The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 17, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1932
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

TWO THE DAILY HEWS, FSZDESXOK. MD, TUESDAY, MAT 17,1932. WPARKIM ·-- * X* ' Another Driver Jailed For Driving While Drunk. e t» c=!'*£ ri-.r TttSDAl, MAT J7 TtTSDAi'S BtT Furt RES ( MKV.C -- l IB'. .\cl«5r« Jack B-nr-- 'A ABC -Nt ».r* thif t*«»»ev-- -A :z .V- T..'» fc*a4tr*» A Crunut-- .*£.* Ketvc.'X E»r fctkiu -- V.Ji ;.*.:*. E* Wjoa-- W24JF St.mcrt (EASTERN srANSASO TliLZ tirc-li- ou. SUBTRACT 1 Ks.r :,ir Cce'?*; 19 " 00-- Repo.-.rr 3C IS--Mark* Or 8 99--Concert 10;00--Bc«t!» Oreh. :1 J9--P«tl» or., 18 10--Clinton Or. 11 39--Orche*trt wric. %YEAJ" J 15-13 00 e 3s-io oe e »_Fe»* k. I WJZ 09-« 15 I WEAF » CC-i 30; I »jr ~ JB TODAY X/* 1 I *TH ' WORLD WAP ANNIVERSAR * SO-- LKCEtr » OB-- Ftllure. OrchMt-'a STATIONS) f . S. TROOPS ON FRONT. j the beginning of the gpfat offeoive on i Marci 2: i G^rdn gunfire was lEzrescd In ttoc i | LTJ ia'iKir. but mUliarr experts pre- j i dieted that the next German offensive j ·so'ils c?me in the Cheaun !es i*^'^r. neld by tn-e French, -erliere they aro^Id trr to drive a. B.-i:_s- S^d French a-dles. On May 17. :»:8. i .·T, t - .». __ that Aaser.can troops *ere be ·R"Z CASES HEARD MONDAYHIGHT! r S t l -- r A l . v -. .'7-i:i OO-10V and S 3v-- I/ or. 7 0^--bar-Cf-s--:: A: Cr^ua::! 1 t «)--Giy v rca» c Jo--Ed k. ·--rl . ·« o - . ar.c'.her · « V 4 -- 0,- fir I ru ?c _n ?cl.c« Cc'ur*. Mcndav r.lgn*. as he CJJTISS^C a chir?e aps^^i J C Wslier Tr.» "-ji:'"^^ ci!-» was cr.'v -jr." ' I nian^ pari-r:; \AU:JJH c.ii.-7n-^ ·ohic:: ·xer" cisp^-c o! DV :he Eiiia- k. s ·"O-.-s -t - i :»-- p »so 0.9 t -5--I _ ? Pr-c'o* S 45--Lovr . Tcq:n« BTW. CHICAGO--2l I--1«S* k. »" ' 90-* 00 W J Z - S 30-S tS *« mnnouaoed , . . ' r--o had tifcen over · -j.., c .«,.,. a Plcardy. where ' So.-e: tr^p, -s 2ctr.;'y had be?= j^ce the Tories a fierce a resent b«- | e 99--O ' v--w. S 3*--Otcbtj'.r» * OO-- RSI WXAQ. CHICAGO--US--(1* k_ " " ' *5-7 «!. *»-* 39; « 31--Spo.-J ' 11-- Jiajie Jo« * 09--Mu-im-JUB v iv^-o-'Mii*i Of. S.JG--Ur* 2i*y H L S K mad *L«. IHlcVoO--5»i--«7» k. is j. J t: 59 1TEAT J M^ li- * 45-7 00. I !»-« IS; c v . -I'. Z 7 ____ « :* Bl H U.O -- S H I -- «« --J« \« s*x part r ff 10^1 *o j autorsoftlrf st r.cfi or. pr.- ' Early Sust-i-. sv rt._- p. lh» CArape ;-,- prs*-ur. called v.por. :o g« s oat s; a Izte hour. p-ihei \Valk.»r's c-r ir.aj :he strw. jo he coy.d pass ^i.-.h ihf a _'.TrKbUe He forss: :- pjsh ·!·» def-^r.ciar.: s car bick onto pr.'. a:e projy^ry ar.d. a:»ut 235 c clock OJricer Arti-ur Hoffman roo* by and the a\.tono C ? Sr.yder. four.d eu'Jtv cf a pirk !r? -rt^ji-^.-ir:. afer bcjig taREed aoo . 325 S-ncav rsornjiK. «TMs !ir.«5 $: Officer MiUard Br\i*t lagsec .-.j;-. O:h«T5 charged ·xi'.h such ·. '^latur. ecnchei -ne c;:y to U-.e extent -jf S7 Thtv T.ere M E N»umar.. P. Lr,-.-: E Wilcox^: A. J. Hors», E D Grov v Jr, il^es G'.;- Garrison N Sentence Suspended. Believing that the d^feniir.t jr » "jr^scalcitlatior:" Jtistic" BO^TJ xus- penctcl sentsnoe or. Char'.as H-.r.ry tha cour;tj', accuscc of pairing a red light by Officer Msr^ha^ M-irray Eenrr is-as pos:t:ve that the traff.c | l^ht t: the ^:terscct-on of A"i Sai:;^ ', and Marke; s'rwts r.35hei yc !··» tf- ter he enlered the ln'.crscci:oK. Officer Murray T»-as j'jst as that U flashed red before he en:errx;. The officer sale he blew for Henry to s:op but that the latter kept co.ns; 'or a j block. Hcr^- said he clds't hear the «CLS V. El.' ttOK BIFFAIX)--Hi--ii« k. ·r.c , : ; » . « ;«-« .-? .*- . ·: * "*-M»i! 7 i- Xr=:c.'.f3 M L M CINCINNATI--tTS--1»« k . -. .* ' t · , -- b i j\r»: ^- ' .,""* _ *_"-'v " V S :Ai ."re i B.ri" - : "~ * v CIJ:V»L\S-II--!- :-i£ ( - * · ' ·* ' 4 5 - S» . i JO-- .-- .c« i -- V - C r » » T ,S--!!.r · " --« , - * 00-- WCn, Orrhf»tr» JO--Acrr:caa PcdertUoo of Labor ».·»-- Viruij "o-*^~ " ·S^o^ 5 c»°^*· 10 -*-**--- ""» TM f . _ ~,K *" ^^ ( WOC. D%YCKPORT. uktf . .*-- Ag_.» U.CB. I WHO. DES MOIEi--2*9.*--1MO k. WABC. MW XOKK--34»--««· k. |-.IEAF t .4, t« 00 5 30--'j-.-r'.t 4 Ii_Reu-D-Jcn . i ti-!-i . pv S JO--G!»d. ABO. E! ^ 3--2.' - *r Or £ 44-- ^7u* P-OOCJR t * 4^-- r *revi!ne SO--^corrov*r(J « ft)--i:"-i:i.-jt e is--M::J Broi . io »--K»..«-V Uj-^b:: is 94--K*H: «n» C ,.-t.j .i i-.-v^» « ti--Oc«ECT-Woni W H t i . L«)l I-V11 LE--!«.«;--«· *. T W -- K J . - L C -3 7 IS--L»tn»n Or ' -.VABl 5 0". » 5t e JO-« i5 7 ,2 t 00; " -?-«£.:* t :. -a T «i--M».c Cherts ' J. Ou i «i, 1C t.'9 JO. 10 «-U 00 S .0--!'-r-..r or. C W--C.-.rrr C!j»| « 00-- :.^.o c li-- Ji^rj Sfxrcd I 45-- l!Tr-.-ll»iie i Or !! «. LL»tUt\T-- 7* ^' 1 -» r « · · C I-- lo:» k. ^r^rre Cl^oi flOO~:^-.o --OuajteiUrJ 7-o-H^r.(:.f.:tr ^ i i 13--s-i-^) rt Muiie ( _ ; ta"_s;_ao r t v iO--PIECE? Or. 19 4i--Bl=l Crou; . WT5(U.~MtI.WAliEr--4St--SSS k. ' :' ^*-- ii**"-i Or K 3^ --Oxl-6«*n3ers Or '.VfcAF. C -0-10 CO '* » O* 12 ^3--rrrd*:c*« Or ; *,^z 7 4^-3 "A v. ».rc l «5 :t w. I-. s-i: c) ' w 1C t---B.^i? Csr-^r 1*1 li--Or«iO-»;t \ ' K D K A . riTTSBtKfiB--3O«-- M* k. · 5 W--K-i-"6^)rl» S 15-KOK* Orth i K»Tr. XPLS-ST. »JZ 8 3 0 - 7 0 0 . 7 . (X-tep.i."_.. 15 Ji-OrcE*'-.!.. i '·-« -i. :s-ti ;o | v.: «.h ·, : j t ·_,.-. ^» 5 cc-io ~5 ;. i " 2~·^ C1^I , e v °-- a*.!'! e 11--Aj:i4ii M J K . IET«O«T--«»l--"W «. ^ .C S {^. .1 I S ' t t j . « · · . ' " 5 JO ^ ' :i--o-aa KOIHESTFE--r«O7--1I3« k. ^ ti--O ".--.-r.::T C.".fil ' 5 !·-- ie«s :" t; -:-,._ ·!··- « o- :t "J--i:»r ^/·d'br" i 9 MT«.\. M i l t N! (. HIH--IV)--taO k. i t j j co-j^s jt 'Erfa:» * s " " s; 60--orets. FA 11---a».«--«M« k. i-8 00 8 30-3 35; ll'«-51 00 s is--Sti!?T S «S-- Acn:t, NTVS 3 JO-- Orch«'-» 10 00--AS«-Aadr IIOM. OMABt--MO--iw k. V. EAF 1 00 i 15. 6 *i-S 00, 8 3S-11 30; !1 3»-- Nc»s 12 0»--1=3 " Or. h.^0. NT. LOl'IS--MO--1M K. WCAF S 00-5 IS. S -SS-6 J3: 6 15-12 00 5 !S--Sx:p;T S :o--BaicbaU KMOX. ST. LOl H--»7» I--10-jo K ·A ABC 5 ,0-= 4S £ 30-e 5. " O3-8 00; · II $15,000. IN CASH PRIZES Tonight's the big nighf. Don'f let ony- thing or anybody keep yoo oway from your radio when the old maestro explains the details of the easy, interesting Blue Ribbon Molt Contest. Have your pencil and paper handy and go after your share of the prize money. TUNE IN BEN BERNIE TONIGHT at £a»tern Standard Time WABC, WLBZ and CBS :o oo--J«« OTh^stra. II 15--RO=IE-« FloyU Fa«e. coloctxi. Tuscarora. ere* * f\ne of $50 ar.d costs or 25 cajs. suspended -jpon the payment, of casts, on 'k charge of drvinkennpss Ke adrr.itted that it ·n-as ru t^-irti time in c^urt anc the magls-rate said the la«- sDparer.tly bad no effect upon hiai. Officer Brust, who made the arres:. saicl the co'-ored man ins very drunk. Postponement Granted. Accused of operatins an ·while under the inCurnce of liquor and operatinc uithou: a license in possession. Roy L. Baugher. this c:tr, ,v-kot: and iras granted a pos;poncmer;t ur.'j; tonight in Po'.sce Court Hi sought counsel. He was remarked to tail :n default of S500 bend. Offtcer A:-OT Shaff arrested the man Monday aJ:«-r- nooTi and said he HRzas^eci from one side of South Carron strw!. to the other. A so-called kidnapping case is al=o listed for toni?h; ir: court It Involves Levi Snowdsn. co'.nred. who t» alleged to have mab "ff -»-th a 5- year-otd colored chud last week The complatnins "witness is Elizabeth Koward, colcred. Snoacen \.is arrestea · Monday afternoon by Constable Charles W Smith. Charie4 Bxtrkholder tr;:: be arra^ntxi tor.ight on a charce cf fs^m; -o pnv n. board bjl of $H. The charge "h-i been entered by Sara J Fogle Con- staole Smith tocfc Burkhola^-r into cur- tody Monday and he was released or. his era recognizance for the hearing Charged vi:h carr-al knoviledso of a. IS-j-car-o'.d pr!, Arthur Fr:ti 2r. Urion'.i_e. ^as arrcc-^eu Mor.aav bv Depury Sheriffs Orman Harr. At that :..-re ·:·:·· r:\-f- -sos rniiJdy and .'arm, sa.d rcrg-^soa -*as serv-Eg a term i _ ':.- «.jrre:.: -'.J^ s s . f t Il:e ,:-s:.i::ce ' for assault ua a Fr*d?r:ck county o£5- ^ I.-jrr. Ha-K-rs F"o:rj to Brur.i-.v:ci Is clai a:sd Pock for larceny. Pergnson -ll .-.\ ::· ;·* i A as sentenced LT Frederxfc county, to- i §'! -.^asvr has a -*:V a:.d f.-.e rh.".- : g«:h«r with hLs thre-j brotners. by the' 3|i ;::r r.rj. a:.J t,:.«. v b-^'. t.:* o dest i I^cal C.rcjit Court V) --!x months for @j| r..-.e vf.-T .-.; a^e It WAS i'a'^d | aasau:: 0:1 Deputy Sheriff Earl L,5i»e!: , gj| t;e ;j.-;:..;. .s «.":j; rnean^ o- ! Ke al-»3 races a le-oeral charge, it was =^", ' .;rt S.r.-e bc^s? ijr:«u?hed Lar.- i staled. A^^·.o^i at 7 ^.z;f\fr ea.p.intii/'nt t No Trace Yet Found Of William C. Lancaster. ;:e co i'.J :.r.d to i .ppo.-t .-..- ;an-..;v. It I ·'·" °- a: d '·"'· he '*··=·· w '-"« :^:ne, Chimney Fire Alarm. R^sponc-inB t» a silent alarm, the t ..r h^ .T.v;... r 3i Har.-vrs For-. tnin- Cittons truck extin^uUhed a chininev L--.C he nt;?nt nnd ensp;:vn"-nt thc-e ; fire at the home of John Mohler. 339 Th^ fam'.'v resided on Potomac tre^*.. ' HUNT ALONG POTOMAC RIVER PRISONERS MISSING North Market street, about 6 o'clock Monday evening Little damage wa_' done i Ball No ira-v" *-.aj been C' 1 - ^nd t-f W."Ian: i. "8 ·,--,-s of I Two \Valkrd Off After Seeing ! Game At Penal Farm. MJ-. : 5 -- Guards '^"S P 1 ^---*· -» -- S. ,T* \V*tK* '****, ~ n*xj^ for Iior*^f* At * r^m r * .m* _-r.t.: Sa:lr.-ui-. " "" j While se-.era". ?;h:r.^ p.irt.^ -n-.e: endea'.arcs :,·» lo-rav the ntiss.tic --in. ' no Dr?ani^^d S ( \vrm has i^. vot oc^ 1 " also s'atet 1 . nit friends - r tl-e ni_-- s;; man are ua.·.;-.«: lor '.~,r water t' 1 recede- »f ire rr.i v-ns; a (·':·'. ~rn:.:..- j ar.d Br ;:vs \.c.-t M^niiy .i"-rr-'c". '·;"-.- ntit Sndtr.; ar 1 -. trace eT Lin\a"'-r o" ' his boa* Rai ro^a but 'Ah^ "nr.'n oth^r.i. '-.x.. cays ;;i and tot* to 'ho .TT:-'- of V L' - -. Me \I_r-:.".nd ''v. ..i«^ \ .ctmt\ .«Kiay t 28. and Bruce Peci. . Harold E :. s'-.-e v, r.^ -ia_s sur-ena- h*re t"- ' * ..He -.:-.··. -.'t-.- r"; to th-:-q';ar- ·· rs from a i?v-eo.i:: f.-irre Xo trace F. v v.i-i'tc ter* :i Ajjl-i ha\e y- v ". jp ..: A xi.-' do^cr.bta as 5 f ' J .-i^.-.t"; »:i h ..jr.t ,nci :jn pounds .- . c:~r.t P- ' -\hi had s.'.;h:.j m-re Ii.its a to .·«.--.o. ^ 6 Toot ta"! and ·e.jhts '.75 p^:r.cis Ea'h wore b'.ue -.era:'.* a-td ?-.-. f-.trts Ha', r K--rr.~ v^pe-li-terd-n* of the ' mo'hcr Harpers *^ dr. ft W\ir;-'sdr' FIPLfS CO-SKI - - - - r_s an^ w. - j -,as .*..-n h" ~ ts .- .-x "i--- ·· '!i-x ' F ':^ an sr!d !: «?«i m ;a.: h"re F?rrr I* v,a,^ v-. v = · -·' , -".-. ^ r°:.?^"A 0: ";C S -. p ;' l:rbe -" !:ra - n:5:u -"-i ;r ' ·-« ---"" ···- S-ind-^ H v . ab.- C--ord r.cir. Gooc Intent -\a, arrest-I or" c-.:'-- V-» K---^- ". ed !ast ' ' BP !U ii a sarprisineK- sliort; time such ·-,in troubify as Pimples. Rash-is and i soothing. Hir; -« ed !a^t week bv Harris and i mar. c~ Mr IT .o or *.^"- .- \v."'--i-'- rTuren-Ac en a charce of n-.o^mg soods ! C.T- n .-r V "i 0 · -^ .-.-" ,,That had been 'riied itp--vn rr.d r?n-.a^-^ h.-.^. ^n iaiZ for voa-? s^^'-fiir, coolirs; Z K M O hat rc! : °vcd i:chi-g skin and h:isseldo lT1 :a;led to clear a\\ay unsightly and a:ino\"rs;F'^in irr.;a:ions. Foraciear. sn:^^; h. nea'r hy skin Depend on clean. :intL-opt:c ZKMO. All dragpsts ooc, tOc ar.J ?:.00. out of the mysterious Orient L O V E A D V E N T U R E THRILLS - MAGif Radio's most fascinating- most enthralling program TONIGHT and evsry night except Saturday and Sunday WGT Schenectady WFI Philadelphia UFSR Baltimore ' 4.45--5.00 E.S.T 5.30--5.43 E.S.T 6.33--6.45 E.S.T IOC MID-WEEK SPECIALS WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY ONLY. MAY IS and 19 STORE OPEN EVFRY MGHT TILL 10 r. M. Picnic ShoBlder Lean and Sweet--Pound Pork Chops and Lean--Lb. 14c All Meat Franks Pound . Round Yellow Cheese--Pound 17, Minced Ham Terr -- Lb. 17. Boys' Heavy OTeralls Cut Fali--Pair Men's Heavy Cottoaade Work Pains--Pair Boys" Linen Snickers e* to IS-- Fa-.r Men's New Straws AH Shapes and Co!or Dress and Apron M Gingham--Yard ^^C Yard Wide Muslin ^ rnbieachrd--"ird «^f Linen Toweling Dark or Li^ht--Tard Long Cloth Fine Coant--Yard Children's Slins White Mnshn--Each , Canned Fruits Kind 1 ; -- \\orth lOc Can Surprise Flour 2'j-Ih hac--Ra; . Gibbs Pork Beans Lar;e Can-- Ljirh Sardines :n 0:1 Wonh 19c--("an Pickles or Reash 15c Jar . 5. lOc" L.s'.e Hose BUci Pair 5c Men's Lis'.e Hose 1 Coi^j^-- Pair Men's Bitse Chambrar Work Shirts-- Each Men's Athletic Union Suits Worth 5ftr -- Farh 29. Ladies" Sandals ATI Xr*- Colnr Pair 94 Odds and Ends Child's Leather Slippers -- Pair Ladies' Govms Hand Embroidered . 6c Men's Work Shoes Worth S3.(M»--Pair 1 .3; Fach Lifebuov Soap 5. Jlmerican Beauty __· . _ r f . .- . . * r onfemt ie Tfce tx-ct iron allowance on your old iron Do Ti OU lose time in troninjr heavy, dampened clothes? Then get rid of vour old iron--^'E XC1LL ALLOW YOU 51.00 FOR IT. Buy the ncw 1000-watt "American Be-amy!" This rcraarkable iron won't t-aste our time. Its new 1000-vratt element assures almost instant recovery of heat * hen the iron strikes a thick. damp cloth ^nd the marvelous new "American Beauty" thermostat keeps the heat right there for you. Medium heat. too. for ordinary ironing arid a new low for the safe and quick ironing of "flimsies." The new "American Beauty" is now chromium finished it can't tarnish and it glides easier. Yet you pay no'hing more for these new aids to fairer ironing. Indeed, vou get * ck- count IF YOU BUY NOW! Now vou can IRON FASTER than ever 95 DOWN $1 Per Month THE POTOMAC EDISON Co. 26 W. P A T R I C K ST. P H O N E 1500 O L W T A m v . T.HRYTOW-.. F X C D C K I C K . U N I O N Bmoot. N r w W I ^ O S I \ Your Ship Comes In When you, the skipper, steer its course safely to the home port and happiness. This bank serves as a lighthouse to aid in avoiding shipwreck. Use its help--regularly by saving a. little each week. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK XO. 1 XOKTH MARKET STREET Where Banking is a Pleasure Dresses Like These XEVER Sarc A S10 Price Before Silk Chalky -\ Frocks \ Isn't It Grand \ That They're Only WASHABLE! .1- NI:V\- t-"--?·' ..---, :a oas-.rU. IT. SIZ3S KEMP'S DRESS S H O P EVERY BAY EVERY TRIP You can sKfl travel at ft* lowest far*s in bus history. Round trip excursion fares have been extended until June lit. Remember that these fares permit you to travel at the lowest of afl transportation rates with sixty day return Cmrt, stopover privileges, tickets good on all regular runs and trips available to almost any point in- the country. Here are a few sample fares: ROUND TRIP EXCURSION FARES Chicago. Ill 524.15 Washington. D. C. S 3.99 Morxantown, \V. Va. 8.25 »w York, N". Y. 9.75 Fairmont, W. Va 8-t* Akron. O. 1139 Clarksbnrg, W. Va. 9.25 Canton. 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