The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 4, 1970 · Page 7
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May 4, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 7

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1970
Page 7
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:. .-^r~m Swinging Day In Greenwood Park i . jjgjMflifws Register ~~ Man., May 4, 1970 V Some of Crowd of About 6,000 Persons at Rock Festival King-Sized Traffic Jam Find 'Three Rs' of Nudism Reduce Sexual Curiosity SOME GRIPES, BUT NO DRUGS i The I o--, Angels:, Timri . : "—Ii/)NG BKACH, CALIF. —After lying around the nudist !,~cam"p all day, some members have to put on clothes to arouse ' their mates sexually ... * ' Nudist,, camps probably keep some men from becoming •• "peeping toms ..." V And some wives go along with nudist weekends as a ' small enough concession to husbands who'll go bowling with * them one night a week. " ; ~ * Those are some of the lighter Jpoifi& of an entirely serious JbflSJTabout nudism in America, the result of nudists ' display some greater degree of maladjustment. . However, Hartman added, "nudism eliminates a lot of tensions and.sexual curiosity" with of study by twojita basic "three Us "of-rcstrrc- ROCK Continued from Pagc...0nc complaints from persons whose homes face the park. Morasco, who said he didn't think the music was "worth a damn," turned the electricity back on when promised the volume would be as low as pos- jsible. I Master of ceremonies Ron So\ renson, program director for iniwarchers from California! laxation and recreation'." Stale' College here. ' • i Mrs. Fithian related the sta- C j>r. William E. Hartman, so-^tics in sexual areas, saying Biology ' professor, and Mrs .: f Per cent indicated increased ' : frec l uenc y of relationships after radio station -KFMO, said the complaints were from "some , awfully selfish neighbors." '•These 25 people are of, fended by the noise level and Sexual Studies which Dr. SUmmariZed Interviews with 2,600 nudists and visits to scores of the nation's nearly 150- nudist parks, sometimes clothed, sometimes nude, have convinced Hartman that nudism is increasing slow- no change, and 4 per cent a decrease. The desire for extramarital relationships increased in 11 per cent of those interviewed, she said, while, it was unchanged in 32 per cent and reduced in 8 per cent. They also explored "swinging," the sociologists' more IV- and has "completely S em I rm f 0 ^ fe .s^ Jat rnanopf) in fivp vpars - .... .. .. .'. "« l changed" in five years. right to hear this music, which is an integral part of their culture," he said. At least as interesting as the music was the audience came to hear it: The girls, each one better- looking than the next," wearing dresses that touched the ground or hugged the thigh and floppy s that covered masses of - B ~" J ping since, the authors point 1 nair „ Old "no drinking" and "no; oul , it "reflects the rapid rise! T he boys some with hair al touching" rules - whore a patj in me status of women . . - most as long wearing colorful i DO cijudiii y diiu Liiuivt- uii nGll™ufl!iOm Drill! ^ snH Hppn ch mi trim* hot it;onn covnc u'orn iUi * ~c 11 _« t» • ' dull lict-JJ shoulder between sexes taboo — are going swiftly by the wayside, he said. Exhaustive-pers<mality-test- ing indicated nudists generally are from the "upper social strata of our society," 85 per cent are high school graduates, 20 per cent college graduates or postgraduate students, 75 per cent married and ''less mobile" than their residence-changing fellow Americans. equality and choice were, the part of the women Pointing Out a Favorite REGISTER PHOTOS BY GEROGE CEOLLA AND HENRY BARNETT Use Tear Gas During Kent State U. Disorders KENT. OHIO (AP) — National Guardsmen used tear gas Sunday night to turn back some 1,500 Kent-State University stu-jday night. dents who demonstrated despite Gov. James A. Rhodes' ban on About 100 students were re- outdoor meetings. Less thflii 3 per cent said they "swung" frequently, 12.7 per cent occasionally, and nearly 60 per cent "never . . . as a result of nudism," Mrs. Fithian said there is a large "transient" population, especially since .some camps hued undershirts. ! On their feet, high boots, J sandals or, in many instances, said, was -traffic. Grand avenue One of the Performers navt allow.-visitors to .remain clothed although "there is pressure" for them to 'disrobe. "Many go," she said, "but few remain; there are many pass-;no drugs around, although po- Nudist females^re as "well- ing through (perhaps because) i lice reported one arrest for adjusted as any group of Amer-i it didn't develop into promis-i "simulated intoxication." Scan women," he said, but male'cuity as expected." The biggest problem, police I nothing. Dozens carried cameras and. p h o t o g r aphed everything in sight. "I sold my motorcycle to get this camera," one college student said. No Drugs There seemed to be virtually was jammed with cars turning into-the park. Every parking spot in Greenwood Park was taken and motorcycles were stored on the grass east of "the band area. •-. A petition was circulated calling for the impeachment of President Nixon. ' Three concerts : RAKES U,S, ON MERCURY ILLS WASHINGTON, _D.C. (AP) |Federal agencies were.accusec by a Wisconsin congressman ! Sunday of taking a casual atti ' tude toward protecting th more monthly rack, pu blj c against mercury poison are planned in the; ing. mancntly from state universities any person convicted ot a felony stemming from a campus disorder. Peace was restored' to the Kent State campus late Satur- After the group was dispersed on campus, about 1,200 students staged a sit-in in a downtown street. They were surrounded by guardsmen. Guardsmen were sent to the campus Saturday night after a demonstration by about 1,000 students during which the Army R.O.T.C. building was destroyed by fire. , Sunday morning, a trailer of- Kent Sunday and said he hoped j to obtain an injunction allowing guardsmen to make the arrests. He blamed much of the trouble on "well-trained revolutionary outsiders" and said, "This kind of activity is over with in Ohio." Rhodes called the persons responsible for the violence the past two days part of the "strongest, well-trained, militant, revolutionary group that ported passing around petitions necessary. on campus Sunday asking for a new Army R.O.T.C. building and pledging to help build it if The university maintained a 1 a.m. curfew, making any un« authorized persons found on campus after that time subject to arrest. - • - park during the summer. Search and Destroy Tactics Reapplied in S.E. Asia Gamble By George C. Wilson •(., Th* Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C. -President Nixon's Cambodian campaign amounts to going back — for the moment at least — to the search-and-destroy tactics employed earlier in the Vietnam war by Gen. William C. that they can be hailed as sue- Vietnamese and Viet Cong — | moved a threat to his Vietnam- Representative David R. jObey (Dem., Wis.) said.despite, clear evidence of the danger of mercury contamination and worldwide reports of deaths from rriercury poisoning there is no clear-cut federal policy dealing with it. The Department of Agriculture recently suspended the use of mercury pesticides designed to treat seeds of various grajns, '.but Obey said no government --* — — — • — •— —o i -— ~ —--• v ~ •••- ••->••"••' '.DUI uuey saiu no government cesses since some enemy sup- rather than stand up to the fire-j teation plan. American troops, | agency appears to be monitor- plies are bound to be destroyed.! powcr of DOmberS) helicopter S he could argue, can safely be ing mercury residues in fish 1 He pUUllC Jlab 110 ydlQaUCK 1U1 ; onnchin« anH ariillpru — IPPVP i ...nuj- r in..i i_ vnr\ nihoi* fr\r\Hc m* r»liooL-mrt t\n for whether • the mate- '«mi Vietnam Westmoreland. The military question is . , , . , e ' ,, ithe scene, taking some of their' „„.,,;„ nf ,U A ctri i.a C rial destroyed was worth the supplies with sthem ^ | cause of the strikes. some troops are left behind to effort. whether it will worfc better than in the past. If not,' repeated attacks against Cambodian bases will be required to break up the enemy's supply lines. Also, with tbe'"precedent established by the American and South Vietnamese raids against Cambodia's Parrot's Beak and Fishhook, the new campaign is likely to extend to other North Vietnamese and Viet Cong bases across the border. The beauty of such search and destroy operations, from President Nixon's standpoint, is Westmoreland used search and destroy when he was commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam. He pressed for the attacks against Cambodian bases in his new job as Army chief of staff. Search and destroy amounts to going into an area with massed troops, destroying the enemy's command facilities and carting away or destroying weapons and rice. Enough Warning Mounting such an operation i requires so much preparation — such as assembling troops But in the longer term, Presi- harass the attackers, inflicting some, but not heavy, casualties. . This apparently is what happened in the Parrot's Beak operation launched Wednesday. Defense Secretary Melyin R. Laird, according to congressional sources, told the-lawmakers the South Vietnamese moved so easily through that Cambodian sanctuary that about 1,000 troops ! were withdrawn after the first 24 hours of the operation. i If contact with the North dent Nixon has to worry about Hanoi's response and the need for repeated raids against border bases. The Vietnam war has no fronts, no arrow on the map to show progress. American technology — such as the billion- dollar McNamara Line which be- and other foods or checking on mercury spillage by industrial firms. The Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration, he said, have failed to respond to Jus request for information about government efforts to deal with mercury fontfiimhatik'gt fice at the Portage County Air- has ^ ever assembled in Amer- port, a few miles from the Kent,;' ca -" State campus, was destroyed' Rhodes said he would ask by fire and six planes were rammed with a truck, causing damage estimated at $40,000.' --The—governor appeared in the legislature to enact' laws making it.a felony to throw objects at police officials and would also ask to expel per- TOWED BY TOOTH MONZA; ITALY (AP) - Ambrogio Bacis, 69, fastened one end qj. .a cord to an aching tooth,' the other end to a car bumper, and was injured-when the car dragged him by his unyielding tooth. Obey said doctors at the National Communicable Disease Center have said in almost any was supposed to stop infil-1 quantity mercury will cause tration across the Demilitarized some damage to people — al- Zone between North and South though the harmful effects may Vietnam — has not been able to not show up for many'years, replace ground troops. — '~ Nor has intensive bombing FRISKING BY SOUND be the answer. Ene- RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL my supplies keep flowing. i AP i — A device that makes a and helicopters — that the ene-1Vietnamese and Viet Cong con-; When these measures fail, the .special sound when a gun-toter my often learns about the at- limits to be light, President | military commanders resort to i passes nearby is being tested to lack beforehand. Nixon will be able to claim a i sending soldiers in on the! detect potential hijackers at When tbat happens, the North big military success that re-; ground to destroy enemy bases, t airports. III WITH THIS COUPON ... ALL THIS WEEK!! 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