Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 19, 1998 · Page 4
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 4

Ironwood, Michigan
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Friday, June 19, 1998
Page 4
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THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Ml — Friday, June 19, 1998 Page 8 Depression kills through suicide (Continued from Pugn \) "Whili 1 suffennft depression, you're not perceiving' tho world correctly," she saul, adding another inipe.Muiil facet ofthrrapy. "It'n also important to identify some of those warning tf.vmploins of when ytni'r.!-i-oinut|,' depressed HO that yiiu i'.'i:i intercede sooner 1 The 1 chances for snc.tessful, hie- savirii; .trcntnient of depression have j'rown markedly. Still, H'H:- ce^H requires hard work, 'TerKtstnnce, certainly, working with, your physician or psychiatrist on your medication management" is important, Draper bcliovej*. "If ono medu'a- t'ion doean't work, there aro others thure. "Thi; more c'tiiu-iitinn the person has, provides themselves with, in regards to depression, as well as educating. family, (he better off they an* ".Support i/T'iiup- and family Hiippnrt nit interplay Hi a person's success. I thin); that people kind of need to lo'ik altheir lifestyle, including diet, exercise, relaxation, and. certainly;- dome; the counsehnjr -<> that they can !ook "The side c'fft'ctK aro a lot loss* than the older anti-depressants. That'll why noino would stop taking them," Draper Haid. "Some of them would ho tho dry..mouth, it would nffuct your blood pressure, you might get dizzy when you (selective iwmtoriin re-uptnke inhibitors)." These Improvement* are vlt«i, because treatment for deprp/won may ho a ton^-term or even lifetime need. "Gem-rnlly, they say that if you've had three or more episodes of depression you will have to be, on medication for life," snid Draper, Depression is common. .Some 6 to 7 percent of Ainerican.s are. Huf- fering from u severe depression at any one limit, and one In eight of UH will suffer n major depre-s- iitvo episode during our livua. believe* the Htlgma and whame formerly associated with such ill- nonm>a la wrong 1 . The battle to live: Pastoral minister Anne Tyson, of Our Lady of Poaco Church, shares this eulogy fora suicido victim, oxcerptod fromBereavement Mnga- 2100, 199'l; . . "Our friond died on his own battlefield. He was killed in aclion fighting a civil war. Ho fpught against adversaries thai woro as real to him as this cnskol is us, Thoy wero powerful adversaries. Thoy took loll of his energies and endurance. Thoy exhausted the last vestiges of his cour- ago. and only God knows how this child of His suffornd in tho silent skirmishes thai took place in his soul." Depression symptoms Common symptoms o( depression include: .. '. —Poolings of fatigue, despite adequate rosl. —Disturbances in sleeping habits, —Irritability over small things ordinarily not bothersome. —Sadness or crying lor no apparent reason. —Loss ol sax drive, often complete. —Ouil headache, often radiating downtho nock, • —Chronic pain in back or abdomen. —Lack of onlhusiasm and enjoyment. ' •• " —Inability to concentrate, or accomplish tasks. ^-Indigestion, constipation or di- arrriaa; appetite changes. —Fooling unwanted. guifty, worthless. Preventing suicide: Denlce Draper, a social worker with Gocjobic Comrnunily Mental Hoailh, shares ways of provonting suicide from "Iho Dopror.sion Workbook." by Mary Oon Copcl- and, M.S. ; ' "Tho reality ir- that depression does end," she said. "It does not go on forovar. There is light at thf> end of tho (unno! Life IK rewarding, and worthwhile " She a'ao shares this caulion. "Anyone who's talking about, contemplating or rnakmcj unusual !^ thai rmrjht prccorjc a &.u'!cido attempt needs help trrt- medialely." To proven! suicide: —Learn relaxation techniques. —Sot up a suicido support system. —Rogulalo the medications you have on hand. —Got rid of all firearms. —Bo cautions about driving. . —Express your emotions. —Got support. —Remind yourself how good you arc, and how good it is to be alivo . , lit new wnys of thmkiri}.;." A (^renter array of medical inns IH now available to treat, depression. sfand up. . "Substantial strides have been made toward bettor medication, those primarily being the SSRIs Commission extends payment deadline Tho Ironwood City has extended the deadline Tor repayment of a loan to DimeriHion- Tec, -Inc.. a wood products manufacturer in the iroriwnnd .Industrial I 'ark. The- city h:in r/iiar.-mloed a $37,500 line of credit through MFC First National Hank on the company's hi half. An extension through Juno .'JO'will l>e extended another six months. The Iron wood Industrial IJi.'vel- oprnent Oorjjoraliori and the City of Ironwood' Ki'oriiirmc Development Corporation both recommended thr.'extension "The company has made a M?.I-able amount of pro|.:re;<H in «ome of their production problems," sai'l con];rir-;.- r i'<afr .firji I.nri'nuon,- who marie tl'ic suoljon to extend the deadline. "Tiiev nerd a more sizeable market wharo." Northern States Power ha« extended its guarantee through Nov. 16, he Kaid. Cornmi.HHiont-'r Haukkala seconded the .motion, which passed unanimously, Dan Miller, of the company's management loam, said the firm'* two mam customer* hnv*.- increased orders and new accounts are being added. "We fcei pretty confident now," lie said. DimensionTec has n workforce of 2'), but only .12 have been working recently. "We will get back to two shifts," Miller said. In other action, the' cnmrniKHion tabled a new contract with public .safety officers ponding a breakdown on it:'total cost to tho city, Judge says deputy was properly fired 2nd time W'AUSAi:. v\',H "Al'. -'.- The (iiHmisjia! ':('•, i -inTifJ"- deputy a Hecond tim>- alt'-r \<<- re(. r aine/l hi.. job h.'i.-i l/'-r-r, iij.ii.'1'l hv a ririijit Court ju'l;"- .\{ar:s*)i';a 'f -;';n! v' . {.-er-oniH'l to riuppurt .'-li< r;!i (i.irv Martcr/s Jud(."r J.'ifT)' • -JaJi -• I; :-.'i]rj, Ii;.ibl w:i .<; '.!••;;!', allv '\f-;ns^>-«\ in JOfi-J. II- :>:•:•' :c < -i-'-'i -;f .;'-:in ( ; hlH barljj" tn :r,i.i'! ,'sfid i\:i'i- won5"r; h-- ••?',;,;•<•'!' '.v !•.;!.• i,f\ diitv All'-g.-if I'"- •• u. 'I',-!.-! f, ,,,!,•:;: -,•'•< in a r'rjij:!'! r ar ••.-,( 'i . ! .', ••< <J an ."ircid'-n '. VK ', i HI An Dpfr'-ii.iti- < Mir- :ii I /' i f--r \,\><' r ord<-ri-d r,! r<'i: •' .-.'< '! l.-jt h- v,-.r, fired ,-.';':;. r, "Tin < M.ur.t. ;ri .''an him; tin- n.'cord. i '-'••<.> -li'-'l 'hat the ch.'irgi-^ :«'• ni i n.iiari' ' <.\f officer '.li'ar!'.' ki:«vv |cd(.'i. that hi:; act;) violated the duties ol a df.'puty." Jansen wrote Wi-dnc-iday. The latest dismissal wa.H baned on. allegations !>y a woman who t.--.tilled tie stoppf'fj her for njM'ed- inj; in !!<:>!. asked her to c:om»; t/> SUM sr|uad car, h'ered at her and !i;iked her p<>rHoniil fnicntionx, doctiraonlii said. Alter Bahl appealed the 1994 rii,irr.r-;.-!al. an arbitrator ruled in A'.i|'u*t 19!)G (.he 17-year veteran :-ibould get his job back phin .:-7. r >,0(}() in back pay. After the arbitrator^ dccJHion, th" .-.Jn-riM and the county went to ( o'jrt. ar(.nnriK the dirtj)Ut(; over J',.ibi':-i jab belonged in Circuit f'uiirt. '" •Jtal^'c Tfioma.s Grover agreed, upholding 1'abl'n firing, but was r'-vcrsr ( j by the 3rd District <''i\iri of Afifw'als last year. Man faces possible Site sentence FLINT, Mx.h A!' A F!mi. man farf-n hie \i-. |-ri ,,-,n if f/n- vict'-d HI lli'- '.'••'•'-'-inltr i.«-,itii,t; death ';(' a :<i'ii:\:n\ .'l,<,-" body warf set on tire ir; a r>arki;ij: lo!,. I'oh'c : ! :ii'i Jo-ejiK K Maunri:i. 42, tr;"d to b'trn td<- b'.dy ol Tamera !.'•<• H.'ii.'.a alter iiiuri- tenti'/naliy. kitlu,)! her, arrordinj; to tc: tmif.'nv in a f/n•liriiinary examination V.V'lni- 'lay Kldtfield Tov-n,l:i[i P'liiH- Oili- rcr David Ix<vrj ,.:nd Maunna told him he ir;>-t M. Hanria earlii-r that d;iv in a >':-•" rv !'••"'• parking lot in f- ii/if. v.ii'-ri -lie nH'Ti-d huri '-ex for n\m\>"- [,'/•.'.- t'-ttiififd that Maurma i-avc M.; {fanna 5200, but after driving to several locations to have ; .i-'x, Iii- aMked for his money ba( k V/b'T) f-he refused, Maurinn sair! !ji. lot her in the face. caiiH- in^ her to fall back and hit her head 1,11 a post imiidr.* tlie car, \/lVi- rt.'iid . ' Alter realumj; nlie wan dead, Maurinri all»-^edly took off her rlothi-t, jiiled t.liem rin hfr body ar.d tried to lij;bt.tbe r tothen and ( ar iipbolj-.ti.-ry "f> lire M; Hanria. 2H. of fient-nee t"</i)nty r 't Hi<hfJeld ' T <Jirf! from head injunen. In addition to cause, of suicide "natural causL- dopres-ier] nj;'. major alh rates for are . hifJih^r p<>rsons r ' according to Harvard Medical School studies. In any case, the' problem i* n medical one and.'- like other cart 1 professionals, ^. Draper Survivors of Suicide Tho«« left behind by a suicido need wide-ranging support "The pooplo thai I generally seo have at least.some o 1 . those sup-. port& and those . ronburcois in place for !hem," said pnstofa! minister Anno Tyson, ol Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church. "But within our own cornrnunily, wo have a suicido survivors' support group. That's a sale place that peopte can como, regardlecr> qf thoif beliefs, and just deal in a 'confidential a!mo*phef« wrtti.thnir loss," , . For further information, contact Tyson at (906) 932-0174 or Mario Wa!ta, at (715) 561-3083, or Catholic Social Services. at (906) 932-0138, "If we had n heart attack, would our families treat us differently we had that kind of illness, as compared to having a .major depressive illnosH, which :H another typo of illness?" she said. "Why do we allow 'oursolvos to fell that typv of utigma when we comj)are those- two typos of ill- Next: Suicido among the older' WAUNINC;; Sl'l-ClAl.l/KI) HIKKSCAUSK Sl'ONTAN KOUS CK.INS. (APUI.TS HKi'ORT sjMii.AK SYMPTOMS), (906)932-5858 Limo driver freed AUBURN FULLS, Mich. (AP) — The limousine driver responsible for a crash that injured three Red Win^'K members was freed from custody early today; hours after the city celebrated a second Stanley Cup championship. Richard Gmdn. 28, had heen Hcntcnccd to nine months ' after pleading guilty to a (iiisdi.Tneanor charge- of dnvini; wtth n HUH- pended license [!i:t tin- Oakland County .Shenlfs Department decided to release him two months early for (food hehavmr Podiatry Services FAMILY FOOT CLINIC "Specializing in Treatment of Foot 6-Ankle" CarieTuH, DPM Thomas Kurtyka, DPM Sport injuries • Heel Pain * Ingrown Nails •Foot crAnkle •Bunions • Hammer toes • Diabetic Foot Disorders CARIE TULL, DPM Her services include surgical procedures and treatment of infections, fractures and sprains. Surgical procedures include correction of bunions, hammertocs, bone spurs, tumors or other lesions. More routine patient needs addressed include care for corns, calluses, ingrown naiis, warts and heel/arch pain. ' To arrange an appointment call 715-561-5508 Offices: •Woodruff-Park Fall* • Khinclandcr • Hurley • Eagle River ANOTHER FIRST RATE MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT M O N r Y M A R K i; T G O L D f,tf HH rfM"% t} i! i _JL MORE FIRST RATE CD RATES CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT Ah<i 1 1 tnxxh irA 2fi mornh IRAJ -»iih a JV*» minimum rfjQlbfc — - - ^agp FirstiFinancial Bank 7 Second Avenue N. • Hurley, WI •••iri'.- i-, •••! *. •• ••« l"~, » ;«.-< . . ,,'.., i»; -!••'. i M -r-.l -)'. -. •/ ' ' i .- .r i ! -fi.'... 1 , r (, ;.*.. .;•- ,, l r*r*-t I.I r

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