The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 6, 1975 · Page 48
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 48

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1975
Page 48
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PaeeJjMTHE HERALD. Provo, Utah. Sunday. April 6. 1975 Dr. Lawrence F. tomb Reader Has Trouble Catching Breath DKAR DR. LAMB Last winter I started having spells of not being able to get my breath I thought I w,is dying It only happens in the night when I am asleep I jump out of bed gasping for my breath and my husband hits me on my back several times Cndually I start getting my breath, little by lit tie A few weeks ago I had a terrible spell and could not breathe I thought I was a gorier That was the first spell in several months and about the sixth or seventh spell in a year My family doctor says it may he from nerves, but I don't agree with him as it only happens in my sleep It's a terrible feeling not being able In gel your breath Incidentally I am 55 and I have high blood pressure, around 170. and I do Like nerve pills I would like to know your opinion and what you think could be the cause DKAH KKADKH Your story sounds like paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea What does that me/in 1 ' Recurrent bouts of not being able to gel your breath at night And. it it is so, it is important. Sometimes it is difficult to separate this problem from apparent b r e a t h1e s s n e s s associated with anxiety Occasionally a person may have a nightmare or be anxious, then awake, and overbreathe, a condition called hyperventilation However, the symptoms are a bit different and your doctor should be able to separate them. Small blood clots to the lungs can cause breathlessness, but this doesn't occur repeatedly just at night. Also nervousness causing breathlessness usually doesn't occur just at night a few hours after going to sleep. The classical case of paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea is as you described it. The person will go to bed with no symptoms at all. Several hours after going to sleep, the patient will awaken with the breathless attack. As the attack subsides, the person can lie down again and go to sleep for the rest of the night without trouble. Then when the doctor sees the patient there is nothing to see or hear. The lungs are clear and there is nothing but the story These episodes commonly occur in people who have some disease involving the left side of the heart. High blood pressure is such a disease. Individuals with high blood pressure who begin to have some weakening of the heart from the overload of pressure may develop such attacks. The actual breathlessness is caused by the accumulation of u small amount of fluid in the lungs after you have been lying Mental Health clown An X ray takrn im- mndiatplv after trip attack may show diffusp incTpasH fluid in (lip lungs The attacks arc somewhat likp a severe asthmatir attack Some of the medicines used in asthmatics are useful, hut some of these are avoided because of the associated heart condition. Often the problem will respond to one of the digitalis medicines By strengthening the heart muscle with digitalis the accumulation of the small amount of fluid in the lungs doesn't occur and the attacks disappear Since you already have high blood pressure I would certainly give this serious consideration in view of your history DKAR DH LAMB - As a punishment my son's gym teacher makes the class do fiO situps ami HO pushups. The next day his stomach muscles are very sore and painful. I know this is good exercise, but usually you work up to this amount gradually Could this sort of thing be harmful in any way' 1 My son is 12 years old DKAH HKADKK Kx- cessive exercise beyond what the body is trained to do will cause minor injury to the muscles That may be one reason for the muscle soreness we all experience after such episodes. Such exercise bouts actually slow down the rate of body development and the development of exercise capacity The rule is: Train, don't strain. The excessive exercise in this form is not likely to do major harm to the health on the short- term basis Why i!o 1 say short term basis 0 Because the gym teacher who uses exercise as a form of punishment is really defeating his or her own purpose For children exercise should never be used as punishment. The idea is to make exercise pleasant and something children will want to do. This will help motivate them to want to exercise for the rest of their lives. When children or older individuals are forced to do a physical task as punishment, the task is considered degrading, even if it is extra laps around the track. The exercise becomes equated in the person's mind with punishment, not something pleasurable. No wonder, then, that these individuals develop a pattern of shunning exercise. I wish every physical education teacher would take this to heart. If they want to motivate their students to want to exercise, stop that archaic practice of using exercise as punishment. DEAR DR. LAMB - Please tell me something about leg aches. I just came home without finishing my shopping Tips in Dealing With Depression Editor's Note: This is an article on mental depression and means of treating it written by Dr. Hermann A. Peine, psychologist at the Community Mental Health Center, Provo. MENTAL HEALTH CORNER Hermann A. Peine, Ph.D. At one time or another, you have been concerned with depression This concern may be with your own life situation or that of a loved one. Time is often found to be the best cure. Life situations change and all individuals seem to go through high and low period.-, Most instances of depression are handled adequately by individuals wit h'o u t a requirement for professional intervention. Factors often associated with d e pr es sio n a re the characteristncs ol hopelessness or helplessness, sadness, unworthiness, guilt . and internal suffering. There may be a concern with material loss, feeling of loneliness, or envy The person may show signs of withdrawing from those around him and displaying a high degree of apathy. He may have a loss of appetite, difficulty in sleeping, and be quite irritable. Some individuals also become quite rigid in thinking and in their actions. Mental health center professionals provide services for individuals not adequately coping with these depressive responses. It has been shown that many cases of depression originate when a person's behavior has become increasingly ineffective in securing rewards from his environment, rewards on which he is quite dependent. This type of exogenous depression' is defined as a reaction to specific highly stressful environmental events. U is exemplified by the person who lives his life for the wishes of someone else, either parents or a spouse, and becomes depressed when they die. The person has lost the only audience for whom the plot in which he was performing was valid. He is left in the hopeless despair of the actor who knows only one set of lines and loses the one audience who wants to hear it. Depression may also occur when a person is bombarded by such a complexity of problems and pressures, that he becomes overwhelmed and depressed with his limited capacity to deal with the situation. Independent of environmental factors, endogenous depression may occur and is a response to bio-chemical or personality malfunctions within the individual. This depressive state ran occur relatively independent of environmental I'ircurnslances. The symtomatology of a depressive reaction dictates the type of therapeutic intervention. Anti-depressive drugs are often effective with many endogenous depressions When there is a loss of a loved one, loss of position or status, a variety of therapeutic techniques may be used independently or in conjunction with medication. The individual is a candidate for therapeutic support. He may require social training, self- control training, assertive training, desensititization for fearful situations, or personality restructuring. 1 recommend that individuals experiencing the pain of a depressive reaction should not hesitate to seek the therapeutic help available through the resources of the mental health professionals. A determination will be made of which interventions will produce the most valuable therapeutic change. because the pain in my left leg was so bad After I have been walking for a couple of hours, the pain starts in the toe next to my little one If I don't get off it immediately, the pain continues on up to the knee and is excruciating. 1 have been to the doctor three times with no improvement He has checked my circulation, which is fine. I have had tests for uric acid, rheumatoid arthritis and the like, and all are okay. I'm 58. weigh 135 pounds and have been very active. This problem is beginning to affect my activity. I have been having it for about four months now DEAR READER - Aches in the feet and legs come from many causes Circulation is one cause and I'm glad your doctor doesn't think that it your problem. Osteoarthritis can also be a problem. So can a variety of disorders of the feet. You will need X rays of the hip joints, the knee and a careful examination of the feet. I would suggest that you ask your doctor to refer you to an orthopedic clinic or specialist for a more detailed examination of the mechanical factors that might be causing your problem Send your questions to Dr Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on hiatal hernia, send 50 cents and a long self-addressed stamped envelope to the same address and ask for the "Hiatal hernia" booklet. Don Oakley Arab Blacklist Tests U.S. Just how high a price are Americans willing to pay for Arab oil? The Jewish civil rights organization, B'nai B'rith, charges that two federal agencies, the Overseas Investment Corp. and the Army Corps of Engineers, refuse to hire Jews for jobs in the Middle East. In testimony before a Senate subcommittee the other day, Col. William Durham confirmed that the Corps of Engineers does not assign Jewish officers to construction projects in Saudi Arabia because of Arab demands. According to Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho), 1,500 U.S. firms are on an Arab boycott list because they do business with Israel. Many of them have been on the list for years, but it didn't matter because more money was to be made dealing with Israel than with the Arabs — until, that is, things changed and we learned that, contrary to Mao Tse-tung's famous dictum, all power flows not from the barrel of a gun but from barrels of oil. 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