Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 13, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Evongttiftt ACROSS 1 EVangellne wi* a native of—~ "She was exiled to a o/ 1 Louisiana 13 Longfellow _ wrote a poem 9 about these 14 Small spaca 15 Moat cuts IGPauser 17 Over (eontr.| 18 British statesman 20 Reverential fear 21 Sideways 24 Hermits 27 Nomad M Close (poet., (Bib.) 26 Wax 28KoddsWt 29 Mimlcker 30 Feminine nickname . §2 Petty quarrel 43 Handle (Fr.) «6 Sagv 45 Container 87 Stray 46 Solar disk 52£ lsg . . 47Saticy 40 Penetrate 49 Follower 41 Kjmono sashes 51 Mineral rock 42 Contraction 52 Faucet t ^^"-* * "mpa 35 Bewildered 36 Quarrelsoraa ones 39 Notched 41 Harem room 44 Demigoddess 45 Head cover 48 Fish .50 Lined . B3 Foot part 54 Expunger 65 Western cattle n 50'B'c contrite Tlv , DOWN r,5» 1 Tn addition ' j 2 Coop tnal 3 Asseverate 4-Deacon (ab.) 5 Irritate C Property items 7 Peelers 8 Sphere of action 8 Legal point TIZZ NEWSPAPER BNTJEBPRISB ASSN, •y Kotc OzaitH "My back is broken! We went to a drive-in movie on Tomtn/8 motor scooter!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blowr i MURT MY ANKLE MY Wf5isr peete FUMNY—MVSIDE ACHES— TCXD---LOOKITMV WEE- MORTY MIIKU THAT WAS TMe OMLV THING lEEDEDA BAMDA6E/ 1 * I A ft , MO tim *«»* f*»* ^ 6-/3 ALLEY OOP THAT'S FLASH/-WARM AND RESTFUL CROWD.' THESE ARE QUIET' AMBUSH? •y V. T. Hemlla r "My baseball went over your fence and just seemed to disappear, Mr. Perkins!" AW, WHO'D DO THAT TO CUTE LITTLE O.L' OXY TWENTY FOUR, FOR PETE SAK£? HONEST, OOF; i DlPN'T FOLLOW \OU HERE! Y'GOT TO / \ BELIEVE ME. 1 I'VE BEEN DOUBLE- CROSSEP.' O3CAR BOOM, THAT'S WHO/, ... . HE NEVER / MAKES HAD ANV I T\\C> , USE TOR \ OF US! ME! CAPTAIN EASY Leilie Turner SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seltzer "Don't I get a commission for pointing it out to you?" SIDE GLANCES | y GalbroilK LfcfS STOP THIS V BOUT J|HBttONEY 1 VfHV WON'T . WHERE DID VOU HIDE THE FUNPS? BECAUSE WE KNOW VOU "\ THEY PUT VOU ON YOU WERE- ATH& .WRONG TRACK EMPLOYEE;* IPENTIFIEP yvou SHOIJLP LOOK VOU! Vrfi INTO THEIR IOXALTV SURE...HE SKIPPED WITH THE POUSHl VpUR RELEASE, 60 fifUINN 7 K6PT ITi HIMSELF! THANKS TO VOU SUCKERS, HE'S IM THE CLEAR BLONDIE By Chic Young o> NOW, SIT UP THERE, DAISY, ^ AND DON'T f LET ANYONE ,V F "110 <A i. 6> <? r; ^^4^ i f"-'~)^ C^*8>.a " '•' V ±^> <^*H ^. r i^i^'l EEL •I /RJSOLLA'S POP AND YOU'RE? SUPPOSED TO BE MY BEST -FRIEND' ™ V i (M"l ' .•yKXJrttZ. ^^« By Al Vermeer , ec— IT MATTERS NCJT JFVDU WIN an cose, B VOU PLAV THE AMP PON'T GET UPSET IF THeyecoRBA FEW RUNS OFF YOU, GO WHAT IF THB/ GET 15 OR ZO RUN© IN THE RB6T INNING? "I «aw right away that this was an improper book, so I read it with a closed mind!" _____ If Dick C«r«HI «-i» SHORT RIBS £f4r^* mm ~^ A care! s I i s' O U O _ G-J ^<^ (^iK7*3a^. ? By Frank O'Necl ?0^, IS IT HOT AND OUT OUR WAY A ME -TO (5O 0' o Q -yVIAKE SORf TO \TS A CATTLg IT-: By J. R. WilUom. OUR BOARDING HOUSE wHh Major Hoo»l« BE GOOD U366»S. enow Twew we 5 1M1 fcy MEA, Inc. T.M. Kig. U.S. »•«. qtf. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI THAT^WHATI _.. CONFIDENC&/ ^=^—.1—>i —~>~*^ J DlCli I •iAWALU *i-/^ nnT e^ lA JT:, <30 ' W ' T NO--LET HIM GO! HE TKISISTEP OUT FOR A WALK? OM FIXIMG MV IKOW AWDAPTFt WAIT A MIWUTE 7 THREE HOURS OF FAILURE, H^P* SNEAKIM6 IT OUT TO THE REPAIR SHOP/ HES TOO STLIBBORW TO APMIT PEFEATANP TOO ^ PKOUP TO ASK FDR. HELP V. SO ISNORE HIM.' LET'? OOMSRATULATE OURSELVES OM0EIM6. ...,, m/ . AUVE, MRS. WAYNE/ COLieeU/ Scru 8t i BUGS BUNNY ti-ley COOLTJ RIMG IM A GhiOi?e AN!I V SI THAT vJOULr, ALL eeeM STUoyiMc HELP TM'eisTJOiwes vino ARE \\ ,, ^ A .._ 0 -.__ RSURIWS OP NEW TAXES TO l\ 6/^1^/2^ l/'V. WC/UL.LJ .,..„,,, TAG MILLIONS.' V TAY;^ i't3 AND A LUXURYV/OOrC WORK- 11-1 rt(jri.tr rJtiu u^ixi'i we^K iv ~^:;, ~ , '// ,V V; r <SLA«es,purATAXoMcmzEN^>x. T ^.9^ ATC 7J.^' ( £^ L: > i*ji-lrt UAMP 4n TUcif^ui/vi-teeTLi 6LEEP/M i-AT6JIM AFRAT3 \rlMo A *lO-AM- OVER SIX FEET, A P \X/ORST OF TAKE THESE UP I WOWDEK WHEKET IDOw'TKWOlV, BUT I ^ ABE? ^ THIHK I'LL LIKE IT

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