Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 3, 1975 · Page 17
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 17

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1975
Page 17
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April 3. >»7S Rich etxtioai wfc* arc M4 llM» w W M i awtor ilrtx <M« wnt In <M« »t !gn taw .. (Mr nwrl- A* AP «at « fev BaBu By JIM BWGANCK HIGHLAND PARK, Tex. (AP) — Mention red beans and recession in tins silver-plated enclave and you may as well be talking about eagle stew and horsefealhers, If the responses of some fcsi- dents are an indication, recession has not became a stark concern. Highland Park is an incorporated, manicured island in the sea of urban Dallas. Cadillacs and Mercedes-Benz cars are more numerous than pigtails at a Girl Scout meet' ing. But there was a kind of serenity on a recent day in Highland Park among the softly descending fog and drizzle that kept many of the city's citizens indoors. One could surmise that many of Highland Park's well- tailored wives were not fretting over the cost of TV repairs or how to buy new shoes for the the business a little closer these days, keeping our inventory not qtu'le so deep but my lifestyle hasn't changed a bit. My wife went out and bought a mew three-quarter length mink the other day. I didn't say anything. What are you going to say?" Cooter recently paid cash foi a new Cadillac but says, "Frankly, I'm kind of cheap. Rkh people, and I'm not one of them, watch their dollars a little closer than other people. That's why they're rich." Cooter has a son at Texas Tech University. Tuition hasn't been, nor does he expect it t'i be. a problem. The cost of education is not even a considera- klds. "Recession? What reces- WHAT RECESSION?—Al Cooter, owner of uvo camera stores in the Dallas area, when a.skeci of the current economic hard times slatn.s he isn't having any. Coolei- stated ttiat his business is good and that his life goes on .lust like it has. The prosperous businessman trom Highland Park, a manicured island in the sea of urban Dallas, continues to sell expensive cameras to his well-to-do clients. (AP Wirephoto) sion?" said Al Cooter, owner of two camera stores. "My business is good. Our lives go on just like they have." Cooter %yas immaculately groomed, his silver thatch o£ hair expertly styled. He obviously was among peers, (the well-heeled men and women \vho browse over Hie 51,200 and $1,-!00 cameras in his Highland Park shop. "I can't recall any bad period," he says. "Even back in the 1950s when there was supposed to be a bad recession, I never felt it. We're watching lion. With a faint smile. Cooler says, "Tilings are fine here." Pro Jones, owner of a ska shop next door to Cooter, agrees. "My business is good. I haven't felt any squeeze at all. There hasn't been a thing about our lives that has changed. "We usually go to Colorado in the winter and out to California in the spring to vacation." Jones, who has been selling ski goods here tor 23 years, is tan and athletic. He takes an occasional customer in stride, no sweat, easy-going, no hurry. He too, lives a g<x>d life. He wonders, however, about some others. "Sometimes girls come in and worry a little about prices. 1 feel like telling them if they've got to worry about how much it costs they've got no business going skiing. My wife says it's kind of a mating game for some of them, They ju. want to go to meet a guy, The may never get on the slopes. "J don't know, hell. I'v heard the recreation business i depression-proof. I'm not wo: ried about it." Doctoring Given Injured Goose After Attack BROCKTON, Mass. (UPI) — She's only a goose named Gert But she's getting the best o medical care from two nurses And they're no quacks. Mary Carney Hallinan, Hospital, a nurse a Dorcheste and her sister Julie, a nurse a Goddard Hospital, Stoughton are doctoring Gert back t health after a bout with a dog. It all began when Mai-y wa driving .along a road i Mashpee on Cape Cod las month and saw the severe! wounded goose being attacke by the dog. She shoed away the dog' am took the goose to a veterinaria who said it was a lost cause. Undaunted, she went t another vet, Dr. William Lloyi of Sloughton, who Mary sail "won't give up on an animal i you love it." He gave it som Dedication and the sisters ther -ook the gcose to their parent' 'lome here. World War I Vets Decry Move For Amnesty MJ>TT T^-NTTr* rn_- ,!„-,,. ABILEXE. Tex. (AP) They called 'em Yanks "over there" and names like Clmteau- Tbierry, and the Meuse-Ar- sonne rolled strangely off their Texas tongues with a drawl. Many who did not come back still sleep 60 years later in places like Flanders Field. Others did return, enduring the trenches, the p>isoa g;is, the disease and the "war to end all wars." "When World War I \\-as declared we felt it \vas necessary. U'c uphold it with our lives, whether we felt good about it ur not." recalled Geor»c Loclon. Loden, a district commander of the Veterans of World War I organixation, peered out sternly 1'i-om behind his spectacles. He was flanked by two other old- timers, all veterans and all outspoken at how times have changed. The fa-Jo was part of a recent veterans meeting here. Frank Rennels said President Ford's amnesty program for draft dodgers and deserters is a sign of weakness in the White House. "Woodrow Wilson would nev- er have done that," Loden said. Loden said the Vietnam \var was one of the "most disastrous wars we've ever been in—and one in which there was in being in." Hut, he Junior Deputies To Get Badges ERIE, Pa. (AP) _ The Erie County sheriff's department will be beefed tip by fa',000 jun- 6,000 mini-deputies eviganbdg- 0.000 mini-deputies given badges and ID cards, only one got into any trouble — for mischief ior deputies. Sheriff Andrew Hanisek says ml ' - , u . . , i at a youth center, ne wants to deputize every! . sixth grade student in the coun-1 ty as part of a drive to instill a sense of responsibility and respect for ]aw enforcement in young people. Hanisek tried the program out last year and liked the result. He says that of more than Grass carp, an Asian fish potentially harmful to native fish environment, have been netted as far north as the Iowa line from the Missouri River, according to the State Conservation Commission. added, amnesty is "a detriment to our country. "Men got scared. If we didn't shoot him, the enemy would get him and we'd lose 500 or 1,000 lives because of him." Bill Martin said the "right thincr to do" is cut off funds and supplies to Cambodia, "I think we've given theM too much already." Loden said. "We must arm ourselves, make our border so strong that they don't want to ci'oss over." he added. said there might be a time when America should consider building an economic and military brick wall around the nation. "When it's advantageous to us to isolate, then we should isolate. When it's not, we shouldn't." All three agreed, however that no American should be sent to fight a umvmnablc war. ROBBIE MEACHAM & RITA SHACKELFORD »«Mrilt WIIH ADO*N WAU1Y SAION AM NOW HiOOMK WITH CONTINENTAL HAIR FASHIONS 2846 34fh 792-3631 Wf INVTIt OUR CUSTOM fKS t fKlfNDS JVtW CUSTOMfBS AKf WILCOMf HOUSE' • •61h & Av«. Q OPEN LATE WEEKDAY — LUNCHES, TOO!! ©KTXT, PBS CDKCBD, NBC Program information in TV Weekly Log is supplied by the Networks and local television stations and Ls subject to chance !B/\V) HlaiX and Wbiir Program, (ft! Repeat I'rognini. CHARCOAL - OVEN fi:3U (B! Farm & Ranch News 6:45 (Lfl New Mexico Hepori "•.(Ml (Q) Farm Show M) CBS News COD AM America 7:. r W)fn) Today Show iv.UO (C8 Captain Kangaroo — Program about airplanes. U:»tf (33 Sesame Street — No. "4. Big Bird cnn'l understand why Luis wants a canary when Big Bird can do everything a canary can, and more. lii People Plar* Decorating ideas. .TJj Jack LaLanne £«.; TTO Show !*:.•((! (Ql Wheel Of Fortune i& Not For Women Only 10:00 fs) lilectric Company No. 509. Igor, the .Mad -Scientist's assistant, takes time off. !C& High Rollers iS Now You See It If* Lucy Show 10:30 is) Villa Alegrc <Ui Hollywood Squares (u) Love Of Life £& Brady Bunch ifi) CBS News ® Misterogcrs — No. 554 Look at an array of different kinds of locks and keys. VS Jackpot 114) Young & Rest lex H?) Password :ij) Rlank Check !{£ Search For Tomorrow 'i* Split Second ;Qj NBC News iffl Celebrity Sweepstakes (.13.) News, Weather, Sports 38 Alt My Children .CO How To Survive A Marriage 111:55 H:(K) M; As The World Turns ill) Let's Make A Deal I:DU ID Days Of Our Lives Lfjfl Guiding Light 'iej S1U.OOO Pyramid !:.'!« QJI Doctors & Edge Of Night & Dig Showdown •.1:1)0 (fi) Another World & Price Is Ilighi l?8! (leneral Hospital -:M & Match (iamc (?8i One Life To Live •'HHI {sj Sesame St. (Repeat ol morning telecast) HO Somerset ii3) Tattlctales 13® Money Maze :t::iU fij) Beverly Hillhillics iU) Joker's Wild (is) Movie: "Without Reservations" (I9ir>> Clauriettc Ciibert, John Wayne. Don DeFore. Hollywood-bound novelist finds romance with Marine pilot aboard coasl- hoiinrt train. (:IW Csj Misterogers Mlcpcat of morning telecast) (U) (Jomcr Pyle iijj Gambit 1::lil Csj Villa Alegre (llepeat of morning telecast I u; Ironside <u; Manama ">:«> .8 Electric Co. Irtepeat al morning telecast* :>:;(0 Csj llotnagnolis' Table (Repeal of Sunday) iUJ NBC News CiJj CBS News Vi; ABCNcws H:W( Csj Aviation Weather IU) (U) ® News, Weather. Sporls ti::il) i'Sj Consumer Survival Kit — I'resents facts about buying lircs. Area Television KOiA CHAXNXL 7— ODESSA Thursday, April 3, 197.1 l : SS CB3 *•'"" 2:"0 Prfce-Rt t:00 C. Kanaaroo 2:30 Match flam* ' Wild 3:00 Taltlc Ta!»s KVri CIIANTfBL 7-.UUI11TJ.O Aorll 3, 1S73 2:"0 One Llf« 3:00 Pyramid Lucy 11:30 Seirch-lterw f:1Y. Fun it R»CM 12:00 News 7:(lfl WalUins 12 :"-0 World Tumf 8:00 CBS Movie "i;00 OuldlneLt. 10:30 NWii 1:30 Kilro ol Wight U:tO CB.S Jlovlt KGSC I -SO ..* -WM 7:00 Today •1:00 Dlnah'i n. 10:00 Wizard 10:30 K'foa<S to*. t!:00 JnckDot II :M Boffla IS:00 Koonvateh (2:30 3 (in Match 1:CO D»i'«of UT«f l U Docton .... 4—AJfARlTJfl April 3, 197,-; 7:00 Another World 2:30 How-Survive 3:00 Somer«t .1:30 Movie 5:90 NBC N'awi 6:00 Ncwswttea «'30 LHCT 8:00 Ironside 9:00 NBC Spcla. 10:00 NewiwatcA 50:30 Tonight tt-.n Tomomw *:20 Eindcrsaricn «:43 N«rc» 7:15 .Vew Zoo 7:« Cartoons 8:00 Sesame SL 9:00 Dennis 0:30 Mur.j,fer» J0:00 ITo^an 10:30 Brxly Bunr* U:00 Pa»irord 11:3(1 Split Second U:a>'Moke-Deal 1:30 Olrl-lly L?f» J:CO Oen. Hosrltal 4:00 Jcannle . 5:CO IJ. Van Dyk« S :31 ABC N»w« 1:1X1 New* f-::a Ten-Truth ' M T«nii>. R. »:00 Kuna Fu :<:10 ."-'an Fran. 10:00 Newt 10:« p. ita»n U:« ABC Six-j (if; Aito 111-1'.: - Kced takes (in a n e \v t e tn p o r a r y parlner, a recruit «ilh nine months probation behind him. <U! To Tell The Truth tl^ 1 Hank Thompson 7:00 (sj BiU Mover's Journal: International Report il!) Sunshine — Sam tries his hand at various jobs to care tor his daughter until he can make il as a singer. <Ui Waltons (III John-liny hopes lo ride the family mule in the annual local race until he learns a horse descended from Derby winners is entered. (it) Confessions Of Dick Van flyke — I.iRht-hearted look at Hie funny side of fear through music and comedy with guest stars Michele Lee and Dick's 20-year-old daughter, Stacy, making her television debut. " (li- Bob Crane — Hob has to lake advantage of a Columbia University summer school scholarship without the presence of his wife. S:00 fsj Japanese Film — "E'ar- ly Summer" story ot family life in modern-day Japan whose ancient traditions arc crumbling. Final of series. 'IV' >1iic Davis — (iucsis: Lee Grant, Donna Fargo. Jim Nabors. O.J. Simpson. i? CHS .Movie: "Crimr ( luh" (1975; Scott Thomas, Kugene lloche, Kobert ving, Hiff McGuire, Barbara rthoados. Loser who rra\cs |iul)lic recognition insists on taking blame for K.UHI CHA.V.VJEI. ?April :i. 197.5 .1:00 Koracrict .;:M Ecavcr •'•:00 Andy Grimib 4:SO Star Trek S:?.0 NBC N»tra C:00 NWS «:SO Truth-f.'onsij. 7:00 Ironside .1:00 NBr; Spcb. 7:00 Todny fl:00 Dinah 3:30 Jeopardy 1(1:1)0 Wizard 10:30 H'wil Sq§. .1:00 Jackpot J:oO Swccpslnkes 11:55 NBCNows U!:00 ConUict CHAV.VKI. 'thariKitty, .ti CBS Nfw. C. Kanjnroo Joker's Wild Pyramltf Uambll ll>-A^rARH.IX) juit 3. !»'„; 2:.W Match Gam« CBS Yonni He 1:30 .' tt. <Nltht •1:00 ThaTo'lrl 4:30 Orcen Ac,^ 5:00 Truth-Con««q. S:30 CBS N«Wi ii:00 NWS 8:30 Wh*f« mr Lln« 7:00 Wa!ton» S: 00 CBS MOY!« 30:30 News 11:00 CBS Uovl« . 7:fO Dan. Iloon »:00 NeirZoo 8:30 Have dun 3:00 J. I.RLiTu-ie 0::!0 a. Wulters 30:00 Call of West 10:30 Brady Bunc» n : i;<> I'nsswor.l ll::x> finlit Second - y Chjldra. 1:30 Doclori W'-W Tnnisht o.J,?^" 0 ?* 1 ' , wld - aM Tomorrow 2:30 How-Survive KHOM CHANKt &-MONAHANS Aliril 3. l»7.5 2:00 Gen. ..„, 2:30 One Lite 3lM Voww m ' ' SIS ^'^ n i':'M News «:^J Tell Trull) <:00 Temp. H. 8:00 Kunr Fu 9:00 San Fran I If 11:30 «•)(« DM) 1:UO 1:3« Old-Mr Ult 10:0» ... JO.-30 AJBC Spcl« the crime of a multiple murderer. (?gi Streets Of San Francisco 111) Man flees from his new life as a trusted employe when a murder investigation threatens to expose his escape from a prison farm. lirock Peters. Mitch Vogel, Oahney Coleinnn jjutst. !<:UU iijj J.uc.-is Tanner — \ew day anil lime for this date only. The school and Tanner are nameil in a law suit when he elects to defend two student reporters who uncover rjiieslionable dealings ol a local business-man. Ja Harry 0 (11) Harry is un- atile to prevent the systematical slaying of relatives of a rich old "oman. «::»! p. Air. & Mrs. Cop (Hi Younit couple. ho(h police officers, marry. 111:01) liT 1 ra (lit News. Weather, Sports ;sj Liliiis. YogaX You i" 1 ToniRht Show •in CHS Late Movie: "Men of ihe Flighting Lady" (IS.ill \'an Johnson, Walter IMilgeon. Keenana Wynn. l-'rank J.ovcjoy. Drama of intn at war. « \Vi(li: World Special IH> "Hick Cavctt Show" Second of two-part presentation of interview with Katharine Kcjihurn. ijj Tomorrow — Visit to flamboyant costume gal;i in New York City. I2::tll •<! News. Weather. Sports 1:IMI u, News. Weather, Sports Radio Stations XF.TMYJRK STA'VIONS KIIAV (ABC) 580 Kb* KKNII (N-BC) IJ90 Kht KI'VO (CHS) "M TOn KLBK (AHC) 13)0 Khl M.\.l, <TS,V) 1468 Kbt '/2-lB t«n a. M. 79i-7»; CHOPPED*! SIRLOIN *" French Fries or Baked Potato Stock Toast and Salad Bar 1 1 < p.m. Mi«n. KM, 1 1 n - 1 ) p.m & SL Have a Eurap ean Adventure with your West Texas friends • and Call orwrife for itinerary and brochure Downtown, 763-1901 Soofh Plains Mail, 795-5523 Cooter ( »nd Joneg we High- George Underwoods if they've half-soled Oieir shoes recently, od's office :s looju — —J Freeway into the jaws of some of the wost valu- land Park residents as well as merchants. A short drive through the tree-studded lanes, past the imposing brick fences, along meandering Turtle Creek, brings one to the posh high-rise office of George M. Underwood Jr. There is little need to speculate on Underwood's financial condition. He donated a $1 million law library to nearby Southern Methodist University. Underwood is a land developer and a bank chairman. His secretary is a cool, svelte blonde who ushers guests into Underwood's glass-plated suite. There's no need to ask the Baylor Medical Prof Sets Midland Talk MIDLAND (Special)— Dr. Harold; L. Dobson, clinical professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine wi! speak about "What You Need to Know About Diabetic Problems," at 7:30 p.m. April 18 in Midland Memorial Hospital Cafeteria. A discussion period will be offered after the talk, with Dr. Dobson answering individual questions. The program is sponsored by the Permian Basin Diabetes Association. half-so Und« across jaws o able mercis area. He o of it. Unde his ne\ casual "I change says. But time b isn't n right i stay e have t with t proper and dr can me Of co gets hi Unde feel ba like I compla people "My May," the ch becaus of the to be A try cl up." residential il land in and the com- Dallas Lva. He owns an impressvie chunk ...-._ whisks away in his new J20.000 Mercedes for a lunch. • haven't noticed any change in the way we live," he .._ says, "This isn't the time to be selling land. It just moving. The thing to do now is just be still and quiet. Those that don't have the staying power, those with the non-income-producing property, they'll get desperate and drop off. That's whe/i you can move in and get a bargain, somebody always added, "I kinda feel bad about it. I mean I feel like I ought to be worried and complaining like a lot of other eople but., . ." "My son is getting married in .id, "They reserved for two Saturdays because they're aren't sure yet of the date. I told him he ought to be worrying about the conn- club—it may be booked SANDWICH PLATE DIE SMOKY Your Choice of Sandwich, Beans, Potato Salad, Apple *• Cobbler and Drink Only * 1 .95 2318-SOth U e Appreciate Your Uuxinrss! 795-7470 'COMPLETE DINNER! * TUES. THRU PRI. ONLY CHICKEN FRIED STEAK , RESTAURANT -»925 BrownMd Highway 795-3481 t£3 * ********* CALL 866-4213 FOR RESERVATIONS NOW PLAYING IN JEANS XERR'S BROADWAY HIT COMEDY | "FINISHING TOUCHES" I "All You Can Eat Oc 1 All You Can Laugh." I PLAY NO. 3 FOR I SEASONTICKETHOLDER5 3-51 *********** A TRIBUTE TO IGERSHWIN AND PORTER STARRING JACK & SALLY JENKINS WITH THE MAC FRAMPTON TRIUMVIRATE CIVIC LUBBOCK, INC. PRESENTS SSSS^S* * r ' NG OFI STYLISTS WITH MUSICAL DIRECTION BYMAC^RAMP? L°M,' EDE , THEM IN CONCERT ON THE STAGE Of ?Ht AA IIN.IIr^lt)A| All PMT**>ni t i i , ** •--— •*•» i i it, D AL AUDITORIUM, 8 PM, SATURDAY APRIL PERFORMANCE ONLY TICKETS S9 ^ * A A H/-W r\rci/~i- «X '"-^CJS a^, 4, 5 & 6 '*-'*• UrrlLc OR CALL 7A9-^ATA PCCCDS/A TK3NS. /o^46I6 RESERVA- 3-30 I~:UD TO! KIT.K rjf m KI.r.T, I'M M.3 Milt uomi ra si.i jp,, KSW, ™ 03.7 Jlhi KTh'Z 101. i Mhz KTXT FM 01.9 Mlu KWflO l--Sf D!».S Mill KH.I, FM M.3 Mhz JAWORSKI DUK HONOR NEW BRATJNFRLS, Tex. (AP) — Former Watergate special prosecutor Leon jaworski of Houston is to be named Tex- in of the Year Thursday night on the eve of the ninth annual Traas LegislaLive Conference here. Planning a Convention or Sales Meeting, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Reception Or .Jusf a Weekend of Relaxation? ...let us help. Convention & Banquet Sales Located in Lobby Phone 797-3241 COFFEE SHOP OPEN 24 HOURS 'Elegant ' ATMOSPHERE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE, AND WE TAKE PAINS TO ASSURE THAT MEALS ARE PLEASANT, SOCIAL OCCASIONS...SPECIALIZ1NG IN STEAKS AND SEAFOOD! INDIANA AV6. AND LOOP ?I9 FOR 2 PERFORMANCES ONLY * Scheherazade ' BELLY DANCING will b« performing |8:4S and 10:45 .. Mar. 28 & 291 and April 4 and 5 jVoit- Featuring... TUM , IHV • COVER CHARCC • 0«N 5 PM - 2 AM • DANCING STARTS 9:00 PM • HAPPY MOOR 5:00-4:30 pm (AU MINKS '/i MMC1)

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