The News from Frederick, Maryland on August 31, 1967 · Page 34
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 34

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1967
Page 34
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Pace H-12 1IIK NEWS. Frederick. Man land Ttantey. Ancwt M, DISCOUNT FOODS AH Prices Effective Thro Saturday September .2, 1967. We Reserve the Right To Limit Quantities FRESH GRADE A MILK 1 Gallon Carton 95 REDEEM THIS VALUABLE COUPON FOR 1-lb. ROLL · PANTRY PRIDE BUTTER h *7.:, Puroha^ Or More -, One Coupon Per Shopping Far.ulv \ oiil Alter Sat. ^cpttmber 2nd. Panlnj Pnde Redeem This Valuable Coupon U.S. NO. 1 ALL PURPOSE WHITE POTATOES 20 lb. bag 69 C Limit Ont Coupon P«r Shopping Family. Void After Sat., S*pt. 2nd. ffWWgJgg'P^rei'fl Pantry Pnde I \ I t I This Valuable Coupon CREAM-ROLL-ON OK STICK Tussy Deodorant pkg. Limit On* Coupon Per Shoppm* Family, void Aftor Sit, Sept. 2nd. Pantry Pnde Redeem This Valuable Coupon 50* OFF ANY 3-LB. COOKED CANNED HAM Itrr.-t Or* Coupon ff Sr-cn ( 'rg Pa-ni'y Void c,'t«.r S o t , Sept 2nd. = Redeem Tliis Valuable Coupon PANTRY PRIDE ICE CREAM OR ICE V, «... 44, 8 Redeem Thi$ Valuable Coupon PANTRY PRIDE MAYONNAISE THIRD BIG WEEK GRAND OPENING DELICATESSEN Canned HAMS SWIFT'S OR gORREL^S ALL MEAT FRANKS BOLOGNA ·£?" LIVERWURST ·? 100% PURE Wi'h $5 Purchoie --Lift One Co-oon per Shopping Family Void After Sot Seol 2nd W.t+i $J Pur-hose- Limit O-e P e l Void A'*er Sat ^ % S U K iUi - i^M^y EN rstRREGUEO FULLY COOKED JUST HEAT AND EAT lb. GREAT FOR HOLIDAY WEEKEHO FRESH CUT lb. 49 FRESH GUT 'b. DflAQT IfUttdl SHENANDOAH BOHELESS, h ft! USDA CHOICE STEAKS $1 59 1 USDA CHOICE STEAKS IB. 3 : 4 USDA CHOICE / » BONELtSS SLICED IMPORTED BACON APPETIZING DEPT VIRGINIA BAKED HAM- IMPORTED HAM -- .. SWISS CHEESE CHICKEN ROLL ib. « · « · · con tVERYTHING , SUCEO-TO-ORDW SLICED CALVES LIVER SHOUlER LAMB CHUCK STEAK BIAC D HE °CUT )b R O A S T 69c Ib. Ib. CUBED BEEF STEAK JSS,^ lb .%»p-i ff^rt^^T USDA CHUItB )(-, F.'lJ Si" A3 I BONE-IN - . rrnftll USDA CHOICE Ib. _ ,, . . ,, ,il BROIL TEfiDER SMOKED PORK HOCKS * 25c PORK SPARE RIBS -- * 59c OOETZE'S BOLOGNA BAKED L O A V E S 8 ' BARBEQUE LOAF o . FANCY DOMESTIC JUICY KNOCKWURST T?39e PEPPEROMI HARD O SAUM ;;::.549e FRESH POTATO SALAD "Me lb. f * ib. lb. 79 C 69 C 49 C 69 C saij-.v S^'L 3s2SL. R w Is:? CREAM CHEESE f ' ! AMERICAN CHf ; SE """u PANTRY PRIDE 81SCUHS ORAN'S JUK.E ,V ,'."^'.' r; fe I" 27e f* u ^*S8 ESS Eusi SLICED Ib.pkg. 69 .. ;,; 49c .. 3 " · 2 3 c ';: 45e COTTAG C CHEESE f ' ^ p l p M PANTRY Pi TE fAARGARIME FRESH IVUIK f ?,?."','. D° VIRGINIA ErCUSH MUFFINS «* - . -2 Ib - 19c EVCTYOW LOW, LOW PBICE! NO s!«0WWES! JWCOMISTEIII iit?COUHTPRICES! BOWMAN'i* TOMATO JUICE YOU- PROBABIY P A / D 2/73c APPLE JUICE 14-oz. _ cans YOU .PROBABLY PAID 3/41.01 M \ \ \ \ K I . L HOI SE COFFEE 73e 1-lb S A V E 10e V O l PKOn\BLY I'MD OUR tow ¥«rx Pl-eb obt/ jKMtrnMinr fj» YttU I out tow TOV COFFEE MATE SHAKE A PUDOIN PET INSTANT MILK MARSHMALLOW HERStitY KISSES WESSON OIL TEA BAGS P 4 N T R Y P R I D E ORANGE SECTIONS MONTE MIRACLE WHIP D «K A CHARCOAL LIGHTER PANTRY PRIDE WHITE ENRICHED BREAD 6 ,±.$1.00 I 4 £.$1.00 TOMATO SAUfE ' NESTLE QUICK FRENCH DRESSING : DEEP BIDE UGH! T'J;!r UBBY'S CATSUP DOLE PIMfAPrtE JUICE Nutrament Lsqwid POTATO CHIPS p v;r DEEP BLUE LIGHT TUsirt RICEUHD RICE COCOA f/lARSH r JOHNSON CREW 1' 39 c 3 35c 57c 16c 53t 69c 2 49c 75c ; -LOO 3 *1.00 3 -1.00 59c 59c 19c 59c 75c lOc 2c 3c 6c 6c Al DIET SHAKE REYfJO!?? V-'RftP Cn/RCOAl ERIOUtH^S P,.r-ER H A T ' S ' ILECTRA 501 "" - . JUS' 1 R!ED CHICKIH . UPTON INSTAN! TH HUNTS TOM'*TO PASTE tANNEB BSVLRAOES ' LFMOW JIJiCF * : f ' ( BIG DOLLAR TE/\ BAGS PORK BEAM r / m " p 67c 2 49c 89e 66c 3 98c 87c 98c 27c 12 77c 55c 49c lOc 75c 2 61c 99c 75c 3 *1.17 95c $1.17 33c 12 89c 65c 79c 15c 8c 12c TOc 9c 19c 8c 19c 6c 12c lOc 30c 5c Lux Liquid Oeternent SWAN LIQUID S A V E 2c 10c OFF SAVE Dr-TtP.CENT 12c 12-01. BOT. 1 pt. FINAL TOUCH DISH ALL 1C* OFF-SAVI SAVF 4c 1-qt. l-oi. Mb. P 3 M* "W* UPTON TEA BAGS SUPEft VALUE MTIMbOM TISSUE of 48 TOMATO SAUCE P " 99c S A V F 2 U FRANCO AMERICAN SPAGHETTIOS 15'M-OI. PROBABLY P.AfD 3/5tfc SPAPFRf

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