The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 17, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1932
Page 4
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rout THE DAILY NZWS, FREDERICK. MD. TUESDAY, MAY 17,1931. m DAIU uw t*-"-TM^ is AN IS 35KST SrWSPAPKH- ·itemoeo except «« Tfee w-cderct. CJ 6tx««. j ' DISTURBING EVERYONE ! LETTERS TO THE EDITOR H« Crtcs "Retwa To Co Union Bridge Today In History CAN YOU BEAT IT By KetU , SOOTHESX PR»-nsG 4KB : CO. OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tie ASKKltiee Fress if uselessly tititd to it* B» £« pebfccacco cfetZeA to It cr act cta*r»u* . to To the Editor of The Neva. Sir. Bever!v HiUs. C*I.. Maj : The Ser.v.e sjep: or. tilt over the -sees-ma, b-it t l=a: ar* go.r.g '.o .---.«· v 'To I ' " Today-* leaders; of the famous "Green Mountain I Boys." of Revolutionary d»yi. bora j at Boxbury, Coon. Died these. De- birds r o' property c; t=j icrt ct «»-; (cr-pSac vhicbcr netr* or expression tf ^cTcpoa ·=- tcpic «H t» pofia»S«!, c2ies* mecocasHwai-ffli B T ^* t *** BABI* o f . the *rti*r. Tte awce *1S cot b« ps*- ts «-i-Aoriti tw toe «'-»«- oseat oi th* iTleced £»rt or C»» opislea expressed. SOTTCSS the nslire ot »=a =»11 cr CM ae takes ST AX? 1KKOSEOUS reCecCcs =20= tit { cJ-»r«cMr. «;»=i!ias cr repoUUoo cl «aj | - Soae Senators say 'hat no man tnould be *llo»*d t i cam more $75 OOC * ya»r T.-*T for;*'. a man that *ams t.iat 3ii-?h. or more 'iorki f^r a ciKerest it^nd of xn emplj}er ;rai the on* Seest-ors -.or* for Suppose 5.-- i--t S I O O O O O a jenr spent $200 000 .CM 000 of their money T-i: r.oi. t ha-.« arid o. t Kr.c'A -ih«e you was . oo_cty. ·i«y ROGERS. tr. accord and i*- , , . ,,. 3i_r.5 r.r.,1 e ,I.,-T.Y and the redactios, ! - xu ' 3r "' ; oJ -x:iis -«mch means fe-**r tss- 1 ,, · « · r*. ·» ~ r ·^·v'w* f^% ^».« «y . pr*^ · *^..-t'..»5, « l i i i%... yv^Sr ^J i » v CA-- p«:-v-i that did not ieeni to be necei- -ar;. ^*. '..-je r.-e-^r-t :ime This was th* 4 r»-ai jridfr. It -,«.:vr6 to | jralers *er« iwpt ofl «r IB tise ol !U belss editor. s highways »e the! Cnioa Bridge. May 17.--MiM«« Nellie and Coriniie Hibberd. Krr Wlad- sor spent ta« »eek-end with the-r coua- 1"43--Seth Warner, one of in*. Dr and Mr*. Lewis SUuCer --Anvi-!g the member* of the Union Bndje Hoaaemaiess" Ckib *bo attend- j --v »TM»^-,, .^-...... _-~_ ~_~, ,,. ^ ed the Couoty Council at Westminster ; ceoiber 26, 1784. i on a ere Miss Bessie Wolfe, Mr*. 11749--Edward Jenner. the Kngi'ifr phy- Karry Wolfe. Mrs. '-- H. Birely. Mri. j iScian famous as the discoverer of Mrs L E. Staaffer. Mrs- Jame* M, I 1823. M. Jameson, a noted her day, born. Died Parsons, legal and religious author, born at Newburyport. MS6. Died at Cambridse, MASS., January 26. X882 1304--John G. Aa'Jvsey. a noted zoologist of his day. bora at Provideuce. R. I. Died in Cambridge. October 16. 1877. 1845--Charles P. Doie. a noted Un-anan clergyman -author. Brewer, Maine. Died November 27 ! 1527. i --Mrs R. O Pass who ha* been *er- for some week*, was wspital on » WwrmiroBter ambulance trip **U--Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Biddell. Mc- Ketsport. and Mrs. ?r*d Zs**e-nhetz; and son Gicard, Pa., were guests for Ear: Buckey. Mr. and Mrs. Frack Waah .. 3 ^ a D . c , ^, a . Sunday «t ti» pq«toaee *t ieeoad c!u* scatter. »t Frederick. j Daily Lesson In English danger A yrt -s very treacherou* g«i of rainy TCSSDAY. MAY 1932. Words often rtusuaed: Do not «ay. ; . i -That city J* larger th»n you think for." itcoe GRIEVING FOR BABY LINDY. Ofn 3jj?^r.o:.u*fi: ^c roliec back into the no^n'.e no--». o as ts of ; »»rlc has felt any ar -?, rxv - n " % " us :. . , ' Often misspe,,··!. velopec « the ne»s that the pathetic \ sy:-.on"3»- C-jntu little body of Charles A. Lin had been found in a seclut None* Pro- cef : » , , « » j ^ ik'hen it is almost Impossible to icUng into the ditch when hh- into this tscape passing a car on cro^-ned roi! illppms ar on thla orr b t, r^ain Today IB History. 1M2--Mcctrea! i ViHe-Mar.e), found- heid at :be oid Beaver Dam church on " ed. Saturday and Sunday with the utua! 1792--New York Stock Exchange attendance. Among the** from, a - organized. tanee who attended were Rev. Era Bee- ! 1884--United Sta-usj Portal Money edict and two aona, Mont Alto; Mr. and '. Order Systesa established. Mra. WeXy Benedict and *on and Mrs · 1882--Total eclipse of the sun. visible the Mary Shlndeldecfcer, ^ on!y in the eastern hemisphere. , TC . U 5 , ··* ; vr horses to pull you oiit. A . ' :: fiattened uutMd of ' ::n «* r «* Mrs. Fourteen roenabers Today's Birthdays. Frederick W. B. Coteman, of Mis chance, cas- . , Jl. and seven visitors irere present- After ' sota. *« -' or!M: °^ ai °« ^ res5wasc wMMrk - United States Minister to Den-! 58 years ago! . by some fou: hard. The wrath «I tht boils up against d--.y I ds T o d a s a .^ .^ .^ . ^ .,,,.,,,,,,.. o .,, : ' " ra^ o.^'^ord eadt ' £- t»tab:l:ty. '.acic · ^l u-retches ^ho perpetrated this unspeak- of dcte^.lr.v^. or *- c '~' ^ , "e.-OTv Tne 'u-he- said-" "The an- fro:n ^^^ w Ai . Mr*. Pue. Fredenclc. of the Children'^ bama educator. ex-Congressman ' St.' 1»U- r . ; ^ Pro pru::or. .'or the mta^aace able crime. It ou ,. » or Jus . re:r ;. jbi'.ity of purpose nil: not accomplish it ' j o . county rosis and supervisors runs! Aid Society. The club vole to keep former college president, bom tn ^.. j the same oflScers another year as fol- Clair county, Ala., 56 years ago today. :; ' Roy A. Young, governor of the Fedi \ice-pre*ident. Mrs. Carroll Harp; sec- era! Reserve Bank of Boston, born a: rt occJ*Wa*t? buiion for them. j It seems a strange and unaccount- , able thing, that piople so supremely : wortay as these two. the very flower j of the land, could be singled out for i such an outrage. They have endeared ; themselves to the people by their use- I fulness, their helpfulness to many good causes, and by thrsr snodest bearing _ ;ha; ,, ha ^ e towteA the when they could have sweUed with j so-calc! depression, and it pride because of great achlevem«n~ Such considerations mark them out as entitled to the respect and affection of ! every human being. j The rain falls on the just and the | unjust. People of this flne type may be ti I fr-xT. $35 OOO :o SW.OOC. Tnts appro I pr.-i-.iKi is due for a cortsidrab-e cut . · retary. Mrs. Roy Snyder; treasurer. Mrs Mirquette. Mich., 50 years ago today, j HEALTH By DR. MORRIS FISHSEIN. cf The I am optbntstc er.our,h to ! me that ·se ! sion and O:: pa;e 55. road .T_i:J:ir.cry. repairs. be..eve i ,_. ar . d amounted to $5.42-5 85. On ··' of the ! the same "curs to t f i marv of for r Mrs. Marj" Shir.delecker. Waynci- ordinary routine of life. Persons of Safety Accident TolL a hab.t as wpiw,.w«. .xuu .. ^.^-=, -"iT,^, rt , dis3urserr.enti for roads, le should itop talicag depres- ; c v,.^. n . f . c . basX in the sunshtoe .-.f pros- \ '"^.1^.. bv Jihn w Ho:ver . . vras a guest of Mrs. Ezra _ . i?~:"s for the past few days. --Mrs. James Snyder re SIDE GLANCES By George Clar Harrv W Hanson superintendent of j insurance. Illinois I * * * Hollywood is the mtelct-ial center of trie world today. guile -. nocent of such purposes likely to t they are. Some such feeling may have led the Lindberghs to underestimate the perils by which they were surrounded I en They trusted the world to deal kindly with them, and felt, no one could wish · them harm. So they overloofced the snakes that were hissing and coiling, inadequate credit. ready to spring at their secluded home. Well, at least their suspense is ended, j They are better off now. knowing U ·worst, than they would be while agon- ised by a futile search. May God comfort their grief, and give them some new happiness that wlSl help soften these moments of desperate struggle ' this cc.mlng Saturday i-..-ght at |3d alteration of hope and dcspa.r. j chestf -- Ha:: - « which time » 'sion nf the Prohibttton Laws wul Jx- " . held r.nd their repeal dfmnnded b'y ADVERTISING AND SUCCESS- R.chsirci J T.wcart :ir.ri E P S Nrw- Proof that it pays to advertise even ! inar.. atlorr.r;.T-at-!a-.v from W.«-;-- in times of economic distress is found | tagtori. D. C Th- meeting Ls .,pm n a - ' ^m i "Marketing and Sight Seeing Tou s'8 749 75 the day wU bring po-.ver and airthority. " oai carelessness, v.'hich is also a under accompanying good aspects ! ***"Ic ateacs the avctdance el un- which may include a rather arbitrary! necessary careless or foolish risks. j Everyone I-~O-AS th-tc. modern life is! ks of all typte. i -'arm women of this locality or. the ' sp-n:. and thus contradict the general j ^eryone ur" b\ tradency to tolerance. This should be . -~~ of rlf ! the CarroU county party which :ef. for euardcd against, to avoid a loa of . Even a city scree: r. !nv- r.istrtcts). S18.71897 ( Dlsbur^cl b-. John W. Grove, con- ! . 1 New York on Sunday. , friends, though there seems to be no Dangerous because of the hazards fro.-n j " j --The monthly meiting of the Home- indications of a special misfortune i m°^r cars, street cars, pedestrians, ob- Club m« wKh Mrs. Earl Buckey j ---- · ' s^^« thrown from tops of buildings, j tflve districts), $18.750.25. on Tuesday afternoon. Demonstration. I "Making the Simple House Dress." and Emmitsburs: people who bump in:o one. high curb- j stones and sl.ppery places. i car.r.ot stand the strain for ionz. Uarlie Chaplin. tnov:e actor : contribute the larger pir! of state I Prohibition Laws To Be Discussed. A mectine lias been announced for , ~** "' u-.o fines This money should be used { several *»ys the past week, ·ounty roads. I , a.urt , rr.^r. 1 a:-.c! \Vh- 11 p-v a prnli.hitive lifcr^e Th_s . _- ;-. *x: .liod for :rc-_-^ flowers -'.ir.! · XT" alor.i; tii^ s'^ite road^ c^ulr.r. t the law ha-e provides! be £7K.T!! setting . i Scout Writers To Meet. · ] Boy Scoucs and leaders in the scou movement who are interested in news: ^-aper work will gather m Baltimore -j^ nev- - members for tlic fifth annual meetir.g of the Nai onal Scout Press Associaticrs to be held athiet.cs May Z~ and 28 at the Southern Hotel acted as ., norr.?, and S since t guests friends. Arthur H. Malloy. directc- of i ^ L r" "V; ---;----- -- -- ---- - - -- , ; tcta.. Aftor :ajs. come accidents from ; :e in the, ails ccr^titT.e the worst, ;TTK | rr.?.'r;e up 44 per cent, of the : "Faster! Faster: Don't let that black cat cross otir patii!" at the Mountain Institution. I 0 .TM" = toastrnast^r and presented the ' , " " -c?^cs and explosions: IN NEW YORK in a 17-year record of 120 corporations j compiled by the Ad-.ertis^g Federation ! of America. | The survey contrasts the business , losses of 60 corporations which failed j to maintain their advertising programs j with the business gains of 60 which in- j creased their advertising budgets as j business conditions tightened. The result is a glowing testur.omal to adver- j onlv to aji'.Ct.' Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick (Local Iteras from the Column* o; The N-?^5. May :". 191C . rr.or.-r:-. \Ve find Prc?:- ferer-ro w::h t:ie people, and lot's get .citor of the Baltimore Catholic Re! P-""-enteen year? sgo many of '.he per- . sclent advertisers were small concerns ' strugs'iing for exi5ter.ce Today aii 60 rank high among the business houses of the country. They have rr.ultipUed their aggregate i»t aswts fcur time* in that period, Trcir profits Jaj-t year ' were three times --hat they were in 1 1915. a coniparati'.ely good b^sir.csf year. All the credit for the success cc-c-s r.ot po to advenu-r-g nor ~cre the fail-ires itie entirely t? a lacs cf it. but 111 these records cf l"0 business er.terpr^es is ^ an uru-^taia'cli lessor.. An adequate { and intelliger.t adTer' prosrarr. is ' not the sole essential of business success but it is :nd^pcnsab:e BARBARA PK.rTCHGrS BODY. BURIED in the old German Re!ormc5 r»rm- ·^:crv- at the er.d of West Seccr.a and Third street*. -A as to be transferrec 3 Mt. OLvet c?met«ry. a atorc ac- csss:b plarc. if plans mace at r. ir.p?t:r.s of the Mt Olivet curs::orr ·aere earned ou"_ Jacob B. Tyson. John Ha'.icr ar.a Hcrsry A. Kahr. ·ax'ro r.arr.e- a committee ;o request Oamo Barbar.«'-" rc'.a'.r. os for rxht ts tr.-.r. 1 ^for fie cra-.r. »h;;h husdreis. -"if "js- .v-y : -v Fr^cTirs. c-.e--· year asked to «·:·'. H ",er .-.:-.c C^r.grcss rr.akute a fr..-.-._- i t f v t to b-ilance the budcet · \v.-., · 3^ .vjv -.\f aid no: 5tc? spend. .; -- ·:-,. ·.'.--.-. :.'.o financial* ar- ' r. ^.-!. XOA w e face a tremendous in- view, and Leo D. Ward. State Deputy of :«rary : and. Among other guests : present were: Edgar P. Hamilton. Ge ' MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP COVNTY co^r^assIO^-KR CHARI.SS 3. -.-u-ir. Or S S he ;urn7*^\i ir«Ti fxv -as trra'.'. oy Xer. wno ^r.:e books abo-t jel\es are full of '.l-cj" s-b;ect. Flapper Fanny Says - - - STSAAJ s^GiyS l^ VSE OF he T1-m:or.: Lv.s:on ·?' the Frcot'r- :hf lya^to^r. sw,:;'.*, ar.i :o". or. .to back - 3 coaimonscnse methods, ther. proDiib'y the balancin; of the budget \VH,l,L\M J GROVE. tysburg. ?a.. District Deputy of the 31st', Lime Kiln. May 14. Pennsylvania district; Bernard J. Eck- i , enruce. Eaur.itsburg. District Deputy : ~~ of the fourth Maryland district: Frank ' Kennedy. Grand Knight of Mt. st ' Marys council: Jacob Baioer. Granc; KiuBJit of Brute' council. Emmitsburg. John \Viion. Grand Kn^hi of St. I Johns council. Freden?k: Grand! I a, bl-oci a~ay from vcrj. . ." j Sophie remembered. The cops cam j in. They all sar dGum and heani hif jsiory. He was up against it--fiespe: ate. WeH. what die he want to do? . . j He had always thought ol itaTiagaiiic j route la the old re!gr.~3oritool ... So ! paie bough: him an ice wagon aa4 , he's in business a; this tcomsn.. * « * · spotlight, to attain hypnotic powers. t , Trsousancs nave oeen ura-sn *·* »- 2^s- i xeedv Stage 3Iolhers ^S LUIS impersonal ngn: _for tne, .^ in 7re w^ ths, Mother's Da3 j moon. . . . Tnen tnere are others, a^- j - ** ready among the stars, who come to i -^ upon its glare as an essential elo-- ! ; Yes jrc , ;her - s thwe J ovef BY BRUCE CATION Kr.igh; council. Kuir.elsine, of Kagerstown: DAD'S RICH. BIT SHE'S BKIDE OF A TAXI-DRIVEK. A novel by a taxi driver about taxi drivers really ou§ht, to be worth read- ~g. The tax. driver is a msn set apart; . . . ,. a iie-Jiairec; ana srav-nairea. Datiems committee in chargi · affair: ^:r^. Roy Bellinger. 11 jard, Mrs. Warner Welsh '. |Mrs Va'-er-e Overman. Mrs. ATeri' 'Pryor. Mrs. Roy MaseC. Mrs. Charles ' Landers. Mrs. Gccrge Exster. Mrs. Ed- a-ir. Mrs Joseph Rosensteel.' MIT. W R c-..i:e Mrs. J. Ward Ker- ' of the ', ' rt ^ v ~ a : ?- r ' to expect soaiething inc-ar- j .L-s Rich- i es«ag. I About 2. Tear ago Broads? vtewec J - :h: . -- ^--j,^ as or . e of the unore i _ . s -*- '"*if»e" ar.d ±--ve." which a taxi charm^ns lit:l-e rom=nces. Lilliar. iiad ! Luf s Stuff It beEi.,3 rlre".;- .-nra;li We follow ', 5-.^ near Mrs Clarence Frailly, Mrs Mae i your.:; lias if I r--n-.;rnoer th, Welty. M^s Anne Cadon. Mrs. Lous, riame corrcc:".;.-^ c; ? cits his job. we ~-e to so on .ielan. Mrs. Campbell. ' . to go o to Lillian. Hsr fiance, sirirken stici- get a ices at tile cr.- --rj ,n the^- mo- den'y. ha-^ died. . . . Lill^ar. Tien; menu of r-cla-ia'icr. sr.i we £r.a out what. 2. cr.vcr things accut -.nd hew hs feels as lie cr,;^es -.p. ara down the yrur.s iadies of town a , streets looitir.j: f.-r Thtn. ;tist =.' ·-= s'crr tltreatens ::· a» s c-crtiin Herbert, ' and everrtnuig is Oioonun*. Cr.e n.;l-i:, as sli-s was about - and rardcr, v.-ork and golfmg 2. ir.«52g-c- ci--.e back-stare " are both alrescy booming! Mrs'.t? D. v^ , Kar-c-1 Hclrr.. Mrs Prank ar.d Mrs. M3iid HArbaugc. --In re--:rr. for the Leap Year dar.ce iff-ien by j fe-a -seekA a=a T.e youns mer. heJd a , i dine* -^j ;~ e x. cf C. hcrae Mocda.-' ^ce ancl sane about ' Mv man. I loved r^n so" ... " A :c~ months la:tr =he "is o'..^ IT. E;-r.~?. ;;d. Yaunj Scott «-as l-^min; ani:icn at San Ar-tonic. Tes. They It is :lie pleSoUi? --rse of year. ^hen tr.--.?s are lockrr.s bngh-Jy. s-d ali the -orli -^ full of cheer. if things are Mine rlzhtly. . sponsored ! ~ ·_-? auV.-cr gres fn:o a -er-: rr.arr.ei not long: £.:te-- arc · amrir- ;:-^-?e. Ch'.r*s Troxs ^rc Earl Elder, -sho , c.xior.ced .r.-i-j- -c.« r.ncl arranges th» ·' hap a f T a r A-O .; ro o;-- le.- f ? ~t 43 e=- rark^i · - ;» e-^.^-.c The coksr sc'-je--» roc --T^c. ·V- riiis ?.f2:: tvrscn is the theater folk wondered w~c ^. VT* ic-3tt in.^.it oc. . . Aiie_. . ~ -y*_"- -tT^ to won tier ever since- ^-. places where th« spc-tlicl-.t plays cnost always fclits of c.-.-c- fngatec to cr-.-.c .- rnillicr.a^-e's csugh- ^g-- r*°~£ iT* *"* ~"~ l " -- " -- ·« -4 --v-- ~.~ a---"·»__"« ^~ \ve lov to iee the- !t£??y spring, '. arr.ririg ^S. acvancxc. when --ork ar.d rxasurs have their fling. --X. A. LUT3UHROW. er^ig abo S" Mary's Baseball team As Vr.? ccf~ited in ;TO limes Cc':«;; arc: Bcstor. C-olkce 4-3 and S-3^ tosc-ct-.-.ely. vr- cr;tir.cls prevented tsc sra-e ^-.-h H -.: : .- crass Wexiifsday oi ·his -s~i :he return game with Get- " -Ais sc.teduled at thit place, and on Frtcar th- Un:vsrs.:T c . =ec r.-er a: a gay cper-nj at = icr. Inn in the company o:~ £· ^ell · inc-r. r-irc. T^£ p'.aco «i£ pc.c-;ec «--,,-. BrsaSways celebr-.tic-^ spp^a-i^iz Ar.ei ? trjey Fer he shalj ccl-'-er tJr.e whs* ~.c cr.-c-tr. "he pror sl^. and him thaS icth n^ lie-t^cr --FoCi.ins .2 12. fniuzii. r-ii;r, kr.o-is :-' ccn- sicrred. .licy vr.-cably ..3- - tlie.r place IT. tr.e sc.-.-crr.c- cr tit.;:.- But it is cis- Suss's bar;. a?pc.n: =- ·- l-.svs :.-.i- ?r.e tu-- cut "e-s -cr-lelren of tlie * that Tiay ~- KS~'CC. c-,' ~*~* be rrally ^ p.ol.-Iicxi by G e e s r .^ n r --H-ne- 3 csii* -sere ore* gra££ ^icov. green. OF VVBST TrilRO ci by A'.ccrrr.^n Le7..5 A K.^?. '..? M.;;.e7 jr.- A".~-"7.-er. .-.A- \.:-;5--£. *-,-'.:£5- be used Cor UK pa-ing of toe street. ; At ;.-; f-i. of thj; tirr.? :r»?y QJ-.: eat- .r.g ir.i ?p.r. tneiis«:-,e5 .nto .=. silk It is t.iis cc-.-cor *'.v»" makes -Mr^W.:.tarr. K reiber ar.d moih- cr "- n "- 2 -'' Mry ?"«nr..f Treibcr. Francis Ssr-.dcrs and Mr Pinter r.-.o:ored to«'or. Va . l.-..s: Wednesday "w nere festival N* J . x --. olossoa Dcna'..-: . p-.r-n:^. Mr ar.d Mrs not A Broadva; Sidelight Lr. enjri;. Ter. there was. titat, iiicme-or; last . ' wei when the l^st of tr.e red hot · --_s-n:n» sat TM. l-er l-.c:cl s-.: ge-ir.g; Bcs Ar.d Chevrolet Collide. ' over some r*ew torch numbi rs A in e-ck A biis c." T".-.-- B".-ic ?. is-- Trsnsp-cirta- 'canx at :h* coc-r a: tr.-c-re sto-c-S two t.on C-rr.psr.-. .«. r..c; , 3 Clt-vre-lct Jour- ecliceir.en. rw'.ei-r.- 3 rr.ost r^dr^rrlec; ; :nc car en Z2.= . r.i"r.:k s.rpeu Mon- , frightened and r.-injry 1-ooi.r.;; . . . cay efti-r.fen c-.^.r- s..;ht damage. It that t'.iey hai t'-e-ur.d I'.xr. to th? car T.v c;r rnci tits bus were i about to ap from the r.ew G-eorge Stickler worn-J-c , the- stUvorm rie of r.ce 'mere .3". world U- com- ; U-.A: t,e a.\u2i the horse's letJOCks. - N'LXr W.-.cre f.o aic^ jioebergs onginate? jShorb. {'.v of ' '·» parcr.u-, Mr. ar.d JL-i. Caar.» going Hi*: asi ;.-.c ccr in frost, turn- j Washingtcn br.dge into the Huascn. . . f\-; s^ .r.--v C.-.;-?". al'^y. Wh_le ; He had said lie fcis-w Sophie T-icker. i i .- ..=;- applied S-j t'aere h« ·was. ancon^ruousl ] pei in an c^Den doorxay. sav^n?: -You came! remember, iliss Tucker, about vix years ' P-T--N ;~e-* '·--. i rs six -o^eis ar-3 six co-.j;-_5rN IT. !r.s -??er wtrd ?.?d 'iree \o.»e» a^3 : ^"" coK.v~jriU r. she tower word. Ire \"ve's, however, are misv c?. Csr. j r- f. ir ago I iai A bouse m the country aoout 1 Answers be fo-jna on iast

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