The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 19, 1959 · Page 35
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 35

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1959
Page 35
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Page 35 article text (OCR)

W. E. Rapp, vice president, wholesale sales, addressed Walker sales force at Lake Lawn conference. From left to right, E. F. Herman, eastern zone manager; T. F. Hall, vice-president in charge of sales promotion; J. W. Jaspcrsen, director of sales, and W. E. Rapp. Walker Marketing Corp. Holds Confererice Walker Marketing Corp., Racine, conducted a week long sales conference for territory managers at Lake Lawn Lgdge in Delavan. Seventy members of the sales organization focused attention on product features and new product development, training In new and more effective selling techniques, and marketing F. D. F r 0 h, filter product 1 manager, presented the new North Side Bank Sets Electric Aid The North Side Bank expects to install electronic proof machines some time this week. Roy F. Ruland, executive vice president, said the bank signed an order to install newly developed high speed electronic machines. The proof machine is used to sort, list and total the amounts of every item that is received or passes through the bank. Checks flowing through the North Side Bank will be processed with greater speed, accuracy and with additional safeguards provided by these machines. The new machines act upon orders electronically activated from a master control unit by the operator. They are designed to make many ordinary decisions formerly decided upon by the operator. The equipment uses printed circuits of the type built into electronic "brains. The bank also expects to have other units of the system in operation within a few months. Light Control Keeps Illumination Constant BRISTOL, Conn.— A Bristo concern has developed a new light control system which it claims will measure daylight and balance it with electric light to assure a constant level of room illumination. The device, besides providing better light for vision, will also save up to 50 per cent in electricity costs, the company says. changes in the automotive aft- j accessories to cover all major ermarket. ; makes and models of trucks. J. P. Jaspersen, director ofj sales, opened the conference; w^i! the^ announcement that l^^,,,,^^.,. . deluxe "big bonus- Walker Marhetmg Corp. s sales; other plans for were well ahead of the same,;, ^^^^ ^^^i^il fi^^, period m 1 958. Jaspersen 1^^.^^^ pointed out that over $4 million were invested in 1958 for additional modernized production acuities to effect production- economies and assure the abil- ty of Walker to supply the expanding market for exhaust systems, jacks, and oil filters. W. E. Rapp, vice president, wholesale sales, termed the Walker sales force, "a mature, hard-hitting, intelligent sales organization, capable of performing the necessary functions needed to aid distributors and dealers in increasing their share of business in the automotive aftermarket." T. F. Hall, vice president in charge of sales promotion, outlined the effective methods of surveying markets to determine where the bulk of the individual territory's market ex ists. The 1959 Walker silencer catalog containing exhaust system diagrams of each make and model vehicle was presented to the field force. Official announcement of the new silencer consolidation program was made by G. C. Matteson Jr., Silencer product manager. Matteson said, "The Walker consolidation program represents the first attempt by muffler manufacturer to consolidate mufflers in an effort to solve distributor stocking problems." Matteson announced that in addition to the consolidation made by car factories, Walker has consolidated 33 numbers Into 13 numbers. The consolidation was effected without sacrificing corrosive protection, back pressure requirements, fit or acoustical sound control. A new heavy duty truck muffler program was introduced by L. F. Carbonneau, administrative sales manager. Carbonneau announced that the Walker line now offers 11 truck mufflers and a complete line of Young Radiator Co. has announced the appointment of F. A. Powers as sales engineer with the Chicago Direct Snies office. He will represent the heating, cooling and air conditioning division. Powers has 24 years heat transfer experience. Wesley Thorsen has been appointed Wisconsin District manager for Hardware Mutuals Insurance Co. Thorsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thorsen, of 2024 12th St., has been a company salesman in Jefferson County for 21 months. He will assume his n e w re- „ Thorsen OPEN SUNDAY For Your Convenience Ire Dm rmplr iini<!(i)(>nli>(l cninponji drop In? Nrril mmiclulnn tnr rnirr- (trncjr r«piilMf Oon't worry tlir.'c bimlnrni iiUcru »rii (ilwny* nni<n lo cnrn (or vour neeiln INOIU Romii Might Biglcr Market Dives in Slack Trading NEW YORK — i/P) — As the steel industry banked its furnaces the stock market last week doused some of the fire under the latest bull market upsurge. The market took its first weekly setback in four weeks as volume sank more than three million shares below the prior week's total. When the steel plants began to close down on Monday in advance of the strike the stock market staged the sharpest one- day sell-off in a month. Brokers said the market needed an excuse for a correction of the previous week's historic tops and that the steel strike was as good as any. The list made a partial recovery on Tuesday. Wednesday saw an irregularly higher market with steels, chemicals, coppers and some electronics making strides. For the rest of the week, however the trend was down as trading slackened. Aside from the nationwide steel strike, the business and industrial news remained good, but growing indications that the strike may be a long one was a depressing factor, especially for the rails. The thought that the third quarter business slowdown may be more severe than anticipated prompted some investors to take to the sidelines. Trading interest rotated to "special situations" and other stocks with speculative possibilities and the result was some sharp gains for secondary issues. new sponsibilit i e s Aug. 31, at Stevens Point. William Connolly, public relations vice president, of S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc., has been appointed a member of the business rela tions committee of the Chamber o f Commerce of the United States. The 28 member com mittee aids the national chamber in developing programs and techniques through which businessmen can develop better employe and public understanding of the American economic system Connolly Thor Thompson, president and founder of Thompson Pe troleum Products, Inc., has announced that his company has obtained the distributorship o Pate gasolines and other prod ucts. The Pate products will be available at seven Thompson service stations in Racine and at three stations in Kenosha A Thompson spokesman added that the firm has discontinued distributing Wi.sco products. Sister M. Magdalen, of St. Mary's Hospital, was among the 350 hospital administrators attending the 17th annual Institute of Hospital Accounting & Finance held last week at Indiana University, Bloomington. Julie Sarocka, immediate past president of the Racine Chapter of the National Secretaries Association (International) will represent the chapter during the organization's national convention in Miami Beach, Fla., Wednesday through Saturday. Stanley Rodgers, of 3602 Washington Ave., has been appointed sales manager for the Milwaukee operations of Strickland Transportation System. Rodgers has been a sales executive in charge of offline sales in Wisconsin for the Texas based transportation company for 18 months. Automobile assemblies maintain the fastest July gait since the 1955 production boom. Output this week is estimated at 128,448 cars—5,301 greater than last week. Chrys- er Corp.'s Dodge and Chrys- er-DeSoto plants in Detroit are closing this week for model change-over and several hundred thousand units will be trimmed from the industry's output next week as more plants go down. But the 120,000-plus cars being built weekly in July easily top the similar weeks in 1958, 1957 and 1956. Mrs. Arthur W. Kornack, of 2052 N. Wisconsin St., has been named winner of a portable television set in the Continental Oil Co. "$50,000 Hottest Brand Going Contest," H. R. Seloover, marketing manager for Conoco's Milwaukee district, said. Mrs. Kornack was one of 112 winners in the contest. R. T. Wilsonrof 2401 Illinois St., has been named cashier for the Western Union Telegraph office in Racine. He succeeds Miss Elsie Gattie who has retired. Wilson, trans ferred from Minneapolis, attended the University of Minnesota and is a veteran o World War II and the Korean conflict. Western Advertising Agency has announced two additions to its copy and creative staff at the Racine office, 610 Wisconsin Ave. Bernard H. Biglcr comes to the firm from the Jay 11. Maish Co., advertising agency at Marion, Ohio, where he was an account executive. Charles F. Might joins Western from radio station WMRN, at Marion, where he was radio farm director and farm manager. Auto dealers' new car sales n tlie first third of July declined 25 per cent from the ike period of June—a drop which trade sources described as the "normal" seasonal pattern. They said the decrease may have been accentuated by termination of heavy pro motions and sales contests conducted during June. Slow sales in early July pushed dealer slocks of new U. S. built cars to a record 930,000 —a total likely to be In creased before the 1959-mode run ends. Rail freight loadings last week amounted to 554,426 cars, down 3.0 per cent from the previous week, the Associ ation of American Railroads reported. Volume was affect ed by the coal miners' annua vacation and a falling off in shipments to steel mills in ad vance of the steel strike that started this week, the A.A.R said, Freight traffic in the lat est period, however, was stil 12.8 per cent above the like 1958 week. Loadings so far in 1959 are 13.3 per cent ahead of the year-earlier pace. —Journal-Tlmea Photos CATALOG ILLUSTRATIONS—LaBlanc Instrument Co., of Kenosha, is usjng Wustum Museum scenes to illustirate its product catalog, In the series of photos above professional models and photographers are at work preparing illusttations for the musical instrument manufacturer's catalog. At top left, are Frank Krusmark, Waukegan, left, and Don Short,-Zion, professional models who posed for the series. At top right, Art Haas, Zion photographer, prepares his equipment. Haas shot nearly 50 pictures for the catalog. Pictured at bottom right is an example of an illustration as it may advertising a saxaphone. Statue in background is entitled "Fightiog Stallions." NOW OPEN EVERY SUNDAY 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. •11(1 Every D«y 8 • m. to * p.m. Becker's Bakery mo viii« m. Mitlroii 4-05011 tJNnKR NKW MANAOKMItNT OPEN SUNDAYS 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. NEW 1959 MAPS CITY OF RACINE and Vicinity f,'nmiili>tr wllh nil nr.v ftrr.tti in- rliKli'il. lln.i liulfx to alreeU, public. i)»vl(ii, I II (I II » I r I k I tilknU, rhurrhrn, puhllo billUllnMi Bliiiwt Wnrif rreclnclR. Prlc* lOe at Joiinial-'rimps Office (.'onirr 'Itli tSj Wiscon.sin Ave. RAOIME SVlfDAT WDttMfWt July 19. 1959 See. S, Pate f WHY WAIT UNTIt, MOTTIBBO DAY TO BUnPHIBK YOUR WlITt? Hurprlim lirr today with frlpil y, rlilckrn rtlniitr at 11.3k (r»iii BUNBIIINK UAri A: nrilUi. ciinifir 171)1 8t. and Taylor Avt. A llltlii tliiiiiiihtriilnRiiii llkt Uiln will pny nfr bin dlvUlpniU , . . Iiappl- iipim tnr lli« two lit you, For nil tnkn-homii orclnr, call MS T-llsl llDllt llliw. AUTOMOIILII m lUI SWAP CARS TIRRD OF man FAVMENTSt Would you llk« an older ear and eaih, „ or Juiit lover payment*? We will trad* ,f any mur yoii fikel new eare for aU ot^ oUl far new; we buy or aetti more SMh, < more sympathy, teei foollni. We'U •rca .i. pay your taxi fare home. ,* DRIVER MOTOR SALES f mi Lalhrop Ave. MX T'Sllltf bowllni f»er» day. Air 'TOWN IWWi.tNQ «-«74«, enndl LANEa, and Awardi. Pa«t Rniravtni •ervtee. MAIER PENNANT CO 31(1 (itatc at. 8 Weekdayi- - 9 p,m. Saturday)— - 6 BUILDERS HARDWARE 3IM1 naplili Drive Mr>:irnii« npun llimi>(l. tlPTfiWN )«n Jiinrlloii AVP Chicken Supreme ram DBt.tvicitr • MKi.Roai «-ioii cmCKEN 11 .35 PJI^B— aHniMP-MAMBUnOtll-riZZA TliOI'i-lilCS for Ail Sport -i "TV.:; •" Dial MKIroee «-tll43 Original Cyclone I'ciice By U.S. 8lF»l Corp. Free Eallmatri Cyfllniia ti tlie Iivndrr In tlir Field atnn nmifcki, Mi>: ^-^on niR rfiUiiitlon on KP U und luppllei. IMiniie lll.yiiiple 3-nil4. KcniinhK. Wlt„ nr wrilr Mr« K. Unrnrn, n04ll-30th Ave. I'oVl I.iiNU i.AH'lVNO HKAWTV,'"WX rtilne iiiiluli your flrn)r«. Our nianlilnea Willi nlrel woiil |inil.i do II taut, tlnlled Ilrntnll!!, Mllll Douglnii, ME 3-a4U3. iUJOMS I'OirKliNT Renldenne rnln trnin |7 to 110 week 'THE TIIUMAH." 103» State. ME 4-1)1111 FLOniSTS LEE'S FLOWERS "The Economy of Quality" 1111)3 N Main St Dial MEIruiie 4-33»3 Douglas Flower Shop Flowers of Quality 11171 nnugIWi Ave. ^.„MKIro«e 1-im Brux Flower & Gift Shop BOOOoold Bl. MKIrode 3-IM4a ATWCATJTiSCfi^iirirTfEW"VAiriEi i KB iinnlleii IIIH RooiieTelt .^e 3-n«35 SPEDUL NOTICES COOK BOOK Week" Reolnee A ol rcclpri by Uaclna the "Cook or eulleotlon women . . . un lala at the Journal- Tlmfi office. II.SO per copy, Includlni laet June •upplement. FitEK frr6HAtnE:^iTn'WR CSAT m. Jacket remodrllnR, Sol Ileder, Furrier. 517 Sixth at,. Phone MKIrnae 3-11044^ Phone ordera >lKlrnse a.0B37. JinbClrnvB Ave. kS j<'0i< UKN' promptly delivered. Dial CI IA MERCMAmfl DEMVERY ME 3-8101 TIIOUHKIIH MATCUEl) PUNTIL1.0 TIIIC TAILOR 310J5I2CTH ST. _ __M'''lf'>"' 'i-iOfti YOU CAhl noRRowTip TO li.Min ifQii all worthy uer« at Thrift Loan Co.. 314 Mh 8t_jKlElrp«e 3-3liB3. _ Pl&FOnW FftAMlNO- PHOTO CIIAFTB. g34 Collene Ave. Kern County Land Co. Expects Rise in Profits Bowlers Look! WANTED to BUY CLEAN USED CARS For Top Dollar Stop At Bell Auto Sales 1344 Lalhrvp S>IS31 - 2>«UI OPEN EVENINGS TIL 9 LOST AND FOUND ,OHT — O r. R M A N pointer, fnuiile, llvrr flllORTIIAIRED anil tick, name 'Blinlxle." 135 reward. 3 heartbroken clilldreii mlnn her. lO'JH Erie Bl, i .oflT ijlAMrtNUKNaAOirMislTO fSrua In (loldbliitl'a Lliifcrln Hitting Room Itewiird. Mr«, Wm. 9l «nn^M!C.4-43(l8, ,6 HT Bl'lOl'PlNO HAO. CONtArSS urucerleii, iliawl, end medicine. Vicinity. Main mid slate, MKIrose 4-»167. ;68i'~ Tii .OE T >AUAi <m'. VlfclNTTV Kmrney Ave. Batiiiday mornlnR, MEI- rn»e 3-6BBB. iT6M'~- cATitPonNrx eutiKreAirmt fniind at llorlick Field, Monday, June ;m, B p m. . i,6ar At "Nf)iiiMriiKAieir"i~eTm:. dren'a lite jacketa. Reward. ME 3-177). AUTOMOBILES rON lALI lOflll RAMni.ER — AMBAMADOR COS- tcini. exoeullVB oar, power brakea, power aleerlnii, power loek dllterenllal, riidlu, ric. Call MKIroae 7-31711. _ , ii)nii~Doi)Qi; - iiGYAlT^UANeeR. 3 door hnriUop, 3 lone paint Job, clean, new tirea. (.'an bo aeen after B p.m. at 3.136-8tli Avenue, MKIroae3-3i{U, rw7 AMTIAHHADOR - OrvTSAfirsnS 13,000 inllea. full power, radio, heater, hydrnmnllc. ell extraa, ll .RDO orlilna) Mil y.imil. ifllfl .Inmea Rlvtl^ rm CAi)ii;i,At: 4 ix5im. Menxiwi rondlllDM. Nfw piiliil. MlClroae 4-»t30. I a.m., utter 8 p.m. and Hundaya, MEIroae lit? ti »BVti6l ,K'<- fiOHVKftTlBLl ~ HlrnlRlil atlok. Very aoud condition, •.lliin Dwlglil. MEIriiae 3-1(114, afteTjL ' iBK^i-A "co "Nmmr.i, III57 ll.M.W. Take over low down jm^mont. pr;YMOiJi'lf~- 4 . paymanta. MEIriine 4-7073. No monthly ""CIriiae HtrniKhl aiilft. In very good oondlllon MI'Mroae 3-8B80 nr 4-B»37. iur.« Kl)HKti-KXCKi;i ,"KN 'f eflHBffriSW Full powrr, miiny extraa. Reaaonable Mr.lroar 3-n37» iii4B i'uMUi: i-tiS()Ii, RADIS, HEAT- rr, livdrarnntlc. good running. MEIroae 3-nnof. ius I 1 iiTi )H6N' IToiihWF -~VnrRV~ei:¥/nT fl3B 6003 Waahliigton. MKlroae 4-5t3i lUMI OMJHMCJUII.It - liXblO, irfATEil, pint\ niniilnB rnndltlon. Call MR 3-74B7. iiisti nuic;K, a notm iiARfJTbir 'FUtX l.iiwrr, J11300 00. 1101'i lOtli St. IIISB HAMm.KR WACKJN, OVfiHliltlVK new lln-fl, lUllB.OO. 3331 IBth St. Three Racine florist shops were honored Satui*day for 25 consecutive years service in wiring flowers through the Florists' Telegraph Delivery Assn. Receiving awards during ceremonies in Milwaukee were the Douglas Flower Shop, 1678 Douglas Ave.; Miller's Flowers, 219 6th St., and The Flowe]^ Shop, In.. 223 6th St. inr the Wall St. Jouninl) Kern County Land Co. expects to report first half net appreciably higher than the $5,591,542, or $1.41 a share, earned by the diversified western oil and farm land owner in the like 1958 period, George G. Montgomery, chairman, told this newspaper, and full year profit should also be higher than the $13,134,000, or $3.30 a share reported for 1958. Favorably affecting results, he said, are increased oil production from the company's California lands and the contribution to earnings from Walker Manufacturing Co., an auto exhaust systems and jacks manufacturer acquired last May for 353,006 shares of Kern common stock. It was predicted at the time that Walker might contribute around 30 cents a share to the parent company's earnings this year. Although Montgomery declined to .say precisely what effect Walker had on Kern's first half results, he stated that the earlier 30 cents a share prediction for the full year Is still "a reasonable estimate." Even without the Walker earnings, however, our first half income would have topped 1958's," he added. The principal reason for this, he explained, is increased royalties from the company's extensive central California oil land holdings. Crude oil output on these lands, he said, is now averaging around 55,000 barrels a day, up from a 1»58 average of 46,993 barrels daily. Kern County has an interest in a record 1,260 operating oi wells In California, 52 more than at the end of last year, according to Mr. Montgomery. In its exploration and development activities outside the state Kern so far this year has participated in drilling 14 producing wells, one more than were completed in all 1958. Eight of these are in Western Canada, three in the Permian Basin and throe in Louisiana. Increased drilling activity this year, he noted, has resulted in higher exploration expenditures than in 1958.- About $10 million is currently budgeted for this year, up from around $7,000,000 last year, and these may rise slightly later this year as a result of Kern's recent entry, along with four other oil companies, Into an exploration venture in northwestern Canada, .where the group JuuL ^aju & $3,> 500,000 for exploration rights on a nearly 1"/J million-acre area of untested oil and gas lands. The agreement, reached with Canada Southern Petroleum, Ltd.. (American) and its partners, also calls for the exploring companies to spend an additional $3,000,000 in drilling and exploration work over the next five years. Kern's share of these expenses will be about 10 per cent, Montgomery said. Home Oil Co,, (American), one of Kern's four co-participants, will be the operator. Montgomery also said the company contracted with an unidentified "second party" to develop some 1,500 acres owned by Kern in California's Mojave Desert for known borate deposits. Over the past four years, Kern has drilled 17 exploratory holes in the area. "Now we're after more specific determination of what is there," said Mr. Montgomery. Although he explained there is no active market today for borate, "it offers definite possibilities" for the so-called romantic fuels—such as solid propellant for rockets—in the future. In the electronics field. Kern is increasing its investment in the Watkins-.Iohnson Co., Palo Alto, Calif., producer of microwave tubes. IVIiila fhnpjnng our lot today, just the. car you want might fie away. So coll us Monday for prices and our usual good deals; DRIVER Motor Sales 2832 Lofhrop ME 7-2381 '57 PLYMOUTH Bolvoder* Hardtop Radio, heater, automatic tron$mls»lon, Mathews & LaBelle AUTO SALES ME 4-5187 Highway 32 •» 5 Mil* Roarf Open Kvei. 'Ill », All Day Nuntay no DOWN 2—'53 OLDS Super 88 2- door, radio, heater, automatic transmission. SAM'S USED CAR LOT 800 Siith S». ME 2-<e24 Use Lacquer Coating to Protect Aluminum NEW YORK—A clear, colorless lacquer coating that is proving tough and resistant is being widely used by aluminum fabricators. Industrial builders are said to find this an added Inducement to using aluminum overhangs and roofs and aluminum casings. Architectural trimmings and hardware finished with this new type of protective coating are reportedly little affected by salt spray, water or temperature changes. 20% of U.S. Teen-agers Have Part-time Jobs WA.S11INGT0N — About 2 million American boys and girls of high school age have outside jobs — more than one in five working The Labor Department reports that most of the jobs take less than 15 hours a week, although some require as much as 35 liours or more^. '54 BUICK 4 DOOR RIVIERA Beautiful maroon and $flOC white and only OTJ MILLER AUTO SALES Corner Waih. A Center MB 4-IIIH1 Open 9 a .m .-D p.m. lal. 'til 5 p.m. '56 STUDEBAKER 2 Door Rodio, heater, overdrive. One owner car. $995 West Racine Garage 3204 Wash. ME 4-2760 '55 FORD ConvertibU Radio, heater, FordomoUc, power steering. $1288 (Wl DEAL lASY) WIESE AUTO SALES 900 S. L9foyan« Mi 2-9619 Browse Around Today AT BOTH OUR LOTS No one will bother you. Then see us for sure on Monday for the car you've picked out! IRVE STREUU'S CITY OF CARS 1535 Douglas ME 4-3334 "NVt Bur Cof /M Anytimt" Racine Ford Co. '55 FORD Fofrlone Victoria Hardtop. A real beauty with FordomoUc, V -8 en- Qlne, rodio, hooter, W.W. »lr«», and much more. Immaculate condition throughout and me- chonicolly A -1. Soelnp It believing so stop in todoy. Special price of only M095 RACINE FORD COMPANY "Your frhndir Ford Deo/er" 830 MorqueHe ME 4-5533 •'BUY Irom SCHAEFER'S. il'i taftr" ... BUY FOR LESS . . . 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