The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 13, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1924
Page 9
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS^ PAGE NTNE. CROSSWORD PUZZLE Our puule, author escaped from his padded cell with only a pencil and a foollxh look. lto wrote 4 puzzlo on the first Ihlng lie saw—which happened to he a real efltate sign, lie left the letters on tho flisn utilizing them in his own. words to save orualng them. Can you tell what tho sign aald after you have solved the puzzle? After all la Hold and done, yon will bo 10 horizontal with this 8 horizontal puzzld, despite tho Met that yon will not solve It with tl vertical. | [ THE DAILY RECORD 4 5 6 / 1 10 • Dlrthi Rselstered. 3lr. ntul Mm. WHI T' T Amrlne rMnry Klohm-kiir), 1201 KiRhlh oust, daughter, Until Alice, Nov. 1(1. Mr. and Mr**. Puny Knight Murdnrk (Mylvln Jluzcl llollowny), 60S Twelfth west, fsnii, lVrry Jr., Nov. .1. Mr. and Mis. Key W. TJoyrt (Zoa It. Clutaa), 307 Park Mrnot, daughter, Jennie May, Nov. s. Mr. and Mr*. Homer Brenner (TSIale Coomlw), 4!i! Ave. 11 emit, daughter, Ovt. 11. Mr. iiml Mr.*. Hoy Heiidershot. (Ruth Rlobly), r,il Elevoiilh west, won, Nov. in. Mr. and Mrs. >.*r,liin Starlet] Nelson (JCttn Pnrlter), Lincoln township, daughter, Mitxlno, Sept. 2t. Building Permlti, Ada Cooper, garage, 28 Seventh ave. went, $100. Harry Woodruff, garage, 808 Klghth eiiBl., 575. Osour Kdlund, garnge, S3! Fourth east, jsoo. Gene Melntnrff, parage. Avenue A en.M nnd Pnpljir. JtfrO, M. A. Klghlllnger, gara;;e, "OH Eighth east, 1125. Deedl. 1'' IOMI . Nelson rn Cora P. Ntllson, W ft. IOIH 111 iind S. «, 7 and Kiut 11 S ft. Nelaon sub. dlv. of lots 1, Uk. 3, XUIHOII'H ndd., ltutcliinson, $1, Jacob Schmucker to Heulien l J . Schmuoker, NVJ of N)i ol NWVi 1»- •Jti-s, |i,50ii. Ida Terrll! etnt (O r,. W. Term/, lots 1. 2 Uk. 13, I'arlrldKo, JHon. Snrnh B. Itavniolifl t„ Hfrt It nnd .lenlili- M. Wright, lot t!2, Bk. II, 1T.C- cl'-.i 1st aild., Hutchinson, tl. i Iteno County to .1. S. .Simmons, lots 10. 12 Ilk. V. Iluu-hlnaon liiv. Cu. 2nd add.. Kutolilrixon. SIS.31. Angus 1!. Cnrrlnitlon to Arthur \V. I.aiu-Hster, RICU 27-22-11, $2,7r,f>, , Arthur W. L, to w, L. Lancaster, SlJ of SI5U 27-22-6, 110,376. held Wednesday afternoon at the M. E. church. Our first basket hall practice occurred Tuesday after school. Henry Holcomh died at his home Miss tails Austin, Mr. Ohns. LIs- cuni, Mr. Dean Austin, Mr. T. Lin- dulil and little Clayton NafzlRor were entertained nl the home of Miss Lelta King Sunday evening. An Interesting game of baseball was played between the Sylvia and; Plevna grade teams Tuesday evening. Tho final score was a tie, 8-8. The debate try-out will bo held; Nov. 111. Ten are trying out for: the team. A snake has been found at the depot. Prof. Klnale has it In the laboratory where he has fixed It up so it can live through the winter. None of the faculty or student lx>dy has ever seen one like It In this part ot the country before. Thursday evening Is high school night at the revival meetings, Tho hlglischool Is progressing rapidly on the operetta "Miss Cherry Blossom." Rev. R'ohl, former pastor of the Methodist church, preached at the Methodist church Wednesday evening. MISB Gene Van Scock spent the week end with her sister at Kinsley. A 2. S. 0. 10. Horlaontal. , Processions. Not ordinary. A sugar formed by the netlon ot malt on starch. Satisfied. Vertical. Coward. Mechanism used in llftiiig water. Pertaining to anus. Govern. Duets. Comfort. Conveyance made to sitae rapidly o\or snow anit'lce. Answer to Yeeterday't crossword puzzle: PLEVNA. Ml6s Tllla Dennis, one' of our former high school students was marrlod Tuesday, Nov, 11, to a young prosperous farmer, Mr. Hoy Towse. The high school students and faculty surprised them with a charivari. A large crowd and a good time was reported. Rev. Johnson gave an interesting talk In chapel Monday. The English classes are getting a play roady for Education Week, which Is Nov. 17-23. The boys are practicing basket ball since base ball has gone out. of season. Revival meetings are being held at the M. E. church. Rev. Lent is loading the singing. MIBS Cleo Wright visited school Monday afternoon, one half miles south 'of Plevna Monday, Oct. 10, The funeral was ODDS, AND ENDS FROM A REPORTER'S NOTE BOOK TO ADDRESS A MISSION CONVENTION, Sheriff Ward of Rice county, placed his two blood hounds at the state reformatory at Hutchinson where they are being trained and will bo used In tho trailing ot escaped prisoners. The two animals are young, have fine pedigrees. —x— A little Lyons girl on a visit to the couutry was HBtoulshed by the noise the chickens made one morning. "They are hungry. They want their breakfast," her hostess explained. "Why don't they lay themselves an egg?" asked the little blss. A colored man, who was helping Keith Bell unload a shipment ot Christmas toys at the Racket store at I/yonB, turned over a box of "mamma" talking dolls. When they nil began crying he broke and rnn and has not been seen since. —x— George Thatcher, ot Great Bend celebrated his 80th birthday anniversary this week. He was born In 1841 the day after election and his father was ou the election board, and had been warned that Mrs. C. M. Gray, wife of the* district superintendent of the Methodist church here, la attending a district convention of Methodist women's foreign missionary soole- t.ies at Dodge City today. Mra. Gray Is on th.e program for an address this afternoon on "The Uplifted Cross Service." To Give Play at Church. The young people ot the South Hutchinson Christian church wtll present "Mrs. Tuhba ot Shanty, town", a three act comedy, tomorrow night at the church. Several musical numbers will bo played botween acts. Mrs. A. It. Montford Is directing the play. he should not. talk about the ubolt- t Initials as be did, Mr fi '.ir ^ninn- IhlnR would happen. He went homo (hat nlaht and found out what they said wna true. And George's son, Heno. wti.s born on election day, 1875 While Goorfto wnfl on the board. —x— • | Dr. .). B. Cnrrlnptoii will retire from office ns constable on .Ian. S. "<*tid I'm glad of It." he dMstrod today. "1 have been on the Job for fourteen years. That Is long enough. I wouldn't have qualified for another term oven it I had been elected." —x— Mrs. Ii. £?. Handy who knows what the soli hero will produce) in the way of flowers and shrubs more than anybody perhaps, declares that If people would pay as much attention to fertilizing and watering here as they have to do in California, they would huve a* flno flowers hero as on Uu Pacifie const. "Wo could havo just as pretty flower hods and parks here aa In southern California if the •nnio amount, of water and attention were given," .site dgeiared. The motor Ma^.*-; that ply be- tweon Hutchinson and Wichita l.-\ve been nameiV. One Is "Mha Hutchinson," and til" other "Mi>« Wichita." "Ves and they both Miss Pretty Prairie." compl'iined a man \ from Ih i.' sniiih ••»,| ma n. ~-x | Capl. .1. V. Fniiiel.- ,;i Nii-kernon i old soldi"!'. h«» presented to Con- ; gresHtiiiiti .1. N. Tlncher a torth i ivhieh ho carried In tho MoKlnley- ! Hryan campaign of IS!>!o;. It is one I of the cild-faahloned lie. torches ! ishioh used to he such ,i prominent i feature of ihe okltlme t'.rllle.-=.. —x — Bill Clark, former sheriff, and candidate for election to that, office in the late campaign sizes it up this way: "The fellow who makes preelection promises usually Is a fool or a liar, and sometimes both." of any on tho county ticket. At tin close of the .regular canvass, com pleted Saturday by the county com iiilssloners. Cole waa leading b; three votes. At the final count Ijockott poller _\I0W vote?, and Cole a touf o 2 .3'i«>. When tho regular eanvn?! w;is, completed f/ockctr had 2,-Tc votes and Cole carried a total o :,M8. Lockett Victor In j Pratt Sheriff Race | Pralt. Nov. 1.1.--Sheiil'f K I., l.oclioll is re-elected to serve a two year lerni, it was determined late Tuesday with the completion of a count of the absentee vole, In which Lockett emerged with n margin of V, votes over Sam Oole, his llepublican opponent. The sheriff's race was tho closest Have Us DRY CLEAN Press and repair your Suits, Furs, Dreaaei and Heavier clothing our better way. Use tha phone or parcel post. DRY CLEANERS V-nVkrt kt <4 WdM iMta. Up PH0NE44 Butter-KmsT [ Do«s Net Cruatlt-j Try it Congregational Lads and Dad» Have a Feed An enthusiastic gntlierins of Fathers and Rons met at Hie First Congregational church dining Zoom for their annual bnunuat at U:M o'clock lust night. A committee from Urn ladles' association served a fine feed to tho young and old male rtietnbers of their families. Tho promise has been made, that the men will put oil a mother and daughter banquet in tho near future, so tho ladles featured an extra fine ImiKiuet last niclit Hi "an example to the men" for good ser- vie in the coming event. Nearly u h 'tudP 'd iltitlx and lads roapondod to tho invitation to be present and Ihe only criticism heard was the regret that Ihe "father and son" hauduet was not niure frequent than once a year. A fine program was tarried out with \'A Itoacli serving as toastmaster. The spanker* and their,: "A l'e.ture l-ool,"— Harold Heir. "The Hov. a Citizen"—S. I>. Nold. "The Hoy 1 Prize"- D. C. Martindell. "The Father in tho Hov's House" — II. T, Whitney. Ferdinand Ilaberkoni gave several musical selections. At the close it was announced, that "fallier and son" week would lie celebrated further with u hike. I on Saturday, and on Huttday morn-) lug at 11 o'clock there would be ai father ami son program at the; church. j FOUND TOT UNCONSCIOUS > WITH CUT ON HIS FACE Great Rend, Nov. 13.—Mr. audi TUi'b. Hugh Cnrmlchacl Tuesday! evening hud a shock wheu (hoy 1 found their little -1-year-old .sou ly-j ing In the yard, apparently life-) less, with a great cut across his; face, starting on the forehead and : crossing the left eye, cutting open ' the cheek to the chin. | They took the youngster into the house, still unconscious, and uecur- 1 oil u physician and In the meantime j the little follow commenced lo show Bigns of recovery. The doc- 1 tor found It necessary to take several stitches lo sew up the wound and found tliut the eye, luckily, had not been injured. The only way in which the accident can bo accounted for, It is said, te that the youngster, while playing about the yard roll from some holght, his face striking the edge of H bucket, which lay beside him. and inflicting tho cut. He was all right in a short time, except for the cut. and la not suffering from it now. f NOTICE OF SALE. F. D. and M. H. Malone will hold a public snlo of 48 high grade Hoi- stein imd Shorthorn cattle consisting of fresh rows, heavy springers, heifers and calves on Monday, November 17 at It a. m. A few good mules also will be offered. Nine months time at B per cent Interest will he given with 2 percent discount for cash. The farm is located (Va miles south of Chase. 13-IH Alks, Separate Maintenance. Suit for aepurute maintenance bus been filed In disi.Vrt court by Luita Hippie usuinst Floyd .1. Hip- plo local grain man. We never close no can givo you Ihe heist of Ford service. Phone f,9. Uaiilund-Klngsiey .Motor Co. Fl-lt ROYAL NOW! Everyone Acclaims It! Young and old—each find something different In It to Admire and Applaud, ABRAHAM LIMCOLI Here is Romance, Drama, Humor and Thrill, all combined in one marvelous mo* tton Picture. Mat. 25c: Evening,, 40c Children Under 12, 10c Schedule: 1:15-3:20-5:20-7i20-9:20 NOW! The Girl who learned that a Million dollara and no sense couldn't buy happine»a Bebe Daniels With Tom Moore In »oangerot/ s Money* Bebe Daniel'* First Paramount Starring Picture ADDED 2 Acts Vaudeville 2 Gordon & Healy In "Wedded Bliss" Petit Troupe "Foot Juggling MarvaU" Aesop'a Fables Pictorial New* Continuous 1 to 11 P. M.—Acts at 3, 7:30 and 9:30 REGULAR MIDLAND PRICES Matinee 10-25;—Evening 10-40C IRIS Mat. &c and 10c Evening 10c TONIGHT Today'* Outstanding BARGAINS In Second-Hand Furniture Crescent Gas flj 10 Pfi Range 4>1£.«J»U Kr CoJ $12.50 (8 Hole, Reservoir) . 13 Inch Gem Oak(Q PA Heater JJO. Jll One Square Din- P*A in S Table $0.dU Ride the Elevator and SAVE at I'orU Kfnyon in "The Love Bandit" "Winning Out," comedy TOMORROW— AtU'lic Ray In "Ten Scnr« Make a Man" Kirst run. "On Leave of Absence" A first run doift-tivo story "The Cry Baby," rom*fly. FREE FREE FREE Bring this coupon to The Iris on Friday, Nov. 14, and be admitted free. ^« chain* !1»«-*M.a ,7^ TODAY WESLEY BARRY "GEORGE WASHINGTON JR." A lj;irr:tKO of fun iiml lauahU'r. 'Also Century Comedy, "PAYING MONEY" A first mn. FAIR FOOD PRICES !!! 14 lbs. Fure Cane Sugar for $1.00 On Orders for $5.00 or Over Groceries or Meati Other Than Flour. 48-lb. sack Guaranteed High Patent Hour $1.80 The Bread From This Flour Took First Prize at the State Fair. Potatoes (Russetts or Brown Beauties) Sack Lots, per bu 90c Fancy Blue Rose Head Rice, 12 lbs. for. .$1.09 Peanuts (Fresh Roasted or Salted) per lb., 15c 1 : Crackers, Fresh From the Oven, lb 09c Cranberries, per lb 15c English Walnuts, Soft Shell, lb 25c Macaroni (Seashell or Ready Cut) lb 10c 4 lbs. Bulk Corn Starch for 25c 25c Can Red Pitted Cherries for 15c 7 Bars White Laundry Soap for 25c Ginger Snaps, per lb. 10c Two Cans Standard Sugar Corn for. 25c Phone 2293, 2746, 909, 260 and Get Your Goods Delivered Fret of Charge Dillon Mercantile Co. Groceries and Meats j CO MAMMEt General Manager. ! No. 1—418 N, Main. ] No. 2— Corner B and Mata. N». 4— U ». Main. No. 3 -490 ». Mala. Don't miaa this event. The values ar* really remarkable. Coma Early! LOWER PRICES 112 NORTH MAIN Thi* Store closes on Sat- urdaya at 6 :30 P. M- Open every day at 8 A. M, cloae • P. M. Friday and Saturday Only An Extraordinary Selling of 1OO Plain and Fur Trimmed Fashionable Winter COate i 1! All Are Greatly Reduced For This Selling All of the Coats offered in this two days sale are of a much higher type than this economical price represents. These coats featured for Friday and Saturday are chosen from regular stock and represent a comprehensive choice of one of the finest coat groups we have ever offered. The coats in this collection are specially priced for these two days' selling and their unusual qualities will be easily recognized by women who seek a winter "coat of character and who really want to save money! Featured are Coats in the Smartest New Shades—-Dozens of Styles

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