The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on June 27, 1965 · Page 33
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 33

Racine, Wisconsin
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Sunday, June 27, 1965
Page 33
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A story appeared last week written by ^a so-called "golf expert" who contended that Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaiis have shown recently that they can 't compare with such past greats as Ben Hogan and the •till tough Sam Sncad. He aaid they would have to work hard and do it over several more years to prove that they are equal to champions of other years. The writer then went on to criticize Palmer's swing, pointing out that he almost falls over every time he hits a drive. Isn't that the way it goes, though? Both Palmer and Nicklaus have proved they are great—perhaps the greatest. So is Gary Player, who won the U.S. Open last week and whose victory caused the article to be written in the first place. Who can say that winners of the Masters, British Open, U.S. Open and other major tournaments over a period of years aren't great? Who can criticize the way Palmer swings when the ball goes farther and winds up nearer the green for him than for almost anyone else? It reminds one of the time one of the pros who putted in an unorthodox way sunk a long one. "Boy, did you look lousy on that one," his partner said, "The question is 'how many?' not 'how?'" the pro replied. i|< 4< i|< The National Football League will move into Atlanta in 1966. Some fans in this area are against such a move, primarily because they are mad at Atlanta. They also are hoping the Braves' owners lose their shirts in that Georgia community. That, however, is not a realistic way to look at It. There is no question, no doubt, no possibility that the Braves' owners will lose financially by the move. They figure to reap a harvest there as great at Walter O'Malley got when the Dodgers went to Los Angeles. Attendance will be similar to that in Milwaukee in the early years of the Braves existence there. Television and radio revenue will be many times as great because of the huge audience throughout the Southeast. Lance Mellk of Racine Country Club is one of seven men tied for. the lead after 18 holes and another Racine golfer, Wally Luka scored a The Atlanta Braves' owners will make a mint for themselves. It is only smart for the NFL to cash in on the new stadium and the great sports interest there at the moment. A survey showed that there is even more interest in pro football than baseball. Commissioner Pete Rozelle moved with the speed of a flanker back when the American Football League made a move in that direction. He wanted to get his league in there first and did just that. Feel no sorrow for the "poor Braves' owners" if they lose money this year. They will be in Atlanta next year and write off 1965 losses in short time. Atlanta is an extremely lucrative sports area. •K • * Slet. Sokol. Mladocech. Do the words mean nothing to you? Well, the Sokol Mla­ docech is the Racine organization of the American Sokol which this year is celebrating its centennial anniversary, slet is a program that is put on to show what the organization has accomplished. The Racine organization, as do others around the country, has track and field, g y m n astics, calisthentics and dance instruction for both the junior and senior members. It deserves a word of praise for the effort toward physical fitness and unity among members. Sokol members long have believed in the value of sound and contitioned body They work constantly toward that accomplishment. Seven, Including Jielik, Share Meadowbrook Lead hole in one as 130 men teed off in the 36-hole fourth annual Meadowbrook Invitational here Saturday. Action continues with J8 more holes today, the first foursome scheduled to start at 8 a.m. and continuing until 1:58 when the final three men tee off. The course is open to —Journal-Times Pholo Gary Lehman, Racine, peered intently at his ball which had just enough push to roll into sand trap on seventh hole at Meadowbrook. Walking past, with little trace of sympathy, was Harry Simonson, who won the Meadowbrook meet last year. SCHEDULE IN RACINE TODAY OLD TIMERS SP—RUM'S Tap vs. Sand Bur, Dougla."). 10: Roma Lodge vs. Mld-Towne Lanes, Lakevlew, 10; .Club 1100 vs. Moose Lodge, Roosevelt. 10. MAJOR KINO 12" SP—Ru.'is's Tap vs. Amer. Skein, Lakevle.w, 7:15, MAJOR A 12" SP—Deca vs. Acme Cabinet & Mill., Lakevlew, 8:30. MINOR A 12" SP—Raymonds Drlve- Iii vs. Slyberg Eng. No. 2, Island N., 7;ir.. SENIOR BASEBALL—Belle City vs, Lnlln Stars, Douglas, I; Belle CUy vs. Irv's Buick, Douglas, 3:16; L. C. Chrls- Icnsen vs. Pirates, Lincoln, 1. JR. AMER. BASEBALL—Rebels vs. Knights, Roosevelt S., 3:13; Colts vs. Me.-i.slah Luth., Humble SW, 3:16. JR. NATIONAL BASEBALL—Tigers vs. Crusaders. Roosevelt S.,»l; Mustangs vs. Swftmprats, Lincoln, 3:16; The Other Ouys vs. Glovemen, Humble BW. 1. MONDAY CLASSIC SP—Eagle Hotel vs. DeMark Tap, Douglas, 8:30; Nelson Weld, v.s. Eckerl Ins., Roo.sevelt, 8:30. NATIONAL SP-Dumore 642 vs. Wells Bros., Humble. 8:30; Lucky Cue vs. Mac's Bar, Mitchell, 8:30; Ray & Ems vs. Bob's Club Erie, Lathrop. 7:15: Panther Club vs. GrecMileavcs. Douglas. 7:15. FEDERAL SP Dave's Place vs. Chalet Bar, lUinible. 7:15; Panther Profs vs. Prima Vera No. 2. Island N., 7 15; WergelaiKl vs. Victory Bar, Roosevelt. 7:15: Eagles vs. Bucky's Bistro, I.sland N., 8:30. MAJOR ACE 12" SP—DcMark's vs. Douglas Auto Wash, Island S., 6:20; Oifsc CPD vs. Untouchables, Lakevlew, 7:30: Pep's Bar vs. P/ost Ins., Island B.. 8:40. MAJOR KINO 12" SP—College Inn vs. Bank of Elmwood, Lakevlew, 8:40; Emmanuel vs. Russ's Tap, Lakevlew, 6:20; Amer. Legion vs, Amer. Skein, Bowl, 8:40. MAJOR JACK 12" SP — In-Slnk- Ernlor vs. Panther Club, Lathrop, 8:30; Belle City vs. Independents, Bowl, 7.;30; R «5 8 Meals vs. Modlne Mfg., Island S., 7:30; Gorton Mach. vs Brewers, Bowl, 6:20. CHURCH PASTPITCH—Christian Reformed vs. St. Edward, Mitchell, 7:16; Church of God vs. Racine Bible, Knapp, 7:15; Epiphany vs. St. John Luth., Knapp, 8:30. PAROCHIAL GIRLS 8TH FP—Sacred Heart vs. St. Rita. Humble NE, 4. PAROCHIAL OTH BASEBALL—Sac- rpd Heart vs. Holy Trinity, Douglas, 6:40: St. Lucy vs. St. Joseph, Mitchell, 6:40; St. Stanislaus vs. St. Patrick, Island N., 5 40: 8t. Rose vs. Holy Name, Humble BE, 6:40; St. John dlanls VB. St. Edw. Braves, Roose- VoU NE, 6:40; SI. Edw. Hawks vs. St. John Jets, Knapp. 6:40. TUESDAY • AMERICAN SP — Clover Club vs. nick's. Island N., 7:15; Prima Ver» No. 1 vs. Charles Realty, Lakevlew, 7:16; Eagle Hotel vs. Perfotto's, Humble, 1:15. CENTRAL SP—Victory Bar vs. J &J Club 17, Island S., 7:16; Fire Dept. vs. ljuoky Cue No. 1, Mitchell. 8:30; Johnson's Bar vs. National Guard. Lathrop, 7:15. • BADGER BP -Twin Disc vs. DykstrB Kx., Mitchell, 715; Rorck's Club 20 vs. Chalet Bar, Humble. 8:30; Dave's Place vs. Happy Med. Club, Island N., 8:30: Coffee Cup vs Jayoees, Knapp, 7:15. CHURCH GOLD SP Emmaus vs. 81. John Nep . Bowl. 7:16; 2ri Pres- Uyterlan vs. Sacred Heart, Lakevlew 8;30: Ot. M'srob vs Resurrection HoijKovclt, 8 30 CHURCH SILVER 3P St Piilrlck vn Messiah Lulh . Island S, 8 30: Holy Trinity vs. Calvary Memorial. Ruosc- velt, 7:16; Chuicli or God vs. Our flavlors. Uouglns. 8 3ll. CHURCH PURPLE SP 3t. Edward »« Bethany Melli., Douglas, 7:15; Christ the King Luth. vs. TA Nazarene. Bowl, S:30; St. Sebastian vs. EUn Ltthrop, 8:30. LAKESHORE FP Lake Park vs. Qascolgne, Kenosha Columbus, 7:16; Lambrecht vs. Jacobscn Mfg., Kenosha Columbus, 8:30. PAROCHIAL aiRLS 7TH FP—Sacred Heart vs. St. John Blue, Humble NK, 4. BRAVES NO. STH BASUBALL—Oubl vs. Bombers, Ltkavlaw, 6:40: Jets vi, naaoaU, IiUnd S., t:40; Oooits vs. aiKKers, IsUnd N., »:4Q. BRAVES a. VtVl BASEBALL—Won­ ders vs. Yankees, Roosevelt NE. 5:40; Astros vs. Vikings, Humble SE. 6:40: Nappers vs. Flyers, Knapp, 6:40. WGDNKSDAY MANUFACTURERS SP — Western Prtg. vs. Dumore Co., Humble, 7:15; Johnson Tower vs. Police Dept., Island N., 7:15. FACTORY SP — Whitman Pub. vs. Walker Mfg., Lakevlew, 7:16; Motor Spec. vs. Fire Dept., Roosevelt, 8:30. INDUSTRIAL SP—Racine Barbers vs. Hamilton Beach, Lakevlew, 8:30; Nielsen Iron vs. C. W. A., Mitchell, 8:30. MAJOR QUEEN 12" SP — CWA Vs. Twins, Island N., 8:30; Farmers Market VS. Young Radiator, Island B., 8:30; Birds vs. Walker Mfg., Island B„ 7:16; John & Joans vs. 20 Grand Club, Mitchell, 7:16; Avenue Cleaners vs. J. I. Case, Humble, 8:30; Barth Ins. vs. S. C. Johnson, Douglas, 7:15. CLASSIC FP—Lake Park vs. Duane 's, Roosevelt, 7:15; Magaw Elec. vs. Jacobsen, Douglas, 8:30. SENIOR BASEBALL—Latin Stars vs. AguUas, Humble SW, 6:30. MINOR BASEBALL - Twins vs. Thrifty Mac, Lincoln, 5:40. CADET BASEBALL—Cubs vs. Whiz Kids, Roosevelt S., 5:40; Giants vs. Jets, Bowl W., 5:40. PAROCHIAL 6TH BASEBALL - St. Edw. Cubs vs. St. Rose, Mitchell, 5:40; Holy Trinity vs. St. Lucy, Humble SE, 5:40; Holv Name vs. St. Joseph, Island N., 5:40: ,St. John Tiger vs. Sacred Heart, Roosfevelt NE, 6:40; St. John Pirates vs. St. Edw. Blue, Lakevlew, 5:40. THURSDAY LAKESHORE FP—Colonial Club vs, Scotly fi Joe's, Kenosha Columbus, 8:30; Jacobsen Mfg. vs. Oascolgne, Roosevelt, 7:16; Duane's vs. Lambrecht, Island N., 7:16. MAJOR WHITE FP—Winkler Oil VS. Junction Center Bar, Douglas, 7;1S; Charlie's Club vs. Flattron, Knapp, 8:30; Stale Auto Soles vs. Western Prtg., Island 8., 7:16. MAJOR BLUE FP—Sunshine Rest, vs. In-Slnlc-Erator, Knapp, 7:15; Runge Gas vs. Chat, ii DeRango (Doug,), Mitchell, 7:16; Marine Bar vs. Taylor Ave. Bar, Mitchell. 8 :30; Racine Bible vs. Looey's Chateau, Island S., 8:30. MAJOR GREEN FP—Reml 's Rats vs. National Guard, Douglas, 8:30; Sunshine vs. Case Test Center, Douglas, 6; Lake Park vs. Racine Cycle, Roosevelt, 8:30; Rac. Alum, & Brass Fdry. vs. Les May Studio, Island N., 6. TRIPLE A 12" SP—Northtown Mtrs. vs. Something Else, Humble, 8:40; D's Set vs. Prima Vera, Lathrop, 7:30; Slxly-Nlncrs vs. Douglas Auto Wash, Bowl, 7:30. DOUBLE A 12" SP—Walker Office vs. Modern Woodman Ins., Bowl, 8:40; Johnson Waxdale vs. Western Prig., Lakevlew, 8 :40; Hamilton Beach vs. Styberg Eng. No, 1, Humble, 7:30; Belle City vs. Masscy-Ferguson, Lathrop, 8:40, MAJOR A 12" BP—Deca vs. Racine Bible, Lakevlew, 7 :30; Case vs. Oravos Signs, Lathrop, 6 :20: Mygatts vs. Jim's Enco, Island N., 8:30. MINOR A 12'' SP—Baymondi Drive- in vs. Case Playboys, Bowl. 8:20; Henderson Plumb, vs. Eisondrath, Lakeview, 8:20; Case Heat Treat' vs. Mr. David, Humble, 6:20. BRAVES 6TH OLD TIMERS BASEBALL — Jaguars vs. Lokers, Knapp, 5:40; Ravens vs. Mets, Roosevelt, 6:40; Panthers vs. Stora. Islond 8., 6:40. FltlDAV MAJOR KING - College Inn vs. Eni- mnnuel. Douglas, 8 30; Bank of Elm- wnod vs. Amer. Legion, Douglas, 7:16. SENIOR BASEBALL-L. C. Chrlslen- scn vs Irv 'R BuIck, Horllck Field, 8:16. JR. NATIONAL BASEBALL — Mr. Junior vs. Mustangs, Horllck Field, A. HATUnOAY MINOR BASEBALL — Taylor Ave. Merchants vs. Colts. Lincoln, B :30: Aoea vs. Thrifty Mac, Douglas, S:30: Twins vs. Pistons, Lakevlew, 9:30; Batboyi vs. Rodblrds, Bowl W., 8:30. SENIOR BABEBALL-L. C. Chrlsten- «en vs. Bluebirds, Douglas, 1; Latin Start vs. Ptratei, Lincoln, 1. m. NATIONAL BASEBALL — Tha Olhar Ouys vs. Tjiars, DouflM. 3!l8; Olovemen vs. Rtdblrdi. Lincoln, 3:15; Jensen Block vs. Tht Team, Bowl W., —Journal-Times Photo Jay Lohmiller, Shawano bladester who won state amateur championship last year, belted his way out of a trap Saturday in fine style. Redbirds Unmerciful, Pound Old-Timers 13-3 Age took a drubbing from youth at Hoiiick Field Saturday night as the current crop of Redbirds pounded out a 13-3 decision over the Redbird Oidtimers. The Junior edition of the Birds drummed up 17 hits off veterans Ron Jones and Johnny Elzinga with three of the Redbirds collecting three hits each. Gary Ludvigsen was three for four, Norm Klug three for six. In addition Klug, Jarry Erbe and Jim Martin had doubles, Rick Jackson a triple. Singles by Klug and Bill Mattie and a pair of infield errors by the oldsters gave the Birds a 2-0 lead in tlie first which they upped to 4-0 in the third on singles by John Hearn and Ludvigsen, a sacrifice and Jim Hoffman's two-rim single. A four-run fourth made the outcome only a question of how much the youngsters would win by. The Old Timers had a look at the entire Redbird pitching stable of Todd Pettit, Dan Koenings, Dick Johnson, Jackson and Rick Taube. Each went two innings except Taube who pitched the ninth. Jackson walked two men. Taube one. Pettit fanned three, Koenings, two and SETS DISCUS RECORD SAN DIEGO; Calif. —(/P)Ludvik Danek of Czechoslovakia, who holds the world's record in the discus throw, set a meet record of 205 feet, 7 inches as the National AAU Track and Field Championships got under way Saturday. ab r h 4 0 0 Redhtrd.s—1» Hansen.II Taube,p Klug.c Matllccf Hearn.rl Bernman I,uclviRM'n,3b 4 2 3 Old Timers—8 Christiano Shoots a 69 Al Christiano's 69, a stroke under par for the Johnson Park Course, paced the non- tournament golf action in Racine Saturday. At Shoop Park, Dick Davis fired an eagle 3 on the 446 yard ninth hole. Racine Country Club will wind up their qualifying rounds today for July match play. Qualifying play was also held Saturday. RACINE COCNTRT CLUB 73 — Beau Mellk. 74 — Howie Holmdohl. Dr. James Calkins. 76 — Dr. Ernest McVlcar, Herman Lynch. 77 — George Gates Jr., Chris Long. 78 — Ray Goodsell, Dick Dovorany, George Boehm. 79 — Bob Ruston, Dr, Richard Brehm, Dave Cook. SHOOP PARK 35 — Tom Tracey. 38 — Bob Menden. 38 — Tom Tracey, Bill Menden, Don Heltzlnger, Gary Heltzlnger, Lou Weiss. 39 — John Carls, John Heyer. JOHNSON PARK 71 — Dan Hornak, Harold Brown, Jim Talsma, 72 — Don Studey, Duane O'Brien. 73 — Matt Qulnn. 74 — Bob Lampman, otts Olson. 76 — John Matichek, Dick Holterman, Frank Romano, Jack Nelson, Elmer Btacey, Nick Sko- ver, Larr; Hjortncas. 76 — Charles Camarda, Oary Bosak, Cliff Hanson, Lou BencrlscuCto, Tom Koetting, Lou Horvath, Irv Silver. 11 — Hank Bup- pel, Ivan HJortness, 78 — Steve Bosak, BUI Green Sr. 79 — Prank Basil, Steve Sadlon, John E. Glebs, John Aroks, Bill Reichert, Dick Patke. Women — 81 — Carrie Seeger. 85 — Carrie Seeger. 89 — Ann Nelson. 90 — Marge Anderson. 09 — Jean Myrvold. 97 — Pcrne Borensen. 98 — Gen Dlckert, Mavis Christiansen. the public for the tourney and there is no charge. Sharing the lead at 74 strokes with Melik are three men from Madison's Black Hawk Country Club, Bob Lindsay, Butch Schlicht and Jay Lohmiller. Others at 74 are Rich Sucher of Ozaukee Country Club, Steve Caravello of Nakoma Country Club of Madison and Bruce Boegel of Merrill Hills at Madison. Luka Aces No. 11 Luka's ace came on the par .3, 155 yard 11th hole and was witnessed by Schlicht and Ed Karpowic/. One stroke back at 75 are six men, Herman Osterberg and Jim Ashenfelter, both of John.son Park, Karpowicz of Black Hawk, Don Edwards of Merrill Hills, Bob Luhn, public links entrant from Milwaukee, and Tom Carkin of Westmore Country Club, Milwaukee. A brisk cross wind was a factor that kept par out of reach of all, including defending champion Harry Simonson of Madison who was bracketed at 76 with three other entries. Also at 76 were Dave Sumi of Meadowbrook, Bruce Hansen of Johnson Park, and Harry Batchelter of Ozaukee. Six 77s were carded, Steve Wadewitz and Tom Hagensick of Racine Country Club, George M a d s e n, Johnson Park and three men from the host club, Wally Luka, Bob Silver and Ron Eitel. Bob Brandenberg of Tripol Country Club, Milwaukee, had a 78. Today's Tee Times I a.m.—Dr. P. DeMark, J. Olelssner, P. Clark, R. Schllesraann; 8:16—B. Rynders, N. Pfelffer. D. Dill; O. Butke Jr.; 8:22—A. Series, N. Tomaro, L. Krueger, B. Elsenhut; 8:29—P. Koldenborg; H. Mussle, W. Swan, V, Hoffman; 8:36—C. Zlnnen, L. Kstt, A. Bor ensen, W. Mlelke. 8:49—R. Caron, Dr. Sraatz, I. Chrts- tensen; 8:66—G. Christiansen, P. Jensen, Dr. Oramza; 9:10—P. MIssureli, D. Meissner, D. Olsen; 9:17—L. Melss- ner, O. Butke Sr., Dr. Paynk. 9 :38—D. Lonergan, A. Widner, J, Buchek, L. Ruffalo; 9 :45—G. Bwlden B. Noli, B. Boelter; 9:52— M. MlUer, M. Murrack, j. Anderson! 9 :69—^N Chalekian, O. Goodsell, T, Nelson. 10:13—O. Haase, J. Bowman, V. Mahnke; 10:20— M. Jerrlck, B. Rossman, E. Hagenslck; 10:27—P. Pried- lander, O. Sorenson, H. Haase; 10:34— N. Demos, H. Knuth, R, McQuire; 10:41 —W .W. Brown, J. Hllmer, P. Loth. 10:55—R. Morlarity, H. Crawford, T, Mayer; 11:02—Dr. Dempsey, J. Youni M. Duersten; 11:00—H. Anderson, L. Madsen, J. Glttlngs; 11:16—T. Miller, N, Kosterman, J. Bauer; 11:24—R. Fannin, H. Wllhelmsen, B. Melvin. 11:38—B. Angel, P. Ingrascl, O. Lehman; 11:46—R. Capwell, K. _Johnson, Podolak,.ss 1 0 0 L. Gerbcr fi 2 3|Caspcr,cf,rf 5 3 2iWltkofskl,3b 3 2 l,Nplbaucr,c 1 0 l|Dylla,c Me'teyard,3b Erbe, lb Bealhen,.ss HoffmBn,2b PetUl,p Koenings,p Johnson,p,If Jackson,p 2 0 1 Hunting,It 2 0 0 1 1 OL. Borgardt.lf 1 1 0 4 1 2 Letsch.rf 2 0 0 1 0 0 B. 2 0 2 2 1 1 C. Gerber.lf 1 1 1 4 0 1 Marltato,2b 1 0 1 1 0 0 Haluska,2b 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 3 1 2 Bus.sai-ow,lb 2 0 0 1 0 1 Elzlnga,p 10 0 Buckett,ph 1 0 0 Jones,p 0 0 0 J. Borgardt,ph 0 0 0 ab r h 2 0 1 2 0 1, IHlto Yacht Club Win McNdbb Pilots Tolly' -i Totals 42 13 17 Totals 31 3 8 Old Timers (MM> (KW 001— .H Redbirds 202 400 06i—13 Jackson one man. Pettit, Jackeon and Johnson allowed two hits each. Koenings and Taube one each. Bill Borgardt's batting eye remained sharpest as he led the Old Timers with two hits, one a double, in two turns at bat. Bill Caspers made his lone hit a good one, a triple. Bob McNabb in "Folly" won one of four races scheduled Saturday for the Brown Jug Tropliy of the Racine Yacht Club. The other two boats of the Thistle Fleet 6 competing were "Mi-Rob," skippered to second place by Bob Backus, and "Giddy-Ap," sailed by Herb Zimmers. DRIVER KILLED LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. — — A 30-year-old driver was killed Saturday night when his modified sprint coupe rolled over eight times in the second race at Lawrenceburg Speedway. —Journal-Times Photo Pictured above are three players who began play with the Redbirds when the club was organized in 194S. From left are Lee Gerber, present club manager Cal Gerber and Junia Borgardt. APPEAR HERE TODAY ^Midget Dero Austin swings a big bat for the Indianapolis Clowns, a fun -mad baseball team which appears at Horlick Field today (2:30 p.m.) to play the Racine Blues and New York Starsi Although they clown it up, the Indianapolis club Is • skilled outfit which won 80 per cent of its 160 games last year. Junior Net Meet Will Open Monday J. Kvans; 11:62—W. Atwood, E. Whipple, M. Gharrlty; ir :59—L. Regner, R. Boehm, L. May; 12:06—M. Davis, B. The twice-delayed city junior tennis tournament, cosponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the City Recreation Department, is scheduled to get under way Monday with 25 players competing in four divisions. All matches will be played; at Island Park except for the junior boys and junior girls finals, which are scheduled for Wisconsin Racquet Club at 1 p.m. Saturday. Big Eight singles champion Ralph Felton of Horlick is seeded No. 1 in junior boys (16-18) singles while his Rebel teammate, Bob Becker, is favored in the cadet boys (14-16). Winners will compete in a district meet later in July at Kenosha. Two divisions, cadet girls and midget (12-14) girls, had to be cancelled due to lack of entries. Evans, R. Marltato. 12:20—G. Madsen, W. Luka, B. Silver; 12:27—A. Christensen, L. MlUer, B. Pettlbone; 12:34—B. Hansen, T, Hagenslck, S, Wadewitz; 12:41—T. Lar- kln, D. SumI, H. Simonson; 12:48— J, Ruffalo, P. Sheba, C. Nielsen. 1:02—R. Eltel, H. Batchelder, B. Brandenberg; 1:09—J. Hoye, F. Mata- t rano, E. Johnson, D. Nelson; 1:18— 1. Karpowicz, D. Edwards, R. Lubn; 1:23—D. Anderson, B. Buff ham, Ii. Durand; 1:30—J. Lohmiller, H. Osterberg, J. Ashenfelter; 1:44—E. Buchek, E. Postorlno, H. Bohn, M. Paetow; 1:81—B. Schlicht, 8. Caravello, B. Boegel; 1:68—R. Sucher, B. Lindsay, L. Mellk. Darnell Tops Wilmot Event WILMOT — Bay Darnell of Deerfield won the 25-lap feature event here Saturday night with a speed of 51.81 miles an hour. Duane Harris of McHenry was second with Bill Bohn of Bristol third. Bill Strom of Milwaukee fourth and Gino Wagner of Cudahy fifth. Don Erickson of Milwaukee took the 15 lap semi-feature followed by Ron Bergsma of Richmond, 111., and Ed Pensa- lek of Round Lake, 111. Ten-lap heat winners were Loren Lawrence of Kenosha 50.50 mph, Don Erickson of Milwaukee 52.63 mph. Bob Ralajczyk of Waukegan 52.08 mph and Roger Otto of Burlington 53.76 mph. Chuck Uttech of Kenosha had fast qualifying time of 55.24 mph and Pop Kline of Pell Lake won the 15-lap spectator event. Becker Wins Waukegan Race WAUKEGAN — Dennis Biu-gan of Wadsworth and Jim Cossman of Waukegan ran a spirited one-two drive for 16 laps in the 20-lap feature race here Satiu-day for late model cars, only to bank off each other and into the infield in the 19th lap to let Ken Becker of LibertyviUe slip through to win. Jim Luther of Kenosha was second, Jack Ester of Racine third with Burgan fourth and Cossman fifth. Cossman set two of three records at the track, taking the trophy dash in a new time of 1:39.5 for six laps and the new fast heat time of 3:04.5 in winning the second heat. Burgan set the other new time, 17.63 seconds in the qualifying lap. Toby Aaron of Zion won the first heat, Becker the third heat. Tennis Schedule JVMOR BOYS Monday I — Richard Kozick TI. Richard KrenEke, Island 8 a.m. 3—Winner 1 vs. Mark Iisscson, Island 6 p.m. 3—John Ooepel vs. atevi Birkholi, Island 6. 4—John Burcb ri. Richard Koenings, Island «. »—Tom Grant vs. Ralph Felton, la- land 6. Thursday 6— Winner a vs. Winner 3, I.-iland .6. 7—Winner 4 vs. Winner 5, Island 8. Saturday 8—Winner « vs. Winner 7, Racquet Club 1. JUNIOR GIRLS Thursday 9—Sharon Green vs. Oall Junion, Island 5. 10—Kathy Weinfurter vs. Karen Maroda, Island 6. Saturday 11—Winner 9 vs. Winner 10, Racquet Club 1. CAOET BOYS Monday 12—Bob Becker vs. Scott Schessler, Island 1) a.m. 13—Gary Keller va. Walt Qearen, Island 10. 14—Tim Collentlna TS. Chris Wbalen, Island 10. 18—Jim McOulre vs. Andy Harris, Island 10. Wednesday 16—Winner U vs. Winner 13, Island B:30 a.m. 17—Winner 14 vs. Winner 18, Island 9:30. Friday 18—Winner 16 vs. Winner 17, Island 9:30 a.m. MIDGET BOYS Wednesday 19—Doug Hansmann vs. Gary Campbell, Island 10:30 a.m. 20—Dick Crawford vs. Dave Kalz, Island 10:30 a.m. Friday 21—Winner 19 vs. Winner 20, Island 9:30 a.m. 32 City Teoms Win Cosh in State Tourney Official prize list released by the Wisconsin State Bowling Assn. shows that 32 Racine teams finished in the money during the recent state tournament. Racine had 27 teams cashing-in in the Junior division for a total of $1041.09 and fve teams collecting $205 in the Regular. The big winner for Racine was the George Webbs, which finished fourth in the Junior division to earn $450. HONDA Wor/d's Biggest Se/fer Honda "160", model CI-UO, 160 CC Little brother of th« famous Honda Hawk and SU- per Hawk, the nev* CB-160 combines competition - l«v«l performance with lightweight smoothness of operation and handling. Weighing In at only 2B2 lbs., tha CB-160'i 4 strok* O.H.C. twin cylinders deliver* 165 H.P. at 10,000 R.P.M., up to 116 M .P .G. Electric »tart- Ing, of course. Yours Only tax No Money Down or Bank Rata Flnanelnf HANSEN'S HONDA HOUSE •Vou Meet the Nicest PaopU on a Honda" 3456 Douglas 639-7002 SEE US FOR... ! Residential • Commercial • Iniuranca • CLASS REPLACEMENT AUTO—PLATE—WINDOW MISC. AND SPECIALTY GLASS STORE FRONTS 2617 LATHROP AVE. WANTED! MEN-WOMEN from age* 18 and ov»r. Prepare now for U.S. Civil Servlct Job openings durlne the next 13 monihii. Oov«riinient puaitloni pay hl(b •lartinc lalarlea. ThCT provide muob (realer aeourllr than private emplorment and cioellent onportunftv for advancement. Manr poiltlona require IIKIr or no ipeolallzpd educjillnii or es- nerlrncc. Hut to (el one of llicie Jiibi, <roii niual pa» a teat. The ouiiipctltlon t> kitcn and In lome c>ic> onlv one out of rive pai>. LINCOLN SKKVICe. Ilepl. I'ekin, IlllnuU Llncnln Bervlaa hai IlilM tk«B> •and! prapara far UMM ttM* ever/ year a/nea.lMI. It la MM of tfie larieit ani aldeil •rlvat*. IT owned ieboola af Hf kfiii a»4 la not eonneoUdl wHb tha Oiv- ernment. For FIIEK booklet on aovtrnmaM Job), iMolndlur lUI al pailtlMf and iRlarlei, fill out eoUppa aai mall al once — TOOAT. Vou will atno let full detail* ait linw ynu can prepare rourielf f»r Ibex letti. Uun'l delay — ACT NOW! I am very niuoh Intcrcttvd rieaae aend me atiiatulelv fRKR <i) A.H*! of U.S. Governmeni piiiiUlon« and aalarlfli (8) InfpfMaKta M lle«> to quality for > U3. Governmeat Job.

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