The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 17, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD, TUESDAY. MAY 17,1932. PAY ELECT! HELD UP County Commissioners Did Hot Levy For Cost. MONEY AFTER JULY FIRST | O^.cials cf the primary election heid en Ma ~2 -K-: no; receive their pay un- ·il after Jj^v 1, " was armou2C»d Mon- cay Tie reo«r- '-~ the delay is that "i. Co!~-.v Comm^si-r.ers in complhng ;~e.' o-c.3f for fiscal j ear of 1932 die -~y. maie ar; appropriation lor a t-^r.arv e'--"'-on and as a result so mcr-e-." is a\a^ao'.e for this purpose. The audget f ^r :=e nscal year of 1933. which ·a'^1 be made J.ily 1. »-^ contain ap- prop'i^' on frr the primary and after Jn'.j i -~.e oftciaj -z-l be paid. .i n^mocr of tne :udges arxi eleris have aoo_ed for their money, all of ».i3m hk'.e bc«ri informed that they ·xoul-i hs%e to wait until after July 1. I .ary Mts Ru'.-i K_ Holier. report. Miss Ernma Ee\tltlss. report of noamatirig committee and election of ·-·mrers. reading. Estelle Murphy, song ( Woman s "I'ofc iaii, "Aunt Betsv *rsd | ·be O.l S'xc^ ' Mrs Fraiii A Rowen- berger Miss Be-:y Stau2*r song. Auid ' Laag Syse WiLism B Gross. p.-incipal of the · high school sad? tne foils'* ins announcements Sen-or class play. "Nobody B.:t Nar.ej ' »o^d be presented in j the audrorsora, Ma\ 20. at 8 jo'clocs s-immtr roind-up of chikiren. i who f~ ervr s-chccl Jo- the first tune ' next fall -a ..1 i» -'.eld -5 '.~e school June 3. at 2 3? b?.~c3ls-.roate sermon so the high scaoo. grad_a'es in the Reformed 1 ch-irc-h J-r.» 5 at 7 30 oc'ock field da\. June 6 s- the fiir g--M-xSs. h^h school j eo:n2»er:cevnent e^erc-es June 7 at 8 p m . seventh grade cocnmrr.-emeet e\' erc^s. J-ne 20 at 10 a re 13 front of , 'ne school JACOB RUPPERT BARLEY MALT SYRUP I nke Tlk of tke TowiCI The Graduate will want her accessories to be just right . . . therefore we suggest Chiffon Hosiery With tie extra siJ«*r appturance oi French hose but durable In Sand-Wh;-^--to be morn »ith »hre d-esses Darker shades for pas!el e\cruise Irocits The Girl Who Buys Style \\ill include at K-aM _«e eot- tcn frxk in her w a r d r o b e -- ; and ma be an e \ e u 111 g frock, too. 1 -AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE IHt.KT t'KOI'hKTV DVM%Gfc LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URNER $1.00 pair THE STORY, THEN* COLOR THE PICTCBE reg'Xar ec- as. Xo pnawy was antic- rs=d on th^ accour.' and j clean your old rigs Sue trat i "Bui we"n all* ru a??rc?~-i' 01 was maae for its expense Tne un^\?ec-e; contest for President and U S Senator rnade the primary reressary. under toe law, although no financ-al pro\ision -sas made for it- Tne prmi2r%" at which very few votes xere cas* cost tne cojnty nearly S5.000 cone of wmcn can be paid until pro- v-sion is rcade in tae badges for she next fiscal year. The commissioners expect to complete action on petitions for a reduction of assessments on real estate today. Bev een 450 and 500 requests were marie for recuction from all over the county, the largest number earning frsm Brunswick district. The commissioners have been looking over the assessments for the past several weeks and while no state- men; has been issued it is understood that some few reductions have been made. In some instances the commissioners visited properties in the county where reductions were requested in order to get first hand information on the situation. There will be no general reassessment in the county ""-'' 1935. As soon as the assessment matter has been disposed of the commissioners begin to plan for the budget from, which the tax rate will be fixed. The budget must be compiled and the tax rates fixed by July 1. The School Commissioners have already handed in their account. It is known that the commissioners are against raising the tax rate and if pos- sibte they are anxious to tower it. To urns with this r little tricks it cicnt' one, ansi soon the »hole Job will be cone I'll be the first to beat a ·ih-Je Brave Coppy shouted. "Here I go!" j Th* rest can fa" in line." ad then he tackled, stra^ht and low I g^ started beatmj very fast and J This tnrew tne beater to the ground coppy shouted. · You won t las: Ta' and made the Times shout. best to take it easy, so ywir m-jscles ' Now, bring it oack,' cr_ed old man ^on t get tired , You lads can lend a hand todaj. i ..j ti ., I have a lot of carpew that are harsgm? j ra £ho ^ on my line. ' ra sv .^ ? :he v^ter «a'-a*«aa! ·»=at. ^ .^ j ^ - ·rou need is exercise So you can beat. my rjjs for me. I think that will be j do either necessitate a reduction ^ :o :ear ,,, i ,.- s my :urn i back and for.h ard a... that impulse! Costume Jewelry In either Sarxi-Wh::e. I\or\Vh:te or White. w be worn with · hit* The slimmer pastel shades to be »om * the e\e- For Street Wear or Party Wear there are-MESHES PRINTED MONOTONE VOILES DOTTED SWISS DIMITY PRINTS BATISTE Stieff's Silver ROSE. PI'R1T-\X C- Cl I\~l()\ PATTERNS £ H Ll U \ t I \K15IJ : IN S 1 O C K EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOR FREDERICK J A M E S E. DOLL Bags Of White. Sand-White or Beige in beaded or tailored styles. "Ii is not fair toi througn the air' beater cried, smog; me nght_ ou!,^.^*^.-.^.- cha ,, ce to £leep/ . ^ ^ wE b-eak Sr bariT" 03 "" 36 " aiJe ""! r:n »* s:6e?7 ^ =an be As long as ^(£f* iTWt," «*d old man pXv. I can", rest a rt*. corne on lad. ^t "Yoa're going to set -xeZ spanked today. | =» =ea- rOT .,---^ ! The TmvraiMs are strong eno-jgh to j - 1D °* TMa,_- .make you soundly -srhack'" ] iCopvnght, 1932. NrA Ser.-ce inc Then Scouty said. 'We all are glad, , to pay you for the fun -ceTe had. I (The bid the play mans toys wish you had more beaters. We coulti. socxi-bye :n the ner. s'.ory) , COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION OFWALKERSYILLEEECTS! Officers Named At Final Meeting Held Monday Night. OrBcers -srere elected at the final meet- J cipaJ address -xas delivered by Mrs ; j Oran Stnne. a patron of the scnool. ! -aho. with Mrs Frank Nicodemus, Mrs. j Cai\ui Keene\, Mrs Ward Sta-jffer i and Mrs William Po»e!I. attend a Parent-Teacher Association _ coarse a t ' Hood College. | Tae program foUo'scs- "Bells of St.; Mary's." rendered oy Mrs. William _ ·ZL. M^ses Edith Nlcodemus. Sin; cio»n to the bore next w e e k - e n d . The w e a t h e r i s grand. The golf 5* fine. There are hundred* of di\er»ion5. And ·»ou owe jour«elf a \acaUon. even though it le brief. Make Chalfonte-Haddim HaU vour headquarter*. Here friend- line** i combined with effi- eiene-. modernitv with ho«pi- talitv and comfort. . . . An ideal formula for relaxation. A vacation here is not ex- pen'he. Vrite or phone 1-0141. Special tceek - end railroad tickets araitable. American and European Plans Gloves of Mesh, of Glace Kid, of Fabric or of Washable Doe Skin. For Evening --FRENCH ORGANDY --EPONGE --EMBROIDERED BATISTE --CHIFFON VOILES --HANDKERCHIEF LINENS . . . AND LOVELY Underthings Sivirt absolutely new. yet \ery ir:e\pe:is:.e Of rayon or silk mesh--silk crepes Dancettes. Slips. Sip.glettes. Panues. Bras- s.eres. . . . and of course there are the smart "Simplicity" Patterns at 15c each Accurate, guaranteed, yet sensibly priced for the thrifty shopper of SHOP In the cost of administering the affairs of the county and the commissioners hare indicated tha- -while reducing expenses is a problem is Is something that must be done. A substantial start in the direction o* economy is thai very lew road saoer- vjsors vfQl be appointed thfc year compared ·sriiii other years. One o? the commissioners stated Monday that in at livelihood not more tntm fifty will be named. Other years from 300 to 350 supervisors feave been appointed who spend approximately $40,000 on the county highways. For years the annual appropriation for roads under supervisors has been, from $40,000 to $45,000 and while ~'"'* method of road iroprove- envJias long been criixiaed as extravagant and not productive of results it has continued. The present cornmis- jioners have gradually redjced the nura- fcer of supervisor appointments and have adopted rules -arhsreoy taose receivmg tas money must -naVa a careful estimate of what they do and no extra work is permitted unless is is speci5ca!3y ordered. The commissioners have not appointed a road superintendent, a position for the past several years held by former County Commissioner Lewis 5 s . Locimer. Mt. Pleasant. mg of the year of the WalkersriUe j ^ Community Association, held Monday ; evening in the Walkersville high school. · Thomas Cramer was elected pres.aent; , Cramer. Lilian Zimmerman. Blanche j Helen StauSer. Mrs. Joseph A. Glenn Zircmerman. Mrs Mrs Frark Rosen- ' rger. Mrs Annabelle Grantham. Mrs ' Mrs. Prak Nicodemus, vice-president: | vVard Snuffer and Miss Mary Xieooe- ; M'-ss Emma De-nlbiss. treasiirer and j -r,,^ 2I .j- e 3 « 3 !o; opening prajer. Re. ' Miss Ruth KL Holier, secretary. J xrazo Llsvji, songs, primary grades. ' jj. x Reddick at the .ans. ' HAt*t»0\ HALE A T t A T I C C I T Y Leeds and Lippincott Company Bennett's FOR STYLE AND VALUE Child leaning and punishment was ' jj. x a e j_ Reddick at the p.ans. the theme of the meeting and the pnn- rmn-a:^ of past meeting bv the secre- Lincoln H. S. Flag Raising A large crowd attended a. Flag ra:s- fcjg as Lincoln high school Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, at which the Flag fumisned by Francis Scott Key Post. The Amencati Legion, was presented by Capt. F. Lester Smith and re- ce.ved, on par; of the school, by Dr. Charles S Brooks, who made appropriate remarks tnank^g toe Legion for the g~t In aa address Mayor Elmer F. Mtdsho--er called attention to the Interes" of the American Legion in its aira to encourage the highest type of c^:zerisrur He spoke "o some length on C.T.Z aad cat.onal affairs. A silver IGT.T;- cjo. won by the school m the Arm^t.ce Day parade, was presented by Capt Srcitn "o liaunce E. Real, prrn- c.r;al of the scroo_ wrio e^terxied t.ha-nVs for tne gtft Rer^arks appropriate to the oc;»J.rr: Trere made by J. W. Srun- e~, s-^err^sor ^f colored schools, and rK-'sti'v-.s were g".~c-- by Mrs U. G Bou-se a~- "·--s PauLne Thompson The e-rcr:; was asaer tae auspices of ,.ie I_r;cclr; H.jn School Comrciinity Lear-e. cf wh.:h Donald C. Bayton is Invest L= it. pays dividends. . . tO 3T ESCG65STS KVtKXWBUS The Dandelion Poet Says: "When your liver's apside dotvn; And apon yoar face a fro ion, Jast you go without a risk And take a Dandelion Disk." large box si.CO At Yonr Druggists or Dealer** inhale? EVER ON AND ON IV.llowins: the true, natural course of sound business principlo^. tin* Bank continues on and on in the service in \\hich it \\as originally ordained. Recognizing it? specific sphere, abiding bv the dictates of both opon-mhulodness and experience, it remains =afely in the bounds of conservatism while practicing sound proarressiveness. Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 TOUCH of the TOE Certainly *~ 7 out of 10 smokers inhale knowingly * * * the other 3 inhale unknowingly D O you inhale? Seven out of ten smokers know they do- The other three inhale without realizing it. Every smoker breathes in some part of the smoke he or she draws out of a cigarette. Think, then, how important it is to he certain that your cigarette smoke is pure and clean--to be sure you don't inhale certain impurities! Do you inhale? 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