The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 25, 1975 · Page 2
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August 25, 1975

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 2

Des Moines, Iowa
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Monday, August 25, 1975
Page 2
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WORLD REPORT The Dee Moines Register • Aug. 25/1975 Albania, one of most isolated, independent nations in the world By MICHAEL BAILEY C WJ MMdiHMr OwrelM TIRANA, ALBANIA - Tirana's international airport has a ghost-like atmosphere, and the terminal only temporarily springs to life five times a week when a flight from the outside world touches down at the capital of what must rank as one of the world's most isolated states. Albania, with a population of 2.4 million, is the only country in Europe that has refused to establish diplomatic relations with either the United States or the Soviet Union. Foreign visitors are infrequent — fewer than 10,000 are admitted annually — and the temptation has been resisted to transform the white sands of its Adriatic Coast into a foreign exchange-earning factory for European sun-worshippers. Sympathetic Groups Most visitors are members of sympathetic political groups, mainly Communists from Western Europe who have been disillusioned with the turn of events in the Soviet Union, and Albania has developed as a haven for Mandst-Leninist pilgrims. Albania's foreign guests come on its terms and, as its leader Enver Hoiha recently emphasized, the country refuses to listen to its enemies who "advise us to turn our country into an bin with doors flung wide open to pigs and cows, to people with pants on or without pants at all, to the hirsute and long haired ... to supplant with their wild orgies the beautiful dances of our people." Tirana airport now boasts its own barber, who quickly trims all male passengers arriving with any trace of hair hanging over their ears, while the souvenir shop not only sells the usual tourist trinkets but also trousers for women whose skirts are too long or too short. Albania is determined to keep out the values of Western individualism—even its most su- perfidal manifestations — in an attempt to preserve tne purity of its revolution. Television Influx Radio waves are notoriously poor respecters of international frontiers, and when television first was introduced in Albania several years ago many people apparently tuned into the channels of their Yugoslav, Italian and Greek neighbors. To halt the influx of bourgeois ideas, a campaign was mounted against the infectious growth of suspicious-looking television ae rials, which festooned so many blocks of flats. But Albanian isolation does not extend to a lack of interes in broadcasting its views to the rest of the world. Just a few miles from Tirana's airport we were proudly shown the Chinese-built transmitting station of Radio Tirana, which sends out programs in 18 languages to all corners of the globe. It is not Albania that is iso- ated, its leaders contend, but rather it is the other European governments that have fallen under the yoke of the two su- jerpowers, thereby cutting bemselves off from the peoples of Europe. 'We Are Not Arrogant" "When listening to us," Enver Hoxha remarked recently, 'some people grin and cackle and say: How arrogant these Albanians are. They pretend to set the world right. We are not arrogant," the leader said, "we are part of the revolutionary movement against the United States and the Soviet Union." Hence the decision to stay away from the Helsinki summit and to denounce the European security agreement as a dangerous attempt by the two superpowers to confirm their respective spheres of influence. Albania has good reasons for feeling threatened by Washing ton and Moscow. The Central Intelligence Agency reportedly has made a number of attempts to install a "Coca Cola government" in Tirana, which would be subservient to American interests. Special venom is reserved for the Soviet Union's betrayal of the Socialist cause. Stalin's statue still smiles down benignly over the main proposals of detente with "the Kremlin cart and the Washington cowboys," Hoiha has reiterated, will be rejected because their "hug is meant to stifle us." Albanian officials said that the Soviet Union recently had offered substantial economic aid as a way of getting its foot through the door. Russia's overtures received an icy reception, and the Soviet regime is now regarded as • greater danger to the world than the American regime. The basis of Albanian foreign policy - like that of its Chinese ally — is likely to remain total opposition to the two superpowers. Support From China Albania can only afford to adopt such an uncompromising attitude towards the United States and the Soviet Union because of the support it has received from China. Two-thirds of Albania's trade is with China — an enormous proportion with a single country, particularly one that is on the other side of the globe. Nearly every modem factory is equipped with Chinese machinery, and several thousand specialists from China are providing much-needed technical skills. Our guide even admitted o have had little basts, and only last month an agreement vas signed In Peking under vhich the Chinese pledged yet another massive loan for the development of Albania's expanding industrial lector. Albania - although it remains the odd man out on the European continent — is hi a relatively strong position today. Relations with Its Balkan neighbors, Yugoslavia and Greece, wve unproved over the last few years, and this affords • greater degree of security. Hie Fact that Tirana still has not established diplomatic relations with Britain or West Germany that his excellent English bad been learned from Chinese teachers at Tirana University. China has provided aid without strings, and Albania is certainly not a satellite of Peking. On some important issues of foreign policy for example, there have been significant differences between the two countries. Many Similarities Albania certainly has been worried by the Sine-American detente and Chinese support of the European economic community. "But China has its own foreign policy," our guide said. "And we have our own." Since both Tirana and Peking base their policies on the principles squares of every Albanian town in a gesture of defiance towards the present occupants of the Kremlin. Satirical Posters This summer most shop windows are adorned with satirical posters mocking the Soviet leadership, and one typical picture depicts a bushy eyebrowed Leonid Brezhnev studiously reading. The book is entitled "Marx-Engels-Lenin" - Stalin has been discarded — but the Russian leader is reading upside down. Over the last few years both Washington and Moscow have put out feelers on the possibility of re-establishing diplomatic relations with Tirana. All of Marxism-Leninism, there are inevitably many similarities in the attitudes of the two regimes. Until China's admission to the United Nations, the Albanian government was the primary spokesman for Peking in the world forum. There may, therefore, have been some fears in Tirana that the Chinese would become less concerned with supporting their Balkan ally after they had regained their U.N. seat. But these fears seem 'NONALIGNED' CHALLENGE 0,8, AT CONFERENCE LIMA, PERU (AP) - An atmosphere of •pronounced and belligerent challenge to the United States, the. principal "have" nation; appeared to dominate the scene Sunday as delegates from nearly §0 coun* tries representing half the world's people gathered for a "nonaligned" conference. How far this belligerency might impel the majority toward showdown on explosive issues was generating some concern among more moderate de- demands a much larger share for poor countries. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has once again put forward its resolution demanding expulsion of Israel from the United Nations and it was taken up at once by the 17-member coordinating committee shaping the agenda for the five-day conference. A spokesman for one Arab delegation, the United Arab hardly seems to have mattered to far-away Albania. Witches convene in Colombia BOGOTA, COLOMBIA (AP) — People in Bogota who don't Mlieve in witchcraft are keeping quiet about it this week. Hundreds of witches are converging on the city for their first international conference, Emirates, said he would sup- wi any resolution the other %rabs agree upon. The en* thusiasm for the PLO type^af Extreme measure, however, had been dampened in July at an African summit hi Kampala, Uganda, when Egypt, a "con* frontation" state, declined to and the streets are filled with Haitian voodoo dancers, skilled practitioners of the Brazilian candombie, wild performers of the Venezuelan mariattonu and palm-reading gypsies. Some 2,000 participants are expected at the conference, which begins today. Five Ecuadoran witches who left their brooms behind arrived with profound regrets. Their small plane suddenly shed an engine in mid-air, and the pilot said he used all his skills — and some supernatural help — to bring the craft in safely. Flanagan assmnts Caribbean command ROOSEVELT ROADS, PUERTO RICO (AP) - Rear Admiral James D. Ramage, retiring ments. Wen-informed ^persons hi the conference hall said a possibility of sharply divisive clashes could not be ruled out, particularly with regard to the Middle East. Membership Issue The anti-United States note has emerged clearly. On the issue of membership in the nonaligned group, for example, Communist North Korea appeared to be gathering consid erable support behind its application, while South Korea was likely to be denied such status. The conference scene provided a platform for Sarin Chbak, the foreign minister of newly Communist Cambodia, to launch a long tirade against both South Korea and the United States at a "news conference" that ended abruptly after his "official statement." By today, when this conference of foreign ministers; opens formally and officially, 78 full members are expected to be represented and more than a dozen others will have observer status. Areas of Concern But the major concern here is to be centered on two areas: The Arab-Israel dispute and what it might do both to the chances for peace in the area and to the United Nations, and the urge among developing nations to seek a "new international economic order" that Road death rise reopens W. German speed debate BY MURRAY SEEGER AM* AM lrrS* HOT • BONN, WEST GERMANY Paced with a climbing highway death rate and Europe's highest raffle acddent toll. West Per- Mot 1 / baft reopened one of their sharpest political debates. The question,to whether the e de r a I inveromenf should Bmtt on the support K. India, the biggest and nioat popntous nation represented liere, and Indonesia, the seoand biggest, were reported to be among those urging caution. vast network ef freeways (autobahn) as tt did during the darkest days of the Middle East ett embargo II months ego. WhUe every other European country and the United States have manttQaed speed limits for both fuel conservation and safety reason, the Germans hi March, IfM.^dropped their tern- lorary slowdown Illegal stamp sale trial in Haiti FORT AU PRINCE, HAITI (AP) — Thirteen persons, fat- eluding a former government Motorists are free to drive as fast aa they dare on the busy aotobahns except in areas post- official, win go on trial Tuesday for alleged illegal sale of stamps. A •government spokesman said trial proceedings would be televised live. According to the government, the defend ants bad commemorative bird stamps printed in the United States and then sold them to collectors, claiming they were Haitian Issues. ed with soedal limits. A recent study showed that 20 per cent of autobahn motorists cruise at more than 78 m.p.h. "German, drivers are again driving as fast and as aggressively as they did before the oil crisis at the year turning 197374," a popular magazine concluded recently. • In general, West Germany baa the same population and traffic toll as the states 'AirtfcmMe' PtrotWt ask Ptron resign BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (AP) - The "Authentic Peronist Party," a splinter group of Argentina's ruling Peronist movement, called Sunday on President Isabel Peron to resign. The Authentic group was formed a few months ago and there were reports that former President Hector J. Campora would return from Mexico to lead the party in the 1977 elections. of California, New York, Texas ind Illinois combined, but a bird fewer vehicles. Germany has about the same >er capita ownership of cars as n France, but killed 9 per cent more Individuals in traffic in 1972. A sharp downward trend in both the number of accidents and deaths which accompanied he oil crisis has been reversed here, according to new official statistics. In the first five months of 1975, traffic deaths rose 12 per cent over the total for the same period of 1974 - from 5,180 to 5,573. The police set a new record Navy, after 40 years Saturday in the turned over command of U.S. naval forces in the Caribbean to Rear Admiral William R. Flanagan, the Navy's former chief of legislative affairs in Washington. Pooped out TOKYO, JAPAN (AP) - According to a government poll, 70 per cent of 80,009 workers questioned say they feel tired at the end of a day's work. Downtown hours 9:30 to 5:30 Merle Hoy Mall Noon to 9 Downtown Mirl* Hoy Mall Our Cobbler Aprons in New Fall Prints MwbHtyMal Everyone on "Kitchen Duty will enjoy wearing our cheerful little Cobbler aprons. Just slip on and tie in the back — handy catch-all pocket for your necessities. 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Handbags, First floor Downtown e Merle Hay Mall in June this year by writing 7,5» tickets for serious driving offenses, twice m many as the same month last year. Still, the most the government has proposed is • ft. m.p.h. speed limit on local roads to go into effect in -January, the same time that a new law requiring the Installation and use of seat befta will take effect. Fear Aato Lobby Federal traffic experts wanted to reduce the local speed limit to SO m.p.h..but-feared antagonizing the, powerful auto lobby which campaigned against last year's emergency speed limit behind the slogan, "free citizens support free driving." Traffic Minister Kurt Gescheidle said the government would consider imposing an autobahn speed limit in 1977 after a current experiment with a "recommended" maximum of 130 kilometers (78 m.p.h.) The German love of automobiles and hard driving has intrigued psychologists and troubled policy-makers for a long time. "In the motorcar, feelings.of omnipotence and impotence frequently alternate in swift succession," Heinz Lueckert, a Munich psychologist, observed recently. Driving, he went on, keeps a person's body in continuous excitement and prone to feelings of aggression. The tendency toward.aggres- sion is reinforced, Lueckert asserted, by the rigid cage of the car which "can neither ;doff its cap nor beg your pardon in the event of improper behavior-toward other road users. . "When fast drivers are fined or punished in other ways, they merely become more aggressive," he continued. "Public policy should do more., to Reward good drivers." .Store Hours Downtown 9,30 to 5i30 •Mene Hoy MOH noon to 9 FALL TOPPER KNIT SWEATER COAT SL4TEBLUE WHITE OLIVE RED BONE California designed with all the frndom and versatility of a sweater. % length takes to pants and skirts as a topper or ememble-maktr. Knit with a squared-diomond pattern in. washable 100% Orion acrylic. 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