The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 2, 1918 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1918
Page 9
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HOGS m ; 15c HIGHER Receipts ^re Ten Thousand at Konsulhcily—Cottle Prices Are Steady. Kansas City. KaiiBim City, Mo., Sept. 2.-4HOOS— Receipts 10,000; steady to lDc; hlgh- or; bulk $I.8.40®«L10; heavy $l!l.60(g) HO.Zu; packers find butchers. jl 'J .i!f><8> »W0; light J19.OW8XO.10i pigs $10.UU ^ CATTlalJ -MllecelptB 2(1,000, Including 300 southerim; steady; prime fed steers $t7.26<g>l8 K0S dressed beef atoms J 11,00(9) 17.00; western steers ?lO.00@H.d0; southern steers $7.50«J> M.M; M.WB $6iBIW12.G0; heifers $0.00 ©14.50; Blockers nnd feeders fF.fiOtJi 1S.O0; bulla $7.&0®>10.00; calves $7.60 ty'13.50. - fcliliUBP—Receipts 5,000; strong; lambs 9.tFi.ti0@rl7.76; yearlings 510.50 @>RB0; wethers ?10.00 <fj >13.26; owes JS .'WiiiJia .'iri; mockers and feeders f.<i.M!fC10.00. St. Joseph. Si. Joseph,. Mo., Sept, 2.—ItOOS— Receipts 9,500; mnrket steady 'to 15c higher. Top, J20.20; bulk, $10,400 20.10. CATTI.Ej -lixcclptH 6,500; market steady to l#wer. Steers, $0.00018.25; cows and liolfers, $G.00@16.G0; calves, ' »6#1© 13.50.. SHEEP—Receipts 1,200; et?ady. Lamhs, $11.00® 17.75; ewes, $5,000 12.00. ,^| Wichita. Wichita, Kan., Sept. 2.^-llOOS— Receipts 2,250; 10c higher. Top, $20.10; bulk, $19.<!5@20.00.' CATTLE—Rccoipta G 000; steady. Katlvo steers, $10.@>17.00; cowfl und heifers, $7.0051)10.00; Blockers and feeders, 47.00@13.00; stock COWB and hoircrs, $li.00©7.25; bulls, »G.50<8> 8.00; oalveB, $8.00®12.00. v , WOMEN TAKE UP AN6TSER "MAN'S SPORT'' N TO SEEK REST PROM WAR'S ACTIVITIES i Lady Deelcs Ashing on her Irish estate. ' Lady Decies, formerly Miss Vivian Gould, an American girl, iB one of England 8 most ardent war .workers., She has given much of her time to aiding war victimn. As a relaxation from the strain she turns to fishing. Fishing, like many other sports was considered a man's game •xclusivoly until wur changed ideas by forcing women to Mk out different •ranches of sport for recreation. removing their stores or blowing them up. CAPITAL"SOCIETY >. GIRL TO BE BRID0 «><$>*> • • 4> LOCAL MAhKET PRICES. • • • LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. (Furnished by His iiutchlnaon Flour Wills Co., and aro wholesale iirlce*.* \V UK AT—Cash, No. 1 hard, $2 .05, CORN—Cash, $1 .50, FEEft. BRAN—$1 .47% per 100. CHOP—$3 .70 per 100. , FLOUR— $6.56 per 100. HAY. (Prices given by the Hess Feet Company.) Alfalfa hay—$10 a ton. HIDES. (Furnished by J. F. Rohleder, hides and furs.) GREEN BALT HIDES—NO. 1, 18c. GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 2 18c. HORSE HIDES—$3-00 to $5.00. SHEEP PKLTS—SSBo io $100. ' uRKhlN UliJUftt—3c less than cured. HAI.t" CUHKO— lV4c leess than OREEN SALT GLUE—10c. UlUSiSN SAJLT BULL HIDES—No, 1, 16c. ~ " OKEBN SALT BULL HIDES—No. JL °HUTCHINEON PRODUCE. (Wholesale prices furnished by Carl Nelson.) HKNS-21C BROILERS—1918 hatch, 23c. OLD ROOSTERS—15c. DUCKS—Pull feathered. i5c YOUNG TOM TURKEYS—12 lbs. and oyer, 22a TURKEY HENS—8 lbs and over 23c. .. , ,' No. 2 and small turtroya, half price. GEESE—Full feathered, Ho. OLD TOMS—20c. GUINEAS—25c EGOS—Candle loan off, $9.50. DAIRY. BUTTER FAT—Alamito, 50o; delivered In Hutchinson. , FIGHTING IS ON J20-MILE FRONT (Continued froni Page i.j port that German convoys are moving to the eastward in the region of Rot- sol and beyond.,that town. Roiael ia about seven rolle's east of Feronne. The Germans-are said to; be rapidly WILL HOLD INSTITUTE Methodist Sunday Schools Win I Hold Training Conference. FROM OVER THE DISTRICT Many Delegates Are Expected to Come and Study Under Able Leaders. Miss Annie Ehrlc Pou. Miss Annie Ehrie Pou, daughter. Kit Congressman and Mrs. Edward Pou of North Carolina, is to bo mar-! tied late thisTnotflh. She is to wed jThomas Anthony Wodden of Madi-! json,' Wis. Miss Pou is one of TBIK Imost talented and popular girls in congressional circles. She has been lactmg as secretary to her father isinco nor brother, who hold that position, enlisted in the U. S. navy. Moses went out to enlist but was turned down, and came back asking for his old Job. "Why, of course, I'll take you back," said his former employer, "but why wouldn't they take yoii?" "Boss," explained the negro^"de sargcaut ho took mo all up and down an' aroun' an' smiles an' chuckles an' he says to me, lie" say a; "Mo, if we put you in do array, and Stan' you up; outside ob one of em trenches, you'd jls stop a bullet that othab'wlse might go on an do some real damage. So what's do use?"—Trench and Camp. A greaser on the border IB the mus- tnrd gas of the western hemisphere.— Atchison Globe. GENERA CONGRATULATES U. S. FIGHTERS DECORATED BY THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT Methodist Sunday schools of the country are feeling the effects of the war In a very unexpected quarter. Dr. Edgar Blake of Chicago, reports that all tho spring conferences this year show a decrease In Sunday school membership. He stlmateB the IOSBBS for the year will be more than a hundred thousand. This is the f more striking in view of tho remarkable growth registered in Methodist Sunday schools during the past ten years, which haa averaged 160,000 a year, or a total of a million six bun dred thousand. To meet ibis crisis in Sunday school work the board of Sunday schools has arranged a Beries of district training conferences to cover most of the eastern part of the United States. One of those training conferences • will be held for the Hutchinson district at First' M .13. church, Huwhlnson, on September 12 and 13 (Thursday and Friday). Plans are already under way for raising a great Centenary fund in the Metholist Episcopal church of eight million dollars, to be used for meeting the crisis growing out of the prei ent world situation. The raising 'of this Centenary fur^d is a part of the program of the church in celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of missionary work. It is believed by church leaders that the most appropriate way to celebrate a century of soul stirring missionary achievement is to plan and execute a great for ward movement. The Century surveys and plans for advance will be, presented in the training conference program in add! tlon to thp consideration of speciflo Sunday school problems. Eminent church leaders from New York and Chicago and other places will be heard. It Is expected that First M. E. Sun day school in particular and every other M, E. Sunday school in the Hutchinson district/will have a large delegation in attendance,at the train-" ing conference. The board of Sunday schools anl tho Centenary* committee are* giving the best, possible, program for the training conference. The instructors are experts. No better aro available ^n tho country. ' Sunday school workers will get real practical help- if thoy attend the sessions. GenW'al;,,Uareuc« B. JMtWMrtt, in coinmand of the Twenty-sixth American E*. CfWcas, J,#.shownJwr* --American officer* few) *K0«rt <4 WW division peditipi congrai ... .who hay* the Croix de Guerre, one.of the SMt priced of F«pnch P»dali, Tne'roAn with whom Generjl Edwards is shaking hands is Second Untenant PjnTel Wi««f4 "«t Q# 19^d 8«W artil%. • • « * * • • ••• • • 4> * «> 4> ' PULPIT PICK UP8, « The Ladles Aid Society of the. Congregational church will meet Thursday afternoon at the homo of Mrs. VS. H. Helms at 121 Fourth avenue west. Tho Women's Missionary society: of tho Evangelical church will nffeet Thursday afternopn at the hojno of Mrs. J..D. MiNer on ?Iloventli avenue west. . ' •"*.:.. •, Control Circle No. 1 of the English LiUtheran, ladles Aid Society will nieet Wednesday afternpdn with Mrs. O, J. Ryde op Sixth avenue west. . Circle Mo. 2 will meet with Mrs. CM. Itayl on Ninth avenue west,The Young People's AUiince of the Evangelical enured! will hold, ft watermelon social on tho church lawn Tuesday evening. Somelliing new in the manner of conducting services will bo tried out next Sunday- morning by the English Lutheran-peoplo. The Sunday school and church services are :tp he 'Uejd out of doors. The Missionary Society of the HMP- tlst church will meet Thursday afternoon at the home of Afrs. O. W, Lancaster at Roselawn Farm. He'v. H. W. Colo will continue to conduct evening preaching services at the Rowland school house on North Plum road every evening this week exeepf Saturday night. The Juolor bays 9 f. the C 1 KAN5A6. The Fourth Anniversary Sale of This Stofe, Which Commences Tomorrow Finds it brilliant with new Fall Mcrdiarftlise—unci as usual the Value Center of this Vieinity. Attractive, indeed, both in looks and price is the new for Fall and, with scrupulous care, we have brought together splendid assortments for your selection—and you will find Thv Curtis Store—truly at your service. \ PRICES AND VALUES — Yoti-know without our reminding you, that manufacturers' prices have advanced stonily in nearly every liue of merchandise. Tins has made us redouble our efforts to •buy most economically and we have succeeded in getting real quality goods in ample assortments inarking 'them with prices that are lower, we think, than any store can sell equal qualities for. Ali Women Will Admire THE NEW COATS In This Anniversary Sale Great assortments are hore, In styles and materials to moot every need. In dressy broadcloths, wool velour, plusheB, fancy mix- lures, etc., for dross, streot and motor wear. ifSo matter what your choice may he yon are sure to find In this collection just the model to please you at a simple little price. THESE ANp MANY OTHERS AT $25.00 —Wc aro featuring all wool velour Coats in colors of brown, plum, Burgundy, gresnfand Pektn. This coat is lined throughout and beautifully tailored. AT $27.50 —We are showing models of Salts Bilk Plush, Bol satin, lined and elegantly tailored. • Also many wool mixtures at $15.00 and $18.00. Dress Goods and Silks Weavers Patterns and Colorings That Fashion or Common Sense Has Made Desirable. Share in the Excellent Values Offered $1,00 RICH AUTUMN PLAIDS, yard ... Brilliant color effects In rich Autumn Plalils, full yard wide, In every good combination. The rich blended- colors of this beautiful plaid dress goods aro so nicely blended that from tho assortment you can secure a selection of almost any color effect desired, Btrlklng but not gaudy. They appeal at once to the well dressed woman for Autumn wear. GABARDINES, «1 flfl at the yard 91 iliU In colors of black, navy brown and burgundy. A yard wide fabric for suits) skirts and general wear. WOOL SERGES fitX at the yard «j» I IUU A good quality of serge, yard wide, nice finish; in colors of navy, brown, black, green, Copen, red and plum. BLACK SILK CI Cfl TAFFETA, Yard V I i«« A fine heavy quality of lustrous silk, nice finish and will ' give long satisfactory wear. $1.25 BLACK SILK POPLIN, yard .. Full yard wide, soft silky finish; very desirable for sklrtB. Will wear long and always look nice. S2.50 BLACK SATIN, the yard «j>i A fIno quality of rich satin, so much used this fall for dresses, full yard wide. " 18c FLANNELETTES" , at yard Very desirable- for comforts, covers, kimonos, dressing sacques or wrappers, in a large assortment of colors, WHITE DOMET- FLANNEL, yard \Cz\j Nice fleece and medium weight. A very low price at these 4iigh cost times. AT 22c YARD Fine spring water bleached cambric, full yard wide, soft finish for household use. THE ANNIVERSARY SALe* SEPT. 3rd AND WILL CONTI 14th. WILL COMMENCE TUESDAY, NUE UNTIL SATURDAY, SEPT. SERPENTINE CREPE ' OC« at the yard wwl* Just tho fabric-for a pretty klmona in a wide range of rich colors and designs. Tho rich rose and gray, the dainty pink, blue and green, the bright reds, all hero in beautiful designs. JEWEL FLANNELS the yard .. 35 c A fine fleecy fabric in dark colore and pretty styles, suitable for BO many cold weather needs. In browns, red, gray, blues with pretty stripes' In pretty stripes and plaids. BLACK PETTICOATS, 59c Light weight black autlne Petticoat, has a wide flounce and finished nt wuiBt with draw string. BLACK PETTICOAT, $1.25 Cood weight petticoat of black satlne, full cut, wide flounce and draw string at waist. FANCY PETTICOAT8, $2.96 Pretty rich colors that look like silk, wide fancy flounces, elastic at walBt. . Ro«e, blue, green, purple, gray, navy. IT IS W\TH AGOOp DEAL OF PRIDE THAT WE OPEN THIS 4TH ANNIVERSARY SALE. WE ARE PROUD OF THE FACT THAT KANSAS PEOPLE HAVE BESTOWED UPON US THEIR CONFIDENCE TO SO GREAT A DEGREE THAT THIS STORE HAS GROWN FASTER AND FASTER EACH SUCCEEDING YEAR UNTIL TODAY IT HANKS IN THE MATTER OF MERCHANDISING, SERVICE AND SALES—AMONG THE BEST oV THEM. - WnmPIl ShnP«S That show up real The Anniversary Price will make you only too eager to secure a pair. Women's new fall boots in dark brown, dark grey or field mouse kid. Cloth top to match, medium pointed toes, leather Louis heels, metal plate, welt soles, AAA to D, 3 to 8; <R7 AH Pair j «|M i*»U Women's solid black, genuine kid boots, medium vamp, special process flexible' soles, leather Louis heels, metal plate; a high arched perfect fitting, /dressy boot; AAA to D. 97 Rfl S to 8. Pair iUU Women's solid kid toots, black kid vamp, white top, blind eyelets, flexible soleB, ^0 QC leather heels; A to D; 3 to 8. TRIMMED MILLINERY, at $4.95 and $6.95 Exceptional Values for the Anniversay Sale , A splendid, collection, all triuuned, ready and waiting. The Hats sketched is one of the scores of smart effects included in this group—Hats for the matron and hats for the younger woman. Draped Hats, Sailors, Tain effects, odd shapes, etc. But come see for yourself. See the splendid quality of velvet, the high class workmanship, the chic and smartness of the styles. You'll be delighted. School Dresses $1.50 A splendid dark dress of mingled gingham. Comes in blno or brown, long sleeve, gathered skirt, opened to waist line In front and made with a small collar, so It can be buttoned up snug at nock if wanted. The collar, cuffs and belt are made of a pretty dark stripe which gives a pretty touch of color to dress, 6 to U years. JUVENILE CORDUROY SUITS— $5.00 corduroy Russian modol suit for tho 1 * little fellows, The coat is nicely tailored, military collar, strap plate In front, belt* ed nt waist, sleeves cuffed, pants aro full cut, straight open knee. Colors, blue, brown and green; not war prlceB but real values. Ages 3 to 8 years. JUVENILE CORDUROY 8UIT8, $5,,95 This suit is of a splendid grade of soft finish corduroy, Russian model, nicely belted at waist, double breast effect, military lay-down collar, slit pockets, pants straight cut, open knoe. A suit for dress, comfort and wear. Just tho garment to please tho little fellow. Col•ors: blue, green, golden and seal brown. Ages 3 to 8 years. church who aUa'ned a perfect record during the monthB of July and August were taken on a hike out in the country this morning by Be*. Harvey Baker Smith. The Advisory board of the Baptist church Will meet this evening at, 7:80 p. m. at the church. —y ' Complete Collection. Washington.-—Tho most complete collection of silkworm eggs ever made —170 varieties roin all silk-producing districts of China—has been gathered by the University of Nanking, which n%s organized a short-term, course in silk worm culture. More than half of the seventy-two student taking t4e course are goverwftOBt, oClciai* and school teacher*, TOO LATE TO CLA*»irv. AU kuitta 91 stove rep'oirtpg-. plum. 3117. V OR SAUK— Four, hole cook stoves, «too utovo rppaliiiif duuu. Phone 8111. 11? B- we»L 13-U. WB DO BUG CLEANING and slitnu: make yuur rutf» look like new. rluff rugs pttuta from yuur old carpet. Hutchinson {tug Factory; phono ?M. o-ti. The chief difficulty with abolishing the primary law is that it Is apt to be followed by something worse.— Atchison Qlobo. Ever*- man feels that he f« such a close observer that he sees ia people what oUier people d?u't m,— Atchison Oiobe, Military Wrist Watches LARGE LINE OF Ml MAKES, $4.50 to $25.00 A. L. WILSON, Lending Jeweler 108 No. Main St, 1 lit ftaaweitog «aYe!tl(if«fat§ filMM roenttoo Tbt Hewn _c LJ t ^^jj. ^._„

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