The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 12
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 12

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 12
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"V.-' JM.T a 1 BASEBALLDOM A WAITS ALL-STAR CONTEST Full House In Prospect For BASEBALL MEETING TO BE HFT.T> MO?O>AY Every jtan and business man of j Paris who is interested is securing I I a semi-pro baseball team for this j I city for the remainder of the sum- I I mer is asked to meet Monday after- j j noon at 2:30 o'clock at the chamber j | of commerce. The *£onday meeting 1 I \vas decided upon following: a. I ering Friday afternoon of j ed business men. More Than 35,OOO Ticket« Already Sold For , Is was the eo aceasas of Opill i 0n Polo Grounds SettO ! at The meeting Friday that a semi- Giants Bow To Dodgers; Score 7-5 Brooklyn Stages Two Run Rally In Eighth For Victorv ^-ORK {3"i _ Having ~ say in the only ball ga^ year where lie appears ; pro team would bring more fans to than a professional team. BROOIELY^N. F By Dub F ARE Furey A^T least eight Parisians, tarset- breafcers all, ar<& In Austin Sunday for the second day of the state skeet shoot. The event opened Saturday afternoon and will rwo run ! conclude- Monday, according to our . . . ! eams which probably would be i ral!y off Adolf o JLuoue *a -die Information. or | me t by a Paris team would in- j eighth inning brought to a" climax I as ; eiude Mount a full stride, now and Interest la mounting In the games. Pleasant. Hugo. I a gallant uphill fight staged by | Included in the party of Paris- city leagues something for baseball to ! remember. i The bail players may not like ] tie idea of working an extra day j without pay, and the owners may j KOt be overenthuslasiic about risk- i 2ng their celicate athletes in tne i midst of the pennant rs.ce?, but the i feltiful who voted 200,000 strong \ for the lineups they ^ranted to see \ Elitch Has Tough Foe On Tuesday ^vlS^rUa 1 - 6 o-^-^-S Sa?- i Faces Jack O'DeH In SO ^ ._-. —.. ~~ *—»*• " ; Minute Time Limit " Semi-Final and Hal Schumacher were . knocked out of the box In that or- I der as the I>od^ers busily -went I about the business of overcoinjns i ; an early five run lead. Brooklyn j | also used four pitchers, with Emil i ] Leonard, the last one, receiving ! F credit for the victory. * ] -A. home run by Lefty O'I>oul aid- ' j ed the Xei?r Tork cluster of four 1 i runs in the first. [ Tork 401 000 ' 30 ° •with. howliEg: rooters JLs Sill "Terry and Joe Cronin. • rival world series pilots last fall, \ capiruiated somewhat to the voice i of the people Saturday in annonnc- 1 *T- o::r , Ing the z " " — — ...000 130 12x—7 10 0 1 ^Kl^i Mrs. Ed I* I n d s a y; Russell Berry. well-known locally as a skeet mark sman as •well as fisherman; J. E. Os- bum. veteran sportsman whose field covers most every branch of his son Fischer •Q-* _« - f-r i_ - -.* -_ v«-t«-i_LWW» -C^Wi. i^?» AiiJ ^VJ_L ^T A^V-ifCTi Parmeiee, Haboell Schumacher, osb-Jrn: Hoy Wiiloughby, a young- J Q.^~ s^ic ^.ancuso; Babich, «;?•,&— >>»•.- <, ^•^^^•L-^.V ^-.^1- ^^^.- „». iluru _ .-^ . j torr^* 2. big turnout of f?- c > points, especially ! i. Beck, Leonard, and Lopez. cracker-jack ?uke- ) skeet; Loia JHaynes, ed the seats l±sg count. that by er of: the Tigers, ra&es his first cut { ropes became slack beams- at Carl lEubbell's scre^r ball, every j risg T>ost skidded f-o pew Trii! be filled, j in/ on the "floor. Strongbox, -<vho t Capacity turnout ^rould bring in \ ios ^ ^o Hoebuck last week, claim- ! -„ dose to .$60,000 most of Tchlch goes i ^ ^ e slack ropes hurt his style I °~~ TO the osJI players" benevolent fund l °^ "wr&siling- and this -week IMana- i jtsd "would surpass Ssures for the 1 ^~^ Gilman espects to h£ve this i t flrvi. all star gs.m-5 "won by the I G -~ i —cc.i-.y- ended. .American league 4 to 2 in the j Hoebuck, Trho scaled "White Soz park in Chicago last \ pounds- ana Strongbofr, summer, ^.rteiidance there ^vas -=9,- i -• D '=' oeain at 2SO. 2£?0 and receipts about 542.000. i scra * > ^ asr ^e-ek Lny necessity for a. revolution of I t " ne fans a bigger run for their American league vot_ I — OI: *?" — the main event ~ •' thr. Xick Slitch -snii be facing the I ; tig-nest opposition of his local 1 resiliag career "hen he tangles» :k O'I>ell in the 30 sain-1 j ut& semi-final. O'Dell has not fig- | i ured in 3. match In Paris that | aes shot -at another youngster wh.o botrs to but few whe'n skeet is concerned; and E. ho breaks 'em reg- on the firing E Paris Boosters,, -who defeated the. Bogata. nine laet Sunday 4 and 3, will go to Bogata this Sunday to return the favor. They iiope it will result in another victory for them over the Red River 'boys but are expecting a, tough game, according to advices from Charlie Osbura, who manages the Boosters. Hooker. who manages Spring ports the Lake golf course, re- fairway^ have been this week, the- roughs cut and burned and the course otherwise psit in good shape for play. Xe:st week is set aside for qualifying play for the club ch: ship. £A? •^Telch, who has been golfins: along steadily for th.e> past few years, faces James Coker Sunday in th-^ final match for the ;s Brothers Cup at Spring Coker is one of Paris' Perkii Lake. younger crop of golfing stars who has come through the eliminations to the final bracket and now is set to make his bid for the title. -. ^ _ Pirates 110 000 000—2 S its moor- i Chicago ...OOI 001 20s—i TJ . . , ^. s T«r—- -,-r,* -or=*^ rr^ "~ . * } club's delegation expects to 1 I ~ C ^™5. ?Hdcen; Waraeae iO i of advertising in favor who went?-'to ere on~ hand in s on July 4 for a. Tvarm-up j shoot, la addition to taking part | in the- shooting at Austin the local \ do 3. or of First flight matches in the Perkins tourna.nient find Gene Woodfin facing Harrv Crook, Herbert Turner engaging Larry Btirch and } Don \Vair taking on W. S. Ram- Yanks Turn Back Sens In 74 Tilt Lefty Gomez Hangs Up His Fourteenth Victory of The Season KEW TORK. <£>)—Vemon (Lefty) Gomez, thousb off to a. bad 14th victory of ttie season Saturday. while his fellow Yankees knocked Crowder out of the box in the seventh to take the lead in the series. The New Torkers -won. 7-4. Catcher Bill Dickey tied the score •with a. four base drive in the second inning. Washington ,101 100 010 — -4 10 2 York ..020 010 Six- — ~ 12 2 Crowder. Russell. Burke and Sewell; Gomez and Dickey. sox BOSTOX. (ff)—Pinch, hitter Terrell's double with one out in the ninth inning Saturday drove In two rons and gave the Boston Hed Sox an 11 to 10 victory over the Philadelphia Athletics. PhiladeL ..010 110 520—10 13 2 Boston 001 020 404—11 n 2 Newt Team Wins; Play* Southerland On Sunday Th* Paris Kews team defeated Southerland Supply. 9 to 6 Friday afternoon in a city league game. Crenshaw of the Kewa team hit a triple'and Maneoa of tbe Southerland nine hit for the circuit «• eloutins features of the game. The same teams play again Sunday in another league contest at league park, at which a small admission will "be charged. Batterfe* Friday were: Kews— Hamilton and Read: Southerland— Dodson, Baker, Griffin and Maness. Ed White Has Good Round Bonham Boy Scores 71 In Practice For Western Amateur TWIX HHJLS. OKLAHOMA CITY 5 (£*$. —Just to show he's going to be a. hot contender, Ed tVhite of Bonham. University of Texas golfer, shot a, ?1~ one over par Saturday, in practice for tb.3 "Western Amateur golf championship that begins ox^er this course Bell Texas loopj^eader Galveston Outfielder Hitting Ball Lustily; Lead* Four Divisions Tet, ).-— Beau, Tuesday. •who ~was runner-up Jn the recent national collegiate tournament to Charley Tales of Atlanta,, was out in one- under par. 34, and back in 37 tor the lowest Walberg and JL. FerrelL Peanock^ | swinging the Southwestern shosju I to Paris this September. rthur Caddel team been declared winner o - f rock. J>avis and "WTiitehead, who 300 - collected 13 hits. The eir series at ;rday to games In fact, the- club already has drawn up a tentative program for j Presentation of 3. two-day shoot. If the entry list ot^e- t^lz^s is made Monday. has the Commercial Golf League championship and so will receive the opny offered by The Paris 2 this trophy and i—.^-t- .„--_}_-_ _-T- "~~ * Cincinnati ..001 201 000— * ers in the nation ^de poll was i T e * w ^cn win gr 0 two out of i ^ :ree xa^ls with no time- limit. in two days it probably | will be increased a day in order I evei-i eliminated Saturday -with the an- j rs-otcaceznent of the batting criiers | lor Tuesday, as follows: \ A"^1 n ttl^^'^f^'^ L ^h' "F. ^' ^ O f : t?. dsaziey Geiriiiger, Tigers, 2b. Heinle Slaixuslz, Senators^ If. S.nfh, Yankees, rf. Xiou Geirrlg, T/ankees, Ib. AI Simmons, TThire Sox, cf. .Joe Crorus, Senators, ss BHi 'X>ickey. Taskees. c. .Gcmez, Tazikees. p. »>• G 1 St. Louis . . ,110 013 52x—10 13 J | Freitas, Stout and Lombard!; Sailahan and Z>avis. may nave oo- scheduled to be! TIGERS B1^N"K BHOTTXS l>ETROIiT. (^—Etetroit pounded Pitcher Paul Andrews for a single and three doubles in one-third of the first inning Saturday, and beat the St. Louis Browns. 4 to 0. in the second game of their series. Tommy Bridges fanned nine St. Louis batters, among them Garms, a pinch hitter, for the final out of the game. St. Louis ....300 000 000—0. 56 Detroit ....400 000 OOx—4 11 0 Andrews, Wells, Elnott and Hem- PH33LS PAIR The Phll- Other prizes in the Commercial League campaign went to Porter Stubblefield for the lowest score, . ctive one. j a 33. He received a golf club f-om ' SieT: Sri &S*s and Cochrane. zn which every shooter who breaks j Johr-son-Billi-gsiey. A laundry wiil share in the j book, given by Cook and Coker for the most birdies, went to Cap "Welch, who had seven- Stubblefield also won a cake offered by S -or better loney. will defi - ^ r - ih , a ?in faii ' is Caving j f a - ' by fouls and -won one j to ~ "way. Ke askec for an-i " to - tn= sam-5 other rger hit two homers in ! A FTHR tangling Friday pa.nd "Whitney got one. 1 * noon in z. citv league P'riscb., Cards, ±b. Pie Traynor, Pirates, 3b. .Joe Medwick, Cards, If, S3kf - Cicyler, Cubs, rt. ly Bsrger. Braves, cf. Terry. Giants. Ib. 3!ra.Tis Jackson, Giants, ss. Ga35by Hartnett, Cubs, or £3. Lopez, Dodgers, c. Cari Scbbe.ll, Giants, p. { Sadie "vVallace, popular referee, T!b.e ocjy s^ajor changes in the f ™ 21i retam to be the third ~n?_rt Jtmerican leag-ne lineup frora the I ~ ^-^ e ^^S Tuesday night. Jresuits-of the poll are the substitu- \ tion of Siggins^ hitting. 357 in ; p3ace of I>ykes at third and the ?a of Simmons for Sari the nightcap after ; '-^ looks chancs this Trereek and so I S -^SS^S ^b.^ Sraves S to S in the • ^ T SS Elitcjb. for bis oppon- j opesaer, Berger i ent. ^litch feels a. win over O'Dell, i ti - e ^gbtcap [ f^; 1 *£pily rated elsewhere, will | JETRST GAME { ball game ~he no time limit c-urtain raiser j ^langum, IU . addition added events e a clean sweep of Satur- j be available for the "wolves" j th- I^eal Bak-ry for t£ r with the Bos- whose pet bobby is challenging { averace score, a" 3 S whi hammering out an f everybody on the field. Ail in aH { o f Ideal Br^ad. given *o" the Spears and Meagher to Direct Coaching School wh iost iHterestins s. j largest score, went to Gene Stal- after- base- !->,~«r carded a. 55. Individual silver golf ball tro- and ! ph:es for runaer-up in the tourna- the Paris Xews scale the heights and j Boston ...... O&O 220 040— S 13 1 ! SosK&eriaad Supply teams are mest went to the o pin the | Philacel ----- 012 010 5Gx— 9 15 I scheduled to go s.z it sgain Sun- f Companr. They y. The city loop is swinging into 5 Ar:>iur Caddel Company. Marathon OH iven bv the _ j, . ; Brown, Betts, Smith, Brandt and =c cm » esp.-n*' to ^o-k I spotrer; Eoliw. Grabo^ski S S Parisians Gather To Pay Tribute toLelandHamman With S5 entries so far and a total of 100 anticipated. It appeared youth would have its week at the tournament. Barring superb ffoif by some of the veterans, such youngsters as "White. Zell Eaton and Harry C^antiy of OklnsoTEa. City. Kodney Bliss of Omaha, Le- Tand Ham man of Paris, T^xas. or ^"eme Stewart of Xew Mexico -.viH -ank as favorites to walk off tl-e course next Sunday with the tro- Galveston outfielder, *looraa supreme all-round player in. thl« year's Texas league, pennant marathon. Through games of Friday night, Bell's leadership in total base hits, doubles, feome~runs ami runs scored easily established Mm, as the. superior prospect for ». major league try-out. The list of Texas Z«agix« leader* through Friday night games follows: Hitters: Harvel. Oklahoma City, .394; Bell. Galveston. .SS5; Severeid. San Antonio. .35'?; Mose*. Gal- vesion. -S35; Morgan, San Antonio, .353; English. Galveston. ,351. Total Hits Bell. Galveston. 121; Morgan. San Antonio. 120: lish. Galveston, US. Doubles: Bell. Galveston. 30; Morgan. San Antcnio. 25; I>urdy 1 . San Antonio. 24. Triples Binder, Oklahoma City* 11: Hooks. Tulsa, 10; Stanton, Saa Antonio. 10. Home- Rans: Bell. Galveston. 17: Easterling, Tulsa, 16: -York, Fort Worth, 15. Runs Batted IE: English. Gal- vesvoc. G9: Johnson. Oklahoma, City. 61; Stoneham, Tulsa. 60. . Runs Scored: Bell. Galveston. SI: Easterlies. Tulsa, 72- Stoles Bases Slteliey, Beaumont. 22; Bates. Beausaont, 1?; Hottey., Fort -"Worth. 17; Hock. Dallas.. 16. Most Games- TVon: Phillips. Beaumont. 13; Hilliru Sail Antonio, 13; Gibbs. Galveston. 12; Cald- vrell, San Antonio, 12. Most Strikeouts: Kennedy. Oklahoma City. S3. Tex,, £?>— Br. C- ^V, Spears, coach at tJie University of Wisconsin and Jack Meagber, coach at Alabama. Poly. will have charge of instructions August 13-1S. inclusive, when members of the Texas High School f Coaches association, hold their annual meeting at San Antonio. - Coach Henry Fmka, coach of the Greenville Lions. 1934 Texas Interscholastic League football champions, announced Saturday the signing- of Spears and Meaj-her. Fmka is president of the association. 50c GOLF CLUBS Potter and No. S $1.00 GOLF CLUBS PotNr, No. 2, 5 and 8 $1.50 GOLF CLUBS Putter No. 2, 4. 5 and 7 Fatter, yo. 2- 5 f $1.50 Wood. Vuaite Golf Spaldtn* 35 Ffite .,..SOe , Top-FIile, Tovr- it'.. 1.'..., ...... 75c HOUSE HARDWARE CQNffANY Buffs Shade Bucs, 2 to 1 "WEST Henderson 2, Palestine 10, I.efkis 1. Budge Ousts Net Champ Defeats ^rankie Parker In Latic Five Set Battle Saturcbrv 11 a *ter he had related oth- = er golfing incidents. : ' But it remained for the -onoree, - Payne Lets Calves- 1 ton. DO-HTI With But Six I Hits ! TEXAS 2JEAGITE Houston 2. Galveston I. S£.n Antonio 12. Beaumo Tulsa. S ,Fort IVorzs. 7. 2>aIIas at Oklahorr-a. Ci; J Hone-ring Leland Samraau, new- _ Sleeting to convey his | ly crowned. Trans-Mississippi golf- i through verse, "vT, S- P. Anderson I ing champion, more than three- I read s. brief but fitting- poem he I score persons turned out Friday j — ad written concerning the j sight for a dinner at Paris golf J club. The program was arranged ! W ' ""•' " And - rso - z--^ 3- G. Pat j hush as he recounted, the most vi- j j llayse, with 31r. Mayse presiding, j vid of his recollections of the ! } Most speakers on the program j championship s.nd gratefully I j limited their rernarks to lauding | thanked the assembly for pa-ing 1 I Kainman. though r-dward Xorment i him. tribute in the form of a din- spoke of .the fine spirit of com- j s«r. o sons that he had obis acQualniauce with the U j =is Xational Clay Courts t/enais _ I throve Saturday after a draina.*lc ! J - ^^ """--Oam. president of the >ost- f five-set dael of £tam!na and game- i—" 41 ^- r &is.ted incidents o* tbe Trans- that lasted aln:ost three hotrrs. * -&iss- and the days leading to the TV'ashlngton Payne, rub- vete.r2,n of the Houston pJtcMngr staTf, t-umtd back .fijfi lieavy J^ii^ln^ Galveston Bucs; TBltit six fiSts here Sat-jrday ni^ht ; to score a 2-1 victory, | ...036 001 0*>«— * * o| eo-3 25^ oo-c*— i 5 o i 'and O.s-rodo—ski: AMERICAN Boston II, Philadelphia Ne-^- Tork ~, Tt.-asi- i :s S toii I>etro:t 4, St. Ixsuis 0. Ch.ica^ro ««t Cleveland, In addition to the speakers, several of whom were called on for : impromptu remarks, the toast- I " master introduced the club cham- I j pion for 1933 and 1534, W_ C- |r rase is. Jr.; the President's Cup! | winner, "Dr. G. L. Whiieside; I ~^ri-f -victory gained 03- scores of | * illa -- snatch, pointing out the deter- ; the Ross Tliff Ctrp winner. j 2-5, 3-5, 6-3, 5-0, S-7. was Bu-dg-e's I ^.-^2-tion with which Karcman ' | greatesr trisimpri fn tennis bet a '* " =ren ' isto the tournament and com| heart breaker for the plucky chain- 1 sicncing' the ne"sr champion for his j pfor. froai MirTraiikee wbo .suffer- j ^ortsaiaiishjp and knowledge of ; Oklahoma. City, where he will P are -] « a -ever- nose bleed and stoi-ach | --* ^=^ o. tne game. ; - :c!jSAte Jn ^^ Western Amateur i G^soraerB jtist as he was on ihe ! Bnef addresses were made by ; totimament over the T^rin Kills ourse. Hudson Built Car Smashes M t. Washing ton Climb Records 73rd Consecutive Official AAA Record Established By Hudson Built Cars O30LERS THTM CATS kIa., i'^P;.—A fo^r rsn raSy IE the last lialf of the ninth ^vix2i Irwo ta^ii -oat ^rave ih.e Xslsa, Oilers a Itard fonsht s to 7 vie- tory over :the Fort "Worth Cats here i Chicago 4, Pittsburgh 2. Brooklyn 7. Xew Tork 5, St. Lorix 1C. Cisclnnsti 4. vl JEST j r ^ ^° 3- Snalist berth Sunday with ] J. B. Kainman, "sire of good gel'- ; c | Bryan Grant, Atlanta's, "mighty '? ers"'; John T., -who told! -^- '-Grant st:r- v:ved the experiences cf a "brother of a champion" on the championship ZJE^IGUE R&bb, .and Antonio I • TVorth 100 201 *>{=3—7 10 2 i -*acicsosvilie " Henderson . Lufkin i Tyler -™L_ ; Palestine . . RAP I5£.AJ~MOXT - A^TOXIO. Tex., <^>;.—The; Saa Aatouio Missio-ss took -he : r^-jw^-, T>VI" ~--*v***i * "i^ ; ^-d- 11 Saturday nlsrht. piling: ap ar. -early i Ga Schulz. ' ' ~ ttt« route for t£ six hits, 1 victory of Th* carr. pal$rn •The Misa=i'".n5 clouted out 12 hi'-s Izj jpfiinjEir 'heir !"-TO-I victory. : of then: for -rxtrs bases. " : AMKHICAX OvI GOO OftO— 1 5 2 • Teaix:— ,OS£ 2T/0 I0x—I" IS S : Nc-vr Tork £kti3!v3.zi. S-'h-u'.a: arid I^rbf-er: 1 Detroit ,. HiJIla «.u^ S<»veroi«i. ' ; Boston 1-E.VGrJE %v. Seston i- isner and Jlr. Xor- >. e !ge anc[ Grast zr,eet for the 2 m.e=t- A short background of golf- ! ^ ! ^^ -^PP^ *»y Parker Sunday. j ing- accomplishments of Hainmsn i ~J L,* n one °* t '' 3e semi-final, don- ' ^as g^v«n by Bub Furey. sporra : """ ^ I b:es niatches- Mako and Ssdge tie- I e<iitor of the Xe~s, < _ -^ j -eated Grarat and Karl Blamrath. I — • — ' 0 -nstia, Trc., 6-2, ?-3, 3.5. §_i, \ I- the other Eemi-Sc&I doubles ? 5>«tter and Ball to - i) '* ;> . T ^. a - < -> ! T^rtHfc^- '5>^T-=« <~l. : - " -«^ 'ct • " ia -'-~-"• »-v~j-e-v jsrja-j, <-.aa*tajjoosra. : \f*>*>f -],- :an<l John McDiannld. Fort nror^h. I .^leei '^^ : defeated Jack Tidbal! an?? Z>onard ' **""* | Patterson, I-os AEgeles, 10-5, £-20. 4 6-3. <5--j. NOTICE TO WATER CO"VSI7MEKS ' be pal. on or ^ OF -54; * **- I* Pet .551 ^Nesro Yotitli Freed ~ nie Setter of Xe;v Orleans an< George Ball of Eli Paso Saturday i adTinc«<2 to the final of the Cot- | • on States Tennis toarnainciit by { In Homicide Trial PsuJres. allow- -I ^ a —^ Hiilin's Jour- 5 * or " * J- i " T- ^*-y';. f*ff+. f - * J Vi-.i.*i. x-'iLj- 41 3? S5 40 44 43 45 5C- UEIAGUK •5T. JL. - 45 27 . 46 25 -46 SS .452 .3 S3 Pet. ,6IS ,~~ i Batches played between thunder- 'J GO, Osia, — Sddje> B. John- ! thowers- | Negro yocth. charged w:th 1 Sutter trimmed J. C. Sanford ? srder or his step-father. Bill i Mobil*. art«r a hard £oo*bt batt>' ! oausoc oc June 30, -nras re!ea«exl ' S-S. €-2 5-3. i f^r pr«I;miiia-y hearing- FrtxSay f Ban "Won " from Harass Pott* ! before Tom Hunter. ! M^mphl- 6-4 6-4 " ' i e, tie coart findins- tb* ' The winners if is Me. The evi-t r.rrernoon for tfce title the youth was pro- " " ~' .--"_ mother and himself attack. county Js r.on2ici<Ie * Ienc ' e Sun-2av " AI^ 1X>WX . 514 ; from hie ANTHERS VXJITS SHAW>"E3C ANTLERS. Okie. — Antler* Mon»tain««3 Trill attempt to re- Palestine ; jP&J* to « J© TO 2 victory over : I-afk.a T^umtf^rni^n Satartfay. ; }t tb* Pals* two ant of Three : th* .s^r;^?. j Gftl 10 10 XATIOXAI, L.EAGCE Tcam- <?*Ty schools in tb* United States • 41 5Ur£2 r ^f-""J l ?f 1< 1* lt * wllcf I ««*«*« K»«. »h-n thev P i ay • m i?*^ EJV€r VaUeF I «*« B « *i«!S5h*wn« at Shawn« 8 OI Ss*y SrS > 2 r ? t T IOC * 1 22 SOn *I" Mt y" W««t*»n win K o to the o !S?iJ? *»**mit«. succeed In J fln^ Itee for Actler* while BUI Pet. I trouncing: i!cKinu«y SB a twin J Wednesday. »cpr€« 12-26, 5-2. ' ! AJtliomth the HcXjjjn^y sand Jotters .SS3 ! ha4 atr«n«?ben<wS. th-tir team to a extent th« locals wert too strong: jta<5 w&j|c«d away with botll £&m«*. SPECIAL former SfoarstaJrieer, i on th« iTJOtind for Shawne«. One w T«rk-Cicy 'ioertlfic*t«i( by CALL 401— W» will buy or tr»4* tor yotw cre. Com* la V> ••• tM for the be*t T«!a«* in bom* for. ft Baker Fum. Co. HMM» Tfcat Selection SOX TIES Regular $s Values This Week 55c VERILY .. Hudson Built Cars Are Thoroughbred Champion* m m • • • By Comparison With Competitive Cars We Are Offering Gold Dollars For Sixty Cents WESTERN UNION S IjLIFf :.!OTOR CO- PARIS TEXAS JUi-T 5TK, 1934, A STOCK CAR TODAT SMASHED AI.I. PREVIOUS RECORDS POJl THH SPECTACULAR AND P£RJL/>XJS CI-IMB OF TKS 625S FOOT SUMMIT OF MOUNT WASHINGTON STOP DRIVING ITXDER OFFiCIAZ- AAA SUPERVISION Ai» SHOT THB HUDSON BCILT CAR OVETR THB S ^JiLB CLIMB JN 13 MINUTES AND 20 3-5 SECONDS STOP THIS BF-ATS NOT ONLY THF. STOCK CAR RECORD SET :LAST TEAR BY A HUDSON Birn.,T CAR BUT ALSO BET- TKHS TKB AlxJ> TIME STRIPPED CAR RECORD SET IN" 1932 STOP TODAY'S RECORD MAXJNO HUDSON BUXL-T CAR IS A STRICTXA' STOCK MODEX, CARRTING FUI-I^ EQUIPMENT EVEN TO SPARE TIRE STOP IT HAS BEEN AN UNSURPASSED TEST OF THE PERFOR3CANCB AND STAMINA OF THE CAR AND THE SKIUL OF THE DRIVER AS THEY KTJRTI>ED THROUGH 99 DISTINCT CURVES AGAINST HEAD WINDS OVER RAJX GOUGED ROAD SURFACES AND UPWARD INTO THE RARIFTED ATMOSPHERE AT THE SUMMIT STOP THIS IS THE 73RD CONSECUTIVE AAA RECORD FOR HUDSON BUTL.T CARS STOP CHESTER G. ABBOTT HUDSON MOTOR CAR COMPAXT Bi/y a Hudson or Terrap/ane For SPEED Acceleration ECONOMY l«r becoming find that th*y §r*t npeed itnd accel- «r«Uo« *«4 frotn 20 to 25 ml!** per rallon of ***o- lin*. Why wo«J<Jn*t th«y buy a HafjKm built car? ROM IUPF MOTOR CO

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