The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 13, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Thursday, November 13, 1924
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 13. 1924 WISE AND OTHERWISE By Mrs. W. Y. Morgan. Call Telephone No. 4400 and ask for Society. (Items for tliis department must ho In by 10:00 a. m.) thithered lu MM-VI : charity than sixty ladles ••nj.iyi il lonnhl iifirnitiun u. bridge Mrs. I .loyd shirk, Mrs. Hoy mi in- 1 Sruingnnurrgiir and Mis. Curl l!rn- i -csti-r-i liur of Wichita. TIIB cluli will con- day, \vh''ii II.e ciiarltv lit till? I.!ll|li-< iii' lh.- 1' n hciii'lit hiitluo nt (he Inline, 217 Ave. A i'-i .-I. A shuil |ini-rain Wii* presented diirilis.- lh-- artfrno' n, Mr. Ralph Ill-iinks I'la.wd a vinlln .-"In. «-.•- cpinpanird hy Mr. Hay Hrunks. .Miss Katliariin 1 Wllli-;nis sann two Ml •<•: iuii-. - liy tin' Water.-- of .Minni -l .uil.a" "I Hoar n Thrush At I \a * i " la ] 1 a ni'-il hy .Mrs. llnt'ord llaydi 'ii. .Mrs Mllmi Kile,-| H, ll.-h favnrvii I hi- indies with a I >• piano snlii attil Mr. Unhvll Kersh-ja lii -r .-.HI- a M 'l". I fr Mrs. .1 'hti Meade and Mrs. I. H. Vender won the prize fur the altfrmiiiir.-. c .anii 1 . lie fi vshmenis IVITI ' Mtii'l the H/isc i>f Ibe tifti 't-noiti. The lea la'ile was cell- iered with an arrnnK'Milont u! insi '.s and while i hry'-anthi'innni'. Mrs. Li'sli'r I'rat?. is i hairnian at innnnitii.o | vi'tii' in two weeks at the home of C. T. lii-lil I Mrs. II. T. ('line, Tit; Xurlh l'luni I. K. Mies i street. I ; ,;• ' The regular niectiiiK of the Morning ('.lory rlnh \?ii9 held lust eve- nine, at tUc home of Mrs. Norn D'x. 115 Ave. V east. Following the short business nieetinir. a social iientne u.-i.s s|icii/ with tteetlle wnrk and contests. The prizes went tn Mrs. t'nra Mninihauph and Mrs. ie Barnes. Misn Nora Itidonour the only guest ot the dub. At a late hour, the hostess served re- I'lcshnients assisted hy Miss Hlden- nut-. Mrs. Stella Bean will entertain the litih in two weeks, at her heme. 2t!2 Second Ave. east. tile charity c.iinn.iltee and assist inu her are .Mrs. Kred i'eursun, Mrs. W. .(. Smith and Mrs. Oscar Midden. The monthly meetinc of the \V. i'. T..l : . was held yesterday after- iinon at the home of Mrs. A. Brad- lirid;:e, aio North Main street. Mrs. lames Kehue iiresiiled over the Mrs. H. C. Davidson cnmpliment- ed the members, of her bridge dub, yesterday afternoon at one o'clock luncheon at Hie Huruhaugh-Wllcy .neetirii:. No aclioli was inkeu till the vacancy caused by the -iKnntinii "f the president, Mrs. Kate I.. Brooks. During Hi" business meetiiiB. reports of Hie state mcctillj; held :t St"i-^n^ le.-cntly were uiiule by Mrs. Kate Kern.--. Mrs. M. I.. I'lmmpseli. M.s. .lain'-s Ki.'lioe, Mrs. M. C. (Illicit. Mrs. W. II. Lewis and Mrs. Charles lviersnn. Kctrcshnii'tils were served by tile Novcnilici- enmniiitec. The next ue'titu; will he Dec. In at the home if Mrs! .1. II. Tharji, illt; Ninth ave. M'"S;. Mrs. Lillian MiU-hner. state |ire..;d'-:t( iviil take pajf ori the prci- -raiti ;it Ihi-i time, luviu:: a ret'ort of tlie national niuveiuioti at (.'hide, 111. Mrs. W. il. Lewis will nave i'hari:.' of the program un the National W. C. T. Jubilee. Tea Boom. The remainder of the afternoon v.-as spent playing bridge at the Davidson residence, S01 Crescent Boulevard. Mrs. Harry (iDavis and Mrs. C. W. Lemon won Hie, prizes for high score. The guests of the club were Mrs. Ci. B. Hc-ss and Mrs. C. G. Bumpel. Mrs. S. L. Kiser will entertain the dub in two weeks at her home, 1112 Kast to 13th street. Mrs. \V. M. Jones presided as hostess yesterday afternoon to the members of the Swastika club at her home, tiUii Ave. A east. Plans were made for a Thanksgiving basket of food to be given to the poor. A buffet luncheon was served nt the close of the afternoon. The. guests included Mrs. D. K. Phillips, .Mrs. Addle Monroe, Mrs. George Chllvers and Mrs, Fred Jones. In two weeks, Mrs. J. W. Clenriennen will entertain at her hunie, Itios Ave. A east. The members of the Sunshine club gathered at the home ot Mrs. ICdith Nuss, ,"0a Ave. B west yesterday afternoon for a social meeting. The lime was devoted to games and contests, the prizes be- Ono of the very smart fall so lal I ing won by Mrs. Elizabeth Whet­ hnic! ions was h"ld loiiay. whim j stone. Mrs. Hex Pace and Mrs. Mrs. Irl Hi'inpsiiil entertained with i Beatrice Whetstone. Plans were a one o'dui k luncheon at the Horn- j made for a club purty, Saturday hiiu;,-h Wiley -| ,.,i Itnoin. ciirjsan- i evening nt the Nuss home. Tea was theiuiinis in tiie shades of lavender! served at five o'clock. The hostess and yellow anil white centered ttie luncheon table. The iittcnin.ii was ..(lent playing liridge. The guests: M.'silsle.s- W. II. ]-). Woods I ,'-u is s ; ,T si. r ' it i.igi! Sluekiy Wll. 1 1 vkins l .li-'Ml I': I I'.i'. r It. K. i'.ilnr i: fi. Illimiiin ,1. H SO-v.ris \V. II. Slcitilaiuu- S. A. .I.itius'ih .1. K. IM.-!i. 11 II It. II. K.-.\ri..'iil it. A. ' 'hi''l;''iojg John My.'i., l'r.-inli Ha.lde '. I'MU.rlc rttis i :t :s '.ver;ii Hi. Hard Wash, Milrov. I'a. 1'. )i. Kiaze" T. B. VtMtr iMisses - >'W.t..»,-,. ilallew.iy i.'ialiciu- (latt'.'Way Mrtj. Harry Jacobs was hostess yesterday afterno .in to the mem hers of the Bowknut. club at lier liome, thai Ninth Ave. east. The j contests were won hy Miss Pauline'; Craig and Mrs. C. A. Lovell. Plans were made for a taffy pull to be held, Wednesday evening, Nov. Lt at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Soareey, a27 Seventh Ave. east. During the short business meeting. Mrs. C. It. Morton was elected reporter for the chili. Liuu boon WUK served at five o'clock by the hostess. Mrs. Morion will entertain the club In three weeks at her home, It'll I Ave. B east. Mrs. .Hick Mnstersou entertained yesterday afu :'uoou with a children's party at her home, 12:1 .Ninth ave. east, complimenting Jier small daughter, Maxine on her seveuth birthday. A birthday for the next meeting in two weeks will be announced later. <i> •i' -i' The members ot the W. I. A. gathered lafit evening for the regular monthly meeting at the home of 'Mrs. Robert Hospnw, 110 South Kim street. Plans were made for a Christmas grab bag to bo held at the next meeting, Dec. 10 at the home of Mrs. H. Lawton, 2S Seventh Ave. west. The evening was spent with R.'imes and music, Mrs. 11. Carr and I Mrs. W. P.. Dnnkin winning the prizes. Luncheon was served nt a late hour. Alfred Stone. She also stopped In Kansas City, Mo., to visit her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Heel and her daughter, Miss Laura Yaggy who Is attending Miss Burstow's school this year. <i' Word has been received of the birth of n son, to Mr. null Mrs. J. H. Lylo of New Ulysses last evening at the hospltul In Liberal. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle are formerly of this city. She 'was formerly, Miss Mable Wuistrom. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Unletting of Sallna and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davis of Kichuiond, Mo., will como tomorrow to be the week end guests ot Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Davis ot' SOS Ave. A east, ,i. .j, <j. Mr. ami Mrs. ,J. T. Geneva and Mrs. E. A- Hahneti'Ot Ues Moines, Iowa are visiting for two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. J. \V. Donovan of 706 Kast Sherman street. A, ,i- Mr" V. B. Sawyer spent the (lay vest 1 in Wichita, a guest ot Mr- .d at a one o'clock lunch- et, ml bridge at her beautiful C ;:i ..'se Hill home. • Mrs. Charles K. Hall, Mrs. N. B. Sawyer and Mrs. E. K. Yuggy were guests of Mrs. William Peck In Sterling today nt a one o'clock luncheon and bridge. <& ••> -* Rev. W. J. C.illmoro ot Grand ltaplds, Mich, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. Fred K. Owston of 407 Twelfth Ave. west returned to his home yesterday. .., .-j, .j, Mrs. .1. A. Jones ot Hifle. Colo, formerly Miss Betty Bonebrako ot this city is spending the winter here with Mrs. L.aura A. Jones and other relatives. * * <S> Mr. and Mrs. Walter Yaggy of San Ange.lo. Texas are guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Yaggy enroute to the Yale-Harvard game at New Haven, Conn. <5- -••> •!> Mr. Frank Beardslee of St. Louis, Mo., was a week end guest of his brother, Mr. Eugene Beardslee and Mrs. Beardslee ot 17 East 17th street. * •!> '•• Mrs. Charles CUrispin of Richmond, Mo., Is here visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Child, 129 First Ave east .«> A A TOMORROW'S EVENTS. was luncheon o'clock. The guests: Miu-Jorif 1 'avia Maurlnt! ViiKtnlu I'II-S Lois Kl.-I.-livr Allelic llai eiisci "1 in-lly Ann 'Crawl',i,l JtiiH' lliay l Mis I 'a v fj.irlin'.- Main served at five (v Alice Ili.wanl M.uv.Uhie I 'niwiiMl.' I Virginia IVrry M.'U KHI '-I Waliloll K.iien' Allen Fl',1 l.i. v.. .f. SfianKIlT! .Manou It.m sss. j The Twin Six club was entertain oil last night, with an annual din in r at the home of Air, and Mrs Arthur Howard, of 710 North MailI t-on street. The evening was spent playini: bridge and prizes were awarded 1 country Mrs. Itav Sovereign ami Miss Huth ; ''' ' " Uaihburn. Cuests of the club I Tl11 -' regnliir meeting of the were Miss Until ltuthbuu and Mr. j N'^'U' 1 and Thread (dub was held T. J. Itlce. j yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Mlrt Another niccling of the club will i MeJlilllen us hostess at her home, be held in three weeks at the home : Kant Campbell street. The .Mrs. Charles Wainner presided as hostess yesterday afternoon to the members of the B. C. club at her home, 223 Ave. B west. The afternoon was spent sewing and tying comforts for charity. Mrs. Bessie Monroe was the only guest. When the work was laid aside at five o'clock, the hostess served refreshments. Mrs. C. O. Warnock will entertain the ladies in two weeks at her home, 200 Ninth Ave. w est. <•• • The regular meeting of the Triple O club was held yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. U. .lurgens, 700 West 21st street. Fancy work and conversation formed the diversion ot the afternoon and at five o'clock, luncheon was served. Guests of the club were Mrs. P. P. Sidwell and Mrs. Frank •Ferris. The club will uot meet again until, Dec. 10 at the borne of Mrs. Fred Owston, 106 Twelfth Ave. west. ' The opeuiug meeting of the ; Cheerful Circle dub was held Tues\ day afternoon at the country home I of Mrs. W. L, Bachus, west of j Hutchinson. Mrs. W. Smith was ! re-elected president and Mrs. Frank I Dean again received the office of ! secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Robert : Tutnier was the only guest. At five I o'clock, the hostess served lunch- i eon. Mrs. W. L. Watson will en. tertaln the club, Nov. 2a at her home. of Mr. and .Mrs. Ray alS Eighth Ave. we: Sovereign, ot t. The Koso room lit the Hotel Stanley was the scene of a prettily appointed one o'clock liinchuon ycslorday afternoon, when Mrs. II. F. Collins euterlulued'the ladies of her bridge club. The afternoon was spent playing bridge on the inessenine floor. Mrs. Chireiice i'enrl nnd .Mrs. J. \V. Vandevi er wou Hie prizes. The guests for the afternoon included Mrs. Clarence Pearl, Mrs. Hubert Brehm and j M Mr*. J. W. Vnndeveer. .Mrs. George K: llausa*ni will entcriain Hie dub in W I wo week:? with a luncheon at the Ci Kiamey Hotel. : ladies spent a social llnm together j and at five o'clock, luncheon was served by the hostess assisted hy Mr*. Bert Dean. Mrs. O. FIske was the ouly guest. The club will meet, Dec. 3 at tha home of -Mrs. W. A. Randall, 215 Kast Campbell street. A membership dinner dance will b.i held at the Country club with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boehm, Mr. nnd Mrs. John Brehrn, Mr. and Mrs. A. 3. Cain and Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Hageumaster as hosts and hostesses. The firRt meeting ot the Tres Jolie dancing dub will be held ftt Yoeman hall. Mrs. W. S. Thompson will entertain with a one o'clock luncheon nnd bridge at her home, 617 Ave. A east. The regular meeting ot the Business nnd Professional Women's club will be held at the Chamber of Commerce rooms. Mrs. John Chrlsman will preside as hostess to the menjbers of the Lodus dub at her home, 303 East Sherman street. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. King will entertain the members of their bridge club at dinner at their home, 1714 North Poplar street. Mrs. O. H. Taylor -will be hostess to the members of her bridge club at her home, 1905 North Ash street. The regular meeting of the Tasma Tid cluh will be held with Mrs. N. H. Bensholdt as hostess at her home, 201 East 17th street. Mrs. S. M. Babblttt will be host ess to the members of her bridge club at one o'clock luncheon at the Rornbaugh-WIIey Tea Room and bridge at her home, 310 East 13th street. "Only six weeks until Christmas"— a sales lady said the other morning a» she heaved > nigh In anticipation of the weary hours ahead qf her. "How I wish folks would shop early," she said. "Last year when Christmas day arrived 1 wo* limp mentally nnd physically. Not an ouuco ot Christmas spirit wits In my soul. 1 said on that day,"—But It doesn't matter what sho said— for It tukos n stretch ot lmaglna-' Hon to think what any over dosed person would have said. Sales people get a fearful over dose, of Christmas Bhopplng. They have to stand for a. little ot every ones Christmas troubles. And It is amazing how- the average customer unloads personal burdens on sales people. Every one does It some—many do it. to an exaggerated degree. Christmas season brings out mora shoppers —naturally moro personal burdens. At the time the above sales woman was talking to me, an early bird Christinas shopper hov« tn sight with n handful ot samples in one hand nnd a list as long a* the law of Moses In the other. That lady had personal burdens and she unloaded them on the pleasant sales woman who couldn't get away. They were Christina* troubles. It seems the blue ribbon she had purchased last August at a sale, couldn't bo duplicated and she needed another quarter of - a yard for the last lap on a pair of darling pajamas she was making for cousin Betty's Christmas. She had scoured tho town for that rib­ bon—nnd for the lite ot her she didn't know what to do.' The pleasant 9alos woman cornered behind the counter, looked the picture of sympothy which must have gratified the flurried early bird Christmas shopper for sho Hltted from that sorrow to another of equal importance. This time it was about a lamp shade she had almost finished for her mother-inlay when lo-and-behold she ran out of fringe. Not an inch more could be procured and she entreated the pleasant sales woman to tell her what to do. And the sales !woman did. She made enough suggestions about tho lamp shade to use up all the Imaginative enthusiasm of an ordinary person. The early-bird chopper was delighted and encouraged—for she began to enumerate the number ot Christmas presents she had ready. Not only to enumerate them, but to tell the history of each nnd every gift—the troubles she had encountered and how she had over come them. <• When that topic, had been ex- r-usted, she conclude! to look at some pink silk for a negligee she was contemplating. Every yard ot silk m the shop was brought forth, as the early bird shopper conversation flowed steadily about the troubles she had trying to . ft materials for the said -°gligee. Finally When all the silk in the shop had been discussed, sho asked for ' sample of the pinkest one, and departed. And as the sales womr.r hegan replacing the bolts of silk to their place on the shelves r couldn't help asking her if she had many such customers. , "Heaps of them" she answered with a smile. "The nearer to Christmas the more I have—" she said calmly. Don't they get on your nerves 1 inquired. "I don't let them—they mean all right," she answered sweetly, "they don't realize they are unburdening their personal troubles. Because they are r- concerned themselvea, they Imagine every one Is", she said kindly. "It is a very common human trait" she said kindly. "It ii a very common human trait" she said. "One that sales people soon get used to. It grows more common at Christmas —and It la only six weeks until Christmas" she added reflectively. Goodness I shall be glad when it Collar Adds Chic, Charm Is over" And who you? can blame her—Do Family Washing All Ironed, Pnrttjr Ironed, or Wet Wash 1 Wo, Use IVORY SOAP mid SOFT WATER MY CLEANfR* PHONE 4 4 The tendency to wear smart collar effects with evening gowns Is Illustrated in this photograph. It adds chic nnd charm to this interestingly cut gown of green crepe with the corsage ot flowers in shades of deep red and gold. It fastens on one side with a scarf hanging down the back, and Is fastened with a small bouquet of flowers like those on the corsage. *Arc You Prepared'? f Men— ' I the Social Season '{ is on— | Welch I can lit you with shoes lor | the occasion— Patent side gore $10.00. $ Patent Lace Oxfords $9.00 »4l«f«*4>#"»**A«'»««HNM>*'!M&^ The Easiest Way to Remove Freckles No excuse now for unsightly freckles. >r a new discovery gently r Ishes and freckles as if by For a new discovery gently removes blrm ishes and fre ' timazing Bate, sure .reatment brings yoi by magic. Tin \ smooth, white skin almost overnight. In justice to yourself make this i Min ute Test. Just before bedtime smooth the cool, fragrant crcme on your skin. The very next morning notice how freckles .unburn and tan have already started tc ^ive way. Ask your druggist for a jar o: Golden Peacock Bleach Crcme (concentrated). Remember—money refunded il not satisfied. At all good stores. Golden Peacock Bleach Crane 4 Permanent Gifts The gift you give must bear the stamp of quality and permanency. That's assured v here, for our entire stock was chosen with that Idea In mind. Our name on the box speaks for itself. The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. THE HOUSH OF QUALITY KOIt 34 YEARS Henry Zlnn _ Jno. P. Blrchfleld In answering advertisements, please mention The News-Herald. I wish to heartily thank the people who gave me their loval support on Nov. 4th. 13-lt Mrs. MOLLIS VOSBERCJ. CHURCH NEWS. The Ladles Aid society ot the Congregational church will have a musical tea tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Nelson Smith, 20 East 17th street with Mrs. Edward Roach assisting. MENUS Mrs. A. I'. Hedrlck was hostess ye.iterday to the members of her hrldtii! cluh at one o'clock luncheon at her home, S West 22nd street. The afternoon was spent at cards, II. II. Heaps and Mrs. Newt wijiniiiK the prizes. Mrs, It. aKeimiaster and Miss Jennie la> were tile ^ucht.s for the The members nt the J. K. C. club enjoyed the hospitality of Mrs. John Huettner, yesterday afternoon nt. her home, 107 Eleventh Ave. cast. The afternoon wus devoted tn fancy work nnd a sociul time. Tea was served by the hostess at five o'clock, assisted by Mrs. Curl timber of Wichita. .Mrs. Huetinor had a» her ifucsts. Mrs. Harry Ura- 11 ft I'riHH.!! will lie ! weeks. -Mrs. I'hai'les Mnckey he nei.t hostess Dreakfast,—Orange Juice, rolled oats cooked with raisins, creamed dried beef on toust, reheated scalloped potatoes, toasted corn bread, grape jelly, milk, coffee. Luncheon—Pea souffle, whole wheat bread, hearts of lettuce with French dressing, cranberry whip, drop cookies, milk, tea. Dinner—Pot roast of veal, rlced potatoes with cheese, diced white turnips in cream sauce, grape fruit salad, chocolate bread pudding, whole wheat bread, milk, coffee. A child under school age will find a breakfast ot orange Juice, (lie cereal, toasted corn bread with butter and jelly and n glass of milk most satisfying. Hut kiddies ot school one need the heartier meal ANNOUNCING Increased Rate« Hutchinson to Wichita Stags New Rate 11,75 Round Trip ....J3.00 Effective Nov. 15th WICHITA SAFETY COACH CO. OUR ANNUAL' SHOE $ SALE FOR BIG GIRLS AND 4 SHOE SALE WOMEN : J WANTED! Friday and Saturday November 14 and 15 One Hundred and Fifty (150) Old Hot Water Bottles and Fountain Syringe Bag*. No matter in what condition. For each one of these we will allow 50c on the purchase price of a new one. $2.50 Hot Water Bottle or Syringe, Special ... $1.99 Allowance for Old One. 50 Net for New One $1.49 TWO DAYS ONLY Secure your new on* now. —Two Stores— Fred Weesner 3 S. Main DRUGS Phone 168 FIFTH AVE. DRUG STORE In Hotel Stanley Phone 333 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 This annual event includes our regular Super Values at this price and all broken sites In NEW SLIPPERS, valued up to $10,00. All In one Big Group at— See Our Windows New Heels Low^— Medium- French— Come Down Early New Styles Satins— Patents- Suedes— New Styles Gores- Straps— Oxfords— (Sin a ^^mpbelT^^oofeg} 14 North Main in twu i suggested. T— PERSONALS OF taOCIETY. * Mrs. K. IC. YiiBsy bus returned from .New York City where she has been visiting her slater. Airs. You can waterproof your kitchen floor by apiilyiiiK cold paraffin oil with a sort cloth. Then you will have leas difficulty with Btalns and spots. Wo nover close no can give you the best of Kord service. Phone 59. lUigland-Klugsley Motor Co. 13-U ANNOUNCING The Formal Fall Opening of Xmas Headquarters Friday Evening, 7:00P.M. to9 P.M. Everybody Welcome and Invited Good Music by Hutchinson's Most Popular Orchestra. Plenty of Fresh "Jersey Maid" Chocolates Free to All. Balloons for the Kiddies. Come, Visit Your Friends. Enjoy the Music, and See Our New Complete Line of Quality Christmas Goods. We Will Expect You to Call Friday Evening No Merchandise Will Be 6old .or Laid Away. The A. L. DUCKWALL STORES CO. 13 North Main E. B. RODGERS, Mgr. Week End Special Beaded Bags Values up to Your Choice Friday and Saturday See Our Windows Fearl & Son JEWELERS SINCE 189S. tl. • NEWS i 4

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