The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 18, 1931 · Page 13
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 13

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 13
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THE DAILY VBWI, T1XDKEICK, MD. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 18. 1931. £* c^ ··· QfilE :r« * TOSSY 4.- MALCOCMRAMK-- TODAY I "THE- AI^IVWS/W toe iitljhts above Abu Dis. driving bac Turkish voops. STORE OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNTIL CHRISTMAS U RAIDED. On Deawxber 18. 1917. London was raited by German airplanes operating frooi bases ia Ten persons were killed and 70 ta- jured by bombs Ircos the Gerrwn One airplane *as brought do-i-n by Sri:i£i asii-mircralt guns and aaoiher \vas believed to Siave Jaiien into the sea. A Uaioa governsreni »as elected in Cnsi 2jd voters oon^rzaod Cft2*$2n cooscripticn !a«s. In Asia Minor. British troops seized Mothers Now Solve Problem of Colds With New Vick Plan Of peculiar arrest to mothers is ' tb* Vick Pl*a lor belter "Caotrol-ol- Colfc" SB ti*e haz*. THe Pl»n 5s introduced «tfa the ne» Victe Nose aad Throat Drops, .based oa a se» idea for ··preveaiiBg" colds--companion to Vscis VapoRub. tiie !ami!r stasdby IBT ··treating" cold*. Usee tofelber · directed, you cic h»ve fewer aad -es severe coSds in your family this trtn:T --a reduction of yoar "CoWs-Tta" in i money, kns of time and hositb.--Adv. 6Iff PMCB Greatly Reduced THE STOKY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE The ck5 thai go: soaked «ira the i some £:ngi2g crspeae bars. "We're goSail: ;l water didn't Hks :Jie spiasa. s i2g U swiag." cried ase. "You'll see I-ie i-jr;ed for :r.e dss t^st soared hia:,! sorae aciij^ that is great. Just hoJd :-iii us he could ie. Said Cjowny. ; your seats and kindly fail. Whatever ··I:-..* 7,111 be a!! r;gl:;. I guess we're ; luppeus it will be an awful So; oj JUE." 5?^;i to ^ee a agh:. 1 tiiink that 152 ; Tsea UP on to the rings they vent. be tirillms. ^ they do no: pick on Of oo-^rse, a UtUe tin» was spent in me." j swing back and forth untfl they "· wh2^ he thought would happen I iroried up real good speed. One monkey sas 2. very sad mistake because tbe j they whiried "ro l1 ^id and "round. The dogs were only playing, just to n^ke; other caught him. safe ar»rt sxrjnd. :nr iij crowd cheer. Said Sco-uty, | -Thai's hard to do." said Scout;. "Lots "Tv?re -*-ill be EC ngh. apd everything I o* ser.'e is whst yoa need." "-;li turn out r:ght. You always are j The smallest monkey in the bunch too a:ix:ous for a fres-for-all. I fear." | soon had a very 'unny hunch. The ring Jus: then a big horn tooted load and j that he ·xas holding to. away up high, had quite sarpriHd the circus cro-xd. Say. j stopped. Tie Tinies heard him shout, what 'sra.i that for?" CSosray aslted. j "Oh! Oh! Just watch me now and 111 '·Perhaps the show is o'er." A dog that let go." And then he whizzed down sat righ: by his side, looied up at i through, the air end la a net he Sopped dowry and replied. "I'm sorry, but j (To be continued), you're -sran^ again. We're going to : (Copyright, 1931. XSA Service, Inc.) -SKr 5OX^ 31Ore." i And. sure enough, into the tent some ! (The Tinymites get a big laugh in the etonkeys ran and promptly went up to i next story.) announce zy conclusion. j -My conclusion is that each of these 8eftagg "' " guilt '" XT Al TRIAL ON CRUELTY CHARGE Sentence To Be Imposed In District Court. ; Ice cream, as far as Is known, was I first made and eaten during the 16th i century in Italy. i Washington, Dec. IV.--The father aid stepmother of Slith RHey. the 13- year-oici girl who TKZS confflaed to a sza]! closet fiar^ag rtcoi, of the past four years, today were found guilty of cruelly to the child. Justice P. DicSenson Letts decided the case without a jury. Earry N. RUey and his Trtfe, 3lsie, «re taken immediately Into custody and TsrUl be sentenced on the nezt Sa- pren^ court sentence day. If no appeal is granted, the Rileys may be ;ar.:;nced to tu-o years' imprisonment, iviiii iines of S5CO each. Tie trial ended uneipectedly after tha C2fen5e called only two Titnesses. Z3i-:nse Aitomey H. B. - Stephenson annoiincsd he- was croppiug the case snd would make no attempt either for an nppe^l or a new trial. . Ann ruin :ins his decision. Justice Letts said: ··Tiiis is s. very unusual case. I have neter known, anything like it. I had hoped it was not'possible that human "oeings could be guilty of the offense which, has been charged here and shown in the evidence. Bat the evidence has not been related. '·Unfortunately me young boy and girl who appeared oa the -witness stand ·were required to testify. against their father ana stepmother. Now the father taSes the stand and says very little in contradiction of what these two young people have testified. I think that all I care to do at this time is to Vanishes KEA New Tork Bureau "I hare lived a life of lies. I shaL i seek death in the water,"' wrote Santa j Biondo (above), young iyric soprano j of the Metropolitan Opera Company j Then, on the eve of her first major ) operatic role, she vanished from her New York apartment and police began j a nation-wide search for her. The exceptional smartness and distinction of Tavannes Watches confer that added dash of style so dear to feminine hearts. The enduring accuracy of Tavanaes is a QFQQQUS reminder ac the donor's regard. Come in and See the Wide Variety of T a v a n n e s Watches for Men and Women from $25.00 up ... How on Display. 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