The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 24, 1969 · Page 3
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July 24, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 3

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1969
Page 3
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Des Moin«s Jhuri.._July ,24, J 969 BOUND TO JURY IN D,M, HOLDUP By Louise Swartzwalder A man whose companion was killed in a high-speed auto chase with police following three Des Moines-area holdups was ordered bound over to the Polk County Jury Wednesday on a charge of robbery with aggravation. John E. Young, 27, of Ce-~ dar Rapids, appeared at a preliminary hearing before Municipal Court Judge Harry B. Grund. Young was arrested shortly after midnight June 20 after a chase which ended when Young's car collided with an Ankeny police car three miles north of An- kcny. Arthur Hamlin, 29, of Iowa City, who authorities said was in the car with Young, was killed in the crash. Young was hospitalized for several days. Young is charged with robbing the Pizza Hut, 1600 Euclid ave., of about $340 late June 19. He is being held in Polk County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond on that charge. M. J. Morrison, manager of the Pizza Hut, testified Wednesday that two men armed with pistols took the $340 from the cash register. Pending against Young is another charge of robbery with aggravation involving a holdup early June 20 at Boots' Tavern, 4275 Second ave., in which $400 was taken. He pleaded innocent to the charge in Polk County District Court and bond was set at $25,000. Authorities have not filed charges in connection with a robbery at the Second Avenue Tap, 2801 Second ave., which occurred a short time after the Pizza Hut holdup. D.MLArchitects Give 4 Awards Four architectural drafting students from the Des Moines Area Community College will receive special awards from the Des Moines Architects Council when they graduate in August. Selected for awards by a special five-man jury of architects were Gene Small, Dallas Center, academic excellence; William Burke, Madrid, first in graphic proficiency; David Fagen, Perry, second in'graphic proficiency, and Edwin Willson, Des Moines, over-all performance. The four will be among the first graduates from Des Moines Community College's architectural construction drafting program. Graduation ceremonies will be Aug. 7 at North High School. Judging was done by Kennard Bussard, James Champion, Thomas Peterson, James Wilkins and Richard Goewey in co-operation with Roy Berger, an architect who teaches drafting at the school. REGISTER PHOTO B? JACK BRINTON 'Miss America' Returns to Iowa REMIND BOARD OF ZONING LAW What Do You Think? Question. Will the recent events surrounding Sen. Ted Kennedy's automobile accident pcrnio- nentlif damage his political career? BOARD.- Continued from Pnqc One and two apart- Isabcllc Jayncs: "I don't think it should, but (Answtrt ebtilne* it Dei MerriM Pellet Slitten) der business merits. The area is zoned K-2, one and two-family residential, and warehouses are not allowed there. Dillard's is a legal nonconforming structure. Earl Dillard, appearing on his own behalf, told the board the iit might. The accident shouldn't affect his career. The average person probably will react the same as I am, but the politicians probably won't. They'll probably use the accident against him. Some of the Rethe publicans have already the- started to do this. 1 personally like Kennedy. I like hittl moro than his brothers because he's more common. I'd vote "Miss America 1969," former lowan Judith Anne F6rd. left, of Belvidcrc, III., was" greeted Wednesday at the Des Moines Municipal Airport by Mar go Rousseau, "Miss Marshall County 1968," as Miss Ford arrived en route to this year's "Miss Marshall County" pageant, which will begin at 8 p.m. today at the Marshalltown High School auditorium in Marshalltown. Miss Ford, born in Iowa City, moved to Illinois with her family in 19S3, when she was 3 years old. Finds 'Pill' Gives ] Blood Green Tint STANFORD, CALIF. (AP) - Regional Planners Oppose Mobile Home Sewer Plan | *J M. By Jon Van i The conlraceplive pill can give Prospects of a large sewage lagoon in the flood plain of Ihe j the blood a greenish tinge, a Raccoon River were opposed by members of the Central Iowa (Stanford pathologist reports. Regional Planning Commission Wednesday, night. \ Thjs can , ead to false read . The commission went on record against a proposal for a mobile home park sewage la- that the.addition was for benefit of those living in apartments and not, for business. "Spirit and Intent" But Charles Ford, city planning director, reminded the board thai Dillard's rcqucsl for nim Ma . vbp lip-should still amounted to expansion of "; ive reported (lie acci- a non conforming use, sonic- thing specifically forbidden by the zoning ordinance. The miqutes report that board member Theron Grate, jr., ap attorney, said thai it would be "within the spirit and intent" of the ordinance to grant Dillard's request. His motion was supported by board chairman Edward Ryan, a real estate agent, and Paul N. Erickson, an insurance executive. Eddie Easley, a Drake University marketing professor, and E. H. Wcthercll, an architect, were absent. Store Addition At Ihe same meeting, the board gave permission to Joe earlier, but (here might bo circumstances that we don't know about." •'' <-, Sandl Brownell: "Some people are so blinded by idealism of this family that it might not make any difference to a lot of them. Other people will realize thai Ihe Kennedys aren't perfect, and that a lot of other big politicians aren't -perfect cither. I disagree with x Kennedy politically. I don't know, though, whether (he accident will prevent him getting the nomination in 1972. He's had a lot of sympathy because of his brothers. If he is elect- Papiani°"who owns a" grocery" at cd ' il wi " be bccause nf nis Bothers and not 3004 E. Thirty-eighth st., a resi-; bccause of hlm " SSSoi: bulw " n r 1 M Qp EL KIJCHENlast North-South Trains April Grossnlcklc: "No. I just feel that lift whole thing has been built up more than it should have been. It'll "~~" probably. harm him for a while, but as far as the Kennedys are concerned, 1 don't think anything can really hurt them. I feel that his ideas are good ones; I don't know whether I'd vole for him for president; it would depend upon who's running against him. The Republicans will use the accident against him. though. They'll use anything«4hcy can get their hands on." Patrolman Jeffrey Barber: "Yes. because I don't think people will forget, what wcnl on in the news. He shouldn't have left the scene of the accident, although,'! he may have needed the : time to talk to his attorneys. There really was no reason for him trt : leave the scene. I like' him as a politician. He has good ideas, and he's just liberal enough trt get something done. Tho accident has set" him j back politically; he is • not going to be able to run for president unless he accomplishes something really big." PATROLMAN JEFFREY BARBER commission members and su-! in g s of blood P lasma whcre a it was last ^ tint usua "y means a bac ' «•*••» ° f «"• ™ The board had permitted Pa- piani to build an addition in 1960. Papiani said he needed more space to accommodate', the increased number of frozen and AT STATE FAIR Run Through Iowa Friday A model Des Moines water officials have said the lagoon probably would contaminate the metropolitan water supply. Although the plan was withdrawn from consideration by county zoning officials last week, Polk County Supervisor Tom Whitney told the regional planners a revised proposal is in preparation. The original proposal was approved by the County Board of Adjustment last week and withdrawn in the face of a law suit by Des Moines water offipials. A revised proposal may never make it to the adjustment board for another hearing. The County Zoning Commission has recommended the supervisors set up a special zoning area for mobile home courts. This would remove authority from the adjustment board to approve mobile home court permits. The action was interpreted as a slap at adjustment board action favoring the Raccoon River sewage lagoon and mobile home park. At a joint meeting of adjustment board members, zoning ! After the adjustment board i approved the Raccoon River ; pr()ject Unanim0us iy a nd i n - djcated a favorab , e aUUude (o . ward a project near last week, the zoning commission voted to remove the mobile home power from the adjustment board. Final action will be up to the supervisors in August. It is believed they will support taking mobile home jurisdiction from the adjustment board. John Andrews, a member of the County Zoning Commission and chairman of the regional planning group, said Wednesday night, "We think it's kind of dangerous to contaminate the whole water system. . . . "This (sewage lagoon proposal) is" another reason regional planning is so important." Sanitation Men in Chattanooga Strike CHATTANOOGA, T E N N. (AP) — More than 325 sanitation workers in Chattanooga Wednesday walked out after voting 173 to 105 to reject a 15- cenl-an-hour pay increase. director of clinical laboratories at Slanford University Medical ! I Center. | "A prominent elevation in the | blue-green plasma protein in i many units of donated blood i | has been correlated with the! usage of oral conlraceptive pills," Wolf w r o I e in Ihe current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Wolf said he believes the green color comes from an increase in the estrogen or female hormone level of women who take birth control pills. Widow Files Ryan, Erickson and Grate again voted for the application, saying Papiani had an "unusual situation." At its June meeting, the j board gave permission to thej Texaco Oil Co. to "rehabilitate | and remodel" its legally non- j conforming service station at By James Flansburg kitchen with a The lasl scheduled north-south passenger trains through Iowa cooks will be an will make their final runs Friday, attraction of the Momcmakers' Tnat ' s the cancellation date for the Rock Island Lines' Plains- Fun and Action Theater at the ^n route between Kansas'City Iowa State Fair August 15-24 anfl Minneapolis. The railroad '"Sins at 10:45 a.m.. arrives in applied a month ago for Inter- Dcs M°'nes a ( 4:25 p.m., leaves state Commerce Commission al 4:4;i P ' m ' aml arrives in permission to cancel the service, effective Friday. In addition to the cooking counter, there will be a number of talking specialists to puss on inside information about keeping a wig in place, putting graffito designs on cc- 3604 Amherst st., a residential ramie bisque and making district. Richard Bachman, assistanl planning direclor, lold Ihe board lhat Ihe planning slaff opposed the application because it would expand a non-conforming use. The board said it didn't believe the remodeling would alter the basic character of the area and voted 3-0 to permit it. House Unit Votes a Broader Minimum Income Tax Plan WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The House Ways and Means Committee approved Wednesday a minimum income tax proposal, broader than President Nixon's. It would assure that all high income recipients pay tax on a substantial portion of their income. The provision wrapped into the committee's tax reform package would be aimed at individuals whose income is derived largely or wholly from capital gains, municipal bonds and other t a x-preferred sources, or who offset income by gifts of property that has become more valuable as they held it, or othe special deductions. Still Tax-Exempt The committee also approved stricter tax treatment of gifts of appreciated property and of co-operatives. Although there was no official announcement, sources said there was general agreement not to change the present system of tax preferences for persons 65 or older, This means Social Security and Railroad Retirement benefits would continue tax-exempt. Also not acted upon, it wasj understood, were proposals to give a tax break to single persons maintaining tiouseholds. i Tentatively approved was a tax change aimed largely at; the petroleum firms operating; abroad and estimated to raise i tax revenue by about $100 mil-! lion annually. Earlier recommended changes principally af-i feeling the oil industry have been estimated to be worth about $600 million to the Treasury. The committee is seeking to complete a bill for House action next month, sources said. The minimum income tax would work this way: No one would be allowed to use "tax preferences" to shield more than half of his total income from taxation. If, for example, a man had $100,000 salary and $200,000 tax preferences, under present law he would be taxed on $100,00o! Under the proposal he would be taxed on $150,000 — half of his total income. Special Advantages The committee said its definition of tax preferences is all-inclusive of special advantages in the tax code. It includes two items not in the Nixon Treasury proposals—interest on state and municipal bonds and the untaxed one-half of capital gains. There would be a $10,000 floor below which the tax preferences would not be reduced. Committee sources said the added revenue from the minimum income tax would exceed $200 million. The committee's proposals on gifts of appreciated property would bear down on donations of such things as works of art and personal papers. , A taxpayer would still be permitted to give such properly as stock or real estate, which had gained in value while he held it, to a public chanty or similar institution and claim the full market value as a deduction. In other cases, however, he would b.e subjecl lo some tax. He could either claim Ihe original cost of the property as a deduction, or he could deduct the full current market value and pay capital gains tax on the appreciation. This rule would apply under these circumstances: —If he gave stock, real estate or similar property to a private foundation instead of a public charity, unless the , foundation within a year passed on the donation to a qualifying charity, or similar institution. —If the donation was of tangible personal property, such as works of art or valuable papers. • —If the gift was of property, such as merchandise, that would have resulted in ordinary income if it had been' sold instead of donated. —If, instead of an outright gift, the donor made a "bargain sale" of property to a charity at below-market cost. One of the proposed new rules affecting the U.S. oil firms operating abroad would provide that when a company takes credit against its U.S. income for a loss incurred in a foreign country, the government can recoup the tax loss in future years if the foreign operation becomes profitable, sources said. Another wquld affecl oil companies operating in countries w*here the government also is owner of the, mineral rights. Excess tax credits gained in that nalion could no longer be used to reduce the U.S. tax payable on income from a different foreign country. The commillee also proposed tighler depreciation rules for regulated businesses, such as carriers and public utilities, including pipelines. $1 Million Suit DAVENPORT, IA. (AP) The widow of a Bettendorf man who was electrocuted in a construction accident last year near Pleasant Valley is seeking $1.25 million in damages in a suit filed Wednesday in Scott County District Court here. Named in the action started for Marion Stichter as executor for the estate of John Stichter are Charles Van Maur and J. R. Shory of Pleasant Valley and lowa-Illionois Gas and Electric Co. Mrs. Stichter seeks $750,000 in actual damages and $500,000 in exemplary damages in connection with the dealh of her husband. Stichter, a carpenter foreman for a Davenport construction firm, was electrocuted last No- vember-after~coming~mto-con- lact wilh a 2,400-volt electric | line while working on the roof of a new home being constructed for Van Maur. ; Wetherell and were absent. Easley again what passes for a $3 candle at home. Recognizing thai ; No Objection I A Rock Island spokesman ; said Wednesday the railroad ; will end women: |j g | lt of Kansas City at 9:15 p.m. Kill Indictment In Ames Slaying NEVADA, IA. (API - 'A Improving Service .:,At the same, meeting, Ihe board permitted James C. Schelin to remodel a legally non-conforming trailer park at 2907 S.E. Fourteenth st. The remodeling would reduce the number of trailers that could get into the park, but would inv prove the services offered. Again, the planning staff ar- around the grounds, not all util- ilarian, bul mostly of an improving nature. Bonita Bohnsack, a home economics specialist from the National Live Stock and Meat Board in Chicago, III., will demonstrate beef, pork and lamb cookery and discuss consumer needs and preferences. Diane Dueland, educational County the service Friday in muri | er indictment against an a commission decision , Ames girl charged in the death . „ , . . rin S s on - or of a former Iowa State Univer- fair, the Fair Board is opening obiort in tho mnup . f ,•_ ,, . , j . ' ..._..' oujeu 10, me move. s ,t v foolball star was set aside Iowa stops on the Plains- ; Wednesday man route arc at Allerton, Chariton, Des Moines, Iowa Falls, Mason City and Manly. The Rock Island decision leaves Allerton with no public transportation — air, bus or rail. should have equal time at the fno i t n rnnttnri ~ ' nui w conduct the theater in the Radio and! TV Building to do just that and to help them with their homework. There are a number of other events in their favor scattered i Arohoff, The Rock Island asked for shooting permission to cut the. service i drcWi 2 J in Story 1 Districl Courl here. . : Defense attorney Donald : Smith entered a motion in ! court to set aside the open ! murder charge against Beth 20, charged in the death of Willie Mul- Muldrew was shot fa- scngcrs. Jervis Langdon, jr., j dcnt nousmg uifll on the Iowa the Rock Island president, said | s t at e campus. gued in vain thai lo permit the! fashion representative for the trailer park lo be remodeled is Armo Co., New York, N.Y., tantamount to encouraging its will discuss home sewing. the road's loss on the man last year $1,436,000. Service Down Plains-; totaled existence, a direct rebuff lo the Food artists of the Iowa the appeal, said denial would not discourage the existence of this or other trailer parks in the area. Trailer parks are permitted only in areas zoned R-5. Schelin's property is an area zoned American Dairy Association of Iowa will show how to cook and serve the bird and discuss ..use of dairy foods. Iowa extension service experts have ideas on home decorating and harmonizing the route consisted of 18 cars and two sleepers at peak periods, such' as holidays. They now usually consist of two cars and a diner. Friday's lasl run from Kansas City northbound (Train Number 18) begins at 8:30 a.m. It is scheduled to arrive in DCS Moines at 1:05 p.m., depart at The motion to set aside the indictment was based on a technicality of an endorsement of testimony by one of the witnesses. It was sustained by District Court Judge Harvey Uh- lenhopp. The court clerks office said the case will be referred back to the grand jury. SOVIETS RETURN MOSCOW, RUSSIA (REUTERS) - Communist Parly chief Leonid Brezhnev and Presidenl Nikolai Podgorny re._ accessories. dential, and C-2, general retail J Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois , « -- < — and highway oriented com- :women wno rea " v know tncir g° und run °"t of Minneapolis'munist government in Poland, mercial. 1:15 p.m. and a r r i v e in Min- 'turned Wednesday from a -Dfiapolis aLTilMLpjn Jliretday___yisiL_to__mark Ihe Train Number 17's lasl soulh-, Iwenty-fifth anniversary Com- No Peril Seen in Destroying 'Gas' DENVER, COLO, (AP) Colorado's Gov. John Love said Wednesday he had been assured by the Army that destruction of deadly nerye gas and mustard gas at Rocky Mountain Arsenal northeasl of Denver, presents no danger lo residents of the metropolitan area. The governor made the slale- ment after conferring with Brig. Gen. W. W. Stone, director of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear operations for Ihe Army. Love said lhat the safety of d e t o x i f y i n g the nerve gas bomblets was shown by the fact that more than 2,200 of them already have been destroyed. Altoona Budget \ Millage Lower The Cily of Altoona has! adopted a" 1970 budget that will mean a 1.6-mili decrease in taxes for residents. The tolal budgel of $315,334 is up $24,759 from the currenl budgel of $290,575. The portion of the budget to be raised by crafts will give daily demon- stralions on designing and dec- oraling ceramics and glass. The Des Moines Weavers' Guild has a basic slyle show, members having spun Ihe thread i and woven Ihe fabrics for the t garments. TV A Rate Rises For Second Time CHATTANOOGA, TEN N. laxes totals $99,004 compared to : (AP) — The Tennessee Valley $96,425 Ihis year. Aulhority has told its large The portion of the budgel to power system customers there be paid by local taxes will re- w m be a 5 to 7 per cent whole- quire a millage rate of 24.3 sale rale increase in Augusl. mills ($24.30 per $1,000 of as- This will be the second rale sessed property valuation), increase of Ihe year made by Residents are paying laxes to-JTVA, which boosled rates 8 per taling 25.9 mills'this year. ; cenl in March. Increased property valualion; The average cost of the in- Pr edict Record Sales For Moon Stamps WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) - Postmasler General Winlon M. Blount predicled Wednesday that the moon landing stamp, to be issued in Augusl, will set sales record. The initial printing order is 120 million. and income from water and sewer charges and liquor and road use tax refunds account for the lower milllage rate expected in 1970. crease lo Ihe residential customer will be about 50 cenls a month. The raise will bring in aboul $25 million in new revenue. ALL U CAN f AT Oinner Mon.-Thur. 11.50 "•' Sat. Eves. Sun. $1.75 »iuii.* i iiur Frl., Sat. Children $1.1 Under 3 _Free Ctterinf Service rFith-0-Rarni" Fridays Ji STEAKS Irom FREE IANQUET ROOMS TO 300 FURNITURE & APPLIANCES S t 30th uncl Muui y S050 2nd Avenue 8800 Hickman Road Iowa's largest of name brand fur-iiiiture, appliances anil carpeting Open Evening* 'til 9, Sundays 12-6 Fishion-Wil» Moms »nd Dads thop HtiVtn lo 7 «nd »eys Wcrld. E«rly ixcittmcnl vppldt diHv with n«w fell idc«s. Shop Early for NEW FALL DRESSES Ever Press—great for school—gr«»t for Mom! Elastir.ized smocked waist b*nd, placed low above a very.full skirt. Th» collar and cuffs are of while cotton. McNEAL CENTER Merle Hay Rd. at Urbandale Ave. U low blocks south oi Merle Hay Plaza) Open 9-9 daily Saturday 9-fe Phone 276-4581 Use Your Heaven to 7 Charge-Plate or layaway plan.

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