The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 3, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1918
Page 4
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r EBBSSSttfi ass. f ^AOti POUR. A ^lteMrgg rlai^BMBiaw- ~ T n B— ->IHH KWIIII in L ; ^JTHEJIUTCHINSON NEWS • O FFICIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY L . W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. RnUrM nt th« J'ontornce In Itutchln- *on Kan., fur tranainlsaion through the mail.*) ns •tcoiul-cituis mutter, TELEPHONES, nuslhofl* Office ,, .............No, 3 Adveinsln* I-ttparUnent No. 3 fckl.'ionai Kouma ,No. «U3 buultiy i-XUtor .....No. iHo;. TEHMS OF SUBSCRIPT I ON. Dally edition delivered by carrier to fitly ti;ut of llututuneuii, 10 cenU a «wk. 11)' (H .lil, oiiu >car ...........$3.04 Hy mall, nix muni tin l.hO Uy mail, three hiontiw .............. J. UI) lly mail, one utouiti *. <4tf Wuei./ INewft, uiio year .ISO TO CHANUE ADDRESS. In ordering tho mMit&x of your paper chajiKcd, state whether It la lxmy w WcbKiy Now* and lUVii YOUK fOKMfttt ADVERTISEMENTS, Tbo NewH rewurvw* tbo right to reject any adveittain* matter lint it may uocm Improper and nut according to contract. Tiw Nrwa m not r<vpJn»tibio lor adver- tlAoni 'Mtts unleiwd w Uuicohttnucd tiy <Jnlin fur Buci-;tv meetings, card* ot thiiukm ublluary .-''tlci-fl, r««olutiuiis, society cnu eiu./-eJi socials, lecture notices, wills Mr church aictinga te&cvpl bunday •firuuia) are rAiwlderwi ua advertinlng C JK I will bu cl.«r K ml lor. The JAustoru ailic»:a ot this paper ara at 36-11* tout i«ib street. Now Vork City, SJid Iluunu, S-H-Oilo Harris Tru»l HuMulnK. City, M»„ K Uat» Advertising Agency m charge. ,. Advertising mtos mode known on nppll- cath.n. Tuiuphono No 3. Ti 'Jnphuno mw» items to t»uit..rlal tl »'}))iB, No, 403 or SHUt MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 'j"in* Aifeiic .nled is exclusively en titles U> th<* u«u fur republication <if »ui nvv/k ocilitrd t" It or nut otherwise credited !n tiiljt paptT uml iu«,» t -y local news All rJv''t3 uf rejmbllcntlon of spcclai tlrspflicbes herein arc also reserved. The Sidlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Telephone Bl. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson d«, *•»»•*»•»•*•*-•* » USEFUL LABOR. * . » * I often hear n rcllriw say, when * » pointint, Iu a neighbor, "1 really * * think that idle jay should do some * * useful labor. H P tramps the vil- * * luge selling hooks, and boring * * thus I I I B bettors; and in these * * times of wur, Riidzooks, wo Imvn • * Filial) lite for li'llcrs. Ho oiisht * * to lioR or sicnl n lioc, mid work ' * mil hln snlvnliiin. and make a lilll * * of Bfiimu'li Krow, to help to to«tl " * (lie nnlluti." PiTlinps lhr> neiKh- * * bor'n wi-arliiR bnlln, as on his * * i>alh he's ilrirtlnc; pcrliaps the * * dnthhotiml hooks he sells nro lo- * * nl and uplifting. II well may * * e.hanre his helpful times inspire * * some husky rritter to so and • * Weave some Teutons domes ,and * * make the iciilser bitter. I've nov- * * er found it »n/e or Bane to Judge * * the other fellow, to say his nib- * * lives are nil vain, or that his * * course is yellow. We all can't la- ' * nor with our hands, with cnersy * * untiring; wo can't hew wood or.? * till the lands, or keep the forge • » fires burniiiK. For some must * * clerk and some must preach or " * mil the railway station, and some * * muft lake (heir eluhs and teach * * the risiiiK generation. The doctor * * cannot leave his sick who look lo * * Jilm for healinR. because some * * loud offensive hick of slackers * * still i.- spieling. Defurc I'd throw * ' out darksome hints, or whisper * * things abusive. I'd have to have * * the churls and prints and dia- * * gram:.< conclusive. * » —"WAL.T MASON. * » • »*»«»»»*»* »••*»*»* . POOR UTILITY LAW One of the peculiar developments in recent slate affairs has been the call of local public utilities for the help of the state commission In the raising of rates. The fads are that a untllity company has made a bargain with a eily for the use of its streets and the right to exercise monopolistic power and has agreed in return to charge not more than certain prices. When (hose, prices are remunerative or highly profitable (lie corporation wants to Stick to the bargain. When the business falls to pay I lie coporatlon wants lo repudiate the contract and gnt higher prices, and instead of going to the other party to Die contract, the city. It appeals lo the state commission. Under all the rules of business the contract should not bo broken by . either party after consideration lias hecri.cJven. A;i/1 yet tbo law of Kansas is doubtless In favor of the utility's present contention. Jt would be much bettor to let nm IKioplo of the respective cities have home rule and let the state commission (l&cldo in case of disputes unil disagreements. A state commission must tthvays strain to give u city Justice, because usually the city's representatives do not have the time or the means to fight the case as well as do • Iho representatives of the utility. ThlB (lucatlou 1 B an old one and has been often discussed In Kansas. Until tbo corporations began to seek refuge trom their contracts It was often said that our law Is a good one.. Wo have uo criticism lor the state utility comrulBslojj but to the Jaw which seems to bo fixed so Unit a city utility o«n got out Jroui Its contract it it proves to bo u losing QUO. ITALY, It is well to koep Italy in mind. During all the fighting on Uie West I'Tout where the attoiitlon of me world Is ceutered Italy must not bo'forsotton. filuco a year ago when aha w sfl \jn,ajhj 0 forces of (he Atistrinns nnd Germans, for weeks nt a time, shphM fully recovered, has given the Austrlann one big whipping and Is ready for something else. There la a possibility of nn Italian offensive against the Austrlans, If the latter doesn't do something to themselves, because of Intrrnnl troubles. The Italians have a great army, great generals and whon the time comes to strike will give a good account of theniRelves. It will not be surprising to see another move one of these times on that part of the line, a move that would seriously threaten the Austrlans, now half-heartedly In the war, It Is bsWev- ed, nnd not giving the (Jcrtnans the man-power support on the west front the latter really needs. The Italians, with the French, llrltlsh and American soldiers In their armies, are strong nnd could make things very Interesting for the Teutons, If the llmo arrives to make a strike. Italy suffered a relapse n year ago, through (jcrmnn propaganda. Uut the same thing cannot happen again. The Italians arc ready for whatever may come In this line. They can go down"[ the line with the Austrians any old time the latter want a battle, ana the Austrians know it. Italy has had a long rest but It is one that has put her Into condition to go through with the remainder of the war In a way that means the entire overthrow of the eneiiiy'iind his final elimination ns a factor to be feared In the future. • Ileal estate values are not high in Peronne these days but the Allies say It's worth all it cost to take It from the lioclie. Holding onto Peronne was one of the things the German finally could not do. A big price was paid by the Huns, In blood, for this town, months ago, and they also paid a good price, In the same way to relinquish their hold on It. Peronne has been one of the debatable places for ,tlie rightcrs on the west front for the last four years. . t Some oi the Russians in that part cf the country controlled by Allied' troops say they can get in the fight again. All they have to do Is to demonstrate this and Berlin will have to bo looking two ways at once-again, and when looking is not so good.^ One reason why it is so difficult to ] find men to serve on German submarines Is that the men can't smoke when the boat is submerged. The aormnn has to have his pipe now and then. Abe Martin Thrjr's very few things ns non essential as a Socialist jest at this time. "It a feller could Jest have dyspepsia till th' "war's over he might save some- thin' out o' his Balnry," said Lafe Bud, as he paid $1.26 for a watermelon. home, the hospitable .ten hour which patriotism has now made the' tforst of taste. And oh, the joy of ordering meat without halt the double prohibition that Impossible price and rood administrators now impose. • Porhnps in time, the other half ot the prohibition will also be removed, but that may be EO gradual that we shall hardly savor it. Of course it will not take long to sink back into the old accustomcd- ness. but there will probably be a brief period in which we shall appreciate anew some of the luxuries of civilization. And one thing is sure; the resurgence of Joy In simple things, will come in greatest measure to the woman who has been doing her share. The -vomen who have managed to evade regulations and have boasted, for instnnce, of having all tho sugar they wanted, the women who have done only what they were absolutely obliged to. the women who have grumbled and hung back, according to tho measure of their selfishness^ will be denied this experience. ARMY CASUALTY UST Blngen-on-the-nhinc was biriged quite a little bit a.few^days ago. The Allied airmen did it and they're all good and ready to do It again, if there is half a chance. The old Hlndenburg Unc was only a rest place for a few minutes on some part of the warring front In France. The Hlndenburg Line is a flexible thing. If the Germans keep up with their loss of man-power they will have to hustle some next year to find enough men to put up a respectable fight. One thing we don't, have to worry- about now; The Germans can't land an army on American shores bccauso they haven't any to spare. ; II keeps the map makers busy lo keep up with the Allied armies these days. Pushing the boche back of the best things they do. New York is blaming the kaiser for the hold up.on the subway work. He started the war and made labor scarce. The claim is allowed. Spain is said to be weary once more with the tactics of the Germans, and hints at a break in relations. Hut no one believes her. * -i' * •»• M> * * * * ^ « * * $ •• <? •i> AFTER THE WAR IS WON. <s> .<> <8> •t> By Ittiih Cameron. <5> * <s- * «• *• * <i <i> * <r <s> * * Has it ever struck you whal a lot of luu we are going to have after the war is won doiog all sorts of commonplace things? For instance, making all the white flour bread we want; what fun It Is going to be, Just heaping In the white flour, with narry a substitute, and knowing that one is doing nothing out of the way! And again, when the sugar that is being held up by luck of tonnage in distant ports, flows into this country, Just fancy how we will revel In pies and cakes and sweet Jellies and candies and tsay it with baled breath) even two heaping teaspoonfuls of sugar In our morning cup of coffee. Surely, Just standing in the pantry and mixing up u rich cuke, now and then, or making a pure white loaf of bread, will be a great adventure whore once it was only a commonplace of tho day's routine. And then, think what fun it will bo to be uble to spend whatever money one can rightfully afford, for Just what clotheB and luxuries ouo wants without being haunted by tho fear that one lu buying something of which tho government has need ' And fancy, too, fouling perfectly free (tbat is, except for any prohibition of the pocketbook) to drop la, any tt^o, fw. afternoon tea or to Uwe « group''«t '* bitfO* wjoyi ot o»e» The following casualties are reported by the Commanding General of the American Expeditionary ' Forces Killed In action, 68; missing in action, 114; wounded severely, W3; died of wounds, 11; died from accident and other causes, 1; died of disease, 5 wounded, degree undetermined, 1-tll;' died of aeroplane accident, 1. Total. 50U. KILLED IN ACTION: Ltetatenanto Itnymond Eckert Miller, Detroit,. Mich. Dana Cecil Post. Hcntou Harbor, Mich. John H. Stccn, Vauglian, Miss. Sergeants f Arthur Dnvirt Devrles, Grand Itapids, Mich. Charles James Fulton, St. CinJr.- Mich.' Jny Taylor fllenn, Gregory. Mich. Adrian Kdwtird Hothfus, Grand Hapids, Mich. ' Corporals Charles Shoemnaer, Now York, N. T. Kdward Joseph Oeronde, .naetne, Wis. KuKeuo Harry Ferguson, Itnco, Mich. Harold Jlayword Hood, Ann Arbor, Mich. .Farrrtit O. House. Leo Centrr, N. Y. John Kocluinik. Milwaukee, Wis. . Kem-lni l^xfrnnla, llloomer, Wis. (Thnrles ll. MeArthur, Hancock, Minn. Ivan Mcpherson, Onawuy, Mich. Walter H. Pndn, Menominee, Mich. Nell lleli!, Warren. .Mich. Fled Stephen Stack. Chlrago, 111. l->lward Adelbert Stafford, Muskegon, Alloh. Michael reter Twomey, Kajamazoo, Mich. -. Harry Thomas Walklns, Allen, Mloh. rtnv Winch. Marsbfltln. Wis. I'-ui^ene T. Zajuil, Breton ,Ma£S. Bugler l.uco Christopher Martin, Pittsburgh, Pa. Privates Frank A*ch. nlrmliiKham. Mich. Jesse Oooley, Jtrighton, Mich. Alvla ltlcharil rirabenstott. Custer, Mich. Leo .1. Drtscotl, Ashniont, Mass. Alfred Bernard J <>Binati, Watftrford, WW. George T). English, Pittsburgh, Pa. J. Nash Glasgow, Jlolrul, Alls*,. Hewitt G. llageruuin, Ranches City, WllKll. Prank IT. Kavnnagh, New York, N. Y. ThuirflH Philip Mnnn, 11ncknoyvlllo. ; 111. DomenfCo Maranzano, New York, N. Y. Mteheto Medico, Ilunmore, Pa. John Murray, ban Francisco, On!. l'Mtlchof Nelson, Iron Mountain, Mich. Paola Pitemnn, Terro Haute. Ind. l^iwrence H.. floss, Orwell, Vt. Stanley Kobrolskl, nerllu. Wis. William C. HBini. Wheeling, W. Va. Waller ltiilpli Fuller, St. Joseph, Mich. John Lyman Gnlvin, Cottage Grove, Wis. Lulgl Gelso, Oakmont, Pa. Hoy Albei t Green, Portland, Mich. Amhony J.;>). Pineonnlng, Mich. J'"ioyd H. llooton, Hurllnfcton, la. " John Hpvercuinn, 13nslgn, Mich. F.IJrldgo Gewelyn King, Wostliold, Pa. Thomas Koster, Uutlurfle,ld. MJch. Charles W. McCarthy, firooktlne, Mass. Maurice R Marder, Dorchester, Mosa- Carl P. Olmstead, Wolcolt, N. Y. Cecil J. l'opham, nattleton. 'Hy. Clarence Lee Jlarikm, Schoolcraft, Mich. John Ho«ky, Deward. Mich. John Knkolka, Wlelklanska. Ilussla. I'b-uest Bauvoln, Chasscll, Mich. Clark Walter Behoof, Washington, Mich. Albeit B. Seolt. llrookllne, Mass. Haymond It, Stevens, Cliurubusco, N, Y. Ernest K. Stelnson, Monroe. Ky.. Arthur Torry, Drakes Dranch, Va. Leslie Thomas, Michigan City, Ind, Kskny D. Town, Cnsnuvlo, Mich. I^ouis lleiijamiu Tracy, Hand Lake, Mich. DIED OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: t Sergeant Harry Jay Fuller, HchenecLady, N, Y. Corporal Joseph 1L Btevens, (terry, N. Y. Mechanician Llewellyn R. Decker. Uaugor, M«. Privates Thomas A. Fincrty, Chicago, 111. Itcniamln II. llannel, Cass, lud. Harry Mansfield, Now York, N. V. John Marco, Staten Island, N. Y. Tony Morris, San Unfaol, Calif, red ward llaymond Paul, Pearl Hlver, N. Y. Vorlln B. Prince. McCrory. Ark. Adolpli Tomni, Sawyer, Mich, DIED OF DISEASE: Sergeant Frank H. Bishop, TNow York, N. T. Corporal Sllaa Urown, Waukegan, 111. PrlVAte. Wllllmn F» Grubb, lUovesvllle. W, Va- Henry Garrett. Marshall, Tex. Thomas J. Maimer, Detroit, Mich. DIED FROM AIRPLANE ACCIDENTS I-epwood Jl. 0^ V $5"5 #e'f»>t P- ft Y. DIED OF ACCIDENT ANb OTHER CAUSES! PHvat. Arthur II. TboniM, Mt. Wlnniis, Mil. WOUNDED SEVEHELYi 1 Captnln .,. • | John FrliclSjftecae, Pottsvlile, Po»' I j, II. Gift. ;i¥orla. 111. •«•' - imutenont. t/lnMng McVlcliaM'.'Wew York, N.' Y. hMwaid A, O'Mnlleyi Jr. ( Syracuse, N. James C. OsbHir'n, New tlrKihelle, N. V. V> 1 Sergeant. Leon D. Roll, Lllllo Rock, Ark, , . Aloysius J,- Klnn, Chicago, 111. Chester T.' y.tmitiertnan. Chicago, 111. ,., Corporals Hnrrj- U llnldwin, Lleth, K. D. Jackson Hlftftki Pnnndetphln, Pa. William A. llrtwdeii. Chicago, III. Corporal. Joseph John Itttrns, Shetlturnr*, Vt. Mnurlco J. McKMllarott. Iladley, Mass. lllilph A. Moore, Mencken. N. I). Lloyd lis Hounds. Motti N. O. I/oroy 15. Thoma*, Kerhonkson, N. Y. Horry Welncr, New York, N. Y. Jame^ W. Clirlstlan. Aubrey, Ark. Arthur L. ThnituiK, Tlnuxlte, Ark. Ban 3. Williams. Kvonsvllle, VVIa, Cook Charles W. Purkharill, Vlromin, Wis. Private. Christian nihmhnrdt, Chippewa Falls. Wis, Georgo K. Uowers, Kall!»pell. MonL Dewey Bl-ehnitn, Ubiekwcll, Okla. K<lward H. Progan, Rupert, Ida,,, Jnmea D. nrown, Great Folia, Mont- Carl F. Caapcrson, Htccksmarknea Ves- teraaleri, Norway. FriiYik Joseph Diuiunlne, OrlvctK, Wis. William K, lillnger. Trenton, N. J. Clarence K. Frrlshi*r. Ilorabiio, Wis. Joseph A* Furberrhaw, Washington, D. C. John A. Cleorgeson. Madison. Wis. Uurnird C. McClaln, Scary, W. Va. Marshall D. Martin, Carlisle, 1*0- Martln R. Moellerlng. lA'rnona, Wosll. Haymond C, Porks, Mount Sterling. Ill- Kd«vnrd I). Illehiwds, lllg Knits, Minn. Gustav rtuilolph Hehollji. Mndens, Wis. Robert A. Simpson, Glasgow, Scotland. "Sulllrr K. Skartvedt, Mott. N. O. James T. Slomher, Gardner,. Mass. Vernon H. Tcrrtll. I'alrinount, N, D. .Georgo Tiff, lltg Rapids, Mich. -'-Merle Van Gnhlei-, Jiinesvllle, Wis. David Khallel. Cleveland, O. '..•.Thomas J. King, Ctilrngn. 111. Ivonls Irfimotta, ,N>wnrk, N. .1. Fred 13. l^ladstroni, She>enne. N, P. Louis N. Latrnll. c.renoro. N. IV Frank Leheekn. Chlrngn. Ill, Flhrar I J . Jjockhart. Dorchester, Mrw >9. James J. McAndrews, tfiiiontown. Pn. William,D. Mcllec. Homestead, Pa. Francis McKlroy, Rt-ooklyn, N. Y. Robert J. Mason, Btoekd.ile, Pa. Leroy Meyer, New- York, N. Y. I'rnnk Mletnlckl. Chicago, 111. John Miles, Chicago, til. Ccdrlck 11. Mitchell, lluchenter, N, Y. George Mosoonn, Detroit, Mich. Amos Nescl, Cttlndleastello Perugia, Italy. Raymond 11. Pearson. Rartlesvllle, Okln. William Perkins. Plttsloiil. N. Y. Jlarold bX Peters, Chicago, 111. ' Father Andrew Rabun, Midlothian, Texas. Theodore Rappatto. Ashland, Wis. William J. Hegnn, New York. N. Y. David A. Register, Grncevlllc. Fla. F .dwnrd A. Rellly, Rrooklyn. N. Y. Chnrtto F. Ritchie, New London,' N. C. Charles Rosenfekl, Chicago,, III. • Antony Sarnowskl, Chicago, 111. • ICIilred R Stiltman, Plngree. N. D. Norman Smith, Cleveland, Ohio. '• • James Snider, Cleveland. N. D William U Pittsburgh, Po. Frank Cellchowskf. South Ilend, Ind. Floyd ChomlMTs, Holden. W. Va. Js-incs >•*. C.rtdell, Alexandria. Mo. Aiiast Heroboulos. Canton, tlhlo.' Tony lpel,..Chicago, 111. Joseph Jares2enski, Kontzka Wllna, Russia. . ' Ralph Lane, Plalnfleld, 111. Carl L. Lltterer. Clarksvllle, Iowa. Howard Robertson, Knlghtdale. N. C. Raymond Sjiger. Ainstertlant, N-Y. Walter Stone. Colton. N. Y. Daniel Sullivan, Pittsburgh, Pa.: Charles P. M'ushJcin, New York, X. Y. John C. Aadeison. Racine, wis. George Aurand. Savanna. 111. Homer Ayler, Fort Ripley, Minn. Robert H. Botes, Wahoo. Neb. Ray • Bond, Mount %'ernon, lit. -* "William L. Brcltsprecher, Chicago, lit. ' Brooks, Indianapolis, Ind. Eklmund It, Burrj-, Rosebank. U, Y. Jacob M, Casey, Marlln, Tex. l^oulS' A. Cohen, Brooklyn. N. Y. WallerR. De shons, Pairchance, Fn- Vlctor John Durn, Pittsburgh, 'llPa. Morris Groeabcrg, I*lilladelphlo,;vPa- John W. Greenway, Atlanta. G^u • Joseph Harenza, Chicago, 111. Robert Hcines, Chicago, III. Charles Kans. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Israel Uailm) Bi-ooklyn, N. Y". .Z. Horry BeUleman, Ambler, PtL Arthur J. Bellavanee, Wllllmautlc, Conn. ' Haj -ry W. Blakeslee, Sterling, 111. FYank Broiuberek, Beaver Dam,* WIS. Marshall It. Tarnum. Inkster, N. D. William P. Hammond, Eight Mile, Ark. Henry O.. Husselton,- Clearbrook, Minn. John C. Huber, Peosta, In. Charles Kavnnagh, Brooklyn, N. Y. Karl R. Kennedy, Montford. Wis. Benjamin* Ebenozer Long; Peylonsburg, Ky. Dewey K. McDIvltt. Roliver. N. Y. Max Rienhpldt Nehrlng, Oconomowoc, AVI B. • , • • • Anthony D. Klcbol, Proctor, Vt. Nicolaj Para, Deuoll, Mich. Michael J. Prlndlvllle. Chicago, lib Harold W. Purdom. Chicago, 111. Roy J. Quails,:Norton,, Va. Mike Slmeclk, Newark, N. J. Horaco O .Smith, Birmingham, Ala- James W. Snow, Madison, Wis. Thomas Thompson, Augusta, Ga- Peter Urnlsz, Schenectady, N. Y. l.ouls T. Verl, I'lttsburgh, Piu Charlie C. Von Almen, Plliz.'tbeth, Minn, Charlie M. Williams, Nortli Charlotte, N. C. t^hnrles I, Woods, Imogene, Iowa. Nathan C, Ilqnny, Richmond, Ky. Russell Waldo Coon, Gary, Ind. Valentine A. Drews, Sheboygan, Wis. I>ominlc, l^uente, Calif. Edgar JeMeris, l?nlontown. Pa. Joshua Jercmlali, We^t Depere, Wis. Ernest W. Klminel, Butte. Mont. Fred C. Kohn. Detroit, Mich. Waller Lawson, Swjin l«ike, Mont. James R, McAvoy, New York, N. Y. Roger O'Mara, Nor' 1 - Portland, Ore. Dan Panko, Wade, N. D. John Phol, Morrill, Minn. Joseph Sass, Milwaukee, W^ Frul L. Webb. Marble, N. C. Teronty Werllcky, Chicago, 111. George Wleglenda, Gladstone, N. D. Charles Rudolph Wohlfell. Detroit, Mich. Cail G. Somnitz; Chicago. 111. Michael J. Sova, Jr., Reading, Fa- Howard Stevens, Herg, N. D. Frank A. Tbonilon. fleatlle, Wash. William Tledemajin, Jamestown, N. D. Frank HnJa, New York, N. Y. Oscar Valentine, Co »by, Tenn. Emll E. Webbekliur. Waterloo, Iowa. Milton loadore Weln.toln, Atlanta, Ga. Sigurd W. Westurlund. Ilrahain, Minn. Iklwnrd J. Willis, Fast 8t. I^iuis, 111. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Degree Undetermined) Captain Ross Snyder, Los Angeles, Calif. Lieutenant. John 13. Whltmyor, London, England. Arthur Franklin Williams, Newark. N. J. John MY Currle, Austin, Tex. Edwin A. Puryear, Grccnbush, Ga, CoriioraJ. Charles A. Michaels, Milwaukee, Wis. John p. Jornson, Logo FlakkofJord, Norway. Benjamin John Blttcnbender, Philadelphia, Pa, laitlier C. C. Ougdale, Parsons, Pa, Michael Dcmartln, Woodhaven, Conn. William 11. Gill, JackMOnvfllc, III. H. James A. Greene, Syracuse, N. Y. Che.tor l.lah Mujiyon, Portland, Kan. Harry Shaffer. Pittsburgh. Pa. Thurlowe C, Steinmlre, Stalea Island, N. Y. Clardy White, Crofton. Ky. Samuel Wood, Hanover, Pa. Delwytta Bincry Colllngwood, Rimer, lit. Kellogg Strong Rale, Portland, Conn. Paul W. Helsner, Nebraska City, Neb. deorgo Bolss, Rochester, N. Y. Musician Edward Joltn Hale, San Francisco, CiU. Wa«on«r« Murray Laybhea, New York, N. T. FranrFt-Tiell, ISstop. W. Va. Cook. Harry C. Crane, Bmilra. Pa. Kugeua Williams, Horace. Neb, John Wilson, Charlotte, N. C, • V • • Prlv*io« lngr«m plaf And*r»on. p9M.n«M Qr'Vfi ijh'artes Boranowsky, Hartford, .Coan, Myron H. Btu-psr, Bovaus, Pa, • • • Siuutint A, ^rol*. MtuMpo W*'**!*, Oeorgo tklward Bflllngstcy, Abbeville, St EMC nenlnmln F. ttllls, aao, Pn. Onfry Hochonlk. N»* Yorkj tt. Y. Ow Nicholas Iloitages, Htwafk N. J. Amos Amel Houehe, Marlhette. Wl«. Schuyler TJrnnbnm, Amherst, Va. - Oscar f* Hunting, Belleville, Ark. Oeorgo Leo Case, llymotfth. Pa. 'Henry W. Davis* Klliabetli. Ark. Freylcrlck I fc D«vnge, Rldgcwny, Pa Robert Dtnsmore, Culfport, Miss, Robert Grler Hnton. Covington, Ky. SlUniiel Ktsenberg, New York. N. Y. Ralph G. Graham, t/inc ttnc, Neb. Daniel J. nrlflln, Wllllnms, Mont. ltosi.*oe Johnson, Alay, Ark. Waldo Johnson. McKeesport.- Fn. Thomas Urady Jones, Whltesboro Tex. fRnnlslnv l^>chtanskl, McKcesport. P.. Sylvester McKlssock, Jennctie. Pa, Martin J. Mnnley, Pittslon, Pn. FloydiA. Mallpin, Fullon, Mo. John Moore. Junior. W. Va. Frank. Plernon, Beaver Falls. Pa; Tony llacelln, Astoria. N. Y. Jack Pollnsky, New York, N. Y. Joseph Rofi.ewlcs, Ferreil, Pa. Hurry M. Rosenfclil, New York, N. Y. William Snckmnn, St. Lnuls. Mo. Pleas W. Singleton. Louisville, Ala, Thomas Slnltery, Clinton, Mo. Penjamln c. Stevens, r<>iHton, Pn. Ctni-rnco Vnlenttno wngemonn, Wtien* ton. III. John J. Walker, n -nnvlllo, Vn. Iloscoe P. White, Portsmouth. Va. John Joseph Wlloy, Des Moines, Town. James A. Winning. Athens, O. Chester Arthur Wood, Ellenvllle, N. Y. William Wrlghl, Chlcopee, Mass. John Adaroeon, Arbroath. Scotland. Harold Rerii, Ototen,, Norway. Gulseppe Blanco, Brooklyn. N, Y. Melvln M. Bybec, Brooklyn, K, Y. ' John B. Etchemendy, Arnguy Bassos l"Vrisses, 1-Ynnce, Carmlno Pralto, Fu Antonio Tovernn, Italy. Antonlnc Ti. Ohio, Cette Hernull, Pranec. Wllttam Jackson CIulHou, Morton, Vn. Zeble Holloway. Huston, lai, "\\'la'.Islaw Kroplenwlckl, tK>maa, Russia Poland. Frank Mnleldo, Snlnglo. Italy. Olive Manuel, Ernth, l^i,. Andrew It. MeCormlck. Torrance, Miss. Pnlrlck J. MrGrath, Ornnvllle. N. V. Riehnrd M. Moonev. Semlnarv. Miss. Wltllain II. Moore, McCool. Miss. Carlo Roncoll, : Cnntnlupo. Hilly. Tonv Snladlno, Brooklyn, N. Y. Aehlel II. Vandcwlele, Zweevceele. Uet- glnm. George V*. Woods, Walker, Ark. Benjamin Parson Carter, Derby. Conn. Harry N. Clnrge, Clrnahn. Neb. William R. Clark. Phoenix N. M. Vlto Dali-na, PuttKnnnrio, Itaty. Clyde C. Plsber, lllvthevllle. Ark. John Plt7 .pHlrlck, Worcester. * r ass. Charles J. Gallagher, Wllktsbnrre, Pa. Ross Garretl, I^?hnnou. Va. Charles W. Harris. Nlcklesvllle. Vn. George H. Allen, Calumet, Mleh. Arthur Burrows, Sbnniokln, Pn. Antonio Giovanni. Mocannloua. Pn. Klwyn Guy Hlilngn.., Uiiifftianiton, N. V. Hiram ljikes, E\-elyn, Ky. Peter Lehncrt, Cnsco. Wis. George Liitdnuer, New York, N. Y. Thomas MeCarty, bbmlish Ijike, Ind. Charles Raymond McCurdy, Hnrrls- burg, Pa. Jim T. Marlln, Stuart. Va. Arthur A. Moore. Ft. Necessity, Ln- Wllllam Peterson, Chicago. 111. • Itoliert 1C. Oulnn, Guyrron. Okln, Mlldrude Joseph Reffner, Spongier, Pa. Lyman Stacv, Lacona, N. Y. Mnthew Walter Twnndowski, Wlndber, Fa. b^irl.O. Witllnms, Rogers. Ark. Elmer 1.. Wright. Monroe City. Mo. Joseph Jackson, Brooklyn, N. Y. Thomas J. Kane, South Boston. Mass. Anthony Kowalenlcz, Hertford, Conn. Ednrnr V. ].oClaIre, Ogdensburg, N. Y. Mike. Lambert, Jenuette, Pa. Freil J. MacMnnn, New Haven, Conn. Alo\-slus MaeDonnld, Brooklyn, N. Y. Carl Alex Marberg, Iron Mountain, Mleh. Herman Mierscb. Wc*t llohoken, N. J. liermnn Myron, llrooklvn, N..V, ShndrUik Pennenter, Mount Vernon, Ark. Palsy Snnto, Rochester, P.i. John Skinner, Berwyn, Neb. Homer A. Smith. Arvada, Colo. Saniuel O. Smith, Brookncal. Va. Nell Cochran Smltbson, Maeksburg, Ohio. Phillip A. Spain, Pittsburgh, Pn. Peter Staekorls, Chicago, III. William J. Stover, Trenton, N. .1. Joshua Thlgpen. Ooellka, Ala. John Tomftla. Pierr., Minn. Glan Tomasetll.' Vallada (lellunc, Italy. Alexander Traclewskl, Ellznbelbport, ^Jol|n ! lInieke,7Ne6 ™6raijCllv. Neb. 'Cosmo ViablAlib, Uluffalo, N. Y. Bernard Edward Vanslekle, Hurdland, Mo. Antonio VlvolA, Boguoll Trlnlno. Italy. Edmund II. Websler, Walcrbury, Vt. MISSING IN ACTION Captain John Foresl Goodman, Rldgewood, N. J. Lieutenants - Jnrrrt P. X)ver, Illlsburgh, Pn. Georgo B, Kilpalrlck, Marble Valley,Ala. Pcler Leroy Wallls. Jersey Shore, Pa. Serqeant Samuel B. Hfrffner, I^iurel, Pa. Corfioml. . James M. ttnnckart, l«wcll,.Malts. Roy JitncMlnlgall, Holyoke, Mass. Arthur P«»iick ,-N«ugattick, Conn. Albert H. Gwlnnor, Phllndetphla, Pa. Joseph Francis Via Cavl, Hoboken^ N. "iim-old 13. Mln#,.Detroit, Mich, t.yman M. Wethetboe, West Acton, Mnss.' Chniles Wlnchell, WeW York, N. Y. Private. John Baxter, Montreal, Canada. Michael Ferrandl, Hartford, Conn. Calvin A. Fink. Moslnee, Wis. William C. Poreman, Alma, Mich. •riiomas G. Green, Duluth, Ga. Reed B, Greenway, Marietta, Ga. Frederick 0. Gucnthor, Stralford, Wis. Ole Hamilton, Viola, Wis. • Albert Handel, Youngatnwn, nldo. . Rtltherfurd It. Hinds, Rocky Ford. Colo. Abraham Keen, Alamo, tin. Moody J. Korn, Ether, N. C. August-Kroll, New Haven, Conn. . John M. Norlhup, Newman. Calif. Michael 1. Powlowskl, Chicago, 111. Galen V. Phelps, Little Hocking, Ohio. Metro Plerlnl, Ran Mateo, Calif. Chester A. Piper, Sandusky, Ohio. John RectJi, Maysvllle, Ky. Clarence Rcvnolds, Indianapolis. Ind. George o. Illcbnrds, Oaktnwn. Ind. Wdwnrd F, Kllvn, Oakland, Cnllf. Martin 0. fimtth, Rnekmart, On. Leon N. Tew, Oak field, Wis. Vonderan Thweatt, Padueah, Ky, hoTmas Traflennl, Chicago, 111. Robert 11. 'Putt. Mlddletown, Ohio. Rocco Veiiaslano, S. Agatn, Italy. Daniel Hlomgrcu, Mitchell, Mom. Alex Blinder, Ktcve, Hussta. Calvln G. Bonne, Bucket I, Miss. Joseph Camnnneltn, New York, N. Y. Peter Casllgllonl. Mlehelo Morlnno, Irtic.ea..Fr>acilna, Italy. Clem D. Chnmbllss, Loirlstlllc, Miss. Michael llanjlkoulsos, Karpntho Rgco, Italy. Melkls Hnsbntanlan, Haverhill, Mass. Herbert McGrnw, Oakhlll. W. Vn. Satn Mangos, Detroit. Mich. Sair«iel E. Murray, l'esotum, 111. Lulgl Ruhlno, Snlcml. Italy. Alrxanilcr. mu, Kcol.'i, Colo. Brtwnrd •/ Lorellse'-, Seattle, Wash. Irfinr .o L. Sthtrer, Slti-er I'reek Ga. A.ugitst Httselczvk. SI. Iledwlg. Texas. Whidyslnw Surgot, Chicago, III. James To'imey, Bcvnnton, l*n. James O. tbiton. Roekmnrt, Ga. John Patrick White. Monroe I'ltv, Mo Thomas l^?e Wray, tndiannpotis, tnd. John T. Yflgen. Chicago, lit. Murlno Dello Rosso, Most Boslort. Mass. Jacob Poreman, Cliesanlm,-. Midi. Pete pransko, Gallatin, Pn. Itneh Prew, Gunnison, Colo. Grolge P. Giilidln. HI. let 'lck, Ln. "'"Iter Heurv Green. El Nora. Ind. S"|.-ester F ' Hnmlll. I'ldlnrlelobln. Pn. William IT. llarmb, Kansas Clly, Mo. John C. Henrlchs, Allnutle. Iowa, Arthur J. Hlcby, Plngree, Idaho. Max W .Huebner, Marunelte, Mich. George W. l^megrati, Porlamoulb, N. II. John M O'Neill, Philadelphia, Pa. Steven Sadawekns,. l,nwrence, Mass. Andrew Samo Perth Amlwiy, N. J. Roy Santola, Syracuse, N. Y. Isaac C Snvolc, Houma, Ln. Jrvin J. Schooler, Genesee, Idaho. William B. Small, Racine, Wis. Albert D. Smith. Canaan, Conn. Joseph W. Hnlveley, Rre.roerlon. Wash. James D. Stewart, Mnttapan, Mass. James Tlberlo, Newton Center, Mass. . Irving J. Tlllotson, Providence. R. I. Mlko Vail, Hnmberc, l'ldwlard J. Vaughn, Cambridge, Mass. Aide Vldrlne. Vc-nton, !.a. Walter Welnhold. Adell. Wis. Albert L. Wernsmnn, Patokn. III. Clarenee O. Wright. Montrtw.'. Colo. Dean E. Anfenson. Fallsade, Colo. Baca^ Vlilnnneva, N M. - Charles Hell, Vloncho. N. M. Harry W. Bishop, Lowell. Muss. Samuel T lilnlr, Pbltadeli.hln. Pa. Duval D. Howe?-. Norlh Berwick. Pa. Thomas Bre.nnen, Rochester, N. V. William A. Brunangb, Socorro. N. M. Harry S. Bonce. Aberdeen, S. Dak. George llurrlll. I.vnn. Mass Will Orvel Carroll, Indianapolis, Ind. Waller U 'h|,,,,|e, Nenonset HI. Dee C. WIMen. Kalllns.uv, okla. Cecil I.' Wllhnlt, Knn .J |l«. HI. Paul Williams, Purls. II). Carl Will, ReeR .vllle. Wis. Maleomii P. Wollnrd, Gatesvllle, Tex. Vlrcll II. Wood, Rockv Pace. C.n. nollln A Wrlaht, llornbrnok, Cntlf. I'^rnnk Znleodek, Chicago, III. Emory L. Zlmmer. Reaver Dam, Wis. Lucky Man. C. H. II. writes back from n training camp, where he arrived last week, that he has been equipped with shoes weighing not less than twcnly-flvo pounds apiece, lie presumes from that that he has been soleeted to kick the kalner.—Kansas City Star, McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 86, Opposite Convention Hall. AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Supply and Repair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY " 114116 Sherman St East Auto Supplies, Tools nnd Garage Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, 8tromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings. Phono 3000. -"QUALITYJS ECONOMY"— THE ™VanZandt »•* DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOJR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 WICHITA ' HUTCHINSON I Arnold Auto Go, Marmon—Haynes——Dod^e Brothers Phon. 2707 AutOlllQbileS it East First 8L DATsfl? —"The Most Beautiful F/tJcUXf (Jar in America" The Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Sherman East Mao Siudcbakcr Parts and service Electric Battery $ Repair Co/ DUJTB.BUTPB* wil ,U^R0 STORAQE BATTERIES U..d by «7 P.r C.nt ot All Minufsoturtrf LARORif BATTS5BV HSPA1B STATION IN KAN8A8. 1« Sbsrmsn ***,•. - fhont : ^^lN|P*fT|9H i Of .r \NV HATTPBV AT ANY TIMI • tME l &EAL WI FE T-' One of tho Uost snccessfnl men bt this cotthtry recently wrote:. "Whatever 1 nm, nnd whlvlcvfl^ BtlOoesB'I have attained, I owe It nl! to Af -wife. Sho has ever been an inspiration and Hie greatest helpmate of my life." To be such a successful wife should- be the ambition nf every woman, but how Impossible when dragged down by headaches, backache, dragglhg-down pains, nervonsneBB and "the blues." Kvcry woman In this condition Should start at nnco lo build up her sy «t6m by a tonic of specific powers, such as t,ydla B. Pinkhnm's Vegetable Cottt« pound, which for three generations hits been restoring American wdmen to health nnd consequent happiness, PROFESSIONAL CARDS, PMVSIClANS. H. S. BREVjOORT, M. D. Praclldcfclmlledto Offle. . foment W Chronic'^Diseases Eiaminntlon 'arid Dliuraotia rr.a Ht West First St., Hut ^hlh.on. K»n.aa. Kate Williams CITY VI8IT1NG NUH8E or .'i? , ^ vl "\. Dr ' Louis. P. Richmond, tjulu 621 Rorabaugh-Wlloy Building. * Phon. J4BSW. TESTING EYES AND KITTING. SPECTACLES I Is our specialty. Prices reasonable accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial Nation*! Bank. Phone 3369, hAILFiOAU TIME TABLfi*. SANTA FB. No. 2 1h9 NftVlJu ,, «!!' i ,S1 > ! C,, « 0 Limited... No, 6 Chicago Kxpicsi... No. 8 Santa Wight. NO . io The sco" :.:: C! 0- \i± Ku neos Clly Flier. No. A66 ^us&enger. No. .as Puaseliuer , ,.,t ££' % 8 H- * S- Passenger Ar.! 5;3S No. H Wav i'l-elcht., * ."ii^/ M _ , >m ., "..'bound. No. i The Bcoui ... R £"' t ?r h0 Col'lornltt Limited.'. j ':Su No. B 1 he Colorado lixples., 6 2i . 3:0* , i:t )6 .11,.16 .12:11) . urn .LliJU • .lav 4:t. 4:00 1:36 J:56 L6U 8:66 'J:lu No. 1 Forgo Fast.. No. t> The Navajo No. 11 Colorado Past Mall No. 6I>5 Passenger No. 667 Passenger No. S&1 passenger.... »:iu No. bll It. & 8. Passenger mot No. 73 Way Freight- (Main line) .'I'll 0 " No. 17 Way Freight (Branch line; ••„"•,". ,iM MISSOURI PACIFIC, ea .ranund, Na 4S4—Local passenger 10: No. (31— Local Passenger 4: No. 436-—Local 1'rclgllt VI: Westbound. No. 4J3—J>oeal 1'nsserif er 6: No. 433— Local Passenger »; No. 485—Local Freight 11: ROCK ISLAND, v, ., . Bound. No. 34..Ar. «:3a „. ,„., .Jcpart No, 4 NO. 2 No. SorLocal Frtlgol West Bound. No. 1 ,,, No. 3... No. 33..Ar. I>:2( No. SI, Local :2b p. ir Fi eight 8:45 11:15 10:10 J2.-16 7:20 „ 5:10 m., Depart 6:35 t:40 p. m P. in. a. m, ». m. a. m. a. m, P. m, p. m. P. m. p. in. P. m. p. m. p. m. p. m. a. m. a. m. p. ra, a. m. a. m. a. ui. a. m. a. m. 10 am 35 pro lu pm 10 pro :3a am 4» am a. m. a .m. P. m. P. ra. p. m. ARKANSAS VALLEY IjMTERURBAN. Eaatbound. Electric tr.-.lns for Newton, Wichita and s Intermediate points leave Hutchinson at I 5:30 A. M. 6i30 A. M-. Llmltel: 7.65 A .V., ! 11:16 A. M , 10:36 A. ti., 12:30 P. M,i Llml- , ltd: 1.16 P. M., J:36 P. M., f. M,' 6-.16 P. M., Ltmlled;;Sl38 P. M„ 7:65 P. M.., 0.15 P. St., H:20 P.-M. Wesaound. Electric trains from Wlohltn, Newton and Intermediate points arrive at Hutch. I.ison at 7:40 A. M.. »:80 A. St., Limited: 10:15 A. M.. 11:35 A. M.. I2:6B P. M., I'M p. M.. Limited; 3:,16 P. M., 4:56 P. M-. 5:6* V. M., Limited; 7:35 P. M.. 8165 P. Mi 10:15 P. M„ 11:35 P, M, 1:30 A. M. Directory of the Rorabaufih-Wiley Bldg. Elevator service day ana night. AUC1UTJCCTS MANN A QEROW Room. 721.22. Phon. 31&S- ATTORNEYS WM: H. BURNETT Attcrney-at.Law 608 R.-W. Oldg. DENTISTS I.J.JONES, D.nit.t. Suit. 812.13. Phon. BOW. PHYSICIANS A-NU ,SURGEONS H. M. STEWART, M, 0, •ulU Special Att.ntion to eye, Car, No., and Thfo .t, Gla.«» Fitted. Dr. Ella MundolL Dr. W. N, MuoO.q i DR8. MUNPELL, Suiu 621 R.-W. (ltd*. phon. >i63vi O. A, DLASDEL PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Cult. 111.. •OWIo. Phon. 2211, H«t, Phon. 37*1 j DR. LOUISE F. RICHMOND. Suit. 121. Oftlc. Phon. 2652W. R.»ld«nc. 28BjnS 0, A..«JH|C«,EHING, Phy.lcl.n.avrgton, lie*. Tel, HUH. onto* T*<- 8»I »W » nun. w. * a PR. A. G. BEALL _ Phyf'clan, and Surii.on , Special Attention to plagposls, Rvom 608 Phones; 0 (llc» 33»»W. Res, 8681 Pr. H. P, 8TERRETT . •i • • . Practice llmlUd to • Eye. eiw, uo.e and inro^t. Room «u>B Horabaugh-Wiley Mdgv Phooe ' WioP

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