Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 3, 1969 · Page 72
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 72

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1969
Page 72
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Page 72 article text (OCR)

ALL ED mow APPLY BEFORE MIDNIGHT, SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 16,1969 TO START IMMEDIATE PROTECTION FOR YOUR FAMILY. PER MONTH • each time you go to the • hospital for sickness or accident ONLY $1 enrolls your entire family—yes, every member you list on your application—for cash benefits up to... 36,OOO PLUS $ 1O,OOO.OO CASH FOR ACCIDENTAL DEATH THIS IS THE HOSPITAL INCOME PLAN THAT PAYS YOU extra cash when you need it most - —when sickness or injury strikes! You collect at the rate of $1,000.00. cash each month you are hospitalized—for as long as 3 full years... up to $36;000.00 paid directly to you, to use as y,qU} choose! No Medical Exam To Enroll • No Red Tape Handled Entirely By Mail • No Salesman PLUS $10,000.00 CASH should you or a covered adult member of your family be the victim of a fatal accident. $10,000.00 ... valuable extra cash to help see your family through the difficult period of financial readjustment that al* ways follows the untimely death of a loved one. ($2,000.00 benefit for each insured child.) r Last year alone, more than 26,000,000 Americans were hospitalized. This year one out of two families will have someone in the hospital. It could-be you ... or a member of your family .. .it could happen today, tomorrow, next week, or next month. So take advantage of this special opportunity... see for yourself how you can provide thousands of dollars of security for your family at amazingly low cost. Give yourself and your family a truly priceless gift—FINANCIAL CONFIDENCE IN THE FUTURE! DO IT TODAY! Your Important Questions Answered i .•••••<".' • • Q. How long do I have to be in the hospital before I start collecting my Cash Benefits? A. You receive benefits the very first clay for accident; after just three days for sickness. This cost-saving device for sickness gives you big-dollar supplemental coverage at- a lower price. Q. Must I use the cash for Medical Bills? A. That's entirely up to you. You get $1,000.00 cash every month to use as you choose. You can spend it on food, rent, car payments, or even deposit it in your savings account. Q. Can the Insurance Company cancel my policy if I collect too much? A. Positively not. No matter how many times or how many thousands of dollars you collect, your policy can never be taken away from you as long as you pay the low monthly premiums. Q. Can I collect from Beneficial even if I collect from another insurance company? A. Yes. Beneficial pays you at the rate of $1,000.00 a month regardless of how much you collect from other policies, including Medicare. Q. Must I take a physical exam? A. No medical exam is required to apply, no matter what your age. Q. Is there a limit to the number of times I can go to the hospital and collect on the Beneficial Plan? A. No... You can be hospitalized one or one hundred times and still collect at the rate of $1,000.00 a month each and every time. Q, Po I take any risk in enrolling with your Special $1,00 Offer? A. Not one cent of risk! You get 10 full days to examine your Policy with 100% money-back guarantee. BENEFICIAL AFTER THE FIRST MONTH HERE'S HOW LITTLE YOU PAY MONTHLY HUSBAND (or Single male) Age 18 to 60 $6.80 WIFE (or Single female) Age 18 to 60 $6.80 EACH UNMARRIED CHILD 3 mos. to 19 yrs. $3.30 AGE61 OR OVER? See Special Plan and Benefltsdescribed below. 100% GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION When your Beneficial Hospital Income Plan arrives, compare tha cash benefit! and low rate* with any other plan. Show It to your doctor, lawyer or most trusted family advisor. You must be convinced thit Is the finest plan available anywhere at such a low rate. You have a full 10 days to return the policy for 100% refund of every cent. YOU DON'T RISK ONE PENNY. Enroll Todayl Enroll Your Family Today For Ju»t $1— On Money-Bock Guarantee. AGE 61 or OVER? These SPECIAL BENEFITS Are for You A special Senior Security Plan is designed exclusively for men and women age 61 and over ... providing extra cash benefits as follows: • S600.00-A-MONTH CASH ... while hospitalized for sickness or accident... starting the first day for accident and after only the third day for sickness. PLUS • 5300.00-A-MONTH CASH FOR CONVALESCENT HOME CARE ... following only three days of hospital confinement for which benefits are payable, and this extra income is paid for more than three full months! Your Senior Security Plan protects you today.,. and continues after you become eligible for Medicare. Here's quick cash to help you with the many expenses not covered by Medicare—the quiet of a private room, private nurse, rental of a TV set, telephone to keep you in touch with loved ones, and extra cash for rent, utilities, Other day-today regular expenses. Apply today! $1.00 protects you for the first full month. Thereafter your low monthly cost is: Male or Female, age 61-64 ... $5.15; Male or Female, age 65 or over... $6.75. First month on Special Offer.,. only $1. The Senior Security Plan is renewable on acceptance of premiums by the Company. Other limitations are the same as the regular Hospital Income Plan. The Strength Behind Your Protection You have protection underwritten by Beneficial Standard Life Insurance Company... a member of the Beneficial Insurance INSURANCE GROUP Group, BIG benefits paid tp date exceed $450,000,000.00. • PAYS YOU AT THE RATE OF $1,000.00 A MONTH CASH .., starting the first day in the hospital for accidents, after only 3 days for sickness. PAYS YOU UP TO 3 FULL YEARS . . . as muc h as $36,000.00 CASH. PAYS CASH DIRECTLY TO YOU ... to use exactly as you choose. PAYS IN ADDITION TO ANY OTHER INSURANCE YOU HAVE. PAYS IN PROPORTION FOR HOSPITAL STAYS LESS THAN A MONTH- you get your cash for each covered day you're hospitalized. FREE CHOICE OF HOSPITAL AND DOCTOR. WORLD WIDE! BENEFITS TAX-FREE. „. un der current federal regulations. NO LIMIT ON NUMBER OF TIMES HOSPITALIZED ..... and no liinit on nnmber of family members who can be hospitalized at one time. PAYS YOUR BENEFICIARY $io,000 in case of your accidental death, YOUR CASH BENEFITS INCREASE BUT NOT YOUR COST... after your Piaahas been in force for only one year, your hospital income benefits increase'a full 10% and your death benefits increase a full 20%. • THESE EXCEPTIONS KEEP YOUR PREMIUMS LOW ...covers every type of sickness and accident except those resulting from self-destruction; act of war; pre-existing conditions and pregnancy. The term "hospitals" does not include U.S. Government hospitals or mental institutions. Your $10,000.00 CASH benefit for accidental loss of life excludes self-destruction; act of war; military service; motorcycling; speed contests; professional athletics; air travel 'otner than as a passenger; illegal occupation; inebriation; use of narcotics; injuries for which Workmen's Compensation is payable. There are no other restrictions on your coverage! Benefits paid for loss of life use it, your policy can never be taken away from you. You can never be singled out for a rate increase, because rates can never be raised unless done so on all policies of this class in your entire state. You can discontinue this protection anytime. no matter • NO MEDICAL EXAM NEEDED TO APPLY what your age,«no physical examination is required to apply for your Hospital-Income $1,000.00-A-MONTH Plan. ' NO RED TAPE ... your application is handled quickly, con- even as late as 90 days after the accident • GUARANTEED is guaranteed renewable to age €5 or the age Medicare become* effective, if earlier. You actually own your plan as long aa you pay the low monthly premium. Mb matter how many times yon veniently by mail. Benefit payments are made promptly. • FITS YOUR FAMILY'S PARTICULAR NEEDS \ i ' i members eligible are the husband, wife and unmarried chfldran under age 19. Single adults may apply for their own policy. Even if you already have a hospitalization policy the HOSPITAL INCOME PLAN is ideal additional protection. SPECIAL $ 1 ENROLLMENT OFFER FOR YOUR FAMILY-FOR FIRST FULL MONTH Money-Back Guarantee If you act immediately, you can enroll your entire family in this vital $1,000.00-A-Mpnth Hospital income Plan for just $1. Be sure to list on your application every member of your- family you want covered—all for only $1 for "the first month. Then continue the protection at the amazingly low monthly rates shown. You. enroll without risk—the modern direct mail way—the low cost, no salesman way. Inspect your Hospital Income Plan for 10 days on 100% money-back guarantee. But act fast to take advantage of this $1 no-risk offer. Enroll your family today for $1,000.00-A-Month Cash Benefits ... ALL FOR JUST $1.00! ACT NOW! Later may be too late. Remember... accidents and sickness don't always happen to someone else. Nearly 75,000 Americans enter the hospital each day. In just one year, admissions number more than 26,000,000. * To enroll your entire family for $1.00, simply list every member below and mail with $1.00 today. No risk—10 day money-back guarantee. ACT WOW ENROLL BY MAIL TODAY NO-SALESMAN WILL CALL MAIL BEFORE MIDNIGHT, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1969 TO: BENEFICIAL STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY / P.O. BOX 8478, PHILADELPHIA, PA. 191O1 .':'•'-' • , ' '.•'!•; Family Members to be Insured (Please Print Full First and Last Names) Applicant r Wife Child Child Child Sex Date of Birth Mo Day Year / / / / / / / / / / Hospital Accidental Income Benefit Death Benefit $1,000.00 0 $10,000.00 per Xf for accidental month death* *Each child $2,OOO.UO IF YOU ARE AGE 61 OR OVER, YOU "" RECEIVE $600.00 A MONTH Address. Hospital income benefit begins after 0 days for accident and 3 days for sickness. City State Zip Beneficiary, .Relationship.. Please answer each question and explain all "YES" answers below: 1. Do you or any family member to be insured have any health or physical YES D NO Q impairment? 2. Have you or any family member to be insured had treatment for blood pressure; heart trouble; diabetes; cancer; arthritis; or tuberculosis? YES Q NO O 3. Have you or any family member to be insured had medical attention in the past 5 years? . YES D NO Q 4. Have you or any family member to be insured had life or health insurance rejected, modified, cancelled or renewal refused? YES d NO p For each "YES" answer, please show family members name; nature of illness or injury; DATES, DOCTOR and ADDRESS; was recovery complete? (Please Print Complete Details') - The above answers are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, I understand th? policy becomes effective when issued and subject to the policy provisions, does not cover conditions contracted or commencing prior to then. I authorize any doctor or hospital to furnish Beneficial Standard Life Insurance Company information regard* ing the past or present physical condition of myself or any member of my family (A photocopy of this is as valid as the original). . I ! Applicant's Signature -Pate. I i (Full First and Last Name) ^Al-833 Med. . Beneficial Standard Life Insurance^Compans _,,.._,_,-_,___ ^^SLl^JffA^L ..- J P ^^B ^^^ ^^B ^^B ^MM V^H ^^^ ^BJ( ^PB ^^V V^V 9^& BJW ^^P .^^P ^^P ^^P ^^* ^^H ^ww M^v ^^* ^^* ^^P ^^P PP? P¥^ P^B P^B ^^P P^P ^P* B^P P^W WH l^B fl^*F HPP BBR ^(p PlH^II|^w IIPBI ^W MembtreompaniH or th« Beneficial Insurants Group «rt licensed In ill 50 Statej tni) Csmdl. Till* policy «v?lloblo in «U rtut« where authorlwd by thl lniM/«n«t Q*)Mtfttrai*l

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