Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 4, 1965 · Page 3
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 3

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1965
Page 3
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CIovls B'Abyad Nile Clyb Holds Installation Of New Officers The Cl'Ais iV.V.vpd Xil- f'!<.ih i>nn|, : firm Collins. enlle-Mon Maples, sunsliino: Kdna Kratti- met Kndav ii«,>!tl in the home of Vel'm 1'aMerson. virr preyidenl; L'IT, publicity: Neva Stanfield. I. ula Mayo Sims for in.-lallal.ion K;:';e A!, Kinney, senv! a r y, ways and moans; Mary Ann c! IWrvM officer.'; and Ivlaa Slalker. treasurer. : Smif!i. bospifalify, and P n a r i Mnrllia Russell and Vivinn oiil-'.jriiiiL! preside!)' Clarice Taylor. bv-la\vs HoL'crv serve,! s«rv!« irhcs-. M.-iplcv. conducted !he insfalla- The while Il'ihie. on (ho al- cookies. minis, nut?, t.-a and'i-ti. a-si'-'!"d t,v i.n',-, M a > o ,.,, .„..,.. . , , coffee from a li.-;uifiiu!!y ;ip- Sims tnarsHall; Kalie McKin- |,'v I'nnrU^Amia pointed t"a lable. The ren 1 '-- ney. mib.ieian; iv.vworth. ClOVtS KfcWS-JOtlRNAl* Tuesday, May % \m> DEAR ABBY Why Is Luck A Lady? DEAR ABBY: When my fa-; DEAR ANN: Assuming you booklet, "How TO WR I TE|LETTERS FOR ALL OCC A-JSIONS." Abigail Van Euro* piece was of w!iil( Nile emblem flout \e", o!(H-..r< itr-' in4 a «hor; busi: 1 wore Mav La Itn roses. ( h p ehapiain. and Muriel \Viti!>. a'led follow- Committee chairman itttro- ['-.(IPIX,, ther saw my report card, he hit 1 are correct, and It is all a mat- ciub t ) le eeiiing. He said there washer of "pure chance", who no excuse for grades like mine,'made "Luck" a lady? and from now on I was going i. —— islory of The Daughters ito act and look like a human' DEAR ABBY: Every Easter given by Nolle being instead of a sheep dog. since we've been married, my i-e'iv' was closed by a sess i O II dlieod !>> i' president: Hi 1 '!:- ;> "'ic : N'oile P |Then he went and got th ejhusband has bought me an Eas\vas given to all scissors ancl cut m V bangs. Alljter plant. I have told him a doz'f'epn'ine: Muriel \V;mi. v e a i 1 and niai'i'v: boxes: Social Calendar TTKSnAV Room M. 7 p m. KecieaV.'inal Program - pin. Ho•,'.',',;;••.; ;<•; .,' a* !'!>• :;vrn of 1M" ''e:-i |; r S;'haol. dren M-;-' ,- \ ti:c s, : .. <"arrv Ci'ii::'\ S'i< :••".• !•>" II e :;-.i|. >n |; ; . ; ! <•• li'-ve!o;im. M; of Kxci.p;-..., n a I I CIDAV < liiidrca. AVKHM^IVVV 'J .T) p m. I-:: !' >r'a' <"-:\<>:<< Ii\ii. m"e'.. \\il-, M 1 - R ' ! S.- ; "i'/. VI.' \V Can-'^iiher. Tun:sn\v 1" .lo a in Hi!,,: •.'. -'-I Me:h. <!r!. \WCS Salad Lunehron t :r r)iar< 'i I'arlor. Nurs e l Clarice Pa^l I'residenls of B'Abvad. :the kids wear bangs down over'; en times that I would much I their foreheads, just cover i n g! rather have a corsage, but he ! C«n:.'ratnlations to Ruth Neff their eyebrows. I think it looks; goes right ahead the next Eas- ai>:! her Yearbook Committee neat. So what if rny gradesiter and buys me a plant. He lor ba\ing the new yearbook weren't so great? Do you think!says a plant is more practical ready at installation meeting, (cutting my hair was any solu- because he can plant it in the| llion? Yours for a speedy an- yard later. I say if that is! F.uhteon members and o n 9 IOM, Mrs. Jance Pace, were ; ai'elldallre. swer. PAUL t what he has in mind when he i , .„ „.,.. . t , .. 'buys me an Easter gift, he is! vAU PAIL: \mir father (thinking of HIMSELF, not ME.) iwas annoyed with voii because 10 n m. \V;-.,-. Mi.- PREFERS A CORSAGE I your grades were poor, and he r» p> \ n PRFFFRS- V n n 1 1 punished you bv attackinc vour 1 , ,, . J "v . ' . ' < ,«n^ hnr M ,,«o' .h«v nL'nvnH should be fi lad he remembers i bsings because they annoyed him, too, and were handy. Get ":-.-d Hear* V! I lii'art Si '• M- TYPKWttlTBK ADDING MACHINE REPAIR r,fK)I»TAN Offirr Sfipplr I-?!? Main—Pin! 7l53-5:>S<) Loarrinq the rulcsof n name helps a person hiirdie many difficulty. Bill Adams — Gabc Parson — 801 Prince Choice Beef SIRLOIN MINUTE STEAK PORK STEAK SAUSAGE PATTIES 5'" $2.49 (GROUND CHUCK •. FAMILY STYLE BEEF SIRLOIN TIPS. 79c c.'ird time. I'll het your father, '"**' _ won't care if you wear you liairj DEAR ABBY; Last week T | in a pony tail. ha( , fivc beautiful children. To-; day T have only four who arej beautiful, and one who may be; I DEAR ABBY: Appropos your! beautiful again, but we aren't 1 ! comment that the "male deter- j sure. j i mines the sex of the child":: My year-old baby put a plug- 1 'I'leaso let me assure you th- ! g e d-in extension cord in her; -it is indeed a female who makes ( mouth and burned off her upp- the. choice. Not the wife, he- ' per lip. and half of her low- 1 ever, but the vixen. Lady Luck. t -r lip. The doctor says it will, 'l'i be sure, the sperm cells take a series of plastic surgery! carry the scx-determinin? load operations to make her look of chromosomes; but the male half way normal again. Please. ; siippli.-s great quantities of both please, 'tell mothers to keep kinds — apparently in equal extension cords where children! rummers And it is pure chance can't get at them. It's a miracle '.'•'nun will predominate. Per-, my baby is alive today. If this hans it is not "pure" chance letter saves just one baby from 'nit. if not. it is just as like'- (being burned as mine was. it | ii.'a! conditions in the female will he worth the space in yourj may fav«r "girl-makinc" or column. I beg you to print this. | i>ov-makine" sperms as it i> HEARTBROKEN MOTHER the male asserts influence -»ii t!ii> preponderantly random Problems? Write to Abby, priiec-o. Let's not oversimplify. I'.ox 60700. Los Angeles Calif, j A.VN OXYMOI'S For a personal reply, enclose a' stamped, self-addressed envelope. and a price that'll bring you together! ... *~ •'* — 'Meet the ftockct Action Olds 88! Take your choice of 11 stylish models—dazzling Delta 88s, spirited Dynamic 88s, money, saving Jetstar 88s. All with Oldsmobilc's distinctive Act ion-Line Design ... at prices that make launching a Rocket one of the smartest things you could do this ycart DILI Look to Olds for the New! -,'» Ot f > FASHIONETTES Hands Snap Bai-k Take hear?, homemakers Our ands havo preat snaphack cucr A chemist ("or a hand ream firm says hands respond apidly to proper care. If you ;;r. e ui'.'iWed ymir hands to tX'- • .> m i- s'M'iou^ly chapped or .-.:::a^ed by )-,a''sh detergent. .••; ni-i'd t<> 'Jiv.-- them TLC '•"••!(•:• l.ivin.: carei. In t h c . >!".',"..! <'i;ik yo;ir hand< f»r a "-.v rii:r,'!'.es in a sol'i'inn of •>.•--.v.irm water witii a few !•• .N- of ha!.••>• o::. hath oil or • \e "•.'. adiled. Sa'.ad o i ! ','):'•:-, I'm. I'at dry Always •-.a- 1 ' hand* with hikeuarm. )•'! :;(>; water, and smoot! 1 . on cream or lotion every time iiar hands have been in water '!"• •• :.;'ider - ov«r r.eeklaco i^ A; ;•:• - -' 'i \:\ t'-.ree and t'"'.;r- ••.,::.i v.'-rkhu'es o( lar^e baro- ,.;•• c.i.'iired pc-arls Strand; c'>- . ' ••- hack of tiii' thmat. \\ ;tn lu- par'.'v di.-apin'arii'.^ at the • - - :t !•: ti'.c net k..:v. WAYNE WALLACE IMC., 800 NORTH MAIN STREET Hale to write letters" Send' Clovis, N. MPX. one dollar to Abhy, Box 69700.) « ••• •>• '• Los Angeles. Calif., for Ahbv's ooc / liU/ VU.KM N \\r.KKD.\\" I V\ \M!H -" ( \-!M'( Kf II VSri OK MOHKl un i;i i •,( \ N ii!;if> si \Mi s o\ \.M . ul'i.N \! , HI \M. (l()sK S:(ll) P.M. BACON RIB STEAK BISCUITS GROUND BEEF CHILI CHEESE HAMS ItClfABUS* 25- SQUASH TOMATOES POTATOES BANANAS 10 " lU but; \M-.\I. -- - ,:cn K:I.V i II;M in. \i> rut MI •>«• FROZEN FOODS ORANGE JUICE 2 39c STRAWBERRIES 2 43c POT PIES 3 49c BREADED SHRIMP 55c ICECREAM 79c ICE CREAM 49c COFFEE TUNA ILOUR TISSUE , KLEENEX MiLK CAKE MIX I'M l'-A,, SUGAR SAUSAGE 10 ," PEACHES SHORTENING CORN CATSUP r Mr*. Tucki/i • •li Cream Si\; 2 .":;, $1.47 2»49c 10 £ 98c 4 49e 25e 3:39c 4. SI. 00 5?e 2j49e K 2l31e 97c FAB ' v ' 5 89c PEANUT BUTTER Open 7 Days A Week 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Buccaneer Stamps With Every Purchase Double On Wei 6 Bottle Ctn. All Brands POP 39° Festival \'-> Gal. ICE CREAM Fresh & Lean Trimmed Lb, Baby Beef SkJned & Sliced Sliurfri'sh Sweet or Buttermilk BISCUITS 13 1 Lb. iiLU M SUGAR I'ure Cane, Imjvrial 5'".= 49c p COFFEE Slairtme All 11 rinds 2" $1.37 BREEZE C.iar'.t Si/t- . 63c PEL MONTE PEAS 4 DEL MONTE SPiHACH 6 SI si 51 FLOURS" 25'"$1.89 i DEy^iF^CQCKTAIL^JjJl FACIAL TISSUE i I I LARD c ;r: i, 1 :. 39c DEL MONTE GREEN BEANS 4 L\ha Cluv 20(1 Count !• i\ HALFHILLS TUNA 19c CLABBER GIRL Hakii!.; Pu\\-lur 10 <).'.. Can 15c Wagners (jt Buttle ORANGE DRINK BEEFSTEW, : " ........................ 39c PICKLES 29c or Grap« Jfcpl.. ^ 25 C l CRACKERS l Lb. Box Golden Bipe Bananas Large Vine Kipe Cantaloupes 3 For Sweet Bell New Texas Vellow Peppers Squash w *^ V

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