The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 20, 1987 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1987
Page 8
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••A THE BAYTOWN SUN Thursday, August 20, J«H»7 UNFRIENDLY SKIES Cancellations, delays or deviation from schedule Lost delayed or damaged baggage or carry-on problems Problems with refunds for unused or lost tickets Overbooking Customer-service problems Reservations problems Fare costs and incorrect information about fares Peter Gott,M.D. Teeth can cause headaches Source: U.S. Department of Transportation NEA GRAPHIC THE DEPARTMENT of Transportation received more than 100,000 complaints from disgruntled airline passengers last year, up from less than 7,000 in 1965. And indications are that air passengers may have even more complaints in 1987. Passengers generally only appeal to DOT after they complain to the individual airline. Demuth's work to be displayed Oct. 15 NEW YORK (AP):— A survey of the"work of Charles Demuth (1883-1935) Will open at the Whitney Museum of American Art Oct. 15, The retrospective, consisting of more than 120 paintings and watercolors, will close Jan. 17, 1988. The museum says, "Demuth was a masterful colorist whose watercolors range from delicate nature studies of fruit, flowers and vegetables to striking portrayals of bohemian life in New York's night clubs and jazz halls. A pivotal figure in the avant garde circles that introduced modern art and literature to America, he pioneered the distinctly American style of Precisionism. DEAR DR. GOTT — 1 am 26 and am getting three wisdom teeth I've been having bad headaches. Could the teeth be the cause? DEAR READER — Wisdom teeth can cause headaches, particularly if the teeth are impacted or growing in crooked. Check with your dentist. DEAR DR GOTT - I remember reading an article about Increasing the chances of conceiving a child of a particular gender. It included information about acidity/alkalinity of the vagina. Would diet have an effect of would douching be preferable? DEAR READER — All that hoopla years ago about determining the sex of a child by douching to alter vaginal acidity at the time of conception has not been scientifically confirmed. Although you can ask your obstetrician about this, I think you'll enjoy relations more fully if you avoid being too scientific, relax and let Nature take its course. Don't forget that recent evidence has suggested that the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs can be almost as damaging to a normal fetus before conception ,— because of the harm they cause to the woman's body — as they can be during fetal growth. DEAR DR. GOTT— I'm pregnant with twins. One doctor says to walk a lot, but avoid inter- couse. Another doctor says sex is OK, but stay in bed. Who is right? DEAR READER — Follow the instructions of the doctor whom you have hired as your obstetrician. As a general rule, intercourse during pregnancy is safe, providing there is no high-risk pregnancy (history of premature delivery) and relations are carried out gently. For most women, moderate exercise is appropriate, at least up to the last few weeks of pregnancy, when walking can become uncomfortable. DEAR DR. GOTT — What would be the best nonprescription birth control for a teen-ager who has sex infrequently?( tiohably, the safest and most effective non-prescription contraception is the simultaneous use of vaginal foam and condoms. Each method is reasonably successful; when combined and used appropriately, foam and condoms are virtually 100 percent effective. There are four additional features: You are using birth control only when you need Save on two new models that create pictures you thought only the pros could capture. 209.95 Canon Sure Shot tele 35mm camera • Wide-angle 40mm f/2.8 lens and telephoto 70mm f/4.9 lens • Takes creative multiple exposure shots • Softening filter for more appealing portrait shots • Automatic exposure and focus...just point and shoot • When DX-coded film is used, the speed is automatically set • Film automatically loads, advances and rewinds • Long-life lithium battery Distributed by Canon USA 159.99 Canon Sure Shot Supreme 35mm camera • New flash system works automatically when the need arises • Autofocus system for close-ups as near as 1.8 feet • Prefocus feature enables off-center subjects to become the focal point of your shot • Self timer gets the photographer in the picture • LCD frame counter and low-battery indicator • Long-life lithium battery Distributed by Canon USA TARGET Advertised prices good through, Saturday, August 22. No commercial sales. Houtton Almeda Mall-10,000 Ktecktey Street ' East Houston-l-10, Federal Road Exit Fondren-West Bellfbrt and Fondren Road Greenspoint-Greens Road and Interstate 45, across from Greenspoint Mall Hedwig Village-9429 Katy Freeway Humble-Highway 59 and new P.M. 1960 Mission Bend*H»gfiway 6 and Beffaire in Parvillion Village North Oate-F.M. 1960 and Stuebner-Airline Road Pasadena-South Burke Road near Spencer Hwy. Sharpstown-Southwest Freeway at Bellaire South Central-7801 South Main Steeptachase-10701 Jones Road Sugartand-3401 Highway 6 Wwi Bay Area Boulevard-Across from the Baybrook Mall Wwtehase-Westheimer and Witerest Hour* Weekdays 9:30 am to 10 pm Saturday 9am to 10pm Sunday Tr* am to 7pm it, the devices are easily available, and condom will also protect against sexaully trtmsmit- ted diseases, and both partners share the responsibility. DEAR DR. GOTT - What is the newest treatment for chronic lymphatic leukemia? In iggQ my white count was 8,200. fy ow jf s 47,000. My doctors are having a difference of opinion as tc> the appropriate treatment. DEAR READER -_ The recommended treatm en t j s chlorambucil with or without cortisone. The anti-cance r drugs cyclophosphamide and V in- cristine are considered to be satisfactory alternatives, if y 0 ur doctors cannot agree on the best therapy for your leukemi a , get a third opinion from an oncologist (cancer specialist). Or, ca ji the National Cancer Institute i-8004-CANCER, which provides information about treatm en t an d referrals. . If your disease is producing n o symptoms, you probabljr do not need any therapy u'ntji y 0ur white blood count r- eacnes 100,000. Most experts art taking a "hands-off" approach on chronic lymphatic leukemia DEAR DR. GOTT - i nave read that expectant motl )ers can get a disease from cats t^ a t may endanger the fetus. Wo u id you give some information or\ this? DEAR READER — Y ou ar e refering to toxoplasm os j Si a parasitic disease that is spread to humans from cats. Cats acquire the orgasm by eating infected birds o r mice". The parasite is carried from cat excrement to humans jjv inadvertent oral contami na ti on . Once in the human, the barasite reproduces and causes lung, heart, lymph-node and b, ra j n j n ! fection. In pregnant wome n . the parasite easily penetrat es the placenta and enters th^ fetus, where its effects are more disastrous than in the adult. In the fetus, toxoplasmo$j s can cause convulsions, too-small head (microcephaly), blindness and mental retardations The disease can be diagnosed ) n the mother by blood tests. DEAR DR. GOTT -_ D oes weight gain depend entt re ]y on calorie intake or is it aff6 C ( e "d bv eating habits? DEAR READER - Weight gain depends entirely on calories. A person store s as f a t the excess calories he or she consumes in food. There ha ve been some intriguing animal studies showing that rodents fed one big meal a day gained more weight than animals fed the sarne number of calories if, f our meals. However, we're no t ra t s and 1 am not sure exactly how these reports related to h umans . For practical purposes, people gain weight because thev ea t too much. What is loo mud^ That depends. I need aboi^t 2,500 calories a day just to maintain weight, whereas some of my patients gain weight on as few as 1,200 calories a day. Metabolic factors govern our weight gain or loss and our caloric requirements. In assessing your calorie intake, remember that, portion for portion, fat contains about double the calories of protein and carbohydrates. To give you more information, I am sending you a free copy of my Health Report, WEIGHT CONTROL THROUGH CALORIE CONTROL. Other readers who want a copy of the Report should send $1 and your name and address to P.O. Box 91369, Cleveland, OH 44101-3369. Be sure to mention the subject of the Report. DEAR DR. GOTT - I've read that older citizens should get at least 20 minutes of sunlight every day for vitamin D. How little of the body can be exposed to get this benefit? DEAR READER - Sunlight activates vitamin D in the skin. The amount of necessary exposure to ultraviolet light varies considerably depending on intensity (and area) of exposure and color of skin. In locales where sunlight is limited by season or by air pollution, more exposure is necessary. In black people, 95 percent of ultraviolet radiation does not reach the deeper layers of skin, where the vitamin is synthesized. Exposure to sunlight is less important today that it was years ago because foods, especially milk, are now routinely fortified with vitamin D. Aside from the vitamin-D benefits, 1 believe that most elderly people would derive great benefit from a few minutes of fresh air and sunshine everyday. DEAR DR. GOTT - Is there any way to discourage thumb sucking in children? DEAR READER - Thumb sucking in infants is normal However, when the habit extends into childhood, it can adversely affect dental bite and a child's self-esteem. In a medical report published last summer, researchers claim to have solved the problem. Parents were instructed to coat their children's thumbs with Stop-Zit, a harmless, bitter substance. The material was applied once in the morning, once at bedtime and for each occurrence of thumb sucking. For Dr. Oott's complete discussion of problems and treatments of the prostate gland, write for your copy of Dr. Gott 's new Health Report on THE PROSTATE GLAND. Send SI and your name and address to P.O. Box S1369. Cleveland, OH 44101-3369. mrrpnar ,4ij<x-MiJOn Fast food stores provide nutrition information COLLEGE STATION _ j n response to consumer interest in nutrition, fast food stores i iav e taken to informing as W ell as feeding their customers. "The nutrition info rrna tj 0n printed on placemats, displays or in pamphlets at m^ n y f a st food stores can be helpfiji, if y OU read it carefully," si,y s Dr Dymple Cooksey, a hutrition specialist with the Tex as A&M University Agricultural Extension Service. When reading these materials, she suggests keeping th fe following in mind: • Separate claims for- quality from nutrition information. For example, describing th6 quality of foods, such as "grade A milk" or "100 percent pure A me rican beef" tells you about th6 taste of food, but not ift nutrition. • Consider serving S i zes . Three ounces of cooked meat is considered one serving. Once it's cooked, a quarter-pour 1c j hamburger will give you a^ut me serving of meat. • Check the type of fin. some nutrition pamphlets report f a ts in terms of unsaturated and saturated fats. If your dfctor has recommended reducing cholesterol intake, y 0 u can choose those items Wjth less saturated fat, since it contains cholesterol. • Check for the amount of fat The average 2000 calorfo per day diet should include atXMft 30 percent of calories from fa.t. If dif- ferent food items are listed according to the percent of calories from fat, you can compare to make a lower-fat choice. • Look for the amount of sodium. A safe and adequate intake for sodium is 11.00-3300 milligrams per day. Some fast- food sandwiches will contain over 1100 milligrams. By checking these figures you can either choose lower-sodium foods, or compensate for a high-sodium fast food meal with less sodium at other rneals. • Check the number of calories. If you're trying to maintain your weight, consider how the calorie intake will fit into your daily allotment. On a 2000 calorie per day diet, for example, a large quarter-pound cheeseburger with mayonnaise and a'large soft drink may consume almost half that amount. "Nutrition information from: fast food stores is probably most convenient when various food items are listed along with the fat, sodium and calories for each part of the item," notes Cooksey. "That tells you how much fat or sodium is being added by the mayonnaise, cheese or other items on your sandwich." "You can use this nutrition information to select particular foods or to special order your sandwich so it has less fat or sodium," she adds. This information will also help you plan the rest of the day's meals to achieve a balanced diet."

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