The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 4, 1970 · Page 6
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May 4, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 6

Des Moines, Iowa
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Monday, May 4, 1970
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Virus Proof Will Aid in CANCER- Continued .from Page One In cancer-virus research by the government's National Cancer Institute {NO) which spearheads the nation's efforts to find a linkup. "We are going to crack the cause of a couple of major human cancers and take giant steps toward prevention in the next coupte of years," predicts Frank Raiischer, jr., who directs the institute's work on cancer viruses. Extra Money To speed results, the Nixon administrationYs seeking an additional $19 million from Congress for the NCI's virus- research, which now costs— $22 million "annually. This extra funds would go to survey thousands of cancer patients for signs of virus, expand production of suspect cancer viruses and study their effects in animals, and perhaps undertake -preliminary-steps toward-vao+ cine development. The NCI's quest already enlists the aid of prominent medical institutions. Among them are Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer. Research in .New York Cityi RoswellPark Memorial Institute in Buffalo, N.Y., and M.D. Anderson -Hospital and Tumor Institute in Houston, Tex., including Chas. Pfizer & Co. and Merck & Co., also are playing a part. One suspected cancer-causing virus, known as C type, has been isolated by Sloan-Kettering scientists from the tumors and milk of women with breast cancer. The virus has been grown in a culturci produces cancer-like changes in other cells and resembles a prevalent a n i m a ri~cainceT~ virus Des Moines Renter f*tide A Men., M*y«4, 1970 _ ' _• Rain Speeds BreaK*uf> of Gas Clouds AMMONIA- Continued from_Page One gas masks and drove the tanker out of town. Flrenien, Arrive: Fire departments from three nearby towns — Zearing, Roand and Nevada — were called o the scene along with "the McCallsburg vop^Ieer fire department to water"cfown~tITe WIREPHOTO (AP) Pope Proclaims New Saint Pope Paul VI leans down to kiss the relics of Saint Brother Leonardo Murialdo, founder of the Congregation of St. Joseph, who was canonized Sunday in ceremonies at St. Peter's Bacilica in Vatican City. stances similar to C type virus have also been identified by NCI researchers in patients afflicted with bone cancer. Another virus, called EB, has been detected in all African youngsters stricken with a fast- growing and-often-fatal-form-of cancer called Burkitt's Lymphoma, which , usually affects the jaw. The disease occurs in a malaria-infested area of equatorial Africa. That fact leads some scientists to speculate that the virus could be carried by an insect. The EB virus has been linked to a form of cancer affecting passages behind the nose and to a cancer- like lung disorder called sar- coid. Researchers have also implicated the EB. virus as the probable cause of infectious mononucleosis, a nonmalignant disease that often . resembles leukemia, a cancer of the blood-forming cells. A third virus, herpes simplex 2, has been isolated from the tumors of women with cervical cancer and from the sperm of their sex partners. The virus is a relative of the one that causes mild cold sores. Some scientists think herpes simplex 2 spreads during sexual intercourse. A study by the Baylor College of Medicine is now examining the link between .herpes simplex 2 and cervical cancer among women of different sexual habits, including prostitutes, who have the highest incidence of the dig. ease, and nuns, who have the lowest. Significant progress is also being made in demonstrating that viruses cause cancer in such common animals as mice, rates, rabbits, chickens and monkeys. Moreover, the viruses responsible for leukemia in cats and -breast cancer in monkeys and are not. rseponsible for their uncontrolled growth. To gain proof, scientists must rely on further experiments with animals and : on • circumstantial evidence gathered from cancer patients; the hazards arc too great to deliberately expose or curative compounds^ ight be developed to sup- ress the viruses. Research on mice has- indicated that elements such as proteins oc- urring naturally in the body healthy human beings to the suspect viruses. Despite the difficulties, .many scientists are confident of sue- have now been isolated and grown in the laboratory. Tracing a Virus' Path Such progress reflects sophisticated laboratory techniques that permit the detection of cancer viruses by indirect mans. Telltale alterations in infected cells, betraying the passage of virus, can be discerned even after the virus itself disappears. The key "remaining step is to determine whether the^ suspect viruses actually^procfilce cancer in man. It's..possible that the viruses are only harmless passengers infecting tumor cells cess. No one suggests that viruses' alone cause cancer, Cigarette smoke, certain chemicals such as coal-tar derivatives and radiation have already been found to be potent carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents. But NCI researchers contend that viruses may, be implicated in 150,000 of the 615,000 new cases of cancer that occur annually. The forms of the disease most likely to be involved are leukemia, lymphoma, breast, cervical, bone and connective-tissue cancer. If a viral cause of cancer is proved, one of the next goals would be immunization. Vaccines have already proved successful' against cancer in animals. Pfizer, the major industrial contractor in the cancer program, stands ready to attempt the task for human beings whenever it gets a go- ahead. Development of a human cancer vaccine, however, would Be fraught with difficulties. Safety is ajnajor^concerni an improperly prepared product contain ing live virus might spread the disease rather than prevent it. NCI experts say at least two years would be needed to devel op a suitable experimental vac cine, and perhaps another five years or more would be re quired to-" Complete the- massive field trials of its effectiveness The long delay stems from the slow development of the disease. Moreover, scientists caution a vaccine would have to b administered to several millior people to determine its effec on the incidence of the disease Proof of a viral cause of car cer would also "aid the scare — "switches it on." Irate and meanest liar, Painfully Slow - ! Norm ' vietnam News Agency For many years, until the ear- j sa 'd Sunday. J960s, progress in cancer! The newspaper, commenting Irus~research was painfully j°n Nixon's decision to send U.S. low, and only a handful of sci- ntists were willing to explore le prospects. Back jn 1911, Dr. 'eyton Rous of the Rockefeller nsitute isolated in chickens the i r s t known cancer-causing irus. But most other scientists, oubting an infectious agent :ould cause the disease, ig- ored this lead. Only in 1966 did )r. Rous receive the Nobel *rize for his pioneering discovery. ~~ In recent years the detection f dozens of animal cancer .vi- uses led to the start of the CI's special research effort, it first, it focused on finding a iral cause of leukemia. Then he scope of research broad- ned and spending grew. Now he institute no longer worries bout persuading researchers o enter the fray. "We can get xy cancer hospital in the country to say, 'Yes, we're ready,' " says Dr. Roy Kinard, an NCI expert. TOOTHACHE Pont suffer — relieve pain in seconds as millions do with ~ ORA-JEL. Many dentists recommend usingORA-JELuntilyouget professional treatment. 4? * ora-jel ADVERTISEMENT What Do Many Doctors Use When They, Themselves, Suffer From Hemorrhoids? . ExdusiveFonnyla Gives EtomnkTempofary Relief From Pain, itthmgra IVIany Cases and Actually Helps Shrink Swollen Hemorrhoid Tissues—Caused By Inflammation. 'News about a most effective medication for hemorrhoids comes from a recent survey of doctor*. Asked what they, themselves, use for relief of hemo^s- rhoids, fifty-eight percent of the doctors reporting named one particular formula which for their families. This medicationgivesprompt, temporary relief for hours in caa^after case from pain of - tissues and actually helps shriek swelling of inflamed hemorrhoid tissues. .Tests hundreds of patients showec this to be true. The medication used in these tests was Preparation //*—the same exclusive formula you can buy at auy drug counter without a prescription. Prepara- jinn TT pljgQlub^.catftgthfiafffe'-k' ed area to protect the irritated surface and so helps make bowel movements less painful There's no other formula like Preparation H. In ointment or suppository form. CLEVELAND, OHIO <AP) Dissident Teamsters' in Cleveand voted Sunday to end their 32-day strike and return to work, while x Teamstefs in St. Louis voted lo-stay-oIHhe-job- despite the urging of their local president to return. _A;. sirokeim Los Angeles tNDSTRIKE IN CLEVELAND rfor striking truckers said ntil another agent — a cnem- Nixon a 'Liar/ Hanoi Charges HONG KONG (REUTERS) Hanoi's official newspaper ' - eep the C type virus dormant Nh ' D , , ibed pregi . ammonia. After the tanker truck was moved out of town, roadblocks were set up around the area and some-40 firemen wearing gas masks used a rubber hose o direct the leaking ammonia into a water tank. A sudden" rainstorm about 7 ).m. also helped absorb the leaking fumes. Two hours after the leak began, lircmen attempted to shul-off-the-ammonia flow-by bolting the leaking hose shut and, when that attempt failed, officials decided to allow the rest of the ammonia to leak out into the water tank. The tank (ruck still was leaking Sunday night and the Highway Patrol blocked off -the area. The truck is owned by the Harold Dickey Trucking Co., Packwood, and holds about 36,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia. • Anhydrous ammonia is am monia that has been condensed by cold and pressure into" a liquid. After escaping from its container, it becomes a gas with an extremely pungent smell and taste. Respiratory Failure Ammonia can kill. Symptoms of ammonia poisoning include irritation of the eyes, throat and skin, in addition to coughing, closing of the larynx and, four area locals Voted overwhelmingly daring the weekend to reject a tentative national contract. The spokes* man also said no 'back-to-work vote-was-scheduled-lor the 19,000 truckers represented by the four locals. Officials of Local 407 in Cleveland said the~vote of 951 to 378 will send the 6,000 striking drivers back to vvork,today. The balloting came two days after Teamsters in Akron, Ohio, voted, to end their wildcat strike which idled some 4,600 truckers. The 9,500-meniber Teamsters Loeah60(Hn-Str-Louis-has beerr out 33 days. Members of the local reportedly voted 1,969 to 1,794 in favor of continuing the strike. In Cleveland, violence during the strike had prompted the callup of 3,000 National Guardsmen to protect truckers who remained on the job. , Attorney Robert Sweeney, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate and labor specialist called by the strikers to help bring a settlement, said the approval came only on the condition that there be no reprisals against the strikers. He said that means no dis missals, removal of injunctions and dismissal of any lawsuit: against 'the two union locals o their members. He asked that written letter from trucking industry employ ers be given to the unions today indicating the employers' willingness to comply with the terms of the back-to-work finally, respiratory failure. Remarkable Remarks Negro comedian Dick Gregory has givm up enterfairSg to devote his energies to the civil fights movement. Hejffld ' a University of Tulsa audience that he-bell letter future for all Americans lies in yo\ whites: "They are quick to smell the slightest odor of hypocrisy. And maybe, pfobaby, they're going to do something about Jt." •^Senator_£dttafAM^Kenaedy (Dem., Mas assessing the impact of a judge's ruling h ingt him partly responsible for the death Mary Jo Kopechne, said he >«i.always wanted to be a fifeifiafi but ended. tip in polit cs. Added Kennedy: • * | o "After the last few days, I wish I'd a fire fighter*^—• Asked to arbitrate a vitriolic municipal fmployes' afguiJerit over what color to paint city trash cans, St A^J. Cervantes growled: "Get that nonsense out of this office. tojentatively calls for a pay Increase of $1.10 an hour over 39 months. The Ohio drivers, who currently average $4.03 an hour, began their wildcat strike Apr. 1 to demand a $2- an-hour increase over three years. Sweeney said members of the locals would voice their disapproval of the national contract by voting no, but would go.,along.witli it if it was approved by the nation's truckers. The agreement worked out between Sweeney and teamsters officials, also calls.for a closer relationship between the officers quicker and the settlenient members, of grievances and the right of locals to vote separately on contract offers. ves the hope fw^a ng Louis, Mo. r MS£J>r m Shell Explodes in Japan, Boy Dies KOFU, JAPAN (AP) — An artillery shell lying on a U.S. Marine firng range near the boy, polic said they believed the ploded wh< nese farme foot of Ml, day, killing nese boy snd injuring another Fuji exploded Suna 12-year-old itapa- reported. I*8|ice to clean tile range. n about 700 Japa- •sset the grass afire BAN LEG CHAINS PORT GUINEA i Papua-New (ration has leg irons a id similar devices in its jails. Airr agreement. -Ammonia-is-seiuble-in-waicr—A—national-contract-agreed the ar >d the best antidote is bathing the affected area. . ' MAY 4-15 MORESBY, REUTERS) - NEW 15-he Guinea adrnjpis- banned. the use- oi BY KURTZ JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS VALLEY BANK AND troops into Cambodia, said, "Nixon's Apr. 30 address is an open avowal of the. failure of| Prime Warning On Trnidad Crisis PORT OF SPAIN, DAD (REUTERS) - Trinidad Tower to Talk In Cedar Rapids (The Register's Iowa News Service) CEDAR RAPIDS, I A.' - U.S. Senator John Tower fRep., Tex.) will address the__sficond annual ''Republican Gala" here on May 26. The $25-a-plate dinner will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Amar Ballroorq here. the United Stales." The United States is trying to. retrieve its defeats in South Vietnam and save the administration of Cambodian Premier Lon Nol by direct armed attacks against Cambodia, it said. • Nixon had been trying to justify "U.S. agression" in-Cam- warned Sunday night that the emergency in country was not over. A state of nightly curfew were Apr. 21, to curb black power a n t i-government tions. part of the Trinidad army mutinied and attempted to march bodia but his latest speech was "even more absurd, unwittingly proving his dirty trickery," Nhan Dan said. 'I WANT A REAL ^^^ — — •"» tr^^mm NOT A FAKE" A Imitations are never "just as good" as the real McCoy. The genuine Magic Marker name on the product means you are getting a superior quality product from "the people who invented markers 1 : Why settle tor ' less than the best? ogic Barker toe real Mccoy /T SUPERMARKETS. DRUG AI.'O STATIONERY STORES WAtNUTlXTFOURTH ONLY May 4, 5, 6 & 7th in Des Moines CUSTOM- ARE YOU HARD TO FIT? Made to Measure Clothing from 10,000 Imported Fabrics—Full Satisfaction Guaranteed. Jet Speed Delivery in 4 Weeks MENS: Finest British Suitings, Sports Jackals & Shirts. Call: Mr. L Chand Savery Hotel Locust and Fourth LADIES: Beaded, Cutworlc, Knitt Sweaters, Dresses, Suits Topcoats. Immediately afterward, Tel: (515) 244-2151 on Port of Spain in apparent support of the demonstrations. Wew low out-of-state long distance rate... 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Mon. thru Fri. Now for $1.25 or less (plus tax), if you dial direct, you can make a 3 minute out-of- state station call to anywhereIn the continental U.Srexeeot Alaska. This rate is good any weekday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Northwestern Bell @ For a little more money you get a lot more 4 iron—made with stainless steel This new To^stmaster Iron has a stainless steel sole plate 2 to 5 timessmootherand tougher than anyotherkind of ironing surface. So it lasts longer without scratching or starch build-up. And you get other lasting features, too:DFrosty white ceramic base.DLarge rust-resistant aluminum water tank with easy-to-read water level indicator.O Pump action spray button. D Special comfort grip handle. D Up-front fingertip controls. There a/etwootherJoastmaster Stainless Steel Irons, too (Model 460 and 430). So get more beauty, more features, more iron for your money. • TOR5TMH$TER DIVISION/MtCftAW LOISON COMPANY. ELGIN. ILLINOIS 60120 GetttieToastmaster Stainless Steel Iron "steafprice at these leading stores. KMART KMART YCHHKERS 7501 Hickman Rd. 2535 E. Hybbell Ave. ^Downtown & Merle Hay Des Moines, Iowa Des Moines, Iowa Des Moines, Iowa

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