The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 19, 1959 · Page 37
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 37

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1959
Page 37
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lunmit itiivteii eFfijiP JT SOD Marion Blue—60c Delivered BLACK DIRT Scmati Aerated $10 per load SHRUBBERY 2 Season Guarantee ABC AHCHERY-A ONE STOP AHCH- rry shop. Jfrry Anderson, S30 Wrst Adders - Typewriters Osed — Rentnlt Accurate Office Machines 302 Blxth St. DUI MElroie 1-5B29 Howie's Trucking Grading—Excavating Trenchtn,e: Service Ixperlenced Bulldoinr and Louder Operator. Also Tractor Lo*d *r and Btck Hoa Operator. Get Our Prices First. fulverlMd or regular choice binck dirt trom etock pile. Also fill dirt, sand, eruahcd stono and pit run gravel. For W* best In material and price Call MElrose 2-2981 ' rlc fans, fan ^hlaJes, "baihtubi, Writ 's BLACK DIRT TOP BOIU — PILL DIRT ROAD GRAVEL - CRUSHED STONE Also Bulldolinc and Trenching Driveways, patktni lots Installed Tennessee & Lannon Stone rLAOSTON*—IJB A TON WALSTONB— 113 A TON DYK THA TRUCKINO ti STONE , MK 8-3463 Removing Good Black Top Soil 12 yds. $15.00, 6 yds. $8.00 W. C. CASKEY SAND & GRAVEL CO. MElrose 3-0g41 BLACK DIRT MIsetLUNtOUS FOR 8ALI 31 . A BIO 80PPLV M.H.M.A^N|W^.^„d^„„^nd.tlO„.d ..fMS^?LtV,0lS .*lAXfe« • Miles West of Rnclne on llf U Phone TRlniti »'H60 MISfllLLANEOUl FOR tALI SO PAINT-«00 pen OALtoN nioMm quiillty Oovcrnment Surplus. All kinds, colors, paltit.i, rnamelji, lacqiiera, var- nl.ihrs. Rogcr.i. Ilcrryvtlle Road St North Bliorc Trncks. Dial M El rose »->,3'l3. „ PbWEH KQUfFM'Et^f" - QRAV'ktYFbn lawn and aardon. Frank Oast A 8on» HUhwar 31 at ily.yiej\ j;.KrnonJLil'-5. Save $ $ $ at RW Supply ."• ? .'"L'',..'*" »>l «3es, bathtubi, sinks. tolleti. Belling out. 1308 Wnnh. A»f AiR fc0NDITi0N*tt 1 ONE " ellent 20" window exhaust Ian. _ -.. fan. Bate. rocking horse. Anllqiie floor clock. eelle New .- „ ReHaonablc. 4300 Khulc Ave. mnSim /Si AWRTROS:—orePolrfa: porch coven. iNavaeoi Nationally Advertised, finest quality, guaranteed by Good HousckeeplnB. Easy terms. Mc Oee'a Aluminum. MElrose J-i illNO IN household furnishings, bouaht. sold AhCi{lfeRV-flbAR"lo\\F8'"A gp?Pnic8 Joe's Archery. 1033 16th St.. MK 3-8890 A fRtp M ViNOS ort Milts l :TRni; yours for penniea a day with a fine telescope bought on our easy payment plan. THE SCIENCE SHOP l210_ai'>>:P. Aye. MF, 3-3»n0 AVAILABLE AT AMITY—KKLVIN- alor and Leonard refrigerator and range parts. Complete Hne of electric range units,.pilot bulba, belts, etc. Open Saturday till 4;30 p.m. AMrrv MouiJJiNo «t PARTS CO. Charles SeymanskI, Mgr. 1523 12th Street Dial MS 3-78711 Pulverized Earl Heffel and regular ME 3-6032 BAHV tiUOQY - llEbSTftSSTX^fAS crib, baby basket with aland, bath table, Baby Tcnda. MElrose a-B7IIB. iiAb? btjoOV-irooofi cOMbifloH Make us an offer. MElroao 3-1480. ffAiKnALL ~nU8 —"BnArtTEBinnni tickets. Rees Travel Service, MB 4j-^4jU9 BEST BUYS CLEAN OUT SALE Thousands of articles. Chairs 80oi beil.i. $9 and up: golf clubs. SOc; dishes, pots and pans, bicycles, washers, tables and mlscellnneou.-i. EARLE THE TKAOKH (i04 StiiU" at. ME 4-13'.J0 or 3-niin iiicYCLKS noYs ANii aiKLs,nr"- 24'-2G", BoiU and trailer. MK 3-filB8 Water Skis i 4.50 Ski Belt I 8.00 t'oly Ski A S.80 Life Jack •23 95 Aluminum Chest ikis 18. s a I Ropes 3 ckets » 3 18.97 SO 95 87 (15.30 OPEN NINE A.M. TO NINE P.M. DAILY SXCBPT SUNDAY RW SUPPLY no Main Street CO. ME J-95R0 WiVERSAi,, MOUSEHOLD flOOOS FOR SALI II Racine's Finest Selection of Used ApidiniuTS, Furnilurc and TV 5c(s LATHROP HARDVV.ARE'S OUTLET STORE Just a Few Doors South of Main Store I.athrop at aoth Everritit elrclrlo roaster, with cabinet. Drapes, Tappan gas range. Steainer trunk. Walnut china rahlnel and buffet. MBlrose 4-5080 after 5. SATJTATIOK • ASHTT nsfOM" - • n»» Washington Ave. open dally ( a.m. to Monrinya and Frfdajjs 9 a.m old. hardly used. Man's .lult, 38 bll SEWING years . . long, Venetian blinds, reasonable. MEI- 1 _ose 4-4727 SILK DHESSEa— 4.')c fO 'UBc OOOPWILL IKinaET STORK 1830 Washington Ave. S1?IHT8-2»FTACH: i,bwKit pfboVt GOODWILL HUDOET STORE 1526 Washington Ave. SPoTiT smitTl^-ooc AND UP, NVLoKfl and cotton. Beautiful colors to choose from. GOODWILL BUDGET BTOUE 1628 Washington Ave. STSAM ~6t8 'A }l¥HS, USED ANIJ WIIEEI balancers for sale. Oonlon Aiilo Ports 1.714 Albert 8t ME 2-B808 8 'fEAM c; L E AN E H S. WIIEEI. BAI.l anccrs. battery chargers, nlr compressors. Nrw and used. Gordon Auto Parts. 1,114 Alberl St.. ME 2-8808. YbUCANBOHHOW UP lO 11 ,500 FOR the purchase of your miscellaneous il£9.d?il9PlIO'X!ltJ'P!Ui Co. 314 fith St TYPEWRITERS And P(irla!)It\s, U.srd Largest, Finest Selections In Town WE TAKE TRADE-INS Actne Office Equipment Co. p in. Bargains galore. Living room all kindf of furniture *i clothing IG MAfiufHea A Singer Portable 4:30 p.m to 8 p tn, sets, all SilWlNG Rent for your spring sewing. $8 month. Open Monday and Friday avenings. Singer sawing OeniBr ^3oa ««ih. ME 4-8416. iliWlNd MACMINkS- 8ALK8, BEftVICl;. rentali. Porelin make* our epeolaUv Dial MElrose 4-800P fmx LTTMm-Mc ^TTO'tJP " ~ Large Select Inn GOODWILL BUDOKT STORB 1528 Washington Ave. tAflLKS - DlNiNO, RlrciihN. KfJti and Occasional ooonwiM, BtmnKT STORE 1528 Washington Ave WASHER AMI nnVER -• WESTlNG- hoUM' electric combination, %iOO CaW MElrose 7-1718 foil CANBaSHfm OP TO U.B&O ID purrhnsii new or useil fiirnlturo from Thrift Loan Co., 214 6tli St f URNITlffllB ANt) t ^iANO MOVING Trucks for Rent. Drive It Yourself Mcrcliants Del. ME 2-510.3 1403 Wash, Ave. MEIroso 2-0958 Landscaping—Grading Black & Fill Dirt Lannon Btona—Wallstone—Rototllllni Norm Fox—MElrose 4-5218 QUALITY BLACK DIRT A! LaPointe Landscaping Grading, black dirt, godding, seeding and evergreena. MK 3 -1632 Landscaping—Trucking back filling, plowing gardens. Also black dirt or fill dirt. Call Solfest of Forthun. _MElrose 3- BLACK Oradlng Oon BchoU 999 or 3-8030. : DIRT—6 YARDS 110.60 • Fill Dirt • Excavating Dial MElroae 4-5432 Tree »»r»lo» Mil TREE MAINTENANCE DeSmidt Tree Service RACINE'S FOREMOST HIOITWAY n. DIAL MELHOBE 4-8118 Lashlcy Tree Service No tree too big or bad for us to trim or remove. Free estimates. Insured Dial MElrose 7-4837. STUMPED BY STUMPS? Btump is tree removing. Free estimates. Fully Insured, licensed. MElrose 3-0408 Lyle BrFdcinann. UIG SALE on Infants' and Children's new ilotlil«R and ahoes at low prloea VILLA FABRIC HOUSE, 1224 VlllaBt. liliAfiW -SoS dAtr'i 'ffAL JtoR iiTfr. Dcterjsejit 30c lb Delivered. ME 3-6896 BLOUiSES"-^I9o XOWKil FLOOR OOODWILI, HUDOET STORP, _ 1831) Washington Ave. CHINESE FbLDlNG TEAKWOoD THAY —table now (25. Mexican bags (1 SO and (3 Blvd Qltt service, mo beane^ CAMERA' AND PROJECl Olt' RENTALS"' Polaroid, still and movie cameras, tape recorders, by the day, week or -month Wtck's Photo Center. 819 Main Street. CAMP TRAILER — SLEEPER WITH rear cooking area. For quick sale (125 1033 Pratt Avenue, MElrose 3-0B30. CA'XtT'rNG TRAlCEHS-aN^DiSPXAlFAt 0-K CAMPER SALES cASir TOPPER'S TREE SERVICE 18 years experlencc.MEIrose^ 3J3B3 RANCHER 'rRKE BEBV. IN RACINR, .16 years—no accidents MBlrose 4-30«a OREENLKAVE8 LANDSCAPE NURSERY DESK - 8ix^4 EJiEcUTlVte, WALI^UT, Oluas top, leather desk chair and of- flcp chairs Call MElrose 2-0070. _ DINirJS RSORT SET, 3 bPFiCE DESKS, single bed complete praetloaHy new, check protector, large Webster dictionary, 20 volume Wisconsin Statutes law hooks. 2352 Hansen Ave. ME 3-5302 DIAMbNDS-A~fSaA5ESiESt HiNGB SBve_20''V Poraslk Jewelry. 517 Maltiu DRESS SHIHT8—2BC-AND UP' QOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1538 Washington Ave. Dial MElroae 3-4439 Local 4> Long Ulatanca Moving 87E • MOVING-STORAGE • Local—SO States—Foreign Call for Free Estimate ME 4-1948 TRUCK RENTALS NELSEN TRUCKING 1314 ISth St. • FREE ME 2-5103 • ES 'nMATCB ON MOVINO COBT 11 Moving Anywhere In the Nation CallUa for This Service MERCHANTS DELIVERY tt 8TORAOE PalnUag and Paperhanging 87H PAINTING MELROaa 3-43H PAPERHANOINO, JAINTINO, for aale, wall waablng, PAPER ., paper cleaning. Estimate* free, V. A. Dibble, 1888 College Ave. Dial MElroae 4 -1700 after 6. 4-1 pAlN'rlNo ANb bicOttATlMO, house washing and minor repalra MElroaa 1.1134 of a.4aai lUILOiNQ MATERIALS 18 FOR CRUSHED STONE Dial MElrose 4-3566 WE DELIVER Consumers _Cornpan JULY SPECIALS! 30 gallon gaa automatic water heaters, (47,80. 83 gallon electric water heaters, (60.80. Flberglas insulation. Economy Builders Supply fOa state St. MElrose 2-7846 WAYLT _ .^--TE AND CONCRETE BLOCkS^ .Patlo block, ranch j;»"o oioc». roncn atone. Jensen Way- lite Block »t aupply Co„ 3l*t at Orov*. — _*!llv ^- • -— iR TI ;lo rc CabI DON'T DESPAIR lite Block ti aupply Co„ 31 *t at Orov*. Pre* dtllvery. Dial MElrose 2 -«aoa. FLOOR TILE-ROBBlNB ROBblftKtTft ^laatto reinforced, 0x8 tiles 23c each yL Cabinet Si Tile. 1803 Douglaa Ave REPAIR VEENBTRA'S (300 Washington Av«. "RraisTfii—NATISNAL ILEt- commcrclal stove. 3 ot. kltchen-ald mlxor. 3 "a gol. double boiler. MElrose 4-4841 or 829 HlBlnc trie. 6 burner showcases. 4 Ave. BOATS, MOTORS, SUFPUiS II 14 FT. THOMPSON - 15 HOnSEPOWEH Evinrude motor and Mnnlnr Crall trailer Complete wllh windshield, spot light and all accessories. Boat ha« been In water twice since complete rednlshlng $.1S0 MElrose 4-4ini CHROME PLATED CUSTOM BOAT Trailer Hitches. Most models In alock Including 1959 cars. (11.95 each HIg gins Sporting Oooda Co,, Weat Racine Phpne J<lElr.Q«.P._3-B5e8, CRIfi-CRAFT CRUISER, 33 FT. 1950 sift p.s 4, galley, head, raniie, lines, un rhors, etc. Twin electric sliirling Evin rudes, 4 wheel trutler, Excellent condl tlqii MKIro .se .1-4951 HE A SO N /\ B L E - BOAT S 13 and 14 footers. M C Nielsen MElrose 3-D09U ur 2-5887 KVlViitllDE SALMTf aiRVfeSr^iTcTne only factory authorized dealer LaFond Lakeland Marine. Hy. J3 between Racin tt Kenosha. Boats, Trailers At B MASxEHCHAi'T THAILERB AND 13-ft. Larson 81 rip Built Boat, (88. HERMES HARDWARE ft MARINE 1400 OouKlan Ave, MElrose 3-07_ I8t4 FOOT VACATiorJ CRDISKRS TNC boat. Fully equipped, Mercury Mark 551' engine. Custom built tralW J^lrose 3-8208; YOU CAN" UOHROW UP TO (liSOO TO new or used boating equip ment from Thrllt Loan Co. '.il4 5th St. liOATS UP TO 14 FOOT AHE llEINO pulled everyday with Volkswagens Hen dricks Motor.i Inc., 345(1 Douglas. cHRiS-eHATT 19 Ff INBOARD," FtJLlV reconditioned, (1500. Call MElro .se 4_JBSfl. JOHNHON MOTORS SALES ATICRVIC. DIXON'S. 240 Main St MElrose 2-4301 10 HP. EVINRUDE M 0 T6R -1 N OBOD UpPlIC! 1^1 ller. (1,600 ENOAOENtHTNT <t DIAM 5 SD RIRQ'S Save 35':!,. Traufers. 311 Sixth Bt FvCmf" tS66tir NEWr" PLAi?k~tYPE, 2"x39"x84"; Dehumldlfler, Prceh'nd Air. MEIr()8e_2^4H07. _ "USED'OA'SANb^'OIL IvT MElrose 3-0990 FURNACES C Nielsen Sheet Metal. or 3-8687. _ OOLF BAIXS — Large Assortment. A-1 used. » dor, up Joe's IVX. J301_W_Bj^h HIGH CHAIR -THAViOH; REFRldEitA- tor; white garbage burner; portable mangle. MElrose 3-9840. HOUSE TRAILER—FOOT ALUMINUM, electric brakes, refrigerator, excellent condition. $850 MEkose 2-4950. HYDRAULIC HOSE" A88EMBLIK8'MADE to order. Bring In the old one. Gordon's, 1314 Albert 8. ME 3-8808., JEEP •fHE 'ireRirRruSEB, 066D dltlon. May be seen at 3325 Knoll Lane. Phone MElroae 2-0000 or 2-1734 after 8. LAWNMOWERS-TILLERS Bolens garden tractors. Discount or large trade-in. Tiller, lawnmower, roll er, seeder, cement mixer, chain saw, floor Bander rentala. Builder's Hardware, 3811 Rapids Dr. Open 'til 8 p.m. Bun. 8 LfiATHER"AND BUEeE"~C07[TB ~iraT5 Jackets aclcntlflcally cleaned. by conant «c repaired Law, 334 ronrilUon. Cull MElrose 2-82U7. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS FARMIRt MARKET II We Will Buy and Load Wheat, Barley and Oats at our mill In Franksvllle. Top prices paid, cash on delivery It desired. Bailer Twine Electric Fence Supplies Cob Corn, Shell Corn and Oats For Sale RACINE CO FARMCO CO-OPEHATIVR Prai\ksvllle, Wis Phone MElrose 7-5803 THE CHAMPION ' JUICER - DRINK fresh, raw. vcBetable and fruit lulces for your good health. All neces.sarv vitamins and minerals arn contained In raw lulces The champion Is n Juicer. f rater and Now comes In IVB beautiful pastel colors. Call us tot frea demonstration. Co»y Acres Organic Oardens, 8410 Pitrand Ave., Phone MEl­ rose 7-2813 Will take orders for carrot Juiee by the quarl WE AKK BUYING AND LOADINO wheal, liniiey, and oats and pay top inlres t'n^ll on delivery II yini want We also do custom ooinulnlng and sii|)- nlv Fur 34 LOWREY OIIOANS — NOTHING PINEH only (995 Used pianos, organs, (398 and up JOHNSONS MUSICAL SERVICE, 1409 WashUlRlon Open 10 am, In I) p m, Listen to WRJN Mon., Wed., PrI ..VUiLl 'hVl^bwrey Organ Kncores. NEW CONN ORGANS Used pinnon and organs, two atores Weidnrr Plann fe Organ Co., 3405 Douglas Ave., ME 3-3417 and Valley's Jewelry Htnre, 1915 Inylor Ave , ME 4-83B4. MAONiiB ciioiib OUOAKS. MA rciilNd stands and stools always available, also organ music books 1 to 12 In stock. Keystone Radio and Television, 1200 Milwaukee Ave ME 4-a3«4 KujsTcAi; TM 'fHTfMS "NTH ""~Wc^^^ Classical and Popular sheet music Oo- sleskl Mnsle Co «03 flth Bt. MK a-737lt. ••ruY t)uiiTB&Mt5M PLAN $IO' Hannalord's Organ Uludlus 1715 18th MElrose 3-2143 Hoiirj^.! 'o » PM the trniks Call nr. Ilrst Wiseoiisin mers Cliain Market, Inc., Wllhm Road, near lllghwnv II One mile easi Of .SlurtevanI TUxetlO 8-4337. Mr, Charles Knipei. our reiiresentallve, eiin rail on ,voii If yiin <•»!! MEIiose 3-478*^ (iiiKHiiiKH PICK ydbn OWN. 1-I4 lbs at ise lb, 18-40 lbs, at 12a lb , 80- BH Ills at lOe lb , 100 lbs, anil over 8c lb Bring own ronhiiners Hours dally 7 am to 4::iO p m. 'rhoniiif.iin Orchards and Hlrawberrv Farm, ICeuosha County IllKliway \: il mile east of lllgliway 31\. Ki'oo.'.lui, Wl'ii'omin lI'AHMKHa A'iriiN riONf WE ARE lltlV- Ing wheat, oats ai\d barley at Surle- vanl. Weigh at fanners mercantile scale. We are also buying at our mill at Kansasville. Phone TRInlty 8-9n4(, Kansasvllle Lumber, Fuel and Feed Co ROTARY TILLERS - A1.80 GARDKN tractors, i)ower mowers New, used O'erms Trades. Air cooled englnCj parts and service. Highway Service Oarage, Highway 41, 7 miles .nnulh of Ilwy 11 Uai'.lV MA.HMKV HARIIIH 82 COMlllNE lU ft. bender. 2 years nUI. OhadeIc ImiTlement Co.. Oalrdoiila, V E r n u 11 ri-nnun f;.\l'ER'I' KiuING INHTKilCTlON hay rides, horses boarded, bought, aald. Lou-Don Farm, Highway 31, ME 4-4793. 25 10-WEEK <3LD PKIH FOR BALE Phone MKlrosn .1-2149 REAL ESTATE FOR lALR 42 NEW HOMES iifferlng one of the most outstanding scenic views in Ihe eilv. Located on the norlltwest idde, ctosn to schools, shopping and iransportaiinn, A large separate entry wllh sliding door guest clipscl. i.s )lie first fen t\ne as yoii enler Ihls home. The spacious living room with Ihernui- natie windows overlook Valley View. The 3 bedrooms are rentrHllv located around Ihe bath and earlv has wardrobe closel The kitrlien features mahnaany raliliiels (Ink floor and mahoganv trim throiiitli- oiil this home, Full bnsemenl. oil heat. See this nut.standing hume and location by calling Frank J. Schwartz 1107, Realty Co. Mi or E. A. Haisler Builders .'spring Si. Inc. Ml-, 2-(,H2^ USED HTICINVVAY AND KIMHAL Hl'lNET pliiiios llriiinafurd's Oigan Sluillos, 1715 IKIh HIreel 35 HOUSEHOLD QOODS FOR SALE 32 A DAROAIN-L1NOLEUM8-A11 new 9x13 and carry, $4 99. Nelaen Trucking nod roriillure. 1314 15th .SI „ ME 4-194H APARTMENT ANU UKOljI.Aft REI'UKl- erators, gas and electric ranges, wasli- ers. TV's, furniture for the rniUe home, htde-a-beds, desks, rugs, baby furniture etc Avenue Uiied Furniture 1432 June tlon p.m. Ave. ME 2-8070. Open dally til 8 APPLl.ANCE PARTS for Maytag—WestinglinuRc GE—Norge—Frigidaire Washers Dryers—Refrigerators Small Appliances Repaired LATHROP HARDWARE RADIO AND TELEVISION K l'-. a AMI IT 1 OX I'D TELEVISION Now l'"roni $29.95 GUARANTEED TERMS AS LOW AS (1 28 WEEK Christianson Bros. Co. "Television k Appliance Marl" 318 Main Bt. Dial MB 4 -3.118 kEYSTONK RADlb'AND ' TEi.EVlBlbli Hales and Service. Pick up and deliver. Antennas Installed and repaired. All antenna parts available. 1300 Milwaukee Ave ME 4-2394. _ _ HAVLS vHi MOi-!AN MUNT/. TV 8ALEH H SERVICE 1712 - nth Ht _ Dial MI'.lrose 4-4439 ItAlllOS — TAlfLE WODBIJ. (2 UO UP Lower Floor GOODWILL BUDCtET HTORB 1520 Washington Ave. 7 iNcH BYLVANIA BCOPE-lOO SAMS Phnliifacl folders. I Eioo model UliO Hridjje .50.'; OooMSI. MEIrn.ic 2-8329 • tilTIi ANlKr^KA BEIlVi'CE"- ANTENNAS repaired or moved. Free esllmatea. 1350 Washington Ave MEltose 3 ^0880 i< 1 ;c'6ffDri ioNKD ~fv ~S. Hi BS ANB UP Expert Radio *t TV 1808 Taylor Ave. MKlrose 4-0264 (3 Service calf, TV AND ANTENNA REPAIRING-COM- inerclal ti'levlslon MElrose 4-J409 W EST kH N TV 8 K RV1C K ' 24 Hour - ME 3-2209 34 tlOUU PnOMI -r RADIO ANDTEi.Sf- vlalon Service. ME 7-807n or 3 -8160. Lnihrop at 20th Open Dally 'til 8 BED MElrose 4-33 «S _ Saturdays '111 • KLLSWS^F^ TlckTiJa $1 -28 and reflntshed LtJOOAOE. ^RilNttti. , UAfHBh goods, men'a and womon 'a. Samples, •eeonda. Reasonably priced General re pairs. FELDMAN'B. 1337.Wash ^_4-4B7j, _ aOHILti HOM* - StUfT^ELL IMME- dlately— no reaaonable offer refused. '58 model. 3 bedrooms, 47x0. Jcn.sen's Mobile Court. Highway 30, Sturtovant. TUxedo B-4388. _ NOW is "fllE TIME TO TAKE CARE of your screen work and glaaa work. Call MElrose 3-2898. Kroupa Hardware, 1052 Douijlas ______ . ' TAiN'l'-BOSDEX"C"EME>IT PAINT. Save 30%. Seven discontinued colors. 5 lb. box only (1.10. PITTSBUROH PLATE OLA88 CO. 70i Wlsconsln„Av^. GOODWILL iiUDGET STORE 1528 Washington Ave. BREAKFRONT - BLOND. 'lELbPHO'NE bench, antique rocker and lamp. MEI rose 7-4340. CARPETS- LINOLEUM- PAINTS— BUFFHAMS 324 Mam at Dial MElrose 4-7191 tHAJRA-niMINO, KlTCfltTT WANTED TO BUY 40 IRON, MI:TAL, RAGS * PAPER tllern Wastepaper ,t Iron Co 1415 Ourand Rd. DIaVME 3-9844 luniHEHoT.Ii dOffOff ' UBEI) fhRW- tore, dishes, tools, what have vnu. fall .lack's, ME 3-7478 or :i -2347. 1408 HInle V UUNH UUU. APPI.IANCt'.U, GLASS ware, etc One piece or entire household. Toj) prices. MEIros* a'6e70. rSt) ACltEH IN ONE PIEt'E HOLLINO and hilly laud preferred; some flat. Write H-57, Journal-Tltiies. _ 61.1) GOLD wnmTvf6i«inff =wTAV cash, lloerlng'a Jewelry 411 Main HI •n 'piiwitrrkRH - "AIHIING MACIIINEH Accurnle I)f f Ice Maclllliej,. 30'J J^Ujlh ^81- RAGS - WK BUY THEM CALL HAM nilvas, ni4 Frederick St, ME 3-8883, RAO.M, iniiN, MI'MAT ,, t'TtoHpT i'lCR lyi Call .lark's, 2-7478 or 3-2347. KiEl'AL - IRON, "iTAOH, ~FA"PK"fl Prompt pickup. Dial MElrose 3-4655, REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 42 . . Listings Wanted .. . • We don't have a buyer for your homo walling around the corner. • We won't prowls* to sell your horn* overnight, • Wn CAN and WILL us* all available resources In selling y<iiir property at the highest nnnket price obtainable. Let ut visit your home to discuss the lilting Of II with you. A, Hynek & Sons Co. 2052. Diiviglas Ave. ME 3-8723 Realtors MR 9-4(80 NO MONLY DOWN ON FAMOUS OAPP- Honiesl Pay nothing for 3 months alter con.strucilon. You get (1.000 cash to help finish your home. New Quincy plan f iaya for complete plumPlni and heal- ng systems, kitchen cabinets, Bav* thousanils of dollars Prices from (3,489 freight paid. Write CAPP-HOMEfl, 1143 Duiiunt N,. llepl 151. Minueunolls Minn. Your representative Is Wni. Hliel don, 1701 8. Vllghway 100, Milwaukee Phone OLenvlew 3-2443. eOAL, OOKR AND WOOD SI Summer Prices In Effect Order Your Coal Today "QUALITY GUARANTEED" UNITED FUEL MR 4-7156 BUnUIVIDERa - DUILDCnai WHEN subdividing or building gel our prio* on abstract* of UU*. Prompt, Aoourat* aervlc*. FIDELITY ABBTRACT CO.. 713 wiscon *in Av*. Dial MEiroi* 4-8679. WOODED IIOMESITES lots, located In bfau- country aub-dlvl«lon inlJ* KINDLING FOR SALE — (Oo a BAR- rel, not delivered. Bring your own container Cuatom Cabinet Ac Supply Co. 1331 State Bt. MBlros* 3-8817. PAINT - INLAID LtNOLfclJk* - WALIL- paper closeouts. Batin Latex 13.88 gal,: matching semi -gloss, («.48 gal. - 1413 Wash - • , , ., PAIf<T BAR. 14la Wash Ave.. 4.012L. PAlNT-MOORB'S~BbORECRArr OUT- side white houia pnlnt. Special (6.18 per gallon. Buy now and savci Fletch er Landaal Paint*. 611-6th _Si. PAINT - SAND PINISH "8WIRL" (3'29 per gallon Covers cracka, gouges, tm perfections In wall board, nlaster walls lARBER PAINT CO.. 324 MAOHINERT AND TOOLt II AIR COMPRESSORS C8ED-NEW—REBUILT l-a-8-10-2B-H.P. Paint Spray Equipment Harry Gordon Company laaa Stat* at. MElroae 3-8144 fLECTRld M6"fOR8^1/6 hORBEPOWSR 12.76: i/t horsepower (3.75 OOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1826 Washington Ave, i>RACTICALLY NEW EQUIPMENT FOR dry cleaning, boiler, puff set, press, hand ateam iron call MElrQs__e 7-2084. 1943 OISHOLT NO: 3 HAND SCREW MA- chlne, power turret end tooling. Union Drove Gear Corp. TRInlty 8-2851. ilain Bt. PAINT Quality Excel Nai Guaranteed to Equal or rationally Advertised Branda Oals. Qta on Base Flat Wall Palota ..• 2.»5 1.00 Wall Primer flealer 3»8 1.00 Latex Satin Paint, 3.95 1,18 Alkyd Flat Enamel 3,85 .15 Alkyd Semi Gloss 4-35 20 High Gloss Porcelain TInta •..«.»2 \}°. Satin Trim Varnish S .88 1. 5 Spar Varnish Turpentine '00 .36 Paint Thinner .»» •« Highest quality one coat House fjnd Trlni Paint* .. 4,l» 1.40 Phone MEIroso 4-6404 Easter day Point & Chemical On North Highway 32 Co. and Occasional GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1828 Washington Ave. *Church Today* WHATEVER YOUR FAITH KEEP TODAY FOR CHURCH NELSEN TRUCKING & FURNITURE CO. 1314-t8th Bt. Phone MElrose 4-1948 Between Junction and Racine Sis. Open Dally 8 to 6—Friday 'Til • DOGS BOARDED IN COOL KENNEU. Orooming. batliing, siiectal poodle cut, training, flog Food anil Supplies, Scott Kennels, 8300 Wash., MElrose 2-7015. COMPLETE 3 ROOKTOWPIT-HT -pSf- se.ssed, half paid. Pick up payment* on balance. NISS FURNITURE 340 Main Street S^oTfp DECiT^Ebfl -coTS^pTSTE, -rvTlT ^iNcli table model. Fireside chairs, golf carl, etc Be* at 2908 Wright Ave. DINE-tTE SET — & PIECE OAK (29,50 GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1528 Washington Ave, -7 PiECfWAt- DININO ROOM S nut with extra leaves and hot pad, (59. GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1520 Washington Ave. ciRAPEs-^wI^^D5w, ixiucf. UTORT: narrow, wide. Largo selection 49c up. GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1638 Washington Ave. IMLAIO LtN6LB0M~--NEW*fl'f-Kf?: terna. Including gold flecked. K-W Cab- Inet at Tile, iJof Douglas, ME 3-3749. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE SUMMER SALE OF NEW LAWN MOWERS REG. SALE PRICE PRICE 1— TORO SPORTHAIAN 32" cut Riding Rotary, S.78 h.p, Brlggs & Btratton motor (449 .95 I—TOKO lU" nOTARV MOWER, 3.0 h.p. Brlggs ti Btratton motor 89.98 75 .1 )5 1— TORO 91" KOTAKY MOWER. 2.5 hp. Brigga II Btrotton motor 99.98 H5 .»s l—WHCII. nOKBE GARDEN TRACTOR with 33" cut Rotary mower, 4.0 h.p, Kohlor motor 482.50 430.98 1—YARD BMITII SI" REEL MOWER, a .O h.p. Brlggs & Btratton motor 139.85 liu .lis 1— YARD SMITH 33" riLLER, 3.0 h.p. Brigga Si Btratton motor 184.85 129 9S 1—MOTO-MOWER Ii4" RIDINO ROTARY 4.8 h,p. Clinton motor 299.96 2iu.«5 9—MOTO-MOWER il" self propelled 3.t h.p. Brigga & Btratton motor 139.98 118.95 l—MOTO-MOWER U" ROTARY MOWER a .O h.p, Brlggs & Btratton motor 59.85 04.98 1—BOLENB ID" ROTARY MOWER, 3.0 h.p. Brlggs & Btratton motor 63.00 »B .»i 1— YARD-MAN »1" SELF PROPELLED ROTARY, 3 apeed transmission, 3.0 h.p. Brlggs ii Stratton motor 148.80 184.86 l—YARD-MAN 81" SELF PROPELLCD ROTARY, h.p. Brlggs <b Btratton motor 138.80 ion.98 l—YARD-MAN '44" RIDINO ROTARY, 4 5 hp, Lauson motor. 8 speed forward and 3 speed transmU«lon 39S.S0 StUM 9-^YARD-MAN MOTOR SCOOTEH». 3 hp. Lauson motor. The kids go for these 118.60 eu.50 t— JACOBSEN 18" ROTARY WITH GRASS OATCUM. h.p. a cycle motor 138.80 110.80 SOME USED ROTARY AND REEL MOWIRS WESTLAKE GARDEN CENTER Diol MEIroM 4-6152 One Mile North of Petrifying Springs on Highway 31 MOVING OUT OF CITY 8 roonrs household furnishlnga Including live fool grand piano, 3055 Erie, MKI- ro,se 3-7981 • NEW & USED • FURNITURE Big selection—Free parking—Easy terms — Refrlgeratora — Btovea — TV sots—Beds-Living room—Dining room—and kitchen sets NELSEN TRUCKING A) FURNITURE CO 1314 I8th Bt. . ^ME 4-I84B FETS, DOOS, BIRDS, ETC. II TROPICAL FISH - TANKS - BDPPLIBS Froxen horse meat and brine shrimp BIIX'S TROPICAL FISH AND PET 8UPPLIEa-420 14TII ST. I hav* home Write BY ar PET i";r GU'T SHOP Pets & Huppllea—613 - Bth St. POODLE PUPPIES-BLACK OR BROWN, ailver n>lnlalure nt stud. Poodle* trimmed, Reasgjialjle rates. ME 4-8381. _ GOOD DOOS OP VARIOUS KINDS. Humane Boclety, 1135 Stuart Rd. Hour*; 2 to 8 and B:30 to 8 p in,, ilOBTON PUPPIE8, "H E A U T I K B", sweet disposition. Ideal children's pet. 3218 Meachem Rd. NSAH'S - COMPLETE LINE OF PCT Needs 'n Feeds. 4708 Bprlng, MK 20'L8i r 'WvATE ~i5iraS58 """'fiiAiNrNo" - Hharunan Boxer Kennels, ME 7^4995 CLrPPINO," OROeSriNO, fiO'SRUiNO. DaiiAlkor Kenneli. MElruae 3-3107. QV. RMAN' a HEPHERD PIJPMEB A.K.C.- DMhnert^RjLjj. MElroae j-32gl. PUPPIES — 10 WEEK8 OLD: LOOKINO for homo. Dial MElrose 3-3383. FARMERS MARKET SI RED^MH FBEDSrWE PAY CABH FOR live poultry Frank's Pntiliry aiul Peed*. IH38 Edgewood Ave^MEIrose 2-4270 _ WHiSAl', BARLEY, OATS-^^tOP PRICES Somers Fuel «i Bupply Co.. Blurtevant, TU n-2667 or Bomcr* 3661. (JOOBSSfRRrESr^ U R R A N T 8 ANB raspberries. Geo. Llndblad, 4820 Doug las Ave,, MElrose 2-7«g. . 3W~0XU.<1N GASOLINE TANK WITH stand, ifauge and hose. TUxedo 8-2689 _ RAHPHEllItlKB, Pl(5k YOUR OWN. GEO Millerj^5444 Erie., MElrose 4^1839. •24 -8 WEEK OM) 'PIO"S. LANDRACE bnd Yoikslilre VErnon 5-2308. EXCELLENT NORTH SIDE 2 FAMILY RESIDENCE 2403 GENEVA STREET Lower flat has living ro(Mn, dining room, kitchen, modern bath wiili aluiwer, 2 liedrooni.s automatic gas hot air fiiniaoe. Oak floors and trim. Upiier flat has living room, dining ruom, kitchen, modern bath with shower, 3 iiedroinns, niitoiiiallc gaa hot «lr furiiiKe, 3 ear garage wllh overheB<l doors. REAL ESTATE fOR lALI 41 2 F ,^MIr,Y RANCH lo'iled on Ihe north side Ot Racine, overlooking a beautiful church, and only a few block* fioni the new Wadewltx grade school. contain* living nettrooms, tiled The sniilh unit room, kllchen, 3 liaih and utility room. Full ailla. Ihe north unit has living room, kltrhen, 2 bedrooms, tiled bath and 111 III! V room Also fenliirnd I* a fenced-in patiO area, I.urge garage for two ear*, and 8«'.!'.! loot storage are*. Curb and goiter in and paid for. Possession ol ellher unit on August 1st, If It is necessary. Present rental; (310, RACINB fltJNDAt BCtUHdir July 19. mt ^'•ma^^mmm: REAL ESTATE m lALI 4f* QUALITY HOMES aaar spring it otui Miiroia i-tm •Aim CONSTR ^SnON CO. ROlLbs THE BE8t. ME a^*« Full Price: (34,(00 Shown l)V ap)iolniinent NANllNti AVAILAHLE. Kayoii, llioker. MEm)se only I John 7-3515, HRAOI ll'tIL llOMEHltlCS dVl-Uil.ook- Ing Johnson's Park 180x300 ft. (5000 Dial Ml'.irose 2-3078. Roal EatoU Iniuranca Hannamon Ag«ncy "ktal Fstott Sold With InttgiHy" 2906 a «niv« Sf. ME 2.B4SI Mitchtll—Expondoblo blocks from f.nrated uat 4 Mllohall school, allll 1 ^lo«k,J« luat Joho- „ _ the ahoppmg e«nttr. clean, home expandabla to . or 4 bmironms. Carpeted living _arp«t room. Hied bath And a Md* rooms. Full baaenient, all head 44x117 Int. Be* Ihla wtU'Cared' for home now, (13,100. ME 4-7515 A «rMi Frvm Elmw««4 Flati CALL Ut MONDAY Property Is In good lueailun. A-1 eondllinn, has $1«),.H(X) N. CHRISTENSEN &SON Racine's Best HOME BUY Open Today 1 to 5:30 Dally 4 to S .784 State HI. Dial 2 Sim FOR SALE EASY TERMS LOT 50x150 ft. In tlir licnrt of llu* i -ily. Zoned lii(liislii,il. Sidcwiillc, water, .sewer, Frank D. Koelbel 1386 Dean* Blvd. ME 3-0(12 Single Family Bungalow with a large living room and dlii- liiK area, kitchen, bath and 3 bedrooms down and a lieilrooms up. Located In a well estubilsheil residential area. The properly has new gaa fired forced air nerimller heating system. 80 gallon hot water heater. The exteilor has that lust painted look. Priced at only (18 ,(10(1, THE LAKE AGENCY Thrifty's New 3 Bedroom Model Home with the Latest Modern Deluxe Features 3100 CONRAD DR. N «ar Horlick HIQH and now Qrodtt (chool. Northwoittm Av«. to Golf Ava., turn north, follow ilgng to modol home. Alio Rapldt Or. to Golf Avt.f driva south lo modol horn*. Wotch for Our Sntok Proviow Showing of Another Thrifty Brond New Model Soon 833 Main St. MR 7-2838 • FINANCINQ TO SUIT YOUR BUDOIT • THRIFTY HOMES MEIrote 4 7634 Large re*ld*ntlal tlfiiT new soutti 3 bedroom brick ranch type hom* with 3 car attached garage. Cholciat Northeast looatlon. Ideal for executive, Prieed at (28.800, 3837 No,_WI*con*ln. BY OWNglTT^HREE IiEDit06Kl iilMdti. oiin y*ar old. Birch cabinet kltghen, til* bath, *lx fruit bearing tree*, landaoapad. full baaement. Leaving atale, must be sold Burlington. RO 3-7673. LAkfc OliitiliiVA. WiacONIfa 4 bedroom, bath, 3 block* from downtown and beach. Dr. M. Bone**n, 408 Well* Street. Phont: Chestnut '"^'"MR . EXfiCOTlVE - brand new 3 waiting for you In a I expandable attic, IVii with carpetei badroom briok (In* location, expandable , (T living MElrose 4 -8081 attic, room. lie, IMi oar i*raie, . In good oondltlon. "WANTfiD TO UUY from owner, 3 bedroom home, Norlhelde. MElrose 3-7200. NEW HOMES-RIMSDEL—ADDI 'fiohB HOMES BY MANRITE Joseph Nelson 2 ;^^^^r^.^t|^^ saata, a baths COUNTRY city. 3 bedrooms, 7 cloaata. a patha anil a 30 foot living room. Phon* MEl­ rose 3-0032. WANT TO BUILD? BEE JAROINA. BUILDER ^JK 3*1414 filnJSE '^^l^fiV" A>/b A HALF~Rt: modeled kitchen, new siding, screened In porch. (8800.00 2317 Charles Street, fiv owfM"~llRoi!! oTSSSH'lloHI with (Ireplae*. Ideal (or junior exeou- tlyje._ (24,800. Phone MElrus* a-079a, CaiFNEAh JoliNfloFs BCH '6oL"~f7iW area, will build to suit, Tboma* Builders, MElroae 7.1970, fiY ' o wTnni~:=" ':i riECRSC^ni It^XHtl horn*. In «xc«llent (uuthwaet location. MElroae 4-4_«38, eity LO'I' TOR SALE."JUST WF ^r 6'F Manree Park, Call Broker MElrose 4:^5588, _ " c A Li, -T «" f "11 iiiLDBita -finrrmr BEFORE YOU BUILD OR BOY 6Y OWNER—4 YEAR OLD il UEFR66M bilck. Hedilceri, CallJlElrose 4-3083, froRTlTsIlJE '3" OR 4 ~BED(IS5M home. MElrose 7-3807 after 3. B'r'UR'r'EVAhlT i:6T8 (360 ANfJ" OP. TO- mek Realty, ME 3-4544. fJEW" 3 B"EDriOOM BRICJfrilila4 PRA'R' Holhus. Broker, YOU WILL WANT 1 'V i PAINTS- DECORATE NOW! We feature Devoe's »nd Dutch Boy out.sldc house paint, Wc also have all the other equipment for outside aa well ua Inalde decorating to make your home the most beautiful In town. Consult our experts for your needs, Mohr-Joiics Paint .Store 315 Oth St. Dial 2-2721 REFRIGERATOR AND GAB RA'SGE like new, Norge automatic washer and gas dryer, 3 years old. Also davenport and gits ranjie. 1427 Park Ave RIJC^.S UR CAR 1 'RTl NG FOR THE BEST DEAL BEE ALA RUG CO. 418 Sixth Street '4 •OATI, MOTORS, SUPFLIRt BRAND NEW 12 Ft. to 16 Ft. BOATS & TRAILERS *300 eo M75 Will Sell Separate Latlirop Auto Sales AUGIE STRETTI, Prop. Rolph T. Ortoll ME 2-0670 2034 Lothrop o p E N il 2100 Orchard 1 - 4 P.M. Furnishings Courtesy of L Fish Furniture Hub Realty Builders y F.H.A, Approved y City Uiilities y Immediate Possesiion / 3 Bedrooms y Full Basemer)t y $450 Down y Labor Credits Milton F. La Pour Exclusive Sales Agent Fifth at Wis. 2-5146 T O D A Y iLr OPEN TODAY 1:30 to 5 P.M. A New 3 Bedroom Model Home FEATURING LIVING - DINING ROOM "L" Located at 923 SAXONY DRIlH Corner of LaSclle St. and Saxony Drive Also Optn Mon. thru TAuri. 7 to 9 P.M. Saturdm I.'30 (• 5 P.M. m M. WiiL Co. X.. BUILDERS 3005 Rapids Drive Dial MElrose 4-3379 li

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