Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 4, 1965 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1965
Page 1
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, t-ARV.:Y G. t want of Government only protection aualtut thn violence nml Injustices of 'nil or selfish men. — John Hirch & SALES CO. rip "YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" VOL. 37 NO. 29 NEA, McNanght Feature* UH Leased Wires CLOVLS, NEW MEXICO, TUESDAY, MAY 4, 1965 14 Pages Today DAILY OR SUNDAftto VAN SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) American Marines and paratroopers fought Communist-led rebels with rifles and machine- puns in the heart of Santo Domingo today. The rebels were reported massing up to IL'.-'wn men for an all out assault. They would he opposed by up to 19.000 Americans. A military spokesman said the rebel strength included at least ,'iOO rebel Dominican army troops and 12.000. armed civilians. l!o said some of them, armed with 50 caliber m.vliine Kims, fired on a U.S. helicopter ti;..av Tlie spokesman also reprted the rapture of a midget Mibma- rine Monday at 1'oiiit Torrecd- la. on the ()/.ama Kiver tnat ED-LED REBELS flows through Santo Domingo. The two-man submarine apparently was smuggling in arms for the rebels. The spokesman said seven Americans had been killed thus far in the operation, and 40 wounded. T';'-- lated in!--''!r<e)i!'f' reports •^'id die rebi'i leadership included hardcore Dominicaii LBJ Urges No Steel Price Hike WASHINGTON- MT'Ii - The Johnson administration placed its presiiu'i' on the line todav nrainst anv over-all increa-v in munists, and the spokesman said there were reports of Cuban Communists among them. In Washington President Johnson said 58 men with known Communist backgrounds were among the revolt leaders. The spokesman said the rebels captured three civilian caterpillar tractors Monday and that it was believed the rebels were arming them for use as tanks. The spokesman placed the main rebel buildup for a possible all out attack near Checkpoint Charlie on the outer tip of the Marine perimeter near the U.S. Embassy. Opposing the rebels he said the Americans now had 14,000 troops ashore and about 5,000 I* s;ui! in n ne\v M;;dv thn! ihc stfe: ir,ii!!-.!ry could affonl a wauc increase up to 3 per ci'nt o| payroll witixHil rriisms prices. Preside;;: . ni'rment ar s'ee!-.\ nrkrr,' report «;•'". ; '.f<] man- of !»<<• read th«- * * * in Navy ships offshore. They In* eluded 10,831 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, N.C., and more than 7,500 Marines. The briefing indicated the rebels were bringing in arms from sea, possibly from Cuba but the spokesman did not identify the nationality of the cap- * * * * * * tured submarine. He said the American military had discovered a rebel supply of heavy and light ma- chineguns, explosives and underwater demolition supplies. The rebels have frogmen trained by the United States but there were no reports they were In action. * * * $700 Millions. ight Comm h ^ £L"JT» over the next two months to fi-jdel Rivers, D-S.C., of the House money before the end of the Nam ' He Said the bombin g was nance L S milifnru rvt.n^ofi^^,^ I A ,..„„,! c : /~. ... J _ »-«w ui me iin^oytol-n^. "««i i .,_ .. " -• • -...v...,, tx kJ.v_., ui llic JUUUae nance L.S. military operations Armed Services Committee told flff'TIMC^f * * f 1 n u__ __ "A. ._ -». against sion" in fiscal vear June 30 ,,_ • '— .-•-....~v. ._,_, .n.^0 vyujujiiiiace iuiu useai vear June ou Communist aggres-!Johnson: "We will respond as But he added: "We must do Bb n°H\± ^rf n ^l 'VT I" . the P ast « nd . >' ou ^ateyer must be done, what- _^ • •••»>«*-un;"^ 11 u v v- in LUC jjcijtl dllu yUU Kepublic and South Viet Nam.;can depend on this. Whatever I no IJfft r i rlr\rt A ! u i r *•* ! , . . I >. IV SXNTU I>OMI\(,0 Profit* M \ilciju. ;i <• ."i . .i try M t-'i rn.ik.' ;'-. t:-n t . ,l, st<..:k:-,i P •••>•. < : - ;i';-l t*-.e <>•- .<f :-..• "..>'. .-; " Quake Kills In El X \ •.n!'-> -i'Vin people in a tclc 1 !!;•• V.T;h- House- that the t.-ili'-n into C.'ommu- U In:; 1 , no e!:0icc hut to AnvTi'-an troops to the r\. i MIA Telenhotcii loriiies attle iet Cong . . Jhe President, in a briefing lyou want, let us know" for more than 100 key mem- 1 Says Cost Burdensome Dors of the House and Senate,, The President said he said "\\hen we are attacked,' we must not turn tail and run' We must stand and fight." He said the new American firmness against North Viet Nam "may well have alreadv brought us closer to peace." But as Ions: as no settlement is in su'ht. he said, there was no choice but to continue the same cour-e. real- ever the risk and whatever the undertaken "only when patience had been transformed into a blunder" by Communist terrorist attacks. co ; st . The United States could no Johnson recalled that he had (longer "stand by with our arms been President 14 months be-'folded," he said * * * * * * Before Troops Withdrawn The President said that con- SEATO Withholds Stability, Peace ort Eyed By Johnson LONDON i UPI) — Pakistan 0?4ii Ze atioT(SFtTo7 a ,o? eat} ; WASHINGTON (UPI)-Presi-,OAS met anno t" e bankef^Mrffor • ?"* J ° hnS ° n wU1 pul1 U -S-i ^oposal which would h a'vt ac ., citf %K. et iraiS; i ss? °^ f j^^s? ^=™r erican nations 10 njtjon. Makes Other Points I W A' .<) 11*1 rxfi-nt a: K \! ir.<>tn! sun-; s:itr. rne o\er An a . i Pakistan Foreign Minister ' Wl11 bnn S peace on the is'and... i The OAS took no action on . __ iZulfikar All Bhutto gave his and 8 lve some _ hope of stability;the matter Monday night, but Johnson also made these oth- i ^ overnment 's views on the : of Government." | W as scheduled to meet again T points at his White House ^KATO ministerial conference '' Tne C]ncl Executive made the; today. Though there was some •neetm? with members of six al a closed session. Earlier: statement in a speech before a opposition, administration offi- •on.'resMonal committees: France had disassociated itself lab °r group Monday even as the'cials were confident that the ,,'•)„,,, , i- c • . n- irom an - v endorsement of U.S. i • • • " iproposal eventually would win 1 ' —' - s - intelligence reports policies ~~ ~ ~ '.•^""•ted had indicated that another rev- " " ••• g'-mg olution might be expected else- : Fu!I details of Bhutto's Merinos .<!av * o* *•( *' * w*is.ifc*^r v. v v *i UCi lllvT Jury Hears to - Monday, but' "it didn't s ! 1(?(1( -'h were not disclosed on '. m • Marine Corps phnn- cunie through." He did not Bhutto's personal instructions., L-liiyiFft aul thev sank three name the country although the 1>>ut well-informed sources said ••••"•»V of \ iet Con a; whn inference was that it was in '' a kistan made known its reser- .* !•> flee from the Latin America. .vations on L'.S. action in Met number of enemv . Nam and urged the need for a Me l mted State-? was not peaceful settlement in Southeast ') rr i( f*/-v,» c- /\n in 4 u ,. f"\ ,. _^ '.:_...._ was not known, how- t Evidence ,C 'i do- of l! T-ida>'> lo,\ I'! I'W \t News At a Glance Songwriter's Son Judged Insane SANTA MONICA. Calif. < I I'D — S- l.i\ inston's s<m, (;,tr>. 'j.: i,, ( - I»I-M n-i". i! ic-. \ hieh , \ tl in !.i-t }• <>t\ ftl lli^amf\' • •r and hi-, im ly Immt-in n.-ai i>> I^-veib, IhlK Two Die In Crash At 'Silver Hand' FT. II(M)I). T«-\. < I I'll — U r ' | uh.en iheir jet fighter - U.!,-i- ,-i •{*<.-.;< ,\-.<\ niy-Air Force exeicixc i.ii.. p,-,* -' •, • i; • Fun-*- F-IC Phantom was (I-.-;:.- : . ,..,. ,.. ;v .. ,. when it dip|>ed li^u nuas >l. <i i-' •.; . i , •> . .,'.,.; M'-nm.s were ('api. U'ilh/im (• T.h, . ;;7 :f! ; < Milton H. Ix'pjvri. L h i Buth w. ,. t: .... \-....,,, Calif. Basketball Whiz To Attend UCLA NEW YORK (I'M) — Seven •,»>.. ,..„- iv- > ; h .. hall whiz l^'vv AK-iudur annnuivrd t.,ii,-:\ ti i ! ,\; ter I'CLA in Septemtx'r. The hii.;hi'-t «, M u:.: •.,•}••.••}. basketball playor in New Vm-k Citv hi-^MA eii'-.-,i silence at a press cotiferencr in th'- j.'\mn.:-'-.m< if l'< Memorial High School, where fie and his have formed champloaship teams fi^r th. yea IN. G«s Wars: 'Competitive Cannibalism' WASHINGTON' (IT!) — Gasoline price wars mav h»-> a financial boon to the average car OVUUT hut an m! company s[wkesman says they air- 'Vomp.-titiv,. .. ( n-" for sorm- priKiuc.-r> and M-;A.,V ^\.,\i,.n ,,\\'--. i-rs. 'Hie Fedeial Trade Cumfni>.>!iin d-'TC'i l,,^-..-! ;K second <i,)\ n( hearint-s U»driy intn th,' roniplicn.'d "i'- ot-duivs [irodueer-s, di.strihutor.s and retailers UM> to wi the price of gasoline. Medicare Deductible Urged Deleted MASllINCiTON (I 1*1) — A hospital vpnkesm.m t..- day^ur^i'd ronyress i,> eliniinate tVotn in,' a«lmim-tia- tlon's mi'dicare hill a propped ie<jiiiri'mi'ni (hat j.vm'li- ciaru-s pay the lirst $4n themsclx-es. Joseph iVn-iuio oj the American Hospital Associfition, Mid hj^ i.tL-atsixatinn has long opposed deductible* "bei-ause ue d« not hehe\e Oney accomplish then- intended purpo:*- uf ' usage." V'i.-'. \an " • f!h" <• arrv.rvj .,,,,,,,,, . . |' ; ' ' > e'-upted in a vi!Marine perimeter when a Lea'her- .'-controlled vil- Marine i:i!'.,n- missinq >:nce Marines were ^^::r;-r; said the \';.«t .--.'d Marine pos '; -'^ • t':i' ni^.-ht Monday '.'• !!.;.>-l'!iu Bai area r"r!.'! of Da Nan^ > \\.is a flash Mond.iv " I'a \a?v,' in wiiicli ai" w..;r 12 f.S. Navv tiirt-e raid< on \.irth h! -w up a North Vie 1 I:.! 1 .". Relieved t>> ho amitiuni'ii'M hound for ^t guerrillas in the the asurossor in the Dominican ,\sia Hepiilihc. It sent in troops aft- 1 ' er leadership of rebel forces fell Pakistan's crowing reserve . >ver Viet Nam was reflected in 1)e " ins hearing testimony today i the hacking of the required ; two-thirds (14 of 20) majority. Complications Arise But the claim by former Dominican President. Juan Bosch Monday night that the constitutional congress in Santo Domingo has elected army Col. Francisco Caamano as "president" of the Dominican Republic was I5y United Press International j pxpected to complicate the mat An all-white, all-male jury ter. Bosch claimed that Caamano elected under provisions of Dominican constitution in into the hands of men "trained • • •"•• -v......... u m . - .- ^ at overthrowirii: govornmen's :;-; P">i!i<m there is no military at . 'y'y'^'vil'e, Ala., in the trial and estab!:-!ii'i > Commirrst ^'lu'.ion for the Viet Nam cn^is ul ( ' ol!le Lero . v Wilkins. Jr., 21, the „.. t ... JtJluull , I1 „, -First intelligence repor'-'s ;init that a settlement must he ono ° f three Ku Klux Klansmen effect in 1963 when he (Bosch) Conference t: ' 1:u 'Sfd with the slaying of was deposed. He said he was white civil rights worker Mrs. 'old of the election by inform- Viola Liu/zo on March 25. ants in Santo Domingo. Mrs i in?™ „..,<, c.u t « j 41. : ^ otl1 Johnson and Secretary Mrs. Lurno was shot to death of state Dean Rusk Mondav on I . S lhghwa> 80 m Lown- strongly defended tht . uni i aler ai reports indicated that only two of the ''cached across the co: Dominieun rebel leaders I'ommunist backgrounds I.e. Mondav this figure had Uil)le - hu |l It was not immediately known "'"• how stron? a pn.^tion Hhutto took in his policy outline to the — American civilians in the chief delegate- of the Dtimimcan Kepublic had been nation defence alliance, evacuated so far without loss of Conference source< su '•'.'<• He rapped his knuckles on that his specific in>truc'ions for th-e uooden lectern before him .secrecy " a,,,, Ai " 1-1 suonj;>y aeiennea me umiatera t>! - !l! " a shuttl"' sen?ce V ?or e Ne n ?oe? U-S - inh<rvonUon - whk ' h *** TI -i *r\ ^ pcirtic'ipstcd in tht 1 St?lniii\v-» •' -. ' Air • i »•" •^ l s u n .'\niriiCti s Aiiios inc'ludinP this remark. i marked diver- si-jnified J'akNtan' ion from the PuHtzer Prizes Awarded Newspapers Las Vegas Job Corps Center OK'd |overall attitude of other conference participants i Britain, Australia and Thai inarch that had ended hours earlier Mrs Liur/.o was from Detroit and the mother of five children. Howe has been described as wlQIfl^S 1 5th Mississippi a , t SANTA KE i IT! .-Cm. Jack M Campbell today approved the proposed $64.450 camp Luna job corps center near Las Ve- 4as as part of the state's antipoverty program. The project will luue capacity to provide work a n d miming for about 2M young from !ll( 'n between the a^es of !ti and 21 Work will center on im- li-aiy.inat 1 '- !a>t thif' r.'t areas <•'. :.:-. ecf'tii'irmc situa- •'::'\ed tit have reslllt- '•'•'o! :.'! part. winners of l j u!i:/er pruvement of recreation t i-.irnalism were: uii-'. fishing and scenic .Kan. i News: A around Las Vejas ii'it/er for mer - The governor's approva seruce in rei-i)j brir/Js the total number of job nauts face durin successful cam- corjis^centers in New Mexico to Vpolio moonships. The countdown for the 200- pound Project Fire spacecraft at 8 40 a.m. EST The land, tne other speakers at to- a pau ) mformer for the f'ederal ... days sesMon. strom-h endors«-d Bureau of Investigation. Virlim American Viet Nam policies. T !,e jury, selected with but Wl *- 11111 action and strategy and little delav Monday, includes HANNIBAL. Mo. (ITD-The stressed there nniM be no weak- five fanners a night watch- Mississippi River flooded 17 emnu. New Zealand and the man. a mechanic, an electri- l)! "cks today and killed the 15th I'hilipp'.nes expressed their sup- cian. a bookkeeper, two county ^tim of an angry month-long wrt Mondav ,empknes and a machinist. ' rampage through five states. Workers at Hull, 111., across the river from Hannibal, checked the threat of widespread flooding by pounding a board into a levee break and surrounding it with sandbags. The Missi.ssippi hammered ru>F KPYYvnv I-PI \ i • ,. through the !e\ee Monday night irnmn' M i "" \ ; que,tionabit. item Good and Hull's 300 residents were 4W-n mu.e countdown tn-an on v,>.l,ihty ls needed to enable iorced to leave. schedule today lor a 32-mimite 'elescopes io track the blazing — wh:c ; : .-raft as it plunyt-s toward the ea. '_:__•____ ,empio\es am! a machinist. Countdown Underway On Short Space Probe up-and-down will report on the inferno astro- re-entrv in i t ,' about legislate< "'! in Kansas r won a court MM' state Senate to be " .. pop'a'atKin ba- ed to by October. ive The first forma! dedication if an ofx-rating camp will be •it Mountainair May 15 The first enrollees are expect- be housed at Camp Luna Ultll ' n i»nieter - laden probe ve If! BlIXiKT IIKAfil\GS — State Public School Fi- nanc.' oifuitis Are t'ondtuMin.-; Huilm-t Hearings In Ho\i- For I'.'uniy Schfxils T<xla\ ami Wednesday Page 6. v i»i '< i. v " \i»uiul Ilir NlaN- y l^(n'aJ | l!r " ! ~' !) Murk.-I» ..'............ | 1 >«"-•" J li, IS 1-ublM- Ui-cord ( l>«-atJi« 6 Surii-lv ' < 1 UflU lablt- The Atlas will boost the pay- oad about 500 miles into space uid then a small solid-fueled ocket will ram it back into the hick layer of air blanketing , , • 'arth. nicle was set to make a quick j hop into space and then take a T' ie cone-like probe, similar: 25,(XX) mile an hour dive back !!1 MI ape to the three-man Apollo earth today. '^ craft, was expected to gen- lerate a 20.000-degree fireball as > •acecraft was perched jt p i ows int o the atmosphere; Launch £^& t ™F*%«£» ^ ™^ ^ pin. EST but engineers were •; prepared to wait as late as : Project Fire was designed to i 12 19 am EST Wednesday if fin{ i out how much heat from) necessary " the hot layer of gases just; ahead of the blunt heat shield! Weather in the reentry area is actually felt by the space-i over the South Atlantic was the'craft itself. ' FIDO Crashes On Takeoff An F1(W Supersabre Jet fighter ran off the runway at C'aa- uoii AFB about I. p.m. Tuesday, but tite pilot <&e*fed with no apparent Injury. Baw ufficial* »aid Ihe pilot, identified as Cap*. Jwbo Jacubf , ol tb£ 27tb Tattltal Flghitr Wing, 'apparently KUOU t/wibk," uteg Uuyfw ta«« barrier." Tfce tiflfci «vpto4 iM 0m* but tiut On wn ntin|\ilth»i ouuaeato iatcjr by » wrt «f

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