The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 13, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1924
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1924 r HE HTjT CHIN SON NEWS. PAGE ELEVEN. LUNt'llKON nerved'dally at tlio Uluo Ti !in<nl. I 'J '-i first, from n.m.. lu : i>.m. Chli'ken dlnntr on ~ • i-(.!iiT\ ationn. :I-IS-M>H WANTKU—Wnnisn Nwiu & Company. mi I,J. liiH ^n^ Unn_3J7S._ NIATIOT.U.IMJ. "203 K. lltli. I'll, lis:.). :i-lS-ll:2lilltl M,\lil.*l-.I.I..I.NG. 72a E. 1st, I'll. . 3-25- DIIVV ill 1111 WAXTISD—Two bond n:ilo«tm-ii. Good proposition for pr«dl»'or to make big mnni'v. See Hunter; Chalnu*rs Hotel, lit mire. 22-KI-llni MAI!i.'lil.l,I.NG. &UC. rhono SOiiJ. 3-211 2iiilm 25 MAHi;i;i.Ll.\a. day or ovonltiR. 'limit, «:iu Kast l-'ourth. Cull 2iiilin " A U Y AI.MA III FT AND APUON snot' FuncyworU exchange. 627 Knat (Itn. 3-l-2i)dm llAl'.CELl.lNU. Mrs. ,T. 11. KaUnJry. phone 3230W, 321 North Logan Ml. ' ;t-s-2J»lm liAllCliXLlNU— Day "or rvcnifisTM r». Talbott, 813 E. 4lli. mono lUblJ. ;{-. r »-2hOll. "IjELLIMELLO UBAUTY HUGT'IFK" Paper curl a specialty. 4211 luist *lrst. I'honii 37GO. a-s -Mrtm CO.S'FINKMKNT cnaos nursed In private home; prices reasonable, x -11 u Neii'H. 25-12-Hlll Houi*. • •Miluj. KTIONOIIUAI'IIKK wishes position. J.-11, care NewH-Hertild. 2i>-l!Miltn PRACTICAL nurses register!n g^ ll'IOS. 2i»dir. ttlK S. II. A. olub will have food sulo lit I. Smith's Grocers - . 7 South Main, Saturday. Nov. 15. • 3-in-sdni VVANTKD—Couple to rent well tur- nlshed hotiso and board onn person SQMMAOI*) and food sale, Hatiiriliiy. Nov. 15. at. 422 K. llatn, by Iho Uu- rean class, Christian church. •I - .1.1 - 14 111 WIDOW wishes to share modern borne. with man. mill wife or ladles. »nd warm. I'hnno ,'H23VV. 3-12-H'm LOST LOST—Bulck tire and rim near Statford. Call Chalmers Hotel. Howard^ IiOST—rarkago conlalninit cnllrt's underwear, in Kress. Finder please return to Dillons lleln-Yourscit btore, No. 4. llewanl. 4-l.)-l.»^ ItEMINt-fTON' automatic Hholgun, Ju»t south of Lnngdan. lielurn to crook J-urnluiro Co. J.lbenil reward. FOUND Owner may have A FDtt Choner. _ . . „„,. same by proving property and i>»>K for ad. 125 Hill. east. h-li-.'Uh InK K )UND—Ullllilh of *<••>•». Owner may have same by citllliiK at News ottiee and paving for this ad. u-U-jnm 8 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES « For all aches anil pains. Spcc'a.1 ladles' treatment. Trices reasonable. Call 437. 113 West shermBsn .'j 3 .j 5DM tl »S CHAS. I. WILSON, chiropractor .. North Main, Phong *!7.'lu. S-n^5dm Eft. O. U. MO ltd AS VKTEIIIN AUIAN Specializing in dogs and cats. 181 EaBt Fifteenth. Phono i31. OPTOMBTrHSfsTbarlands', \VK sperdalt-se In fitting rtlasses. Ship; inau Bros., Masonic Bids., "join i. 9 CARPENTERING BUILDING done by hour or contract Just coniplcieil fine homo at 2U4 West 1!. n,', anil honest con training. II will pay you to phono^JDOlj. I., w. Pamiley. !l-10-16m (•AlU'iSNTKHINO: inc. Phono 19DS.1 furniture DRESSMAKING— MILLINERY Al.TI'.H.VL'luN.S. sulta and dressmaking . p.emoilelli.j, pleating, furrier. Mrs. pii'liards, phone 2263J lO-n-Mrtm \77CW):l^DnissmakiiiK. Satinfacliuil guaiailleed. Mrs. I lays, S'4 N. .Main. 12 PAINTING PAPERHANGING J AS. WHITE wall paper store, l'Jl'j S. M»ln, phono 200. Kesldeneo 49Ir a. 12-. c >-"5'im \VA/ITED—Papor hanging and' panning. Wall paper furnished. Phono 3017W. C. W. Ilagnrman. 12-2J-26i(m. 14 REPAIRING. ALL KINOiJ 14 ALL KINDS OF ELECTRICAL. REPAIR WORK COMER ELECTRIC STORE 4 N. Main Phono 621 ll-l.i-m-w-r-r.Mim CLEANING, varnishing floor*. Phone 3!ir>i;. and It waxing -4-ltMm SICYCLE 1 AND SUNDRIES. OENIJlt AL REPAIR SHOP 121 E. Sherman Phone 2470 14-9-3UI3 work Ckunt 27S3J. . first-class , H. Ragland. 14-Kl-iidm C. F. PRICE—Upholstering. Ph. S24. M. 111-251 iM ELECTRIC motor, armuiurc rewind ing, repairing. We buy. sell, rent used motors. HUTCHINSON ARMATURE WORKS Phono 202. 7 South Walnut.^- 15 LAUNDRY WORK In CURTAINS laundered. Pnono 1»'JSJ 15-18-25ilm WANTED—Washing and ironing, wash in -soft water. Call at 31)1 West 6th. Phone 2SSCW. 15-3u-'J5ilm \VAS111NGS wanted. Phone Called for and delivered, 15 31115 J 'J-6D1' 18 SERVICES OFFERED 16 PitAC^flCAL nurslng~wa^uIX~Ph^nu 3650. lC-ll-loB TRASH hauling, ull kinds. Ph. 2754J 10-'.-2rntui 17 RADIO EQUIPMENT 1/ KsiailH© ir surds ms,<& Accss' chicken pickers. 20-12-tdiii SALESMEN OR SALESWOMEN SITUATION WANTED, FEMALE HOUKwotk. 3nc Mrs. Rislnger. 2(i»0.M. 20-S-IIUAI work. Mrs. Holland. 25-! WORK by hour. Phono 2H04. 26-23-25dtr. WANTED—Position as Call 414 East 7lb St. housekeopei. 25-u-;uim 26 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE BE A MILLIONAIRE. 101) Million marks Jl.UD. ilig bunch N genuine bank Dot Pa. 2il-2.",-2Gdin arks Jl.UD. Uig bunch v genuine k Issues totaling 300 Ullljbn (2.U0. Vernon. 1S3G No. 18tli St.. Pblln., i 'tiR SALE — Lloyd Princess Ivory ha-by buggy; \vhlto enameled baby led. Phone 1U60J. 2«-13-3ilm FOR SALE, cheap—Second-hand bath tub, hot water tank and beater. ID ast Second. 2r.-U-3dnl FOR SALE—4-hole coal cook stove. 311 West 2nd. Call after 3 p.m. 26-12-Zde USED furniture, n) hoHtcrlim ami repairing, tuinlnip- and stoves. Hlnt- yaul Finn. Co.. 100 East 7th. Ph. lii'J. WHO W healer. JII; I Phone 1IU1W. base-burlli r. ?I.i; 1 gas electric Heznor, JI.50. ;i-mwf-l5m 32 TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES M STKCL \7" IU« ; FA I. TlATES To Students. J3.00 per month or 3 months for J7.50. Exclusive agents for Royal and Corona. All makes of slightly used and rebuilt machines. Itepntr work reasonable and guaranteed. RENO TYPEWRITER EXCIIANnlO 105 N. Main. Phone W. 1 . 32-r,-2.'.dm 35 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 35 lll'Y your Thanksgiving turkeys from the farm. Call 301 Harlow. 35-S-BDE SUPPLIES oV (Cont.) REPAIKS HOUSES UNFURNISHED (ContJ i Plenty of ready money to buy, build, repair, or pay off present loan; will loan up to 50% of value, you pay back principal and Interest at $13.33 per month for iii\ch $1,000 borrowed; wc want to talk with you about it. Coe- Thomson Improvement Co.. Maaonlc Hldg.. phone 752. 45-30-2»fln> GET 7% on first mortgago real estate security, —ask McNaghten! lHlNaL'i Hldg.. 45-S-25dm MONEY to loan, small amounts. Welfare Loan Co.. lvhi North Main. 45-21'-26dtn PAY orf tho loan on your homo on eafly monthly payments, —ask Mc- NaBbten! First Natl. Uldg. 45-S-2odm CALL and 20F.1 for pears, pumpkins. apples, honey 35-25-l!;25. CHILE, Hot Tomales, Hambergera. Tho best In Hutchinson. Try theni. C. and E. Lunch, 20-A Kant 1st. Phone 312. 35-li-25dtn FOIt SALE-—Sweet tender, irrigate,! lurnlps by bushel or truck loan. Farmlngtqn Nursery, I'llono UKO alter 6 p. III., 3025W. ;Ui-12-2llm FOR SALE ed. Phone Cram. -Turnips $1 a liu. dellver- 11)90, 712 West 1st. A. P. :i5-ll-4um GOOD pumpkin pies, 30o each, corn balls t 05c. Phone 1141.1. Pop -lidm GOOD homo baking. Ph. 1144J. ;iri-.'i-2f,dm FOR SALE—Real estate 8% contract at discount. —ask McNaghten! 2<i-8-23dm PEARS, • windfall 75c, hand picked »1.25. A. M. Davis, phono 3*1**4. •35-11 -liilm FOR SALI'J—Ivory reed baby buggy. Aimost new._4_2fi East 3rd. 26- 12-3ilm 311 SALE—Apple wood. Phono 34F31. < 2(I-S-Dec 4o TA.1KE HvOTECE Breml iimdu fremi Horn's flour took first prize at Slate Fair. Why not buy it for less money than other flour'.' FOH KALK, Pool tiibK-H. JMimio 31STIV. THIS is the season for mush una corn bread. \\> havo rnonl made from new corn. Call Vim. Unm'n MiUs. 35-4 -lUdm FOR aAU'l—7% real estate firat morlgagea. —ask McXafflUon! Fhone 66R. 26-R-l!5(1m I-'OH SAI-.K, cheap—.Several hundred foot of radiation. Phono U72 or S00;t. Sfi-T -fidm Ton. SALE—Large sliipment "Appx" Kloctric waahing machines at one- lialf retail price. Come see them at Hutchinson lionded Warehouse, 701 East Second street. 26-U-1DE I-'OH .SALE— Haaa hnrner rondttlon. I'linne 26 FOR SALE— Manure asin.i. « lawns. Call 2C-30-2ridm UUINBA plus. Glc £n<\ after i) p.m. each. 4D5 i-Jaat IN FJNH condition,Lady's heavy cont, fur trimmed; also tlresn, flze oS. Reasonably pileed. —Hoy's overcoat, :ige 8. 101 Kant 7th. 29-n-inM MADAZLNK KubaeriptioiiH, Kill-*, at. Kant Fourth- Mrs. KIDK the elevator and wave. jLJuy your seoond hand furniture »t Shaeffert. 2G-ia-«J>ti TIRE Harstttna—:ti>x;i; $.Vl*J. 30x3; Sfi.2P. 3 and W in. tub.* f 1.10 l>u- vail Tire Co., 11^ i2. Sherman. 2fi-12-:f>dm TRAILER for tor Co. Wile. Third Ave. Mu 14 K Tlilrd. 20-10-4DI2 28 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED 28 WANTED—All hinds of used furni- tnre; one piece rir an entire houseful. Crook Furniture Exchange- t;o., phone 96. 28-ll-"t)rlm 29 WEARING APPAREL 29 Mrs. lna Kilos, phono 272S. 317 East Fourth. 2U-7-2*Jdrn FOR SALE—Cood winter blue clotli out. .si;-..- JO, $s if taken by Saturday. Call 316 KHHI Kith moriilnjir* or twtM-ii (i tmd 7 p in. "y-l'l-l'l FOR SALE—One Tut-xdo, stzo ?.i>; oim full drevfs, siuo o7. Call Wi-iotra Shoo Stom S3*ia-jau FOR SALE—Man'a suit. Eaflt iSliennau, I'hono alze 3S. 1001. ai>-l li­ eu Iclni HIGfcJEST prirt's for men's cloth ins it ml .shoes. Phono llfiSj. ^'.i*.i2--:nio Hf'T'SoTTR^rijnat fdr~h':iie; tiko nt-w. "06 N .Adams. li-J-1 \\- i OE IN fine condition: Italy's la-avy coat fur trlnunod; also dress hize rea- souubly priced: hoy's overcoat, age 8. 101 Kait Seventh. '-".t-ll-lfmi LA DY'K brow n cloth coat f*»r niHi prh'i' J;>. .'horns 4S1.VV. Cft.R'.^UE 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 40 A SMALL Victrola fumed onlt ctise, slightly used, $60. Junklnit Music Co., vm .\\ Mam. ;;o-iy-;;i A SMALL piano, suitable for sciu'ol use. Fumed oak can", practically i.ew piano. Prion $315, Jenkins Music Co.. ii !2 N. Main. ;ji »-12 -aL"H-: UUUNSWH.'K model uprig'nt phonograph, with mahogany Excellent condition, |C5. Jenkins Music Co. \n N. Main. Iifi-U'-SI-M-J CHEA1*. base-burner stove, good con dltion. Call at & South Main. :u-x-i:im W. M. BATiL Piano Tuner. Phono 4100J EXJ'ERT piano tuning and repairing. Uoialiaugh-Wiley Music Lvpt. ilO-ll-Griin PliONOCRAlMIS AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Colelody Saxophone, fvn; cornet, $47.;>(i; llanjo, ?17: York Cornet, SJU Uke.s, if2.50 up; Violins, $10. Easj terms. KuRAHAl."OH-W] LEY MUSIC DKl'T \VI*; put in phonograpli sprin J'hilliw. plione till). HOUSEHOLD GOODS 31 Uargain In second haml furniture, I Criiseent. gas range, $ii'.iiU 1 Windsor coal range, ti-lioic, reservoir, $12.50. 1 12-inch Stewart n, t k heater. 1 l.'avenpoit (mak^s i".-<i), goo.i co dltion, 3V7 .5U. 1 Imitation oak (Iressrr, K'>u. Sharifiers Furniture Co, Ph. -11*6. CASE FOB Good used furniture, such as vugs, gas ranges, etc, 202'*;. N. Mapte. i'llono 3S41, evenings 1571J. ai-ii-jjt-jf. 19 MALE HELP WANTED la HOY wanted—Oiiy not going to senoyi. Steady position for boy who wants to work. Quality Cirorery, 124 E. 7th. l!l-i:i-Idin ^1EN—Li;irn biti'ber uaUe. our tram- iii^' maUt-s you a tnnstrr oarher in Plirn t course. Ilig pay. Write. Moler Umber College, 044 Main, Kuns-ij*: .'Ha' w.iod. uii t PJtoiu i rtlt ilov •I5«.l bel LI f I el' ti p.lll. n tree tor ore- iJ ain lU-8.Um i:U *-EMALE HELP WANTED «2U C^riTTs^S^^N^niT^-Apply In person; i :;ijerlenee not reuuiretl. Inecda l-qnidrv. Hast C. 20-U'-2dni %\ .\., ri-.o - u oinuti to take i-art) of invaliii elderly lady. Mtist In- la a posiijun in iiuilie >,)iir honu* with in- valM. Add: ii^s "Nurse," 11 —. worlt am City hi the country. eiuidr Phone 2 '^-b'Ui iL .i iiull.M'- 'II. (Mil Ol 1 r.;t;'.i tOii FOR SALE—Largo shipment "Apex Eieelrie washing machines at one- half retail price.. Come see them at Hutchinson Bonded Warehouse, 7ul East Suconrt street. 31.11-401' FOR SALE • New and used furniture, gas range; . heating stoves, one 4 -ptecc manogun> hiiite, nearly new, SI2.'.. one roil toji d-.'sU, good as new. » HAY WORKMAN 202Vj N. Maplo t'lion.j oMi linn. s;i:,.ttt>, Phone 3267J. ;U-12-4»lin T WINESAP apple-i; l '-j miles cast on Medora pavement, one mile north. Coleman Brothers, 35 -7-17m 38 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 38 FOR SALE—Big typo Poland China boars. Some extra, good hoars slreuJ by Premier by Promoter by CriterioifTl Dam Is Jade by Nortalde Kit by Pick- etta Orphan, These boars are outstanding breeding prospects all have been vaccinated and aru priced right. For frther Information, address Seth Jones, Box 61, Hutchinson, Kansas. 3s-3-2. r idm FO R SALj^Chufdo Ouroe males. Phone 10K12. C. W. Danford. 38-10-fidm FOR SALE—Good niilic cow four years old, will bo fresh soon. 227 N. Star, 3S-13-Him FOR SALE— Wm. Hirst, —R0 Duroc pigs, $4 oach. R. F. D. iNo. 5. city. ;{S -s-lim FOUR good milk i West 5th. Call :ows, fresh soon. I2i 297S. 3S-i:t-l»m 40 PET STOCK FOR SALE—Two female Toy Fox Terrier puppies. Box 173,. Sterling, Kansas. 40-10- (dm FOR SALE—Toy Fox 1124 Fourth West. . Terrier pups- 40-12-nnn FOR SALE—Thoroughbred English brlndle bull pup. 821 Kast Fourth. 4D-12-3dm TRAINED pedigreed setter, ?.'>!>. fine looker. Wire C. C. Jones, 258 Lewis St., Memphis, Tonn. 4u-10-21m '.h FARM ntans. Anderson investment Co., Phone 53S. 27 ] ,fc S. Mam. 45 -0-26K $1,000,000 to loan on farms. Newnn- Mannlng T^oan Co. 45-20-2Silm MONEY TO LOAN Improved city property or farms, -ask McNaghten! 4fi-s-2&cim In a HOME COMPANY The Salt City Bldg.. Loan & Savings Assn, Savings Plan competes with all foreign Company plans. Yon owe yourself an investigation of our Association before placing your savings with outside companies. We will call anywhere anytime and explain thft merits of our Association's investment plans. Your phone call will got an Immediate response. SALT CITY IUULDINO. LOAN ,v SAVINGS ASSN. E. Carey. Pres. Lloyd Brown, Secy. I'hono 972. 5 Co H?a We represent loan companies with millions available to pbiee on good Central Kansas farms, 5% with moderate eormni.«sion, fr 1 , - r ;'* with small commission, or (>% with no commission.,, Annual Interest. Consult us now THE COE-THOMHON IMPROVEMENT CO. •Loans and Insurance. 45-4-2fidm 46 AUTOS AND TRUCKS 4* ATT LOWm PKKCES 191R Kord Tourlne ltllU Four cyl. Ktudebaker 1 HIS Uulck Touring 11)19 Studebaker lilg 6 Touring 6a Cudlllao Xourlng. 1319 Rliirmon Tourlns 1018 Uulck 6 Touring 1519 Willys 0 Touring 1923 Studebaker Light 6 Sedan ChA Motor C® Phone 4G0 110-118 W. Second 46-13-1DH BUICIC roadster, very cute model, flno condition, two new tires, |800. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. 40Jl-4dm FOR SALE—Tires, batteries, radiators and used parts; also Ford touring and Dodge touring. 12S F East, 4«-S-15m FOR BALE or Trade- ing car. Phone 3 *11 .2. FOR SALE- -15122 Ford tour- 46-12-0flm 41 POULTRY & SUPPLIES 41 ARCHER'S standard hreo Buff Orp. ington cockerels. 2ti2i) North Adams. Ph. 3703.1. ' 41-11-tinm FARMERS—Will call for yuiir poultry, pay highest cash prices. J. a. Rellly. Ph. 42'JIW. 41-3-l(tdm FOR SALE—Purebred black bron/.e turkeys. H« miles east of Castleton. Mrs. G. W. Click. 41-13-4din FOR SALE—Barred Ruck cockerels, standard mating from heavy laying strain. W. IL Ward, Nickerson, Kan. 41-17-25dm FOR SALE—Plymouth Rock and Butr Orpington pullets. 322 Kast Third. 41-I2-i:tni Live and Pressed Poultry HENNINCSEN PRODUCE CO Phone 779. We deliver. 41-12--j;>|iE FOR SALhi—White Leghorn liens, -ot Justice Ave., Careyvllle. 41 -13.3dm NICE large rooms, furnace hear, vvitn or without board. Ph. 147tt, 32V East Sherman. 6l-10-;uim SEVERAL White Wyandotto cocker- is for sal». Plume 37311.1. 41-7-tidm 20 SPRING pullets. Phone 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CAFE for sale. 115 Walnut. 42-12-6dm FOR SALE or trade—.Equity In 4- toom house. Might consider vacant lots. Phono 3627W. 42-7-fidin We have for sale grocery stock and fixtures. Absolutely the best location and the best buy In Hutchinson, This is an up-to-date clean stock and doing a real business. Selling on uecount of sickness. See us for quick action. KINO BROTHERS REALTORS Phone 659. evenings 1927 W, 307 First Nut'l Bank Bldg. 42-13-2118 cenditl-Hi, man lamp. —Chalmers coupe, good also golf clubs and Cole- Phono 82F2 4H-12-4DE MAXWELL touring car, new paint, a good light car. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. 46-ll-4dui NOW wrecking K-45 Bulck; 37 Olds- mob] lo; Fords and others. A. K. Johnson, 15 South Washington. 4ti-i0-25dm NASH touring car, good condition, good tires, J125. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. 4(Ml-4dm NEW Ford sedan. Pnono : 4fi-27-2SDM v One Ford Touring 1924 Olds Sedan Chandler Sport Touring. * Ono Oldsmoblle, Touring 1920 Hup Roadster. <3. A- Bfcmn &Mis MoH<n >ir C<o>' 1923 Chevrolet Coupe, balloon tires -ISOii 1921_ Oldsmobilo Touring, new paint p AHHERIS & mmw Caeli—Teiins That Aro Easy--Tru tie 4U-13-I OK we wrecked 24 cars. Windshield giass rlued. Tirct and batteries. 24, 25, 2S West Sherman. 47-24--.idm SO^ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD 60 M< >DEIC^^eVpn^g^r^o^^ liurmau. 50-8-25dm MODERN sleeping rooms. 3ls E<I.^I It. Phnne 21-J. 5li-S-RKim Ato 1.>E itN "sTeeping rooms^ 'So i \V"57 50-s-25iIm MODERN sleeping rooms. Ph. 2211.1, o0-l(l-25dm ONE modern steeping room; price reiisoimble. 327 East First. ;.n-i l-iidm SLEEPING rooms. 227 East Sherman, 50-lu:2;»-n:2i» SLEEPING rooms. 213 West Fifth. i'ld.s-iiLvim WARM sleeping rooms, 52 pel 313 East li. M>- ROOMS WITH BOARD TtENT iWO fUIUisM Kara go; also washing in; |e. liKpiim 715 East F. 5 i roums, hine for H.»-3 DM BOARD and room; furnaco heat. 12G East Sherman. r.i-23-:.'bnm COMFORTABLE rooms, steam heal, meals served. 500 N. Main. 51-4-U'dm MODERN furnished 2-room suite close In, Board If desired. 24 East fith. Phono 37. 5l-:i«-25iin» MO].»J-:RN sleeping rooms. Also board. .Mrs. Sparks, 416 E. Third. Ph. 21U. * 51-13-3dm ALUDEUN rooms. Board. 3U(j W. 21K1. 5l-S7-26dir. 52 ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING FURNISHED cottage, »lo. 30fl W. 2nd. 62-30-2ii(im HOUSEKEEPING or sleeping' rooom. 101 East 7th. 52-U-15M FOR RENT—2 unfurnished or partly furnished rooms. Rent reasonable;. Inquire 32S West 2nd or phone 3S4SW after 6 p.m. 52-11-lom LIGHT Housekeeping rooms, 208 E. B. 52-9-CDE HOUSEKEEPING rooms, aib west Bigger. No objections to children, ft2-:.-10DE HOUSEKEEPING rooms. .505 >V. 2nd _________ 52-22-25dm HOUSEKEEPING rooms. 211 W. «tn. 62-2X-2firtm LIGHT housekeeping rooms. 213 13. B 52-20-25dm MODERN furnished light housekeeping rooms, D04 East C. 3902J. ____ 52-30-2F.DE TWO furnished rooms, private entrance, water, lights and gas. M7 N. Maple. 52-12-3dm TWO modern light housekeeping rooms, 304 West First. Phone 131SW. 52-13-idm TWO or threo well furnished housekeeping rooms, bath. 221 West 1st. K2-ll-lSm TWO nicely furnished modern light housekeeping rooms. 22G West 1st. 52-ll-to-im 54 APARTMENTS 51 ' UNFURNISHED A PA RTMT?NT^-CT>S^^ unfurnished. Call 2066W or 14S1. ft4-4-H>lJJ'J MODERN apts. and rooms. 510 E. 1st. fi4 -2S-^5dm •STRICTLY modern private apt. 2olu\V R4-lS-25dm 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 55 C?) S V, moThirni grmin^~rpTuTm e n t; fireplace for winter. 234 E. Sherman 55 -ll-3dm FOR RENT—-Modern finyii.^iied tour room apt. Oak floors throughout Breakfast room; built-in fi-aturt's in kitchen and bath room. Basement under entire apartment. Call at no Ave A, .east. ' ,55-13-71 »K FURNISHED heated apts. Phone -"S.i 55-lti-25dn; FURNISHED apartment, modern 3 rooms, hot water heat. Phone 3»/J. 55-lUhs-,uim FOR RENT—.Furnished 2-rooni apart incut connecting bath, private en trance, 117 East bth. Phono 2039W. 5,'i -12-fidm FOR RENT—Furnished or unrurniBh- ed, now apartment. Call before or ajter school. I'honc 2432J. 55 -12-3dm FOUR-rooni apartment. 15 10n« 55 -13- .MODERN apts. and rooms. 510 E. 1st, 55-30 -lI :25 'lni FIVE-room houhe ni \ 'jn -cvvllle; fin*Place for chick, ns. Kofei-n<-e:«. In- i ouiie_15 West Fifth. ' _ .'ei-lM-Mni , FOR* HALE™by"ow">-i r . 2 M\ loom j liouse.s, 70s and 710 Ean Thud in- ; " 1 v — "M^ J'l a 8 * Third. Ati-12-l I'M-, FOR RENT—5-room new, modern bungalow to adults. Phone 2217. 5ti-27-25dtn FOR RENT—Good modern 5 -room cottage, garag-\ clo«.o In. Ph. 32.:» l . r.ti-i i -i>d m FOR RENT—Six-room funil^li-'l cottage, In e\elian>;e for 1>-MI riling widower, inquire 3Pi West SKth. r .'i 1 i -1 im FOR RIONT— Five-i "om inod*.>rn aim garage, 22 lOast 12th. Phone v :.;-io-pim FOR RENT— 4 -room huu.'e. Ph. 3H27W Mi-in.tHlm lBI©nna«s r ®ir ikenntl S ROOMIE .••(rii.tly modern, »*ast I'ith. iiith ffonl. garage. All in first eUiss condition. J^'..">. Not for *--a!e. Rooms, modern exrepr furiim 'i*. baseuumt, jrarage. Excullont condition, ?25. ti Rooms,East 1'lth. modern execpi furnriee. near Alain. $2a per month. 11U TCI-11NSON 1N VESTM K NT CO.. Iteaitors. Phoi>e 4»in 3- tdm Star Brand Shoes for the Whole Family Infants* Shoes, 2i to 8, Girls' Shoes, 8J to 2 $1.48 to $1.98. $1.98 to $3.50. Boys 1 Scout Shoes $2.48, $2.98, $3.48. Boys' Dress Shoes $3.25 and $3.50. Misses' Straps and Oxfords $2.98 to $4.50. Ladies' Oxfords and Slippers $2.98 to $6.50. Men's Shoes $2.98 to $6.75. Oxfords $4.98 up. Part Payment Down, Balance. 50c a Week. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 Nortn Walnut St. HOUSES FOR SALE (Cont.) RENTALS 1 So. Chemical, 4 rooms ? 3 So. CIH mlcal, 4 rooms S.M l«t t *v. Palace, 4 rooms 12.00 t'.jl West <"th, 4 rooms 12 00 IMS Ea--t 3rd, 5 rooms .. i:t.M iri-fht East I'th, 5 roonTS ......... J->.00 linn East. "F." 7 rooms L>.00 122 -N. Chemical, rooms T>\2 East Campbell, 4 rooms .... I^JJ' 1 524 l-Iast 4t.h, 5 rooms 35.00 ti IT West 7th, 5 rooms fuvn 37.50 t Sherman. S rooms mod. 10.00 2i*l East "A," 6 rooms mod 4.*.Mi li West 4th, Storeroom 40.00 512 North Alain, 1 business room 05.00 Steam heated office rooms. —ask McNAGIITEN! Realtors. Phone 655. 1st Nat'l Bid*. Call 1585J evenings. 56-S*6dm No. 1-Fivo room •-••ml-inodern >iise, u.»l! hnilt and in K^od comli- MII. !,-•( i.fixlC". f..-et. Th.^ finest var- ty of ftuits of all kinds that i?row tn Kiitetilnson. The entire plaee is fenc- d wiili i ,*ood wijveu fence. Fine bhie- giLi .^s la and shad" around the 1IOIIM\ Clo*-' 1 in location. Price re- dvteed to }225i>.|iy for quick (, aie. Would talto cheap car as part or first pa>ment. No, 2—North end five room modern •linnMow. oak floors In two roonu*r fl!<- pl:ice, l.-irg" living r""in, two hni- •ooms. complete hsth. Imllt-in features In the kitchen, breakfast room, rm> cement bas>miiit, garan^ front tlrfve, and c /iickr -n hows'". Hou.«e tn fine condition. Price 53.00.Ou. $;'.00.0i/ down. No. 3—For R^nt—Seven room thnr- oiiKhiy modern, clone in. J(.'.'i'). Five room modern bou?e cl .-tso to Kori.-se- vlct school. S2 .i .(ia. KING Pl.oTHERS*. lle.inor». Phone 653, 307 First Natl. Hank Hint;. Evenings 1927 W, ii |- u -i'itm. t R(.i|»»M cottage $11. S rooms bath $2n. r. rooms furnished close in ?30. Phone l'iri4. r»(i-i2-i;»m -ROOM liouso, moilurn except fttr- nace. Phone 22BB. 5G-7-6dm -itOOAl cotta^o and parage. 215 Weal EiBhth. fili-ll-iidlll & ROOM, cottagu for rent, CIOHO m. Phono Darlow 1205. 60 -4 -w-f-m-iidm HOUSES FURNISHED 9/ 57 FURNISHED houao for rent; nice North Main location, G room.'*, hot air furnace. Rent to adults without children. Ph. 3031. 37-10-idm FOR RENT—Modern B-room furnished house with garage. Phone 3'.<00. o7-ll-3ilm FOR RENT—Furnished or unfurnian- eil, new apartment. Call nernre or after auliool. Phone 2432J. 1.7-11-3.>M FOR RENT-—Modern furnished bungalow in Riverside Court. Alra. iv. c. Beck. ;.7-s-Mim Fl.»R RENT*—Six-room cottage nicely furnished. Call 3542J. .=> FURNISHED five-room cottage, zti West First. r>7-S-tidm FURNISHED 4-mom cottage; llghtM and g :w only. Phone 204. ri7-13-'Jdm FCltNISHED, modern, 5-room liouso. nil West Sth. r»7-s-2a»tm ONE threo-room furnisned mouern -..V"Mf.?2L..?.r. 3 .-, i ?.?: at Sai ' f "" L fi7-h-MKim NICEUY furnisheri 4-room house at 428 East C, J20 month. Inquire 430 Earn C f»7-12-ti>i'; -ROOM furnished houso on car line. Phone 2900J. fiT-lO-tdm 59 BUSINESS PLACES FOR 59 RENT ^ F7TiT™KENT^^ room In steam heated office, 12»»H N. Alain St, Plionu 3fi7e or 14. J. W. Harrison. r^-io-tidm 63 BUSINESS PROPERTY 03 ROOAl for rent. 2.*ixl2fi foot, 41'J South Main. Inquire at 117 South Alain. 1 ,3-1 0 -1 "dm ROOMING liouso propOBltlun. !W) E. 4 63-19-2I«IIT IS-ROOM room in ff housu for sale cheap. Call at 10i)',i South Main. 63-S-fitlm HOUSEt rUR SALE AIODERN apartnieut and : pms rooms. 100 East Fourth. . r >;i-27-2.'>dm MODERN furnished apartment. Ea-st. ii;.-7- CIENERAIJ merchandise rtiock for sale in a town in Stafford co., con- fiistlng of the following: 4 700 in Slioes. 300 in Work Clothes. 1000 Shelf Hardware. 2o'in CJrocevii'.-i. 3000 Dry COOIIP; furnishings. 1200 in Fixtures. Thl.-s entire stock sold at a big discount. Realtors take notice. J onn Collopy. Turon. Kans. 42-12-lidtn GOOD thriving buainei-.-, in Hutchinson fur sale at a bargain. For de- tally. .-Lsk A. Vearce, 121 11th East. Phono 271IJ. 42-I3-2dm 43 MORTGAGES, STOCKS, BONOS 43 ]M.tR SALE- -Well ricciired J1.00I) Plrst iviil ostate nioitgafe bond; bear> S c l: pay senii-aunual. Plume 2ii:i\W. - . -t'i-13-3dm l'J2l Ford Sedan, new pmni; r good VJ23 Ford coupo 11 *2:1 Forrt Roadster, starter IIs Rulck Touring 1.122 Dodso Tourtnff, A-l 1H22 Uulck Touring, new paint 1U20 Chevrolet F.B. Roadster ll'2l Ford Touring ljili* Dort Touring liilS Maxwell Touring Model &3 Cndllhic Touring, cheap 7-Passenger Touring, cnetip I.ots of other low priced cars. L«it • us know your needs. The Used Car. Market U J. SHfer. Opp Convention Hall 4ii-i»-3i )>•; SOMETHING new In. a 3-rnoni lur- nlsheU apartment. 211 East First. fin -7-iiiim IQfSEHS Z&M VALUES 192:'. liu!ok Coupe J7T.'! Hudson Roadster 3,' JH Reo Touring "jr-n F'ord Touring 100 Oakland Touring, your price. 18I01RTOK OS1EID) <8AIF?§ 107-111 \V. Second Phone 123 FOR ; qu he 1ALK--Ford i. Smith GIT ilelfve '.•ery. 4i:-I3-2din 1SJ22 l-'ord Coupe for sale, best buys in the city. Oarage, II Ea-H Third. one of the Third Ave. •PJ-ll-lOi: 47 MOTOR SUPPLIES & -< REPAIRS APT* > re pa it ing, corner of G at I Toward. All work cont fa"-b-d ai giiat-anteed. Ph. liaFll, Ed. Hainm- •IT-ll-l-l TWO nice apartment rooms for rem chet*p. Call at 207 North Main. 55-7-Bdm TWO-room furnlahed apartment, very good and reasonable, running water In each room. The Woodard, ltt^ E. 1. 5ri-2iJ*l2fiin THREE room ground floor apartment, modern. 200 'Jth West. fi5 -l2-l7e 56 HOUSES UNFURNISHED 5ti FOR RE^T^ : ^idt?Uy^^ house, II East 15th; also 4 room house with 7 -aere tract, fenced and crosn fenced; one-half acre Iruct. 4 room house, double garaue, will trade " " " ' property. Phone ; h ij -i2-2dm for equity in town ::0!': A. R. Dull ^ FOR RENT—Rooming house Pi roomy and bath. No. PI East H, low rent. Cottage uf 2 largo rooms mur east end industries. N.-arly row 4 room bungalow noar 4lh Avenu.-. *<choa|. 12 acre improved tract, . C'oe- Thoimou lmpr. Co., .Masonic Phis. F'Ut RENT—71ti, east, li room, nu.dern 'exeeiu lieut, newly painted. ?22 month. Inquiru IOC Seventh, east. f.ti-U-'.'.M FOR RENT--FI ve~rouiii "house and one block of gurdeii mound. K. It Payne. 020 WCM 7HI. phono 1237W. r.i'.-ll-ldin FOR RiONT —10 rooms modern exeep furnace, eve..-llont condition. Pnon 23 -"t 5 or i:.o;{. ,,ii-r.'- him «Mf. RIONT--a-ii*oin boil!*-.-; orf West, inquire 12s Truth'W* IMH KAST 1.-.T1J STREET WAS BUILT FOR A HOME Five largo rooms: oak thi uout, fireplace, built-in caltinei work in kitchen, front drive; complete In. every detail; excellent northeast location. For ap­ pointment, call phono 2224. No. 4 Ea:d Sherman St. FOR SALE at V.argaiii—217 F East and 301 D Ea-st. Wrlto H.ix 22 Genesen, ICam*. .m-ll -25dc FIVIC-room t 'otlage, uiodern except furnace, id use lu location, rented $22.')", price J2.00H, $200 cash. Roe Realty_('o^ phone 77|'. ii*|-1 3-1 din F~ou!i room""coThige $1,400, lerms; PJ0 a-'ies good wentern land 410 per. acre, small payment. Bennett &. Uen- seoier. phone 10:>l. AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A GOOD RUY IF YOU DO NOT IN V ESTRIATE Til ES V I —f»03 .Madison, 3 rooma down Ktii I 3 up with sleeping porch, larce Ilvinf? room, fireplace, central hall, oak floors, east front, just, around corner 300 block 9th We ?t. 2—5 rooms modern, all oak floors, breakfast nook, plp-a furnace, subdivided basement for maid's room or hlldren's piny room, front drive garage, nice shnihn, ?n,2 ."i0. Ownnr out f town and anxious to sell. Northeast part. ;t—Close In flth East, 3 rooms mort- i*vn, pipe furnace, all in pseellcnt condition, close to bufdnon5j venter, hlgli cliool, Jfl.250, 4—Eight rooms, modern except fur- nar.* close In, |l,fiOO, tcums, 224 South Alaple. —North Main hullrtimr Rite S7T .0, a Hiiap; also 4 hu I Id Ing nif-s 12th East, fl.7li". — Wo liavn an Invent mi % nt bu»ln' , * , ' block dfixlW. You will bo interested. I.IIKHM REALTY CO. Phone 42. i.(-13-Mm SMALL house, garage, 3 bus. for sale cheap. Phone 2202 .1. f>4-in-4(Im C> room house West Uth *lta».tl'> room house West 5th P.'HO.OO room house West li i«:>0.uu room F East •JOUO.M11 Horno 4 room houses which 1 can sell for $100.00 down and monthly payment*. V'-i South Main Phone i.'.'2 *i4-l3-)dm FOR SALE--NPW .'i-rnmii all mod-Til bungalow, 2 Mock ti of .Liberty high. It hast full basement, built-in conveniences and 0:1k flo"H. For detail.*!, ask John Dyek. 03l» A East. Ph. 3273.1 Gl-l3-2dm 66 FARMS FOR SALE ITsurisais P'IO :i.|cH near S'.'ivln. trond ifopr->\e* menr-i, 110 acie« cuUivaled. baUn.-* pastti:-*'. (i" acres wheat. A dand> xoo.i iiuirn-. and a real bargain. Pri*'f >>.l'eii. gfinil terms. ICO acr.-s near Abbyville. Improved, 1! aevs pa.-tore I'rtc" MlJMlo. p'.o a.-r-'S Norl h of Eikhart, Mortor. Oimlv. alt sinoi'tli r:\--iH land. Fin* lo*a\y wheal l.ind. Pri.-.j J2r.oa. fxeluinge for Hutchni.-on pmiM-rty. (So ju 'i 'i-t near Gicemhurg, well im- pro\ eil. 410 acres cultival"d. 2.'iC .-I'-res wheal own.-r will exchans* fur land forUi'-r - us'. IBlKidcFlDoiESioinn Easv. l«t anil Main. 4 'J FARM UALGAIN DJRECT FROM OWNER 320 a. Hnskell Co., ICan., 2'i ir.ll-a county seat, ail level and beat of soil; extra good si ate of cult 1 vat ion ; liiti now In wheat; fine condition; 1J0 a. ready for spring crop; 10 a. grass: tortus on half. Address Box 320, liutchinaon, (i '.i -IS-^JSdm Hi*.-ACRE improvctl furm for .-ale; miles souih of Inman.! Mr* .lacub Wien=, Inman, Kan., ur J. -I. Wi'-ns, Duhler, Ivan. HO-7 -1 itn 67 TRACTS FOH SAL 4-acre tract, close to Hutchinson, 'i room house, about 2 acres \n uit.Mt.i. good soil. W, F. Reglei, lnman, Kan sn?*. i,T - [ •;- pot 1'iiOPEUTVTor" EH 1 e. "P"ho ii\ 1 \:&s\\\' •? (17-lo.rdim TRACKAGE site on Ruck Island. ?-'<»". Good building fdte, E. 12ih, *1.0,".0. Rrown Itros., Realtors, l"t|>*, N. .Main. fi--ll.*4din VAi 'ANT Iota In tho northea-H pat i of the city. A six acre tract m Fa rming ton, well improve^. otnet good tracts close In to trmb-. Seo SLewait, ll'a N. Alain 67-12-IKin w H'I- m That bargain in the 400 block Clh Eii.^t lastid 0110 tlay. Now, hero'-* another one Just ns good. S room:*, modern except h rt ;it, .ery good ctJlidltiell. 400 Muck It Eaat. \ real snap at f 2. lfiu. You can't Ileal, .t for investment and it will sure iimko you noncy on a rising market. U-aitors. Phono 173 North Alain, •t Evenings 1791.1 or 2337.1. 14-13-lrtm 1% Asir® Knaipir®v«dl Your chance to get our to the <a of Hutchinson. 12-ucre tract for 1 on year lensu. Gou.l 5 room ho itajn, rlilcken houses, woven fencing, fine soil, part in a Ha If,i Wo also havo tracts of 1 to on which ttu -re are iiu l.dillrlinsr W.,! arrango teria^* on which v* u < .ci i.v. •• 11 tract. A!nii)*-t UU'- rctilnu:. Will jsr butiilings 1.11 a ir.ict if '.•••-i l.i •. • Utile mum-y t«i h -Mp. 1. over. COE-THOM.-IO:-, IM IM; . < '. Re.iliurs. l,..iii :.i, | D-M. I rrAT'Rii'Tm.i't. "V in. "J .',•!• I falfa, 6 r-iotn housi-, Pylr .i M: > • j targe barn. Cau bo bought it!. j rent., 02t 6. Plum. - ••••u- ' 1 68 REAL ESTATii vt EXCHANGES FTm^fltAT^'i^r^ Hnuth '.sest of Hutchinson, fur lano within 20 miles uf Hutcbtn-nn. A*i- di'osa 1-11, care New n-Hera'.d. t;x.s-CDE LOCATED RIGHT BUILT RIGHT-PRICED RIGHT 1—Thin practically new 4 -ruom with .'.-room efficiency bungalow, cast from location r.\a*ti 10 north end MIIOOIH; terms reasonable, 2—North part location'. rooms and breakfast room, utrldly modern, uak floors throughout, largo Itus-Mii'-nt and pip.* furnaci-. This U a. quality built home; priced right, terms easy. CARET REAL ESTATE & INV. CO. Insnror—l.loyd Brown—Realtor Salesmen: Sander.*, Schoonover, Buchanan. DOS North Alain, Phone 377. LOTS FOR SALE 00 HYDE PARK CORNER A REAL BARGAIN From owner. Address box 320, Hutchinson. 1 Cr»-lS-25dm FOR SALE—Vacant lota in hu^ine.-}; dlsti , Havllnnd, Kan. Phone Slbvv Dr. W. F. Hchour, Hutchinson. Kan Ui-23-25DM FOi: SALE or trade—-JO room .^tri-i- Jy modern homo In excellent cor.Mition, good location, rcaconabl^ ten on. Phone 22 .>. f i or Ifidil. t;x-i:-4um S5®-t>di lFfflraia T® ..Tranill© FOR CITY PROPERTV 200 fLcri '.u under cultivation, !'.'!> a* In wheat, 120 a. pasture, 4 room homo*, Kianery, stable, chicken house, wator piped front elevated lank. Locate.1 miles soutliensf of Plains. 1 T portuiilty for man who wants ircx> 1 la rini ng. 1 • > ccup wl' h JJargani a! ^^Ii an :\--v<\ Phone ii.iri or 1st Natl. l.-(..'u;. lRi;;W e\.-niiigj». , 12 Mic WILL t [,* iii'\\ r*-ruum all modern bungalow, fine location we.U bulP of i>e.-.t uf materiulf. Want small rental proiierty. For datalis, ask J. C Heberlig. 211 West 5th. Phone 2907. ii8-I3-2.1in WANTED—ii-rooin all nioilern home. Will "t change 5-rooin cult ago and 'puv cash differt*nc*. For details, auk Hugh Conner. 210 13th Eatt. Ph. PC. _______ <;s-n-2dm 69 REAL ESTATE FOR RENT btf FTTiT r RE'N r T^A boarding house." • East First. 20a 6t '-*S -6rtm 70 W \NTED TO BUV rv \\ F ANTi:i) "To" buy—FortT roadster l^rily, FhonplOP^ TO^li^Min W'ANTI-;I'.' healer. to buy. a jfooil soft rote Phone H0:»J. •% 7(J-12-Uim LOW rale loans on buslne.-n properly. McNaghten! 1st Nafl RlJg. ti4-s-2r>nm \N'E want i';:-ldenc.; luans, stnuglu or monthly payments, ask .McNaghten; i .l -S-2 *"lm l.'..Year ciiy loans. —McNaghten! f.l-s-2;.din NEW. attia'llve ,'i-rouni collage, WeH 12ih .-Heel. ujiU flouis, cabinet, work, furnace, garaui 1 -. pri'e j::,30 , .», en -V '."tins. Phune 7-7". fil-13-ldm L ®^g Ihmm §W Am Acn 8 © Tlt'ru is u Iniy dint -will imtko yon numoy and muke you a i;oad living while growing 111 value, A lleno cmmiy furm miJulnlnK Hutchinson, 2 mile*) from court housu. Fair slzud liouso. good barn. Kilo anil shetis. 15 uerus o( alfalfii, hos tight [unceu, ami ccniout hos house. EverythliiK ri-aily lo Map irilo and KO to work, All tillable land. Small caish puynfent. Kxtra liberal terniH. Lot us show you. E4 M. M©)0ME B -E©aiEti®ir aud insurer. 12 Klast Stierman Street Over 50 years In Hutctitnson, •"hone 3103—After 6 p. 1 nli one 123, FRANK PILE. Mgr. Real Estate. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—Revenge. By Blosser HCKl SET OFF To BED - FCECVOS WAS PUT To BED LOMS ASO -AMD 1 VUU6M VOU SAV V0UE 0Wrx,peANeR. ASK. THAT 'i&'tfi 'Al EVECVOWE BE _ •Q 1 ••; :V-i 8LESSED ,—• (luir •I.VI.I. * l-JS Ti-lllh XVi-nl. SA l.l'N-i'll .'i 'tric Slnt-er ft.wnit; hill.-, l'hoiiu 1T,1.\. -Jl-KI-Hin I 'Olt UOilI' una liuati'r r <n* wilem ; :TTrru ~in -7 Kasl A .ifli -r r,::ia p.m.- :ll-l 1-10dm HliVill-."HT (--HslT prHros psild Kti" au lilmls ft' ns,-il fu! Mllui 'L'. Nut hnii,' n-u ,t:fnHl-. iu..tltltiK l<* puor. Oioolt yurul- '. rili .Mi.MAiM: ~<T«I 1.« UP" WANTKD—Houseki'i'imr* 2 In tuniily. Hefoi-HTiccii roqtilred, Cull t,07 Horn' 3VUcf BlUg. iu-ia-iatn TII.M'I*: \VA.N *ri 'l->--l'uililtun:. INKS, Jitovua, highest prloes. Johnson Furnlturb Co., Phono 3'J4, Sl -o -iiUK

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