Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 17, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1942
Page 2
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.TWO—THE MORNING AVALANCHf Lufebock, Texas, Tuesdoy, February I'/, 1942 Dial 4343 For The Avofamcfre-jQurnql Q'/flcet more Peanuts To Necessary ~V : V (By Tbt Associated Press) "EDGE WATER PARK, Miss., Feb. 16 — Southern farmers this year will make a tremendous effort toward helping to win the w?r—vr,th peanuts. •"' They're going to plant enough ! jieanuts, in addition to last year's ;.' acreage, to cover the entire state of Connecticut plus part of Rhode Island. And after the war they'll have to turn .nearly all of '.hat back to other uses. The part goobers will play in American agriculture's "Food for Freedom" campaign was one oJ 3He prime topics of conversion at She AAA's Southern regional conference here last week. Even "some of the department of agri- Culture men present said they 'hadn't realized its significance lintil they began talking to "pea $iut men" and looking up figures *i- Otis Are Needed *' Peanuts are needed not to ieec Jnonkeys in the zoo or to munch 4n the bleachers at baseball game ibut for high-class edible oils t Replace the cocoanut, olive ani Ipther oils cut off by the war. Am. •erican farmers have been asked t increase their acreage from th 2,964,000 harvested in 1941 to -round live million this year. •* It is the largest • percentage of Increase of any commodity being 'clinic r§po Stepped up under' the govern- cab driver, •ment's . campaign for more food production. . • ^ The increase asked in peanuts »means; a drastic change in the ^economy of tens of thousands of £farm£ in Alabama, Arkansas, ^California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Caro- *lina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, ISouth Carolina, Tennessee, Texas tand Virginia. s Texas To Tripio Plantings ;', Texas is to increase its plant- ling irom a. 1941 harvest of S-13,000 tacres to 1,056,000 this year; Ala- 3)arna from 315,000 to 700,000; Virginia from 141,000 to 316,000; -Oklahoma from 82,000 to 312,000; North Carolina from 237,000 to 546,000; Florida from 94,000 to 273,000; Mississipot -from an insignificant 27,000 to 1.32,000. W. B. Crawley .of Banks, Ala., president of the Georgia-Florida- Alabama Peanut association, a cooperative with 38,000 members in. five states, talked proudly of th« part his organization had in mating the increase possible. "We had 71,000 tons of nuts •that we're letting planters have jas leed at cost," he said. "With- oui that the program could not possibly be successful in the •southeast. But last fall when it Jiecame apparent -this increase .would be necessary we wouldn't Set a.shelier or crusher have an- jother peanut. If a planter can't ;pay well give him credit and [take peanuts in kind when he rgrowB a crop." • • t The Southwest Peanut Grow- 'ers'- : Cooperative— .-association —-is ^serving a similar function'in Tex^ :as, Oklahoma and Arkansas, a 'Planter from Oklahoma said at [the meeting. Srief Bits Of Local News Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sessums of j 27 Avenue F are parents of a daughter weighing 7 pounds 3 sunces born in 3:07 oclock Sunday noming in West Texas hospital. ScEsums is employed by Lubbock Auction and Commi&'jion company. Mr', and Mrs. A. T. mil of 1503 College avenue are parents of a ;on weighing 7 pounds 11V& ounces jorn in West Texas hospital at .:20 o'clock morning Hall is employed at Tech Book store. A ton weighing 4 pounds 3V4 ounces was born in West Texas hospital at 9:50 o'clock Sunday nornirig to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baker of 411 Avenue D. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Shofner of Levelland arc parents of a son weighing 6 pounds 8V4 ounces born in Lubbock General hospital at 2:50 o'clock Monday morning. Shofner is a farmer. A daughter weighing 7 pounds was born at 8:17 o'clock Sunday morning to Mr. and Mrs. L, W. Abels at the residence, 2724 Texas avenue, Stewart Si Benson clinic reported. Abels is employed by Western Wrecking company. The infant was named Margaret Jane. Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Davis of 414 Fifth street are parents of a son weighing 7 pounds born in the residence at 6:17 o'clock Sunday morning. The baby was named Robert Glenn, Porter - Sistrand clinic reported. The father is a Change of its name to Builders Lumber company has been granted Tel ford Lumber company of 1306 Fourth street, according to Associated Press announcement of charter amendments from Austin Monday night. In preparation for . construction of 'additions to . Roscoe Wilson, George R. Bean and Sanders schools, begining of ground staking was observed Monday afternoon. J. L. Hair of Wichita Falls, general contractor, was in the city. Construction will be completed in 180 days. Civil service examinations to fill vacancies in the federal service hereafter will be in room 16 of the basement of the federal building, it was announced Monday. promoted from Captain. He> vyas resided at El Paso while traveling ovc-r the district, but since the itinerant aviation cadet examining board system has been eliminated, he will reside here, his official headquarters, Major Peller said. Lee Wofford, father of Mrs. Lewis Hobbs of 2409 Twenty- second street, Monday was improved in condition, the daughter learned. He was injured early last week in a defense project at Texarkana and his right arm had to be amputated. H. C. Pander district governor of Lion International, will deliver the charier to the Monjhans Lions club tonight at a charter night program, in the First Baptist church there. Murray H. Fly, Ddessa school superintendent and deputy district governor, will speak. A. C. Bradley is president of the cl".b and Louis Pinkerton Is 'to be toastmaster. Two hundred persons are expected. A Jury was selected Monday In civil action of E. G. White against G. W. Gilliam, trespass to try title, in 99th district court of Judge E. L. Pitts, who ordered Jurors to return for duty Thursday morning. The case will be resumed then, court officials said. Jurors are Rayford Tanner, W. H. Emery, D. T. Sisk, G. A. Barnett, R. V. Robinson, I. D. Gray, Joe Grabber, Leo Konesko, D. A. Atkins, W. A. Austin, jr., S. L. King and N. L. Wttt. j I Not that it would hrr« token any one member of a 99th district grand jury to register, Monday's registration interferred with work of the investigating body. After reporting to Judge E. L. Pitts, the jurors voted to adjourn until this morning because there was no available space for their work. Registration was being conducted in 72nd district courtroom, where the jury will probe some six cases. D, B. Williamson is foreman. The jury reported 18 indictments Jan. 15. been mailed to superintendents and principals of schools and county superintendents over a large part of the state. Small pamphlets are being enclosed in letters from the college. One plan providing for a six weeks' term nnd a nine weeks' term enables high school seniors graduating this spring to enter college this summer and normally be graduated in three years. The other plan provides ior the usual two six weeks' terms. Lieut.-C<>1. Harry S. Bishop, sub-depot commander of the Lubbock air base, will substitute for Col. Thomas L. Gilbert, commander, at a Victory raJly at Post Thursday night. Dr. Clifford E. Jones, president of Texas Technological college, and George W. Dupree of Lubbock, chairman of the 19th congressional district for sale of detensf! stamps and bonds, also will speak. Candidate for publications offices at Texas Technological college were guests Monday night of the Senate club in room 220 of the 1 administration building. Approximately 5B persons attended and the club voted 'to be impartial as B group in the various campaigns. Elroy Schoppa, president, said it -HEADACHE-! Whim your tend aches and nerves are .jitiery, get roller e ulekly. pleasantly, with Cipudine. Acts fast because It's liquid. Use only as directed. All druggists. 10c, 30c, 60c. was the first and probably the only student political rally for the session. • Both coal and oil are used in manu&cturlng plp.stics. Britain"? first prosecution for waste of paper was afjainst a firm of bookmakers for sending out circulars anti lists of betting odds. To relieve Misery of IR* COLDS LIQUID TABLETS SALVE NOSE PBUPI COUGH DROPS '—A VVONDEBFDL ORANGES Texas Seedless Sweet and Juicy DOZEN . . . 1 Maryland Sweets Strictly No. Is Lb, New POTATOES "Florida" Extra Fancy Lb. Sc CABBAGE Fresh Firm Heads Lb. LETTUCE California Nice and Fresh Teachers Re-Elected «At Patton Springs \ AFION, Feb. 16 (Special*—At :a recent meeting of the board of jtrustees of' the Patton Springs jFiiblic School district, all of the iteachers were re-elected for the '1942-43 school year. | Supt. Logan Cummings was .given a three-year contract and 'Principals J. "W. Adams and Rob; ert Percival were given two year '.contracts. ' T « a c hers re-elected included: "jEdward White, vocational agri- icultare; Alma Rhea Eades, home 'economics; Irvine Schribner, Eng- 'jlish; Mrs. Logan Cummings, social iscience; J. B. Kirkpatrick, band (and public school music; Aileen 'Campbell, language arts in the 5 grades: Mrs. J. B, Kirkpatrick, so- »cial science in *he grades; Faye 'Heathington, fourth grade; Miss ]Jack Powell, third grade; Mrs. J. (W. Adams, second grade; Mrs. Sal- «ly R. Jackson, first grade. Mrs. ^Brady. Thomas was elected to 'Ueach creative arts in the grades, ja place left vacant by- the resignation of Miss Faye Robinson, H. C. Fender, acting head of tha department of government at Texas Technological 'college, spoke Monday^to Lubbock Junior Chamber of Commerce in Hilton hotel. | He said the United States after this war must not shirk responsibilities neglected after World war No. 1, explaining the necessity for contributing to world order and unit, sufficient to avoid post-war revolutions. Mr. and MM. H. H. Johnson have left Lubbock for Waco, en route to Parsons, Kas., where he has accepted a civil service appointment. Johnson resigned as chemistry teacher in Senior High school. . ;";. ' . . Major Parry C. Euchn»r, W»«t Texas'' district- Army recruiting aviation cadet procurement officer, who has been residing at El Paso, Is moving his family to Lubbock, his official headquarters, Major Joseph R. Peller, district recruiting officer, announced Monday. Major Euchner recently was Appeal lo all persons who own Red Cross first aid books to lend them for the duration of current Red Cross first aid courses was issued Monday afternoon by W. A. Hood, chairman of the first division of the Lubbock county chapter. All books will be returned, it was said. They may be brought to the Red Cross executive office, 104 city hall. * Plans for the expanded summer session at Texas Technological college are being publicized in material being sent to public school officials. Folders have | lower prices! ETTER FO GRAPEFRUIT Mqrsh Seedless Large Size EACH . . LOWER PRIC Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, with Ease for Stomach, too When constipation brings on acid indigestion, stomach upset, bloating, dizzy spells, gas, coated tongue, sour taste and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the blues" because your bowels don't move. It calls for Laxative-Senna to pull the trigger on those Ia3y bowels, combined with Syrup Pepsin for perfect easetoyourstomach in taking. Foryegrs, many Doctors have given pepsin preparations in their prescriptions to make medicine more 2 grscablc to z. touchy stoni- ach. So be sure your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna combinedwith Syrup Pepsin. See how wonderfully the Laxative Senna wakes up lazy nerves and muscles in your intestines to bring welcome relief from constipation. And the good old Syrup Pepsin makes this laxative so comfortable and easy on your stomach. Even finicky children love the taste of this pleasant family laxative. Buy Dr. Ca!d,-who was recently elected by the : well's Laxative Senna at your druggist iVernon school system. To change your directory get an additional listing...please call the telephone business office, NOW. Furr Food Sliced POUND . . PORK ST Shoulder POUND STEAK Baby Beef Chuck Lb. 25c SAUSAGE Armour's Pure Pork Lb. 19c WIENERS Lee Skinless Lb. 19c CHEESE Full Cream Lb. 26c Veal loaf Pork Added Lb. 22c BARBECUE BUTTER Sliced Lots Of Gravy POUND . . . Purr's Fresh Creamery Old Fashion Country Rolls, LB. Quarter's Lb. KETCHUP 14 Or. Bottle Tissue Northern, S rolls ^_ Cake Flour Swansdown, package • I PineappI 20 25 C Harapine, 6 oz. can_ Catsup Gtm, 14 or. boitle__ Cocoa Hsrshey, pound can Marshmallows Brown, pound 2Lb. Box , BAKERY SPECIAL RASPBERRY WHITE CAKE—Heavenly white layers, so fresh and tender they'll melt in your mouth—-with a luscious.- layer of Raspberry filling in between. 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