The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 18, 1931 · Page 15
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 15

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 15
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THE DAILY 9SW8, IVEDEBX0X, MD., TODAY, DECEMBER 18, 1031. JweetThoughts For Christmas BX S1STEK MARK XEA Scrrice Writer |Conrecii3.=s with T.I fraas cus to nix wjih the usual caodies. Bates. S^s, raisins. ajncois arid peacces ali can ised ta make im-iinz "swetaaeats.' nmg tie iwiiday season it's all too 10 ea: to5 Et-ica caady. suet al- asey ea-^- ^ asderauoa a e:i« ioo:u too suet oi is tecds ite tie sppeute -srhi^ £urai22K Oiie ixxir nern--fuel. iru.-_s also coniain a large of rigar. but i: is a natural sr in a fjrai smc.2 is q-isciy as- Ts-?y _^c co::tnJ'.:te seine arui ca'c._z, and or; account of ·rr chen ev structure sre an aid to the se=:i*: :ooth exercise we bear Hoover Critic Aprieot Squares. cup cl-ced drued apnrots, 3-4 cap ' .ted coroanut. :-2 cj? nut meats, 1 I gar." Wash apr.rots thoroughly through veral waters and let stand in oold T for one hour. Dram and put trough fcoc chopper *r-.:h nuts and coasut. Ade lezon juice and work nrel blended. Roll oat on a su- bcard into a sheet about 1-2 inch lick. Cut in squares and roll in oon- ctjoners' sugar. Fruit Balls. Oae-lialf cup p.ttei prunes, :-: cup tied date*. 1 cup seecd rais-ns. 1-2 p nut lueats. 1-2 C.IP rigs, 1-2 tea- ion C-nnamcn. few grains salt, 1 ta- espoon lemon juice. Wash fruit thoroughly and pat food chopper wi:h nuts. Add p'r Tia T?t"*^ 2.*' *"*^O** 3***C£ Q fid ix -well Slake into small balls and H in powdered sugar. j Stuffed Prunes. One-hair pound prunes (about 20). 2 blespoons c.iron. ! tablespoon candied ange peel. 4 r^olespoons broken nut eats. 4 laslespoons ss-edless raisins, 4 bl«poo:i3 p.tteu dates. Wash prunes and steasi 10 srunutes sc-ove P.--S. Put fru^t and nuts rough food chopper and work with wooden spoon la mix thoroughly. II ixture is too ory. add lemon or orange ice. Sturl prunes wi:h mixture and j -woes. Representative Louis T. 31c- II IB granulated sujar. IPadden labo-.ej. Hepialican. Penusyi- are good stuffed, MO. A good Van i 2f branded the adai-n^tration's war _ for ether dates or prunes Is ^^ moratorium as "an infamous pro- ace of 2 tablespoons of orange peel, poja!," his bitier attack siirred a heated tablespoons cocoanut and 8 dates, j ^-sa^g orl ^, e Soor or the House. ash dates and remove pits and put j rough the food chopper with the or- i ige peel and cocoanut. Mix well and! tv* (Photo by Acme) OX HIS WAY TO PRISON", Ralph* Capone, brother of the notorioos "Scarface" AI. shields his f«c« from photographers as guards lead * im to a boat which will carry Mm to McXeili Island Penitentiary, near Seattle, Wash, He was sentenced to three years for evading port said. Commenting on the demonstration the Diamond Back* tha uni \ers.ty paper, said: · In Russia sunilafr drmonctraUons are called pogroms This, however. 3* not Bere such an affair might be j is a rather difffttfUng j.?li of narrow-aiinded b-gotrj " Ccn.injj=s the paper iiid. · During j _s: is believed to ha^e bocn a dera- iiiira'-i^n cirec*a g»iut Jeaishstu- erw 14 windows :ti D Sct-ori ot Caler: Hall »«rc saa'.trred by iton«s aj- , i is?f ilic }.c^ine~cciiims dsnc? " i ! CV.-. ert Hs;:. »bere :he a'.^ci. oc- | k-rrea. h.-j.-es about SJO MUd^nts. 4 0 ' O:her Jriish students li\» in another j ;ornii:cr ani Ira:«rn.:y houses o! :!? UK.\r»i'y. declining to cacuas - .ie c.Xirg'-i on:.', he has receded a ne- -x?rt irjn: Mr Brrd. sa.d ho»extr. that :nos? respt-risible Jr the broies »'in- v j-»s and otner iiraage m^ht no*. i»v* oe*: 1 . students "T^ere ha\e been tmiea." be added. a hen there have been daorders on the campus when the student! »ere In no ·a-ay connected wila them." i : Hungary Bars Her i T 1V O L I JAMES DUNN INQUIRE INTO ATTACK ON JEWISH STUDENTS!!-; j Cm-, ersity o: Maryland has 1 ncial cogr^rance o! reports taien of- iat there yCflapperCfdHny University Of Maryland Takes Cognizance Of Affair. ca th? ccnclus on ce-etra f :t 21 home-coming known to- i College Park, Md, H. C "Curley'* 3yrd. director or aih- ' :etlcs and asitstan: to the president. Dec. l~.--The i *as ^.v«:isat:nir -.he uiclden:, the re- i B a Let Us Help You make your dollars go furthei and give more satisfaction. DYEING LADLES' DRESSES ANB COATS MEN'S SUITS AND OVERCOATS CLEANING AND PRESSING Ladies' Plain Dresses and Plain Coats, Men's Suits and Overcoats, $2 50 np $3.00 s IB B Use to . . . . . . r ^n oe ceooraxc ^:th haives o.' = Feppermat Balers can oe pa: » P*» «* »«- ««»oii:e wween. X£el: chocolate over not watsr ana add saouga confectioner's sugar to ntake d 1 teaspoon orange juice. oS cashed and pitted dates. Citron, nuts and raisins put through e food chopper make another good dffirig Candy Fruit Cake. One-ha".! cup sinned and chopped tes, 4 tahlespDons shredded citron, 4 blesxioDiis ea.clt candied lemon and anse psel. 1-2 cap pecan nu: m-sats, 2 cuo Brazil -lut rceats, 1 tablespoon T-es dinning chocc- i ^ater and dip lunge baJs in the soft^1 " i er.ed fondant. A chocolate ccstisg d.p- TU. -us and friiit --hriagh food ', ?er ^ convenient to use but a fork -ar-ll .3T}?er. 3-Iix thorough!? -srldi temon | answer tae purpose. ice Melt chocolate over hot water ' ^ tnese candies can be kept 2. ve^ ·a stir into the firs; nurture. Work i or 1-onger -J. ssgrea in tigtt tsa coxes :h ^-k ur.12 perfec:ly bleaded. Hack I ' : Tomorrow^ Mean. a buttered square ^an.^When flri. · Breakfaati Chiileci apple sauce, ce- - real, cream, country sausage, graham $1.00 QUAKER CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS ! t.iick. enpush to hold its shape. Drop i ; a iutle of this aucture on the flat side of a peppezrr-'TU wafer and cover Tntb [ another wafer, flat sid" down. I An ::n-i-?'' oonocn a maue by shap- j ing fudge :n small balls. Soften fondant Savored with peppenninl over ho: it in ssraares ana .roli in Tnere are other easr-to-make con- ctiars that clo not use froit. Cocoannt Candy. Two caps canned shredded cocoanut, 2 CU3 ihite com =yrup. 4 tablespoons anuited s^gar. 2 tabHspoons water, -2 ^aspoon vaniSla. Chop cocoanut until very fine. Cook rup,"s^gar and irater until a soft ban formed -vrhen a few drops are tried oold -rater. Pour over the cocoanut a tain scream stirring constantly j id vanilla, and stir until candr be- ' mes Srat. Put mixture onto a large Id clatter and Trori into a Srni uare sheet about one inch thick. A j HiEg -oin dusted -srlta powdered sugar j co-nvenient to use. Let stand unta j Ltmcheoni ilolded spiaach creamed oysters, brown bread, pearanc nee pudding, unX tea. Dinner i Noodle soup, pan boiled dinner, crisp celery, broccoli and tomatoes. naked squash, head lettuce wi:h French cressirijr, greengage cup p-doing, mils. coffee. News advertisinr pays big diTi Invest in iL lid and cut in squares. Chocolate FtJdge. Thres ctips granulated ssgar, ras rp~-, 3 squares b.tter chocolate, tablespoans -shite com syrup, i tabie- 10011 cutter, fe« crops vanilla. Put sugar, com syrup and miit into smootii. rouad-Dottomed sauce pan. over a-lc*w fire and brin? to tne 3-linr tJoint without, stirring. Increase eat s2ghi:y and -add chocolate cut in sail 'fSfecis. Sar constantly nnta col^e is nseltec, keeping the syra? bli^-. Coos and st^r imta a few ro?s fried in cold -water lone a soft candy thermometer snoald jgister 238 deferees F. Add butter a ·w minutes before removing from, flre. ool syra? quxily In pan in which it as cooied, When thorouginly cooled id vanil'^ and sUr a wooden won tinSl thi:k and cuH loosing. urn. into a butcerec pan and cut in luares. The secret of creamy, melting fudge s in lertJBS the syrup cool -ondis- rbed beiors beating. Fondant. Two -cups £ne granulated sugar, 1-4 cream of tartar, 1-2 cup * CHRlSTJAS i vHOOVER/ needn't cost more them an ordinary ¥ vacuum oiling -water. Mis and sift sugar and cream O- *az- s -nto a smooth sauce pan. Ada wa- :r ar.a stir ur.til rr-ixecl. Corer pan nd put 3=ysr a IST --e. 3n35 t-o the oiln's point. Place z pan . col5 wa- tr conT«Eieat1~ n-ear the pan of coo-c- corer ^g. wipe c2 errs E the- frni c-a sices of pan with a j hssseicih swab d-toei in ihs pan of . old water. Do until tlTe sides -·sr ran '*t p.ce ~c ro~^i into ^ rosi 5re a? -=» a Let stand re -c.ear cs u" cos tn-ed in c-^.d p wi:h :Hs rir-Ter H^H-.OTS ce par. of r^t s an of cold water until c-cvcl Ss3 G c- - «?·=·"- tur-. into ?. marble slab . "-11-.. -,-y-f- a -5 kr^ad until soft .-.'id 'srtTl. rover t»?ritlT -~ '«t s 'aicl at '-=t -4 hours. Tl-erj " J ,,,,.; ^ - - ^-,-^-= Toi-c-rtnt wafers use 1-21 30 f--d.-.r.t sr.r: : =r--os o^ of praper- · -: M-.^c i-r./isr.t .r.;." a Sat case; . st2t-."ur - -" n-s a-.5 T.nSe Sat Give Xmas Gifts I They Are Most Useful | k Our Store Will Be Open Every Evening Until Christmas | | $ SHOWING A. COMPLETE LINE OF fPi TOASTERS | PERCOLATORS | WAFFLE IRONS | ELECTRIC CLOCKS | EASY WASHERS | UNIVERSAL AND HOTPOINT ^ ^ ELECTRIC RANGES | GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS S The MODERN LIGHTING CO. | 216 North Market Street |j Frederick, Md. £ ...-. ?-"d wor« incnop-: ;-i Mri-*cS c"-:rr.cs aixi · - t .r. t.ry 3-ts ITsa as rr.aoh J ·- ^ts as the f or.=ar.t will hold.: a rv.: ?r.d IE: stand ur.tU j ,n c-: i- ' :es i L.-.tle Sat wafers of 'ondantl SCT.S people may have the idea thct there is cn'y one Hoover. We therefore went you to know that there is a popular-priced mode!-- thct offers the famous cleaning action which only a Hoover can give, Positive Agitation, ar.d that ' costs you no more than you would pay for ordinary vacuum c'eaning. Itwiil payyoy to see this Gmoz- inciy efficient Hocver. Drop in and hcve a derrcnstrcrricn.LifaeroI c!!cw- cnce for ycor o!d eiectric cleaner. !t wiil be de'.vered in the special Christncs pockogs illustrated. The Rug Store 4 East Patrick Street Mullinix Bcntz ' Join Our Christmas Club The Family's Christmas Problem Solved! Have Money When Wanted. Club Now Forming Start Now and Have Money When Wanted Most. Clubs to fit Everybody's Pocketbook Start with 25c, 50c, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or more. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK No. 1 North Market Street Where Bankin; is a Pleasure PARKER She Sav Today "SOB SISTER j Because Hunsanan »iciioRtleB re- jru« x peratlt Yld-dah p '£jr^« the Chraunas season. Molly Picon (above), well knc*n American actress. -»as barre-i irxo. trtmt country . recently. She had planned tc sl»e a i ser'^s or plays In, Ylddah R I C H A R D D I X "SECRET SERVICE" _ FROM WILLIAM GILLETTE'S GREAT STAGE PLAT TOMORROW .1 CONTINTOCS 1 TILL 11 p- o. I City Opera House! I KOI.S1.SG TALE OF A FAST SHOOTING CHAMTION OF · PLAINS-KEN "uality Martha Washington Candies For 31 Years the Christmas Candies of the Nation . » ^^rSSfecLJTI, Come Early And Make Your Selection Many bcautiftl fancy (ill bold baskets nod nov- elty p*ck* to se- lect from. Alt rca- sonablv priced our OMIOOV ; lor vrtr rfrirty- Entin MI- f m e a c T beck.. Our (o«nam aort «T «ck rfha Washington Candies 107 West Patrick St. . PHONE 1385 TOMORROW M A Y N A R D "THE RANE LAW" -VAXISUIXG LEGION"--ALSO CARTOON COMEDY I 0303) WITH SUPERIOR MEAT MARKET WEH-,f%P 'J"AIO IT \A/AS \ C · OMLV 12 0'ci.OCK WHEHy X IE CAME" HOMB LAST \_ j /HIMT-- QU"T I WA= I AM" I MOVv/lT/ .^ This is a time when people demand real value for their money. That's why so many come to the Superior Meat Market, where the prices are LOW and the meats are fresh and good. Why don't yon try us? PORK LOINS Pork Chops Pork Shoulders Fresh Hams l i e 2 Ibs. 25c lOc 13c Eeal Tender Steaks 18c Swift's Premium Hams . . 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A wonderfully fine Christmas gift. Regular 81.75 quality. Rollins Runstop chiffon or service sheer with plain tops. Regular 81.50 quality. Our regular dollar chiffon and service sheer styles by Rollins have always been popular. GIFT BOXES SrrPLIED FKEB $1 15 A A , A The Young Men's Shop Frederick's Best Store Nos. 27-29 North Market Street FREDERICK, MARYLAND

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