their share was also made for the ust of the medicine chest, the fitting out and discharging of the vessel. A sweat of rage started on Naish's brow. His father and Phoebe's father would so willfully take from the earnings of ignorant men who had been herded into a vessel whose name or ports of call anc! work and purpose they had no idea. lie didn't like it. In fact, he wasn 't going to .stand for it. He went to find Alfy. He went forward along the larboard passageway past the mates' cabins to the quarters that Blag^en shared with Alfred. Alfred v'as in the top bunk, his knees pulled up under him, his face set in an expression of profound sleep. He .jerked Alfred by the ankle. "Give me the slops list," he said. "The wot, sir?" "You heard me." Me and the boy eyed each other thoughtfully for a moment, then Alfred leaped down from the bunk. *250 Easy fo have. Easy to repay, $14.50 per month 2'Year Plan REPAY FASTER IF YOU WISH FINANCING OHIO PEOPLE SINCE 1912 UNDER STATE REGULATION 102 W. Market St. Phon« 5470 "Cnn»l k\t >9pf, ilf. Ma nnpt# w»« talltin' me ear orf near throtigh- f the night. "WI i.< .vour unci* serving In a v.'haler?" • * • .M.FHRD was In front of a bulkhead locker: he opened it and took from a strong box Inside a stiff-hacked notebook. "Carn 't no more than guess, sir But wot T 'eared around 'ome. he was In the Liverpool packets f'- some j -ears. rhased Mm out. Smugglln', It might ha' been. Slippery Is wot 'e Is. Takin' ad- vartage of a poor, Innocent nipper 're me." •"Vou'll B»t along," Naish said. "»^Ht 'e told ne to make like T was sleepy, and '' told me not to give ver th.,1 'ere notebook. "Get back In the bunk," Naish said. The slops prices as marked In the notebook listed monkey .jackets at 110 apiece. Those sold al about $fi at the best of shore prices, Jackknives which in Boston or Salem went for 20 cents here cost ."lO. Tobacco wa.s double, and so were all the other items. Most of the men had drawn; complete outfits, Naish sat at thej table until they had left. Then I he motioned to Blageen, The steward's packet was a bit sweaty around the armpits, but it was! his one sign of nervousness: hej stood erect, his hands at his sides, before Naish. "I'm buying the slops chest," Naish said. "As you will, sir." "I will all right." Naish pulj the notebook oii the table. "How much did you charge Captain Whiting for it originally when the ship outfitted?" "The total sum o' what's in the notebook you 'ave there, sir." "Then we'll cut that figure tn half. I've shipped in the fo'c'sle in my time. I've been forced to buy from sharpies like you. These lads shan't be stuck." "Ain't a thing I can say ag'inst your authority, sir." * • "NO. And if you did, I might ask you If you sold the rum some of the afterguard lot were drinking last night after we were at sea." "Don 't believe none o* Alfy's lies, sir. I brung him away wif me just bee, use o' such. Me poor sister couldn 't stand for 'is doing." Naish piit the notebook on the table. He took the pen and ink pot from the rack. "Sign here," ha said. "I'll pay you cash at the end of the voyage." "It ain't .right, air," Blageen said. Blageen signed with teari in eyes. (To Be Continued) What They're Saying— UNITED PRP.SS GETTYSBURG, PA.. Dec. 10—Secretarj* of the Treasury Georite Humphrey's Jok- Inir reply when asked how the administration would balance the budget: "I had a rich uncle who died." NEW YORK — Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt on the AFL-CIO union merger: "It will give you more influence in American life and I hope you will use that influence for the well-being of the people of the world." the "peaee at any price" dtwtrlne: "If we dare not risk a conflict, what will stop the ruthless men In the Kremlin from movinf during the next 10 years, by external aggression or oviet-dlrected internal subversion, aitainst Norway, Denmark, Western Germany, Italy, France, Korea, .lapan, the Republic of China, the PhlHppines, Australia, Great Britain or our own territory of Alaska?" pn,joys playing pro football: "The Browns play my type of football. When you play on a team that uses a running game, you get to do straight-head block, and that's my meat. I block for passing plays, too, but the real fun comes when you split "le line for a fullback or halfback." CLEVELAND — Abe Gibron, 24.'i-pound offen.sive guard of the Cleveland Browns on why he E. W. Altstaetter Insuranc* Agency Gensral Insurance t02 Waahinsfon Bldg. Phona 2SI MEET ME AT THE RIEGER For A Christmas Holiday Party Read fhe Classified Pages CHICAGO — Dr. Joyce Brothers on the strain she felt before she won $64,000 for her knowledg:e of hoxim: "I drank so much tea I could hear It sloshing around inside," LiTTWB 1-1X3 Some people pick nice clean friends. Others look for nice friends they con pick clean. SUBTEEN AND In Our Complete CHUBBY SHOP See Our Christmos Belle Selection DRESSES * SKIRTS BLOUSES ond SLIPS Open Friday and Saturday till 9 P. M.* SPECTOR'S JUVENILE DEPT. STORE K. MARKET ST. PHONE 4584 WASHINGTON — Chair man !^rancLs E. Walter (D-Pa) on the controversy over the Ford Foundation's Fund for the Republic: "Current investigations by the Committee of Un-American Ac- Uvilics will undouhlcdly disturb Mr. Vord even more by disclosing evidence to show that, the fund deliberately -intend.s to obstruct all investigation and control of Communist conspiracy and to strengthen thereby the forces bent on the overthrow of this nation and its institutions." NEW YORK — Senate Republican Leader William F. Knowland on what he calls delivered to your door ai your neighborhood grocers keeps your engine powerful, longer One big rpai^on your car losos power i.<; deposit build-up on vai\rs. In tinic, these de [X )s;its keep valves irom s<'atin^ properly. (lases of oombus- lion leak out and some of your jiower i.s wasted, 'i'hen. tlu-si^ gases start to burn deep ehannels in the valves Ji'ttinj^ even more power escape! Boron —a great new motor fuel discovery — chanties all that! Tlie valves ai)ove, taken from test entwines, drisiri (lie .same number of miii's in identical cars, show the dilb-iince Honm makers, Willi Hoion, valves sia>- smoolh and seat properly. Power staj-s in your engine where it belongs. Your car keeps delivering full-powered performance for thousands of extra nailes. Get a tankful of Sohio Boron Supreme, Keep using it-and keep your engine powerful longer! A Great New Motor Fuel Discovery by .SOHIO ^ SOHM •Pal. opplied ioi. US. Ifodemork. rognUoUou applted for.

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