Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 14, 1942 · Page 6
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 6

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1942
Page 6
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"AGE TWELVE—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texas, MILITARY STYLES of the hour for the man of the hour A service man can readily appreciate the authenic styling, the snug comfortable fit of these new Jar-man Military ... / models . . . and not only military men are wearing these smart shoes, many civilian men have adopted this style, too ... (they aren't restricted). 5.85 to 8.85 •Jouffioi Brief Bits Of Local News ' Mr. and Mrs. John S. Castleman of Shallowater are parents o£ a son weighing 7 pounds '4 ounces oprn in St. Mary's hospital at 11:30 o clock Thursday night. Castleman is a truck driver. A daughter weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces was born in St. Mary's hospital at 4:58 o'clock Friday morning in St. Mary's hospital to Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Oliver of Wolf- torth. Oliver is a farmer. - Mrs, A. E. Hindman of -.508 Jefferson avenue are parents of a daughter weighing 6 pounds 12 ounces born in Lubbock General hospital at 4 o'clock Friday morning. Hindman is employed by Holland Page construction company. An exhibit of four oil paintings by Mrs. W. D. Girand was placed on display in a show window at Sansom Paint & Paper company irnt ff f trrfuu. ' NEW New shipment of th» loveliest Ellbi .Cottars for ladies . . . frilled end ruffled and trimmed with colorful needlepoint design. . . so very new and so very feminine ... of nels end organdies. at 1219 Avenue K Friday to remain a week. The exhibit includes one portrait, two landscapes and one floral. A daughter weighing 6 pounds 12 ounces was born in West Texas hospital at 7:31 o'clock Friday morning to Mr. and Mrs. W T Holder of 1515 Arnett street. Draft board No. 2 has made ar- fur aiiotiiti - tion place Monday, according to announcement by board officials Friday. It will be at Dunbar colored school in the Flats and E. C Struggs. principal, will be in charge. Lynn Jay Courtney of Lubbock route I left Thursday 'night for Dallas to take physical examination for entrance in the Naw. His mother is Mrs. J. F. Courtney of near Idalou. Charters have b&en granted to Lubbock men for three real estate ventures here, the Associated Press reported Friday night from Austin. They are: Parkview Homes, inc., Sti.OOO capital stock, Sam C Newman, J. T. Jenkins and N. C Ater, incorporators; Felty Homes Inc., SI, 200 stock, O. J. Felty, L! H. McLarty and Aline McLarty incorporators, and.H. H. Ccpelano! Building Co., Inc:, 81,000 stock, H. H. CopeJand, W. B. Atkins and Jack nl. West, incorporators. G. M. Early, 24 r signed a waiver of extradition Friday night clearing the .way for his transfer to CIovis.'K. M., to face a charge of check law violation. Cap Moore deputy sheriff, and Raymond Waters, criminal investigator of rangers, arrested the suspect here Fri- riay afternoon. Nation-WideJla^ Gasoline, Oil Is More Probable Plan May Be In ~ Effect Shortly 'ByThe tTnlteij Pr»«5) WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 — Nation-wide rationing of civilian gasoline and oil supplies appeared more probable today as unofficial spokesmen revealed such a move v.-as being considered to meet the growing transportation problem. The Office of the Petroleum Coordinator said no official rationing plan hsr, been perfected, but OPA spokesmen admitted procedures have been worked out tentatively for use in the event oetroleum must in the future be added to the list of rational commodities. Plan Subject To Chang* The plan now being considered to assure adequate supplies'for the war effort in spite of recent tanker sinkings and transfers is subject to change as the war situation changes, it was pointed out. At iiresent, however, it is expected petroleum rationing will begin in about three weeks. At that time spokesmen say. first steps will probably be taken to curtail consumption, and later the OPA will he asked to set up a rationing system utilizing coupons similar to sugar stamps distributed through local boards. "Joy Riding" Uses Gas Civilian supply officials in the War Production board said approximately 30 per cent of civilian petroleum consumption is used for "joy riding" on Sundays, tourist trips and similar non-essential purposes. Trucks and buses are considered essential petroleum consumers by defense officials, as well as all "eligibles" under the auto rationing plan. Other car owners and petroleum users, however, may be sharply curtailed under a gasoline coupon plan. Navy Examinations Are Given By Board A dozen students from Texas Technological college were given examinaions by an examining board from the Dallas district naval recruiting offices as prospects for reserve naval commissions. The board Is headed by Lieut L. S. Poer. On the board besides Lieut. Poer, who is chairman, are: Lieut E. L. McCafferty, medical examiner; William J. Bryan, pharmacist's mate second class, and N. V. Bennett, yeoman second class. The board v/ill remain here through this afternoon and will go to Amarillo Sunday for a two-day stay. Examinations are being given in room 1 of the federal building, the regular Navy. recruiting office oT the We are examining juniors and seniors for reserve officer material for expected expansions in 1942 and 1943," Lieut. Poer «aid "The Navy will be greatly expanded late this year and next and we hope to build up a substantial officer personnel. "Under our plan, men who pass the examinations may remain in school until they graduate, before being called. Juniors this year will have an opportunity to get at least a month's training this summer, between their junior and ^nior years." Lieut. Poer said 1 at Abilene where the board had been for two days, five men were secured He added that he hoped to "be able to enlist eight or ten men here during the two days. > Tech Nightwatchman Will Not Go On New War Time War " me had Jack H - ightower scratching his head for in H,^Hni ieM l* Vln t is the vcry thl " ng Highlower isn't interested TP«, rSrW 11 - 8 ^° u « s> f ° r his job is one of nightwatchman on Texas Technological college campus from dusk to dawn ISC ?- Vered i. that \ f he wwked the re * ular hou « V in , e ' he would bcgin watching in broad day? ° h0 ™* •"*<>« daybreak. For years he has worked p. m. to 6:30 a. ni. he ' 6 observing Central Standard Time again in his work- w « « 8 , n !l 'V 66 ™ 3 * lf everyone Li out of step but himself. He meets students on their way to classes as he goes off duty Hightower has been nightwalchman at Tech since the college opened m 1925. He estimates he has walked mort than 90,000 miles wjthmihe con/iues of the campus, having tramped 15 miles on the grounds nightly for 17 years. As An Expert Sees It- Behind War News By KlHKE L. SIMPSON Wide World War Analyst Escape from Brest of a trio o fast and powerful German war craft under the noses of the Roya navy and Royal air force and th very muzzles of British shore bat tcries is a stunning new blow anti-Axis war leaders. It changes vit al war factors ii both oceans. 1 represents, asid from a n other contructioi placed upon it closely inte grated German Japanese Stra tegy. With such bi, and dangerous vessels as th< light battleship Scharnhorst anc _. Gheisenau anc KIRKE SIMPSON the heavy cruise Prinz Eugen loose m the Atlantic, that ocean becomes again the greatest dan ger zone for Britain, Russia and this country. To Enlarge Victories To the extent that the darki] German sea success forces increas eu Anglo-American naval conceh trations in the Atlantic at the ex p'pnse of the Pacific defenses i will certainly help Japan enlarge her victories. It could seal the fate of the Dutch Indies. London commentators make no bones about the seriousness for the Allied cause of British failure to destroy those German war craft The whys of that fresh disaster as of the ineffective defense of Sin Sapore is British business. It is z business, however, that piled on top of the Singapore debacle couk bring Prime Minister Winston Churchill's head to the politica block. Hitler gambled mightily — and unquestionably won—in ordering the bold dash through Dovet strait. The skill and daring with which that coup was executed must command admiration; yet u speaks also of desperation The risk was so great, the chance of success EO small that some critical aspect of Nazi or Axis strategy must be involved. Would Have Helped Morals Had the' ships been destroyed it would have bolstered British and Allied morale immeasurabl> at an otherwise dark moment It would also have influenced both Atlantic and Pacific war factors almost as favorably for the Unit ENTERTAIN YOUR FRIENDS AT The Place Ta Eai! Lubbock's most pleasant place for refreshment and a chat! You get such courteous service, sud/good foods and everything's so sensibly priced. You'll love the young people you meet at this 13th. Street anve in restaurant. 1313 13th Si. ™''' '' IUBBOCK GENERAL HOSPITAL FORMERLY LUBBOCK SANITARIUM CLINIC GENERAL SURGERY J. T. Krueger. M. D., F, A. C S J. H. Stiles. M.D., F.A.C.S. <ortho> H. E. Mast, M. D. tOrolojj-i EYE, EAR. NOSE & THHOAT J. T. Hutchinson, M. D. Ben B. Hutchinson, JI. D • E. M. Blake, M. D lAiiere^ INFANTS AND CHILDREN M. C, Ovarton, M. D. Arthur Jenkins. 7,1 D. INTERNAL MEDICINE W. H. Gordon, M. D. * R. K. McCarty, M. D. Clifford E. Hunt, Sosw * In Service. GENERAL MEDICINE J. P. Lattimore, M. D. H. C. Maxwell, M. D. G. S. Smith, M. D. W. A. Reser, M. D. •T. D. Donaldson, M. D. W. F. Birdsong, M. D. OBSTETRICS O. R. Hand, M. D. X-RAY AND LABORATORY James D. Wilson, M. D. RESIDENT PKYSICIAK Wayne Reeser, M. D. J. H. Fel'.Ori, Business Men.iier v DAV /ATHOLOG1CAL LABORATORY X-RAY AND RADIUM, SCHOOL OF NURSING ed Nations as their escape has imponderably altered them in German-Japanese favor. The stark fact that confronts London and Washington is that Hitler at this moment, may have the most powerful surface fleet now in the Atlantic. He has certainly one and probably three German battleships of the powerful Bismark type. The two 26,000-tonners which escaped from Brest are not their equal in armor or gunpower or cruising range, but are formidable antagonists. At least two oE Germany's original trio of 10,000-ton pocket battleships must be counted in. There are. in. addition an unknown number of German cruisers. Strength Not Known What Anglo-American naval strength in the Atlantic is has not been disclosed. Most of it certainly is widely dispersed on convoy and patrol duty. The -British Mediterranean fleet and the American Pacific fleet both may have been lately reinforced from the Atlantic. Lacking those factors, accurate assessment of the effect . of the Dover strait disaster is impossible. It is beyond question, however, that its success has thrust new and grave military problems on the United Nations leadership at a critical time, to say nothing of possible political repercussions upon neutrals or. on Britain's home front. GOVERNOR HONORARY LION AUSTIN, Feb. 13 (U.R) — Texas' Governor Coke R. Stevenson was entitled to.roar today. He has been made an honorary member o£ the Lions' club here. Movie theatres in Scotland are having matinees for children, admission being fay a bundle of waste paper. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 Navy Moves To- New Tech Son 9 Heard Evacuate Island ° n Radi ° Hookup i By The United Press) SAN PEDRO, Cal., Feb. 13 — The Navy moved today to sweep all residents from Terminal island, groat Pacific coast defense base in Los Angeles harbor. The Navy assumed jurisdiction an official fight song for the Ked is i a "l!3«l^ art .f5:^ n<1 ^: Raiders and Texa * Tech students, nation proceedings which will force removal of r,Jl residents including many Japanese in the island's fishing colony. Japanese Lire Thsr« Rear Admiral R. S. Holmes, commandant of the llth naval district, said he expected the condemnation to be effective within about 30 days. Only a handful of white persons live on the island, but hundreds of Japanese live in ramshackle two and three room huts built of plywood, corrugated iron and driftwood. Holmes said Secretary of Navy Frank Knox instructed him to take the action "under authority granted by the president in an executive order." The move was made, the Navy announcement said, "to protect from injury or destruction all national defense 'material; national defense premises and national defense utilities.". Important Defense Area Terminal island, hub of. shipbuilding and shipping and site of an important naval air station, was not included in the recent Department of Justice order, establishing restricted areas' on the Pacific seaboard. Before the outbreak of war, an estimated 2,100 Japanese,"; mostly fishermen, lived there. Two weeks ago, however, the Federal Bureau of Investigation evicted 500" aliens and 500 others moved voluntarily. Reeves field, a naval air station ranking in size with the Canal zone and Sitka, Alaska, is located on the island in Los Angeles harbor. Just off the air 'station, big warships often lie at anchor. Pat Doniey Dies At Home Of Sons Here Funeral services probably will be conducted in Saint Jo this afternoon for Pat Doniey, 77, who died early Friday morning at the home o! sons, M. M. Doniey and J. H. Doniey at 1502 Avenue J. Sir. Doriley came to Lubbock about two weeks ago. He had been suffering influenza and a heart ailment. He was found dead about 5:30 a. m. Relatives had been up caring for him a short time earlier. He came here from Saint Jo. Sanders Funeral home said details of arrangements had not been completed. Survivors include four sons, M M. and J. H. of Lubbock, Will of Saint Jo and R. E. of Freer, and two daughters. Mrs. Earl Snapp and Mrs. R. E. Paschal of Saint Jo. REV. DENNING, RADIO EVANGELIST, OFFERS PRAISE FOR HOYT'S Popular Radio And Pulpit Evangelist Of Texas And New Mexico Says Hoyt's Compound Ended Torture From Stomach Trouble You've heard him on the radio.® j-ou may have attended some of, his services, for this man, Evangelist John R. Denning of 1904 26th ' Street, Lubbock, is widely known throughout Western Texas and New Mexico. He joins the throng who praise Hoyt's Compound with these words ':'! was tortured for years with a stomach disorder caused by overwork. Nervousness and poisons caused a contracted condition in my stomach, and I couldn't eat for as long as 72 hours at 'a time. I had headaches and severe spells of nausea. "But since taking Hoyt's Compound, I can eat comfortably, my headaches have gone and I feel a great deal better. I enjoy my meals now as I have not done in years! I am well today, though I still speak from one to five times a day, just as I did before!" Evangelist Denning's constant mission in life isc to help others -—— »ij. . .^ i^j uiii\_io so why not be guided by his im- REV. JOHN R. DENNING portant statement? Try. Hoyt's today. Hoyt's Compound'is"recom- mended and- sold by the Mark Halsey Drug Company here in Lubbock, and by leading druggists throughout this entire .area. Mai! orders promptly filled. $1.25 a bottle or two bottles for $2.00. Adv. The Texas Tech Red Raiders and the college received worldwide publicity Friday evening at 6 o'clock when Fred Waring and his nationally famous orchestra featured the South Plains college on their National Broadcast program. Fred Waring, who recently wrote Wi more anything, anywhere — swiftly and carefully. Let us relieve you of all moving problem*. Dial S715 fcr «fficient *ervic« backed by long experience. Our rat*? are lowl lubbock Transfer & Storage (e. 701 . 10th St. Dial 5715 introduced ihe song over the air •w-aves, first with his orchestra and then with orchestra and singers. Waring also explained to his radio audience that Texas Tech was located in .Lubbock and carried an enrollment of approximately four thousand students. He pointed out that the Red Raiders boasted one of the greatest football teams in the nation for the last three years. The new Texas Tech song written by Waring will be published and distribted to various colleges arid bands throughout the nation, according to Director D. O. Wiley of the Texas Tech band. Director Wylie and his Tech band will make a number of recordings of Fun Night Program Is Held At Center Lieut. Fred Banner and five young women of the Salvation Army were hosts Friday night at a fun night program at the Community center, at Sixth street and Avenue B. They were assisted in direction of games by Mesdames A. M. Cowdrey, Fairy Holt and H, A. Beaty, City-WPA recreation leaders. Refreshments were served to 150 -young persons and Mrs. W, C. Plunkett and Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Adams. A Durban, South Africa, newspaper published "the lastest list" of contributions to an Aid for Russia fund. the song .on their return from Galveston. and Your Old Mounting No Chaig* f Resetting u Convenient- Low Cost— TRANSPORTATION to a lj points Travel the modern way when you go places — on business trips, pleasure or week-end . visits— Low Round Trip Fares. . :f Ride The Bus And Save Your Tires! Direct Connections To All Points In Lubbock Trade Territory! _ Q _ , Texas-New Mexico and Oklahoma Coaches Joe Bowman, Mgr. Union Bus Terminal Lubbock '!

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