The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 1, 1964 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1964
Page 12
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THlFACO Hogler is named to 12-4A team f»el(i «|*(H* wilt- r t If, (IM Mil** 1 > Wd til- Mil* mndcloix, I-H-O «<)<«* in II" <-"»chc«' f«T W-AAAA All- III*- »r«»«»i»Ti> inn* 5- fear, wilii»ll Mm**! ««• tte *»•"« (hit tt«* IB th* t>toyi4f*, WILLIE HAGLER Brozotport MICKEY MCCARTY P«odeno...MVP SPAIN IS TOP VOTE OETTSR OK 4-A ALL-STATE HOUSTON i 6.fOBt-7 Junior from Mote- la* AMU. ws* «» «<# **» «ot>e«t»r Saturday aether**- •* ifteruwrittr* A**«*l*tton •etMted IM l»*4 ClMtAAAA *tt'*fet* hltfi Mt-ool bieket* Mil (Mm. Sptln, who av*rac*d »>• point* per dm* In rwfuUf- MMMI. potted M out of ipo*- •IM* TO vote* «o take the top- ranked ipoi from Billy Arnold of fort Worth M*lu>«. tli* *• to second team toei.t AnoM r*cM«MMMt. Ohm o* ik* a»-*<«i*nnft t*nn «*r* nmrWoiVM, ottta* mum, Bfir¥ftm Dtftt* Hlltefld Ml*, Ml turn MUJ»r, Sen Antonio Lee. Mate MH VMfH^'lH. itiftr* BtOBfctOftt AYiMw i*8 Miller «f* eeah**, Arnold •M * meWbW •f.MfcftNneaa' •fl.fUt* l«Un MlMted Ift 1IM. *V*r*i* «l* *"»* Arnold W- OHM wit** e< ra worm «Mk fllMM tt CttWUltd M * |«rtM>, te Hotter to IM. all-*t»t* lurry Trlpp*tl Ode***, Reari* All MM*d ttt 8b 8bMktw •!« Dwlr d rt«h»i) ^^ of P*r*t of and Jerry Kroti of HOMtm sprli« Branch, In•M*i and Mickey MeCarty of Pa**d*n*, tnd Ttrry Own* poty, Mvn MmNi of ft PMO MffM, Itt »Ht Me*. ren* of cofpue CfiriW toy, Iftttde; and Mr dMHHi ttfUfc* Antonio Burbank, ttf tfnmm arty o» MUM A*J*teMt.f**> ^* •' TtM IMrt t*em lndud*d tnd WU*a*>«rv*fito. Ion. Trtppett l*d»M**«OBdt*ein scorinc with • t«.polaUver- l|». Mehreft* IM ttl* ttIM t*tm with t IM Area tracksters busy, baseball opens at sports toners Thr»« w«r« tMII. Hull lluli(O«l»"«l"»)»'«l |l«yti/*n wrli html 'ii IJB th* HMorri jl! Th» 10 pU »»r«nc» , iO-»..--- • u. uutrici »i»)r(» wrll»r«, r»prm»nlliM( TV Kuril, tt« n»)i"« ' (iuti, (h CHI urn Jl»l «>• N»*«-1'ril'un»"V<'t" "lily "> one .tf ll>» Tl«>r* *»r» w. lie* thin year. -ali<i r»c«l«xl hiin«r»hl» rtllltillon. Mr r:«rty «"< 9" |*ilnU-flv» ii* 'Ucf vi4»» »i«l • Ihlrd Mort Valustile Pliy- «r >lurli>( Hi* IVT' McC»tly'» leamiimU, Hof«r Cunl*r, |»'IW 49 pilot*. ll»«l«r wiiii fourtti In |»j|nU olllurl A • Uimmati, Hub M*y«r, IT. TM iiccond t»«m Inctedcd , T*i*> city'* ixwi* (Inoltnlr*, Albert Van A inhere and Richard June*. AUo un th* a*«owl unit »*r* Uall Hie*'* K|*h*rt^ in ^aiixm to Hovak 2w*iur, w*re T*xa> Ctty; Idek Ml •oe, P*f Dntmy's TlfMr b AWHstrld DAXBt'RY-Oantiury'* Ttm Ttpvr wa* the only repeater «a tk» TO-B All-Dtetrkt ba*- .-___ MU* OXrotwU. Van Vktck; Tl«n*r; Gary Daltard, Frl*nd*wood; and Lynn Oo*- wcatt. HoyaL D*Bbury* Burney Kreiwk wa* nemed toth***eondt*am. 3-T NYLON All-Weather «42" WITH TUFSYNI Super-Durable Tuhyn-Goodyetrt new ayntheUo. ToueJtMt rubber ever uaed 10 Goodyear tire*. NO MONEY DOWN! FREE EXPERT MOUNTING! •«»«*•» •'• NOW WITH NO LIMIT ON MONTHS • Nil IIMI1 UN MILtS • NO LIMM AS 11) ROADS • NO LIMIT'AS. IU SPtH) • f OR THt CNTIRL 1-lri Hi 1 Hi. IHiAD ALL TIRES MOUNTED FREE GOODYEAR SBtVKE STORE only bull* awklllad in that, Thmr hat* bem over 400 rlnf ,6iiOm la a •hMMp> < y •hort 10 year*. There mu*tb* 100 time* that many etrlou* brain lajorle* you never hear about. OUMW *port* taw bad death*, but Jh*v. tor th* moot sprint *pnrt* roll Into Mil swiejf Oil* wtek at Brasotport and other Mtwotfiith* area-art* traefciter* will b* bmy^ntit Th* Exporter |olf*r*, In Be*irop Saturday tor their flrat nwttof ih«**a*on, travel to Beaumofa south parkwrtsaturdayto*** action ther*. • •• • Meanwhile, Anileton and Columbia track, item travel to Port Lavac* Saturday tor th* annual Calhoun ReUya; sweeny hoet*lt* own track meet with over 10 teen| already entered; and Bra*o*port'» cinder unit will fa* at th* Bayahor* Olympic* at La Port* Saturday. .1 SPORTS mur ray-go-round By TOM MURRAY Boxing was in trouble before Boxing, that *ltuiht*r- oth*r. That I*, uateM you In- hoUM of »porl*,wa*lntrot*ii* tons tafor* Ca**lu* Clay and Sonny Ueton ever laid thflr •erlpt tor that Miami M irate. They are *lmpty twoclowne la a much bluer drama-op which require* up* to pour out million* in turd-earned money for *ub-par entertainment, and an opportunity to watch human blood How. Let the etooae* throw away money. That Uttolr ownper- sonal tnwln***. tt th*y *ue- cumb to th* phoney buildup*, th*y deeerv* to b* fleeced. We baetcally opponefederal intervention In sport*, but perhapa th*r* I* a real need for Uncle Sum to p*e» Ink t*e boxint «•**• not ttfkeep the** nut* from b*uw picked clean ot«roo*ry money, bow- Boxlnt I* paean and ahoukl aot be controlled. It abouM b* banned. tt there were a *port, controlled by promoter*, whet* two men toutf* with blackjack* in a roped-rlng, there would be e national revutalon. it would be *topped by public demand. Can't you picture the *et- Un«7 A crowd Janw ck»*e, •houtlnj, "Kill html KOI the burnt" on* (UMer •«****« the bridge of hi* oppoaent*' noe*. C»*M* j*e*j\*iei ****** tmolita* ailMJ Ey*B OTvWy «B*W*» wmmim ••"• blood ehoot* like a *teve. Tbtn, he crack* tbelouto^ in the eye, an* tt immediate* do***. Th*crowd grow* loud- *r. "How, you'»e lot hlml Kill him" The beat-up brawler, however, retoeee to go down. Where doe* he. jDttteetam- InaT He *hoold b. dw4 with the puniahmeM he'* teklag. "Kill him, klU html..." The two oonttwej cnuihlat blows leevf «««*^ ooaes, broken teeth, Wood *p*tt«*et bees oerved to hambunw. Mot CM eye le «*w>*rr*d. , what «haDMdoM a*»MI»Uk* brain etaadT , ( ^i*V»»V" L "' eail**4« 19 J1H%"w*»^« vmz "i,, 1 —T""" ~ "• •*• • — wtthbMft4jMlt*;do the *«*« damat*. . :" Bteek>«ta en .mmply a W* w ^ bawball, the Exporter*, both vawtty junior vanity unit*, open the lM4tc«- *oa B»*t saturuay with tarn** at Houtton Lamar Hl«h School. Th* JV tame will be- gta et 11 noon. Sweeny do*e not open the baeeteJlMUon until March is-io-si when the Bulldog diamond crew will participate In the Wharton tMrnament. , -. The Columbia RottHmMk bu*biU eooad, CoHhtd thl* year by Douf Battwm who re- ptt»d Buck T*rr*ll M banball mtfrtor, op*M the IM4 diamond aewon on March KANSAS cm* (AP)Charl** O. rinl*y'« drawn- out left** dlaput* with th* city I* over, but another bl| mention nmaln* - how much fan *upport ha* b*»n killed by the dlaput* and Flnlcy'* attempt* to mov* Ih* Athletic*? A* of now th* financial situation I* Weak-only about 7(0 «*a*on ticket* have b**n sold and no UUrtalon or radio contract* hav* b*«n n*|otl*t- •d, with op*nlni day only «lx w**k* away. LAREDO (AP) - Entrl** flowed in Saturday for th* maulv* Bonier otymplc* Mair.h 9-1 and the ela**r , Htld Indicated that at l*a*t •Ight overall record* and all aoru of divisional mark* would be aet. MELBOURNE. Au*trail* (AP)-Jtoy Kmirion a^Kyn n»tch*r were kicked,off ii* 1964 Australian tHvUi Cup (•am Saturday tor dafylnc an <>rd*r prohibHIni them from competing In foreign temd* tournanwnt* betore Mar. Jl. part, were not premeditated. You *betdd *tt at a rlat- •Id* pr**» table «d have eome poor «uy'« blood •prayed all over you. tf you have normal emotion, It mahu you •ick. The canccter *tomeBt la boxtnc It aanoflat, but thai I* like a Sunday School picnic compared to th* human carn- ac*oftbl*aUH*d*port. We all known how phoney pro wmUlBf became. Phoney as It I*, taumh, when was the lad wrectllnt death you can remember? tt, like aloohol, boKlni can not bo banned why not at tea* qUttgtorifytBt ttT nnaw IA*V PH». •»— ^_ 1-^. 'JlM.68 1,007.67 1.4B7.94 8.I8A.M m v. f ifir on OffM I:JO A.*.!.4Ml. HMMI *»*• FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK

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