The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 20, 1951 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1951
Page 2
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The Newt, Frederick, Md., Tuesday. November *«, im / 1HK GtMP* Innocent Dupt WUftRM2TNER,l STUMPS AND Ml£ GANG ARE IN TME : ~ . "" WITH A LENIENT JUDGE, TU£V MAY GET OFF W«THj B-8UTI D-DONT UNDER- A COTE DEAL..-THE LOADED' TRUCKS WOULD STOP AT A SECRET CABIN. UNLOAD TME PMONY SUNBURN LOTION REBftCK THE EMPTY CAS PRIORITY EQUIPMENT^ WEL..L...TWEY CLEVERLY FI6URED THEY'D NEVER BE SUSPECTED) WITH TME WONORABLE NAME OF GUMP/ AT THE MEAD OF THEIR DIRTY MR. AND MM. vJOC, WILL , w , SHUT THE UPSTAWWi/ VINPOW6? IT MAY RAIN f AWAY WMILE V/C'RC GONE CHEIS WELKIN, PLANETEER Not Men From Mars WHEN THfc? J«AN FROM AM RS/5MR.7, "LEARNS THAT I'M A -CIEHTI5T, HE'LL WANT TC* EXCHANGE IDEA*-. 5PLENWD DEDUCT/ON WOULP HAVE \FORAPRlMrnvEA1IND BARREL CHEST \CHEI* WELKIN! tVE TO BREATWE 1 ARE NOT FROM THIN AIK/ANO ... EOT FROM P/STANT ICTHl£, FOURTH PLANET OF THE -STAR VOW CAU. ALPHA CGNTAURII JAKE UP HERE } VOU P«7 yOU 9OLT / PONT THE RACK _V HAVE TO POOR ? r"^- " SHOUT I'M NOT SUWT X. LOOCCC? THE RTOOM LOOK see? Oft«|kL ML MTM r«* HnM T»M IK T M. In. « I Nt ON WHAT WA£ \ WWATS TWE THE ICTEA OF\ \C7EA OF TELUKK3 MC ) TELLING THE TO STOP x'^^WOLE WQRLt? ·SHOUTING?) WEfSE GOING OUT. TWAT THERE'LL BE NOBOPV IN TWE HOUSE 7 MUTT AND JEFF Any Further Remarks And Jeff Will Take Her Off Her High Perch! Carnival Screen Star Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1.4 Depicted actress 12 God of lew 14 Gainer 15 Continued story 17 Either 13 Beverage 19 Symbol fon tantalum 20 Falsehood 21 Novel £3 Decimeter (ab.) 3 Correlative of neither 4 Bargain event 5 Size of shot 6 Famous English school t Uncommon 8 Decigram 9 Interest (ab ) 10 Require i 11 Odin's sword 13 Window supports 18 Three-toed sloth 22 Tiny S u TEMPLE OF ZE A US OLYMPIA o U M O * 26 Decorates 27 Dry T M REG U S Wl OfT, lp _ COPR mi BV NE« SERVICE. f«. "Waldo's not really eccentric! It's Jtisl that after 15 year* In the auto repair business, that's the only place he can sleep on his day off!" JAGOBY ON BRIDGE Even Experts Can Make Mistakes NORTH 20 A 5 2 V A 9 8 S *KQ1032 WEST ff» EAST * A 6 3 4Q10987 V K 1 0 7 2 4 A J 9 4 476 SOUTH 4 K J 4 V Q 5 3 · Q10 8 52 485 East-West vul. West North East South 1* I V Pass 2 V Pass 2N.T. Pass 3* Pass Pass *ass Opening lead--A A By OSWALD JACOBT Written for NBA Service The bidding is a little pecuhat in today's hand, but it's very hard to criticize it. All four players at the table have won several national championships, and if youd like to tell them what pa- lukas they are, you can find them at this years nationals m Detroit during thp first week of December. As for myself, I would hardly call any of the players a paluka, but 1 would observe that North and South wobbled a bit as they reached the contract of three diamonds What's more. West managed to foozle the defense. West opened the ace of spades, about as good a choice as any, considering the nature of his hand. He continued the suit, and South won with tfce king of spades. Declarer led a club, West played low, arid dummy won with the king Declarer next laid down dummy's ace of diamonds and led another diamond from dummy, fmessmg the ten from his hand. West won with the king of diamonds and had to find the right continuation. It certainly does no good to lead a spade. South wins and leads his last club If West wins, he must then lead hearts--and therefore might just as well lead the suit earlier. If West fails to take his ace of clubs, dummy wins, South ruffs a club, gets to dummy with the ace of hearts, and ruffs another club. West jaw all this very clearly without looking at the entire hand. The only chance to set the hand was to attack the hearts. So West led a small heart, which rode around to South's queen. Now South could afford to lay down the queen of diamonds and lead his remaining club. Nothing could stop him frdm getting to dummy with the »c« of hearts to discard « heart on th« aueen at SPAPLRl Radio Program NBC "VBAJL, 1090 ke CBS WFMD 930 ke MBS WOR T10 ko ABC WMAL 30 ke lv*ning 6:00--N«wg for 18 Mm.--nbc-obi Network Silent Hr.--abc-mbs sasl Kiddles Hr. (rpt.)--a.bcmbs-**it 6:15--Discussion Series--cbi 6:45--Newscast By Three--nb» Nens Comment--obs 7:00--News Commentary--nbo Btnilah'a Skit--cbs N«w» Commentary--»bo News Commentary--mbs 7s15--Jack Smith Show--cb» Daily Commentary--abo Dinner Dat«--mbs 7:30--Newa Broadcast--nbo Bob Crosby Club--cbs Mr Mercury Alystery--abe Gabriel Heatter--mba 7:45--On* Man's Family--nbc Nen s Broadcast--cbs Evening N«wsreeJ--mb» S:00--Cavalcado Drama--nbo People A-« Funny--cbs Nevrstand Theater^-abo Count of Monte Criato--mbi 8:30--Hollywood Theater--nbo Mr. Mrs. North--cbs Chance of a lifetime--abo Dr. Kiidare--mbs 9:00--Bob Hope--nto Llfs With Luijti--cb« Town Mectlnjt--abc De tec the Drama--rob* 9:30--Fibber aud Molly--nbo Pursuit Drama--cbs Mysterious Traveler--mb» 9:45--News Comment--abc 10:00--Blsr Town Drama--nbe Meet Millie--cbs News Music--abc Comment: Mystery--mb» 10:30--Broadway Playhouse--nbc Robert Q. Waxworks--cbs United or Not--abo Dane* Show--mbs 11:00--News Variety--all net« T*l*viiion Summary 7:30--Beulah. Film--abc 8:00--Milton Berle--nbc Frank Sinatra Hour--cb Charlie Wild--abc What's the Story--DuMont *:30--Psychiatry Proinram--abo Keep Posted--DuMont 9:00--Fireside Film--nbc Crime Syndicated--cbs Cosmopolitan Theater--DuMont 9:30--Circle Theater--nbo Suspense Drama--cbs On Trial Forum--abc 10:00--Amateur Hour--nbo Danger Drama--cbs Hands of Destiny--DuMont 10:30--Chlcaco Symohonr--abe 24Monndmdye 24 Changes 25 Babylonian deity 27 Is indisposed 29 Type of cheese 32 Decay 33 Palm leal 34 Follower 35 Knock 36 Short batb 38 Hostelries 39 Thus 40 Rupees (ab.) 41 Pronoun 43 Piece out 46 Narrow inlet 48 French article 50 Play ing card 52 Symbol for erbium 93 Horn 56 She is an ex-Broadway 28 Greek letter 30 Wolfhound 31 Cartographs 37 Part of the foot 38 Angry 41 Entangles 42 Reverberate 44 Military cap 45 Indian 46 Rave 47 Within 48 Cotton fabric 49 For icrly 51 Ever (contr ) 54 Land parcel 56 Senior ( a b ) 57 While M 28 58 Eternities 99 Saddest 60 Small child VERTICAL Uoke 2 Scopo 50 "KL II ///I m 'JO S it I WONDER IF THESE BIRDS CAH TALK HELLO, POLL.V/ HELLO HELLO/ rue LINGS eusv SCREWBAU./ HANS UP AND SO POLISH THE BACK OF y2UR NUT, BALOV/ BOOTS AND HEX BUDDIES Past And'FutuJ* ^ » CMERVTHIH6 · w» wit wp*T MOWS. TO OO Vi«H ' f\VX, \=, o\o i. COPtL 1951 BY NEA SERVICE. INC T M HEC. U S PAT OFF BUGS BUNNT On Toas* H5 M 'He Cafc7ips On I PON'T KNOW. AUNT PETUNIA SAVE ME ^ MONEt TO "~ EAT CHJT... 11-10 *~~-~, ... BUT ·SHE -5A1P" I HAP 1 TO H«sC A HOT LUNCH / y I AIN'T GONNAi SET IN PUTCH V/ITM PETUNIA / MINUTE / E GOT AN K7EA... FRECKLES AJTO HUf FKHENDB Actios /NO BRAKES/ HOLD ONTO YOUR. HAIRDO / WHAT mac/A MORE FEET AMD MISSEP THAT PARLOR CAR/ DRWEWAY? I'D CALL. ' THAT A WAR-PATH/ NSOW WOULDN'T HATCRlMP'iO PIMFEWHERS / COPB 1S51 BVNEA SERVICE INC T M REG U S PAT OFF ~~^: VIC FLINT A Last clubs. East could ruff with his »ood jack of diamonds, if he liked, jut the contract was safe West should have led the king of hearts. Dummy would have to win, and dummy would have to return a heart to South's queen !or a club continuation. That would enable West to step up with he ace of clubs and cash the ten of hearts. East would eventually jet a diamond trick to set the con- Tact. While you're chuckling at the champion's error, tell the truth. Would you have found this defense? Detrick Opens Court Season Here Tonight A large crowd is expected tonight for the opening of Camp Detrick's 1951-52 basketball season against Army Chemical Center. The ;ame is to be played in the Camp Jetrick fteldhouse at 8 p. m. Pre-game festivities: are slated to et underway «'«. 7:30 p. m. when Col. M. T. Morpe, commanding offi- ·r. will arrivi to welcome tuenti. The 327th Army Band from Army Chemical Center, will also be on hand Starting line-up for the Comet«; will be Pfc Bernard L Cellar and Air Force Pfc Felker at the forward spots Cpl. Norbert Van Dm- ter at center, and Pfcs Frank G Slier and Arch J. McCartney at guards. Other top-flight Comets' players are Navy HM2s, Wayne Brabander and Teddy F. Ball, Pfcs Norman G Brown, Glenn L. Terry and Chuck Fraley, and 2nd Lt William J, Pruitt, post athlectic officer. Lieutenant Pruitt is optimistic about the season opener He feels the Comets are a great deal stronger than last year's team which compiled a record of 16 wins and nine losses. The record with Army Chemical Center last year was one-sided, with Camp Detrick on the short end of a 3-0 series ing $300 from his employers He was released a month ago Mis Walsh told police Wriqht shewed up r.t the faim and asked for a ride into Hampstcad She of- feied to take him but he hit and stabbed her when she turned her back State Police found V'riRht hiding in a neaiby wheat field after Mrs Walsh went to a neighbors and spread an alaim Given Six Years For Attacking Farm Woman WESTMINSTER, Nov. 19 ()-Charles Richard Wright,. -20-year- old ex-convict, was sentenced today to six years more in jail for stabbing and robbing a Carroll County farm woman Wright had pleaded guilty last week to assaulting Mrs. Arthur R. Walsh at her home near Hampstead last Tuesday. Judge James E, Boylnn. Jr. sentenced Wright State Police said Wright used to work on the Walsh farm. He was cant to 1ni] two vcan otro for stenl- I 48 FOR IKE BALTIMORE Nov 19--vP} Baltimorcans were asked to sign a petition backing Gen Dwight D Eisenhower foe president during a half-hour period today on a chilly downtown coiner Forty- eight peisons stopped to sign A gi oup who are backing the I geneial said they conducted the' uetttion-sigmng as a test of sentiment \ KEEP YOUR UP AND DUR AAOUTW jWUT. THI* I^NT ONE OF YOUR CLEVER WHODUNITS- WITH THE SOLUTION ON PAiSE 276. -. - ·f r · f. p. ^1 6YHEA SERHCE.JHC T. U.JIB.U $. fix. OfS. . J REMEMBER WHAT WE WERE TALK- INS ABOUT AT MY JOINT TONIGHT?' THE PERFECT GOAIMA BE IT/ ts!0 SUCH THING AS- A PERFECT CHIME/ NOW WRITE WJ-WT X DICTATE. THE^E ARE SONNA BE THE LA5T VMORD* C3F HAMILTON SCRIBE, TME ONCE FAMOUS NOVEU^T. MAW HAW HA U-- ^ for Not Genuine a- JEMMY Z!/? IS YOUR UNCLE REALLY A COWBOY WORKSON RANCH IN WVOMING JEEPERS! DOES HE SHOOT ..AND RESCUE PRETTY LADIES PROM // 20 NO, HE'S TOO BUSV FOR THAT! HE WAS TO TAKE CARE OF A LOT OF COWSJ OH! THEN HE'S NOT A REAL COWBOY.' J OUR BOARDING HOUSE LITTLE? LIZ Horse sense w the kind a |ock ·ss fockt THEY'VE OI6APPEARED 1 COMPLETELY A6 JUDSE SOY6/ I gDLGY \%% ^E£M H-.- , M ^«v^. FINALLY/%· TODAY, BOTTH -^ 6CRGW /pi giRDS ARE SOMSl ^\ LIK:E CINSDERSLLA j AMOS WOULD Be. FEED! MS 'EM OUT IM YARD'S M, EMPT/ AS MV COURAGE j ^ i AT THEY WENT HUNTlfJS AMD TH6V 8BOKE TH* KEY OF THE COFFEE CAN--AND LOOK AT THG MESS THEY MAPE OP£MIN3 IT WITH A CAM OPENER/ r WELL,vou WON'T CATCH ME. DRIMKIMS ^ ANY OF THAT COFFEE ' TILL I'M SURETHEV DIDN'T PUT THE SWEERWO5 BACK IM THE CAKJ.' tf NEWSPAPER! X

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