The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 14
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 14

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN TOE PAWS NEWS. , JULY * By Ed H. McCuistion .*• <5OI> CARES FOR EJJIJAM Reported by JElizabeih l>avall The time of this lesson is from $12 B. C- to SOS B. C. The pkic-e is in the northern kingdom., commonly called Israel. The principal characters are Ahab. the kins; Jezebel, his xvife and Elijah, the prophet. Kiijah is called the Tish- takin^r this name from the v illage or small city in \vhieh or near which he i-ved. Kis land vr a s G i 1 c ad. N o t h 1115- is known <j>~ his father or mother, it is believed thai he belonged to the tribe or XaphialL H is native stat-- was a wild moun- ;.' • taicous section. lonely srtd austere, and no ma:i inore fully imbibed the environment Jr. \vhirh he lived than <iid ih. He was an austere man, usuaKy in sheepskin \\ith n his hair -was lonsr. never cut s^ he was a Xa_rsr:tc. he is called a sojourner because he had no fixed place of residence: probably had no tarn fly: his appearances \vere always sudden and dramatic. The northern kmpdcir: had had • six Icinir:?, not, couminsr Th-** HEMSHAW'S ICE CREAM PT- QT. 25' Free Delivery, Phone 22S ' reisn of all these covered only a period of 70 years. Ahab was the cleverest among them, he was a. man of brilliant parts. He married a daughter of the king of Zidon and she was one of the »icfcedest woraen in all history; her comlrts to the cap-iial with the younsr prince was the signal for plungins Israel into new depths of idolatry. Ahab built for her convenience, :n the honor of Baal whom sbe worshipped, a splendid teraple and he himself worshipped there. The priests of Jehovah to the number of -550 were put to death by this wicked queen: her intention was to destroy them all bat Obc.diah. who occupied an important position under Ahab. feared and worshipped Jehovah. He- concealed IC'O priests, putting 50 in two caves. These he fed from the table of the king without Jezebel know- in:; it. T «Vorship in the temple of Jehovah had fallen to a very low ebb if indeed there was any such as public worship left. In this sad state of affairs. probably on sonie srreat occasion at the court of Ahab when there was a bri'liant company assembled and merriment and latis:hter filled the palace, there stalked into the very midst of the company ihe strange wild tnan of whom we havi> spoken. Confrontirig' Ahab. he said, *'As Jehovah liveth, be- iore Tvhom I stand, there shall be neither dew nor rain for these years." Consternation was so pronounced that no reply was made and the great prophet rumed on heel and left the palace as sud- <ler-Iy ss he had entered. This "Nrniiant company no doubt thought that h cwas a lunatic: it Sore Bleeding Gums Only on- bottle I^eto's Pyorrhea Remedy is seeded to con vines anyone, X matter ho^r bad your case, gret a bottle, use as directed. and if yon are not satisfied drug'- Ststs -evil! refills-2 yonr money. Pal- ! ace- Dr^gr Store.—Adv. .considered & joke, but «oon th* toony infers vT a. tfroath b«- fan to be felt throughout the wfaol* kingdom. Vegetation was soon parcfeed an<5 dry- The water sapply. brook bjr brook and spring: by spring, xvas <2ried up. \Veek.s atsd then months and then year* m-ultiplied. Distress and uader- •xxowrishrnent and starvation ran rife through the land. The situation grew so serious that Ahab an<i Obadiaii left their usual responsible stations and cr: horseback searched out the land for -water with \v*h!eh they hoped *o save huiaan life and livestock. In the- meantime when Elijah left the palace he was told by Jehovah to hide himself by the brook of Cherith. east of the Jordan. He remained there for a considerable period of time. He was miraculously fed: the ravens brocgrat him bread and meat in the morning: and the same fare in the afternoon but by an<3 by tbe brook wns dried up. Elijah was caus^t J= the web that he had at the instance Jehovaii laid down over the whole land. At this juncture Jehovah told him to go to the city of Zarephath in the land of Phoenicia that he had commanded a widow woman to sustain him. ".Vhen he reached there he found a. most uninviting picture. Out by the villasre grate he saw a poor lone figure., evidently under-nourished, probably clad in rags, gathering sticks with which to cook. lie told her to brins Iiim a drink of water ai>d as she started to obey he toJd her to brinsr him also a morsel o? bread. The nor thins then confessed that she had only a handful of mea- in the barrel and a little oil in the cruse, that she was then gathering sticks to cook this !i:tle mite that she and her son might eat it and die. The prophet then told her to obey his request and that the meal In the barrel and the oil in the cruse would not waste. She obeyed him and he locgred with her many day?: and both she and her househoM arid the prophet ate from the Tneaarer supply and it was not exhausted. In the meantime •s. further incident occurred that deserves recognition here. The woman was ai idolatress. Ker chi2d fell sick and so desperately !H that in a few moments it was dead in her arms. She then reproached the prophet for ca.usii5Er her to sin asrainst ihv BEALL'S GREATEST MEN! Share In These SAVINGS! Everything tor the rna n and bov ? n COQ ! summer appsrei! A-~d boy, oh boy T what values! Look at the prices quoted m th ; s aa! Then visit our store and save some r ea.i money en needed summer items. TSa Clearance Prices on LINEN Two speciaa groups at July Saving Men's Cooi. Licbt Weisfat WASH SUITS Cotton sub and seersuc-k- "er rn.a.ter;E..I, 2-pieces a^d that's pieces a-plenty. 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Th« «Jtd i>roph«L look th» child.'* • body.ii from her *ratm. carried it tt* fci* f own room and. the curtain is push- 1 e<i back so we rcay »ee and hear I how he appealed to God that the I soul of the child might come back I into its body. God graciously • granted the request and the pro| poet restored it alive and well to its mother's arms, fihe" then be- dtme a believer. Soon after this instance the prophet, received his marchinsr orders again. He was teld to go back and stand before Ahab. \\-ithoui faiterins he -wear back He first came in contact with Obadiah as he and the- king: "were searching the land for water holes. Obadiah fell on his face in honor a.nd recognition of the prophet, for lie knew him. He told him to go and teil Ahab that Klijah was come. Obadiah begged to be relieved, he said the king would kill him. that every nook and corner of the empire had been searched for the prophet, inquiry had been made in neighboring states, the king no doubt believing that if he could capture the prophet and put him to death that the drouth would be ended. Assured by the prophet. Obadiah found the king and brought him to the prophet. Ahab dc-nounced Elijah : as tlxe troubler of Israel, £lijr_h rebuked him and told him that his sin and sinful leadership -was re- : sponsible. « He then commanded the king to • including the prophets of Saal. to Mount Cariae!. \Vhen the great ; assembly was ready the old prophet stepped forth and said to the vast throngs gathered there. "How long will you halt between two opinions? If Baa! is god. worship him, and if Jehovah is god. -worship him." He said, "I stand alone as a prophet of Jehovah: there are 450 prophets of Baal here and 400 prophets of Astaroth. Bring two bullocks, one for me and one for them, Let them be slaughterotl and lain upon the altars and the cod "who answers by fire from, heaven, let him be God." The prophets of Baal had their first trial "Ajvich lasted from the early morning ur.tii three o'clock in the afternoon. In their desperation they leaped upon the altar, gashed themselves but there -was no answer. Then Elijah called to the people and said. "Come rsear me, T " The altar of Jehovah had been prepared, the bullock slain, anc upon it- He saJd "Xow bring tvater and pour :t upon the sacrifice an-I upon the wood." Then he said. "Do it a?ain." and then the tr.lra time. Then he t^aid. "Fill the altar with water." "When this hat! ^ e ^ n done he droppe-d on his k: oefore the altar and uttered- a sirnple t>mver asking Jehova.h to vindicate him in the eyes of tiirf great congresratiori, a.nd the fire came. It consumed the sacrifice. : the -wet -svood. the stones of the a = tar, the dust around«t and then licked up the water in the trench routid about it. The victor;-' •was co"nt>lete. the people shouts-c tir.c rejoiced sayirsg, "Jehovah, he is God." The prophet told. his servant to tell Ahab to eat and drink for he had been so inter- f <:sted that he had not dined- Eli- - jah retired to the top of the moun- ? ia;n and spent the time in prayer, ;ol<2 h:s sen-ant to go towarc the sea and report vvhen he saw anr- "There cometh a. cloud up on: of t h e S ea r.o larger than a man's h3n<5," and Hlfjah said. "Oo a.r.<: te l! Ahab that there is the sc"nc of an abu-dasce o* rain." _ T: " :r ' A.ha.b told Jezebel -srhst transpired. She notified the pre- vhet that in twenty-four no"rs he should be SL dea.d insn. The r.:an •^--~r? been so no3cJ. so fcar:??.s •a-ildeiTsess. This concludes our lesson story. T ts teaer-insr is that God cares MO! "onlv for the individual but he taices cognizance also of nations • 5tn is sues a l^rj^-^ th:^? :n = national or Incividual life tnat '.t ; often calis down the reproof -r-.d : anger of a just and merciful Cod. ' ~- r*z~ — ; -""5 with it tie- seed cf its .; 0 -, V n destruction. In the case ot :n- 1 c :" retribution often over: takes them in this life. Retributior: : always overtakes the life °: i nations in this v-orlc. Notnirss in : ™ ^'uch needed in the trouble; some days through which -e hr-.-y massed and are now pas-sins as a : ^j^^j, to simple ::?e and loyalty to • o"od. These will solve mor-? pr;..b- WOLFE ClTt LOCAL ITEMS OF INTEREST TVOL.FE; CITY. —The Churcn of Christ her* b^j?i^s a revival rr.-:-. ,- j_j, £ Un eay -r.dcr direction c: the R«iv. Kc'lton 3. Gist. A Junior Culture club, under asspi«s o' the senior club here. has beer, orsr^nized af the horr.-i r«* »»Irs. V-". O. G = Im«ir. th^ rr.erti- 'i Miss Mary Myr^hy. Kltut Marjorie Maloney. v:ce-;/re«:<Sen:; Miss Moze"; Kuf- ';i.'~ii e 'r, secrelary atid Mi£$ Cit^en CaJriwe.''. reporter. Charlie Bon-d an<J Aivia Mc- DowctU erssj>soyees of the C-.tiois r^l: rai:v.-ay here, arc tourin; trie rortherrj United ST.3*es iin'J M.'j'.h- <&rit Canu'ia. --his -week end. I>routh he-re has stoppe-i fruit- ir;? of vegetables, and corn has ed by The dry wf-ather SUMMKK TERM OFKNS TALIHIXA, Okla.—The sorrnser terns of the Forest Grove &chooi «rfist of TalShtnst will **art Monday, J Jx. Vancil and Mrs. Ben Witch- e.i; coiKpo-R€ the faculty. PCBLJC XOTICK Th"r*- will he a «ratv«yar<J work- >ng at An'.ioch Cemr-t^ry oj; Thttr*cay. J-aly 32th. A!J who art t-rifij; their ho»^s aTid ib** la^i^r" f.-rsng JujK-hs* whi^h wjIS be n*rv^*i •• jjR-nic; styl« at th*s noon hour. It ", ISE d*-»ir«d that thosw who *t«ik€d i fajytily lot« Jn th«5 ne«r additions j which wer< a<Id«.-<J a. great many | yeariK back wj.J! attend or <-J«e hav< \ a. r«*fttaiive r>i-««<?nt a« there | i« imi><n*taint b«wfn«»»« to look a*j*r. J, A. IHARft. JULY SPECIAL PURCHASE OALE Complete Closeout SUMMER DRESSES Printed chiffons, printed crepes, and pastel crepes are all shown in the newest summer styles in these two groups of fine dresses. Choose from one piece and coat dresses in a wealth of styles, colors and color combinations. All reduced from much rugher prices. Values to $29.75 $ 16 88 Values to $19.75 $1 1 88 Second Floor Special Sale of Mis Simplicity Only tv.-ice a. year in Gossard's semi-annual specials do you find such values in MisSImpIIcity garments. These nationally advertised garments are well known for their ability to flatten the diaphragm and abdomen _-^,. . by means of the diagonal pull of the crossed brassiere ends. 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