The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 2, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

SCHOOL SHOES Boys' and Girls' Shoes for school wear — durable and reasonably priced. Come and see them before buying. Teare Etzler Shoe Store 19 NORTH MAIN. A TREAT COMING Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Dales can be arranged at any time by calling "my office phone, Nlckerson 29 at my expense. Sept. 2—John Smith, 1V4 north 'A east Chase. Se|>t. 3—Mrs. Loiig, 3 soulh rand 1 west Nlckerson. Sept. 4 —Mummy and Redbarn, 4 miles east ami 2 miles soulh ot Nlck- trson, Sept. 0—Wilson. 2 r-nst and 3 south Reformatory barn . Sept. n—M. McCurni'ck, southeast corner of Nlckerson. Jesse Langford tunl observations mafic officially by several of the belligerent governments, and the net result of these careful observations IB to refute the idea ot any effect of war on weather. TURK TURNS DOWN HUN "POISON" COIN Hutchinson to Have Pleasure of Seeing Russe BalftU DANCED BY TWO ARTISTS Paivey and Oukrainsky, dnd the 1 Accompaniment to be by Barrere's Orchestra. An attraction which will come to Hutchinson this fall which will he one of par excellence and which will have the added zest of being the first per- fom-ance of its kind here will be the coming of the PavnleyOukralnsky Ballet accompanied by the Uttl* Syftl- Phony conducted by George Barrere. The attraction will be brought hero by the Mother's *lnb for the benefit of the Day Nuttier? and 1 will be given at the Convention Hall, October si. The ballot will be headed by the premiere dancers, Serge Oukrainsky and Andreas Pavley. Oukralhsky Is a native of the Uirrahlan city, Odessa., and Is consurdftlcty Russian. Me first eame to this country with the I in perlat Russian ballet with Mmc. Pav Iowa. He designed many ot the great Danstiese most beautiful dances. IJV ter ho and Pavley organised the Par- ley-Onkralnsky ballet and Joined the Chliwgrt Opera. He Is the only living dancer who can dance on h'.s toes. Pavley, son of a Russian mother aha Dutch father, spent hi* youth In India and It Is said that the land of mystl' clsm has cast its spell oyer htm, adding to his personality a note of warmth, which with his ability and poetic beauty make n most colorful dancef, The orchestra whjch accompanies the artists Is said to ho the finest In the country. George Barrcre, the coll. ductor came from France 11 years ago. He Is a flute player, a virtuoso of the flute and Indeed la said to be the world's greatest. The playing of the orchestra alone will be worth more than the price of admission and will bring music lovers here from all parts of the country. ALFALFA SEED For Fall l'ltintinu $6.50 to $12.00 per Bushel All central Kansas crown. Non- irrigated—write for samples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson, Kans. Bisonte Barber Shop Located In Uie Bisonte Hotel build log, south entrance. We do your work as you want It done. No long wailing. If you shave yourself lei us sharpen your razor. Work called for end delivered. Give us a trial. JOHN URBAN, Prop. Letters From Boys in A. E.F. Received in Hutchinson Let Me figure on Monarch Weather Strips for your home. Save fuel, keep warm. No obligation to show you. G. T. Bronleewe 120 14th West Phone 523 Salih Gourdji. Salih Gourdji, former president of the Ottoman official news agency, is a refugee in this country because he refused to sell his ideals to the German government. He was threatened with assassination when he turned down offers to spread Hun propaganda. He fled to this country in 1314. DOESN'T ASK EXEMPTION FOR EITHERjOF_ HIS TWINS Although Farmer Needs Both of Them to Help With Work on the Farm. Heal Itching Skins] With Cuticura A It drugging; Soar, 25. Ol ntm«nfc2S AM, Talcum ffi. Diiniiiloearli troart "Cutlr.un, Dtpt. », gwMa." THE WAR DOES NOT AFFECT WEATHER AT ALL, IS CLAIM Uultles in Europe Do Not Modify Itainfiill Either Locully or Elsewhere. Topeka, Sept. 2.—Martin Litke of Council Grove doesn't ask exemption for his twin boys or even deferred classification although the boys are doing the work on the Litke farm in Morris County where they have a thousand acres. Litke's son George was placed In Class 1 by the district board but the other son Jerry was given deferred class on agricultural grounds. The father appeared before the hoard after the classifications were- made and declared that neither of the hoys really ! claimed a deferred class but.that they had slept together, gone to school together and lived Inseparable all their lives and if one boy was needed In the service the other boy wanted to go to. All Litkt! asked and all the two boys seemed to consider relative to serving the country was that If tlioy lid it they wanted to be together. Both the father and sons made a special plea to the District Board to classify the hoys alike and if possible to see that they were called at the same lime and allowed to enter the same brunch of the service. The members or the hoard was sufficiently iiueresied in the Damon and Pythias affair to promise to send them to '.camp together. After that their Jurisdiction is at an end hut if the buys put up as good a talk Washington, I), t:.,—'There is nothing In it," says the United Slates Weather Bureau to repealed' inquiries us to whether the war affects rainfall or any other weather conditions, to camp officials they will probably There Is u popular fallacy 'hal loncus- Kions, explosions, and the. liberation of gases in the Kuropean conflicts is having an effect'on the weather, not only over the battlefields, but else wheru on the globe, built' is only a fallacy, say the weather spei luli.'-is of lie.; I'nltid Stales l)cj uiimeni ot Agriculture, even ihuugh It has existed almost sincii the beginning of his- loric Hints. Before gunpowder was used, die ancients hud an Idea that buttle;; produced raiufall, which was caused by the clash of swords and the sweat ot the fighters. Later, the same be pcrmltlod lo stay together. Litke explained that both trays were helping to harvest. Hie crop but that few days could find the job oolBplotrd and he was perfectly willing both buys should serve their country ul- «js with the requettt Hint If one went the other should not be left at home. SCHOOL BEGINS SEPT. 17. Fort Hays Normal is to Open on That Date. Hays, Sept. 2.--On account of fall , farm work the Fort Hays Normal will theory was trans-. nol open U|l „, Hop , l7 Tlu , onro n. lcilid to thjj noise produced by urns-. m ,, nl wi) | l)0 all large it not i ttrger lietry and artillery; later still, to dusl ,| ian over p 01 . t|,„- U oyH there will purllclus and smoke from burning i,„ military training the fame as at powder, upon which the moisture' lit all colleges In Die Ujiitod Slate3. For tho (ill- was supposed lo be condensed ,tlio girls much war service work has and to fall as mill, and how to iho been plauned that can only ho done gases frited by explosions, and libera-, to help win the war by .Women. In led In Ike new' chemical wurare. • [college. President Wilson's advice These theories arc not combated. that all young people go to collegp In Active;Sector. Ed Howe, who is In Co. E, 13Hh Infantry, writes that they are nbl& to see many air battles now, but says he hus n "0T "been able to see an enemy plane tumble as yet. His letters follow: Somewhere in France, July 19, 131.S. Dear Mother: Well, nothing much doing so will write some more. You would expect this would be a busy place but it is much duller than 1 expected. We are in the trenches .'nd have been for some time. This is a very quiet sector so don't be worried, Tor there Isn't "as much danger n.i you would think, but at that, it does seeui funny to have to walk all the lime in a ditch and can't look over for If you did there would be a bunch of Jerrys ready to blow your head off. We get to see some of the pretti >st air battles. A bqchc plane just a while ago came over and they shot about 200 shells at him but he got away but ccmldn't get over our lin*t to take any pictures. My old first sergeant, now Lieutenant llankia, has charge of our pack train aii.l they give it a good shelling every night but J he always manages to get our food up to us. There Is continual firing all! dBy but you soon get used to It and want to got. a chance to bump a Jer.-y off. I sat yesterday altornoon . i.d shot fifty times at -tr*(55'rinan sniper that had been bothering us but don't know If I hit him or not. Another plane is up so will soon see .'ome more fun Well, will write some more when we get back to a re it camp which will be in a few days. Your son, ED. Somewhere In Prance, July 0 191S. Dear Father: Will drop you a few lines this noon to let you know I arrived all O. K. and am feeling fine and hope you are better.' ,1 was in Iho hospital for four weeks but have been out a short time and feel as good as new. 1 would have written sootier but didn't know your address and It took a long time to get it from mother. Sho writes about you in every letter so you see I know just how you are all tho time. How is work down there now? There is sure plenty ot work here but it is all army work. This is a beautiful countrr-and it Is a shame to use It for a battlefield but .it has to be done and we don't- want to come home till it is over. We all think it will be this year but you never can tell. They say the Germans have a large army left but when tho U. SI get its soldiers over here wo will make short work of Jerry. He Js a coward and our boys are the bravest yet, and when they connect up with a Dutchman there Is nothing to tell. We will soon be in the thick of It and believe me 1 am going to do my best. We all want to win this war since we have come so far and there won't be any slackers when the big thing slarts.. You will hear from tho 137th before long to watch tho papers. I would like to tell you where we are but can't, hilt we can see the shelly bursting so wo won't be Idle long. Well, I hope to get a letter from you quite often and hope you are doing well. 1 will make It all light so don't worry about me and I can do more good over hero than I could there so am all; right. I write to mother and sisters twice a week. Will write to you often now that 1 know your address. Well goodbye and write ofton as a liflt'-r from home does so much good. Will close. With love, your son, PVT. BI> HOWB. Co. B. 137th Infantry, American Ex- pidltipnury Force., American Expeditionary force, July 31, 1918. Dear Mother: A few lines this evening to answer your .kind and welcome lettor I Just received. I got one from Gladys and sho Beems to bo though 1 don't hardly carchow long It goes for I am afraid they wiH-Just stop this one, before they have the Dutch entirely 1 whipped. They Bay tho only good bodies are the dead ones and I believe It. Well, 1 can't think of much at a time but will try to moke the lime come as often as 1 can: Write often. Well, goodby, and wlllsend you a couple of souvenirs in a tew days. Your son, • ED. it merely by other theories, but by CASTOR IA For Infauts qad Children In Use For Qver 30 Years Alway* bear* ' the Mpnluro , I will be taken by a larger percentage of Western Kansas "boys and girls than ever and the only statu school in Western Kansas will be ready for them Sept. 17. Hats Cleaned and Blocked. Dan Black- 405 N. Main, Pfcaue £853. Tpp''iP<»art- We build new lops, lueut, Heuo Bwlok Co. Ha» Landed Over There. Stanoy Carlisle, who Is wllh a Machine Gun Co", has landed hi France and writes an interesting letter homo, He Is a cousin of H. L. Kales of this city. His letter rollows: Jt is raining again; has rained every day since we have been here; never very hard however. 1 had the pleasure "ot driving a dog yesterday; tbej first, time "since 1 was a kid. I little | Belgian girl who sells fruit was on [ her way home and the blg;;kids kopti stealing her -wares; sho asked us to help her so while the lad who was with me fanned the dust from the kids' trousers I drove her cart home, or as far as wo are allowed to go. Those dogs pull a load that Is actually unbelievable. Splendid Sermon.' Mamma. I've hard more good. sermons since we've boen In,the army than 1 did In a year before. Our chaplain is a fine iellow . What we would term a "good Indian", incidentally a "brother;' top. He. left a wife and two boys In Washington state. One Sunday when we were, coming through the "states" ,we .got off, at a little place in Minnesota; hail, splendid services on the lawn and Minn, "Swedes" are hard to beat Then as UBual the Red Cross ladies handed out real. "home made cookies". ; The first Sunday on board our chaplain gave a splendid talk on faith, hope and love, but Uie greatest of these Is love. Where Is that found? In" first Corinthians? About "if I speak with tho tongues of angels and of men and have not love I become as a 1 sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal." Ho referred to Drummond's "Hie Greatest Thing in tho World." You remember that little book I left at home. .I can't say tbat It rains here all the time, but It has kept It up pretty steadily all day and last night too, Not those heavy rains like Kansas but more like tho coast weather.' I sure bope, mamma, that the broken arm is well again and that this finds "you all" as well and happy as it leaves us. With bushels of love and remember not to worry for we are being troated tine and are lust as well off as we would be In the states, They've got Fritz on the run and we are going to keep him going too and will come back home a lot bettet'.boy for having been in the army. Your lorfhe son, :..-.* STANLEY, Is In French Hospital. Following is a letter from Sgt. Ray E. Kenuedyj who was anjohg the first boys to leave for Franca from Hutchinson. He hai been wounded, and is now in a French hospital, His letter follows: Franco, Aug. 3, HUB Dear Father : and Sisters: ' A few lines this afternoon to let you know 1 am still alive. I have not received any letters for several weeks and hardly think I will for a week or so more becnuso it seems difficult to recoivo mail when you have left your company und are in a- hospital, especially a French hospital I hope it Will not be long before I can be able to receive mail. The last few letters J received come over in good time, I recelvod them 10 to Vt days after they wore written. I got a small wound Ju my, back but is nothing serious at all. 1 am ablo to walk from Gladys and sno seems to | - - w , e ^„ B0 y ou ubn 't want to making it all O, K- _JJ»n | worry as I fw bo OU a short time, doji 't have to go; and anyway I understood that government employes didn't have to BO ; but I suppose they need all thoy can get and if lie goes 1 hope as you say that Sis will come over as a Itod Cross nurse. 1 might got to see lier, and besides that Is a very honorable work and a Red Cross no rnaller wlwt I( Is is looked to as a great friend of tho BoldlerB. They would fight the devil tor the Med Cross and Y. M. O, Ay There are several other branches, that does slm> ilar work tout tlioy aro small to what these two axe. Don't think tho men they call now will ever seu any fighting for everybody thinks this Is the beginning ot the end., although as for myself I thlflk that two years will bo tb.e thffo. Of course it Wight ho Jljka.all.wars-> stop as suddenly as they: started. well I have seen the front 4*4 whenever they an* ready i AQl. aJ- will be out of hpro after i; The boche aro onthe run In several places and 1 guess the game they started four years agp is not so easy after 811- The time passed pretty slow in tbe hospital for most of tbe fallows and we received^ package from the American Red Cross, which contained to bacco, raagaclnes, books and stationary and they sure were appreciated by all of us'as every thing is French Well I wiJJ ring - off -for this time, With Uni.F«m 1 • • RAY. SflT. RAY m, KENNEDY,' Hospital Complemontaire No. 39 Vllleneuvo-Bur-Lot,• <l#fcet$arronne), Franco, , Somewhere Jn -Jjranpe, Darling Mother and Dear Oli Jhjd: Will only add ft twr line* to the epUtle'written* whjje oq the ba,a,$, Wo are only «, few days eld ^j ^rejaje Father and the boys alt serve One fights; the others produce and serve P RODUCING and saving are less spectacular, but not less important than fighting. The men at the front must have things to eat, to wear, to fight with; the only place they can come froni is America; the only way they can come is through your*efforts. You can serve and save in the way you buy clothes. Get good clothes, made of all wool fabrics, well tailored. They wear so well and last so long that they save materials and men to make the things our soldiers need. One way we can save and serve is to see that you get such clothes when you come here. That's why we recommend Hart Schaffner and Marx Clothes; They're well made; of all wool fabrics; a positive gnaran- tee of satisfaction goes with every suit or overcoat.... vli 'l only a. little wiser so don't expect too much. Brevity has also been pronounced the "soul of wit" therefore will be brief, laugh and be merry. We had a fine trip with little excitement. Didn't oven see a bloody, sub. Wish you could have seen us Coming over., it looked like Uiey were (censorel) the (censored) over here for sure. If the kaiser could bnvo seen (censored)-Uie (ceriaored) bo would sure sue for peace totnorrow. wont be long until ..he wlU anyway.,- The boys were t& splendll spirits all thiLway over. Don't think anyone ever thought of, being afraid. Even when In the "danger: zone," We sat on deck evenings, having music, singing, and giving readings and having a big time in general, ' Just What They Expected. France'looks very much as we expected to find it. I'm beginning to believe that some of. tho writers wno have written-so fluently of roreign lands may have been there themselves. Everything here looks old. The architecture Is ancient. The buillingb all resembled, in a small way, the old castles like that big picture you have. Momma. You would sure laugh to see the trains and street cars. Little miniature things. You could set two ot them in one or ours And the engines urc no largor than our threshing machines engines at home. The whistles Sound like a "Merry go round." Boye Hovlng a Good'Time. I'm afraid you'll find thiB pretty rambling as the boys are wrestling and raising the d 1 in general on every side. Wo have seen • a little more of tbe country and the French people and believe me ; (censored nearly two lines) Tlie'Work here is done by German prisoners and the "heathen Chinese" and French women, (censored) to beat the band. Wo couldn't tell what country ..we were in by the people we nieet; For there's hundreds of Yanks, iirJUBlr Tommies, Australians, Chinese, and South Africans to one;-Frenchman. The latter are all'at tho front doing their bit . : Never saw so many dirty, filthy little kids In all my life, all crying "penn-eo-ponn-oe' but they oon't refuse larger donations. And Uio ultle vagabonds hardly big enouga to walk all smoko cigarettes. This would be an ideal placu for some of the American muliimillionaircs to come and get rid of their lucre. J ' Food Stuff High. : Food stuff is protty high and in second though every thing else In proportion. Two smojl oranges about the size, when peeled, of the Drs. favorite sugar coated bread pills, one- franc (18 ct.). Two peaches one shilling (24 cts.) etc, , Aliens Arc Good Law Abiding: Citizens the Company is Liable for Insurance. FALSE REPORT CONCERNING THE INSURANCE COMPANIES Topeka, September 2.—Stories circulated to the etrect that insurance -companies aro not liable for insurance ot persons-who are aliens if they are law abiding citizens are untrue according to word received by S. N. Hawkes, assistant attorney general, from the Custodian pf Alien Property at Washington, D. C. The National Bureau of Law was questioned on the matter, by Mr. Hawkes on behalf of £^t|idow. iu Kansas-who is seventy years of age and has one son In sorvlco and four grandsons in service and In training camps. Yet this woman has never b6eh "accorded citizenship rights. Her husband died without taking out other than his first paper but confident that he was a naturalized citizen of America. She herself had never questioned her own status In the. United Stales until so informed by tho Insurance company. On this point, Paul Kllllam of the National Law Bureau sayB: "Tlie Trading with the Enemy Act doe*, not effect the property or property rights of unnaturalized aliens who are peacable, law abiding residents and who have been in no way giving aid arid comfort to our -> enemies. Your attention Is called to the fact that the Supreme Courts of many stales limit or define the extent to which unnaturalized 'aliens may acquire or hold real estate or other property or otherwise enjoy-tho provl- leges of citizens such as insurance and so on." • •>. MILITARY CRITIC EXPLAINS, Juet Why the German* Didn't Take' Rhelms to Relieve Embarrassment New York, Aug. 31*—Why Rhelms has not been attacked In force by tbe Germans is explained by Ooiieral Von Ardenne, military critic, In tho Berlin Tageblatt. "Tho city of Rhelms has a Tory strong garrison," wrote the general; "at least two'dlvlslonstctf colored colo nlnl troops. These fiKd* r full protection from the aerman'artillery, fire'in the deop-lying cellars, miles In length, which the big champagne firms have dug into the chalky soil. These cellars can. also be kept closed to the gas fumes which spread out over the ruins of the city. • .' '"The garrison is therefore guarded and protected by an impenetrable armor. In tbe event of a Gorman storming attack, which In Itself would be serious In view of tho permanent gas clouds over Rhelms, the French colo- niol troops would be able to assume the defensive of tho city unweak- ened." . ' What could bo more striking than an organdie dross with: Inserts of black velvet? Complete Collection, Washington.—The most 'complete collection ot silkworm eggs ever made —170 varieties rom all sllkvproduelng districts of China—has,been.gathered by tbe University of Nanking, which has organized a short-term course in silk worm culture. More than bait of the seventy-two students taking the course are government officials and school teacr.ers.. : Dr. W- Monroe Jones baa. discontinued his partnership of,Drs, Jones and Sterrett and will resume, tils practice of ISye, Eter,, ; Nose ^ and, Throat in suite formerly .occupied by Dr. a R. Gage.— 702 R-W,, Bujjdlnj;. Phone 2»W, r> r _ «\\m A strip o* chambtol rtln around the head under pb,e batbing cap will save the hair from. wettlMf. •I'""» • 1 1* i ^ gnrell Mondayi September 2, 9, }fl. Tbe Salt Oiif Business CioUege, PlEASURE-SEEKERS ARE OWN CHAUFFEURS? MEN "DRIVERS" RELEASED FOR WAR WORK jHotor^rifen ch«ir and occupant* it New,York geological pativ

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