The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 13, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1924
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce WHEAT NEARLY 3 CENTS HIGHER May Delivery Reacheit a Point 19 Cents Above Figures Ten Days Back. rim-ago, Nov. 111.—With buying in proKi'osi* tin a big BC.'U owiivnt. <Uticiiiy advanced today fo new lilgh prim roconla for the sonson. A roducl-inn of ^U.uOft.t'OO hushols m fhe of!'i(:i;il rj>!i;imU» nf tho IX '4 \ i-'li] hi rnnnila was chiefly rospnii- Mhlo, taken with recent cuts in '•-timatis on the exnortnbWj surplus of Argentina itiwl Australia. Ilesiites, uufavorahlo fresh advices r- halve to southern hemisphere; ; rnp rniidillnii!* were ninent. The ..jMMifnp, which ranye/j from 1 to '-' ; \-c higher. December $1 .f»r .«i to i,M mid May Jl.tll tn was Mjowc-rj hy rlocidod further sains. May delivery nf wheal went to about I!' i-ent« above, fi^uics etir- I 'lH ten days hack. Profit, taldnc ^.ih^ wrro heavy, hut had little < ;(*•<•[ nn [irlci'.-i exc-pt for a rather ;>i mi mine oil down I urn nt the last. The close wan linnett led, l 'j, to ^•--ie iiMt higher. Dee. Jl.r.-iT* to $!."•"> and .May $l.r,2 Ui Sl.fJ- 1 ,^. ('urn and oat a displayed imlopen- dint ,«lren;tli. (leneral buying was in evidence and a lit ell of offerings. H'-ports that corn prowers were nriianlziui; to hold corn for $1.;"«0 a !'.;?hel a! t raced cons Id era hie notice. AtV-r opening at OH to 1 \i>c up May Sl.lS ^i to fl.l!' 11 ^, corn con- tni'icd to advance. Annonucfiiunt of a reduction of •P .'njii.' bushels fu the official - ifinatf of Canadian oats nrniluo ti..n acted as one of tip.? >:iinv, int'lueiices In the corn mar- lit. Cum closed unsettled. % to 1 • r .net higher, Mav Jl.lSft to RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnlihed By Grain Marketing Co. B10 Rorabaugh-Wlley Building I ice. Mny. July. July. I »i'r.. •Mav. July. Mav. July. 1 v-<-. . Mny. July. Pec.. May. July. AT CHICAGO. Wheat. —ClosOfl— Open JIlKh Low Today Yi:*t'y J.-1 I.Ml?, l.MJj, 1.62V, i.m 1.0:1%, i.r,i l..-.2v* i..'•!)>» 1.10'j l.te-;; 1.4014 1.4t|» 4 1.31H4 Corn. l.n'i i.i;.?, i.i3'4 1.14 t.i 'Ht MS", I.IKTa l.ti"i 1. 1.21'a I.IK'.j 1.19'a l.JS',i Oats. .r,n», ,r.:, ,63»* ..n .S2H ...s' 4 /iS», .Ml ..'.T'u .;.c :1 i ..'is .r.ti? B .fj" .r>« Rye. i.;;s'i i.u i.3v<i i.:i:>'i I..IT>4 l.ll'.i 1.4 J 1.41'., I.ll'.« ].>»«, l is i.:u 1.2s l.'.'H'.j i.2.i AT KANSAS CITY. Whe .it. — Clopou— 1.15 I 17 'i 1 .41 'i 1 .4BU t.-H'.i i.;,3\ I.M i.6s»i l.r .»',4 1.3S>» 1.3!Vi 1 .38» 4 1.31 Coru. i.os i.«;.»i l .oo '-i i.<i4'.» l.n l.lU-i U':'S 1.13'i l.HN l.lUTi 1.12>i l.KIJa Oats. 53 -i; .si a ; Ilti'a .iil'.'.ii HUTCHINSON GRAIN Sales of hard niio* dark whent three cents higher here today. Good demand: receipts a little heavier. Fulr demand for ks'Ir, also for corn. Kccoiptn of wheat here today 84 ears; corn 2 earn; kafflr and milo •i; rye 1 car. One week ago SU cars and one yenr ago 21 ears. Receipts ut, various other terminas: Sallna 34; Wichita 61; Kansas City lM; St. Louis 31; Omaha OS; Chicago CO; Minneapolis 2S5; Duluth 66.V. Winnipeg 1279. Sales here today Kansas City l)asls Hals Mart oil •» to l'V- pain. May :.N i; t tn SS'i.c Modernlo additional iil-airns i 'nHued. Provisions rose with srnln de- si'iio lower quotations on hogs. Kansas City Cash. Kansas City. Nov. WHEAT - I("celpls cars; ! ! iic hk'her; No. 2 dark hard ?l.'>0fi l.'lO; No. dark hard Jl.l 'J 'a 1. .".'.>; No. 2 hard; V 'l.r.N; No. 3 hard $1.4(Iff! l.r.s; No. 2 red Ifl.oT'a 1.02; No. 3 red Jt .4SW i.r.s. rOHN-:'(il'ic hlclier; No. 2 w'.iite $1.0S; No. 3 white J1.07; No. 2 yellow Sl.f'liy•l.lti; No. 3 yellow :.!.ustii'l.O '.i; No. 2 mixed {l.l'O; No. 3 mixed f l.Olfi l.or.. ' >ATS—2a higher; No. 2 white r.l '.'jc; No. 3 white 52'-ic. IIY1C—*1.2«J.* PAlti.P.Y—TSfi Sf'C KAl'TlH—Jl .W 'fl l.fia. .MILO MAIZE—$l.SU 'i /'l.S5. 1 Ii .'inl, 1 at ].. r .r.; 1 at 1.52'i; 1 at 1.52; 1 nt 1.01; 1 at 1 .4 !l'-i; •I at 1.4 !i; 2 at LIS; 1 at 1 .4" ii; 2 it 1,17. 2 hard. 1 at l.!W; 1 at 1X.G; 2 nt !.:•»; 1 at 1.031 at ].52; 2 ot J..M: 1 at l.-iS'i; 2 nt 1.47Vi: 2 nt 1.4';'i. Himttly 1.47-1.53Vj. 3 Jlanl—1 nt 1.5S; 1 at 1.54; 2 nt 1.51; 1 nt 1.4!«; 3 at 1 .4S; 1 at 1 .13. Smutty—1.-II to 1.45. 1 Hard—1 nt 1 .50; Mt 1.49H; .1 nt 1.1CM,; 1 at 1.45. 3 Hard—1 nt 1.4li-i; 1 at 1.13. •Sample—1 at l.lti'i. No. 1 Mixeil—1 at l.D»>4; 1 at MS. No. 2 MixiHl—1 nt 1.56; 1 at 1.4S'-i; 1 m 1.47. No. 3 .Mixed—1 ot l.r.4; 1 at 1.51. No. 4 Mixed—.1 at 1.47; 1 nt 1.12'i S. -No. 2 Red—1 at l.fil'4. No. 3 Hed—1 nt 1.52: 2 at 1.48. No. I Ited —1 at 1.54; 1 at 1.48. 2 Yellow corn: 2 at 1.09. 3 Yellow corn: 1 at 1.09; LOS. 2 White corn: 1 nt 1.08. ' 3 White corn: G at 1.07. . 2 Mixed corn: 4 at 1.06. 3 Mixed corn: 1 nt 1.07HC; 1. 1>.".; 1 at 1.04V4; 1 at 1.04; l."l. Oata. 3 -White; 2 at 52'!.; 3 Bt 52. 3 White Kaffir: 1 at 1.60. 2 Milo: 7 at 1.8.'!y. 3 Milo: 2 at l.SOy. 4 Milo: 1 at 1.7Sy. 1 Ityu: 1 at 1.26. Detailed sales In the Kansnn City cash market today were aa follows; Wheat. No. 1 Dark—1 at 1.58; 1 at 1.55; 1 nt 1.52. No. 2 Dark— 1 at 1.56; 1 nt 1.52Vj. No. 3 Dark—1 at 1.60; 1 nt 1.56; .1 at 1.B1V4 S. No. 4 Dark—1 at 1.58; 1 at 1.54. 1 car 3 itiirk . .. res 11,00 Jt.SS 1 cur 3 (lurk . .. 67.3 13.50 1.5S l.r,ijl' 4 i;irs 3 dark . .. r.7 14.44 1.5S l.r,ijl' 4 1 cur 3 d;irk . .. r -'i .7 14.04 l.SSti 1 car 1 hard . .. r,a.4 11>0 1.32 1 car 1 hard . .. en,4 ll.r.4 1.S0 1 car 1 haul . .. f'.n 1.4'JVi 1 1 tar 2 lutrd . .. rc .'.s i'iii's i.r.3 1 1 car 2 hard . .. f'S.j i3.n; 1.57 cats 2 hard . .. 'i *. 3 13.51) l.aS •> cars 2 hard . .. I.S.3 13.61 1.5S i car 2 hard . .. r.'.t 12.S2 1.5S cars 2 hard . .. SS.2 12.70 l.r.r> i car 2 hard .. .IS.2 13.1C 1.56 l car 2 hard smutty .. r.s.r. 13.18 1.515 l car 2 hard . .. r.s.s 12.12 1.52 i car 2 hard . .. i.8 12.38 1.51 cars 2 hard r .-10 rye .. 60 LIS l car 2 hard . .. aS iiiii 1.4S curs 2 hard . .. r.s 11.24 l.lM.i 2 cars 3 hard . .. &a 11.50 1.4SVJ 1 car 2 hard w.;evil ... K5.4 11.OS L471-1 1 car 2 hard . .. 6S.1 11.OS 1.4711 car 2 hard Mnutty .. 5S.0 11.64 1.17 1 car 2 hard 1. «• .. SS.4 11.72 1.50 1 car 2 hard . 11.4" 1.40 1 car 2 hard , .. r.s.e 13.33 1.37'i 1 car 3 hard . .. ;>0i.7 14.04 1.3S 1 car 3 hard . .. 57 13.00 1.58 1 car 3 hard Mlllltty .. r.7.5 11.04 1.55 1 car 3 hard . .. f.7.G 1.47 I car 3 hard . ttli.3 1.17 1 car f» hard suuittv ., 53.8 13.64 1.54 cars kafflr S7r W K. C. 1.C0 cars katfir 2 To w K. C. 1.C3 Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 13.—CATTLE —Ilecnlpts 6,000; calves 1 ,500; choice to prime yearlings stronp; one hind average 9S8 pounih} $12.50; in hetwecu grades fed steers, slow, around sternly; she stock slow, aeuerally wtctuiy; hutchcr cows and heifers J3.5UW 6.00; canners and cuttens $2.50il/' 3.25; bulls steady; calves steady to weak: practical top veals ?1'.00; mediums and heavies ?3 .0nijj'f,,50; stockera nutl feeders dull, fairly steady; hulk $f>.00ff 7 .00 ; cholca stoekcrs late Wednesday $7.Gntff 7.75; stock cows and heifers weak; hulk rows $2 .75!? 3 .25; hulfers 53.50 «i (..->0; s ( tock calves dull, ahout steady; $5 .0006 .75. HOGS—Receipts 9,000; steady to 10c lower; mostly sternly with Wednesday's nventRe; top $9 .50; built of sales $S.90Ci!).45; hulk dosirnblo ISO to 300 pound uvernses $! I .2 MJI 9.50; packing sows JS.4O0S.75; slock pigs steady, $6.50 @7 .00. S11BKP—necelpts 3,000: lambs steady; top westerns > 14.00; better grade nntlvea and fod lots $13 .75511 13 .90; cllppei -8 $11.65; odd lots sheep strong to 26c higher. Anin Can (Y» Amn far .V F 'Hindry Amn l.ocjnuvllvc Wabash "A" • Aiun s 't'''l I'tuitidrl'-s A inn Ti-I » Tel Amn Tidiacco .Man Wocih'li AHSia-iat'-d l'ry needs Miititconicry Ward Haldwln laiconiotlvn i.'oultnenlal fan I 'oooa I'ola Cn l>a\ldscn I 'hcmlcal ( <i •<.. Corn I'roduct-i lliflnlng ... I'amons Players l.asky ... c'.iTiKoh'iun Co cuhan Amn SuKnr Amn Av,v\ Chcm Itununi 1U3 .Vein Amn Asphalt Co neutral Klcctnc InM llarvcali-r c'o lull Paper Co Pressed Meel Car Pullman Co Sears llorhuck ... WcKtliiKhnlisn EU-c ,>.• .MfB United 1'ruit Co Woolworth Kayser tJullus) Silk Co .. .13t»i .173 . Ml• i . 51 . 10(<, .I2»«i .10S OFFICIAL VOTE AS CANVASSED Complete Figures On the Election In Reno County. it; I THE TOTAL IS LARGE; ... 59a, ... 7SM, ... 4 'J 'y ... 3 »U ::: ^ ... 2:)»-, ... 13»j ...1.13 ... 47TB ...20S\ ... OS ... 4!i',i .,. 45 ...134% , ...1321, ! ... 04» ...1117V ...112 Total of 15,849 Votes Were Polled for President at Election. MARKET GOSSIP 4 at G at 1 at George Oano of'lhe Gano Grain company broke the sales record this morning on the board of trade door. Ho sold two cars at S1.60V1. which is the highest price received for wheat this year. The exportable surplus of wheat In llie leading conntiies In the world is now estimated at around 70.000,000 bushels and the world's theoretical Import needs are around 750,000,000 bushels. Owing to the fihortago in rye there Is no grain that can he substituted for wheat. Tho world surplus of rye Is estimated at 50.000,000 bushels under the import needs of the world. Tom Brown, a grain man from Holla. Kansas, was a visitor on the Hutchinson Board ot Trade this morning. PRODUCE MARKETS Kansas City Produce. KtiDnus City. Nov. 13.—EGGS— 1c higher; firsts 48c; selected 57c; B U TT K R— Creamery butter In higher, 41{j'43c; packing unchanged 21c. POTATOES— Rod Klver, |].10# 1.20. UUTTMUFAT—2c. POULTRY—Hens 18c; roosters 12c; springs 19c; broilers 23c; turkeys 22c; old toms 17c. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 13.—BUTTER— Lower; creamery extras 3S-%e; FtantlardH 37',ic; extra firsts 30ff Tho wheat market was very bull. Ish this morning on the Hutchinson Board of Trade. Wheat had ad vanced three cents by 10 o'clock Local receipts Included 84 cars of wheat and 8 cars of kaflr. Reductions of 20 million bushels In the Canadian wheat crop es tlmate, as compared with the Sep tember, necessitates a downward revision In the world 'B statistical position. This In connection with the recent cut in the exportable surplus In Argentine and Australia makes a most bullish situation. Chicago Livestock. Chicago, Nov. 13.—HOGS—Receipts 52,000; fairly active, mostly 5{7)10c lower; underweight 10@24c off; big packers bidding 25c lower; supply liberal; top $9. SO; good and choice 225 to 325 pound butchers $9,604/9.75; bulk packing sows $S.S0S79.00; stronr weight slaughter pigs mostly $7.50^t''7.75; bulk ot sales $S.705?9.60: heavy weight hogs $9.40f?;9.S0; medium $9 .2O (tf9.S0; light ?S.10£S9.50. CATTLE—Receipts 14,000; practically all grades led steers and yearlings nctive: strong to 25c higher; heavies In broad demand; fully 25c up. best yearlings $13.Ou; weighty steers $10.35; numerous loads ?9.50<(t 10.00; bulk fed steers carrying weight $10.00 downward; grassy and short fed kind at $7.60 4(9.25; showing advance; cows of valuo to sell at $4.00 downward: weak to unevenly lower; dinners showing mo3t advance; others and heifers steady; bulls weak to 15c lower; bulk bolognas $3.50<g 4.00 choice vealers averaging 120 pounds upward in demand; packers; paying upward to $9.50 medium light vealers dull: stockers and feeders in fresh receipts scarce firm; country demand broad. SHEEP — Receipts 14,000: fat lambs 155T-25c higher; bulk na lives and comebacks $13.75@14.00; fat sheep 25c higher; ewe top $8.00. Wichita Livestock. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 13.—HOGS —Receipts 900; looks 5c lower; prospective top $9.40; bulk $9.20® 9.35. CATTLE—Receipts 1,050 Incltid Ing 300 calves; generally steady on all kinds; beet steerB $5.00fi)S.50 beef cows and heifers $3.25C''0.75 bulls 52 .75rTi3 .75; veal calves $3.00 OS.00; stockers and feeders $3.25 Q6.50. WALL STREET Call Money. New York, Nov. 13.—Call money steady; high 2; low 2; ruling rate 2; closing bid 2; offered at 2>4; last loan 2; call loans against acceptance 1%. Time, loans firm; mixed collateral 60-90 days, 3'4«i' 3\i: four-six months 3-Ti; prime commercial paper 3' 4 . Foreign Exchange. " " New York, Nov. 13.—foreign exchanges firm; quotations In cents: Great Britain demand 4.03%: cables 4. 63% . * KraDce demand 5.28',i>; cables 5.29. Italy demand 4.84U; cables 4.S5. Germany demand 23.S1. Holland demand 40.03. Switzerland demand 19.27. Greece demand 1.80. Poland demnnd 19'4. Czecho-Slovakla demand 2.98. LIBERTY BONDS. Final prices quoted by the McNaghten Loan company today were: j 3«% ~ $100.25-32 First HiTt. 11)2. Soeoml I'i'.'c 101.11-3" Third l'i'7, 101.20-32 Fourth 4>i% 102.12-32 V. S. IViTi 1011. LOCAL MARKETS Swift & Co. BUTTER FAT—No 1. 32c; No. 2 29c. BUTTER—Creamery 36@37c. J3GGS—Fresh, 36. Sunflower Produce. Heavy hens. 17c; light hens. 14c: springs 16c: Leghorns and blacks, all weights 14c: old roosters 7c; turkeys, 1 18c No. 2 8c; old toms 13c: ducks 10c; geese Sc. EGGS—Fresh, per doz. 36c. Local Grain. WHEAT—(tjuoted by Win. Kelt) Mill) wheat $1.30. SHORTS—$1.00. BRAN—$1.23. The official vole of the election In Reno county as finally canvassed, is given below. There was a total of 15,819 votes polled for presidency in tho election, the largest vote 111 the history of Reno county. Following tire tho offlei-1 figures as announced today at tho county clerk's offico: President and Vice-President. roolldKC* and Dawes 10.337 liavls and Hryan ' 3,tl75 t.aKolletlo and Wheeler 1,837 United States Senator, Arthur Capper ]fl,7S5 .fames Italono 3.2S0 Fred J. Frak-y (127 S. O. Coble .\ 121 n Congressman 7th District, .f. N. Tlneher 9,177 Nellie Cllne, D.S09 Justice Supreme Court, Pos, No. 3, W. A. Johnston 10.S27 Justice Supreme Court, Pos. No. 4. Sawyer, her physician. The bulletin rend: "Mrs. HnrdtiiR had n very restless and painful night and Is not so well this morning." President To Air Agricultural Views Washington, Nov. 13.—President Coolidgo will speak tonight before tho unntial meeting here of tho Association of Land Grant Colleges. This will ho .Mr. Coolidge's first public address slnco the election, and ho expects to dovoto his remarks chiefly to the subject, of agriculture, which is also tho principal topic of dlscusHion before the college representatives. The president plans to go even more extensively Into his views on forming conditions In opening the conference here next Monday ot the agriculture commission which he recently npppolnted tn Investigate farming conditions with n view to outlining a program for permanent, stabilization of this industry. The meetings ot tho com. mission, composed of eight mem' hers, will he held ..with the cooperation ot the department of ngrlcul- tttie. Winnipeg Markets. November wheat: 1.CG7J. Dec. wheat: 1.63%. May -wheat: 1.66%. Minneapolis Markets. Dec. wheat: 1.52%. May wheat.-1.57%. New York, Nov. 13.—Stock prices resumed their upward movement today upon the apparent somple- tlon of heavy profit taking by professional traders. Bullish demonstrations were particularly aggressive In the industrials, U. S. Steel common, American Can and U. S. Cast Iron Pipe heading a lret of more than two score 1924 highs. Sales approximated - 2,250,000 shares. Cotton Market. New Tork, Nov. 13.—Cotton spot steady; middling £4.70c. Futures closed steady; December 24.4Cifr34.50c; Jan. 24.6Sfj 24.70c; March 24.92®>24.96c. It. A. limvh Dennis Madden Governor. Hen S. raulcn ., Jonathan M. Davis Win. Allen White. M. ],. l'hllllps Lieutenant Governor. D. A. N. Chase A. A. Doerr •• Carr W. Taylor Hlierldan Green .. .v • Secretary of State. Prank J. Ryan Clenians Klsio Hamilton State Auditor. N". A. Turner Mrs Gertrude Vatloison Arthur Urldwell State Treasurer. Carl White Ceo. L. MrCnrty C. W. Chandler , Attorney General. Charles B. Griffith Thurtnan lull S. J. Maltox • Supt. Public Instruction. .less W. MUey ... '• C. A. l>e-irdorff Ida A. Ueloof Supt. Insurance. William T!. Baker F. A. MeKlroy II. J. Andrews State printer. H. P. Walker Judoe Dlst. Court, Dth Olst \V. G. Fairehfld Aaron Cole man Senator 36th Dlst. .1. K. Whitman Walter A. Huxmnn • • • •Representative 75th Dlst. Frank L. Martin L. S. Kent ••• Representative 76th Dlst. John Yu.-'l 1J. McKeown • County Clerk. F. 11. Lutz Otto Williams -> County Treasurer (Retjular term).^ Molile Voshers S'f"2 Overton Hiektnan , County Treasurer (Unexpired termL S.SH2 4,165 8.633 4.676 2,473 SS 7.412 4,017 3.333 1S3 6,807 7.10S 436 S.35S 5,523 321 0.372 4,563 319 6,611 7.701 240 6.733 7.1P0 470 5.661 4.067 a73 .11.099 ' S, SEEK CLEW TO CAUSE OF BLAST AT P0STOFFICE Spznt Most of Life In Prison Sheriff Jess Liuigtord will lake Glen Walters, tho white youth who was sentenced to twenty years In stale prison yesterday for attacking a little girl, to the state penitentiary at Uansing tomorrow. Walters hnB steadfastly refused to give much information about himself. It Is known that he has spent most of his time since boyhood ' penal Institutions. He was In a reform school in Iowa, as a boy, later escaping from that institution. More recently he was an Inmate at the state reforatory here, being released only a few months ago. And now he la going back to prison again, this time for many years more. Three Killed at Grand Rapids Last Night—May Have Been Bomb In Mail. Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 13.— Postal Inspectors from Chicago arrived early today to aid local Inspectors In the Investigation of the explosion which wrecked the loading dock and receiving room ot the main postoffice hero lalo yesterday, killing three meu and Injuring twelve others. Herman Polterscli, a clerk succumbed after both legs were blown off and Ernest A. lloth, a truck driver died Ihreo Hours after the blast. A splinter was driven into Roth's body by tha force of tho explosion. Dale Newhotisc died In a hospllnl today with a fractured skull. Tho theory that the blast was cnused hy tho premature explosion of a bomb which, had been sent through the malls was advanced hy postal authorities, police and firemen who worked all night by the aid of search lights scouring the wreckage for clues. No fragment ot a bomb or other explosive was found,, however. Tho explosion, which was felt all over the city and shattered windows for several blocks, hurled fragments of the loading platform 100 feet into the air, threw a loading truck onto the federal building roof and burled five automobiles In debris. RATES ON CLASSIFIED ADB For consecutive Insertions same copf, same day. Minimum charge. .21 t Day -Pet line K 3 Days-Per line 3 Layn-l'er line 36 4 Days—Per lino 55 II Days.-Per line ?? 7 Days—Per line 5« 8 Da.vs-I'cr line 10 Dnye—per lino .JO 2 Weeks—Per line LOS I Month-Per lino i-'O Special loilise rate, per lino for both papers .. — . Ill WORD AND L!«E SCALE 5 Words ot less ' D" 6 to 11 Word 2 Lutes 12 to 17 Words 3 [•'<'• 18 to :2 Words J Lines 23 to !8 Word 5 Lines 2!) to 33 Wolds g '' e» 34 to 311 Words J \'," C ' 40 to 45 Words 8 I. ie» 46 to t.O Words » L lies 50 to 55 Words 10 L nej For mom than 10 lines figure 3 lines lo 'aeh 16 words or traction thergoT. 8.143 6.SS5 7.35S 3,460 2,560 1,427 .10,487 4.790 6.299 ,911 8.025 7,585 8.441 7,137 ..10 .361 .. 4.69: . .12,171 The estimated exportable surplus ot wheat In tho leading coun tries of the world Is now estimated at 00 million bushels short. Tho rye crop Is estimated to be 50 million bushels less than tha requirements, owing to a shortago in rye, so there Is no grain that can be substituted for wheat. The export demand for wheal Avaa disappointing yestorday. The sales were estimated at 50,000 bushels of wheat and 250,000 bushels of com. MiCS—Higher: firsts -HCiolc; rdimiry lirsts asrjf12c. POULTRY — Aiivo, unchanged; nvls lti'i/22c: springs 23c; roost- i-s llie; I urk«ys 2Sc. Kansas City Hay. Kansas Cliy, Nov. 13.—HAY— i Receipts o7 cars; unchanged to aOc higher. PRAIHIB—No. 1 ni.OOtj?. 12.50; I No. 2 *9 .50((! 10.50; No. 3 $0,501?, I 9.00. ALFALFA—Choice $23.00ffj 23.50; No. 1 $21 .00 (ff22.50; standard $IS .00 ftf20.5(1; No. 2 J15.0OQ17.50; No. 3 $12,005! 14.50. TIMOTHY—No. 1 ?10 .00& 17 .00; A vice-president of the United j standard $15 .00 (1)115.50-, No. 2 $13.50 States bus succeeded aa president ©15.50; No. 2 $13.5010 14.50; No. 3 -'v times. J12.00ID 13 .00. Chicago Potato Market. Chicago, Nov 13.—POTATOES —Trading moderate; market slightly slrongcr on good stock; Minnesota, and Wisconsin sacked round whites 8O411].00. NEW YORK STOCKS. Reported by James E. Bennett & Co., S.06 Rorabaugh-Wlley building, by wire from New York, Close STEELS: , , Bethlehem Steel Corp 441.; Colo Fuel & Iron Co 4 U?H Crucible. Steel Co r,n% Cast Iron Pipe CO Ha Gulf States Steel 75'% Oreat Northern Ore, 32^ Itcpuhlii- Iron & Steel 47» t U s Steel Corp Common HS'.i COPPERS: Amn Smelting & Refining S4»i Anaconda ('upper Co 39',-j Callahan Zinc & Lead i 4Va Clilno Copper Co 26 Chile Copper Co 33-\ Uutte ei Superior l^Js Inspiration Capper 28^ K.-niioeutt Copper 49^ Hav Cons 15% Utah Copper Co 82 OILS: Sinclair Consolidated 1S% Marland oil Co 40',4j Pacific Oil Co 55 Pan-Aiim I'et & Train "A" .I.s; Plin-Amn Pot & Trans "11" .... Mi Pure Oil Co J«J« Phillips Petroleum 3,H CoHden ft Co -Sis lloyul Dutch 45»i Kkelly Oil -1 Standard Oil ot -V J 3*>Mi Standard Oil ot Calif 61 u. Shell Union Oil '-'Hi Te.\u« Co 42% While F.agle O & It 2" HAIL1IOADS: ,,,„ A T & S K 10!»% llaltlmore & Ohio 69H Canadian Pacific ..: 1»1 '.3 F.rlo Ity JO Cir.-at Northern lly .61^ Tlie extent of the advances on wheat will bo governed by world consumption. Present Indications ot a shortage on tho world markets, have caused the continuous jump in the price. Corn developed much strength In tho lute trading yesterday on tho Chicago market. Corn is likely to advance more according lo authorities. Horchem Meets Same Tragic Fate Which Befell Daring Wife Ransom, Kan., Nov. 13.—Cyle Horchem has joined his -wife In death, both victims of falls in their airplanes. Horchem, a Ness county boy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Horchem, of Ransom, met a tragic death yesterday when ha slipped and fell from a plniie, while 1 ,000 feet above the earth near Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was teaching a student filer how to pilot the plane, and was in the act of crawling out onto a wing to make an adjustment when he slipped and fell. He caught hold of the rudder, but was unable to retain his grasp and ho plunged down 1 ,000 feet to the ground. His companion succeeded in bringing the plane down safely. Mrs. Horchem was killed near San Antonio, Texas, last March, when her plane crashed to earth. She is burled here, and her husband's body Is being brought here to be laid at her side. 9.935 6,171 2.941 2,490 1,158 E. N'oonan Frank Y. Lewis Register of Deeds, Vlnnie M. Sliinner Walter Jlcad County Attorney. Martin Aelmoro Harry F. Brown Probate Judge. Seward Baker G. W. Alford Sheriff. W. T. Clark 3esse Langford Coroner. H. It. Stewart Supt. Public Instruction. W. K. Sharp S. l\ llowland Clerk Dlst. Court. Carl A. Richardson 0. D. Lamborn- Commissioner 2nd Dlst. W. M. French Commissioner 3rd Dlst. 15. F. liantord • W. IT. Kurgess Justice ot Peace, Hutchinson City. Terence F. Cox 4,i2n 11. P. B. Wilson L7;8 B. 7J[. Block •!.'-<! Constable, Hutchinson City. Chas. Epley .' J. W. Carrlngton •- .lesso Deck :•! Jim Crandall ;" A. B. Shulta •• •>•> Justice of Peace, Nlckerson City. J. F. Henson -in Geo. Sain • • a '' Constables, Nlckerson City. J. O. Stkfford ,1. C. Potter •• * Bonus Proposition For Against • •• Tax Amendment. For A 1 ?ommunity High School' Trustees. For Four-Year Term— II. D. Fossey Ed Drake O. .1. Windlate For Two-Year Term— J. S. Zimmerman ., O. It. McVay Burrton S. Trostle Agnes Mlehaelis Esther S. Urlltcs .. Commercial Treaty Negotiations Halt Tarls, Nov. 13.—A serious hitch haj occurred in the Franco-German negotiatioi s tor a commercial treaty caused by tho difficulty of reconciling the stipulations q/ the treaty with tho provisions of tho Dawes plan as regards deliveries of reparation In kind. Premier Herrlott yesterday had a long conference on th subject with the chief German technical delegate, Dr. Trendelenburg and tho German ambassador, Leopold Von Hoesch. Tho Germans, Le Matin says dl.I not, appear Inclined to make the concessions necessary to complete the negotiations and the question, now out of '' e hands or the experts, is the subject ot exchange ot views between the two government*. OKLAHOMAN URGED AS AGRICULTURE SECRETARY Washington, Nov. 13. 'iflcl John Fields of Oklahoma City, was recommended to President Coolidgo today for secretary of agriculture hy Senator Harreld, Republican of Oklahoma. Appointment of Howard M- Gore, now acting secretary of agriculture, until March 4, when he becomes governor of West Virginia, wns urged on the president hy Harry C. Woodyard, of Spencer, W. Vn.. a former representative from that state. " COHt-.fcCTIGN OF CLASSIFIED AD ERRORS Tho News and The Herald will not no responsible for more than nno Incorrect insertion of any advertisement ui-derd foi more than one time. Krrorsj not the fault of the advertisers which elearlv lessen tho real value of the adverlfcetnent will bo rectified only Uy nubllcutlon without extra charge within FIVE days after Insertion. No republication will bo made when the error does not materially affect the nelifie or nurlKise of the advertisement. LEGAL NOTICE Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate. First Publication OcL 23rd, 1924, Central Slale Bank, Plaintiff, vs. \V. II. Martin, el al, Defendants. No. 14.757. Public nolleo Is hereby given, that on .Mondnv, the 21th day of November, l'.'il. al 10 o'clock'A. M-. I will offer al public sale, nt tbo West door of the. Court Douse. In the City of Hutchinson. Jvansa.?, and sell 10 the highest bidder, for i-asli In hand, the following described real estate, to-wlt: NK 'i of Section II, Twp. 25. Mango 6 West, Heno County, Kansas, together with al! and singular tlie tenement!!, herldl- tallienis. and appurtenances thereunto belonging, or In anywlsy appertaining. Said property will bo sold under ami by virtue of an order of sale. Issued out of the District Court of Heno County, Kansas, to satisfy u judgment obtained In said Court, on the .",0th dny of June. A. D. 1922. at tbo April lerm of said Court, by The Central Stale Hark against W. H. Martin, C. i.l. Duke and G. Raymond for the sum of Might Hundred Seventy- three and S7-100 Dollars, dobt, 10- Retber with costs of suit and interest at the rate of S per cent per annum, from the date of Judgment; and a further decree of said Court, charging said described real estato with tho payment of nald debt and cost of suit, as a lien thereon. Given tinder my hand at ray office In th,- c.ty of l-lutclilnson. ICansas, this 21st day of October, 1924. .ICSSK LANGFOnO, Sheriff of Heno County. 13. T. Foote. Any. for Plaintiff. Tbui-fl-Oct 23-Kt Alcohol, 1SR proof, Formula 5, hoc per gal.; 20c per quart. H. L. Enles. .Service Station. 13-11 TOO WANTCD pianos for phono 649.. -Several u.ied ;. pinups, 7(i-i:i-cdm HASHIMITE ARMY IN ADVANCE ON MECCA 7,2X1 6,095 7,126 4.157 1,011 900 810 Jerusalem, Nov, 13.—A report from Amman say.; that definite nows has been received there from Hidjaz that King All has taken the offensive and that the Hashimlte army Is advancing on Mecca. The Wahahis. now on the defensive are evacuating the position they occupied between Jed ah and Mecca. POLISH AUTHOR GETS NOBEL LITERATURE PRIZE. (By The Associated Press) Stockholm, Nov. ]3.—The Swedish Academy today awarded the 1924 Nobel prize tri literature to the Polish author, Wladlslaw Rey- lLont. The recipient is one of the l.'.ter school of Polish poets. WANTKl) by youns lady— Clerkiui; position or sale.swork. any kind, grocery preferred: experienced; In or out of city. Address P-ll, care New*. 25-i:i-1.Id in CSKIi Clolliing I'.xehaiine, for men women and children. 215 West 5lh. rbone 1762W. "The gift and thrlfl shop." 7.15-s.lm FUHNITUKK, sieves. BOAltD and room close hj. nno Hooms, 23 West 5th. 111. Past Ijllli 31-13-iil. Fifth Ave. Ph. :ii27u- 51- :t-: hln FOR SALF,—Bridge lamn, »)rl rose shade, polvchrnm" base. 510 if taken l.efore'Satunlay. Phone 1641W. 721 B. Klghth. 3Jjl3-_16ni White FOR SA1 .I-:—50 Leghorn bins. Co.. 20 II W.«t. extra good Partridge I'rodtie.. 41-!.l-:tdnl PICTCHF. show In a town ctoae t" Hutchinson, trade fnr i-itv property. Address O-ll, care News-lb-rald. 26-13 -16H1 Brookhart Lead 650. Des Moines, Ja., Nov. 13.—Senator Smith W. Brookhart's lead over his Democratic opponent for the senate, Dan F. Stock, remained at 1150 today, with official reports from cloven of the 90 counties still outstanding. The unreported counties included Polk (Des Moines) and Pottawatomie (Council Bluffs) which were expected to complete their official canvass ot the senatorial votes during the day. Alcohol, 188 proof, Formula 5, SOc per gal.; 20c per qt. ltagland- Klngsley Motor Co. 13-lt QfflgsafFnosdl —Ads— Sheriff's S.ilo of Real Estate. 1 Virnt jVublli-iitlrtn Oct. 23rd. Slnte Uunk nf I'levna, Plaintiff, VH. A. B. llorton. el JI I. Dtifemlanta, No. 16.150. T'ubllr noili'e Is he-re by piven, that mi Mondnv, tho "Ith Unv of November, ai-.H) oYloi'U A. M.. 1 wlH offer nt piiliMc RJily, ut the West door of the Court House, in Ihn Olty of Hutch- Iti.soii. Kansas :m-l sell to the highest hUIdLT, fnr en?)\ In htind, the fnUuwinB ik'srrihrd mi! est.-itp, tivwit: The Kast ii.ii/ (r*'^> or the iinif <r <:vj) of S':ciJoii I-'otir (i) in Tmvnshlp Twynty- fr.ur CM). South of Unniro Ten (10), Wfst of the (ith I\ M. hi Reno County. Stnt.i of K:iri.<n .-j, nml C 'i)tit ;Llnlrn: liift aeri -5. more or less, together wish all find JMn^uinr tin- t.-n 'Mnentp. heridfti.- inenti--. iirid sp;uiHen :uK'9s Hu'reimir. bi !t 'ii(,"injr. or in unywjso npprrt;iin!>tt;. S:ild'.prop<-rty will be sold under and bv virtue of :in order «f ini'r. [smit-cl out or the Ksttlet CV UM of Rene County, K HIIR:I .«, to Pat^fy a Judgment untamed in s.iid Court on t!i» Slst day of IVIO I MT , A. J>. \\<:\. at t!,- S^pteinlier term of i>;iid Ct»urt, Th. Stat-.' l.:;ink of• Picvnii, a mrr-M -non vt I'l'-viui, K;ii^;i:'. »q»lrist A. K HiM'.i 'n and Prttsv Morton, his \vif,\ for ilu .-•urn Of S3, (Ti.O.i debt, together w)!h co."ts of x\t\\ and lnt«*n\«t at Hie ri'c of S ]jrr rent per iinuntil, ft on* ;!»,• dan* of Jii.lKinont. Jun.- inih, ]v , . , l; and a further rltvreo nf said Cmc. *., fli.-n-Rlni; said dcsi'rihed r.:a1 est.-iti' wllh I he payment of paid «'ebt m.d co .it of stiit,' an a ll^n thorenn. tllv»*i\ wndt'r my al my offiee in tho t?itv ot Huti'hin«:in. ICutisas. ti;is -:;t'd of fiftohpr. I'.H'I. .ML-SK I.AN(;i ; X>RO, SloMirf nf Rono Cotintv. Mt'ttirtror MctMn^.r. Atioruev^ fur 1'laintiff. Thurs-Oct 23-51 PHONE 4400 AND irAi.l. f(»K Cl^ASS 1K1RD AO I.1KPT. HUNT) AD RKPU):>' A-10—1 J-10— 3 C-U—1 fftl-U—2 J-;-T—2 I'-y—i K -n— i Q-' 1 —i i-ii—i H-io— TELEPHONE ADS The News und Tho HetuM win fftve careful attention to all ads received over the telephone, but cannot K»^r- aniee accuracy. Mrs. Harding Worse, Marioq, Ohio, Nov. 13.—»Mrs. Warren G. Harding, who is critically ill with kidney trouble, was reported aa not HO well, in a bulletin issued this morning by Dr. Carl W. Illinois Central K C Southern Louisville Ac NHMhvllle ... Mp PacifU: Common ..... Mo Pacific. I'referred ..... N Y Central Northern Pai'lfie. l'»;nn.«ylvftniu Ry Ueadintf Ry Hock l.nland Ry Southern Uy St li & S Y Tty Southern Pacific Ry ..... Union I'acifh; Ry MOTORS: I I 'lencnil Jlotors 1 Studebaker Jhitora Hup Motor* Pletci; Anuw MudKitn Motors ChaioUer Mirturs Overland Motors Mack Tl UcK Ine Kdlv Sptinjifictd Tin* Co IT S Rubber Co Cnudrloh Rubber Co AJax Rubber <*" Amn-Honoh MuKm-to Co . AWH ChaimeiM MfB Co .. Maxwell Motor* "A" Maxwell Motors "U" .... Nasli MotoiH Moon MolnfH Stewart Warner MfK Co . Strotulierir Curb Co TimUeii Rt'ller HuiiriiiK .. 1AMHISTHIAI.S: A inn lt'-et ti\wnr InUuatrial Alcohol • • ...113 ... 2*j v.'. w.i ... 67*4 ... 47H ... 04 ... ... 7^ ... 4!)>.j ...101V. ... 50Vj ... ... 74 .. lit*'.. • • " 3 i . .'loa ^i .. 1C»4 .. 3S«u 32% i"i .. 25 .. 62 H ». mi .. £2»i lHH .. MlVi H7 ,.. 1.7*1 ... ml HHMHBETTER LIGHT, BETTER SICHTMMMMe 9 MORE DAYS in which to complete your essay for the Better Home Lighting CONTEST By November 22nd all material must be in llie hands of the judges. There is yet lime to enter the contest and win a prize, maybe the $15,000 home." For complete instructions see your local electrical dealer. Be sure to remember the final date. NOVEMBER 22nd •BETTER LIGHT, BETTER SIGHT* li That Grand f, and GloriouF | ' Feeling! ^ A New Overcoat £ that She would f i i p I | \ Approve Of! We have just such coats— embodying style, comfort, fit and warmth, at reasonable prices. $25—$30—$35 Mufflers The Northmoor Shawl and Imported Scotch Plaid Mufflers—$2, $3, §3.50. Silk or Wool Mufflers—$1.50 to $5. F oster & M a P Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate. First, publication October 23, RJ-4. No. 15P33. Rob.'it Turner. Plaintiff, VS. F. O Punvan, 1>' fendanl. Public notice b* herel^y given, thai on Mondav, th" day of Novem. her, at 10 o'clock a.m.. 1 will offer at public 5 rile, at the wvst dooi of tho courthouse. In I he City ol Hutchinson. Kansas, and sell lo th* htfrhejit bidder, fur i;ai *h in haml, th* fo'bowinK de.-fcrlbnl property, to will An undivided one-dilrd interest In C4 acres of corn located on tho SK'.-i ol Section 3r>. .Twp. i^, Ranc;e 10 West, and 4:'.l 3« U IH .-of wheat loeatcu In tlie Farmer** 1 levator at Sylvia, Kai ;M :iH. Also I". O. Hunyan's uttdi- vicb.d Interest In and to 130 ncrofl, more or 3 CM , of growing -wheat, lo- eatcd ou tlu; S\V; of section 3d, Twp, :;:\. llanye in West. Kono (Jounty, Kansas. (Wh -nt in tiie t-levator Ls to b,. sulil subject to a 7>rlor lien). To* ;.'T'lher with all and wljigular the tene. lucutH. herldlta meiit **, und nppurte- nanccs thereunto belonKins, or in anywise nppt-i UininK. Said property will be under and by virtue of nn order of sale, issued out of the District Court of Heno <"\,uniy, KatlMLia, to .satiafy a judgment obtained In vnld court, on 23th dny of February A-1). 191M, at tho January teim of said court, by Kobert Tt.rntr it 1.'"Inst O. Itunyan fi»r tlie -vn m i>f Four Hundred Twenty-two add ll-Uhl doibirs, d.-bt. together With casts of tiiit and Interest at the rata of 1't per cent, per annum, from tho dat" of Judgment, and a further deere* of f--niil court, rim**irinff said described teal est *c with tho payment of saifl debt a:ul eost of suit, aa a lien thereon. tilvcn umlor my hand at my offica in tlv> City of Hutchinson, Kansas, this -iHt dny of Oetohhr, .1 F.SKI-: LANtlFOKD. Klterlff of Keno County. Attorney for Plaintiff. Th Oct '.tt-fit In tlu- iti.itrict Court of Reno County 1 , Kansas. No. Inn Calos. Plaintiff, vs. William Cal«, Defendant. x Puhlleatlon Notice. *^ To William Caics, CireetinKs: You are hereby notified that you have been sued for divorce bv your wife, Inu Cab-y, and If you do not answer her petition by December 17, 1S24, a judgment will be taken against ypu hoidln« for nauKUt the marrlaRo relation cxlatlng between you and the pluintlff liercln. Therefore govern yourself accora- Un()y - POS SUAFPRR. Att(jnu-y fnr Hlalnlltf. All'-st: Carl A. lUclwinlson. fifrli ol the IMstil'-l Court. fSRAI.) ,' l ' 1 ""-' 1 ' N ' n i »?.rili IT 1 3PtCI«i. «CT?EfeS" • CilTXFffrM l?. iTi-]TC will havy a rumniiice Kill'. S.u. ir,, 111 S. Mum. a-iD-nim M. L'KAl.) Hliii -k wmo\.'tl I'lirmi. 4K1. of a-i:i-i:ui UHM.MAi-.i ul.l Y. W WatiinUiv, N. v. . IllilK. U'. Kip- .MAIIAZIM-: l>. ic s. Mr.-* :'SI7. li .or. I': mii QUALITY C LOT HE; "AT FIRST AND MAIN' FllbST DiVISiO.S of the bii'ina 1 -vul ot tho Methodist church win hold a rumtunee sale nt Weeks* DntK Store 1:0a B. Main, Saturday IJth. DO.\'T m\nt> thl.s wonder ml hist opportunity. Special reailtnys 51 up tc Nov. ".'O, only. The marvelous oslroio- glut Rives absolute, concct advice trail important affairs of life. Din i;n *3i Sherman. Phono 2CU3W. Hours a a.m to U p.m. 3 *i >-'jfiM MAJtCiCl.LINtl, day or evening. Mrs, licavltt. S30 Bast 4th. Phono 3'JUO.

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